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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - February 18, 1926, Albuquerque, New Mexico Albuquerque morning journal a n ind e p e n u i n t n k w up a p i 11 published every morning except sunday by journal publishing company on sunday Albuquerque j Ourn a l-1i e Bald r. M. h. P. office.310 West Gold Avenue telephones. Will of evolution and Kindred matter but not All the White House a a nags Are mechanical Vuu will have to give him credit for that u eels i Oil. Worst books 66-6 subscription rates kor Albuquerque one month by Carrier. 6-rc three months. S x months .$3.75 one year member audit Bureau of circulation member of the associated press the associated press is exclusively entitled to the use for re publication of All news credited to it or not otherwise credited in ties paper and also the local news published herein. Thursday february is 192$ the Santa be conflict the clash Between Tho Federal prohibition agents and officers of Santa be county is a striking example of Lack of cooperation in enforcement of the prohibition Law. Charges of assault with deadly weapon have been filed against one of the prohibition officers. Another agent was thrown in jail for about ten minutes because he had no credentials. Prohibition director Stearns believes his men were interfered with while in line of duty and will file complaints against the Santa be county officials. All this trouble occurred during a raid on a Pool Hall. Santa be seems to have been taken Aback by Tho new methods used in the raid. The old Way was to get evidence of violations and swoop Down upon the abode of the bootleggers or Hooch makers. The method which flabbergasted Santa be was a Knock at the door a display of Money the Purchase of a bottle of Quot booze Quot sipping a couple of drinks and then a quiet departure. Later a warrant was served out and served by the a s. Marshal. Santa be county officers evidently could not believe the men who were armed displaying Money Ami purchasing drinks were prohibition agents. Whether their deportment was All that it should have been it is unnecessary to did cuss. The r Nilica Between the two Acta of officers establishes what has been claimed throughout the state and county at Large As Well that there is too much ii position to throw tile responsibility of prohibition enforcement upon Federal agents entirely that other officers Wink at these violations of the Law. Old age in new Mexico interesting perhaps but far from conclusive will be the results of the questionnaire of the new York Public Library on Quot the ten worst books of the year. Determination of the Quot ton Best Sellers is possible without Chance of error and it is within the Power of any Library to ascertain which volumes Are most in demand or which class of literature is most popular. These Are matters of record. One might readily designate the ten Quot worst but who will make so bold As to decide for another which arc the worst publications of the year on nothing do opinions differ More than on literature and the standards by which books May he judged Are As Many As there arc readers. Popularity is not a measure of literary Worth. Many Best Sellers Are not deserving of the name literature imperishable literature enjoys the least contemporary favor. With rare exception popularity is proof of a books unworthiness of great harm is not to be wrought the quest for the Quot ten worst books Quot should classify the answers according to the occupation age and cultural standing of the persons submitting them. Far More interesting than a symposium of opinions on the Quot ten worst books Quot would be a classification of the authors of those opinions. 55r?p and Why dont / nil \ v it Vav fat there is truth in the statement that every housewife May become an individual Quot bread Trust however Many will prefer that somebody else do it. Scientist estimates that Sun will Burn it self out in a billion years. There Are Days at this time of year that appear to he a million years in the future. Scientists who says human ear is growing smaller overlooked the fact that ears of Many women have disappeared. At last the sea going Hack italian Engineer plans to drive Auto from Mustol Hiland to the United states. By Cha ilk Kinnaird bawling the empty cry of a Liberty Quot in his unique monthly de Howe ironically exclaim a How we love the word Libert get in every House a signboard might he erected Reading a no Liberty in this House a a at tile Entrance to every town a signboard containing these words might be erected a no Liberty Iii this to it i n a in new York Harbor a huge signboard might truthfully read a no Liberty in this country a a Why have we judges tails police officers Quot to punish those who think they arc free to Dot it As they please. A we Are not free it was never intended we should be. A a i of of rules is placed in our cradles Ani we never get rid of it until we teach our Graves a then we Are free and Only intelligent observant men know this is True. Yet whatever person goes about bawling a Liberty a is i Token in a on As a great hero a True Benefactor of the people. V Liberty is a dream. When lie claims the privileges of organized society thee individual is compelled to sacrifice his in it Dom of will. Ile can neither decide in r act according to tile demands of his own personality. He i it compelled to merge his own will int the general will of the state. For a few this is a painful sacrifice but to the majority it is not. The individual Iii society cannot decide even about Iii Iii family of fail s without running counter at times to i the judgment of men about him. The first lesion he must learn Iii organized society is a decent respect tor t opinions of Mankind. Mean w a n la a License Lac Milton observed. Atter All what most met Are thinking Freedom is privileges for Theono Ive alone Liberty Quot j of when they i. Ii Send your boy to College to that when he grows up maybe h. Can learn All the traffic if i Laws. Many Are invited to weddings because their presents Are needed then is a House shortage because houses won t make sixty Miles an hour. Ittle j a Belays in note Book by r Lee who a who in the rays us Kiu \ i is. \ Ion it. In out it get political it girls must Wear More clo i tits is new Beach Rule Senate votes to pay vow avg we. Quot i for Cotton soldiers1 ,. It in in. Seized in civil War Wasi ung to it it Nib 17 up to tannic War Day vote i to ted mrs v a. 1> von. A r ii 11. I a a i sex -. Kiti. J 7. 6.�t for too Bales of Cotton d i 11 us a get i _ i a la Kalm aka ii. I my a hug a hot it Root in this country when a centenarian is discovered reporters flock to his Home to learn just How he managed to attain that great age. In now Mexico especially Mong the native people v e so frequently get stories of people who live beyond too that it draws hardly More than the Ordinary death notice in the newspapers. Just the other Day there appeared an account of a woman who lived to he 120 years old. The family is said to have had records which verified the claims to tin age. Several times recently there have been death at i t the age of too Vav to know of the grandmother of one of tin leading Busine nun of the City who is still fairly Hale and Hearty at 110 years of age. Longevity seems to run Iii a Good Many native families among people who live Normal Active lives. And we take it so for a anted that w e Seldom Ever inquire a they do in other states As to whether or no they were vege j lamas smoked or used liquor All their lives. But Nom of these things account for the longevity Here. It must be primarily Yew Mexico a climate and a Cli Phi n not to worry and fuss the Quot Manana pint if Vou please. Albuquerque is not Aloin in Hen cd by ties. Elpaso is having a w a u disunion Over whether it i rigid for the t by 0 carry fire insurance on the fir a i diluent buildings the mayor a a surely Hgt firemen can get in action it tune to put but a fire in their own building in want to drop the i surant e exp ast. A forgotten name i Jally we mourn when a name i i gotten. But not always do \ it a i re men Ber the name John Thorn scope i you do perhaps that is some credit it Scopes. His name is recalled to mind from the fact that an in tempi Ling reporter on the a i ago new Hunt d him in at the f Iii verify a of Chicago and us i to push him into an interview s opt of it Hibi t to escape All he would v was that in was the Bigg a Job of his life or la putting to comme re a1. \ tag the no Tori to be received a Day Toti in wants Udet. He w air to a Lei a if you recall Tho aftermath of the a rid us evolution trial of will remember that thee told Vou he would go d o the movies that hot would be in audit lib at a Preti y fancy salary pm r we a. I to to. Lie Hal out and went Back to by of. La i. Iglitz Lav done a i Iuo it a. A a ii Grange hot bad thai to it 1 Range Hasni to made All that a it part agents claimed it com a sri. A rung the detail men that pre Agen a a a it a. Money but Grange has Dona to Well m capitalizing his Fame Scopes weighed All that and be i hat he Rouhi rather be Worth v a a Verne is Worth Over a considerable Poi i in finn and Iii a Field of a than be Iii Only iou buy Iluk y la. A it oms it to in k. My ii to kill tort ii �<1 a i 1 a in. I i la ii in i Irver t and i a no but it me Mote comp hire tit ii a n it ked to i v. La Lier s u la Tut i it City conf in a that us i uni. In the Good old Day a i a to it t o Don in to to til the the hitch up die hoi Kab. Plow in lie a t of Jill t in. At Ida ii Apo. I duo his by re a 4. A id of to i a Auld a hired ii. W to in d i shipped a d old Sou Llulu j hat us better than whiskey for colds and flu the $ ast r i ult ii in Nti mansion of silo <1r.� Trade drink a tile two minute cold or to or a r Hutto r Turver or run i by the la Bora tortes it a a a a a it it i it to i Yeti. The r de Lux f fort a a a a a Nipper a Ved acid to a t in to i tip a v endorsed to a Ute it Sheet to t h Ort t Lek Sod proclaimed v the a a Quot pie a ten time a one i and a a in n. Who Tkv a cd arid Rve or Ai v other Odd knit Ltd it shr in in h Ive Ever tre Lau drug nerf Are tor re led a fish the wonderful it or no hive h Ivy to Dot to step into the ova re. T Dro Tore Hind the clerk of a Dollar ?.,r a i Quot tie of a i tonal 01 Tell him to Erve Voo two to Asp Quot Fidh with your itch in Volf Hind take the aint ii Rock Vou p or re i inn t h invite try u. Thic re Irv Tien 11 fat re a i a i the i Trese a i t it Din a in get n he time t it u r ii. Tor a i a it in a nil expect every Hoff a doing or of the hot f Ftfe Ami Rutlt try fat he. To of Iveth tnt-1 the Moil Irreg Cook h remedy for to tin to fitted Starr Hai croup at n. Up at night at i sell i i jul Eyer amp Meyer offer t i in 11 but i or j Santa be Detour company fills state papers at a a of flak prices a nip a a i Utt Al mar a Misc buying for Ltd or Throe birr lures in tables us to cd Are p. M t Rem the ii Ai by. To r far lower than the average. Vye Fass these by to vol. And we offer All the a a at the three Price i to i ir4 Siv tug a to it a a "9 i a a fir a a f i Gal la i i pro More Eye Strain fashion arbiter say Long evening ores to due Quot re tails f i u ii pit pipe attachment tic lip Encl aged with a Ach Tutu til everybody should know t eel r lie streets 8. To i a. 114 West onto a1 at nut

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