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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - February 16, 1926, Albuquerque, New Mexico Parc four Albuquerque morning journal i no Epi Nuli it newspaper rub Dhoti a wry morning except sunday by journal ium.ish1ncl Compau sunday a Luu que que join Vinal Herald r. M. Be i be Uda a. H. I Pickrell. Office. Teb photo is. Publisher mid tor ,310 West Gold Avenue .6c-67 entered As second dts matter at the Post office of Albuquerque. N. Al., and entry Santa be. N a. Pending under act of Congreve of March i i 8. J -1 j. Sch i it ton rates mor Alriq Lekiqi b it it a it Mon til by Carrier. F,5c three months a a Sis months. One year. Member audit Bureau of circuit Ion member of the associated press the associated press is exclusively entitled to the use for re publication of All news credited to it or not otherwise credited this paper Ami a so the local pews published runt y it skirts of less than the length prescribed by him. New Yorkus new mayor proposes to make Broadway dry because it is the big butter and egg men from the West who keep the great White Way lit up All night and then go Back Home to vote dry and paint shockingly red pictures of the Metropolis. Hut there is always that last Straw which Breaks the camels Back. And the spine splintering Straw this instance is the Banning of corned beef and cabbage Chicago s fashionable apartment hotels the Sanctity of the Home exists no those other losses or threatened losses of personal liberties might have been stoically ignored but deprivation of his Quot Corn and a a must turn the patience of the most patient Man to Wrath if not to open revolt. No need to be sick tuesday Une cited during the barrage raised Congress Over the alleged aluminium Trust the Public refused to become excited and there some question whether even the buyer 01 aluminium cooking utensils look 1 int to be what Tho noise was about. No More disturbed is the Public Over Tho proposed formation of the Ward Hood products corporation a food Trust Quot and the suit filed by the Federal government for the purpose of preventing this merger of several Large baking companies. And yet this combination is of nation wide of a and concerns a food Universal and daily demand. Obviously the american Public has experienced a change of heart the Tim Quot i Issue la was Only a relatively few years ago that Roosevelt was canonized by the multitudes for rescuing them from the it Rushing clutch of big business through i to Sherman anti Trust Law but today a 52,-<�?�00,000,000 monopoly fails to Arch Eyebrow. The reason is self evident. I his age recognizes certain advantages to the ultimate consumer from the monopoly and Quot big Combine a the form of lower Cost of product improved products and better service. The danger from the Trust is not its monopolistic character but its Power to fix prices and there Are now government agencies which make this danger Remote. Public opinion would have the antitrust Laws enforced after the Enterprise a taken advantage of its monopoly to to t prices unfairly rather than be i Ort the monopoly exists. The time May be nearer than we think when the reputed chinese practice of paying physicians for keeping their patients health rather than for treating them when sick will be Universal civilized lands. It is Ideal Worth striving for. Great Progress has been made searching out the Means of preventing disease but a the director of the Rockefeller foundation said a t Vav Days ago we Are not making practical use of our knowledge. Now come sir David it. Bruce president of the British association for the advancement of science and chairman of the governing Board of the i is r Institute of preventive Medicine strongly arguing the possibility of virtually eliminating disease civilized lands lie is credited with having controlled parasitic maladies the British army during the War. Sir David declared that a Medicine future must change its strategy. Instead of awaiting attack it. Must assume the offensive i must no longer be said that tha Man was so sick he had to Send for a do Tho More the doctors accomplish along them indicated the better but not All of Tho preventive work can to left to to a . They can discover the Means of controlling disease and show tin people what is finial to be done their own interest but done unless the people Are Price for improving Contin Money Cost of get diseases would not nothing will by willing to pay the editions. Probably Ting rid of prevent Ash be nearly As great As that which we pay a a consequence of sickness. Sir David i ired economic loss from 750,000,000 annually ,000,, the unite i 24 estimated the this a list at England and tales. And tin i advanced Hygiene the done important duty that Clear indicated by Uch a the Rock Feih r Oun Dathy i a countries comparatively Medicine sanitation and Atli Rai it constantly Falls. Lie ahead i David and e is Are growing larger due to Cit c. We arc told. What of eyes Alwa it straining them Days of re relation v railroads prosperous to the average american nothing i More encouraging or gives greater Atis foe Tion than evidence of increasing Prosperity and stability the part of the Colin try a railroads. There Are event i Rea for this. For one thing Railroad profit Are accurate measure of general economic conditions. Then the Railroad Are one of tin nations few truly National industries giving a livelihood directly or Iii a tiredly to millions. fact the entire Industrial and commercial by it tem is quite a dependent upon the Railroad a the rail a oads Are dependent upon it rite i dress of thousands of raid Oad to Holder afford still another explanation for the Public concern for the Waif Ard the railroads. So the Public found Gratifying to tin sex i re me the statistics a tin earning. Of the principal railroads 1925, showing it Ream net earning of More than 5150,-000, Over 1024 and of 51,125.000,000 Over the 1020 earning.1. Tin car the r id were returned to private management. The increase net income w Dot not Only to greater freight traffic Bitt a1 to More i ice it and economical operation. Vial this efficiency and dec Macsi a i e result largely of enormous capital expenditures the i a vide be of the Load management Are the Laa ii that Widle Gilt a operating Revenue is w Ere approximate 2 per cent Abov. F i. Pilot v iou v car a and i r to by v to used 0 per it id the operating sex Wert a y i per i Cut higher. The i to rid a Boom and Industrial. Mug Otic r Southern Tau it pin. The Rand tin Southern dwt t it 5.01 a r cent the or capital la f it Coin Pat ii with the average Iii i eel a i \ he Cut ire morning journal february 1026 who a afraid Ike by Clark Kinnaird Sun i attic g 1 nays note Book. Curing the sick with a hip Man All his infinite Wisdom improves slowly. Once he punished those he Calls criminals by drawing and quartering them or by merely tearing out their eyes. Now he bums them to death with electricity or locks them up to contemplate their sins and devise More intricate Avans of tooling the police when they get out. Some Clay he will realize that criminals Are Only sick men needing to be treated As such that caging them like wild animals can never cure their distorted and diseased minds. J not we hear much today of the crime wave its causes and i Pye cure. A shoot them Down without mercy a cry some. A builds More Gallows Quot cry others. Occasionally some thinking Smit rises to remark that five thou and Veals of failure ought to he sufficient evidence that such methods do not cure men Ott criminal desires. W hats the solution one Harry a Meyers while waiting to die at the Hangman s hands wrote this a a wild Rose cannot be torn from it native Heath trails planted into a Flower bed and be expected to produce blossoms like a cultivated Plant \ a nor can the criminal be taken Trout his environment to j inured for a season prison and be expected to be a Docx citizen. A the to per tiling to do is to find out How much Mac Loti Genet he has and give him the education he needs j55 a Vit must remember that intelligence is not acquired inf inherited whereas education is a polish. _ f a Elf a Man Lins the fundamental base for this polish it 1 the cell Ltd of society to see that lie gets it. \ prison should be a College where the mis educated a Ferial of a glorious manhood is salvaged not a pest Hole swarm w Ith other Blind groping humans. A the motive and incentive of humans singly National and Universal is selfishness merging a defiantly into Priutt Fojt i is. One cd is anything for Wuh he expects to get nothing thu a the criminal does wrong far gain Arni will do right it i Hue Send values is substituted for his false ones provide j he May be taught that his gain however measured will a i greater. S this does not put the Caw per be try by any Means my Unni Tuu i Ilu Juv i Aho can say to it this d a me Man now Cicada did not pit who a who named among those his Finger lip la the eau e of the i Dure of our system of wha la Day new having $200 land we Call Justice to end tile deluge c s crime Rio Grande project j washing i Miu mime i Benito Milf Oil i former Washington urn it ugh of becoming a Hon a a , another Naiad get is a Fra i he i and my w the bated breath to ,.n ii. T i ated sch Ltd a i ultimatum to gemini i Obj t pro the tor red was Duei at Chih Bien to Brail Ere a. I is. Val were a the Arr Foon has narrow escape wreck so Albuquerque woman miserable could hardly stay feet and do housework but sensational Medicine has re stored her to Best of health again a i just i nervous t a Wink of sleep a u t a i i i to i tilt a to my Quot i Ewort ii. T d tits thing 4 o a i for it Quot she declares. A i f the Allied ii i. To. I i Ivl jul Vav ant to Tell Over a la j i when Allumi Querqui it what to or hid i he v. Rid thin Karns k is la i of All u Han driven by done fur to t <1 a Tare. Mall h i r a f ,1 tin of of labor. Ii l of 3d Hun it que. It a m. Iron Val us wife of a v a i Ai eat injured is i i a a tier. no is to rail a Vou Kab lurid us i i Tanh l of k Irti i k j re tightly it w. I we a put i. It be to i r it a of . i i Adular i if i a f la i nil a a j tilt h it f i a a a it by i .iu�>9 or i inning Star i �h<1 it of a ii to i <1ii a i of Cavo \ fun i had Quot j to a Liard Quot a fully is i la rundown co ,. i a it if f Tho i bated i inn. Live i it Hlf a ital my i ate die Al stomach wan i i a it i i. Ai f my v a ii a t Why. A pc. I la id a i nil h the ii i k a if i Ting ii. Ii Jyhiem do i f # if of a Roll to Tifi flu Fri j and i.i Ca. I it a owl fire my ired a ii i p go i to till Uhd a. A a i did it t Kab o a bul to do i had i ted ill is ii buy s it i s first Bot i hts Takin Fri no a arid can eat any thai i it i Bathyl done Tatj re with Tiiu Ion or St or the s i but Kone rot t1 tiers c ssh t i Rhesha i. Us do h1 i to it it if it Hen >1 Ever v Ai a i from the time i Iii a is. My i j to i Kun to i lit Ion nil t a it a a r tile i k no i i till a it Quot t s Bot Fly a. I m a a Unity of i is ii i can t g a satisfaction by Wie feel ointment y or piles Whitt. House is unsafe because of weak roof the Las Straw and Blind p . Bile a Public i fare. From Maru Sbur of the a Force. J again. Quot i Arkmo i lated into Piv War a parked a it the new dictator threatened Imp Quonn thu venture Forth the of tombs my Trover hone he Clen War prices o Al i blk i there s a genuine Gatiss to it Aion getting the most for your mom a no matter what of spend it for Lake the Mallet of Toal for instance. To get Lite most out of your Coal Dollar iou must fir Rev a f iks. The Aal that produces most heat per Pound for reality it s heat you but when you spine Money for Coal. Hagan Coal is Semi bituminous it produces As h heat As the hard Coal obtainable a to ally. And it actually costs i uss than soft Coal. Other words it s the Coal 11 a t trivet Vou Tho heat per <1 Olar Albuquerque. Ids it Burns freely to a Fine White Ash. It is soothes clin1 cries. Comes four sizes nut i Tyg Lump and or stir i ump. The latter i divination of the first three the Correct household pro Rtin. Get it at the new state goal company or just i ill -4 a&aaam0 a

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