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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - February 15, 1926, Albuquerque, New Mexico Page six House id o urn Mitchell spikes metaphorical guns to try out some real ones Iii Africa lil Nul it Hll i u Albuquerque morning journal f february 15, 1926 of oui conference with Senate representatives on Revenue Ril deferred until monday Wash in it n leaders Aff i up by tis 31 a Lur tis a rank Jbv the Moil m Iii in trouble to i i. In l. I h it l flies Sill a a Kwh y Ltd Tik a b. La f try to i cd i n i in . Ten a a f. La i it f i by Zimt. If reports h us industries v Hea ions us Nail a Fie a boost a. A a i a trend of e by us flu h u i i to in Vijh i la ref i voted a ii Triton other mom if soon put a in re it ii i hit spot ii so Wash i Nuti in i fib 14 i i Hie Psi it it of a a of Bill. A Tine which Lins Tibia ined Betty to Tho two major parties in a of a a Prat i Illy sine Quot the Quot Quot Quot limb 1 f i Quot in Ion is at in end. I lot ii. Do x now v. Ill Start t o e lit it tile revel d Oil a Hill they kit get Quot i country in the con political of vervet declare the tuition in the Senate since the arid court Issue was taken lib n i i 7 Lins i n almost it out Pree Eil it. The court Quea it a was fore re by the Democrat t Quot i a in f Oritz of a a rep Uhlia us Frob will he sold to the highest bidder. To i Kru Ark 32 lots it in i want it. Make to an offer it will be kept strictly confidential. Do Down and a a i a month for is months at in interest. Lined i. Dirt. In in and cond a i Vav a 11v a f the it wit h Tippet 28. Wanted miscellaneous 33. Poultry amp lugs would be were mad Senate Dei surtax fish White la a a to a it tile i cry William Mitt hell. Former t colonel in Tim a i ser tee in i in t rued. 11� i making Fin ii a to takes of t air pole is of the i a 11 s 11 a re i a mrs Mitt ii. La for a big Carne limit. The Are a hem in tie Jinn cd a. Having i int it i of i Nidai on their be Moon. Photo the co in i in Ling his g no measles train of the More than tis Mal enactment of the Oil la Sima lit. Predicting that u i in i bib met Houser hurls shot 52 Miles estimate of coast Dop Esters Hilarien Bonzi Boston finance. A a a wizard who vied a prison term after his Bream of no a 1 Lions burst in 1920, has been indicted in Jacksonville fin., in connection with his recent n real estate operations Iii that a a a cite. _ pleasing vaudeville attraction now on at Sunshine theater it Cit in i i a Din Phi i. Sum Bun Uncle of a. I. A i la i e. V of i.\. Min i in a it i r. I is 11 Quot Quot u a a s a a ,. K in i cum a. I a a i a irgan.,i Quot i Ltd a. Ault a i tit Pix ted a a i Sii Man a re in. Settings ii f,.r used fur i Jana f no Al. la a i a Vuu i t intr nov f it a ,.Quot 1 a a i apr. Deliver i t is Cert i. A a a i c but. S Tiss ism ii Kmic anti i n. New Mexico ill ii wanted Money Ulm Ais s a a to g of add Ess i x Journ f Igloo Singth i s Quot next a tentative Tilton of it i publican leaflet it Hii turds a i f # i of la to Anc . Dot red Tim it i a1 to in a ,tombit.�?�, dims taxi but be lion should Watt Date when our fit t is do has in to sniff. Cd to wan it Sui. A House i Lull Hep my i my Tularosa looks for Prosperity in coming year wanted drug store 34 medium priced must be a Money maker. Mil Brady Tonkawa. I a l la 11 o alas 25 Money to loan we i by tile highest prices fur u a a. in of 0 Ivan it a vers 70s v i to. Quot Al i it ii Iii ii a t us .4 us 1 real estate. J. U. Krieher Sis Vav 29. Miscellaneous for Sale i by y s Bunch a he j lust a Cululi Sitoa i a it 1 w i j. A a a it i a i 1 i i 7 ii i h Al 1 Vav i. I la a f vis 1,. .1 Topica a to ii a I f i i Ira Quot i it in i. A i Aiu it it Ter ii is i. V. Ish. Tare. Apr i i a i of Purlg Iga l umps 9 w. I 4 Artesia girls claim Casaba championship of Eastern Section 36. F Salt Trade 1 ii Vuk a How in Phoenix. Arr., the is St. I 1 Ira Tor in a Rev Fineasi Uva Ait Ursia n. M., feb. 1 it. 1 1 the arts a 1 i the but Iii i their w 1 a in a. By do flaunt Tim ii girl but 01 e of i t it of local Ltd v a k. A hot Vav i i Bard fought a the Hope a tet to woj in Tern ined to ult for their defeat to Tim i buried in Sny a murder indictment is returned against Oklahoma men again . 1 Apt a on not it Stu 1 la it sign is a to to five 1 Jdc 1 a Altus it. 311 Cor it. Pm i ?t40 i 37. Musical instruments we buy in. A used pianos and pm ii s her pistil go. 21 Vav i Chuffie set a 17. These two i out a Only games lust by hot i Ait is in Tim past tin having Defeated Jill throughout the Eastern pit lit a i c. The i t Quot is wet a on a fit via y of Hiti a it s it for it the High 4�?~ i. To Quot vol b p a a p. O. It a Ais n n Rene nil it a you s Sot Bere All ties ring electro. Legal notices i. In arc a a end Tim local to j i o to we i v m. Us. Tim c in an a i la nil a curls in. Fib la 4 i i in flt we a in it Iii \ i now no 1 i up he 30. Dean raw milk is Safe Deli vet id fresh the coir,1 if net i not to be Pastetta Alsed it Hod i is a to i it Quarte Fie i it Quot a i pint Cream. I so Dairy. Chunc 738 doge Pond i Els in at a n j in. I Hun x mar nuts Sueur a new Yth re nit a c to t vigorous St us 1 f i Murt n of Gnu Vul n Guiro Whoso Bot in was partly buried Iii a silo in As slain Iii t taxi is belie Vot and la 1 hurled into Tho Siren t. I >1 \ \ i time o Cross word Puz zen Fri Tia i Ion formed of Domestic Bliss wet i 6 i i 8 p i i4 i fat a a a a Iii i i i Viz Zuj lip 26 we 50 z i Napper Constable record arrester a la through the ordinarily alack Winter month Buick Lactone have been training at Peak Capac it tvs meet the demand for better bricks. L Ubbe preference has created a Kremens it us Market for this better motor car. Buickus volume t t lies Bas increased All Over America. Greater \ flu it anal the greater satisfaction which every Buick owner knows have sheild in six Ntontos More than 120,000 better bricks. L orc in and set the better Buick. I Xanthis it outland ing Quality and luxury. See Tor n i it a it toe modern arum exclusive features of design and performance which distinguish it�?�?7s horsepower a healed c Basos a a triple sealed \ Alve in head engine c controllable t i Iead lights and Many others. Order Early to be sure of deliver at the Tim of want your Beirer Buick up War y in to o w my it v t.w4.v w9cl,m�llkwv.,->. In Mimka ii pc i Mish in a Wjk per 31. Household goods to Quot 32. Livestock amp vehicles. A is i u in in i i i i la 4 11 in a i i a 4 j in of. Pm Buick motor company ii let of Kate a Matix cd in a of 11 Arr Bun it s., v Alt in urn j in i,.r it 4 Tom $ 11 s i s if. B. Huick a. To t if %. A a a la and pl0.$gd fur cog in amp to he it in 1 the better it Jick Oden-bu1ck company in 1 Vav. I 4.1 111 mall a Albi Iii i jilt \ i 111 ii it. 1 fat Tel i i .13. Poultry amp Luggi Vert 1 Herline t,vj6 i it it a a Stu Inch Bowel torpid i to indigo Riun in ? iou a Rice 60c y bottle. Bold i Xii i trip of i m. Vim a Call 68 to journal heal

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