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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - February 21, 1924, Albuquerque, New Mexico I ask Hight Albuquerque morning journal an leu Ken bin i pub lab i big in fix a no i -111 w Ltd a St k a a Quot the modern Young woman h All Riff ref. Though her actions Art foolish a the pen Cut age of Fine people m the world is Grad Ila in in , this Law judgment particularly re Edison is h0 a opt no caterpillars a ret i a Albou a it. Prod or a it never occurred to tip snare people anti Ca a a to i an account of a a a a Kahn the French n r j kith to took a lot i it to moving in column a a a them in a Circle a a a running around the outside Ware Jar the insects were placed head to r r in fad Ait the Way around they started a Quot in crawling Forward. There v a it Leader Truf a Ami therefore everyone was a Leader a rat i everyone evidently thought a a him ring run self As a Follower and humped himself i to keep up with the one ahead. F fill pm pert 1 Merit a natural of Chi up i by Ace us 1 evil Amu and 1 in pc i j a 11 u Narro p. Ludg outside of an earthen m Evi bar of7 Amo stated f too much politics a y Niiva to. Around and around those St by cat r in news or est i to pillars moved in a solemn Parade at the mpr and 8 h tin form Speed. Any one of them could have turned aside at any moment and r. A 1 �2jchanged the course of the whole process. I sum hut the v kept it up for three a it and a half and would have died on that purposeless round if they had not been i. Turned aside by some Chance diversion. In spite Al our material i 1&Quot a. A when you think it Over Ore not human i i in danger d a tum u dec in beings very much by that in in to of a a find ourselves. As a result of their it View ii unthinking partisanship. Ii violent Ai d la must any fhe Way Pye i a a a polite it 1 wat we arc deep eng. % k of u ii ii ii ref 0011morass from Wincn Ai he Senate seems to have a one tra e to a sense of realization. It n a mind and since it has been following the Fri in to extricate Ourse hcs. Oil to stack it has forgotten All about Poi nov. R before in our history hive Matte Niclout rope go mls Lur pea.-, and iou of the no tit far Roa Embr consequent a a a u it mercy of porch party con sometimes an american surveys the suit miss i. A Quot. I <., or a Atonic i Nav n 1 a in they Are Toda it. A Quot it. We become to speaking and acting j can ate do Dib it ratio body in the m part politics that to know tin world in developing into the great course which one party propose to adopt n uck raking it Ody. _ i. To know in Advance that Tho policy of Tho opposing party Quot ill or the extreme. It is the. Same when it comes a consideration of party moral a where party policies Are concerned whether the action of a Man he Good it had depends in rely upon what i Quot Cal of a i teen gored. H the democratic party in Power. I a Republican party View ii with Alani i the Republican party in Power democrats condemn it and Point Pride to the achievement of the last in of rat in administration. As an illustration take the me la in tax reduction plan. Why should a to a action program which vitally Aff welfare of every citizen whether he Republican or a Democrat to mad subject of a partisan political debut it ? Why should officials who offer gut Ahu better fight a Businesslike plan for cur _ tailing tax expenditures what will the to Public gain if partisan political agitation against the Mellon plan prevents a reduction of More than three Hundred Miloj Ion dollars in Tho years tax Bill who a Ever heard of the difference in the Po-1 Lotical opinion of the stockholders of a private corporation standing in the Way if j he treasurer of such corporation proposed j a reduction in operating expenses Nobe of course. Regardless of our poll tics if we be stockholders we Call efficiency the average citizen n a word has be co me such a hide bound politician con-1 a piously or u be Vonscio u -1 y. That he has lost or. The courage of Bis personal convictions. This is the curse thai is threatening to i re a undermine the Best nation on tin face of the Earth. Instead of working for the Well being of the people and the country but Ooi if Koot to judging fro of the in v 111 of vindicator Albuquerque morning journal february 21, it24 looking for Oil in the democratic political Field it Quot rippling rhymes it we m,., Wie 0 twas of Terr a a he ii will remain j n. Mar a. H or to at in a t no to fit of political organisations whose Flem ls6 of a ring Ai. A w v u Erx Are t gag i solely in building and ii n Foreman the on a a isl Era it i of maintaining at any Cost to the people af0ui t1 left r. R political machine from which they reap Rich harvests of patronage and graft. Their ramifications Lead into every division a of our government. City. County state and National l. It is Idle to complain when we our to melt a a it. Selves Are the cause of the malady. The _ remedy lies in doing our own thinking v a a in and not letting the politician and demagogue do Jim thinking Lor ic1, it is High time for the american citizen to claim ins own. He can do so Only by meeting he r is Ponsi by lilies a an american citizen. Democracy begins in the school room by or. Frank Crane i Mck be Ai a i not natural. To is , the pro of the div cd Jaime it it i Tea in Phi. To co operation which i a very late product of to it Savages untutored Primitiv Cann t fits ably grasp it v indians native african tribe primeval Fiji a Well a t ancient forefathers of every race on Earth Alt had Kab Ca to. Commons and web might Nesses. Tie r iral stat. Mankind is Competition conflict class Bate. Al Chi capitalist and lab r Union Organ Iet Light Are Only doing what t?,.c&Quot.r at cd tors did a thou St n ears a in the bogs of Denmark it the of re of Saxon the Only place Thi primal fund a of ignorance wasteful discord can be it were a my a in the Clio orc oni. N Ting together has to in Kame i. A intention Anes by Nap a psf a the sense of the con Mon to fare of respect for ii a f self restraint and keeping tsp a a earner. Of a a1 Means get Roget hot hut n get Togo to at he Cen cation in Atlantic City r in oar b a i of direct ots nor in Samuel g in pc a Utt a co Minitte the hairier Micati labor fed Crati i. N a i coi Ibl not get tog or it the pre Side ii ailed v la to he. T at add ton. Of a a i real want Den Ioc i c l it \ my bean a co opt to Yod cart make a Che in a Iti 1c 1 i Cit u will 1 a 1 he g n wit h the Ciok v keep if a is girl m a i to c 4. If it Ca Cee t n the c c a non it til to in it it fag and them. I met Cut it Acy a in t a pie inv in Cen by 1 a a Emo y cd icat a Vij j to Jota i six 1 ii u a i neat i it a ii go it Fiat tonal 1 ice i. La j or i Lam orc Sharp in Iii a talk a it no of a it 1 Crim men 1 a Alc it ban i it of and Bingle c i---.4 a u in Hirv y cd. I in a a rime it can t a Ita there i hut Otic Feitig ? a do give to More cat in. It Bleb. In tin l nit col state n Aux in educate it a t end of the High cd by Law. Education mean men re to r nearer to at ii the markets financial nit Tri to Fiorit Lottor t e a a a a a a 4 1 s classes. Of Here is but a pc Cit ipg it just Ltd a t is there i i. Be plate u i arc t used a t be Ries of Baku i enthusiast can c Ca Rocc cd t is tin y Lio froom. There is but one person who can s ice a fury combat bids heist the anarchic a the j maniacal devotee who a overturn the a or nitting Lofv a to str a Tine at or. Lated product a a at n in a let t the h s fanatic in 4 the Schry 1 teat let. I a it. T so ii Elf t a the vital imports of this matter i. A. Me and reconstruct its system of Edt to on. Ticac. A a i and nil the time those Princi it re. We it tort much inclined to take . A est i air pub a sch ols we she r Cost ten t c f re d bar Paul in Pilaric to should pay or even. Tea now Cpl pc 1 see shout i have ten a a. Tylli Genic and train Plaj to met. Terr Tobt of. I Vil my Conro cd to paper in pro a. Lair Lut re Quot a i in a to 1 Suttek a it Jim in a i re two 30 Btu Atli i a a. Fin Samp re t the under Elk n a Lan a a a r4 Ifni of tic s r \. A Quot a in co. 41 �?T4 a Niez wer rewti04 to talc i a ii cot v to a a. . From Chi in a a a in re a f nit i a to ii a a Ieta a a a a1 i j tined St c i pfc t. A i a a St a Ray two of i v a. V la j i. A i Stuve Tes a it Vav a fad the i a a j a a a it it Rory that Aln 1 of a Rry re it it ?3i w a a 114 Quot i Al Liq a to of a i a a f it i Eva a. J ital Ca Quot a a 1 a it i a. I on v Ward Irr it r no or. In i 1n n d i., Sion p to 0t t 4. 4 j fits a ii i j t to had a a a a. A. Mss \ of it the wheat May to sir j of a the other hand talk Altoise u it the March re port i Fri f m a re at Brit would make a Hurieh a bit a line to a i is to a of a a Lee in t r e Mark j it of to t wiped Cut it i a of it Vafi it lad a a ii r Tamauta ens eduction in a a ill ire men and that h a hand de mat.,i-1 it in the o ii n tray demand. I ill a Fth it red not Lei demand Sura i Ltd Mard i a. I Den and. Him a run a t spa a demand 2. A. A it demur. L i St. Rid Leman. Orto Olsh Tofu Pakla demand i be Avla demand i re i deman i a it a a a in a a and front n a ant in a a a it f 1 n co at of Cor the Market fit a it. Wit h a it. A # h a a to i i Quot a j Ticle Ain St of la t w Hea to maj Tift i Tot. Sep to mint v1 t d Corr m t a. A a tsp jul pts it 11 or. V1 a a a 1 i to a slav 4 \ a t i v cd n it a. A Quot. It Roma Vit of to Ai i. A via. V a St j j 5 Bon a n t a /. My 11 r a report i the new a a rapt i of Pacific Brail Dennais i a Little laughter j s j closed More than the a a fist higher at 52. The Oil a Arr a. I old their Early a or. My re an i Vise it to i. It or end fou at r a. Cid a r v or a a a a. A i j j i i p. Int or More aha a a yesterday j a nude set j a a.4 a a f r j fins Ftp rat a. By the it irs w re i a a Quot a and it Quot is j j it her wiped but or reduced to third it a. $ j ant a a f. To $99.5 i. la. A ill Money opened a 4 per i 1 1 j rent hut dropped to i per rent j of in fore oots Eosin at the now sort Money a a the to Money Market j new Vork. Feh 20, Money a let will rates unchanged steady Hurh 4�?~ per cent low., it Kuna i try h a a i feh. A i no. A Hird 11 of it i. Xii if f 1.1 4 sit 4 i. Rs1-ii % a 1. Cotna no. White n2 be How in a 73 a 5 Verow Iff t let r so. In to i Al i. T m i t it a Liv i sine k i la i Nufi a a let. To rate it. A a a be no min a pea in i a a a i a a i a t to s per eel out it 4 a. fat i a a a a Cri Ltd Lite Urt err he of no pal a Era of int cubing id a per int of a a it 34 ooh Kineret a a 5 of in Are to i Perth it run c a the a f,.,. A it 4 14 Pep int j la Titch a mod y a by with or prime names a a h to a.4 or a t. A 1 a a a a a 15 a a Chi of rtt. <�?~.11 Loans against a to a it hug her a ugh or j a Ehy or s were Tacti 4 per cent. I Early de a Norv Kutra time firm n red cd a a c d Mode it y in the Lite aft Quot in a dash 4� # Pep Bernard Terling Rose Forto norths 4 n per rent i Rome eve Meritai impel Wisdom from Edison v i 29 5 to j 4 3ft5, and to run if. A from 4.14s to 4.10 ,.�?� 1 of a to aug Price v. J v a Erie to can. 11 a a. I. \ or in a melting a. Ref no a j j t Elmi. Or Jean he Gar. A a j Primul Tel. A Tel iss it t a a Eri a ii Vav a Quot a 1,. A i id la a Quot his. 5 i Tehbao j 2jn Pound Quot a a a a a j t in p a King s n a 1 Hulk Fiesler weight Ollun j>� r.50 Sis of Tekei lower heave weight h -1. 7.4&Quot me Cli in ims s ass 1 _ i tight Light f t Deago feh. i 7,20 in kit r Ameth gelling both on Tho part of Holder a Cit a Grain Lin Vagi Board Cit Trade j Cage feh. cur in both on the part of he i and from hear Speculator weak 1 Init visa in. 4 to a Al Rah we.

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