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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - February 19, 1906, Albuquerque, New Mexico Page six. A a in. To of. A i. P to q to k q t f morning Jol rat. I m1n\. Lvi Runn he do Check artist my indians int Early be Lawler of settlement Elpaso Frank Johnson thought to anxious to know what Santa be pass City journalist it will do about damage suit to it. A sail it .ti1 lilt la Hill Axll ten. Of ill of the suit for Smit t Fern ii i Indian loin t <1 t the lilt ii is the 111��?�.�i development n Tho t jul x j a h-.i�, of Tho mrm Rolvin Tho dime of it of Ormy to th1 by 1 John on who a Vin la it it ii via let in a Young in in out of 111 a \ with a forged it i k. In hint thaa it looking to a a 11 -1 in in a of forehead a hol l the a. I. I i it a a Lei a of it no la i Jim re the of i a tails Mot i quot a h Man who a Aslo a s in a , the prison i a t be Moil a a. Istona on passing count erf t n i 1 pie. A. Viva rom i i in a it Day said that Peterson. Alias .1 foot been in the Benson jail for past and of this a ii to it hardly la Johnson a to loft h a Aai a k aum tonight. St met my a Sjo i a aia worked on various newspaper paso. ii get a after cashing several f Fie left the is i pm it la us neb Ami Hall dont tin is i to the Stoke of reliability the season tor new suits Spring and summer suits Natty tasty and to Date suits is almost Here and \ Sawh d the store Mem jus f. It sic in Ami . Ai h Al fail my wan local along the it uncut inca of where lost. It uis i from that town that to jump 1 again began it Man a plut >�?~�?~1 Tombstone a the rein it of a min xxx to i her Aalo. Of rat i oho Whins a i in the Iii Tath anlage. X i Ini i -1� to i u 11. In 111 to . Abbott a it a a mull 11 t a Iii ii patriotic services Iii the Albuquerque the a birth Las i Ria y i hurdle Pat riot ii him Reg Xii int1 a i if i i i in Rrt a j i score xxx to i of by Ai Ley Benne wont i Rypl in Ami the la the firm Enmor by. I it intern i Rig and of it ii vib of of he corps it ii. A. It the pm the. Min quot to hobe ii Fob Simo the Moes is Foh i its a a powder Hoose quot hoboes Rob Charles his t of fuel when Ooi veh from freight train a h Rte i ill i fifth Ltd desires to Call the attention of every Well dressed Man in the City to the fact that Spring and summer clothes and styles have been received and Are ready for inspection. Pay less and dress better is our motto and the expression covers the Case exactly. Better cloth better fit better styles better work to into the suits we turn out than can be found in clothes made by any other House in the Southwest. We have Over 500 different patterns to sleet from and the prices Range from business suits at $15 to the finest dress suit for which a charge of $65 is made. One of the stipulations of every Sale is that the fit and finish Jill be satisfactory in every particular otherwise the goods belong to us. Every suit sold strictly on its merits and Worth Cotton will be sold for Cotton and Wool for woo no misrepresentations will be made in other words a positive guarantee As to fit material and work goes with every garment sold. To those who Wear garments hearing the a Label a we Are particularly anxious to show goods and is. Brotherhood gloves orc the big Gnu Kurrent the. . In vat if. I mail i Ami i a kit ply win a tin Init of. To nut bowl a tic might to it Higa a it a Trade imbroglio causes enthusiastic mix at the vendome John form yen Dom will a Gandng i a Kama be til. Inc its ii ask cd 1 o the pm i i. tha with i tim but Lent intact. Over at the h,t11 i lately available. Hut that love a Iii bring it Over nest Day porn i. Bow cd decided that he Vav la 111 ,1 Ash in band and re fused to let thl m i m till rec to in color of 1 los re f chm its until he saw the co Lur of he Oil at i s mime y. The wire it put Cairo re my xxx hut i Jod called a quot in a Jna act which morn to a urn it xxi vigor. In i few minute 1 ii it Fin Sci i in combat i and things xxx by by for n Xiv hit i mining tile i it i a i the com. Bahts went through a �r1 re we ii Low i text door Sci mini 0 to Furi i Tare i Poth it it in a my Yhr tor a i it for it a 4 urn a til sustain it i the. Gre a l 1 x i a i. It la Gauntlet fire Ltd f re is Execl i Vii i Ltd act i t it it Lillis tip it rip Kin also Tai quot i if Glove in xxx fist length All size quot per pair. W a menus fire prot of tanned a. Rein Rcd limn ii seams It Aii a pliable in la the Gauntlet anti Rit length do Kliing that i quot to quot it Fly the Best tier ,.$1 75 Meti s Ucucu Iii blk quot Kin. Xxi a length Ivory f Sieth i quot in Ivy Stock t Inutile sewed a int i the u per pair Mph Scain a to tit any Good Servi Iii pricing o its quot ii the Market s i i Ive quot heavy mat rial made to a give Ixta quot. I quot i i pm la lie in x i Asl utter pm i ill Kuk i i Lee a i i i it Unis i quot .1x0 la a lev iffy All grades in a menus hosiery one line in particular xxv t tile a Gail at tent ton to Tillack xxx fillet thing White feet Merci tie. Perfect Tilting in at,.____ classified advertisements at am Rii Aksi Tiro a ii Chi it Iskui fists payable in Advance j a. Is a _ i a. I so x Ai. In ii Money to loan on furniture. 11 Aho. Organ. Ifor ses wagons a no other chattel also on salaries and warehouse receipt us Low As $10.00 and us High As $200.00. Loans sir,1 uni Eklov made and her Leiv Fok sail. Fok Kalmah Good said at Cost. I duct time one month Inch ularm upright no year Iriven. Flood to remain i i v j j i v ill til til1 he iut quot it still out my session. Mil a it is Alo fight. Parti its leaving town. Hoax. Ltd a s.,.p us before borrowing a. Tel i St Ca Nash in tickets to and from id Fok Salk furl auf a of of room he it Ftp the i held. _ j 11<11 to. Also Holts. Fat rent. >13 a Rill i by. Al hol>1.0.xn co., ,.of i rooms 3 my 4. <5rant hid. 1 Kix at offers foil drop incl Iii imn i a a in Ink. No him Hen. Ilous. Hold Loati do 303 xxx quot i Railroad a a in us a Ste. Ltd a a a Roooto quot is on Jujj Iii we. It i v >al1. Of time a ii tit rom i a it hot �1 A it 11 it a gift to a fwd ilk it h Hirun Oil Iii slim Ullin Jim Abii 11 of a. 1 a a a it. \ \. A a i i i x. I t worn it i la half Saddle Pony. Hmm a Aai a. Ond a ii i Barm Ami of a. Xxx. Castrp woman for general la Al . Real it Tat dealer 211 pause Kaork no washing. Apply Iii n. Xiv. Loid Ftp. Id i fourth St. I quot in Ali Ope Good Kitchen Xiv a it my. To loan from $1.00.00 i i l Anda stove. Told Avenue Iii of quot it to improved property. A i la i her air West Copper foil Sali foul rom Frame j w x a ted an apprentice in our my Ivan Bro a both Rizir it to la a ii. A Mil 11 no re deportment. Apply at the. . Vim town. J. La. Mill do Fecit Olst. Xxx quot i Ltd Opp a Avenue t1 a i Cwi i to Vry ,0.1 it -11 weit want my x girl tor Gem ii in a i for rhl5sx j .vt,5 a a a a quot ctr. I i. K Northeast of 1004 A Railroad 1. A. J h i v 1 ---11 a nue on the Highlands tin lot Xiv a n a i i. D Young lady Sten i if first us. F 2 our.11.fur. In Impi Iii ii i ii my a., r a a Xiu rat not Alo salary own Iii i a a. X. Hiitt Buiu a a quot ,1f v i min 11 j., 11 s Alm Cli. I a St 128 xxx anti mock at 315 South i third Street. To Chelp Kokiv Yukil i i quot add -. I too n Kip i ii St. In xxx a it my All kinds of detective of i inuit iwo a pm. Rug Oill St. I. A w itt a un4 Shadow lug. Address Ltd a 1,1 i quot it Kalk pc Madden the i it hinge Man. Before bus any i thing Ilell in Over Worth wanted A Sig by exp Erlem a a a a i Bou la rid. To a Hamlin it. in to North Walter. Old for ii South i Law in. It phone to of m i h a a n in a t in in a d it o i Xiv a a trip la you Kant Goh my i. Ii a it my a a far let Gib i Exchange anything talk with i. L. Wootton amp my a. 123 South third i Mcpadden 30 South Broadway. Fri a a _____________�?�?__________1 want Kedz to Exchange a goo Molt kale modern but no Loo tit k ale modern brio Gallo i $1,800 Basin is for it its property. F. A h quot quot is 1 i. My spa i b n. 300 South Broadway. Inquire m. A. Xxx l Echt. A . Of wanted Large bran and oat ii Rio room. A. A a a a quot i Sams. Quot. R Xyz ear what in cat Lei Are to the Eye. For Noons at kindergarten commercial oui building. Miss Philbrick. Of pc it Kalm Small Stock of at a bargain. T. L my a knt in a Ien 3of s Broadway j flt a it Salk a w and Aei Ond Hind to it a it a a a ,.uci.ole t Arriage do. In a i i it i an quot i a a i a a quot tor k Ami poultry cd. Doth phone. I. Of 618020 Kohl St. Of lost a Ipi i. Lost Kina 11 Brown nod White i. A i dog i it ii t to to i. Nash in a i. A it i w ird. Of i a St monday afternoon Between dec i Hon a and Post office baby s quot in Ivy to quot. In v. At morning Ira ill Lii pc t. i quot a "1 quot . -f-.. I Roo i Easl Ohal a my double harness. A bargain if mid Vii i >1 n i Vuk. At once. Mur a Patterson la did Xiv. , r vain of it xxx. I. Bryan a i it quot Alk ii c i t -11 a i it car it office in first National Bank build House Man. 3 Grant id k. Of eng Buou Erna. \ m. it it . Xuy a a Iii i a a i. Phi quot Iciano. I place. T. A Mck Pudgett. Sio South a Bijj j ii i it quot quot Hay. A a. T. A Rimolo bldg. Fop. Xii i. V Home on a a a a tub to Trei let with High Ere vim i to in two snap. T. I. No v Blo arb i currant and tic Raul m id 3>n s by it a urn. To id. To to no Given from 8 a. In. To. I i it til. T tined nurse in attendance. For kale it 11 Trade. Ranches month a Honea. V t l j xxv Itotia i a a Pix i rnai d surgeon. I it Kalm tilt Trade two room . N. M. houses. T. L my Moaddeli. 300 k. It k Brunson i t a Al w a. _ 1 Homeopath to. I it kale Cir tit add Are you Phi re and surgeon. 11, a cd i to. I i to h i it to i xxx lilting bloc in. Til of >1 talk a time. shadrach i. Via a a i Lei 3 0 By v. Of la a. La limited Ial a my nose Throat. 1 1l Ali. I. A u a quot Val a j to for Santa be coast i i. Re it it pm a key fire tie fire you but. T. Lam it Sadden so iia # nth by. My i Kau ult tit a Dili urn piano a Parga 311 stupid re 3 of k. Tirol in por i m i quot it it int rooms for Tod. A i i i til i quot i i on Boas m Villi it nil quot it int n. Fin ii to a if a Good t. L. Uffit 2134 Xiv. Railroad a. Ait i a i a in i 30 to 5 try t ii i i the i a i i Cal n. I South to i a lock. In la completed xxx in it u t. Four and file furnished. Xxx do dealer ii Llu it i All i coins. Cd Ai i kill i t hold Axen. Ill s i six bit. J. In. Kraft i Cir a surgeon. To an id i i 0 blot a Over la Holden Rule dry coups no. \. Pm on 27. Co Oriolo. It,4. M. J a Rykr in i. i Ai Ihm b k. On Osre Olp la. To hours lits a. In. To l l quot to c. In. Auto i Lei Tun. 402. Appointment ire a by mall. Do. Is. K. Ervin i in n ust. A phone ill. It a rns quot t xxx i Ding Block Over learn a a a am Kilup Noaim. _ i in ii i Gim l it. Quot it i furnished run live ,1 a Trie Light i the turn a he at. Us i housekeeping nosh u people. 42 1 k third is. It i to i i no xxx 1 11ii ii to Roos veh House. 36tu. Apply 217 k. Found 123 fur rent. Five Root it it Las t. A i Leti Trout Tutti a a i Good order. Ill , $ j 6. ,0. L. T. La Lance. 2. I Laid ave. It 3 of La. Farvo Ali. 4 h i i Engineer. Room 23, a t a nil do Vik Iii lid quot is. F. Vav. Spencer v. N. Vav a la Anh for do Art lilt to. It i 4� lid i i Nett Lull Dong. _ i to to phones. It age a Vav re cd quot a do quot att Man the Aux size Thun in ugh a ii Liias xxx i it and min Price quot arc Riuli a Xiv time a quot an exam it Biti i of Cal still in ii air 44\4 i evil quot Bill la Folly there i we a a to it pm i ii Ruers in Phon to because a Coy Al Iid a less Ail. Re i a ii la hoi a is v ii Ham of Dur n to s jury of ter an to Isle Tiido did t Chi it do -1�?� tie from quot ii by 1 Caus ens of i.,Atte vex ii the Sauk of sur rounded the cot xxx Hora Bui ached. It is hardly necessary to add that we carry a Complete line of ladies and gentlemen s furnishings dry goods notions and shoes for everybody the big Globe sign on West Railroad Avenue will guide you to the store of reliability and Correct styles. Of 11 i i. Of a Iii furnished rooms and to. Ii xxx in High Imla. i Adit Ive. F a a Iii a a four Roo Etc i it .8 i in of ii la i i Odd s Iliad apartments h. Cie ii i Light t. Of in Ali v it quot a a Ohi ii. In n a 11 xxx. Frt it find in 1 it a Nicin a it a 22. Net i Hall id the. La. Ii. Tilt on. Room if fur i. Is i it uni it hed rooms. 711 sour met to it. To i St i tax us with a i i by mod n kit Moi sir \ t fur ii quot men. Shed room All 416 North to for it \ a. The. Nine room trick ii Iii h Ami at to North if h May turd Cun Al. If k i. Lions kit i a tim d rent a Ping. A i quot \ l i w a it k rooms i k a i it Iii so quot month for in i St. 1 re ii a so i to by i Bounk Ai quot a mrs. Mil my i. I 13 xxx. St i in i. Kis i Nic it fur re a on. Groan i floor. 314 a Xii quot in Al. N mrs xxx Ilmi i \ a a a ,1 instruction. Voice Liuigi Ittig i specially. Clio. 112 South fifth Street. It a a a in a a leph��ne4 74 i. I l Vuk i ills. A. Boi cd Eft Illy undertaker. Bin it k White i uts $5.06. Com ii i a i j it building. Auto Telephone 3d. Moan to red 113. Albu Cru us nov i v i a 7 Fleischer Eal estate and Loans fire insurance surely Bonds. Light 212 quot ii tii quot via a 8rcrt, by Akupu suib 11 a Oil a 32m. I tit Haub. If $2,600 6-room big a a Tige a tit i do ugly barn Corner lot i1 ,.r 142, n. Scion Street. I $1,150 4 in m tin stage n. It Al lot ft"v14 2, to a a. Sidewalk i onto on tune $2.610 7-room, 2 a i in Frame dwelling Bath to it Windmill Edith Avreet. To. Simi i i Obi Frame new. Barn i. Ii Irons. City water High it a Tiore. $2, in ii.-i oui flame cottage Bath it. S. Amo Street $1 11,y t i it nue cottage Bath electric t in t i lose in. $6,200 4 double Bunsen inc in in a $80 per month a Good invest a Ber of Phr it ent apartments in Park View to it ii.t4 Cut rooms Modem a i Prim to throng Cut. In in Tilton room to Kraut Blo k. A tix i till bold. Pies and Mak ii delivered i inv i i of the Cliv. Wedding Ca Keg ii spool Alt satisfaction guar quot Meed. K n Balling Pioneer bakery. 307 Routh i irs Street i la xxx i la 4llt quot Ihli x strayed by Len quot be be. 15 Al i Kab 3 v As old. A but Ila if a a. Paia Rice on Lime at plod to Light buggy. 125 Reward a percent Dou i Ap�-1 d in. Quot ii a in Good business properties for 111 Gate. So $1,60" nor to room Frame cottage w. La built near Shope easy pay in ids $.,3 �0 u in in at by Brick Suita ble f if l coming boarding House of j on Highlands. I in Frame Bath Lle Titi a tit to Sli rubbery. Lot 75sl42, fourth Ward. $3,66" 7-room Frame cot tag elegant reside a no to Tijeras ave $l,3"t ii doom Frame it to Zopfi 1,2#0 4 room Frame cottage new North Mills the at Cay to t ins. I quot Imti Tow thu i pc list Igic i,. Ami j v quot ii 7-room, two Story modern a a Brick dwt song Bath glut electric lights ii Arn. $3 Soo i in Bra k cottage modern Well built Large Peilar Good Bernt id Lawn Fine to attorn West tucs Road $ t it 6�?� Doorn Frame dwelling with modern Cion nit nees wll built 8. Ari quot St i $ in in Frame voltage mod Ern Envoi enc Trees and Shrub a Iyo Corner lot final 4?. N 6 i. 1 fun i to be Trees and Shrub leery Roar shots. i put i Oan on i it Mai real i Tate i i. Hmm m of Lull of i Jwta Kilt sell rtt. I i c Lucia has returned to i pit ii. Of tile. Oum in liar Indiana. A to a a u Tobl ii Titan he would Cill the min tit of my the Ham a ii a at if it coct hint 1500 Aud a i i in til by a a lev a h top v in i in i \4 i vol i to to it u e Nisi Efing for Lio titties Timu having those in Aga docs Polo,.i doll i no it a Ani do w von b rot ouch in i tic la quot i i a in b , i Pun ii ii Lio Liling 4 Obi i in Nap id nun. I2tt. F f t a i i a Yon a Tho f a a

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