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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - January 7, 1906, Albuquerque, New Mexico In i in Row it january 7, i lit ilk Bah tie up May lose t tut Albuquerqu of. Morning . Hew driving Fli Timmi a int Iii 1 water users prepare Uve. Big string of trains goes through Albuquerque. Men with shovels Arl digging Snow plow out to have plenty of water will erect seven big tanks on the grounds it to Likely the Iii k Island system will continue wending its through passenger train East and Newt through Albuquerque for to me time to co no from reports received from the scene of the Snow blot Kadi on the South Hie mom i driving a elation Sivi derided on a novel plan for a water a my tem for that Park on the Highland and will Natal Devon Large tanks a tit it feet each and 7 feet in depth a trial of the Well now on the property will to made today and tomorrow and a meeting of the Anocia Tion will be held on monday night to consider the Ida n the association already a n Gunso Lam engine of adequate capacity and the water for drinking purpose and for irrigation will be pumped into the tanks where a sufficient Quantity can scheme i 11 Habl Fri i i Tours till a ri4in or Huim a of in. Kit of r thing be t Niter the h int i of Fie in i lds or to freight 11, 1 it of till. Mai in of int i be t a r. \ card. By january i we succeeded to Tho Lea. Irs of or. H la. Fox inhibits to of try i8 some fifteen years a to having Pun based Bis entire quot tin Kle to and Good will or. Fox retiring to engage in other pursuits. Our experience with the territory extends Over a period of More than oxen to five ears during which tin. A we b Ive operated in ill the in id i a 1 towns of new Mexico also in Texas and Arison. 1. So that we do not feel is stringers. It will be our Ann to fully maintain the Standard of oui predecessor Ami enlarge upon thus dimensions to the highest practical degree thereby deserving the Esth laced title of new Mexico s lending Solh Bing your patronage we by g to be very sincerely Tiko. Hickox co. L in jury Man Hail Lloyn there from the Green tag for nearly six hours had the court been convulsed with the evidence gov i 5,1 sat Ion a the i for break to of Promise the Ninny ridiculous Ion letters had a. To read. Commented upon my heartily laughed at Foisel had i Oken the judge had summed up and the jury had retired to. Consider their verdict quot Well said the . Quot How much Hail we give Young Man a Lea k a 1 quot said a pm of the. Jury Man if i understand aright the plaintiff does t ask damage for blighted affections or anything of that soil hut Only wants re g. T hog what he s spent on presents Holiday trl is. Etc i Fiat agreed the Foreman in Ell. Thin i v it it it we dont Gix. Him a said the other in us if All the fun i had with that girl did t cover the amount h exp it must have been i own fault Western Between Gallina my Dpi is he stored Fot All purposes the t the tie up will remain a tie up Indef a h feasible one if the Well at present a lately. Fifty Miles of the Lim is Pray j in a he property will furnish the Witter the ally buried Iii Snow. And this will tie ascertained Between i election net Ween i o clock yesterday morn a How Ami monday night when the using my 2 o clock k i the afternoon six relation will hold a meeting Over to. K Island passenger trains tossed r c of through this City. Including three i a Golden state limited trains. Two of the limited cime from the North and one from the South in All four train from the East and two from the West went through l Ait of these were in chug. Of pm g islam engine Crew and others were taken through by Santa be engines xxx it crowded with 1 in tourists in a hurry to g. 1 out of new Mexico. A seven Hundred mite Detour rat bet upsets the Elcula. Tlona of a to in in Tom Neal traveler. It a been t Long Ami strenuous trip Sini a we to unto passenger d m Davie of Dodge City a to the morning journal ii the Steps Fth to men mute limited yester Lay quot the Dawson line a and is not adapted to tire King Speed records. I am Aff Ald this Snow blockade Dpi pm it. K a High any Chance the Rock Island had of getting that . Al form m ill. Infarct. There at. Several to of mall i understand t in d up Iii i he Al paso Postoff in have he n until it m t dec new i t. Sein trains Over the Manta be tills big Snow storm will Gix. The Cut la the bulge on that mail it six More through train three from direction were expected to g 1 through hit it via to night hut Early thi morning none of them h id Ai my it a top Issi Lile to g. T my Evgin s on them. Two hug freight trains with a rotary Snow plow Between hem. Are reported k tulle i Iii thi it 11111 x of furl in the Mouth Western with a for e of la 1 is or four Hundred men at work with shovel trying to dig them out. A it a k 1 an,1 a in 01 of to. Delay. I 1 a life. To 11 it mail quot Titi Ysmel Lay f lid Tje w Ould lint he Sui prised of the. Mock ids it on my Fot snot her week at in 1st is Clearing the tfx a k with a ,1 by Flo pre ens especially a its the wind blow the Snow Burk on the track a fast As it is shove Lei off. Also being de with the exp Island to cure strenuous for 1 a one of Iii to nolo elections Al paso texan. 6 after Theli informal conference with the Board of governors of the Al to Nso Valley water i scr association. The. Committee of the hut to water t a aught Hon returned inst Nigist to Iii or Horn in Ami about la Cruces. The Board of governors of the Kle pm int Butte a ocl Ahon met ii in in. Lug at Las runs to consider holding an election to ratify tin Contra t with the i nit ii states government for the construction of the Leasburg diversion dam As the initial Tep toward the construction of the Kin grand pro Lect. The organisation of the Opp. R Vul a association differ somewhat from that the local Valley and the Board of governors is not Given the i it Power to Call an election. The Board of governors a i ii make thir recommendation to the Council a higher Holly Ami the Council will probably order tin election held. La xxx by probably not to possible to hold the Cie thin for ave or six weeks preparations a being made for tic Fth Al paso Valley water a sen association which will in held january of the election will he had at 2 a. Lock in the. Chamber of Rummer a tin purpose of the election a stated i the official Call which has ii ii or it to All stockholders in the 1-.elation. Is the quot ratification of rho. On to t submitted by the Secretary of the Interior Oil behalf of the gov Emmet of the t nit d state far til construct Ai of till Kab Ihnut Mutt Dill and ii a system beginning with the immediate construction of the Leasburg dam a a part of said or Stem quot i Clark of i Toff dal Sut marshal Ber j Nett How cd r a 1 Imri that he Al j not a a of 1 wild. It for the marshal shop in Cill of Tat. Hood. And say 1 1 that he has enough of Public office i the present at least a Man who May he a formidable candidate for tin place is 1. K crib Ham United stat 1 marshal in the Een tial District i Pritchard is a p. Fri melt a president Roosevelt and a very Trot 1 political backing statehood quot Iii not Aff it other fed or 1 lost Lon in Indian Cerrito a. A ii As those connected with tin Daw commission the i no a Indian Agency and the inspector a j. A i Der vacant Bowex a. The of fact f in pert Ute Dent and sup Xis irs of schools now it 1 i it Federal co to which will be abolished to go. Way 1 Hie a Hool sv-1 in a Der the stat pm nut the ii inn Vishow it v. In other respects will go on the to As be fur w till it. Exception Hist a toll mid Rosy bring Atmo to Mitlon that will hasten to time when thy i listed states g a. T Nim it can a in it guardianship r the n. Civilised tribes of Indian Lowneys Gunther s whip nun a. Big Stock of. Holiday goods toilet Case Brugt hand climb sets manicure sets perfumes in Looney Gunther a and a Hitman a candies always j. H. Of Rielly company Barnett building a match will Start a fire but not make it lot that reason n i a Tau to get a fire in Hie old Way a to a so tedious Itiat one in ilk in to in chill d through agas Heater change it All. Bet a ii pc him match makes the fir. There is he flt instantly. Plenty of it and no chill a inn Heater i convenient lean. Cheap. Any size and Many styles. The Albuquerque Gas electric Light and Power company Ryf this stomach i Coulee and t Iain s ii my la a t Tai. To Ai., re to St thing for stun a troubles and constipation i ii in Eyer sold says j. It Cullman a Diu gun a of pottery i ii. They a i to take and Al Wax a us. If a e i Tell my it Usta a or to try than Iii i if not so to inf. Tor to a a a a a k my get their Money lint have Nevi 1 a i a for Salt by All druggist smoke i in i la if quot Len \ it it. Nits Nolle to merchant Allt i is Mitt ted for i Iii All Lounsberry will a it to paid try in sign l l ii it Jensh Kitty say. Mini reliant do you know we make Blank Imo install Leaf Brig r a 1 a do All kinds of Spe Tai rulings let us show you what we can do. Met it liner a Lithgow at the journal office. In ii i. Altos ill la do i Why in Imp a i ii it i it Man years ago i \ or told me the a How ing Jon i be thought it o of the conclusion give his wife a pretty g timing a no front a on it nights All rigid a i lot of Orojio to. Is i hey Ca not so lox concerns in the that milk a Fin than the quot la is one than the a and it strikes us tug a lot of a it around for the Hilo cigars get a lag Gar Stem s stores. Fall for Best m Hal 30 3 h. 81 and 8 Day Hoholl Tea n of the Whit Many s til Tun a and in be or hid that Jonah had to t excuse for three Days Aud Don t pass out a our it custom to litre arc no cast or to Havana cig 1 r or a better fir pie winners. 1 fellow is bedtime Hunting a St. Quot la Clit a lint 1 r i to i a Croton studio children % photo a specially Auto phone 320 Isay 4 a or. Horseman thai i Ila to Lex i Hgt is them if i in i pm Albuquerque a foundry end machine works a it ill Ali in mime tor 4 it my no a a x m Iron and casting Ami lumber cars i bars. Babbitt Metal Anil Irmi fronts for build f Trig quot. In a. mll11 ii m r x 1 Asp at it t no in ii i a Sill bail Rigail i in it. Tiiu la Mihi ski 11 Ili i \->1 t la Niini. In i by it. Ii i St i a to i dint. I Ai i in a la i i who in a k i. M�2 is ii in 1 1 ifs 1 so 1 a in a 5 a a a Yimm t11 at Voy r t it ask wort j not of Kari a h. Inter 1 jul i 11 in la if 1�?Trop Erl y is Yoo in r right and Prmt regrets. W. L. Trimble i co ill x i it v. I i i la \ n 11 i it xxx Sii s i s i it Law a t turnouts Ai Ite oui utile hat Ain of ton 1 i. I hit a Liet j i w. H. Smith Avenue next to Trimble s red Bairn # o her x in the \ a ded a n Tiem a a of it i Rel t f Schedut employ t he pm t a four cd in Ort til us in to i by pro a Iii la my prop a Kif rid he ii t of a 1 till \ in i f 1 a a Rig r or in uth wet cd the 11 the ire of i a Liger t in Chi of. Santa f. A Rubly ins t Spier and the ire living to Lurt d that girl one or flu def Jdant for the s.,a, la to my hut a fake i i by Hung in his Dini i v Kini i i i Japan a i a suiting 11 luxe in a. Var a a him a Al maim 10 hit lid it a Jai to Vrh Iez mammon the hip ii steamship the or Lent in Defiler mod 1 n in sex att. N till lie. To i leniency ire a gig i a in a a a 1 to in a kindly i Kuot Ai old Ito Iun town rum. While m new a according w to arrived on Toten Harti fro. Ii i mod Iota a is very Rev my t and up to Date Eon in for ten into at Tea do riot take buildings. The rapidly going to xxii of Orient to a Spe i is to mining lip. Nil s i 111 to Loithi a to a to i to Iii Iii i hut to for a in pious reports i Kim riling i. . Friio tif t Art it or Ileo is that in was add by a Japan offi. .1 la it to i Saj i til i 11 fortified Bort Ai him would it a. Bern in pro Itah voting to Lins office Hie j 11 ><1 lies it to Huotu of Fortis it Fons. A the y h id Heegn it to und a via of hat tit Hill had to Aii v fortified with modern atm no. It 0 lit s he a i Ion of a Nikk s him in Riv rial Ion of Hie i rout i. Now inv urea Venice in the work a if a ration of is Mark s pro i is tin it Aff i Ling supporting the Apo carps x a u 11 , warn. St Iii Angel has been. I triple ted without the decoration of tin vault uttering to Lea to Iii jut \ the pillar. Of tin tritium and the chief Wall by been protected and Supin ated the pros a cation of the from t is now ensured the work will be pm untied with the greatest cares. Most. Avoid Aux alteration of the Art 11� usurer a Iman i x n it i ing n ill i Hie Herr Holts to timid a my flatter for i Orel gip Hristov it i j 11 a nil Ord. 1 i att of eau racing Hornet x a. I Eil a i tile Fot the Nill. A \ foot lava Tias been placed with the if it 1, Iliff my Hie Pic t ii t i a 1 x work of laying Iowa the or it a been begun it the shipyard Here the la by. It la understood w i tie k. Feet at the h be line led about i of feet Oxyer Alf and Xxiii be on a tru ted of ated. Tile Mal rial of or Ber Onatsu Hon hand but it ii x Witt tie id w it til the name of to i i is 1 but it is a i and tiles it hoot., Al la tit i. a the result of extend pc expert ment in the u of an out a a Niebli on the Deser t a Ivov. I ear has just in u a a a Impi ted till a in Usi of la of Egypt win Xxiii a it on the Aily sir. T. A of the Summ the w heels a entirely Ems ii Glit Iio Tal Side plat leaving n but the Broad Voi a a rubato a tit expos i. Ami it is thought that the Bitte will remove the difficulty Ltd get thug or the Sui fac of ii i is shifting Sand without becoming imbedded so 1 ply As i Imp ii profit is Tapi Cut he Fin Gilt working into part of i mechanism the a tire Der body i pro a i by an Ingold a revised apron. Lither kerosene or gasoline the eng in finally we it and of ii the character of the country i 1 ravers cd provision has specially been mad Foi a Titre Day Supply of e,Al-1 g and drink my Waler a Well a fuel til Bauge a. Gear go x is u 1 a Fig from three to Twenty Miles an hour tile Tai will in addition haul a t to wheel rallies Xiy mind tart it it a gun Carriage upon xxx he h will in mounted a Iluigi Iii amt Searchlight to it i run from the Ai engine tins will in used for night nations jul a i i without the Searchlight Ltd. Nag. The weight of the car i cd. To 5 ii us pounds any Sun Tusly a nits in to a be i criers i it min in Oil Ion in territory to in us s a to ins d m i Kog. A i t Jai it vial to left ambition in a a Ltd it a i his w for Oklahoma and India ten every Federal position connected the id Lam in to on of Justl a it in Lait r territory will la rend red cant within a it r til we a s is these office xxii either lie a it. A cd it it a to 1 a 1 tit Hopel i of a stat form of it a in my i a fight lint cd Slat quot Juda no holding off. 1 the or i. U x w Glt unt p a a our xxi Xxiii hold i p. T n of. Life there a of Derat j11 i i i a la Trlcia in Indian territory Xxiii to lug a in itch in Antler a stat form id government there Xxiii probably ii but Oil. Know n Asho a ast. In judo 1 ii Dis Trolet of this xxii them a least the. Tilted stat v marshal a Many i tin 1 Allrn. A. And a r. Id minor fit 1 als out of Fine it is pus slide that All the officials pow holding positions under a department of jus the will he supplanted at least the ii facial terms will expire with the birth if then stall government and All who a pin to similar posit in til tile new Federal indicia i Tri will Halo a. Their chances xxi h the rest in thi Sera mid tim life will blah Noel a Sarahb Federal Plum lit the stat some of the Federal iodine s hoi Bench in Indian Terril rear have their eyes on Iii plat. Politicians Hax As it a that c a x a i <1 i an r it but the win prof to it a him declare that a would r the place but would rather Herig Ige it will in Polinn i nil it it ales in Irshal Nett a Ltd Nutly appointed himself would doubt j a h i be of curing the b. F. Copp d. D. S. Boom i j. V. I Anni 10 building Fleischer heal estate and Loans fire insurance. Surety Bonds. Jul. Natili Troini Street. Automatic in i Oil a on the said to Jung of. Job a Bis i. It Hax free t i n distr if a a that Blat s App 18,100 5-Rue ii Bra k 1 it tag Bath a a bid i ii it . Corner i it 7.0 it. N. 8 rid atre t i Ltd i i u Flam. Cottage it i it is. Lot a in it Al H a Aik Ian. 1-h i Lait e or i tim. 12 hoo�?7-r.�. Ii 2 Stort f i i Mio i Well it. Bit res w. Ii in 8. la quot i re n Fram new barn. Shad to a City War High Ina Hon 12,000�?-s-Roo n for me Ottar. Bath .1 8. Ari i 1 Street. Ii Frame cottage Bath i Roll a a Clos in. I a 0 i j id hoi. To in come Ino j month 1 Good i no it Merit. Half it i i Bam icon t k i a t to sum Good tailless property a fur Sale. La Vav xxx Irwim Fram a Ila go. Well built in a Uhopa. A us p it Merit $3 Soo n. Satorv hrs rec i Ilia by fir a Ltd Long or i a a nil by my pc in High i i. In cum r. Frame. Bathel a get 1 lights to i a Rubin a. Lot 7. A Xii. w 7 or Frame c of Giel Gay re six a it a in it tur i ii x a ill. 3- it Frann. 0 a shop la i it am to. W n it Ortii fight a i St. To v term. Or in a v i of. 1 Bra k it Iii Blit to. A tax Al Yeti i lights. I a. 3 i quot i a n Brick 1 Ittai in of fit w ii built re cell la go. barn try sat i Nho i in . Vav. Is Tijeras a 1 i i fran. Dwelling w it h modern Elolf in v. We it bul ant i St 13,300 Firo Frame cottage . In Eon x j a Necati i All Bery lot. Rex i ? i in Frame 1 not tag Les and Shrub r y j mar non sex to on Chi i Al i vial Ai Lim ii,<1 of int n m. Smoke quot la Cintilla Havana cigars 49 a in if patronize Home ind vestry and get the Best Vou Niones. Nothing like them Ever i of Rcd before in Alburl Eryl a a Salomon it n. 2nd St., Albuquerque i not a i All on act i Iii la till keel two week. Of to is not 1 s i he is i foreigner ill t i Ltd a Rosa the you need the goods. Prices and Cash talk in this great Salb remember the Detede wednesday january loth a Pictish of menus clothing and furnishings to be slaughtered 119 West Gold ave. E. L. Washburn co. 122 so. Second St

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