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Albuquerque Morning Journal Newspaper Archives Feb 21 1924, Page 3

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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - February 21, 1924, Albuquerque, New Mexico I Ary cd 10c t Albuquerque morning journal in Iii toll me f strikes Cost S. J in a year and took 20,000,000 working Days from production a equal rights act i n is unnecessary a says mrs. Upton jives mountaineers Revenue for 33 to 16 defeat by Mena Ulmen at vegas last month v h gl1. A at it k St a r of five to Alf re duct. N of any of i in la a i Blind state Dor the co in up at to to an d a oui or that am read p la bite i Iii Ira n lore t counter g. A i a. I i a Iii vers be Kin i 1 Gay to a a a a of that meet Ai up it. I sfl4 St f Ike and to. St outs Fri oust of 89.57 a lid took Fry in the cd go Eli i cd fret for any St it r hers a re in trial pro auction at to mme a this of a ext a re very far g to it Survey to add it t in a a. Son s nth or lies myting v Ltd int. S dec that frequently a St Tike of a a a o i j in in i relations in on Itne of s Dut by win i the a aay ill list Mikl cd other Tut of a Mojo Zinent. A of the a Bor in a a a n 0#. A Trade re. Stalk i a a t # it in the ser a it Tho test lie bit to. I to fid yep i my the to a or in if Ellra Vivete i. R a a id it in hint in it Moi if ii Ltd i a it leak Eves camphor woman s greatest asset Hon to care for unit hair a Quot a in a a a a St w a a my. .ff-e-vc.? it a to. A a. Yen the a Iii a a him to f la a it Mil went a a in ii hair it a a a h a Uttin in lit in Ahe a pit v��?�,�?�1 Art. h a t a. F in it had a cd to Jol Doti glint shampoo have Lovely Kanos and no split nails Lentho Lalim keeps Len and nails soft and smooth r r i i r to r i ten bnmutn11i ftt5 is listen world to amp a ukr Watt by 6fm Pace three i commissioners will trn a dhlrrj5 us inspect Ellis Loop when Reform begin when est Riff j does a Lincoln tap i the minty commis Foi ter Wilt inspect the county Section of the \ wills Loop Highway today. It was Fri decided Are it died a i meeting. I is Given or. Job n hiding she had no right to jaw with members of the Scenic Highway a. Not that she it a stopped Levine John when so talks about it at ail which is Seldom Aho As i serfs quietly that so love him i More than Ever. Put she hefty Vee i s the Only fair thing to do the Tenty course is Ort t y it her Tov # i Mary and John have by a n sniffled Fri Heteu i Ltd it i i t e Are two Chil i i Reft. Thins ase m so so ref tied i they generally do after fifteen ? years. Then Dorothy came Dorothy Eri i a a a designing Wpm an nor a Quot love thief nor does he Smith herself in chug g Chiffon by i or Bollen scheme Quot for hotel arrivals the Ion Cui a it Filiti. A la s i i la to rift led individuals of a Imber of of we which Fig ores in Vera yes of Fly Wai to compute he n ii altars it it or Urt i by too Nontine Mem on the a int distributed la Tai to i to pm on f to to of de i a Kouts sum a t it n lost aft i qua to fica a a ii a the thar Iula f i ? \ Ehod f Quot id tit la Piker Al Louie. T i coff Oklahoma by in t i a gof in Pragji a i w. Hick leg. Pen Tori ii p. Pryer Denver a i. Ute to it in my. A Bleu go. If la. Champer i a a Angeles. La in Mcdaniels. La Angeles Thomas j Anderson Isipa a my Phil it. Lee. K Iress City w k Conn in Angeles ,1 of it Mast t tub Denver f. A Almander Lee i land a a. K a lev i pm so James a. Pre net k., no i p. Or and mrs. I la. Kendall the. Louis i a p Powers Huron a d w p. In Dorado Jaisnu City j or. And mrs. Frank Adam hoj which tit part of the Days co to. I th0 him or. Harriet Taylor i Pton. The Quot equal tights amendment for which the National women s party is campaigning ii in needs a eary declares mrs Harriet Taylor Upton vice chairman of Tho re \ publican National executive con Mittee therefore she goo on re Ord against it Quot i am particularly opposed to she explains a the i Ranee it will do away it the the pro. Tektite taws tor woman for Whit h we Hava worked for so Many years. Out Tho love. John feeling Tike a i social Ion Witt a com pc try the Coit a Gref and ii bankrupt. A what i was the truth my their answer right or w Rong ,11 i on not i know. Carpenter hangs himself in garage miss or in. Announcement was mad it the mewling that resident of la South Keck my Avreet Extension District Are i now attempting to secure a right i of Way % hat will eliminate two dangerous Grade railway Crossings South of the Hents be shoos. Plats for tile Duran end Cha vet additions were filed with to Nom tit Teal otters by the county Engineer. The petition a King the commis Stoner to Callun Elu Tion to vote los a navies. Pub. Tax a when Ali or Paulson 54, a in Mer. Today tried end failed to kill himself by Hocking at his Bend with a Hatchet he staggered into the Bath la Bonds for school to room of his Home washed the i Rowe men in in strict a now has blood from his Banda end then a name but not been prevent into la garage and hanged i armied to the comm Slotter. So the himself according office among hts effects the officers i so id they found a letter from his wife to pit neut a ii stating so bad sued him for divorce. R riffs j action could tie take to on the petition before March i however. President Burton says thai Tbs world needs spine to also needs something on top of the spine a Detroit free dress. Kh8�mbiimmrhadfad Rich milk sited of no att in powder form me Lorn the a age. Digest we no cookie a a Light lunch always at of mid. Aho la Tablet form. Ask for Dor at All Fountain. A Grork rt�il., atm Imph rmrin9 ju09vrrv # a @ did Thuv of right j of la id ring bouts staged in Church basement of wage and has by cd nets. The. Selling Tut cd a tides i six times this j an to us Provld-1 of Putin or. Flu rvs ii of of Quot a airs that in no St Fife i and i More comb Ila t Ion i meeting Arri if the m or Church Hen i were awl i i Many Idle re j a it Hureh i hosing ii the to i ducted to no i h a or w i Day to h a it a a i a Rill a Mon re and a i cd Palma of a of Jig itouf1 i be the fir a ladle i his been us a disputes would hav it t Way. Tip. Seum pylons Lions a mar i de in Hie Mary Lang Ivy Rob s Oopal Aga ment us Arena had b Al Flat dlr and we of a. C a a Send. J i hair Verdi and i hot Vav la i i .1 in of her la Corby. Tri to id f v or loan golfs la p. Four Denver. P. A i i it Hie in or vow York. A a f h. Mer a a ago. I w Kuk sew York. Tim of wary Pueblo. T. Tamorris 1�?zih vegas of p. P. Al Lowll Mas h. F. Walk Ltd. Pittsburg me. .1 Klutz Lam Anys. Or. And mrs Charlest it. I. Dom1 it ring. To i Ped Tho Laid Ai need Vonc a looted Quot Young Mer but Horn Ign ref a e and w ii City in to Tutti by Merritt men Church. Hav it i it i vhf Bop Ham Pion a i a that i events mat met to i i i to i j a a j of con b. 8 it a f e. 1 is i 1. Lansing Midi n to 3 2 i 70.811 in a i in to 1-4-a to b its and a if. I. >.24 5 j. W. Kearney dance. A 4 i 4 it i a i. Son. Denver Flat a. Ltd ii Loang is leu Cli Clovis ill t s it a 4&Quot h la to Senshak R. \. Steven on Al injuries sustained in Auto collision fatal to Carpenter Lori in jut i i it a Pap spa cd Down it All sell i its or my Dorothy a. Lit Bere it a hem i in a r of a a a i efficient heed our i d a clean a re orderly i re Lane i has ahead lot but Ehy a car thought in h about it until or. .1 la to Cam along. When Abe did discover it. Doroth rebelled bitterly. Buck a Alt Tiiu it bothered her an much a bungled operation it was co tint �?T.��?�,Ltd ii so outrageous Flo did to w it to love a married Matt or butt his w if and children. Aho i liked Sirj a 111 or. John he Quot is on Billa of to Lim of Ary i by thought in an agony of pity Lim Atte lion put somehow when Mound Dorothy a Niland he came Hon e a he Bever had come Home to Mary dear fuzzy to it Het i Al d a drat and when Howa i Way from Dorothy a mind he was j wretchedly a a No a to a re thing in a Hack i a a kill w ii i you re kick for to in Homo Iii another soul the hot you have found Leo late. Ups All Loo pitiful fat talk shout much. But i the end Mary rom a above her crocheted Edge arid did i and shining thing. She a a i i w is by r that two should i Happy amt Ai peace than that it should it a miserable Aud Aho dry it in free. To there a tee in of the 1 or Len ii kindly. La cd one at Rug-Iii., brawls to find the truth Heil ii tit Jumble of human my it a anti misunderstanding by i Ling so �0 without to bulldogs lose to Belen 18 to 14 in hard fought game Belen n m of i. 10. In one of tile by. F game men on e court this season Belen High echoed he the Albuquerque bulldog i to 14, the local boy got the jump Ltd the visitors and gain a iced that the bulldog could not overcome. The score at the first quartet was w to 2 in Belen favor. At the half it was 14 to 4. It the end of the third period Lisa 18 to 1-ths bulldogs held the local dam scoreless in the Fin i period. The game wee fast anti clean throughout with few fouls Stotts Starr if a at Usu Rytie. La tint and to bots work 1 we for Belt a a return game Nuy to played in Albuquerque Carty in March lineup Helen i int it Elmith. T Hunt. La but. p but .0 sleepy. I it to totals. A Loti qty a que til id Patorti a. .4 Bryce. A Traitli. Monk we. ,0 i Oral or i total t it Fuqua nominated in Louisiana primary new Orleans la Fob to. It n the face of aim Complete unofficial tabulation in yesterday s democratic print Coni piled by the Tim in la Tiyunn tonight Henry i. Fuqua of Baton Bookfor malty year sup t Tut Tui it of hint prism a been nominated for govern or Over la Witt Boua Neh us a it new roads present Lieut mint governor. Tit tote from #12 but iss pre Dor-1 cinch of the 1.310 it the Etal had no right to i gave Fuqua 113,2hv and Rouan Tiv Mary feel i hand 87,319. Ali of 3.251 i Quot a. I. P a Pul 6ft j a 4 it c Toa. . Denver Al Burkhart Roswell it c. Crr the i s. Its or Bevel m. To Cobb City. I to. Clark col uncut j p. Wal City o. Lonc Obier and of a Bluff. Nab. W. A legion a. Faye pries nits City. C 1. We Lmuth in nil pm. T. Al. Gut pure tue car a. Ltd Callicot Clovis. T. Tabet Mountainair it. Dug or a re if. Ipp older a i juries t. To bind with # Lur a. Caus a a Filar b Kuil. I t my i fit a i m ii my 4 a t. A t 0 71,44 it h t. Itric. Pud. Alack. Unit a. 4 Jal Vretz . Lait a ii j Boma Cill a Onditi on of bit re Sci Ian it. A Athel in tur h in unchain red late i hop rout Quot to d night a Ltd i Hie co grit a Loda a a it a a i la it Vera a a it old. Hop of the k i a Horn it tonight. I Eumont urdu Ircy a has Hee Tho Phil a Homan experience As nurse causes mrs. Fleming to endorse Tarlac a or. A and Joe Al a inn Fli j re Huggle i. Miniri m. Button. D River. A nil a j More. Colitis p my be Cly Denver Bam Bra i Man Kar. A Dicker. Quot or t als the i Altun Kemp. Ai. Att us Hopcke Nheim a. I it i i. W of \ by ii auge in f a r it �?4 j Fleer a kilo in it 5 bit dying is c a pop. Wounded in Tho head Stander a wounded in the Leeond of to i up that occurred by both the Holdt to to a my n to Hon by i a i Sophs and Frosh Battle at varsity the the str bets of ii it d i it is cd Homor e it j to in. N at the univ to it broke int j Flat. A wed in Aday Afu or Don Arn. I Ogueri Ila A fare was earned on in t v., a. The claw fat s into in n Light. The Aijo a i Orga 1 class fight ii ached plod i. Pike place of n Yare try Field t a at Satu i Day after i j ,0n t but the feeling i id frown t o Intel is that i Western woman rep night. Three a a a a. I Bever a i a or. A a it to be hungry my stomach gained o i re n g i not a a Molt Huboi it air i i could k a it i Anam j retail a thing i of a. And i to i hollowing opera weight by i a almost a Shadow. T Aita i is i a a very anaemic and shattered i an i do nerves and so Cpl nights con treatment rec ,0 by name urls 11 or a. I Quot Tan lao built up Rev a Pelej pm menus ii to a if ,i,kp.4ti.r, wonderfully ump single ailment went away _ then with returning strength re l came a 32-Pound increase in we ight Slid from that Day three f years ago my health has been j splendid i recommend Tarlac to Many of toy patients fur it is indeed a Roma Kahlo Medicine,0 tank a la for Sale by nil Good druggists. Accept no substitute. Or or 40 million bottle old. Take Tan lao t would never has Beu eved a a Dittne on Earth could help like Tan Lac is the pre statement of mrs Alia Flam Addison Street a a Keniey. A practical no Rte of a us in re a in Glen e. A in i in a serious operation in Ltd. J my a it Hein so i never a re it Well Day until i took adv. Now or cats Evert the intr in sir it and romps it re la mate experts will not determine amount Germany can pay n f. I wits foul <1 cd Esau i in i Saiu rd., it a number of the wars a a a Ira d and Arris to the county a 8 i v her and r the. A of con j a in lung in in to it Ion to i Solido Ort it port id d it Deputy sheriff # o let to bins lock the freshmen up i a d late so it n the i of and Hung til ii St milk by up i try rho cot a it j a a Ai a a j they a Deputy j was c libation. Of i i a fight instead of an its and f he went hang to wage War on their persecutors l in Vav id new Day night several fresh non Wert patrolling the Mesa on horseback keeping n watchful Ite out tor their on Emles. H id Hood to t with the it i a never Al re a a a to in ii in or new Lull by p to of from i in i in i re fret i it a of Orient Railroad to be Solo on March 27 Emu in take Good. I Emu her if i # in Quot. V nor i i Bun Kin feb s j Quot u Kinis 4 it. Mexico end a Railroad will a sold to Tbs Quot Best 1 a ,. T and highest bidder Trow the Steps Pujji Mii port to committee number two. Mild by Reginald Mckenna. The my Ute Dispes sad the a find hop s on i if to put o w r Mil i ural bowl Anion it a elective in a do r a in doing Awa. With Ai a d of i c d phys a a i u Tiro motets sit put tit and Quick a re j j puts the digestive organs to Bat to swim hat t of and the t strength milks of the county court Boti a Here on emulsion la strongly1 recommended the morning of March a a. Accord j to those whom sickness a log to announcement last night of weakened it is a powerful Ahi Quot or pedal resisting and repairing the Ruffert a act w a. Trude Mort and re tem next a a a at it r Marty it a v a a reparations. A fir a t pm uis-1 Viz f i o Ben f. Mclean Tut Borie to the Sale of j of wasting Jim Huth Road to satisfy a government. No Aoh Trub from i 1 a to i t h of ironic gip i const i put iou a a prompt v relieved in route to Mobile /. A a dry a. R Bow Mexico Sisler Ano Austin a a Santa Ana Calif. I a f3eorge staler manager of the St. i a w a. _ w a. Of tic Budetta it a the Nam a l oui a it Browns Jim min Austin j you Are urged to try milks Erm a t of 5�ars which their report j coach left Here today for Mobile j Stoa under this guarantee take Xvi cover the guarantees tier a where the St. Louis team has its j six bottles Home with you Tisaj Many can furnish tor payment training quarters. They took with according to direction and if not Coch is mortgages on the stat them two rookies from Santa Atria i satisfied with the results your a air md.-, and farming of the Hillard tired Aud de cutting Money will a. Promptly refunded icoc.orifi�?�=, re no Arlo the v whom Rind Plaj Reg Cetoi-1 Brice go and to of bottle a a a. A a fit i a. Al bal a i a it a Rhy i Quot Mil n. A a j. I a at r v a be a 1 la Long haute 1it Iburg a to 11 re Moi , a amp Jar Wutzl Anda it a n v to n u Titi v it a a a go a Titi Titi Titi Titi Itu to g St h St Plant Doi and make them grow interest for it on one Dollar Hal monthly for 45 month will yield Yon fifty dollars ask is about i i new Mexico loan amp mortgage co. Bolden. Ovule a a Ore it _al9uq</ti?u. M y am old from Elm Jug Mew mkt dresses $29.50 dreg flt full to of color repro Benting to Many new Styli trend adapting mgt Many Lovely new fabrics in a tin Niamet lines. Altogether a charming collection of frocks. Urease a a Georgette Canton crepe de Shine Satin f a c a it crepes Princeil crepe Etc. Cocci love Apple Black Navy a he Brown tallow Gre Hlawek and Ching Blue combination and other m w colors enhance the loveliness of All these Spring modes. Headed embroidered and lace effects Arr the rim Ming to Zuclich. Sizes is to in foe if out of doors reason for taking family t8 Hir am i Gold Telephone 142 a Winter for a travel Comfort a reason for going Malthe Way Quot i pullmans via grand a Kayla a National Park p open All the War m Pullman reservations of m train and trip details r. W. Hoyt agent Albuquerque Niv. Phone 201 in

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