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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - January 7, 1926, Albuquerque, New Mexico January 7, 1926 Albuquerque morning journal fags Stob is Tow liable a Waal / 7� it s of to 1 it to1 Tri it so to of tp1 to ctr1 to is to it tint a to a Jiosi Jimmal Lowrim Tell Iii Tell Roiani a l in dry ii Lull amp m api y Obj 1e Lull q lamp Jim Jug Jimj ii s Adl yer Taal Iez Btu pay journal Herald classified Kates Minim uni charge 25c sacrifice Sale Sale new 5-room modern Adobe glassed 6-room Brick 2 sleeping porches $7,800�?pis-room Atrul Coly Modem Banga you can t by at this form Soo of Low. Finest location wast Tijeras a i anywhere in the City a Lutr Cia finn Homo at a Teal bargain Price. J Home Ami Good investment new Adobe in porch Large front porch base Corner Shade garage and out $4,500�?nine-room Hoot arranged five rooms Large basement Furnace ment fireplace double garage a see buildings close of Highlands. A. L. Martin company $5,250,00, attractive terms. Par Fine 3�?insert Iona. 20c per Ling 6�?lnserllons. 30c per Lino Ion insert Iona. 50c per Lino 20�?insertions. 73c per line i a lunch. .$1.00 per line real Tosh 3 West Gold phone 156 personal a. B. Milner realtor two apartments completely funnelled Clos in. Highland easy terms. A. Fleischer realtor insurance of i kinds. Loans 817 West Gold ave. Phone 674 to. Situations wanted 13. For rent apts. Furn. And Ned garage. Oil prominent paved a Fleet. Unusual term a High class prop Ilynn. See it then try to beat it. Braun a Mcduffie Tifa to Hill South third St. Mon ass. I ill rates include insertions in morning and afternoon editions. 06�?phones�?345 cites Nam mess a ii ukr at your Home phone sol a. Al if cleaned repaired Rem mlle it i All phone in taxidermy work. Albuquerque dual Dermy ill North third a Trout a Antel or mias Mth no by 1 Thule room apartment. 91 North 1.�?card of thanks. 2.�?personal. 3.�?lost and found. 4.�?business directory. wanted male. 6.�?ll, in we anted female. 7.�?help wanted. wanted. 9.-�?agents wanted. 0.�?situations wanted. rent rooms. Ill rent rooms with Board. A rent apts. Furnished. A a 14.�? rent apts. Unfurnished. Pap Rhu whist watch Green Gold Chain band. Reward. Return or to. Walter. Lost kept Tilner near Public Library. Reward of returned to Public Library. Lost Chi tit ten Taftt Lance quarterly with _ _ leather cover. Femur i lense phone a Antichi position by Young Man four i uss j. _ color Al lady want work by the de i Ivy Quot it it Boot or hour. Phone 1307-j or Call Sii a a a St Coal. J two room furnished apartment. A mph i can lady wishes position Nan. Quoth 1 a Quot a housekeeper in hotel. 902 Houth Edith i to room furnished apartment St or Penni 644. _ i mar h fourth. A m Kun Ica n Young Many win to work in la i Niche apartments. Us North office experience can furnish refer 413 416 automobiles Sale Oldsmobile 4 roadster completely overhauled 6 Al Cord tires priced to soil. Falkner at Quickel Auto co. Pees. Address bog 1-10, morning journal 4. Business directory a Pettiford Carpenter Call 15 it 614 xxx. Is mum e Quot Iii no i Ona Ai o. It to Catt shop at 5 years of fica experience can furnish a itly of factory references. Address morning journal. Rex x-10._ la. For rent a rooms South of Mer asking satisfaction guaranteed ebon i Hij. F hut via Ltd painting 0j per Day in k. P a a it it a a a a Ltd it. Room. Steam heat. 605 West Lead of i it Omby steam neat. 120 South a Valet in Al in ish by rooms j i in the edit b seventh 214 tvo rooms. Nicely furnished. Garage. In rent houses Una. Adults 613 South Amo. A Rui. .-ir.-i. I a Quot Apar 1% steam Hast adults Only kor Beom House Iid water and lights a a clo a a n 1,0 Quot a. Head. T<1 10� it North eleventh. Apar i Man j rent. Averill apart Tive. Room modern housed jus , s is North 8 j v Ltd it Highland Clota. Iii. Phone modern apartment reason 410, _ Able. Averill apartments 201a North Puit room stucco sleeping pm a club Modero except beat Range. Ground flu. Ritsi mask Zapf Van co. To rant you a House or apartment loan your Money look after your insurance Etc. In fact make your Leal estate wants known t us. You know we re Quot live wires Quot. Phones 41 and 42 200 we Gold the Metcalf Agency Ross Al. Merritt real estate insurance Loans 118 s. Third phone 144 t v five acre tracts Wilt make 24 City lots so feet each close in within City limits. For Only 1500.00 each easy terms. Trice May be raised any Day. In Mcciag r an realtor 202 w. Gold phone 44j-j 23. For Sale houses second. Small apartment on of i eat first Vias Pun aug lug or tit k _ Phi it a j156-j 5 a rent House furnished. Imon Ino it r is Nimg and Quot Hal Gnu Tim ,a lieu a my rna. I4t>3-m �?~6.�? rent House unfurl. 17.�? rent garages. Is a rent rus is Loca Long. 19.�?business Chance r0.�?automobile Sale. 21.�?automobiles wanted. 2 2.�?real estate exchanges. L la Sale houses. 24 a Sale Reu estate. 25 a rent a real estate. 26.�?real estate wanted. 2 7.�?ranches and Farmland. 28.�?wanted Alieel Laneous. 29.�?miscellaneous Sale. 30.�?dogs and pets. goods. A a livestock and vehicle 3?.�?poultry and eggs. 34. wanted. 3 5, to loan. I a Sale or Trade. ? Mush ii instruments. F i in i a Tild room Tot rent. 111 Stu Savoy Hull Tijeras a is so. Walter St 111. Pm Knish old room. Phone 1667-j. Tit Rek rooms and porch South Broadway a la bin o rooms. Averia apartments. Shampoo in reel i be. Permanent Vav rust North second. My. J Ermst i in h in , 4 12 Sun two desirable rooms near presbyterian a by i Rig piton7. J fan. Phone 1097-j. Klug is Sands wit it _ Nea i mod Khz front Quot Bedro ont Prive t exhume. A sick. Mal wort a. Most desirable location in height. Now 5-rn,on atm a. All by tilt lie phone Trva. Hardwood a a a re throne limit Cor Ner lot Moat Mitra cuts buy. Woer 133 steam Beau a mind apartment 610 to tento06phou##tvss and Coal rang bulb 1 a a weal Tijeras. T vat Silver. $47.60 a month. Real Ren i can Tekle furnished apartment phone Hof it i i min in Bungalow has �lnl.8# Boub 8ulb Enqu a 81 Hulse and gala modern except Msj cation Quot Nouth a i Uhland a Price $.�oo�?~. Nave. N a rih . Be a attn. Cash or car a Tret pay Anent Balateo Man tar. Chat hts 111 South third South half duplex House fee rooms 40, Houth seventh Bath. Arc la Gas Range first Claes 407 s Lith seventh i Ash Dei. C m Teul id it new i Tork Phi be ?7-1 i i Al c and be. Y neatly done. I Mal bins or hand Price reasonable j 40 s it uth fourth. J Jill in7jl.St rhinestone studding. I Yard g to. Dre be Sud hat. Helen i to he up. In w. Antral. A by be 1l44. Elf an four room House with garage. At a a get $70, to her paid. Or will sell Tenne 1211 plan Mhd or it Lon w till Kitchen i toil North seventh. I Elie Cusp a rid sunny adults Only no a get bin to new time Roan modern Rick. 41<� bout Amo. House water paid. $16. 71 East Dania Laving room. Dining room Kitchen be phone 7404-j1, hath e Poi 1 a Nice y Putnis cd. 5 to i Kichini Frame and Bath 620 North. Thu Ltd nth . Braun a Mcl it of rent. Foj. Its f.,uth third. Phone 141 24. For Sale real estate cheap. 316 South fifth. Furnished apart Lieut one desirable residence lot. Of ill 1697-j. Lauth lot nor North pc Hourih. Rich Garden sol and water part Lerma 16 i in Eoin. Puk Kent furn saved rooms Albuquerqu hotel. Is it be North second. I vue hotel lean a mine. Good p Ace tourists Sis is pout finn casts apartment bus Amo ii in Mug no uck a camb h Uke with a tuve and c�?Tho1,u apartment or one of the Boe eerie co. »u4 Wert Centra ill a month Fhon. Fol do v 11 in. Be ,. Imi. A Merlin i i Llie Ibi have four room apartment some one apply 14 4 South Edith. Can have rent. Koght and fuel fret in sex hang or Board. room flame and Bath r.20 n i aun and front bedroom adjoining Bath All modern Kitchen privilege garage j to exclusive personal it Arbery soften your he me. 52?#. W. The Yokley a a Guerque i Beautiful dining room Clemo l Al Chino Button fluting Pleat in at 51 Adams Rose Dre Eakin a two a Mimer Trudt. Ids a la be wee Central pain tin Ltd paper Engin. I i or. Tit min a and paper clean tvs a it Nate cheer fully Given. Cd. A. A Ewe 1604 bout a run phone 2068 j. _ _ Aee a kits us i. Sold rented end repaired it Abbona in i supplies. Easy terms Albuquerque typewriter pm Antral change. Ile g fourth St Phons 503-j. Puh shed room. Adjoining Bath in in Pawlu Etc new rebuilt. All a Awlern la me no sick. 321 North makes is Down. Ren. Baits service. Thirteenth Albuquerque typewriter . Kuhnl tied front bedroom Alto room up t n3j. With sleeping p Rich if Dee red int us. M. C Enge a Fanner chiropractor i North sixth. 711 North Mailer. Thirteenth it. $26.70 2 i the Washington Looi he meet a duffle 11� third it. C#2,v5w he of a Quot a six room Bouse. Us West Central. Princeton. A 1 p5 a Ken Dis Hilt. I Bon j three bedroom and sleeping porch. Nice furnished room end sleeping Kent nicety run taxed apartment p Reb. Steam Here at to North team Bent but and Cid water e nth t Niche Gullible couple or email fam pc i uni phed rooms at Rolt it nil with1 Fly phone it of a Kitchen privilege and garage. 42# Newlander Apar in is remodel s nth Edith or phone 1746-j, a a. Newly decorated if or Mentz had Roo in and Lep a pushed two toomo.t��. In , St am porch with Adjo Luing Bath. I so 6 Mot a l Quot to and garage in West co i j a a a a a a a a a a a a a Kozyk ii n furs shed front a it a i rent. Fins a shops Iii 17. For re nth go Risiti Fok palk desirable residence tract at Monk Bra amp be about two Berea Clos to fourth attest Price $1,000, Lei a wet Tarn la it Rani re fifty ack by Mixa land Hale it j. E elder. 209 Wai Odd ave. Fun Ihm by nude in t or room voltage. Large porch Well furnished one t. I none ,40i -i,6. He it . M pave Mehl Price i2,�0. Eay a a a St terms. Meal Balate is Luangv 4ut w. Copper ave. Phone 70. 4v6 it month. Apply to weal Central. I i v a room two Gle Oil in sleeping a rubes Nul double Gat me Chicken Yard the blocks front a a �<1 Good to atii., ail modern. Phone hoi Iii 25. For rent real estate apartment t in to a in features j nth Metter Hilt hot and cold water also in Isles or of. Lit a of ,., garage Aai a in Twenty Jackb ranch r rent. Treat Ltd rent to Quito la pc nth Edith. It. Issi Forrester a. In by a in re a to us. Re a 602 j. I i i incl Ltd. A n i. To i apart h Mcduffie la r uth third it. Fur.,. A _ 26. Real estate wanted How a this a buy a 5-acre tract within City limits. Very desirably situated one half mile North of the paving East of the University. The Price is $2,500. A of think of what you can got it Laid out into City lots As Albuquerque grows. A p. If. Mccanna Emu std �8b in. Seco rid phone 645 Kingsbury s column Sale or Trade copy 6-room Horn in fourth Ward will Trad tor smaller property and Uke difference in Eash. Small Homo Good location modern Corner lot garage out buildings Only $3,500. Money we need Money Gilt Edge drat mortgages. Renta steam heated apartments. D. To Kingsbury realtor Loans insurance 210 weal Gold phone 907-wa i. _. A 3 isl reservation pal children b clothing. S at ies garment r 1 a he a Ai i Farl ure wanted a if about a a re by the a vets ii army 411 w. Cupper ave. Air be is$1w� be Ulics to meter Hay end Golno graphic cd . A e. Corner third Mil West Central. Man n a a a and rum it. R life. Imit Lade. Is my rubber lie to i my Deli vet photo jul Mcall 312 the markets Chat Blued from receding i sgt p and on in in Market nominally $ i 40. Sheep rect ipg 1,900 Only one Load on Sale Market nominally neatly on All Ciao a. Lait tue Mlay it care i to so mind fat lambs 2 j cent Hitcher at $15.00, do k 0. Ela ukr eve. Ear. Nee Ani threat. Inc. Fitted. A born to Irig Pumi Quot 3< off Ell out a to i a. In. J to 4 p or elevator Nett arc 111 to second. W. M ill ski Dan. M. P 112 ass Farsi nut. Hank u.4g. Practice limited to Geniton j Iuna by do ease and Dlice v is of the skin phone 6j til ii Keri in it a Well furnished cottage. P Ann. To mph be water lights Gas in Quot East Centre i in no beautifully furnished front from in modern Home. Apply #73 North second. Or a Datum strictly in Dei a Ping Row tits running water in each room. C memento located close in beat #11 Wen Coal 12. For rent rms. St bad. Noon and bord it no rih Walter if in m end b it Ard it 613 North second phone 3177-j. _ Ingle room Furnace hat garage Quot i so keel a nti1 i>l.al6eo porch suitable two beet car j. Loft feat Central. In apart if is 4 instil is my fun r. I. It part my i my the e Plum n j a o heating we d kit a of pm log i i w. I us Kansas la Kangas it it anti. Caup receipt a 7,601$ calve a a i roof it <1 steers an i get Nulli it is opening slow around steady bulk Early Lien. 8.28016.00 yearly ape held a a a r letter in in Butcher cow 5. Help wanted male Low weak other she Stock steady. I ilk Lute or cows $4,116 la ii i heifers mostly $7.00 of 8.50 a timers Aud cutters $3 r,0 u 4 25 to Iii firm beef bulls largely $5,75 n 6 50 few upward to $7.oo teals Iva a an by to i i than pro i a no a p v a i r a Iii i it aril fair two. A i by a m bested rut i Board Are to s it uth Walter vat Del in. It nit i i w it Copper. A with Purl bes. G Manta Privet Balli pm blotted $27, 0 and Tii i menu. Sit Paulh third i two in n a a Pine i a ii at end out a urn a Cly Tiette in very Tii Tilljr an Ltd con steam heat and hot Korn a Kuk rent Tail e Meni urfa Silitti. In convenient nude in to Kaalt to a vice on a t part nun in a a -. 31 two rcom hinder a Bot and Enid wat a. Also two room i j re i in. A a Utenis 4 i a a two Kuum. Modem fun Fri a a lights but Ood Waler s earn la a Ai a 133 so-$17.60. Blet tags a in mtg uni of a plug per b a Ives a h Broad ear apartments his South in Rimes. 14. For rent apts. Una. 19. Butine a chances Aii kinds of insurance la bal estate 111 Bouth third Street. Phone 14 ii Reward the return of $110.00 in he lost by a Olhs actor in the South Highlands return to Loti Nal Herald office and a 201x0 re word. Legs i or Sale of Trade 1324 sport ,>1 dig 6 Studebaker touring car. Went Clear property la or near City. Itis 11,000. J. P. Willis room 9, Montezuma hotel. Phone $0$ poultry St. Etc Pat hens i North third. A lib. It a Khy Sale in Glt a used Gat a�1�i t Ca i. 4pug rut a i a i i it hit a i r rent with living quartets furnished. Apply 14 uth Nir har from owner of Nim it i it 11 a i by ire a eggs delivered Rhon r ale Spring delivery o. K. J Jai xxx. J one in. I hew by a Aldwyn xxx to 35. Molicy to loan 1.109 and 13,000 to loan on Albuquerque real Hetata. J. D. Of Bieber $1$ wee Gold. _ _ m Ney to loan. Fun Tumble phonographs All Mue Toal Aupp Llee Complete line jewel re end of he. Male Elk a. 117 Knuth first. We need a few Good apply Eatie a Intuit Tetly that ailment first mortgage Laua on improved Albuquerque real estate. A unique qua mortgage company. 27. Ranches amp Farmland Sal or Trad furnished licht j a team i a at. I a. Xxx fun i had. Bleeping i the id Way apr or ind by. Street. K e n i a furnished a it n Bouth second. Can Ai Wiel Start you in by Heil in in it making in try 637 fora i Quot la. A j. Pfc it Ltd it a he ran b at pc Lve piling Hon Era Ove Wrotte Hie Gat i ill xxx eat it lilt Tret a att i go pea in it of its mod i it ii 24u-j1. My ale White i a Horn Bena Alto pull to. Phat to get v434-j4. H. C. It i. Ked a Hampton of the a but ii Ivaal Choice Breeding Melee r Wei Mma a Alp Ord r Vimr Al irk. Aal la sad Linti Ilia ulna paper boy blk of i. Aati a i a of in ii leak i. Cie. Bleo baby buggy cheap. Apply Mil c. P. Hay. 28. Wanted my Cellaneous hid. 20. Automobiles Sale d Bourd xxx and it 1160-mw room with a ask and Eide pit it a p,.rrb i i i ii Biltat be tart private h a a a a in ii six nth Cader. Us it % Hull ale to m. Fur tuber Vijai , special git a nth in to bad Pant Tite rate . For tray oar a i but 1107 Norm of the. Penbe 1u1-j. A heal Hom i. Loud hum came t me heated room lib a tap Iii met a Raaf Nab a a Koh the a Knoel. Phons lilt in. To City phone i.3 j Arno a Par it it four i i Buderi. Ill the Arnn lib club a a a Ana path pm Lori. I Oji Xxxi Ixo welding Iii wast Copper. T Al d otitis. 1204 North r Uburth i in i Ford t Ureng. To it. A i a 106, car a i la. ii paid it used is cd. Lib North fourth Hob be e e i in r rent bar Silver ave. Good Lacuna band a Raffaola t Ltd. Xxx anted to but. A Small of Call i Hoo. Xxx paid lot mum Sutta and Abo phone 144 j or tit j. M till eat re Pine paid it nil toe j i be 144 i it 3t j wanted Hood r cent age Basta b Ataie Tda a quasi than. E. J Ini a. Add. In a la la be n m avoid being 2-ta North High. I barred Tot i. 4 c. R l lied Rorke rela and breading 1 a a also hatching egg Blue ribbon it a tax u. I i. 4 23 xxx est . I to he i 4 a 3 a w. It a Isi. Foil i a eld electrically batched baby Iner Hsi East buggy a beat. Apply hag wet m maintain Road. Puma i3m�w. Uke . Carey Iron aah real Iata. Auto Molta or anything what Barb Uruu in v. Logan tit Wal Gold. Phone 471 Bix run ill modern Brick Bungalow will take Lute or Auto what Rev you a kinks of All popular s �?�tftnnurl.amidrn.4 baby duckling every week Safe deity j Hui Ding. truck and poultry farm. Etna Handy Home near Marion. Indiana want City property ranch merchandise. Auto ump or photo studio must cry guaranteed. Rand prices. Hedging hat. Berg. 44 e. Florence Ava. I be an sate. Dept. It tilt Plack Xiii or. As my. K Dir oot from. A i it pc by pram in the rid greatest a Touffic mar the greatest a a a a in it it. A re 15. For rent houses furn. Red to it eds dig by Regina in All Aland and make. 30 it Slivar Radiator and Tiab tank Rapa Irina. St Nuth fourth or a 27 . For Sale it jut it ugh Aud a id Mulier All White egg producers. Baby Ericka a. A. ,.Man and wife with i Haitung Agga Supply limited. Hand a a Lui Utieri p. R of ref. F or Catalon l Idar Sarge Osaka r. V. Mald no. L album Marqua n. I. J piano rant Phong 1441. It ullage lift. Iva and n u cd care Mcintosh Auto i i xvii p xxx y Tai tit lit inn Roll k re div >4, to. A i ,1 mix at i Fifick Lral top Aln. $ 11,00 few $11.50$ Stock Orr i fit to ors ii irly in Tiu to fully a Ady few Imda Kolt to , u i 25 in a.4ll. In a in a ill 9.w Helix mostly 6c Bighor. Apong up inor Alp per top 111,95 Ort 190-Pound axe Rauf put try 111 90 bulk of Miles $11.60 la 90. Bulk do m Juli xxx a tar at. My ii r Tad i at to. Tik a i weak. Pay mgt met. Ark at13. For rent apts. Furn. Eos it him in or. Iii compete ii Quot lilt put lid i i it Rind. 110.2, Block i itty Welkin. A i 13� in i of 2.00 p i a Klitzk at a Ira .Tsfl Btu Rig Tuio Etc i a Brev i it nil a pertinent 617 Xvi Ipar to i up no 4.000 ise bight i lot Litomy at tidy t la nibs a top i. $ i a i i now Ca. Raul i Ariu i i rent Tim �?�imp1.# Cly 1 i it in i. I Var to mater Gal a re. Mana toe Star la a a use. I h ii a ii i v ilk a nil my darn the xxx j liter. F in bed in 11 a it i Cir. Fir. A i to i ugh ii it Utti is -. Tea Ain cit., 111# wast x i Par xxx a n i de too used car regardless of the Blex Auto at tto a Cutuil n. Lulu Xiv Tai min us put. Ibi a a Cund phone la Law r a Iti phone Iii us ii pc. 1076 Marat. Driven about cd i nit Yeti unit in Al sell. Aem ably priced. Phone t0ti-j or edit h6, journal. I i a be Caha us a i Ais a a Bat Ala not m a re Pim t it 1 it i Moi a it company i2n> North a a Uttz it appt Iii a j i. Phi ill a e Cheep. I Hoit 44 foil male 34 wanted Money i want to Burrow $3,000 on Gilt Edge Taal Hetata. Address x-1&, journal Herald. W k buy sad Ali used pianos and player p �0 Man plans a. $14 we gut Phi a 401. Inix Paek i wed or map Tel Tun lob Ina ii by. 14 Large ton a Alt till r r bum win a aha gals Chip phone t60-w no i i a n holier t Ai try Draa i tuft Abl Price ult xxx. A i pc rut. An v App. H Tad Ghorom tie per Atmaa to xxx Hgt in n fourth r a it the to Cut and lowest priced in tub radius sea a thai u.4. Ill cur. I phone 74 0 i. Aland re i Ina .u-0 4�v Wei Dinh appear Gnu and Aupp . ,. Run c h,.� Sal. It tit Gnu Quot a a r�?T,7 no a a Hier Aftim a Riek c Mdge pro Baia i a a tax 1 my. Tata photo 70s dial Ite Al a it a Ain to have a him Ute Flag ital one re of Boob Ai l i wad in to a i to xxx Aat Oumar i in at a bargain. 12.4 74&Quot Indiver Bino Ati ape. Nivea it Tut Hunt second the it aped v tin and r it a Tun a j Lubber Al me Only. $160 i us re 4 a a a it ii in / t.i>0 Titi of i la t in. Par. Nota i a bad. Ire i taa hat 15. For rent a Mouyos furn. St us i Ofin .127 i Lent min a p. 0. Sii a i Ullh. It ii Ai a a All Quiric announcement i to announce that i am now actively engaged in in the real estate Busi new a manager of the real estate department of the Agency company of new Mexico 120 South third Street and solicit the patronage of my friends. In Griffith formerly of Ackerson a Griffith 120 South third Street phone 862 p is rut Dpi. La Gat produce 6. Help wanted female i Iii ago Caw Ai ply of is 30. Dog St pct of Ica Ding it he 4b 0, Jai Hull to. Tire 23. For Sale House phone Ici-14 Pup Bias pm it or j Iii # i Tih Euth. Sue North j at in a it $ 1.4 u j Rue to i 4 poultry a no Cir fowl or Turkoz a. A la 42 v a to. 41 try it by firm in Fin a it foxy receipts to. or Meta offer tig South or to Jet i i by Bra Mihr it i i i ii Pup a Nan to a a Tauaa. A Fufil 31. Household Good we Imby Ghim Hwi i to in i l Phot 14 j Al of bulb i a 42 Linda 4 it 1 3 i r or s i i s.16. For rent�?home6-unl a i re Aid h it a mtg furnish my Tarqu a a. A til a it mph. In a a Al North i 8. Saie Man wanted i xxx ame Chi j p Deary. Do Buna 81 to h Usa Vul a a a ratty Brae bad. I.,.ic wo4 it. A run Call 346 xxx Mur at id w Hen you Purchase the Kite your future Home consider carefully the matter of sewage disposal it has a direct connection with your health. Pm pools Art dangerous to health a Well a constant nuisances. I Baths Why there Are none in the country club addition. Here City sewers Are installed and connected to the property line to that the City specification pavement need never he torn up. Compare the Price of country club Home amp Itta with thou of any other in Albuquerque. Terms. 32. Livestock amp vehicle country club addition see your realtor i utter. Iron i and new next York Mill 8p�?~t bad i. Unchin tied Ai j alb ,�1 tug la. Villi to. Situations wanted a k the h it r a 1141 it bringing up father he.-. Quot a Obj by Aspa i a l. U Cut i i7 >00 a it i cd Seo one to g of .i mahr to thl it Jook of Texes sire i h of i l out. I tax Cut a. A k a Glet red u. To off a Riff 1926, by la ii due i of by Georg Mcmanus c up i xxx in c <41im any Law a spot it ii i a Iossi la a. J in 55. I a 2$ Point to i9 67.r j Jdc a 3 3,0,

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