Albuquerque Morning Journal Newspaper Archives Feb 21 1924, Page 9

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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - February 21, 1924, Albuquerque, New Mexico Albuquerque morning journal february 21, 1924 a a in. A a n in a win or be m�rx%4 jeans pay Kingsbury so 0 la m n morning journal classified rates minimum Corgi ssh Arr when it comes w Sial sales ship a it by nut take Orr their it Wmk hat in is tit hails of a Vuc of Sinck in Xii i ? it so Oil Simi Rolt in a fireplace heat jars clothe cd u1.1 in Ftp Totth. Sued pm he far Tho Horn it in the to at of 1<"�?Tcfi ugh an t Mut he a id at a in. Make la am Orr. M my of per Mir w a Lav i it led for a few Day no in Good Busine Good legation clean Stock a to Oulu the Butine Nani to i it la be a lady and of taken at one Uttz to Hou flit la Armil ca11 file met and sex Ira Good term on balance. Lot we a i it several Tot in goos location for that hew haute. A i Alto have i lot iffy Novar e to height at a bargain. Loam a a a it a a i a Iii i month help wanted to ii of if a in i limn or and r in a i 5 attic a c. Hath of a Clote pantry Man a idea a. Quot porch m to. Tor 14wak Oft a iv#4 Street this it on of o nest cd Amin properties for m til i in v i i Alt my Mil Bland new my of Ca by. We Money on Getral Gor gtd first Mort Enen ran fins from i Tso to i of too. I ii Mound i Al i we hit in of the a i and Nett fir intern a companies in America Clover your prop a try today tomorrow May be too Lait Iii it v i 1 it t of i it i ii \ t t to ii.? m til i in a of a \ i a of haters a Good House end apartment tor rent Alf Sot i Busine room Ort Baal Cen Del a t. Kingsbury Uba to it Loans Tiro insurance Sio m. Lold phone a Fly ured by fir Albuquerque real for rent rooms for rent apartments / Ipi a to a i Omi Tea Utal it us a Gold two , furn Speed in sift. a it fill Oken i to i. I apart Featt a Phi Houn pot Yon in poers in of thle a i built 4r��m nil Bath front and rear porch targe let in Highlands. Price 12,41.&Quot Baluto Cary re mph by payment. Of. W. Strath a Mai Tel. Ski by. B citizen Hank bldg. Or i m a brah am in a Urnah is in to Shcilftytifo-0# co i 222 if Third v 111 i sch kit run Lar for rent House for run roti Tii with Boa Quot for Sale House roil Salk real Cloke in Baro Aik 8-rn�rn Portem la Arn Corner lot soot urine. Price 12,400 2 Bounce comp let of furnished lot North to Soo. Venting tor in per month. $1,000 Cashiba Lane Good terms property in finn Shl a. �j1 i Rill or of tit to. 811 first National Hank bid i in i. It u a i a ill if it us til Milt v. T j % a of aet,#�?otrict�?T.y n Fau Aig Tow Lawn Aud or see Iff inv Jim sri Jvn a Sevin town. Mar As ,3,i a a. A t rss u trims. A Gasa i so r. Verein in by. I a a \ i 1 i a a a a. 1 a it she flex Mthm. Luna. Aiem Heel. Her Cru i i Ittin a it i Quot a til ill 1 i Garden Home pm acl acre tracts in this new suburban residence Din riot offer you an Ideal Home site and an interest bearing investment a . Mater phone Good a. Hod Nice surrounding. J. L Phillips phone St. I to to bout ii third the markets i bbl of men hum u of a to i Png apartment Eft i anti Wiki c it till air fir a Ner Agapi in Lei Preeo property i vat a ant titter a Geog lord a Geed moral rials. Hart til Iii i to i lamp. First is Iii a. Bauk. L it fit. Canary it Ria ii Quot i >,7-,in 5 psf i a a to Fin a k i Ike Home Kink location easy terms ,. J i a a it it it of tvs a or in it it ii. J Piip Bahk Una eat of rate a mar i a iou it urns Vii i in naw Honor xviii i rooms Hardwood floor hot air steal fireplace in of it in tre Lawn and utile Well on Uvea Street in fourth to re. Ii entry Tracy i $4,100 on easy terms for inspection cat a Iii us a a Hui Mill it i in i i isl National Bank Hui phone i Voo wanted a Dcell a Neola i to do form tar Phi one imm. My rasp sri t .a<5a i be. Automobiles for Salk Poult a Erk Bodge Brothers touch Niece he Dane arid univ condition Good buy. Produce two right re tour a a. Extra god buy. Come i mud Ace i hem of phone 53 out a can. 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N a Aud threat Tiara to i Bifid aug fcb is \ office ii a Are a a a i it if a.s to 1 a c la i Rop 11a Etc is do pm to Quot Enola a Patna re Fth uoti to i vial Ciu in a Riata it building Quot Maxitat itt night a to i p a he by Bahai. In s in till mama aunt. Balt Ere a Ca., a tor turn Moi soda i to Mon in . Mon a it a mattress renova in ism per try a and a it aaa a i no h a Airth. Purnie Vav Call a.-5 of live a. J. It Aland dogs and pets lost and found wanted agents a fitter Man to Etui wan to a. A a a f.,r a la or ii it to Vathing a. Unit Valtia it Quot so f it i i a in a it. C Iii Inni a a a i.#-. Bes Tais i. J s. 5 Ai Clima. Cap entering painting for Sale or Trade Aois Tiki an i iat kor Quot i vpp<5h pc x t re Auhi-uv-1 Elf of inn or it \ t by Joae Jpshua dui Itel. S. Cyna by a Sociats of former Praid it big Bonk hand i it timely hints raid Low or Len. Heat tar in a of ant it. M in Kiva be Send i rive a St o a m i of Fauth w. An a. Of f ii a a Gnu Tiv i Money to loan Rise is Speed to. Chi Mae boar a St de p to f old i of i i a tit for rent miscellaneous for rent office room

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