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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - February 23, 1926, Albuquerque, New Mexico New lexicon cad in g news paper us \ -1 11 til 5 car i in \ \ \ Iii. No. Albuquerque Moening journal new Mexico leading advertising medium Albuquerque new Mexico tuesday february 23, 1926. Price five cents Alkins asks president Hill Mic sniper cd report on 10 get heroes Iii Omaha Joh Chi audit is Lewie reporter rom its killing charges Al tar spa its Tso with pistol 1 in erotica in i that be agreed. A Ole of the letters Ati l Chai flew thick. J v. By. N is. Eli. \ a i a of d o t >1 of r Titi he reliable information says University head will be Given vacation by regents saturday according to inf or in it Ion re i lived by the morning journal i from a reliable source monday. Ai Mono ii in or at night by id i s Hill o Ach Herson hits at tll6 St e u.1%. It. U a sewer contract award j of the boat ii of regents next hat \ Dunlav will be Givin a year s a a. Ays Railroad tactics prevail j at City Hall cites Ting u h mid. .m., i a it. A the Ley letting work without of to a i i Lux. P. A. I decided on this course a a manager alleges politic Cal motive in Mcrae a activities does t say Why audit incomplete tile action is Likely o upon by a unanimous transient farm hand is gunman who has terror-1 sized two cities by shoot ing from ambush shot to protect self. He declares ext Lams to newspaper men and police murders were result of desire to hide i i Lima. T Way out audit of Iii Quot building i situation that has Arisen is free Tor s deportment. Chese in j Orts by several album urn i ref were the Day s developments. It try manager c Alkins in a the. F letter to Mills i Matalii he a was returning the que Tineil it ii to 11 to the auditors for a Lefimil Quot report. He a barged that clix stirs in exposing Tho in. It Iii i Dot a Nili it xxx i in to he building inspector s exoneration Xmas a euro was simile for political purposes. Or. I liar. In reply said lie Xmas glad his purim. In the poo Hail been a comply i a ii a i ii i hat the xxx h. Do Limiter twas to to Roo potted. I said Coal in estimation tvs his oui motive and asked if Tho sni sink Hooks Refo Rod to in w sections of Tho audit not out to tin City commission had Hoen taken inuit Tho Quot la bib ill it t Mimi mom r d Hargis d railroading Lar Iii a a proxy ipod at the cite Hall Rilling Tho lox Dieh Ono Nonilon Mil Tho awarding of a Sjo too of. It i Nill. I la i ast is i x of Ixion to to the Vox Monico c construction company by May a or Tingley without Oxer Eon a Tilting any other member of a the City Eom Nils Loii. It All ins Willis l Itter s Quot try manager t offer and a a i Ness men to oust i a. Several months ago. Cum let Lido pressure has been brought t i beat Ion the regents fur president Hills removal. T ant Raets for next year s Force i it if instructor in 11 -1 i a in i a by March i so t is necessary flt r reagent of it take atty action they a a c�11-template before that tune. Phe Only charge him president Hill to the regents which Ham Bien made i lib an d in i alleged unpopularity. As far As eau Ieie a in. I. T Hose t in Taos of tin Siop Uclarit v i 6 the1\ mines that have i a in made again Nim. I nothing could he Learned Mon Day night i amerling xxx hat notion xxx ill be taken to ii ii president Hills i place during his absence. Stitt publicity Bureau True i tdeettddrist5 Owah \ neb., Fob. 2? 4s Ives louts of Omaha and Connell Bluffs Drew their first free breath of a week mend nigh. F a a in a he it to aha in jail a farm h . Of medium Looth. A rally built and n Nim if Frank Rafter a id a Tim sniper whose in Nab activity Here of in Tho death re two Ling of one and the Ter hundreds. Coo and apparently a admitted Lite killings per men and police either xxx Ore the Quot result of n crime which he wanted x killing. Tra slept height g Gix g to 4 i was week of b s j Lesii Tho worn ref Yang it i faster against pert urho Ming f \ i ii a. I n fore an. U c by to p. A Rcpt Isible for it a attire for xxx Holcli combined police f a of Omaha and coun cd by til i have w red incessantly night f div brine Riding a hand c a. Sighted Carter walking the tra ii ii a Bartlett Tox a. Of Miles a. Quot ii heart of Here Early Mon Day jut after lie had crawled from a Hays hiding Isnec. Fine a Aling into Bartlett ahead of cart to ,1 it it 1 a in ired a four Man 1 sep v. Life took Carter xxx without firing a shot. Cart a res a a it nation of the Shooten n n wine and Beer to be Issue in Pennsylvania senatorial Campaign indicated by fact that three candidates Range from Bone dry to wet turn and �11 2.75 per cent Beer. Senator George Wharton peppers other opponent in Tho three cornered race is Gifford pin hot pox error of Pennsylvania. Pin hot j is an a owed Bone dry. Senator j Pepper sax a be is for strict enforcement of the volstead aet Al i though he is not a pronounced dry. Pin hot Bas presidential dreams and sees the Senate As his step a Ping Stone to the White House. Al i though fortuitous circumstances enabled him to heat the a machine Quot in Tho gubernatorial race it is believed his popularity has receded since then. Many Republican papers slam him at sex cry Opportunity. On Tho other hand,1 he has a body or Strong defenders. Of Phi Good tangle auditors report shows some were called out of order and that contractor paid $10,000 charges not set up $26,000 Worth of certificates returned account Over Issue Santa fit Fob. �?~22.�?the City of Albuquerque May in a in. -. Have been Laid wide open to damage suits because of the it i the entrant a of \ an. Into caij11r f paving Bonds out of order and the reselling of err it a it Quot a a be Tat not retired. A. Wellviolater i n Mon la Many Lnu a s Rill 111 he Illier respect. A distinguished lawyer Vith a so says r. A. Palmer special auditor in a report on string of College degree xxx Wolfl trusteeship of the paving and sewer districts adminis tired by the City of Albuquerque made Public by the state a , dim 1 comptroller s of i ice monday. Other High lights of palmers report Are allegations i hat subsequent to september 30, 1925, there was returned $26,000 Bonds reducing the balance due from the contractor the new Mexico construction company by this amount because of an Over Issue of Bonds in that amount Csc t did the. Xiv a n t inc lir to i. My pc Kinsy letter did say fur withhold ii late actions of the 50,00 y commission. Ideal that n Hine the Mel tafe of b. Effort to a t additional to will ii ill 1st to a Dalry ago la it night d or. O. D. Lights later in Silencer la to he Kosi 7 so 0v of Pinchot Hock Day a scat in the state smut of John i or is the party xxii or com r pics it out in i in re is t . Piling f a a r a him a1 Toga and Jerese Nativi vacated to expect 1 a i la he i <1 i ii feb. 22. A the ate it incr hip. Silly by Iii nth. He Clima to go of persons to xxx mom Poltl s is a ind ii action by it ingress Man we j Congress but Yare As the sport Are looking Forward to thin Ham s. Vine of in Hind Iphia. That Ideal Power years senatorial Campaign in he xviii be a candidate i Pennsylvania As the most inter-1 either that it eating in years others who take somebody politics More or less seriously Are and i shaking their Heads or smiling Campaign. J Ponton earn i holy wet dry and medium not that the democrats have representative v re is a Power to run afer nil any better Cham Man of Little Scholastic education and immense education in human i nature who sees politics and knows it machinery and working from the Bottom up. Yare went to work xxx Hen he was 15. Sixteen years later when lie. A _. Was is. After lie had started in for paving District no. 13. Politics at Tbs Bottom of the lad that subsequent to september 30 1925 More than Der As precinct worker polls run >51 n too j u _ a i a or Etc he got i first Public in 1 to Cit y by the new Mexico construction office after having sit in tile be company in payment of charges which the City failed to in Council fee three Yem. Cot set up against Tho new Mexico construction company Leon More political credo.-., amounting to six per cont or the contracts for Coffi Neurine z ill ral ,&Quot>1 incidental expenses. Engine Ennis. A the boys. He got the Job of re of deeds. 11 a not shown when tile audit was begun hut Palmer swings \.1 xxx Otter of transmittal to the comptroller is dated october no a 7 in h a showing that the audit was completed and the report a party influence that lie xxx to Xvi inn in i i i. Nut tile re Jort f to two office the sumo j / ,0, e audit covered a period from v i a. St in til. A a Ite a it. Till a a Quot a to of lit plan of a to too Quot has remained in Phil moans Adelphia. Among nil the met xxx to trying to whip nit in the lower House of Congress Ito line in that wine he perhaps has the largest per a will he an is to in the annal influence in a great metro i of Lober 23, 1919 to september 30, 1925. A aside from differing with the a nah inn i method of keening rec-1 overdraft and others Large bal. Old xxx e have no outstanding Crltl-1 ances. Over the period. Hun to make but rather to can Quot in he seen that a District not state that the detail of having an overdraft Vns borrow the Titi tee s off Nurs xxx Ere Well it Money from the Ether districts says Palmer. Likewise a District having a beginning in i a13 with a pro naga balance was in effect Joan in in involving a to in As a other districts. No harm would be done by this of the _ ,. Ilia statements than usual in in Philadelphia politics. By some regarding his candidacy May be this Rock ribbed Republican state he is Givon the tit Quot a Bio Quot he is Only a smoke screen. On the for on the a wet. Recently he presented in other hand. He May tie asserting id nent to the his right to the position formerly to it which held in state politics by Boies i to in Anafae a Penrose but possibly a re does no to intend Quot Cut s. Tho trusteeship has do a a a a a loped into an institution of in in it Nix of the Loans Rould be de a the Keystone state face of tilings they Haven. The the House inter Quot ? xxii tie entered on the Prohl Bucior g. O. P. Primary in which Throe lid in a old i is let in f d a chinese armies re a murder loot is of Lofley r0ai go ahead Wier Pou. Is belief a Deb Roble proportions having in Ermine Anil interest paid and districts under its control a those of it eix de on such Loans which total assessments amounted to a Quot her Ost to represent the loss or $l.fios.r.35.n,1. Cain to the la tracts affected. During the construction period a Eye have attempted to it tin we have Given special attention to Hie interest due Between District. I an aunts xxx till the contractor figured on monthly balances and the final results of which have present the result of no or Romenta been 1 i i of Quot t met or xxv Muir reason Terfu t d h d by 1.1 n i ii i in Quot Lime nine Reid in hotel fire in set eight u. S. Missionaries arrive in Hankow with Story of atrocities committed by troops la isl Hight ached in a g i ii j ill. Ill h a a a in Uii ii under t rim Story Lunier lift i Ofup Marie from of 3 o Nix it a n v. 1. I. In Quot api la n. \ it Chaple 1 lonely xxii to i xxx 1.riff a a did i was f. Toad after a it hunger Ciara armed tne-.0111 Iliad on to i id no ii Ter cd doge Sun tooth in 111. Hrs cloth Las body 1 ark4, the to xxx Ere torn it i red xxx it h in a i Over a Large anti gave a xxx it be a to he struggle. It 1 it Day in drove i i til Quot dogs xxx la in out Buddie. Kill a Mon at tiler s a. Mill he ing Hun policem a to shot i ight by eight 1 of. The .1 a d 2 it i Yards from on of a a a # if f a Jolt to Tinter to is that Hannett will ask Straw vote on election code i entail in Tho proper Hon a a suit rested basis of t i is tile report. A Tho in Quot a a a a a a Menf. Herewith. Bas benefited somewhat hint Sheso Loans Aero made Complete reconstruction by through a Clearing fund or acct receiving credit for in Rrt Nta then on certificate up to tile interest owed to Clearing fund Banga which by reason of overdrafts paving Dis thet no. A in. Paving District no. 3. To Asi in. Paving District no. A i re 2.8 7. Paving dint riot no. 8. $482.81, total is,149.20. Internet owed by Charing fund by reason of Loans paving District no 4. It 83 to. Paving District Nofz $705 55. Paving District no. Jd2p 23. Paving District no 7, $44 a. Sani a i 17. I Quot to it. That governor a t. Hannett Xxiii k�?�1 ahead xxx hit Iii plan to take a poll Date of had not been previously Emit tinted on to other hand the City f tiled to it. T lift charges to tile Cost Ira it or for the 8 per cent a Ligi Neering fee in two instances i mount no to 17,975 82. A of that old accounts Are a nov in a position to tie i outdated a a it a of a Lucr Glit As evidence of the need of making some one Perron response ii i Quot fur to Quot trustee s offal is the rep Quot 11 1 t. S i is of i it Wirht and error xxx Bidi it i said might have been avoided. They Are As Foi l s kill d a Pii ton a t nth i a i i the. Kuom of the legs to it i lists in co it in it s. La i t a in -. And the Rady. It in cornered t the Grove said a the. Outbuilding it Days ago Aud a i Quot tank i Llu in. Lure on Hie Quot i in As Hie the general Bell a i Ion a us to of 11 no in driest Quot not i assessments is Quot Anent accords Iro and 181 not i of to i i la pm. At least 14 guests and employees missing following destruction of Hurley Ville t hostelry a v in is ii. I hit repeats Dit of the St ate it Cai Moi. File. 1 when a it Impact exx Asri a he d 5 i 101 of Funking up reassess. Bet Ween Hep Udith an dead r a. Ii 1 no 1 its per it Brian Quot Quot Ivo and 181 i e n e i 1 a 0of the semite and the a up in fitly to error code it re 1 it int g rom Mitt be in Albu ii it Many instance Hie Eon met Quenne last 8atunlay, it tit Indi t in Mon d of. R fro to Tho a of ent cd thut la an solid opposition of 1 0 accepted proposal the Rcpt i ii in jul majority could to Quot t by report say sex peril ii it Nepal saying lie xxx is a the a mount Mal big up the unit Nitro u sly instructed by Ilia a Bab Urr of 19.335 99 p be found publican chill i us to say Attiat lilt in i he of a la i balancer statement majority xxx 1 k Anding Pat on in of condition in in re District feat i it p k. I a a of on i of i on i 1 d a in d of i for r i i i be. N some of Hie store to vote for theto k no Xvi in going Ura Straw vote til id huh to put 1 hem on 1 in the he to. To ii fire a i lug i tie f Ari l i tier Quei que. Of Hie fit g the District being the 0 v of r 14 i 1 develop paving District no. 9. $12.93. Paving District no. P a $101 fit Pax ing District no. To $13 fifi. Paving District no. 12, f 11 i 7. Paving District no. 13, $53.49, paving District no 14, $14 27, paving District no. 15, $4,87. Sexy or District no. I 119 50, Hewer District no. 2. It 08. Total. $2 1 49 20, alliances $ a a a to eliminate the withholding n Deposit and to have change in ens drawer which at september 2f 1 925, Xmas $24.35, the treasurer he Shier advanced from Tho Genera fund $23 a a Petty rash fund. Tho tank balance was Verfle. By certificate from the first a to Natl Bank and rash on hand a actual count. A i in him unit \ a hic 31ik7.02i.i0 rash act about hire Pep cent of the in one amount is delinquent some of the Pratl delinquency dating Back to the 1 thereby j cd hex c a Mililani Iii i is f a re id Day in Washington brother of inventor of under Slung pipe smokes cig Aret Here a a h i lot a let. Washington Clung tenaciously to what he believed right says president at educational York i a Ili but ult p Wea t ii e r re i the i 9-All i Oitim a i out fat de i Hill h \ i \ la .1 had t a i i. Iski it ii. Feb 22 four trainmen Hurt in Santa be wreck near Lubbock Texas had 2 2 apry aiding follow a a n tafe it i. Bound a fir at Iol Jofh of Engineer scalded. In liquor cute Ati i duh Ohio i a Casa reached by aug Way 14 Inch ton officer mood charred body Ofey Rai and the undone iou Brot her Amos 2 3, people living in it Quot xxx queer in the Cave. Apparently had he t to in it Tati to of iterate a still t an explosion of the both feet of his no badly burned they May t be amputated. The brother a found half xxx. A Sage j in had tried to of by Colla peed on Tim v the Cave a elaborately up for making liquor a ii were found ton j. I. 27 ?4> Coolidge on the Hurth Rosary of it h Otga Wash a tribute to him Monas a a Tom gnat example la Lute the i parti Zient if Der e of the Naira Iron association the to old a direct reference Ieper i Verity o habits a it he d i. In to hut i Al re ring in beware for a preached tint Elan and Hesions Iii the neg for the sett inn qui stint. Which Vantage of for. Believed t Tim that Reive xxi should both ill the Field la the larger it relations. A that i of All to made Jar till ii a j tilt it Jas of Cones Balun of treat it of Dysput. Vers for the a in nations i ration were in expected to r it a ready to Glt of citizenship a a in of intern he citing to t xxx a i Grei in brn a the i we a 1 car 1 d a a r it to Ken of a a in s Hill.-, the have been i Quot i in the Chai Home Ith tre. Quot we shall fail in our Estima n and understanding of him Coolidge said a Sun in Ber that during h helped to build a jul worship in til x by for institution of learning d in Iii fare will address he a a id the spiritual values of Lif. But what a did xxi even 1 More eloquent than xxx hat he said. In he xxx a a Soldier a Patriot a g at ii an but in addition to ail a i Quot to xxx is a great to Quot a Ltd to i. <1 a it. Helio Vel our political in d xxx Quot in up tier to those it Cli r countries but he Staj is we re use time o of Roll ii he pro a a Washington has been kno it As tin. Of til most practical leaders tie xxx As not emotion he a of that by. Cant prehension of a situate made his judgment or hound. With tile puss ii of the Field of to when disobedience of mounting almost to trea it s losing the Day his him a Calm. Elt which id idly except Mouth orders Ery xxx 1 alway re and collected. A who wished to see Hie noun not Only materially pro it up Crotis i politically successful but hex that and Box it he xxi hed ice tile intellectual moral t spiritual lift of the people Dev oped this is the Aid of a continued is lilt Iii

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