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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - February 21, 1926, Albuquerque, New Mexico Pape to Ltd Albuquerque journal Herald february 21, 102fi to Oklahoma Independent champs will play wic Cly me overtime tilt from vegas Las a lax n. M. Fob. 20 Especial. In Lyyli a a fix Minafo overtime period to it in k a tie and xxx us Gilbert running wild tie Al j Bun Perqua la wiggly we Galle won i from Las vegas Normal Here sat june in night in a game marked by much scoring. 4334. Gilbert made it Points for ills turn the prune j carriers led from the first. The score at the half was 17-11. Las j vegas opened a diva in the second half tic no the Albuquerque team at. Tile end of the game and Neces glinting a play off. I to a a with the vegas High school rogue went can a a and shot Fen Field goals enough to whip the tigers single handed. The final score was "6-1 s. The first half v is in irked by faster playing the score at the end of the per1 gtd being Only 13 9. Trout. Played a Good floor Gam Quot in both events. Score. F Normal Garnet jiggly wiggly take it Peg a. F6 i Gilbert f i truth c2 Harris g0 Glassman a. I Hammond totals is 5 Normal Ai Foft Smith a a a w Lute f0 0 at. A Chi Ley of. 3 i j. Rachelee a. 3 i i Atterson g to i i a Arter ii i i a g totals. Radio program k Corr a Iii t a it new Mulc of Lune by Baho to it is at re Salida a i car car it 2 i copyright 19. By Hladlo lug to tune in tonight for no Luu s. In ted artist j Guy Little a it to Idem Aram f r lie in v a. I i sunday silent night for k by key we i Wix i Al Whas w j la we a. X v. We of. V. To of. Traveler is k u i Psi i in undo ill musical prove by. It j Innee poll ,1 to a a. In i Quot a orc6, plug i Lub in. Eui on Koci Oakland "61.-in 5 8 to Church s t vice. Kow. Portland Oregon 491.m-610kc8 45. Church service. I first Kilt. Los Angeles 405 2m 7 i b. I. \\.,y, Organ to. St. Paul i 4l6.4m-720kc. 7 15, Atwater Kent artists a ii of. Uhic Ugo t 0.2 in 81 orca it i to artists Mim Iii. A a a. Gallus news journal i 43.9m-63 pc it 6 30, services i 30-.v30, Large Jackson and ringers 10-11, orchestra. Wun. Chica i 302.8m-990k<. 7. Los a Atwater Kent pro Gram ask. Of. Hen Iundy it 379.5m-790-Godfrcy Ludl Oxx violin the bulls Eya is editor and men rat Mona a will j aka i i it i it i i a26rn-5tokc8, 7 30 concert orchestra Organ recital 9, program. 1st. Koa. Denver 322 4m-93 pc3, a a service. Chapel service Apo ban Francisco 4.�?o 3m-7> 0div spurt 483 6m-620kcpc. 7 35, Palace hotel concert y p timer Little symphony orchestra 9, concert 9 30, or til Griengo 147.f>m-670kc. Chest in. It. To Aitho concert artists. Usu St. Louis Post dispatch wish Atlanta. Journal 428.3m- 545.1m-55i item 15 i a Luis a p. It choir 6 30. A i Rvl a. Patch concert orchestra Max we a j to it Oil news 1332.7m-850-8telnd�ll i -. Twirl a r a 6 Capitol theater Gin program. Al a papa Ait r Kent hour. In the. Hot slain a Tho i Pat 37 4 in a mike8 9, ii inure in Gierald want ads bring tent program 10-11 30 a. In fit suits. Iphi Iii of Cal a a a a a. A tin til i it i ladles Tizio Nill moot the fast 1�?~lgsljr a in Glt quintet hero a conc a Nii lit. Claim in id Pend ult Champion help of Oklahoma. They have xxx on a Laxon games Anil lest two far this not Iii their Only defeats mixing Inch Aiti a hand of Tho Fain in get. Dose Ali i basketball results i 11 Iii urls and Olson s terrible Lux los in Vera i of their player Art rated among Tho of Noi. Liers of Tho in Taro a minitry. Muddy Ruel holdout for nominal raise state 32 Navy 41 Ford King Fly. 29 okla at column Michigan. I at a Mil p him 19. At Norma i of i qty i it xxi 12north Wester 11, Lincoln Nebraska 26 Washington Una sep 2o. Manhattan kans Kansas aggie 26, i 1 ii. 22, next la Harvard it Yale i amp a Morman e Brown another a a Hull d rsm a a it or time Rel by a ill . bullies and screen tar my . American him it riot. Mute Comini. W itch or them. Def Roi s Congress no. I Rie it Moi y o Rah net mime i he lox i to Over product St lot of in 1-vb. 2ti liar. Id i my id. I Ila a it a. Ca Ltd a admitted x ird xxx he a holdout la said h returned la a contract off act by president Clark Griffith a senators and reiterated his a for what he termed a a no pm by a National fifth birthday a a Puccia Svetc re take s metro mob voice ass i fixer Cut lot. Denver University Madison Purdy Gin 21. College 3&Quot. N exr a Sleuth who a j my h Tan he Pirn try is a regular Reader of Lre fat 9 Avis on it a department Hinds us a mat golfer and to lit it Uci i Paugh Lunn Lson Colo Brigham Young nil Anent our Story of the three Western stats eol Hnin ians which appealed recently golfer t sea to so Spring Coats si9.95 to s35 How inviting is the Sun parlor Wohlf growing Plant and charming atmosphere with u Frev dec Tion of cow Rase housing your Foo rate Bot a. With your Quot Mokri Quot and Guinea convenient in one Section its no Mon to ,t.�?T be. T is Universal Case come unfinished for acting or finished to match surroundings. Many Tuyor Hen in Booklet a f or every room in the Home known a the i University logo 30. 1 Quot huh Quot he in its just Liko that. Mike the Premier Ken St. , i University Quot a a a it about the three Thorn in a Quot put a Mart i Sis of Nesdn. I it. A a didst know xxx he ther a tither proud of Fhy South Bend n fro Dame 60 meant the doubting Thorn a a or j with unusual Chi Carnegie l ech., 26. J whom. So ave looked them up and note. Find ii it he s Cor t. A a Pioneer furniture com Nav International dog Derry at Quebec won by f. Dupuis qui his Pac of que the out feb. Of holding the Frank Dupuis six dogs won a nil dog Derby d and last leg Snow and ice. The the let in i n xviii a i so of Bing my i Fig r uniforms the. A Lubidy Mil to the into Arr up it it. To it <1 to turn a it xxx y h Tiar re a a. Al re i i i a in my i Thorn a i Nim a to lie is. Former t Oronto i it a fir in til fait Tega. Lit a tit tonal. Who xviii hurl for Knuhl a a a Yon ii yank t in Thor a Al Tho in for cop in the r cured from the it irides Xvi. He with the White mid a one c. L. Thomas a kid obd from Nusl Hie in the Routh league will do Nome quaint it fact h to. D word a Aglet u i. A Gallant f Quot shorty run finished a cd Tan lied in 12 4 j i Ance feb. 20 Ltd Seagull Nglen recovering a in in Hep lapse is Irlar in tin Lay lug Afi Renoi it a went on tile Nurt in Iii Ballu Tennis tour paired xxx us or. Of Eil . Noble if i Hight of my or but Manu xxx us out the of it it f a. A hip Mil. I n so entering t heard the for Washington. A a a Uke the men in Tennyson St d by in pcs i in a the Bro a a a i a i. It go xxx 1 0 pit. Hern to. By come nod Patti a \ Ovid. I i Pius tis a Riv go lit the. Immortal32 minute. Pule wad de i a a i strike. In. K in 12 out record of Hka they would second. J go on forever. In a g inns us. 8, 19f>5, ithe hurling against of. Trolls f nned nine in a Foxe in tilt ended by rain. A series he replaced Hanley in the ninth the score 7-3. Rite game went 16 innings and in the a a a Vii to pitched lube fanned i 2 luckless Brown. Lobos swamp Arizona pedagogues to win second game 51-16 i a the Al i went to Washington t other Day. F visited a a i Blouse of representative they were in session. We i mean by being in be i the tax Bill was up or Bate and they were Armil on a Shefter Golf courses i foe in. I n in a m i suppose if the world col Bill had been up they wot have been talking on a Ash America Park Oblong Well then t went o or the Senate. They a i i journey so i Felt that an Ica was not having sud1 bad Day at that. We a on in 50 percent inc rile. That Dav. Sol inv ii in. Qui a. Nead a Sci and Adir it a Al la and they waited in eds Sci Day 1 Dave pc i la i ii Nev Ltd a Dei a Only invested a French Tennis Star returns to courts the i t by year for something to happen from which to make Money All g Why others seemed to he prospering and saying that if they had c hundreds of dollars in Good Alyth Guerque a estate a year or so go Liow easy it now would he to sell at a big profit and thus Prosper As others w to new that to profit one must first establish something on w hich to profit. A i off to the Hirn by never and prob blvd a. Three time in the tiny bog my Uke Hill he Alioth int five yen yesterdays Puzzle solved n j3. -8 a it e _ ser Gens olt View addition Ai Knox we and i kid about con Ere a but 1 can to improve on them. 2 matter who we elect i just As bad As tile one replaced. So with All t faults we love Mem. T Are As Good As tile Pelt who vote to put them a and they Are to tiny be than the ones who it vote at All. They Are a a Hull Durham they not perfect but they Are a St in their line. It Blit n a but cd Over 190. I a for the period in 402, Trull record. St in a few a o i Cluj a lip a Infin am e is Jjck. J i a l a a a in rip is Nom of i f ? a no ii i s Reb. A i a i to it i Fig of a let a Tell Famolle a id of Aport Ici. Ill or a off a a a girl f in lug t d Bik let Jyh team i n one. F Loveland in a in e a of tale t t l e a file r Quot a d heir r. 8 r a i Epps ump to 28 of a o c am in r i o e a Lieut Opportunity for an investment that is sound and sensible. Oil Are investing in a part of the United states a part of a Tat today r v Quot immig i or wins Alm fifth la a i. A. 2 top it a i i 54 t a first Lien on Albuquerque a future unequalled in prospects for future growth. Sex Shibuk reel future returns than and other realty in Promise it Leasure the future by the past a below a then act dont wait. In e the advantage Fis. There will be Antof piece Here in a a Elk. I for it. Location Able p cd v m if land on Tho North Side of a t Antni Avenue r leaving absolute in level. Pm Ling to Iny up to City water and electric lights ill he run on this addition the c or to any one wishing to build. And we guarantee it 44 Haia Groom cups i Lair och Tel Glossy Well or hailed All Day Phe big Money to be mad a on City s growth comes from Hane ement of land values. The the preferred districts is first to b More valuable when u City expand that 1s Why so Many of alb ques most conservative citizen purchased Home site in the count addition Albuquerque a future i Tidence District. Ii a in i in building operations we b i cd i f i crr it of r e of several of the present owne if s2.500�?minimum on this add it will build in cd a 10� h the investors in n prof one tile m for a hem. Have considered tin a Man i r x a la i Aff or dont delay yet Elf. Don t ii or St House is started the prices go up 25 to no c10 and >15 a month. Title guaranteed r be paved streets City sanitary City water City insurance rates unexcelled View Are other re amps Ltd of 50 feet frontage and More 1500 to i?8q0, on convenient terms. Or i on Aerial or i born unruly or r s Ayi Combee All a you ilk. Quot hair a a a to helps i try a d i k in country Cix la addition a is r vol la Iii Ali Oiin w t invite careful comparison and investigate when the first Hon Price and terms to ? a salesmen of the grounds sunday Aho Mowday Braun amp Mcduffie realtors a \ jooc.1 real r Tate office phone 223 116 s. Third guaranteed by o a / Yeyn Cal c. A la co it of Art a 111 i Nill \xfiiik1, s xxx y a in \ Ali

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