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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - January 4, 1926, Albuquerque, New Mexico Fage four Albuquerque morning journal january i to Souders ties two of three events sunday lock. Bot Boes Well Winner driving Chevrolet makes average of 68.9 Miles an hour in 50-mile event Milburn in Dusenburg is second Cowan with Frontenac third Hettinger has narrow escape in Early part of race Biava places twice sues for divorce room Fin Rich Aile wan forced t end aft r runs of the spokes in h front in Tirol had dropped out. Bin a i land Ion pc it Biava of whom much Wax Souders and his Chevrolet were too much for the other racers sunday afternoon in the first professional Auto race held in Albuquerque. Winning two of tile three events the entry from Texas lost the third on account of a slipping clutch. His car his driving and the fast starts he made kept him always Iii the Lead. Milburn driving a. Dusenburg. Make in average time it f 68 9 was second in the 50-mile race Miles in hour. ,. A a Spud re Alba Milburn Cowan he would have placed in the i Hettinger Biava Miller Steven. Mile event had not hts a a Jan. Slayers Aid Barnes Sion Case broken. Started Tim race. Souders Milburn Ivoal boy cheered i cow a s a yes four lips behind. But the most cheered racers and Biava six laps behind Fin _. And Lake. Smyer Tore off a were Cowan of Albuquerque Ana _. It Breler 1-Latilgan broke a spindle. Miller of Winslow. Cowan Wea i r broke a tank. And has recently recovered from an a. A Barnes who or ova about 40 lips tack of appendicitis came in third with room ahead room behind and in the first race second in the second race and first in the australian Pursuit. Biava driving. Miller in a Studebaker special was fighting it out for second placef., ted. Entered the Rae with thre it with Milburn. To made to in most broken ribs otherwise he would sensational race of the Day. Luton have placed easily. Wild bin a. A a a a a a ,.,.v i a i few was unable to a a it having the. Lap Husa. Tux bust. Thrown o it he to of he c a eliminating him from the race on in ,c that a thirty seventh Lap a spa a in the to mile race although offered to bet j100 that Millet Jex started Only two finished. It would beat the Dusenberg and it,., he a t0 a Ting of la Dot reamed at times As though he to Udov again got Way to a Fly a would. Tog Start and was never overtaken. Driver i lir nun out m ibo n pi.-a1 Send a the fir 1 the Crow d Ivas Given a thrill in Lap. Biava driving Cowans bord the Early put it of the rare when Milburn after much see Lottinger of callup driving sawing on the sixth turn. Melt Reece s Frontenac was thrown h irn headed for the pit. Biava out of his tar Anil onto the Edge to gain on South is and of the track. He was knocked in might have passed hint in another conscious for a few minutes Nar Lap. He overcame As it was a Lead lowly escaping death from the nth of Over too nth Souders made a r cars following at a terrific a trip in 9, i and Biava in Speed. His injuries which con-1 9.2, histed of a few scratches and Only three ears St it it him a bruises were not serious flank Ira tin Pursuit. Breece a fron Rin of Holbrook was in the most t a. Souders and Biava again Delv Peculiar Accident of the Day a in it for Rowan. Smyer who was t Pindle on Tho right front wheel i iring for Hottinger was St a of i broke. The wheel which was first but Xvi overtaken t y b Ava travelling about to Miles an hour my had to pull in. Souders sex before becoming detached rolled a re need a slept dog cd itch aul towards the cars parked along the had to pull in Biava won. Minnesota state boxing commis his baseball life and his passing will be regretted but such passing is inevitable eventually of course. Aion has barred the Rabbit punch. But what Fred Fulton is interested in most of nil is the fact that speaking of Faber and the they Haven to tarred High divers White sox Eddie Collins May find open Golf Mee it Lono Berg score is 215 after making both second rounds of 18 in Par 71 is Victor by steady playing a vet ran Whites Quot a horse in 1026? that i a ques inn i. My a us i icim Lea who a a to a cd i tit Ough his a in a Are asking. Virginia country club Beach Calif Jan. 3 a3 a William e. Wild Bill me i Horn of t e old Colony club Chicago ambled in Winner in the $2,5oo open Golf tour Anent i re to log Vudi score of 215, having played both second rounds of 18 holes each in Par 71. He won on Tho const a a a himself 1< Arn lug the Indian sign what will happen to Urban language before the next Spring War i training Jaunt is Over. To has three Young indians lined up for be fans i tryouts t in i a coming Spring. Tajo obtained by Osmul i 12 Ca m gee from a Texas league club and from the former by the Chicago c. Ii Pppe irs to to an Able player Tency of his game showing great i n bosons t. Nov j laity a a played Center j steadiness when others weakened. Ago Faber by fielder second base and shortstop pc a cd about in Tho minor circuits collected 34 Ridy to t in one runs 46 doubles and to Tri j fusion Al who led yesterdays Plav o f to line a Between times he hooked 41 i blew up. Losing out in the final he a i i yes. Lover the windswept course when Luh Carney a shortstop obtained j his drives and approaches went punter i Bone from Muskogee is also an Indian into traps. Recovering coming in w. I Rill my per Ai i from in the final nine he slipped t a is Little Rock. Light. Suet ii Ned a Una res is second Dick Linares Long Beach so it and his w in on the eighteenth missing an a i id in Collins became interested preach and failing on a 20-foot refused to yield in the Indian Ball playing Hobby to treatment last season when to signed chief Ilion <1 iring Hie Render to coach ids pitchers. In a a Ai o f a. Vet att or a. My Vav inter. to it Ort cot in Turr cd to a try on. 11. Hod f Tir to Wever for Faber if 12 Gam us and lost la lie Collins has i mind set Riding up a Young Ball club Vav ill s via a i Hea f t it is a question As to her or rot he will w tit to it fab r mown lays in referring to cd a Calls and hair i a cloth a a a ipes one says a a he came As cd a to it As Knute Bockno did to coaching putt. Linares score for the final 18 was 7s, while the other i so a of i were 70 and the n 6r, a new course record lie won second place with i Gross so re of 216. M in Donald Smith of new took third with 217, 7 2-75 a Al Espinosa of Chicago finish i f Orth with 218, 72-72�?74. In m a. Edicts that Al a. S. S. Basketball t f i 1 _ 1 new a. Al i As to do is a nil thereby red tee to hit better thin too or so other a f r developing american league players and live g hurler. I d in til Hoodoo the crack puts pc a the White sox i on him. League to Start january 8 at y you know Knute Here a the Man who taught him vaudeville bile and bounced into the air. Hitting and the weather p re sunday to Ford Sedan amidships. Tie afternoon p. Fore Tho program a in which was driven at Tho tint a or a few pothole had ton by Carroll Bayne 1120 1-2 North dug and the dues were sear e1. Second Streit a i idly damaged. However none Dent of Tho three no one occupied Tho car at Tho minor arms occurring it Ltd be at time of the Acridine Rihn ted to the course \ in go bonders Tim for the i laps Ltd Vav i witnessed Tim Cire event. A 49 minutes Flat. The t in a k is the re were Hun in do of Ca Park raid to be one mile and an eighth Odall Over he a is. In nil i too i in circumference the would i was Awald in be. It Vine i it i it in Quot Vaud 111� a to ire to by Fca tured in to ins to Vau Devilla offer at a 8 j fish Ine according to to adv i Nee Billing received in a manager on a i f in no the i tit babe Dupree \ quit the of Nave by. Nth rat t Al who present an act consisting of Irving Dan lug and music that will unquestionably in a Xii to 11 it t to nine t. They Arclever St up a most delightful in it Are expert mull clan a n urn i 2ai combination flt t top notch tin of 5 a a in pit by possess won la t f us ability y a Art int s. They Cai Rex Ici la j n 11 ill a sports forecast j / it a \ Ork Jan. 3 a3 be Cha Minn of sport will defend his i tub 6 i a be f rat full.� cd f i 92 6 Vav cd by mining w till in tort-1 i a even s , hockey. If ska Ting bal to tl.1, Xing b i ret Bai i ail offer interesting pro Grama. I to Horemans to. F i eur ropes pc y a Vav title Hob a is Isi a it Nutly a ii nod is. Balk i Lim Bilhardt a it Vav n in a match Vav us i j a i e Cir former Harn Pion. A my in t Bien go tonight Erie lilt Gen Acher of Germany will Vav inner. Me a i it Champion ship a in i i he at stake wit hut t rest i t Vav t a months in Tho middles sight t welterweight divisions min key i we Liker welterweight in Pion a x i into of g it land n. W y irk j i jury 23, a d once Briary 26 Harry Greb if plot t Burgh Long Leader among the mid i the opening Grimes of the in Lay school basketball league Quot t i be played Friday evening j a no at the y. M. C. A. The soil i for the season which closes feb Mary 28, is january 8�?Lead Avenue m. A is. Central Avenue m. La pre i Erin a is. Christians. m. I is rip of Lead Avenue is. I a 1st hit. 15th�?fentral m. Id. Is Spanish m. La presbyterian is. Baptists. Joseph Soheid Kraut called Tho a handsomest Man on the i the a perfect Lover a May be that on the Cage hut he Isnit in ate life it is d ired by mrs Schuld Traut who is suing for a ice in Philadelphia the a Dor denies her can mgr of extreme cruelty. When they were married in i us 2 they entered into no in want not to nag or criticise Ca ii other for five years. They Are shown. 19th�?Lead Avenue is. , m ii Al i rid in tit. Will g context not w on j to r the y a h Iii radio programs time shown is no Mexico Lime it copy right is of Kudlo i it Igro to i of i monday to Nuary 4 tune p. T night Fen. Of we frolic. I. A special studio program. Kwh a i i a or to Dassie. What a original Melody or lies Paul. C in p it it Nosy silent Nigl a of a a s a adm Kiu. Eye web. We by i win w has. Wip. Web. We a woe woj. A Tbs. I a beat la orchestra 7 id men Orch i k eve f. Univ or Quot in exp ii Gram thai j Jmartin lion i Iller <44 3 45, prot City 241 i i Waco a in a j Dis St. Ilk 4 5.3 ,1, air Don cot a Metie 6 farm Lect i nov Ralty it f m to neat Gram 8, classical concert 9 30, it enc it a i Bird i a. 8. I infant y i. Ill win Detroit i Cee press 518.9 ,.concert whap Kansas City Star 385.65, St Hoof of the a or. A it Las it ii program Blat orchestral a it e Rannard vocalist jul 4 �-12, Nighthawk folic. Plantation players orchestras Wea a Dallas news journal / 5.1d till Ais be a i it i chests in it agr ietto a so Ira pro Litt True. I Wuu Btu go the it and iat a biker will re. M it y a f the i a it Lions a it k ird i air ago ame a in Yves or. Of Pitt is it i Como Pieh let t of lied kit its Golf association a 4 a a a .4 ,1 Titi us i., i i Ai i. Wer f x it a 4 i. I 4%. E in which Wilt follow two that of in it t ail 5 of the Grey is Sci Tion. Iez t fit. An chm Mastle golfer and a fat Hii a a t lie it Lak Cut Couise n at the a 0 w ii f 0 Loch the ii t Amateur Ehin i i no j w is i ii. I Eliv new it notre a x e x j it it i to j u the ancient game Bito in get Are att de j thi a ii la ill 11? Tif re 4 Iii to i Fin find in expect a in inv u i t u�1 la uti it n ii in ii to Captain the 132g w 111 -1 Colp team in it invasion 4 Hock i a i us he j a a eels a e for r Cantlon of Lent i 111 a t this i in t meet in 111 t a i 22nd�?Central m. It is Bipti it Quot a presbyterian is is Mich m e. 26th�?Lead a pc no m. E. A a presbyterian Christian a finish m. It 2 9th�?Lead Avenue m. In. Is Spanish m. It Central ave in Mph is. Presbyterians february 2�?Christian is. Baptists Lead Avenue m. La is. Cor a it Avenue m. R. 5th�?presbyterian is Christian Spanish m. E. Is. Baptists. It ii lid Avenue m. It baptists Central m. La is. Chrls a la a. But 12th a presbyterian is Spanish Ion m. La Central Avenue m. La is t a j b a a lists. At 16th�?Lead Avenue m. E is. Presbyterians it hrs plans is Spanish m. E. A in. It the Bead Avenue a e. V a lie ii h m. La. Christians vex Bap i in Tho. I j. 23 d a cent la Avenue Jill is. Presbyterians. Lead Avenue m. La is. Hrs vans. 2 6th�?Central Avenue m. E. Is Kumish m la presbyterians Bapt to. Triangle new Navy gasoline amp Triangle Oil w Ere used in the race by Tjie following the Dusenburg car driven by Milburn Chevrolet car driven by Alba Chevrolet car driven by Sanders re he nil Cave perfect lubrication in tile 50-mile race. Gasoline All that could be desired the Home Oil and Supply co a a i and loll Ai i ipod r h to Poi i Malim i a h ii to i e a int a h us veil 11 Vav la t r a1 of 12 k o a. De try bal tee p san in Sny son pc. Of ssi in 9 or lit., join i a it ban i re s Ira Wal drop h orc r Etc Hon Ion g it dam Cert o ii Jav he. St. 5 it 5 i i non 6 in a Boh an to a. A ibor 4 75 9 i. I 30 8 30, 8 1 0 -9 41, Iova re a hse trs work or new race track to begin at once Start now to Burn its hotter than hard Coal and cheaper than soft Coal n re a can possibly know what a i Ltd a cuke until you pc tried a Load. Its a him lit atm and easy to handle. The kind we sell a Homo cokes is real easy to licht Ami it to 1 lean in a it i Al 11 re a la n i get. Nitai Advant at Ive ran to 01 \ a pc in. In to i to can Hie ii to your a our fun lace Call it and i bin in a i iffy. Fire truck skids in mud and misses pole by few inches Tad a. The i no h Dusco for Ceton met at at d vat is i c theater. Wiz Springfield it hotel Lennox is it Tot theater a i Hyak he Are a Jewett 7, Arpi it 7 $ it announced. Jinx n on he a a Allan j. Hill 8, we of 9, Loews i a go Siam. Till to i la % n k i lit a a x i \ it i people who suffered from r nut i a is priced a1 $7. Pc the ton at the Yard and per ton delivered. Lump size is priced at $7,0�?o the ton at the Yard and per ton delivered. $8.50 Ai by i Perque Gas amp electric company Toppi adv a i Hur Frager manager

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