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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - February 18, 1926, Albuquerque, New Mexico Binary 18, Lulu Albuquerque journal pave five a a a wit. Hmm Mimi Iwer 15 in which the submit their essays it was announced wednesday. The contest is open Only to seniors in the main High school. The subject for the essays must be on Quot my Ideal american statesman. A the time of the contest was extended one month due to other contests and activities in the school. Mrs. I. J. Mize and mrs ,1. It. The Way the wind blew out of doors wednesday the native of us might suppose the big Bear or was it a ? of Aesop a fable was abroad trying to blow some i mycelium Are in Chargu of the in pigs House it a chuffed and puffed just like prize contest committee big Bear in the fable and it showed no mercy to the pc a visas to it an rians on the Street. Visits Broth he perhaps it was natures Way of keeping Ash curies mrs. Edward Harrison from eur society kept it a Calmer and saner Way. Instead of Roka. Kans., is Here to visit Hor a Init its hair and wailing Forth it started the lenten sea brother j. Ii. Shuffi Bargor and in two r family at no East Iron Avenue. By staying at Home. Cml or son. Edward dr., who is Many of the women who Are Active in Church Wora recovering Aster an operation for tiding meetings of Church societies and started on their appendicitis at one of the local ten program. Tile first of the devotional and Relig i hospitals. Study meetings being conducted by St. Johns cat he i with the very Rev Dean o Malloy in charge. I e with min a Tam of the episcopal Church in the entire world Lott p not Man 0f he missionary next three years will be discussed at these meetings to society of the Central Avenue old every wednesday from to i of clock during Lent. Methodist Church combined their i a e a. in help n4 Ftp Church literary meeting on tuesday Neftci members of the Guild and other file acis of me Courtn us t a Leorr Washington be guests of the auxiliary at this tune. Up rth Day party. The rooms of mrs. Aday services in the Church e auxiliary members will als j. Luring Lent. But their work v t lie done within their various the auxiliary was pledged to proviso $s�0 Worth of a hold goods for one of the in houses. A Obertson Tuth Stern Betsy Ann among those present were mines. I a Speight k to Childers Happy for seventy years As wife says you have to humor husbands f of music week luncheon clubs churches and All musical organizations to be asked to make Banner week Central Fri it Ilotti a Nett i Uhny. Dwarfs Clara Wohler not attn Myndell Etc stine.,a a i i a c. Douglas to. A and carpool May hurl Hong Badi r. M. Dorris n. M. T a Dubac la. I. Hues j. W. Hutcherson. J. It. .1 Lewis. J. It. Mccracken la. I Quot a he Charlotte Marlin. Quot a it Stern i a or it As Johnson Florence Ion society to a Ltd w it presbyterian missionary so o clock fib led. E Harrington and i s Hazel freed. My Hans Koh Sai Sical to a l airy pipers Betsy Ann Rose. Sheila Hordov. Car line Myndell. Ain d Lucite qui Tel Bozo Why will no a at Sim 0,c100�. J a re a on. Awa coon., , a Quot Quot to t the Church rim Leati Eis pm Maxine Nord Quot aus Maxine. Ltd noon will be my. A j. F. M Mdell and Douglas . A i. Chase and la. C. Don a. N. The top. S for a Kikm i m to Hartley la a. Korea and Tho America Keh hns mrs Nellie Bartley returned 11 int a buying to p to the East on Pemba she limited wednesday morning to mrs. J. O. White will hair Man of the social Horn v to a meeting. Al Suh n i s \ it \ i Vii i % Riv flew resident a til Ai Btl i attend d the to it a Given flt it at Nevi inner s Ari f a Tot Les Day afternoon taking the salinity it afforded cd in of la n i my get i the roles Are my pebbly Mel Ting rooms on tin a own state c Lea was a very jell artful tin i a lab. W hich w e pretty my Dainty with put eve Ilecki talons ii us i bad by mrs. George t Ham o k a f a it. M in f. H col l of he Alia i mrs e. T Lould. The while in the East she purchased Foi. It by afternoon at the Home of mrs Edward Puckett 2 13 Vassar ave nue for the fortnightly club s in i ump series fund Chain by mines Sachett l. M. Todd h. A. Flick. K. L m a. Iii and miss Charlotte from All indications will surpass tin wildest expectations plans for the forming of a Community chorus and securing nil orchestras and existing musical organizations to participate in National music week the first week in May were made at a meeting of the music week committee in Tho chamber of Commerce wednesday evening it was also punned that various luncheon clubs Church organizations and other societies be asked to lend their co operation and support to make music week an important and entertaining week for hic try. Members of Tho fortnightly. Lub. Who have taken jibe initial step in starting music a week talk will appear before the kiwanis Lions and rotary club i give a Short musical program and explain what music week is and. Just what support is needed to j make it a Success j according to tentative plans drawn up there will be four Public concerts during music week supplemented by music in the Homes and music for the shut ins and music in the factories. One i of the programs w ill lie Given Over Vesper service another to Hool music one to Community alg nod the other miser ism Quot sons Mist Sci entertains his 1 when Kata re made Iii High mrs it m. Miller is the chairman tilt an i Xiii nos a jump. In a inure ted than of the music week committee and chapter la unit vhf the i it it it s a mighty has for her assistants or. T. We Al or. And mrs Walton returned thing for him too will keep to fatty it Jer mrs a. V Lucero. A. From Princeton very elite la tic hot Ting \ White a. L. Birding and Earl advice of mrs. A a. Hedges so Maumee okla who is looking Forward to celebrating Lier seventy first wedding anniversary to brides who want a Happy married life is to humor the 1ms-. Ind All the time and make him think lies getting his own Way. Or. And mrs. I ledges Are shown. A family affair by Jam 111 Eles author of a a successful failures a a the Road to happiness a smothering Angel a Lier Hight to ,�?� Etc. I a a i to a Achor san ii prices phosphate a baking Iwers leaves a bitter taste in the food i cake you will be proud to Servel x70ltll be proud to a Cree Cal i made with or. Price phosphate baking powder. The Light Fluffy texture and appetizing flavor will be a revelation to your guests. And the Low Price at which or. Prices is now sold brings an Economy to the Home Well worthy of your consideration. Ring and summer tilings for the Tho High be Hoot orchestra will Tiv it Bartley shop. On the nay Home play a number of selections during a a Ppd off at Helena Ai ran pm mrs a. And Marti Hay Hailey will sing several Oles and mrs Roy Graham will j give a number of Reading. There will Aho to several songs by a woman s Quartetti on the program. Guest win attend the Tea from 13 Loti o clock. Mrs. Edward i Letnik and mrs. V. It. Knight will pour from 3 to t re Odok and i. a Wilson and or. A at the Tea table from 4 a Iii to to of clock Belles Vrtis i Iris Tim i Ries arte dub met wed a a i afternoon with mrs. Leo i on Caid so North second Street. I Nti i stuns ii la not \ is Itoh Mac a a. Heflin of East ten Ann t Rhi a Bon v us i a to ii ave Nile lit mrs. 8, in. Lowton of Galesburg 111. As her House 1 % Quot 1 51 f by the i Over Eustace they hoi talked with Ipin my of tile professors and but they nil gave Eustace uns tinted Rion Slid i Ais for i character id a hoi Quot Pray we in at ship. They bad met w tit Ermin lems Hanford were very pleased w Hli it Bis Boyish Frank be. My Beth laughingly i j they object to hint for a grandson a car that Berie. Blanche to a a is cd. I m rot deaf a Bex replied. Quot but if you re hinting that i will e anything to do with ii a John Ling us Daniil you be got in guess coming. He likes in Quot Young your let a nothing Porterfield Hyldren in your Hai to Quot malt keep my until the a i or Laid us she i Eft a Haviland China hot tricorn in tin a it. Attending tile Tea in Alderich of the in a. Ii Glen a of Moll ii a i Eul of till mrs. Edward Dave of i i mrs. I c. I att n a to x or at i ten it i j. I wednesday afternoon mrs. In entertained the numbers of a w and so club. Enier t Vins Gehm a ii mrs Rose Fie cd to e men ladies dub s of the i Valet Arn ii a i it put t o m a ii Wood ill o % t Alif. Alt k l l. I it her aute. Al mrs f la la k or Iii or l. Quiz la it City i ii it. Wart it ilk it or w ii be to. I Fua a in City Ai aim k. I a he of Lan Ardoch airs j a la it y of Hirn islet Ohio ii in Porter of Brownwood m s. I loud i. Dix Mary Helen mrk Nuht in tin n a my Clat a Al sgt us among those Nim hint a. Invitations to Tho Tea thus of Alme. It a Ellis. Lula l i Georg it off a 1 James Scott Hilt Thomas Tali a. C. Allen Albert Morris be party Floyd Whitlow e or alls Duvet Mutton a car a present at Kerman Joe 8k in to o Hal by it on Ilia nil cd Merit. Or a pled i tire in note stain Germa n Frederic id e tied in us a mgt a Iso it a Ltd a g fit Bert Al. L. Albers tuba id aliases Lillian of. A Ltd lib is i Tan a i try e fielder was to it w member. L Al of ill t it i la Lull Iii f i a to w Alt veil my ainu s alien Vav Iii Al Iii or Alii w Rota t or Ihm n i pow Mission St m ills Mill i in list w Itic w. Man it Home and for. Go i Dot try s.mietu-, if the. First la a i co jilt Ell ret w la a it thai i Day at of o clock at la Twat d a girl s. Heel the meet tug will to in Tho ii Ai it e of a a Tiehen Shower. Each woman i is fit i to bring a Kitchen utensil f a the of the school and at a a ii cards turn a a my All member of the m. Net in have been aged to Atte d hrs meeting. Blair Liy Nils. And the Liu Iati e to j Didt a a til. It. To Al to f. i Colbert f to a Alt is u Grin inter by a i nil is. Ive Greif. Roy in. W. Pirdie a Pat a Kina. P ail i a. Ii. A i i. A Rice Irgil a i Ber. Go Mill r f a 8jm< Den v. It. Or i it. Vav. I Yei i i t v to it in i Lolly hurl , gift. I Marion a a St to a very by y woman a i Way a would be but she a s also a very ii it. Co b fitted woman she thoroughly enjoyed the ii irk she did t he oven enjoyed the responsibility. 8h a Active the business had malty in i i Miff it mis allowing her change Lier and variety. My h i enough out lust Hie work to keep her hot Lith us it non dbl la buying Kab had i with a air at first it had been a Flitcr m w she had a pleasant Days i l Illy be i Fie i in is then wad in of the proposes a u. S. Of Scandinavia i eur i Lier up ired i i i to id ii i tent conch and colds Lead Incret us Fudi Elitc you can a to hem now with Freo Mullon an 1 Citel in d creosote f hat i peas att a take prom Tillson to a new a a a i Quot her m,.,if,-it discovery with two fold Cir wit de Marion a a i i ii Kennthe and hell the or mid i it r Bune in i Nied membrane and inhibits a is often much compared her germ Gri with it i. Cot of to tit i i rid in til exist of a Kilos n drugs creosote i he to i i t to it a i any a irs recognized by Hirtzi medical a ii j 11,1 i a now she wan thermos As one of the Gren test j Healing attendee for persistent \ coughs and cold amb other from lit Throat Floii Hie t Reone till Lor in a i in Odd f Oft to creosote a a of Hunting element which a he i in Beal t tie infected enthroned Arni mop the irritation rid i nil t my sit f while the Creon it fim is on to tile stomach is to that in it i to ire it that a so ail j a i Marion i a oui in in no ii ii that to rest in had to re l and in hut ill w to Nae a Ald t tie i i a ires cd then so i nil i it without a a to ii Vav i i she till troll let lift Armijo bound Over on liquor charge Telesfor Armijo taxi Driver we Given a hearing on a charge of eel of intoxicating liquor in a prelim nary hearing before it 8 Eom Nila nto Narv John Baron Turg wednesday afternoon and Lound Over to the fed nil court under 1250 Bond. Kef ego Baca represented the defendant c. C. Gero. It p immigration inspector left wednesday night for Al paso taking in custody Nick Matt Ora who Gero picked up Here two week ago for do Porta Hon. Your if not in in ii w i tile the til Intel at of the nth of r. it i Mil in i i i is sir Vii i him Alani women finn wednesday b r Rosa the grand Chalder a Eastern stain. Ammu mrs vat Btl it till Matron airs Mao i a a a rid to on a and Al Miller i p Rah i Tim n r ii m my Al Assoc Tate grand mat to u in tin offal cd Clit a by d fist of f in teen i Mill Ati a �?�1 of a my Dei a cd i a if of la n the blood n t ick trouble and Checke the get in u Mon to guaranteed sat in the treatment of per Ringha no Collis bronchial Brum Biti Mil other forms Story disease and is Etc it tor building up the system t flu Money refund my or cold is not re ii is according or Unur druggist i United stairs of Scandinavia a Denmark Norway Sweden i Inland and Iceland is being actively advocated in Northern Kurop by Hilmar it inn Irvon famous manuli Man of let tres. Condition causes constipation if your stomach and Laver Ara weak your food is not i ignited. This causes food to a hit up in your Lindy. The usual result is constipation which cause headache bid severe Gay pains. For a years Pearl have sensibly corrected tins condition by using Chamberlain s i Tablet for the tor Tschand Laver. They help the digestive Bryar v Stop Chrome Coo Tiu Avion. Get Chamthi Erlaine a Tablet today at any drug Blore Only 25c. A ter i. Aal a ii ii i a i of tic i company Atlanta j a Dot to ill cd he a j a rip plod i let i i Koi i \ in i ills Iii in a a or. A five act vaudeville v1 Eill showing today lib a tiie. I lie Dtop-t.,i h n lid to a i lome made remedy stops cough quickly flus eco. Ine iou Ever need. I stall it lib a i a in made sin about a a. Of. Of. Coes f Bijj Ead colds a a melt in a Vyon inhale vapor i i apply Fly up nostril feb a Vicks a a Varo re 21 m to a it a tit i j yrs or if i log Ltd not a a my i l \ a it is it a a x 11 11 i 0 h to ii xxi a diet i is eur k i. Ill rns hmm i i i sni Iii its at pastime theater a t if Prog in of it i x ii on i it i it i it he i a i in d in i a it ins ii six h l n 11 Haik of suffered with constipation 29 years Kellogg s a la by am brought Relief Iii 3 weeks f avers popular vote in f i k tue i k i into aide a Dou n d i court a i House i in no ammo la s t ii ii big tipi toed to Kim it i i i it in iou ill us tor j u it in a a a a. A i a ii in by which 1 Ivilo i i ared ill twine Iii just a f v Inonu it it i it. It its cheap but for is unlit ii to if Twat anything Els a a tier in i in fitly it Tupi lha a ital i git to est it old tit �4 it i. To pm int too children j la. Ami i Pur Aud Good. I a nut a but Pines in a putt bottle the till it up with Plain a a to i t a a a a. I nip. Or use Elan j a j ii uni a a Hatuey or euro syrup j i of Nim j i Imp if desired. Innit , h full a family j but a i. Ding no inure than a tin it in ally Iliad cough a i a a i ugh hied ii me there is he better by by bad Al i pro la gee i Iglus to the spot Cid a to a a la it inc Relief it i ii to i ii inflamed mein tit int that till the Throat and an. A i a i a a it it it till annoying tip Rua it i. No a a. The phlegm and to it Ori i 11 it a. I a i a entirely Toji Lenold r a Brum hit i a a a roup hoar�8 god Iii Tiei Ual asthma r a a a Iti. I unit entry self rom i i of i xxiv Pine extra Al Ita for beading Lite in nit Lam to Avo i Al appointment ask your or Ili a to form Ounema of Pine a , Liim and done to Aee ept any tin a a a i Ujj Iii cd to i. E Abms int tit fact on or Ipa icy i a f Widen Tbs pint x co., it Wayne in i when Winter comes a a r a jul \ Altube Nihira in Tbs album Utoqua Humber of of Mitis a it a bad climb. »�1 to a to i of 44ti, when Iain-1 worker turned in heir re a Jio jts wednesday night it xxx a v stated it special Bood Quai . Thuis Duy is the lust Day of i Harn it a Ign and tins lit Ilia go i spic id Complete i on f i lie Nee that the drive would in will Omi t he top a front his largest inst it it Loos Tail or How doctors treat colds and flu in lie City to the i Maine to store tiny Are All ruining i j j a Presho a d a it i wonderful to Ini such inter t and help As we ate getting and we can Ai Sill c till of them total till it l i o Pom Meres will do pm Pap by the Iii ii cd the City of a a Buquoi j us v e to going to by u Ogai a lion of workers and xxx will ilk Boid and work on anything that is fir till ultimate Good of ainu qui t to i wish that i could per is i Illy we it Niue every by int Iii Tai by Mil i Cut to do is Polit icly assure them thai the it Tim it liar of pot Merca will Tarry on Quot Ai til completion of the a let of All members will i c made Public it we a announced la is Ais intended to see Fiat to a the Meta air divided into a a Iii in i to break up a eat overnight or in Cut Short an Attar of j u rib a info tiatia sore thru or i no Tiu and druggists ate Row re commending put to punned snit refined re la hoi rom re und Tat let Tibai a i Vee Viii the elects of Calomel and Valls come me a Hoot lha Ulm i a Lea Sarn effects of Elthy i tin of two a in has at bad a i be with a a sin w of Watt a Tat ail no gals on nausea i not the silent�1 interference with i your Chili a lots of a leaser Nifgi morning Eon cold it a vents lied tool Ftp item to Thor to my t of and you a facing tins aph a be it appetite fat breakfast eat whet yen finesse a no danger get a to Quot in Ion a is contain not Filiti n a a ii re of in in cant at Ani drug slurp a lad i jul i Alf it Solis us it it a. So that mat take Quot up ran big foie int Uke 192� the n in Hist cry of the Ting Well until in a cd t us k 1 of w ii y. Ii Vock a Ling any brought plans to a to in it Ion Nedr. Roloff addresses club on Quot be ready or. W versa to Tut e. Koto for of the ad1i�?�?�?�-�?� i Tbs n Foley Honey and tar Foh Colm us amp colds Cut the out la is Bohin Boney soft tin i a a Booi feb tit b Holt in i t 4� c Cage a a i44ia Ifft Tiff to to attic it Vlf to a lit a c a it to a in to it. I aft s to Sung. My ii in Assof toss it i a a to a a a a i int Inbi to a i a a a , Cut lit lace incl a Upu a to 11,. A Iii. Venus you will to a Hun a�4 Jud May no Fanti Iii a re Tim 1 Koll Kyer v a ii Lue of Iii High Ai Hoof subject Quot a Heady at u i Beld wednesday morning i off said that the work it a Bool St intents were doing Unda mental he Mir Tan it to Oik in later Lear re a 0 per tent of till going is insets fall within the lira us because they a not i Bow to run u Iii a soil m manner. Dark a off pointed Cut the Poi i unit in of Hie accountant i Man i a to a Art clerk. Ile also stressed the Point of in it a nag Lueota. A Tut tit a of m the a a a to Fig r to a High aaa of their it that into fix grandmother knew Thor a nothing in lower congestion and cold Arn Mullan but the old i a a pumped Mustard a latter burned Aud Tilp Jered vier the i i let and Hen Hiat Muai Ard Uia sters in be Aitt Mut the a Bisci aim Dot Holt Fie i Tissier by list gift a Dis it it if a Iran Ait i Linnet to made a la Al 1 Rtula ird Xci in it it in act Bow Dio Kiy be mph Flis Iha tvs i by blurt i a to ast Throat Fofi t 11�v, i Ltd Tiftz Iii if Mii. Stilt neck a a Luna neuralgia tip a by be x Tiges us Ai. Pie a icy my mini ump. Ian Triggo. Milf my us ii a it the Iuka it Hants or Ama Gar Nup Ira Hrut Rachil ill Trot or try Tref told >1 Tbs Chest Ai Ilia Yge veni jars i i a Ike Barret the m Mutt at j tum tar till the me Modi la Billie i a Ilie it no Nav i alter 8woi tug i a it stitching Etc. I i Iii v n it urn phone Lui a six n Fth

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