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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - January 1, 1924, Albuquerque, New Mexico Albuquerque morning journal a to of. Pen of. It n pm Sfa t Khz Publ died r �?-,1n i prfmftf<4 Rompa Joseph Tat re. 1 a Albuquerque morning journal january i 1024 f rough and to adv raft for i a Ltd i or a to i err it ii Hiu f Ion the Endl is in the. Eng ask mail Joni a tired Jan i a. ? Ain Art m Han to it a a mirth to lint-1 and or ii erg it of f it i Tough trenchant entire in tin it la n la original and to pie ail in tired it # Albuquerque pending or or merger inferno Rode or. Hailer or in Ako Yoe f sir it i do t in i a ? i a h i. Or the a?1&Quot .1 f i ?1at. r 1. 1924 c Era Iii m i., a in a a bar a Titi of Ltd to it Ltd i or it or hath a Ina n for \ears7 mrra roof there i none then i it if help i tie slate of in Iju of in pvt a Rifted a re a a and Bright a to i or. Berger. Ltd a it i a helped if. got rid a f the Democrat in part Vry the Way i n vent Day. Hat v your Stock is Orth i a a # an i la Iii is woman her Money in a Flower pot and if a transplanted a ii it in Png our. W up polls a a its ,rtl0 t�uj3, con h Jet or it Rara comp or rat amp Vsev r f of �5 of w a or a�am0tj oot Grin a fils Calp Cir Alm . Sly pwt Ftp pm. Aff Rutm fam of Quot is mg#ry0eil% Tat Salowe pro n Falm la l of pc pm. Oar it a amt time Rue new run oar not amp a amp to Mer no pc a Cpl a p9f it agr. of awl a of t of pop amp f v Ai Ajo Etc amp old fat Al plops to no Oil if it a a pm o Olorf Prog of. A ext o of Ojer a Smarr a a map Var to amp a of circa. Wrt Muff or of it a Ron. For u. S. Goods is in the world or. Frank Crane item of Edt Lea tic c a country Hus plenty of Money to finance productive Industry fore Tajti demand increased m is \ i it in in Frh. Ii Iii Ruhi i a i la k or \ a a itty a i i i a a i it a . \ 11< it a Ltd i i i i i Jet la Finis a the King i dead Long live the King this might Well have been spoken of the years. The year i>2m passed into history with the ringing of last night Hells and the stroke of the clock at , every moment of that year is gone forever in Point of time. every moment of that year is indelibly written in the i Book of our lives. We Are the living records of biographies. When we. Too shall pass we shall become part of the history of tin world. Years die tim1 is eternal. A new year begins today. Three Hundred and sixty six Virgin pages upon which we Are to write the imperishable record of achievement or failure. If we could nay if we would use 1923 As the foundation upon which to build 1921, the new year when if will have gone with a yesterday s seven thousand years Quot would be crowned will Success and Hap Pine. Could we recall that Dot i year and Start life again where we marked if in january 1923, would we not an a without exception Mould it Differentia and better Ala the things we did both Good and bad the thing a Aid. Both kind and unkind have Era with the years into the Garden of memo Jet ides. All that we thought and did in la past year is now that part of lit tha goes to make up the thing we Call. Of. It is building of the past that w forge ahead. Toj-5 Ooi St Root cur West a. H fruit Cleoa Mac or Rmer a t f or 40o#a.oj \ or atol re Typo Moga v or Somr nor so it or. A cams lot s of a first att no Cao /101 of Goco it. Our of amp is or foul pc Cal. A. Our fur Yocem in Una or Nae a ago Azama Jet Rajtr it a Riata of of a it of rec Iala amp Clos of Hie the a a or it i Lintel c quit # # on it ton to it int i i it the a a r�11�?� a i in r a r i % of the i Fly a Bot a or it f us try Lupro to of tw#nty-t1 Penny hav a Broth it no gip. To May hav loft you Frok la in n now u hold t Ltd for you set it hrs r i i. A you High it up. # # # an Alt it a i Rutt it in a it Mir i milk Man in p or for i two. K around Tho Corner of Thea. Fri end ill fur to Raj Luff Tiff Pfluf of to f f sex tie oct of. Ion. It of went ii no nine Rita of r the jilt Ai>re4ei Mer in it i i be 111111 1� i of m liar twit. Of Eves. Well it 5 1 i. D ten an. i ennui of fief hat a the his sunny Date i to Young Pih of col of v appalling Anki tid. Aud Man. R r f vol it Jatog a Ruf it 01/0att Ala Al Alp of fyn Arf l e a Roer or a Ikpi for to up Avalo Rue Paw tsp55 or twill Alp. Utaji. I a rec Calas Root Asru Abr to a of a Oil Hily a or it us h Fin Ailer it is or nit a it r mind him of h a i in a tach Loon ill i i i Croud Worth i if Quot pm i fido it a or Ila ch.#? of Rico Uno if Branks. From Nio a Grimn lower height Quot Ort la Imam Rel. Rounds Tho Sud cathode Bell. \ year a breath of Tim a Din. In flu no Fht Tim doleful stroke now toil Tho head Yrael a Knoll. Mio plot up How in tour in Antly head in Prayor \ or minor chalks a Mark upon his Wall v Newborn in in a Fame cry sound through Tho air its Mot Hor hoods Tho la apor s Call the upraised glasses tilt their he again Hue message sits a two a a Ottlia on booting glance. A it in tits a music Breaks to crashing Strain v Carefree Steps nine through abandoned Datu e. Vav gauge Tho step of time s relentless flight Iii men sural years is Many Dpi lint win i is tears ret Lew with Wisdom a guiding Light with Nisi v cards a wit their Lites a sgt an ii if flew ii a trill new. Our Lites hate in i it or Otili Mutt we is slip an epoch pot when breaking Baa from old we turn to new vim latter Means to Sun suit our Rou Nold cat. It with pm h passing year we East away 11�� to to a binding to to common Earth then with tie morning Sun hot in \ Nevi pc it now indeed h i a Binh sir a it nor it Hoti us h fore i. N t upon the i event f eld yen r r it on t ii it finn with t possible in to r a i is or flirt High to lid last it pre in a is ,.ut of fac re ten of fat not Ltd it due. And nor in to in a1 ism make tire fit i Only a few cent of the r ten to it we a tend for the in �?��?�.? a d Rice in nip a rid tit int j is in the whole world. Education. I i pot a matter of theoretical disc Sion of life Ai Ween education an-1 i ister. C to. I a i Gnu i i a car steins is an taller office build a a a s t trip larger corporations Aud stronger Banks Lay met Park and Nuich ump and de rate them with mor t at la r. Improve our trains de luxe automobiles and finn Nae i hues write books Ever Mort Clever and cynical height i ? Ami Ift Tensity our sgt Hist scat Ion and think we at oing on. Be Are not. We Are going round Ami to ted i tin Quot in Dervish and meanwhile the keen eyed chemists an e Bat eyed politicians arc preparing flt r the next warns hic Miall bring chaos. We still dream of bringing about reforms ramming in Triem Down the Throat of adults instead of the Only am Way teaching them to the coming generation. I it headed May is and fat pushed aldermen still solemn b pass resolutions to Impo we the t own which they meat j in paving tile Street hiring More policemen an i otherwise spend j ,it g Money to Ltd a practical purposes Al the while there no e Thot enough schoolroom of a or the children to to in an i not a enough teachers to instruct them. The teacher who should of i a looking Atter a children. C night Era do it a it it a after Jug. To the neglect of thens All. I 1 we talk about National to it re pared i neb which we mean f i 4, # t of f or. Training people to right or to make Money to pay for tile a fight to or tic a Niv real is in training id 11 Vuk. At Ion was r or destroyed except Otic thing True inability to think o . A pm a i.11 a a w l it is Spet i no Alliv Money on a to i Quot a in an a a. E a it a i a it a to Rise in her tit upon him Fine c Hes to adorn him and lavish cd to Ltd or h s friends Ami has a time to teach a live. And n a in a ,.y t Are to hire Otier Dot for Bim. H a off a great of bless of thirty years from a a to v i Lur e meet t lose problems and n Ait the children that Are re Avins in the Street a pc i c use problem an at i. The in it True idealism idealism Ife All right in it i when it run to idol ism a seems to be the present Day trend Aluig car unit Fine it becomes dangerous Arrica 11 is tory is living i ult to High id tis ii practically lived. Many Atun Richti. How cot seem inclined to make a fetish of false idealism and to idolize if beyond p the limits it practical patriotism la is seen in the in which the advocates of american panic pack in european affairs arc now indulging. Tin cry idealism and apparently think tint so doing they has plat d their de a Maud for such participation on a i i above Erin dam. idealism a it proper i Iii America s Ideal Are not a new discovery. A they Art not the property of lunatics the a idealism urged Thampi in it it the league of nations is the. Or i Opp a site of americans real idealism As it a descended from the nil hers. The land of plenty the Oberammergau a iou players visiting the i nit Oil Stab Quot to find a Mark for their Village product and a c their own people from starvation Are not Only overwhelmed the plenty they find Here appalled the waste Quot if we could Only Send Back to our country what you waste Quot they a. The spectacle is a hard olm for them to Bear in this Holiday time because a get the pitiful contrast it bring to their minds Arni their vie port which j seems so abnormal to an american i Normal in present Day Europe. Hat America wastes might red ice the utter ing of that continent. Here is new incentive to Thrift and to the ample Charity which Thrift makes possible. Comedy and farce a Al a. I or Ait or i a a i a i i Nill Mvi i lit. M. I Lur \ of ii a it or a Rul cuu. I a. I i Erst eos fsr $ a h in the Market i t a r Etti financial a Ltd it the to nor critic is next Flash. Ion 4 p the up a play a of a j a ? a i a. It Walt non \ car to4a i it n v i a i h in # to rift a. Grain a i truer of i rail in go ? a. 31 a a lit a aged to tightly High t a a i t to .j.-, a f. If of it it a a a it r it closing j.n�?��T�.#, us r Rotor no to in the red to Ovon lip. A to of Quot it i in r or Vidine. At the t a a Nehat gtd to in i i a j j j t4 to i a a.? Tot fish to a a what Market 1. J a a\>1 considerable a a ergot i i tin it i a n predict Lor of j a a Thor and strength la we cup lit failed to hold s s Early pal i proc dipping hoi a i they it a i # in. P fit t a in i a g. To re i a its of ii. Of Quot in a # h a s t in in he term or. J r a fun # a it a it a cd o 4 i x. A i Elk it w. H a i Kell . A i lend d. Ii to bats Best teo0s1t in spite of a superstition to the Eon \. A r a a tray there is a considerable group it citizens in this country who follow Natin a a1 legislation closely through tin medium a or of the congressional record. To those students of government and politics who Are now Reading these minutes for tip first time a word of explanation is Durn the speeches anti dialogue appearing in these document Are for the most. Dart of an original nature. That is to i t�?T1c of Quot Vert it Bay this material is not prepared in and it tilt Mittl a Anet messes. Lardner Ade cd nhan or Quot a Thor wits of our comedy stage it is not pm a a. A 1 r Ghec and fast As befits the product of a 0\, j or a a to \. a in or commercial theater. When pleas a woe. X i he i is Otry is in order its humor is the hard i tin it i uni Noor in re i i �,.i .,4 us so r to slim i fit a k1 inst do i m. til did a no t it inc i f i no a and i #i1 i a Ntim hit a t Griir with it t had of hit the chair in the a a Orner of the it. 1 a think mite not probe Ltd i Gnu cd. Did Jou Binky Tho Pron of of v i i a j is i a no a pop sad v v j i it i inc too Sod to t#1 f a Little laughter j a he ufos of to. Ii Ca of the f the Man who a the end can to feral a Moo know the habit of tattle Nak Ltd probably will find fault a Lith Story w e plead literary lick a. Work ram Ltd a project in the a get. In Oft of them from Naples i Ori it were warned to who i look of for rattlesnakes. They How it a tha it the n who were i and in Alco a wort to never strike until after of idler the rattle. Que Day imn Chi tto i on h lop eating his no to a lunch one of the workmen saw a not1 Coit i ars coiled ready to strike. He lifted i Leas carefully with i the intention of darting away in int it h or f-1 a. Of the log the to in ten so Rich of t ? o a r a tis r 4 s to Quot a aha a i Tje Etui t a 2 to sri no i May Quot a a a a dont Rev to did t sed errands set n tread i i Chient a e be to i of she e one reel. I Dou r dead at a a its ii j k Ais Tak 11 it on 11 cry Story r i it bed of ase i . Toil a bore. Today i to the. Shed a it to smoke Ltd a m Che Root where cheap Abbas a leaves Are Blent with Hor a bul Hay and jute and so if a caped the the t Inker t Thaliah a in a in a the soot. Today i be been to kit trials Ltd 1 a it a a , she a a Diz air sue Oral re to cd i c thoughtfulness gives her affright Ber. Perhaps a mild despair Ehy think heave butin2 of of id shr the wheals Don t function right a. To replace holdings a a Neath mop of a. new posed of for i. 1 r . A a dear pledge must not skid they j ported Durn a he not is p or slide i ii keep further up a i it 1 Iston of it nent pasted in lid and follow of to Down w r to r 1 r a a tufted. The. A Airt Ltd a a a 4 a i of i h i a and or a us 4 4 h f i demand to i i f a a a ,1 n Don n it <1 3 or demand. 14 a1. Demand. I1 a 41, 1 demand of . I racier to it ,1 me Vii 1 Ark a and a father j a. 11 or s. The i re is a belief the i 1 re. A Iris Are Lea it tig a t red 1 at wheal noun if Chi Farmers h 1. Do i Belne stared in v it re in cad of i being shipped to terminal p ir.?.�?o a 1 i Corn s. A a strength a a it a i i Start b it or Opp bark a a. W or a Viou a sting pots. T�?Tr.favnr., he j weather and Tea line a of receipts foreign stimulated f or commission House 4-1 buying and there also was a demand for in Tiu. A ast or fit taking Sale in a a it. Were encountered Oil the Way up a this with ii., Sta Kent of w a a a. T freed the Market Doe a it. Averaged h Gher St he hit i Vir \ a nent House taking the a or off a pit in later december developed weak Ness and pro a a shaded a a round provisions in or Dull w Ith Here her lard averaging inner offering demand rather s of at ii i of the Eastern rude o them with Pride ill treat the old. Tribute to it he s girl As i did when aha was first a a a to. A in Brid. Call in one v opened det he cd to 51-s close. The a Aram renew a rate this or aas.1 pet Moi Treal 97 9-tft Minta e. Arbuckle is granted divorce cent is compared Iii to 4.2a pot a a i cent in 1923, 5, Aper cont in it i Providence a j., dec. and 7.75 per cent in Isip. The mint e Arbuckle wife of Noa eoe time Money and commercial in a. V f w a a a a Rigod ?,�?T1 1 Ain demand i?9o a lab a dam rid. 3 or a demand Neav a. Her a in de in and. I rot. A \ la demand ijs1 \ j is t f i a a f of fyn Foft t n o f 4 n Monala demand Al Argentine demand. 2.e�> t if a Deon and i it Oft a. He Tift 7 to a a prices a i. 1 a 4 1 i 4 \. . Tip Iema 45 be i torn a dec i 1 i j Iii v. 75 1.a i Tats do. 4. I j a 4. A j . Is i if May 12 n. Tan it a a a a Mac 19.2 i Ilion v roads c. It fatty Arbuckle was granted i Busine. A quiet with no a divorce in the Superior court j in rates new Fork dec. Six Liberty a a we a. 99 4 first uekhj.4 Kansas it a r Quot a a a i ten sith e a a no. I a i. Is a f i 9 no. R. A 1,09 december r hid May asked ? to $ j of 4 v a a a v St second 4 he. Iva j in in White. Rac n her today. The ens was heard j foreign Exchange were rear Tot in 1 55 Quot government 4 a n i 1 1 a a Ltd no. 3 or Tow. T before j untied Cheater Arr we tonary. Demand Sterling dropped $ up 1 in 4 5ye no. A a mad it us t her ti7 4 c asked m a. A aft. New York mom red sept pm t on Deposit on and a granted on i x cents to $4x2 3-16 and fret a the ground of neglect to provide franc Gold around a nit a off 3j and desertion. The divorce will i Points nominal recess Ion coh new York de 1 c a i become absolute six months from i place in the other principal rates j Money Strong blah 1 e he a a Uncan Angstl to $1 today. Asi securities Cornu a v v conf if to i on unit a

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