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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - February 16, 1921, Albuquerque, New Mexico Four Momtag Jon Tiff. Vvoc1ne�day, february 16, 1921.service Burea at Silver ii Farmers abandoning ii ill tit nil Quot to Apple Orchards to la nem e is cultivate Alfalfa i Llulu a flu Deming girl Winner Marksman medal re ii they wait for food to arrive Illy the am i Atwo Wells in Pecos Valley produce Oil Ltd Ell my lulled. I urn it la and a t e what i it has i Ess i renin hem . The my loud a i not is really Worth vhf Able Fui it. A the Relief it pave them did no tev need the doctor r i to the in Oft e who in Ort untidy re its use with the Sec a in were Rel to Pii Bis aim j sick by sen m ill to it it a i Hen net Iii iou. I j. Karth / a hours Quot mothers i y \ Are with four a \ it is j without it j \ \ to j i re \ f i d a a i Rhood and thut Ai j mail direct in warning tale Al a t pct doing j subs tee harm b n Don in led r. Curator cd i 2. Atlanta Ca a mend not your free other too la an j to r used Ltd by Tan R. For three generations n r a it development Niagara fulls health and happiness for women a a i every worn fort t Hor sphere in i without i reach. I been Hunt for a to my dip Ston put up in is happiness As the thin to be most desired. I Llu happiness h denied to no woman regardless la first and Foremost essential Haith Forat Ive a i it happiness As she May it is beyond her accept the advice thousands women who have h Tiik . J i Rad held female relator a tonic a a a a a shies Peculiar to their sex which has a sold by a i Hun years. Or j. Bradfield a t Ernaie lit Quot Eulator is a Dev ills v a i i Hsu to i i it the ii re cd i Fig generally thar Gay Stein to adopted the i y Al fatty tilt in Eliop tent ony Grants the men the provent comm a h Iker in Ayne and met j t Dull ale inclined to anticipate j development a not Hoich in Jolt j Iliou future that will permit the a a Ane porting it Noim Aby i Point. Jow Miles it More from the Falls i expert have told the commis Sion that the a single assignment plan a. Ihl Loolu it i. A Gre pm it water Power privilege below the ills As Well a those above Diane Ion tio it several Hundred i j thousand horsepower taken from Gorge wish the minions to in above the Falls into one prof Lect were presented the j Mage from tunnelling under u Island which hangs the to pie Between the american and Canadian Falls to digging a Power and ship canal from Jai re Erie to Lake Ontario. Proponent Nom i it the proposed projects claim t Tim government could tax development a half million a \ and ill give users cheaper Power la a a they now enjoy and leave a profit for the corporation the investment y f Ike a chairman to commission. A ann.,urn la in Liege i. Sci Patong fun Tuit amendments to the existing . I diversion treaty with car w a considered by the present Mission mrt9 h the jew the that too cubic ,vjlti0rial to la now averted the american lie taken from the Iagar River without marring the Scenic Beauty the Falls. In ale S. Production sugar in 1920 broke All previous records bist dealers a r9m�?~wmow a Rumm Rumm a we a Hing Ion Ken. I 5.�?american i Al Gal p reamed inn in i f 2 0 broke Alii previous records a preliminary announcement today in Tho Bureau crop estimate placed the aggregate production it and Cane sugar for the year at 2,605 17 4 too pounds a . Per cent increase Over the previous record output in 1916 and a per tent nun than was produced tit 19. I amins. N girl sol in medal for w i it Itaf it a Junior Competition held e i nit cd Stater a and f n us a. Cog i a. I if rec tidy More income tax Taxin it a Hii Dond wife sex did j i non Ras Torr Aly Fen re Hie 76 Ooi hat part he t this In China t in. A new Vav a fooled Sepa in in returns it taxable in Coith Chou by to filed a the. Pure 1920 Are received by i correctly computing the surtax if internal Revenue in w i. H applies Only to income in loin parti were pm sex a a a that amount e a do if Oil a t to p. A in wed ape entitled to a trn % 2 Lur i exemption id to additional is i $.00 for each Depe Lent under in the by j cars a a who is incapable port Berain mentally ii a to a a this # \. My Ivlo do bled in at v Prapor a. T it tort by nil wife if filed that Way i turn la r f hat Mart a i la amount income tax due la Quot Quot Lorti ii Flea Daw Mie Sutow Quot a hut feh i Moscow in february la end Quot m a a a a to m if it vv., a a a a a a i j department by Hor today i j f Harlea a Erht new York we arrival to Ted Fly Safe milk for infants amp invalids t ask for Horlick the original avoid imitations a substitutes Ssiss amp seas i a a merchants West Texas new Mexico Arizona and Mexico plan a buying trip to Elpaso during Spring buying1 season Elpaso a in is your Market Complete stocks new goods at readjusted prices Elpaso is your logical Market. Owe to Elpaso to do your Spring buying. Elpaso is your a parcs Market. You can make no irk fro quem trips to this Market without great ?o2�?o tse in paso jobbers have bought from the factories at the Price left and can sell you at this new Price level. Up Thole Quot Aie h it ufos carry Lar a stocks goods Giviner it a Wile Choice and making it possible for you to buy often and have Quick turnovers. A Sueb a As an added inducement to have you buy in Elpa this Spring. The jobbers and manufacturers departments the Elpaso hamper Commerce have planned a Spring buyers season beginning Fob. 14, 1921. I i1 a Carlu mall i have if it a re during this season Elpaso will refund railway fares All buy ors who come to Elpaso to do their Spring buying. All that i necessary is to Register at the Hamber Commerce and n chive your fare refund under the conditions Given below. The ii refund plan will be continued All the year round. Cd ton orders hipped to Lata re r teen a no making a Kyj vhf Iii i Effort i with Yoni t a and p. R can Rand do my in in lower w a rid dark i j. 8 exp logical Or in irk to. Rid Beman Market Atma i to a to pm a i a t b it hit. To if has the a Fri ight Rati it ii Elpaso refunds your fare being n Iii Jim. A a la Quot a a Quot we a a a a a Radii. Of. 1 r Quot my coach Fri Schanc a a a a by he far Imti ii Way An Muir to $ i a Allonnie Fri Ful will in Lxi to Nill Tun. My Quot Vitt Quot. Of a a a a a a a Kadlu a a no in a a any a la a r. R,., r a Quot a a no Uay Rui Loriol will a a. M, Quot Zug z Quot a it Raill v.,&Quot&Quot, Quot Quot h-7 Quot Quot i n . Re Len a a a Lehr. He refund. A Hay will act have every buyer in the in luding what to . A w met i m Vico Din to i ammo Cunt kit a it a. Huye Ca will the go Tim intr men for a tour the jobbing hmm in Eli a a us A Oulu luring plants in and net Hope to have the pm agora it your Vinelt pleasant and Pilot a in t Aiko Tutow . Ariton and it thnh flu it re a a Al i -. W Bol Al and it the Many r Fri. By we it re is., x. I a King the fare refunding plan in w Hob Metier and Nanu Fatui operating through the Chat till a you a urged to visit that fit n w Hen you will be shown the fining Jour Orde Iti now and in r Tkv Maible by the Al i a. Of roomier. I listed below in hit a a r he future. When visiting i paso do rot fag we Oufa Cut re a win arc turning Quality especially Dot Mig requirement the tide in this it product to Ted to suit the territory. These Elpaso jobbers and manufacturers co operate in refunding your railway fare i through t the year. A. It la i i Lull \ i incl Khz is the. Knit in r i it re i Iii Iii san i Rani ism. Via Mucci thin Mxon Ryasa in Gitla Ami it i. Or i a my. Tile a re it a Aei pm a a overt a and till Iti . Ampthill it Vermil in mate i tailor a Imp to in w wan Vnti Mlo. Ii Trae n is texan f i it rom a a it. .>17i. a oar Alee Ita Ai a \ Kin. I. Mon Alo it. It Overland i Kin a Oregon Kif sky lid Orr fun k e i 111 in him Urlaub tone i ii., in a Maul. Ii it i a Iii i ii i. I it \ i in. M it slim la v la i Steven a it Vav Overland Moi a i Vii in hos Shallna in Van a Tlle i Quot Alt in in Mer i if Ltd. Ii san i in Taco. At . Ken it in i Avirginia a Hill oter latin k com puff i my a i to Viv rile v venue Oki Osh Max m is Mooi Continental la my i Hemi. A1 Iti i is belly a collard. 313 Mill lit la it i Vivi a a Talool til Hon i a Riun a v i a Sphardi a san in . Lur oohs a i i Kios Iii air it iu-11�?Tti, ii Loneer class i to at a i Sammu in a is ii Kim Lulu cart tis Ihl Myrtle. Borderland no sup a i my a is % rain nil Levo Krait Suer re to 113 in i Taw win. Man Wen Dunnegan Kyan to Virginia and Overl hid. Coiler Menney a Wingo Mnick a j i slate corp. L j a san Antonio it to Clyl it Buerger lino., ill Ina mkt i la i t it it Iii in. I spire Itoi icing works Mill and i Tor in. E. Hhd t ii Mil is Horn Mer. I 0 h r a ufos i t Overland a it a i .1 a to Gilt Ltd it Stanton Homin b in up a a a a a a Overland i ask Quot Tim Oregon v male. A in a 7 k Overland Al nun k it it to a i to a h ,.?z�?z thai Ker a Linen i i Oregon 1 1 a Quot m Quot a in \ i v m Alcuin a s., a Stanton Tom Kunii Milt int to meld . Inc 1701 lei., in. Wise heed re a a a Tad g t , i i ath i la a i i to Walt Mhz in i a a ii my re Saddler i land w is Levis saddlery Civ a a it i i Oreg i. I Ait i it i ii a i . Iene. Or near smeller Sneh 1,1 North t a., ail Mill Indk Han i i i Imp la ii Ink a Mivi la crag. A . T a Ajo Xiv \ nto Nill Roost Levi allot Sam is ims Hughes Hole to Vlf a a l l a a i held Currier a a a. S a a t ran Ruee. Norton urn liar Aid i bldg Mai a Kon i Sharp Elliott m fac it Moo is a snot Lorwit Hros in Hon jail into. V Vith As a to. It i Overland she by Shim nil a is 1.1 Caso adman Holt sky to 113 Oregon. Huh in Mim i vill Iii Atlas aril i co., Balias a Tell Fra. A. I i Caso i ii k co., hoi i 18 Ini. it k t Moo i san Antonio and la Koo via i a it fiend Vroom it ii., to a i Atta Hill is 1.1 Caso Sash a hair Mills Vav about. K a 113 an Ira Arisen at outset Annm Gan la in to., Virginia and Overland Ned Stiles to., too n. Santa i. La i Al Init Otily lo., ii la leans Sheehan North to. Ail Mills Lilg la. W Rich ii i a a a a Kanell i anime a po., Al cosh it u., jilt Or. Gun 6t0 san i a Mineisi co., clo it gift in a venue. Oahu Cmap i Armp co j Lri 4 Mills it it Alkin t i i v Alkin Var tiros Muff i Anil i Arter i olm it i routine t Unity South i i opener. Empire mottling Vav irk Villi a i Lorett it i Amis Lemkovitz Ait Llytle i Sirel Cego am to. in Erland it Hin Ivy ski a Koi Al in it Hiim Chihi a i ii., a iks Vav Overland a h. Vas a i Oma Sci Carter rebate to till Campbell Dames a i Iii k to. In Villi Kohls re brisk Idi Haniu i a my Myrtle. I i ii omm no my a Jinja a we a held Texas loan Tirik a Ikon work i him Galien a Vav vier fit a Virginia tool Iron work. Ilion Vii Sonrel ii 1 1 l n 1 1 a hoi is hoi ii a a Quot 1 if0 a Quot a re Quot Quot a War i a Elk Quot m v stall Tun Ristl dig Ore Ochoa r i it in Vii i a Vav Vic Blas i Ala e to. Or Vav Overland Dame \ Lii u to in m a Tuio Quot a Quot Rawi a Quot to Nix nun Iran i i is i Fri a Winikow to a a a a a it boor join Ciffin scr a jul Calili a Clin co., ill shinto,.c. Ihm i Khz no re an him in Annj t i it i h vim., A a Sij h Ca ii % i Quot a 1 a a 5� plan no j Ainoi a s.,n, jag let a a a a. A a i ii lion a a a. Link is >05 i Ilia it Quot Mitinia n Cia a a a a in a a a t., ,. A Kew ski Kra i killer Ork a w him in ii. 1 Ron Fri i he it kit if i a a no i 11 % i pm a bios Ca i Are i it my a a Kunesh. It in Texas the my in to. Ca Heil West Texas her Artlery Ltd a Quot i flyer Huddlen a Tan ii hats it f la a Al it he Raj a git Oregon i Rig Iota Overland a Oregon. A i id i ast Oier m chs. Hmm Myrtle. Mac 111 n Ems. K in Hati in re co. Us s.,n iriv Eiiseo Violeen Lii inn. Kau Ryan co Virginia and Overland i j by Alloo Supply i Ato Texas. Mat i Kess Ervin mfg co., ooh h Virginia ii Nora Ald o., sue. A a. A Benn Vel. La braiding co., Bill a notions h Ikin i fit Caso Max Alkin sin a Oregon Chin. Calai e to 20# Vav Overland Horn Mere to Jih Oregon u i a Rorr a hr.,., ill a Overland. Sam Hood Man a co lib a a a re a a. I a i Quot. Joseph slant it to Hay Mon Krutt a co lid Vav Over tall Ial Akin no att to. Hid Oregon la i Sall to i e a Mulo. V Mathias a to 217 1 Over Laurl. That in Ham 213 Oregon Elman Holosky co., us Oregon. Cd i i i it him it re Norton urns Herald Lilg. I Kelil Corker to., i san i Rane Isoo. A his a Ciao oink Rio t a a t 52.% 7ih hates Oil company in big soft Fairrel i Altinet ii co., 17 m Magoffin. Chm it ii Sci la Hon the West optical co., hoi Khz i Rig. My Khall m Vii i it to Kehs i a Mahln . Us n cd argon ii leks Hayward Ca., Ike n Piedras. Viann la Olla outer to. Overland it Manton. I Vin is a oils Calumet Oil 17 a i Magoffin. Hale 1 vhf Elgun it i Ontl Sheet in Voll Liumis to. Iils n Stanton. Kun Etca int Cai. In. 407 Teva. Tuttle caul it to lass co., 11 j n Manton Csc it Sci la cd Lola i to. Clix it Ken ii a Iii a Oregon ii. X Iii k co. Isa Villi Western Vav Imp trim Are it Iii sin i ran i Leo. To i Phish Sci 11 Kru Kauerz Ork o11.san i ram hoi Vuk ins. Ii Ryan co Xor Gutnia and Sheri Wurl . ,1 to i Ai Lim Knapply to tar in in Clio i it t i is International cd non eng Oba san i to net it Chin i inc Al i Ort printing .1. I a a t to a it Baa. Hughe Rule co main a Elca Al. It printing it it t�7 v it ample la kills Urie. To Oregon i. Math g a Ell to to Ami Vav est sin Antonio. Croix i i i v it i., i a Oehoa. Rom Hie a i ii to a i lore a e i Oreter Pegram co. Ii i Overland Lyon it to., l i Aogi Teik x him. I k v e t x unmet i. Khi Texas la Livre saddlery to Aik i Overland a 11 leva Saddler to Joo Oregon is ills to paso seed co vet in san Xix Otrio. Hein bras. In Ihm Teva w i xxx i be Seel i a., lint a i Sim l l me i i Chhim i i Mill Sutton to i Jot Mill , la. Xxx Al h co., leva it Magnolia. Sill it Hui trustee shirt co its Kansas show it is i inti it Chenoweth Levy co., Mil Xiv Overland Scurti i he Mills Sauer Ork co ll.�?T. Son Iran.l., mom eur tin leg an i in to x in Gifu amt Overland Shelton Ca v be Arm co it Texas. Soba i cent Ains Continental drug it i ileum Al toll 17 leva Empire mottling xxx Ork Mills a i intern e shoe i it mini in a i Sci it me Leo mum la Hitler co. Sis Oregon xxx est the v in .hll. By a i id my co iou m Oregon i \ Hom in i i i is chill Norton it to Liedahl i thug a a it a r a 1 soft i run. 1 0 Tannin 1 it la \ a Sci la vie Vii Sho Mae him re Coits gun tints Xix Nim a. I t Emmiett into i it vhf w k Mill a t him i Boulevard t i to f a Chi wiling Cran hip toys China palate co. Moi a Overland i Iii Vuk j�?T1&Quot a a co., in slant Oil. Lei fab trunk Kalt us a it 17 i main Quot Mode Nix Akk ave pm Vavien Are co 516 san Iran a Immi. 1-9 san members the jobbers and department Elpaso chamber Commerce i j

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