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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - February 21, 1924, Albuquerque, New Mexico Few Plexico a Reading newspaper Norv in us % i Tat a to i i \ \ \ it a Reg Albuquerque morning journal Albuquerque new Mexico thurs Day february 21, 1924. Senator Elb Nesi j will in has had transactions h Sinclair Pil Stoch starting that there is no Law against one in his position buying and Selling stocks he says he is perfectly willing to go before the Senate committee % , Fob. 20. A announcement by senator Avis Elkin Republic an wept Virginia that Hoha hid Fin action in Sinclair Oil a Fork furnished the one Connarn today in the no India. Averting that then xxx in Law against one in his a fion by tig and Ling storks senator Elkins said was perfectly filling to go before the nil committee id Tell nil about his transactions in this Stock which said were much smaller t ban Tho a in issues soy Cut ii Al. Panier. I u tier Ltd g a a til a in i stiff lust snit i. Put a auf i a Inry ?5 by an tuft t attorn it quote Fain five to league nations chooses american health official new Mexico leading advertising mail medium prick is certs my Maggie. Agern Chas. B. Warren May i be United states two important1 a Quot or t0 he.c0 member resigns. Giving no reason for his action French. Harvey and Peabody Bill allowed the resignation Lidney m Welt was present i a the pity Roth try a too fits Reg Filar Rny Erins r or Vaaj night a i Ara accepted til resigns Eon which was Brough before re comp Sion to commissioner their i to Fra pity Cen a pies a Rev a Bjo Vuk i a re la Tom i fray lot xxx Tita i n or a �ddr�e�4 i Start Sod is Al my yes ens t Ion fit City t to a elect win s a be pts a the Titre tees Bose a ids Owji pm a tit it tip per Ltd a r Tolg any re cd o a in to a a it it a i a cd t i fit amp stiff the a in i 11 new tax Bill in i Ninny Lutr Quirt w a it. Quot i j i it a pail it it pro tap it ii i just ire Iii the. Rig lit thin depart and it ii b it id at Tho i h a \ i a tie pub it Fth. Mail re a a Gitt Folk see it ii i a the fit or. I in Itta in a sex but id r it us a Pill a a i ii it i s i i i a min or. 1 urn limed to 7�?� a it a ult Yards Jfe . Puth pity sewage 1 ,.f Plant in the no Tenet estimate. Tile Hill a. A. I hewed subject or. The writ Fen App a i the. It it to Singer a j to tor nay int cloy Ani Flaner. Be re % vote taken i the. A a at >4 that to. Bitt or a a just the Engineer and twisted thai a a had in iring be Ira the. Con.-, bind irs the Matimata materials i will either personally required eight a a it dive your i Ingle j la indolent Marge the to fico a a dings j , St t to Fly. pot. And you w ii Nae inst a Fie the Hill a. Al 111 \ e. The further it rile a i wed fir. Moved tilt Bap. Detent attorn general proved. Commissioner tiny Naids aril i Hall be Picas i and th.-, who were St men her. A u advise me arid Ltd the Ltd Mission at the tent the i your will he cheerfully a untrue ? for the disposal Plant a piled a a was get insisted that Tho Hill Hava i to n a he that you will require the written approval the end j additional it a nit a in cider to pincer Ai forties Aud mar Lurer and i id Quot r he fora grand juries irs con the motion wan amended with ear. Mane the trip to Isleta j ducting our investigation and commissioner tingles consent. Wednesday Wrath rho Al a nit rata till. A tit Barit will he tristan i and Aesi Ting-1 Van to inspect the drainage ditch promptly upon Appl a ism there Ley then a sifted that the approx being constructed by the Indian ire it gals be written out at Fence and Vigallon Vervlee. The party w Stock dividend profits made subject to regular Lo-1 com taxes instead Coj capital asset lax Longworth Hopes to Amend Garner plan j Reading measure Section by Section proceeds rapidly under constant i a cd i St to a n xxx itis Rny. Yep Jfe a a i Jurtti d. To a by their Victo y i i fight a uth t ii conic in a the con tin nod their Dotxon the v a in Hill toilet g lining two in int or in to Leif it. Feinbl Lar insurgent w h o mad. Possible the substitution the Cartier income Yeste Dav for the m Llu Heddle joined leg in with ii Prat tip Sily tip i Dev i tin it 11r vol to Day to Matte dividend prof ii object flt Lier Lorn in tux., Ruth a the ii i j per rent capital a a a in my h extend the prowl inn. A it the earned income tax re Vej 1 t duct ton the Yuri Elneas a government in a 1-Ih United state., owners Marion Ohi stir sue. I. Vanderlip for 1600,000, libel Hhd slander alledge0 in suit three causes action asking $200,000 each Are cited in papers served on defendant action taken because alleged statements in which he implicated Sale paper in Oil scandal i team hip new \ re orb. 20 thy Tho annotated Presa a suit was filed in Federal court today by Roy d. Moore and Eon la la. Knish owners the Marion Ohio Star against Frank a. Vanderlip for $600,000 damage. Slander and libel Are alleged a re Gilt Vanderlipp purported utterance Iii an and dreg at Ossining february 21. A a three causes action asking $200,000 each were cited hurl. I unfit Tiric. I. Or r Wurfer Silt j can t .1 up it i i 1 a Dor. He my. Titty Giho a. Hut in to hts paper served on Vanderlip. The action was Haw a ref g in rep it. I him taken according to the papers because or. Vander than j ,j1. I my. By a alleged statement in which he a implicated the Sale my a Quot Tiwa. A in. In brr the Marion Star in the Oil scandal thut Ivoti Gail Ltd til. Thergen i a Agni i by go. Migl ditch his done Over 250 go to Isleta and View operations where excavation has dried lands previously marshy a i a a Ai in mrs Tutu . Vol i i 1 Glit tit Public a to put up j Fig lit however and to j.infwnf�, the party Leader j Hope a. Til had i mining a majority to it Arrand the. Run a plan the. I ill la j brought up far a age a vat r a i the tentative rum i in i yesterday by i or. War the my in ing n or la per rent maximum Hurt no 1 rate w us flu my lion Normal in i Rome rate., a. Not to Aal by. A 1 to crony after adoption the Darner plan. I be 1 Ding the my inure beet top i t a Eton a re paragraph Aetna 1 Quot Jar , slight Hope held out for senator Greene r Vermont is recovery Man who was struck Down by Bullet last Friday night Maginot title Tho i Ort. Quot to full tide at re 1th j o n part toe you in a t rom d ii Lith it Ftp. Or t n the when in to Inch Wax pot a Lively promoted by the Iii in i few i Commerce and proved t ill by a a that r in did or. A it a Sal sit do it Altern thet so i1 it Phi in Todd to under the Conan it in urge can or Man then i mean. Commett in Harg. the Hill on the. Floor xxx Hen the he a. Adjourned auth j Fig Rama Hod been mud that Hep Repi a it Nilve Darner r�x�., in i a in earn the democrate fight a up i 1 1 a the floor an Greer or Hope wag held put tonight for v in to a it Fhy and inter a the it did to Rex lied bring the note amur. The Over senator Grant i n in no. J a a. I a Vil a n or Faaaga by fir-01� be rim so after a us unum i i incl a i in Tho mid next tue adav., in Al a i a a Iommi. Tir to i the pro a Ida or that Ivo a Honch Anil Hiu , a Gietl a it a. I no Tatoy cafes tin eaten Affa 4jainnge lid a. Here offered Only Tho it Baw per termed two spend kit re Lama i to n pro a a Tash muted in the land Apa received on the eng or 4nce ii it a it r u he. It Ting la. F. Ii wimm a Ausef Ai us -1 ut1 Al Hippo it rising Engineer for in Indian 1 tic ten k dividend Amend gallon a i i--., who Haft charge it a i a by re . The a Ltd term to in in a tale to Dot h. It lamer Rind a a opted by a Teller mad a talk in Nuh he a up lilt d v to 1u toll that the part Ltd the ditch and the a a received either a u a to a la id my or j upon the Flung that or. J 1 x underlie eau a i ape eos to be by printed in the new York Tribune tio third eau a i based upon Tho Admi Aalon or Vau Derlly Belart then to investigating rom in tilt that a approved the a Opy lha speech we bid Wara nil a to him in i office in new York on february ii by a 1 a prenatal to a the Atolia ted free anti which j up a ii inter waa deliver d to a i Hof dated preen Mem in it warn alleged la the complaint thai or. Vance dip thua give i. Speech worldwide Piibe Lilliy and that a h is read by million in the Perch it want ate i i # Tho i tall Tho lib charge Lido the Anddre it self a. A Aid to in Niamon Oua. A i pm Iota it \ in leg a or pm in to am ? % i it wit a. X Lmh i ii ii i Dpi n by it.� 1 a # lib fired ii in Rig a Dlf ions Fin it out i d had a con i nth the to turn a i t he can or and told a a n mint in a the a. Taken the it action i. But Ive had n fully fact. Jim offered an a a i it r 1 who p Dogie w a a a a to a Tai Tarj no Dent War Elope do Rorr a 1 n a Nader t i nod i d father Mother Ano 2 Sisters has been an anti Christ element in his family which he Felt he had to remove. Police told a Vira in h t Tim . In Ltd Lul Piid provi Shuf construction method used and ended Fey Advocaat a Reclam Tipit on a a arg scale. Frank a. a thin City who y the an Ops i in la. A Lam Ilion project defended Iii. Get a it i it in up ad-1 rims to till crowd in reply a a charge. F or Hub Uel that. A a no it Tatlor or i a a is solvent a a ii. Beep sea t a a a rend a a a a paper report spa a a by a or it Smari hid sprit Texas refute a gift by the ta-1 1 v or. Should not be term a Vapi t Unpi thl a it lib old by a Taapa Yeen for profit or invest Jan in t for mop than two year a Huggett Only to it a tax 12 til per cent i i ii., adoption the. >mend-in.Iii, Presetta to Vii i to Iii i a it i i a emf ii Una is. De in re a it w a uld i in a r it i a or it a Evencle Suff it 1. Nth to permit 1 re duct on a a he Auto Mohilo a -.1.- lux., no i unlit it in new up i a. T it 11 a d t i it my Lite infill Niue Ian d 5, h end i a be a or. Dot a get to a 1 in 1 Cit j her n-1 4.1ft a a Mil it he Ion re Fuff s in Man was a n Eft e i�1 , a n from $ i Quot it t a. Or or. Land As hot visa be i higher Filc. The p a lotion assuming the. It Mati 01the fir t instant w it to in coming ii this yet i in ii tins to Suo Xiii the proved to it claim for it. It in. A d re Nice it i w a a 1u the the xxx 41 int d All a in a Filiti had i xviii i to hit bib or <1 that that a or a to r in h end in Tiv Mills apposed it Amia in nut it the a Arn 1 pm action Lima proposed by i. A adopted by a feint. 14 it it it provides a rued income., allowed a is eduction in tax by the include in addition to Arle and a the i compensation re Pep Botial it Rvl a a. In. Fort Ibl a a ,ftaf1tn a no i it Wam e i .-om, i w Imre inert and derived from Fri tend person a tit service and capital in Ros. In. By p., re a pts. At a i it it quote Ether by sin Insp i it in it i Iii \ mend Merit d�1 a a i he uni i -it1 -�?��1 la to Poliey id incomes tsp for the a is a in purposes to this in Hon Bon or. Is Ner so i-1. Btl rent is a Quot it no a \ asian in in a Quot Quot pot Alioti Wii a was deft in Nom Matte from the to it i m lion but draft to re trip to it pc rata re the Treasury Tat in by i penalties urn�?�.�. I a it a us. Id for. Iii the a aft a id Otu Tel Tibout and n in cd i m i j i a ii-.,ii a i the first pm a sets Forth that Revenue Gantt and str. X Jinn i he Quot wickedly Ami no suspected b a it Gars last Friday to it Iouin by a Harg i Inrush Ami Moor night maid his condition fend taken i with bribing a Peen <5 Harding it i tical turn during the Day then president cd the United Gates a lid to a grow dog Grad to fall to perform certain in. ii t la it feb to i d it in As president and unit be a tor i la. 1 it a ii in the Hub consisted in the payment til Senate from Vermont said ill to former president Harding a statement late Toda that a a snort a in the pure has the critical symptom a Dev loping Marion Filar which was my re Tim to in Hen a i or tin a. Edition and twice is fair x a i with nit much 11 Vanderlip speech it was charged was i Gard duh an tit i to Roe in lha tuck upon the fete Getty the late the a . Wit in Uhos i Landing by implying a tonight i rom bin tin tis to late president s die Hod been no h i Quot a a a involved in Tho to i a i t a Ltd it i Oil 10s�i Invof Tulga in Tho a food it a a it cements it was further charged lick Kiseil the plaintiff Quot being Finane 111 y or the out Lim Hope a in. I,#-1 a d Moth a expect he to Florida in Quot summoned i Gedy. Fat Fly one a is tract Ling a uth sick led capital n. Is located permanently in Santa be Helmick Hants be feb. 20.-�?Tho capital new Mexico in located Partite neatly in sri Mafe. In the View it attorney c moral Milton j. La Imp a expressed in an opinion Given the late Laud la answer to an int try As to the Jui ministration the is car Grout for nubile buildings at the capitals or Alft my a so Hod despite a constitutional pro Viaian t hat the capita May be moved by an no Cotton after it cent is. I i. La hold that quote Nyi Anut. White not meaning tit Vocale Means tint la other ordered few lha be Eide. A us it Tim Ira Richard i to senator is tin Contin Utt i father spewing it few Fri gation mad i a kill a r i to a Iff ii i a i into Varl Cir it a i re Day. In a a torn it v i j so a ii inn 11 had i la went it ate. A hooting Forward to-1 a i a Rii to attn continued to the Moo Dit ional Lyv hooting foe h Ordo ii i h i responsible mid insolvent and not blk to meet their inn in 11 oblige tons and not entitled to ii a charged that the Static Nants injured the plaintiffs and their newspaper. -<�?��?�0111 Khz notion the i a come eau a ton was wife Dies husband ill pneumonia at Tularosa. N. Tularosa in fab 2 a a air ,1. A panders who had been very i with bronchial pneumonia for till past two weeks died at her bom Friday. Wing to the serious illness Ihander who is also ill with pm uni on is. No services xviii to held at the hum. The body will be taken to Ohio for burial. Is panders la survived by her Hue band j. J. Flanders prominent Pioneer Tularosa and to o Small daughters Ages two and four an a a tiler Mother and brother in Ohio rep lib t pressure on Coolidge to ask for Daugherty s resignation increased by g. 0. P. Leaders Eft notion Llcy Crucil orig wart lid tor tin pub o make the Bill a Doit ton to it a i Don Washington i on fit id it Monde to remove attorney general Ira we Beety was Inen d today in cd it the i ii at i xxii y la mum conference hinting Fop to hour and a half Ben Ifni Lardy Mior publican i Idee a fut is Adso. D it a in a to my do i i pub a in sound runs a \ on at in t. Had id the a a a .1. A re the Milf. In. It i xxx till t Dav with Ujj g i w and ii cd in Iii t fief ,. Xii. A ii it Pic i re it or. I a a Uci a should pm Ion w i a deferred Intel then it it u result ii Quot conference was in the cd Minitti ii in apparent. Re a i mitts re a i tending a solution p . J -1 i Tco Pul i ii by Stab i Cunt anti t. In \ a r j tout i . Nim ii in his 11 u a off 1 Eta i a were equally fur Ppul Norm a a Mil a. Reth ill in m to p i it i to Filieri i tee or. My to n a bars Hail a i him Iii anti Prus bit inn in i ii Lobi i ii in it air fret it blk tin tit Pithy har rat ii a ii he i a ii lit tie Gilt a thai till Hui it celled a in. Indication the the Hunt in or and data As exec it in a ii a i my. U a a . Tar s r ii li11� i irate in the i Quot w is mini Mig a i til i net re Lions a m or i ii a a a. It j Iii i no Fuji adv n Iii i p Milt c Quot Quot to no re Biti or. I a Didgo it demand by father Gallup team wants game in Duke City i i is Kan it Xii \ will. I die i 11 it x s i feb. A fax a a Iii pc a. In to in All avenge b Ink it two do i i \ i in in ii i Urban shocker Given increase in salary i ii ,0 Ila h a run is a ohioans May Back ex-g0vfrn0r j. Cox for president , ria., i cd omit r Ruhr ,1 a nit s it. It it Ohio tonight told a Rcpt Anta Iii la Framl Herald thai he had nut Hor n it the use his Nam a a candidate foe Prosl dam a ii a declaration Ltd candidacy m Cit Cdr the i u j ahoy a Feo Tinty a in Esfi Ltd parti or t s till that a few Days a it i he received a letter from former governor tames i. I a mph-11 saving Blat the demo Crit it Ohio were United in their desire to present i a a i my a a la Coni Cut Ion As Abr Liti Iii for Lei la. \. I a a a i d x a ii he a a tor to in Short i n t will do j delve Dit h is a a had a ii ii a e s for it irs. I in Edge is Maklon go feet a toc min it Jug cat Viii be stir to Jeu i i nor j is j a i by tilt pc it j Bop Fly i the. Re or. J t rid Lea in i they i and in their a a in ii i y retract ii fran cd own Imp ii or would Rizia i a but to a so i a it -,4 tar a Quot Iii Iuta up a cent a oin rat a Hud Secol liar , to a ii it i yes a ii i Cuglia x a his Irabon hopi i to ors expressed the belief that in i urn cum by adopted with a j a a i i in debate than it. Do pc 1 ii la Resolution calling 1 i in , Secretary i b i ,0 1 j xxx Leader asserts to Coolidge is invited to attend Good roads meet at Albuquerque a up i hat j ditch. Worstine brought it. The i a larger a in a it i i do till wit ii consider a by y in Cost in Large project. The machine a not Peen working in hard material with tie Excel i icon . A a Snall it ret to Sun will j get los to i j far the Tov. Which built on a Ava Ped i. Is exp lid that be Wing win h. A a i us l i i Eho a to a n ii Utti in in meet i a a i it it Trogon i a ii a a next May at Albuquerque n. M., during tin convention there the i til ted ctn mph Good Hoad it Eia Tiou and the Bankhead National Leigh nay Soe a Loti was Cree Icid from tie to or Gaiu irions and taken under Adi i Eon today by Fri deut. Ool id a. No i a up r x till j after the Aller a Jpn Al ii i i Caf firm d to a Fiejo a it or it . I determination not to in dig j under la a id had issued i Puih ii tip tit doffing hid critic at been pit till adion1 by a neral a nod in i a i m. I he Tenient Ute charges made in have gamed strategical a a a a a i a a S. Ltd advantage planned More a than month ago Accord my to de la Huerta a ,.i.,u in. In a a a the re or sent. I fun or la to xxi Hin top i cd. Fun i a a Idem Ltd ullage by Huna Turg ,. In. . He or. Lofty and i up a were pot lit i hid n a a lather than log a t thit hid been Eon it j cd to by Lur to mad in dispatch1 limn individual loaders in fit received today from Adolfo do in 1 a a a a to gut they Yvere reported to Hui a t the Reb a Tda a by a in re j in a a bean a much More Force Cali la Rev hint Lowry agent Hen j Ful Ehni Aeter than any that had 1 Iii rebels have gained a in before. ,. and a it age planned More the. Visit the senators result a Hap ii the ii Patch cd from a number conferences a. Tiro High Tir it my it a Upa it the Enate and in which most a. A -. A the adminis Frabott leaders Par to a pal a. In a Lai jul it Caauwe la a sure fermion Tilge and Pepper acted ii spokesmen for these leaders. Xxx bib what took Pink in unions conversation at the xxx burnout remains a sealed Book it in known that the consensus open Ion those participating in Tho Confer Nee the Republican in i it Hii it to to at leaders was that the admin in 1% up in i a thin a should fro cleared Tho the i Idem i a Najj Liose who have become i t Nch at i tit Cist Era attack in con cd ism with til Oil Hondo. J in Tho View at the Senate Lead pm the question the retirement a or Daugherty has be earn in transcending All personal const i a rations. They insist that the Matte should be viewed from to Broad it i Point taking into considers Bon fully party policy no in in Iii infringe emphasising that Titer woe no desire to infringe upon the Prest la nth my Roga Iivo he self to Cicle lug Xiii shall he in the Cabinet not ors Tho adm Insl Rutlt St s record was oho on which All mom hers the party must stand fall and Bint their should by a decision regardless past alb glance or associations Ile for going to tit White House senators Lodge and Puppe had received word the state to i opt made Public by or. Daugherty after he had called on the president a few hours before. Daugherty issued his deft to i critics and told them he was ready for the fight immediately upon returning to the department Justice irom Tho xxx hit House at the am a Tim officials clogs to toe attorney general maid that he and Tho president had found themselves in Accord in Many official Quarter show Over Tho belief remained that tins a not the last word on Tho situation. While Senate leaders continued their conferences with respect to Tho retirement or Daugher Fri senator Wheeler Democrat Montana refrained from pressing for Senate action on his Resolution calling for a full investigation the administration the attorney general. The Resolution has been referred to a committee which did tint act on it Duji Tho Day

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