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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - February 15, 1906, Albuquerque, New Mexico Page two. All Albuquerque out to Welcome governor f Montezuma Trust company a 1.1 u q u e r q u a new Mexico capital and surplus $100,000.00. Interest allowed on savings deposits last Hight for new executive big crowd gathers at the Santa be station. Or. Hagerman pleased by cordial greeting shooting finally ends in a or Loobie tragedy b of Wmk shocking affair outcome of Romance in ear Hungary t a Proe a that naked la i at a a Rte from Railroad a. No to it., nato a building and that surged a k into la hotel or t Iola Ami Over the Karat ground fat or Rod at the Santa for depot in night by Lenin governor Herbert j Hagerman a in i first visit to Ruth. A r it or 01 of new i Xii o no a ii Wernin has Ever a for been tendered to it a a a Mexico. A Rutlt. And of w pub it men who have Albuquerque in the past hav pm. Tell in Cord i i ovation a that which wont out to or heft Finin Ash it St a but a m platform of his a Bort y aft r of clock and mad i was through a crowd with hts snort to the hot As the train pulled a lowly into tin station the first i regiment hand act up a welcoming bit rag time that mail tin Achor awaken in it to quot t id i is hut when the train Stopp i and Tho governor appear at tit Don i the car the Che r hat we. 1 drowned the music of the hand Aith noise of engines. It was a it us exp a inn Hearty Good will of a i the w a nor. A genuine cordial shout it few i olm that governor Hagar Man a touched and Picas by tit wad a and that in appreciated its i t ult Besa a shown mimed it a it quot remarks to tin committeemen Arne my. As soon n the train so we formed and the governor Ami Iii escort walk quickly it a it the it lobby what in tin reception Enron t tee was introduced the g a was Given just tim to re nov i ii and coat when he was ushered quot tit t dinner accompanied by tin a in of the commit a Wiio of i i from Santa be Ain with 1 general George Vav in re ii a Lent Gene rot Turkington amt Lait commissioner a a keen 1 componi1 him from quot i the tarty were in the dining re it for an Honi Ahtl t a out Aid and the governor Saint Twenty one guns a quot to Gill in i Varodom Law the inn a were Crow i 1 during the tim i people anxious to a i a took sit tit Cut i pc Ahtl the lobby Wall w Ith hts friends and in my it committee who had com it him after dinner the or for an bout with the n n rec option a quot Mil tree and came to Welcome bin people ii tug lot Odu o clock a retired having commit the i by of hts pleasure in the tended to him. Today Wilt la a Busy Emor Elk Ltd mat i i will go for a drive with the reception comm let in the afternoon from 2 will be introduced quot Tiu sin is men us Call re Ait aft i Dinn quot 1 the who will i. With hint the croon a Wilt a to Iii Eluh we re til formal open Ai h o Elo k while ult re i night is for the and their Guy it from out Ltd it own the who desire to meet la govern will have an Opportunity a get a the hot i ids aft Moon bet ten to hours above the reception in the dub t night promises i both Inlet to it 1 fair of la Kiml Ever a quot it i he the or the. Tut. Run a particularly attractive an quot let a have in spared by the a the Recell it a enjoy ugh in eve w the committee i Hocti pc amps no the governor from Hants r a most enjoyable Day they Roh Kinta be shortly be a no went at once to the Palace hot when they had luncheon with a i v nor Hagerman going after War Loti Capitol where the time v 1 a 1 i Unell the train left for ainu que Rqn i a member of the Eon Mitt i n a la governors Short i in ? went to Manta be with the i a a of pm Divot Hopewell. Fth Chi who could not reach Al Usu it us to time mayor Frank mkt e win w detained by Busin a Matt r 1 a quot Ninon guns who has just rerun from Washington and win j it a party at i Amy t oni a Aall ill no a he Imp Nill Iii i to tub Bow governor per Lim Ltd Grain itto the Moi la n. My a Bethe i to a in Alt t new Maxi my Tell rear finally kinds inflict w 11 it sin tidy after it heart. 11 in a by i first National Bank Ahu ii it avg i it m. Ill Ltd n i \ \ i i imm am i be m x. M lie lib Albuquerque new Mexico a t t Iii c i it it s i o f Busi n r sent it a by Beh 9, 1905 nit Swik quot to to i ii atm tit inti in out resources focus Aud Bis Cotin. I ip.lid-, stocks in Al psf to to. 62.322.ill rank i Tig House and i limit ii re. 38,300 no i Lilied St lest i loud. 2 309,000.00 Cash and i a it hang. I 370,306.21 1,019,306.21 to Ita i.3.130.784.81 liabilities capital Anil 268,imm inn Iii i Ion. 200,000.0# deposits. 2,632, total 23.130.784.81 if fugal Hebi ii will Cross West 1 on i a i into depository of the a. T. Amp s. F. Railway system b. Ruppe Durango Man says work on one has begun. Arizona and Colorado i. It it Ion 11 i i tim i kit is i w 20 Vav i St Railroad ave. A a my ont i j. V. I Lair a i Side it j. H. Ii Mon cashier the state National Bank of Albuquerque new Mexico a. In i .$100,000.00 s lip stir into Giulivi Letl profits. 15,000.00 a i lie it Mati dial Hank solicits a Tare of your Busine but a pie <4 sound pro Are Ive banking lil it i Tinnil Aofrate treatment t or a personal Ejli Cirkl. I ill Sll to i i a in i its Iii 1111 1 it . I it it it Ipp or i nug by. F the w h a i % to i k i t Hgt Iii 1 Nult to i. Lent. A a in \ a a a a a a a a i a i it i n i let Tiivi the old Leaky roof. Get a new one that will endure putt no of no on your bail diff and you Wilt never. Care How hard i lain or How Bol the Sun shines. Anmer an gut it duo. In or Shih in us a re Uewl. I urim or by Bohim vim a t a a i n y agent. 117 Gold in Nuvi f it i i in the \. I. With am la and Anh i Nhi itly Akshit i a 11.1 Iii it Bank of Commerce quot Albuquerque. . I a l l mgt a ii la i of Pou eve kit imit3t Ami m Bill it aka Agogun to. Sun slimes. A capital 2160.000 a. Of Orem a cd air tvs in Kiim Heidi Man. Midral. Vav. A Iris com it w j View in Rcw Lenl Aud Hellier. A Stoat u it l l i mint owl. Of High Minot. I. V. La Ali Iii i it Ltd la a. M. he a a com Ida it amp r. G. System Santa i it Grain i a i he live ii Mew r in. I#06. I Gay i of Iii. a a i Rich Iron our Misti Libby to you it it aves dealers prevents adulteration Hayner whiskey 4 full quests 54.00 of full quarts Sik Oft to up his of Lka 0 Ivl flu Stab furniture co. 2 14 Gold Avenue office desks and chairs All kinds House furnishings stoves Aud Ramies Tatun a a. H a Wash. 4v. I Gnu a ,i.v.�?� id Budo no it to u lid a. 3 so p. In by. I 24 p. In in. .11 14 p. M will la i her Seral it re alive a a 4 0 St in i a ii�4 in quot a Hgt hit vhf a candies. Try to Whit huh Doc tot ted Multi Yea i in a it ail right Aal r t ouf Rrt at a a i two tit cd. Lit it a to y s Al Are a a my a it tie of aptly Refa Adad a in to 4.t Mut we or b Urban. 0i it a pay he a or Are to Nam f cd a. we new a 20 us arts cd add it if a or set it d a tried to Jot you. Eur bound 11 00 a. In. 12 01 p. In 2 11 p. In. 3 no ,. In la. Hat a no a ., 14 p. In. A a in. A., f a a. i . In it j a a m Vaid unit o go. I. To p. In a i a. Anu a .l.v, a a. 6 40 a. A a 3 of a. . . 11 of p. In 4n. In. I a. Culm Ido Spring la. No p. In 7 30 a. . . Til p. No to a Alfi let Lin Budo it dinner where go via menu Are served. 4 Unni t tl4�nw at Antonito for 1�?~urmgo Silverton a pointy at Alan a f it a , Pueblo and int Ernie flute Point via either the to lard g tug line v11 la vet i quot or the it Row gauge via Kalida making to its i a a 1.1 i it t by ugh the i Arnott Ltd it Al urge a Tao for ill Point on tire. I Branch. W i. Tit it it a it. 4,. P. A., a. A barn it Ben Var cd do. Agent. B. F. Copp. D. J. S. 11 m in 12 n i armb tour Tow Njaka in he be Pride i Giitl Iii Al tan a eclat to the morning Jour Nab Hunts be. Of pm web. Ii John Himley will hang tomorrow in l a it a a for the murder of Jam la i i k Questa on the Lgth of Jun us i governor i age nmn taxi night i decision not to it id reprieve for the condemned m it an t i wit he executed a ordered t by the court. to hard Lmh Roll in Ulli. Brother k. A via Profe. T of Atu wed Dies Baa been he Nee la by the with ii of dire tora of Al. Michael i g a the. Blo grand. To succeed the late Broth r Botula a i int in. 1 n Nern heed of that Ingli Putnm. To and. A ii. A that Lull soil mriam for Mhz in i trek to any the a i. It will Liidi Lea Litif four he or it Raymond a Wadi a Law la a tim Rye i the than 4�?Tvry lit i inn by ii to Kii f 11h in f a y Pakht i a Hayn Khz j goes dim t to you hem cur Mary enc of the Greg i an i a to quip to in t it of a a i Alii ii it a of Eist we t. E a a Tua i to Iii -1 me i t in or fit ii is or. Rift i by Doeff and i in hot it. It Ai Fey half a Milton a that Tomary be cauda it it Good sad pore and yet 60 cheap. Wig i Tio a Ems a-1�?T or be a. Biti i.i8mi it per a the Hayner distilling co. At. Al St Louis. To la i us 0. La rail St haul. M8n. A Lama a. De n i Rev tie a a o. Stabi Austi Timic. It of j in �41 i rim Roii Iii Ion. _ gib>4 i till Gihm a ii a i till a i ill i in Lin i it i his a i i i in i Iii a ii i i a pit v i i a. I a c 21 i w -1.4 in Al i of Xii i eve Iff its 51 i i 11 i Ulm i Jug or a fillip Ramsay s . Cor. Fottrtt1 l Railroad Ai i a in i a sex. H Sage. I ii my Typo i be longed. I. For to Underwood visible typewriters. Bib Itta and Iii h ind. I lit Portall in a Geo. S. Rimsay man1ser communication made easy la ivv.-, Lull. 4.mill pm til ii Volt to lilt Kuit a a l Hgt. Al Law us. It Leggo. Ii a nil iodine North glut i at by Limel paso it a southwesterly so Mcm Rock Island system Short i qui by i therefore tin in -1. The Only wit will Lull through train la l. Earr Jung and Louri i see am. 4�h t Val to Billing 4 tim i bar Par and Cut i a i or any trip any i Brit. Any uhme i Ahi till will Fitwi i or l Ull Pant it a lure i any a id or Adi Reaa Garnett King v. A. Stiles 4. Neral Asut Al pud. Agen Al. Imp thai in a

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