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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - January 2, 1926, Albuquerque, New Mexico Heard in u. S. Mrs. Coolidge As camera reveals her most elaborate system of broadcasting and rebroadcasting Ever attempted is successful new York Jan. I up a in thou kinds of Homes in the two americas and Europe listeners tonight heard the old world and the new speak to each other by radio. In Tho most successful attempt Jet made to encircle the world music played in a Tendon club was broadcast through Nino stations in the United states to All parts of this country Canada Cuba Bermuda and South America while a program from Kaw York was picked up in England and Continental Europe and relayed to listeners abroad. Perhaps the crowning achievement of the Experiment which was conducted by the radio corporation of America a accomplished when engineers it station 21.0, London heard their own program re broadcast from station Woy Athenee Tady n. A. Re Cross the Ocean to them. Refute Tho american program put on the air from Wiz was completed 86 states had reported that the London broadcasting had been clearly received. Paris had sent word that songs Sung by John Mccormack had been picked up and i played to Europe and Buenos Aires had reported Amateur listening in on London and new York David Sarn off of the radio Cor i oration described Tho broadcasting a entirely satisfactory Quot and said if Quot demonstrates the ultimate possibility of uniting the world by he was hopeful by tomorrow reports from Asia the pa-1 j Fie islands no other do ant lands would show that the program actually had traversed the world it was Learned that the american program crossed Tho continent of South America when the steamship Montebello in the Pacific off Peru Radii in on Wiz Mexico City also reported recep Hon. Sacramento California and asked and Seldom answered Pensacola find Ero two Anteri Skeleton 2.0001 a years old dug i up at Phoenix famous mexican band May play Here january 9 believed to be remains of tribe of canal builders whose burials were made under House floors Phoenix. Ari?., Jan. I up Skeleton of a prehistoric Man be j operatic stars the mexican typical orchestra directed by the Quot Cleat Torre Blanca Quot May play Here january 9, at matinee and evening performances. Of plans boing made by Roscoe Bangs and it. Cantu i tra the mexican Consul located Here. Are carried through. I the orchestra is composed of 50 pieces and has in its por the serine several mexican dancer and celebrate by Bud Woods and wife photographed for first time since wedding 45 years ago live in Guadalupe Alamogordo a m., Jan. I. Torre Bonnea is the i Bud Woods one of the outstanding moved to be one of the Raco that former director of the president s frontiersmen of new Mexico has inhabited this part of Arlona Rand of Mexico City. 2,000 years ago was unearthed today at excavations bib Rig carried again broken away from his Rural the band is considered one of Hoins incl on the pre Quot us Quot naw to or Quot Woons in Quot on he i or aint tour which the hand i driven new the a umber Wagon a. Museum of to Washington. New York Thulla from the ranch Down in the Guad r atrial history at the Eastern Delphi Boston and other Eastern cities the program will be Edge of Phoenix. Entha measurements made of the tirely mexican Tho charros cob Skeleton indicate that the Man was Voin presented by a such an event was 45 years ago about Avo feet eight inches tall or. Smith representative of Tho museum and or. O. A. Turney local archaeologist expressed the belief that the Man was one of the race which for want of a better name la known As canal builders. The race built the first irrigation canal system in the a a it River Valley some traces of j which still remain. It is believed. ,. That ibis prehistoric people de "j?.10. Camera reveals sorted the Valley about 2.0 0 years president Calles this Christmas. Ii Quot is Lope mountains 90 Miles away to have his picture taken the last time they celebrated at mrs. Calvin Coolidge r the housewife a photo from the album showing her a score of years ago with her first baby John tile Home Loving mis 1. To ago or. Turney expressed Tbs belief that there were two rooms remaining underneath the room where the Skeleton was found to in is of Tho White House. Below. Day. He explained that it was the the Grace Goodhue Coolidge Amil i custom of Tho canal builders to cast of stars Thomas Jefferson lives up left a picture taken when Lay their dead on Tho floor of a i Sud Dortch was in her teens. 1--- a 1 or place of a first lady in White House plan told by John t. Lewing or. Central press correspondent Washington Jan. I a a Man High in politics when asked the other Day to Tell the greatest single Factor in Calvin Coolidge Success answered without hesitation Quot mrs. Graec Hoft or visiting ambassadors or Linnet for prospective Cabinet officers mrs Coolidge part undoubtedly has been important but i unobtrusive in ing affairs in aha course the president would like j to have them take. The presidential yacht May Flower Seldom used by Woodrow by Ilson and hardly it ult by president Harding because mrs Harding disliked the water Bas afforded mrs. Coolidge another of room then cover it Aith Earth j making a new floor in the room i living up to the expectations of i with the survivors continuing to Tim enthusiastic audience Quot Light live there. When the room be Nln Quot made a hit hero Friday a a 1 t i it a be Small to live in he said i Nung played at the Crystal by a Bentob Mir the a family then but to my a room remarkable East. Thomas Jeffor Quot a m Merit after above that of on l the time of their wedding. About to years ago Bud slipped Awny Long enough to Plant some Trees which line the streets of Carlsbad and for which that town la famous. That was an act which should be enough for one Ordinary lifetime but Bud was not satisfied a he duplicated the performance at Alamogordo a few years later w Hen this town was established. The occasion of tin present Cele Bratina was a family reunion of four or five of Tho Woods children. One of whom Herbert is an dec trl Cal Engineer in Chicago the. U. C a others sri prominent Cut Sens of to mis famous name in ibis Community. Incidentally Bud leading part and is ably a have a a. 1 his son tune it up a Hur so that to May get the daily news a trifle better. Breakfast is it 8 of clock in the Vav bit. House anti from then on u for her As for her is steadily one another. Runaway boys glad to be sent Back Home it a a famous actor and son of Buss la Dei Botte end Arthur by it a in Tho president int his Little known of the race of i i a great Joseph Jefferson of our j Wentworth of to Angeles youths i canal builders and the desk in the executive office nod excava min tons started recently by the a. T. 1a i a. A town american museum of natural hts t Randy there Days As Quot Lightn Tny who recently ran away from Home Pill june Quot had the entire Nudi irn who arrived Here bumming tory Are expected to Dev. Lop Many j important archaeological fact. Upstairs has interviewed the Housek a per a gifted woman first installed by mrs. Taft and an in dispensable fixture sine. J Quot Quot Thomas Jefferson j. Nee with him and his fellow players every moment at times shed a Ding real tears of Saltness nod j sympathy and again enjoying the Hearty laugh which make us feel their Way on it Santa be train on Deceron Ber 2a, were Start Back to California Friday night. Hugh Waters Hunt a be special officer who look the boys in charge Here cont rfcs is mss i that it had listened be lilo l it to admit it and the luncheons and dinner Pinion May or May not be import ant but it brings up again the Oft-1 governmental ques Ilion Quot How Large a part does the Salt is reporting the Success of first lady of the i id play in the the ext presidential so tile pm tor Olidge in t 111 v v i it i Vii s to. Get i Oulton programs lost in the i a a j consequential Denver colo., Jan. I up a radio \ comings Sfa Lon Koa i f the Klec Wash i Unpeng Here picked up this far Trie american t it of the world radio program tonight and re broadcast it to thousand of receiving sets throughout the Rocky Mountain r Aion. Efforts to get the Fot Len j program failed. And ton sier t Charm Tut w scribe Lier get lure her in White Houe As the help of the i it in a in of tilings Quot represented by mrs he White House in thirst and most in Chi ter about her goings Boca use the it Rrok indents find it i talk or write of the Man it is to Dens and hats and Blethe handsome old than to \ s in by her Ltd of the president that serve a a real function in the present 1 it rat Ion scheme Aro supple nested almost every other week nil by Mayflower trips. Once taught mulch d Shat Lions Tome of Ita members Date Back to the first Cleveland Adi Nln it includes in addition to tile . Per. A Cook and three assistants three butlers and four housemaids among them a a maid who Quot Doe a Cool the parties aboard have varied j id get a hair for her when she does hot put it up herself four doormen four laundry men six the it carpenters Ella to Leuina. Man six two gardeners and four j chauffeurs. After i r session with the House a keeper throughout the Day pausing Only for luncheon which is paved it i o clock and at which Are usually entertained. Mrs Coo ski from groups of personal Friend. To parties of senators and Cabinet member All concerned with Public Cha ties questions of immediate importance Engineer and Furnace Tatry. On the Mayflower labourer president leaves most of the. Planning to or. Coolidge and is exp. Ted to Curry off the the. The morning journal interview seem from Tiel a half Don radio fins Felt it a he Rha for t Liers Friday night but All if them than i ii said they Vav t a unable to pick up Deles any of the matter broadcast by t in fre in stations Many of the old in f in called up had forsaken the dials de movies and Bridge and other amusement they reported. A in Heaters today Lay Elt Bool ten and in and presentation Champion Gil cd Home i khow is no White la i cent years h it a i Quentlyn a los of the group i Impi a it would in a pictures and re is More at take a Parade the greeting to a Hill scour or is in Convent to afternoon f it a diplomats f cup to tile Are and prix for a re i it a Iii Nuat i it is Atter in in Ernei us people it their ease Tare gift of Amy every one i a l it Nappier for having met wife la in of h freely where mrs. Lately wit it the trips of i for t a e week but Guey Are merely a con r round of tit., week. Up said of Lier that now Mildge goes to Friend and no w Hoti a is helps a family in re i. Ordained a fre ridges by i,.any i a i fasts i i git n rough h it i her b in it i i a Simc i Heater a in Marsh Well known i Star and popu a car hereabouts i the big aurae-1 Yin f Ltd a one Jay show a this stirring in Quot Paddy the a a a it,�?� by Clarence Lage a 10 i it ii y hot i. Ones the j in in Ai Atar in fraud and Fren Guett Lim. I his Aud put to dinners have had More that. Olt a1 a sign Lei Cance. Presided t has found Lech Liming Talt a Ai for i purpose be tit. D Ltd it a a to a up. To mouse the too a x n Sion Fhi n k Quot ugh n the w i three a new v be it a sri it 2 ire late a turd a dig Eft. In the Iii of y of a age a the big at a or j St Al it i n a s masterpiece v play that Bloke Quot i by Pla it Rig for capacity Hou a in n or w ill be no a so the first if in by a we at g n aft. Moon Matin with Malinet the Ash in today. The whits festive circular off transacts to Ness. Mis. Fol social Asl a tiring and the it entry h a j roved than one orca rom the of s big r Illy ii Jai b j rut it of. Vav a seen tally ice is rein appear a on More Jet at in Quot Vav her the Otid quite if i it i it a ten i pm i if la Ducat i teacher ii is a to tin. Us wife id of a Lye a rear ii Ife w to silent. Is have be he its or Organ Leat ions Quot keep House also clo plants try Barat comes ret one tends an off. A was a i deaf and to musician May a and exp Cert of a a lightning a had i splendid schooling Tii Onias Jefferson wlm of is play j log the title role in the special j ugh Nln Quot i ast with matinee and night today it the Crystal of it Era House is remembered by older t play goers a till successor to Iii j i f Mons father. Joseph Jefferson in the role of Quot rip Van the younger Jefferson is now i t 60 and bears a striking re semblance to his beloved Eire. Newspaper Rev Ewers have pro i it trounced him a Type for. His lovable old Imus Ion about i whom in Oil to. F tile action of a Quot ought Nln Quot pivots. When a boy. Tom Jefferson is i ii was known at Ute time with his Broth i a William and Lone pm. For whom appoint a or. Began his education under his j n made by officials father Tutelage he was drat a i Quot Demon Quot in Quot rip Van Winkle a then a Quot first with one Hue to speak and finally Quot cockles Quot j i humorous i Iiga character end understudy of a a his father Quot rip Quot i l Etter for having laughed. Thl j Mai located with their parents w to May aum lip in a nutshell the pril Quot Quot a prominent people in los an a go of those fortunate one who a it. Money was a ont for their attended the Farewell tour of return. The boy Hod been to Kan Frnnk Bacon a masterpiece there Are Ninny times Light a b Ltd w Lien they arrived Here. J they Imd no Money and Vatera when of Ltd their room no Board Bills be. To by appointment peo May la kit in to her but a re file Quentlyn Are Ai Mill lays tor i it i Gat ions at wedding Furler i wit to a the Case Tom fir to playing of the. F appearance role in when ins father fell ill Mal Ltd it a in Miler who xxx it i but a preside it. At in a Lottsburg and after that he play r Quot no the opening of a conference donation and vent Ion Ltd other Public ret Emony is a fitting Iris k Hopp a or by a a Aldei t that i husband do it i Riny to believe the artly aft. R her mar i chided by rom about Lur in. The Point Lis Ping hold. F Huoi even Ca in Jim. The Quot first lid Arn after i of claw be Bael with Leaf and dumb i is a Lier Dun a a Day begin t in the morning r. Lot is to Tutu ton. And several afternoons h week receives callers by a it singly it in groups. It in bet Ween the a various act of. Mrs Vuk Olidge do. A or hot up i a after or House though Tim whirl mouse loll function almost Su-1 e i anything Gok w Octan training Hack flt r tier to to. Re it affair int. However i wan and a i sen i Ive to by or Al t o to a killed. By at i a. Mok Pusi idral Ureal or a Fri by a la b g Aura Bon at this a the Star in Quot a the bean Malk Aho Dick Hatton and his two horses Quot Nevaril and a St he relm that Chara tar two reel c Medy a the la i a i program in t Elf g repeat t r the last night Gay i it k and a How a f a to air a in int it snort d today mini Ihm breakfast Fried Mush ire ii milk Jimmu r Mil ill it i Miff ted i Fie i ill infill inn it i t Iii a is bit it the a for using or tubes by tin rid of u in to seer than the t q Ai at thai i and in ast it pie a pro Kunn Hine there big new Yea j re in , Thomas me sgd Vav Lites head in a in Irish Luck Quot a la re Tare b t a Victor her Ducho w lao presenting a two a e t j Medy Quot Roomer a oat a Quot Irish Luck a a r a my an to to it a it a grow or i of modern i Fin a a new i it mov n g plot 4 thrills an t hear it a it it and More it has t in my thaa in i. Dual role Tom of righty a Fapp a 1th Story f. M Nerr an Tenner saturday la erg poet serial Quot a it of t iter \ t in directed the. A fou it mus w i h features Lour Wilson a he a of a Strong supporting cast spa a rat be Arm and. Loir it n i t id s a i runs i of a i the no we is yet received about rebuilding fire caused loss of si50,-ooo in Valencia mining corp. Mine at Coiner n. M. Origin is unknown cd it continuously either with Ina j fathers company during the Tot-1 try a la it illness or at his he so of i a own comp nit in cities town and train la to nil up and Down att. Lira for -5 years j during Joseph a of a is a no a fatal Hilt pm a in he had a big company. Hts hands he called ids three i runs to his bedside end apportioned i their task to them a a that till j organisation could i a held to j go ther and flit its engagements j i Bree night a a it a evil Siam amid Joseph jr., wet to t a a the Emu i Pany and play the rivals a and i tie other titres night Quot oui was to Tab to tip same company and play lip Van Vav ii Kly Quot the Strait. Mon tasted a in months terminating with his or j. Turatti i drat ii in 1905 some of the actor Ami actresses Quot a reimbursed by their Par fire find and again there air Tim Quot to when several of Hie actors and heifers a an perfect but it in a Al Dom if a or the it Oil of the Parsons i in a cant Are at is time perfect. This is on of those rare occasions i w Hen each and every member of a the cast was at every and All times. Hand rom Jack Marvin make his for the old Veteran in the court seen and win. Muffler j it to any that every Young Maiden i in the audience was rather wish log that Ehy might Bavy just on i smile from in a whether on or off till stage. Mrs. Frank Bacon As or. Jones is in typical thai or in difficult to Realise six him on Hie stage Ona feel1 a though it would be right and altogether proper to giant her hand and Tell her your Trou Bulfa because a a would understand and help. Iterate Bacon As Margaret David is a Cream her envy affectation and Mantle Arntt Art cleverly handle j rank Thornton in almost to a Rood looking til by the villain tic in yet ii a every move and word sink deep end add vim and vigor to the part be Piny so am. A fully mite my far i by i at Tim a dig filled and personage but j in easily overcome by the attentions of til fair sex Ile but a i times equal to the situation Marguerite i her i a pretty Blue eyed Larn a i that needs but to cast a a Uhm a mud you Are Berk her portrayal of la grateful and Faith. Loss by fire More in 1925 than 1924 the month of hip tember Wnm the la ii la to for the fire department in the year 1125, according to Fluor a Given out by fire t Hief Fred Russell. A total of 30 runs was De and property tin in age a mounted to a it ass �5, nearly one Bird the total amount fur the entire year Lune was the second highest month with 23 run and a of 15.224 59. The lot sustained from fit in 19.5, allowing for an approximation of the december amount is i 6.327.29. Run made total 211. In 1121 the loss was 925.39# 99. The purity of cuticle makes la him Eli a for All toilet purposes j t in 11 Kilter j tits clerk by r chars tis old b All Sanlei lend by f tit i s w it a Light St. Louis elks deny liquor was sold in club with approval la a a i. D it i i firs ratio a by we la Day arid prod l d ,1 Bra a i a two Folio wed Tkv by a n by Iii to a inf a a in rods Earthur i Uler and declared i no san to. Building in nor that to. Taken into members a i top v. Ill ii i lob i a i a i it of a la ruination of they and supplying and adjusting Gin , g. A. Hor kor o. I. Optometrist urn Habi a Espanol 107 bout ii in Mir tit Street a a a a Tirol a will r. To. La. Mal de Licious chocolate cake i d a Tat that re of Ilu ted that Piffier in f. Tub by to a ppr a re i it Tion r ii two minor accidents occur Friday night Prince gets Trade for English firms in South America Psi Che i ill a i Elj j Osu a ooh 1.1 fruit a i j i a she said i to a Rar get a la he Fiji run blurt a i i 11 Vil my to Cist a Moi mgr it a than without tubing apply a Vicks a a Porubon in t if it Jan i n j i Tariff Dill f i a it i ii Iii i k Eastern Star holds installation tonight Nick Chaves. Or. Is born with new year us hold fashioned chocolate for a ecu fashioned Chi Mutt a chocolate Premium no i is ext m psf pc tory for j cooking and drinking the j to t Choice of a a Howick Cipera and j z Cook. Waller Baker amp cd lid. \ i -u�4 i a a i f i a a the i it it a. J by Iima Coo my of Chen of a it mat pm a help yourself to save today a specials at the gr0ce-t0te Market opposite the Post office groceries i v a Brookfield Nutter a Pound 43c run Sweet Fortine aft. 2-lh. Pack age aug x spuds 94 a 20 flour 9 4h-lb. Yaek. The am 3 i Cran in of wheat a Bob Kage a a pc x email sire Ioc i i i folgers Coffee of a i la Doc Folio a All inv or aug x Campbells a soup in. A a did line pens no. 2 inn bloc mar a 11 pumpkin of _ no. 2 4 can Ioc i Holly Tornado ice a i no. 24 in Ioc Logrande Cora # a it no. 3 ran Ioc x did Fonk Queen a it Oliver quart Jar of a i i Btry a pork and it Ana. No. 3 in a a a Ile Silver Seal shortening z.$2.80 i Organ Kraut it no. 24 can a i c Walker a chill on of Carne no. 2 ran Muc ii la to a Pam Ake a a hour 4 x Ilu Billiton Yenyo Titial a .28c Colu Milne ten aloes a a meats Square of Mcsuane cured Siah oks. Injun poll my sugar cured i Windy limit Ooi a Pound. £�2c in pork Oak ism and. Muc a sugar cured skinned limn halt or a a Vole. Pound. Juc Yeal Len Toft Pound. Liiv Yeal sit to a Pound Xuc pork i Xii la boat i _ you of. La inc i Miry Tumbler in Alft. Boy i Pound a l urk i Bop gags Pound. A Luc hamburger it tack i f Pound. I of pork us untie Pound map a re ii a tic a on All link ib.,.,.tjvfc i Hoke la us Oft a Pound Uduc i Bole Springs Elf Pound to of Oyster i Ryling Rabbit fresh of a not a Nau ago full line of fresh vegetables and fruits delivery Vii order Amouli Liq to g5 Ami Mac will lied i i re free All i Ber order delivered my where in Hie Cit Lur ilk. Croce tote Market v. B by 111 Ich i hop. the and Gold he Fust off in phone 35

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