Albuquerque Morning Journal Newspaper Archives Feb 17 1924, Page 16

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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - February 17, 1924, Albuquerque, New Mexico Our How to care for Iii of driven like on expert y it it. Swik v Olds officials talk business at annual dinner Shenandoah undergoes repairs for i >1,1. Flight Alabama prison is destroyed by firl of unknown origin a p or try if Distant iof Oft wit la of a t i. It mar of lira a to of Montgomery Wei Herd into a min arid Bon v to report. Tift the Camp it id o i o lain of the How to steer your car in tight Corner i lib up by graft la Fth rat r t a development m i to a let a at i will hot by tsp Teoff Eon or sex Raj Ltd practice. I take St if our Only tear a to tor in of a net y w v i t i Good 4nv�r, and if take tor t me however to Fin out f or it on Nill pro bal v a St a aft a a to a Anil my 5�td seam much falter it you a. A a i in to i 5 a Quot r t and make Ltd v Clother Eta dying the r vein 01oft i f i mtr a la he ran tora Arm j or. Up Jar in la do i ,. I to of a it i. A still a j in pc baby Metal ran a thong Fin am mkt at Lar i a a a Drmic a Sot a to. V the Are Reft in thin a a Atia. It i a. I it to e to dhow of lame t n tit tart to e a fat e o Point i Quot do if that we her it foil to Lerome goo a Kcf Shorter time than Ion win w to the Good Maxwell Nul learn the finer a a nor it a. T a Marife v club Sedan you can to match it for All round Utility Onao the fire thing Yon v Art to cultivate i Hoar to Jade Dylan e. It Zyx Voa Are driving Down a Narr Are Erp Hill whee there a a barely room i enough for two to pay a i re to or fat w the 1 Rake pedal Ana i suddenly find out that the brakes y id a eco Tinus to i 1nth Anta Oblia amp or my in hmm a War do. A a a a a Quot a a a a it a Rwjr a >.?� oks Motol but aet a a he ennui cited also Clit an to a a ill a a w urn Dent fit of i b a it tray or it a a a it aft it it my of to a to afr Vojo tie far Point in the talk made at Tho a in Mil of Oldsmobile and Vry Fri Fern de or to Field o set try 111 la How. T meeting. J v a t i he Sami. Home. To. Your Xvi. Hav n both flare in of the at the time. It Ken. As Cool a. Ami ear. And fix or Eye on the of motto of Penda upon j . A a other t to it fir la and All the titties i tit Najj banquet to a if try to. Eve Ftp held by to of Mer than �t0 do inc the i h fat i a a the i la be in Fri rubber a ran a a a j a a it. The ear you Ami a that t e of your Ste a and Tascol left. Said or. Knit Altic. Staci of any re no of beae could a or log 8iy a a feet be Ait Tomo Dolfi ind i try. New Vee to Myloh the automobile Bredeen put have ehanrft/1 motor or to see Consia of trebly. Just Whit the rend Art i to during f a it next a it j rare is Heit Lff closely it tilled by ooh Era motor a engine Eft t Ibber Industry has Maie Wona erf ii Foo Green. The Leo p reel u re to a no the a ire a indicate a new it p for was re. A a we have Only aerate-he4 the to Rance that eel Alloy a re off old highly of Fie. Int a them now be a Jef one g Aioli be f us a for be a 12 automobiles fuel Ltd to an i efficiency development Baa been a Noni Ore Ainee 1912 by Wiener a Quot of or. Font Meta have Bren slowed by general a tora Durinik ,1m past year of or the Market log of Athel con throng a four of the. Kuwait fuel Corina is it one a a spoonful of this element will entirely change the of a fault a Quot it commercial a Soli. A a the Point where it will Marv times the previous a 1-Etancy. Arg Hardy president e olde m motor Wori gave figure a to Chow that drink the twelve months ending Jane 1953, i j it f m a a i \ j f.8 Cla k la f01 cd. A Quot i p i car just Mitt t i 4f� h Upu clan c first to one Side then to the a he veil Arr bad to to use a a ant of spate hat it and e ? or r in into the approx it inc car or to the Side of the Road Many Ama ups have occurred i it or became Croft used is Aff Avo of Tco a a Maroon Poad to nor Tay to i it of of j Oil Ca Hoac Ano a jut jams to it cup it Kay f a a .5 of Ltd to App Taco a it a per Ai a 0 a at Yoo j Jit ass no ud5vad5, Wmk the. A a a. 9. S. A of a in the. Rtt a a a Quot it 1 asses Virttie Mari in a i w. To. A dont pm the. Pushed on the reconditioning of i repair the damage Dene i ship s Capa Bilyue feature of the club Sedan. Mill find a room Hod. Ample for foil person. The aide door and detachable upholstery permit the Carrini of heavy Bulky articles goods of almost every kind. This Happy combination of Cne Ible or de and genuine Comfort is built on the Good Ell Chassis ii in Anuran c of dec Noah a economical performance. Farm information service in such both i Hendon Stylce air thu of left Mak it Oill of. Mumi \ hot a Wood motor company Bah cause the when he Fried to i Oak St hath Des i a the one t me steer Ai Clos to tic the county Wool an tensions it Xvi a spent a. By nary fourth of f ten jfu11�?~i on la f so la Raytis a ,.ti�?~>i� 212 214 North fourth Street phone 550 we wan i an agent in every town in new Mexico dais fads a �?�1045 f. A. B. Dennis it Quot in ,. A a a _ a a i inc of Quot Lime. us a i aide of that car you a a y can then if inc it its room you Pas safely. To a ame a i be Fob wed a i or drive m in traffic keen vow Quot . Pal y on the car on your left Ard von a i not scratch or smash your mud Are a often As you Quot i if Quot a or or it in Narro Yucca a a both sides a once. The 1u Quot inn show another had for the inexperienced Driver a baseball players Are at hot Springs i a a a v 5 a a a a a a Ltd a i i trn Quot heed sow it v f Raki n the Rad that a Quot have to step an Elk Rioff a s put cent of the Ca were produced by is makers Dunn the Cia months following the re Iod to of Lane maker tweaked their a a to to per c a the Wilt a cause other Campania to Ieese a j 5 Iii a d make rams movement be fog Yon ran get around it. When you come to a Cor Tift of this kind do not Hig the in tide Comer too co cry. Giant a the d Igram and you will so Ilia t von will get a turd much can f 1 re i you drive in in it the Lur Comer in in a i then Rev err a j hit a it a a of Syl Ryffe will i bring you four it the corp it to Cha nor. Cav movement tile Driver who Ertee Viies of Quot a r a t comm to a Rry a Wilt Arclo find i a a a. A Quot Quot Quot ii in a Oit nation a Here he a to do some fancy steer no to avoid a a a 1 acc meet be Small the result it f careless one. On the favorite suburban car Chevrolet Jeiz Ai of t a Xuy in a d Okai by hem. Till it. Aero drink to air of Fra a a in proft that Cotta to of Billon Jerry Kph to vn1 on v that lanced j my kit it Ca a of re be r Aluta or. Harit a to re to in left of Well 015nab n it pans it a a a 0 u f the it out in. At Elf a it a a a hush a a Brief % without �-f941tion o f ,k r Narg fit or wet the a e. Fine a a a r i of a no of Tift Large to Oju Panitt to Stiv Nihil owners Tath % be i of speaker tided a. V i sum Felt sch a Avo older i hut of xxv k a i r it Olds ffi0bll# 4i a r Bittor f in a m Omana j. We 1,�, a to of iwo bit a fire Lictor far r % i i Foueti la c Fuji pry t a toll Eto to neral motors v a f Otaw f i a t 0 0 few 11 it f. T5 is o ant in to it. I u k p c f a my. Tor to n and k. Earn a let a in of to amp eve a fill it Lowe Waul com i a a it of Pkt Geer. A a a in As t a a a trp or a Erldene. I Tome on part. The a f f f,8vt ment timed in pet Dom or tale the be testify for brain a per cry order. A very Large number of a ideals Are. Aug a by failure of the Blake to a properly in an emergency. The brakes Hood be deliberately tested at least a Nee every week of no arc using Tho card at is mile an hour two wheel brakes should he ? to Stop the ear in v of. Or if yen i w 4 wheel Brak a Ftp thou i be Abl to r in in 14 term to Kcf i it a Der then h Yon want in a i to Hon Varr hew to use them properly. If you bar1 to Jam on the Brake bar n v and feet the rear of the Earvy in to a id relieve the pressure of them for the fraction of a r.--4 a his Yon Fra Lohken up the a the if brakes another re Jab keep your eyes Oten. Train yourself to watch for Chi Deer pay Fiig n Cha Road. Obsta Ationo round Corner Vav of for in. A"1 play m1 in veer j a act under web cwt Erol that you can a All time bring it oaf Fly to a atop Vuk Tun a a nov to front. Superior 5-Passcnrcr Sedan �?T795 f a Flint. Much. M it week Hom. Stadden a. It Ltd at10n of b f a k no clutch harms mechanism of cae used car bargains Caf Abt. I a by Rte bal in a big a 192 i Ford Sedan $450 1921 Ford Sedan. 275 1921 Ford touring 225 two l Ord Ion i rut k. Motor vehicles outnumber steam coaches six to one tiie i r in or Fhi iodch1 Elf of i i i it c Iti it t it $250 and 325 five Ford speedster a and is 1921 Hudson up cd Mer Hobbs Quality cars Oldsmobile six five passenger touring c or do you want a Packard. Hobbs has l i to do von want a Ford Hobbs has it do you want a Buick a Chevrolet a Dodge a Studebaker Hobbs has it i quote a few prices urn in. ,. A a $ 75.00 r rail ii a a i by Tarter. a six 250 i i a Croli l i no. 150,00 i or it a t our a 192l. 400,00 Dodge touring. It 150.00 terms and fro Defi arranged Mark tac Ain Vires gears axles. Accessories. Hobbs motor company 515 West Central for the Zamft that lives in a a to Bur Buti or country Home Icv Tielert passenger Sedan la the Ideal All year car. It Baa ample Power to negotiate any Road any automobile can travel and through cold or storm carries the family to ease and Comfort its Price is so Low that almost any family cat afford it even though Anoa her car is owned for rougher or fair weather lift it is a Quality product in which the whole family can take Pride vet is East to own to maintain and to operate. Its full Modem equipment in eludes Cord tires plate Glass win Dows dome and dash lights High Grade Uphof outcry and late Hor fittings. A set it before deciding Oil any car priest a with. My a amp a too 1921 Buick 6 tour my 475 1921 Oft Rland four touring 225 1921 Dodge roadster 425 1919 Dodge touring 300 j923 Dodge confined Cial True k so i 1921 Chevrolet four my. 125 1919 Brisco roadster too Twenty five Obei seven a fue Dollar up trades and derm fur every Hod v. Mcintosh Auto a company i 311-315 West Copper open sundays. See Chevrolet t a at these dealers showroom a a. A nor tax i i a i i i a it it it it m in i i nor i new Muter 1 a v f r i p jul a a a i ski i vat it a of Mir Sas i i be u Orison amp i loss a fast Lar Vegar to maidu motor co Katon Niaj Trail garage log in meafrh�?~�1 Abraham us i in my. Tao no Maarta Auto it Man Mora garage Kom la it it a 1 Sion 0 Mon i i re i a so 1 it t no a go nov it work a i x Hinga a i t it. I Arage soc it it Fri it i Ork it i Nidai it. A a hot motor Obj wily a it ton Oft 11 to i a i it us it % Lam of co o. Ltd forgo a re tag Viox la \ i l i it to it Cipf la of l l Mati i it it it i pm it ? morning journal re Brno a it. 1931

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