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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - February 14, 1906, Albuquerque, New MexicoCRAZED Bt DRINK p0l“w "2"E COPIES OF GARBAGE ORDINANCE IN THE HIGHLANDS THE STORE OE RELIABILITY Monk Flourished Large Knife Before Terrified Citizens. Copies of the n« iv garbage I ti VV faquir ii'k lh" collection ii* >1 runoval of oil ^nrbsfi’ within the city limit®, ami tin* method® tlo'rcof. wore bel nu *11®-trlhutcil y*st<>rdn\ by th** police ami j’\ Men veng**r, F ll Mitch* ll At y TOILET to 111* -ore one l>y npplvl i hi* f of police or to th*' scavenger, Th*1 board of health Is ncxlou th>t th* new ordinance -should go Into . f f. , t ri* one p. and that it should I" Iii smooth working order before th** warm Weather sets lo. ONI MAN INJURED BEFORE POLICt COULD RIACH SCENE ARIZONA PILGRIMS SAY THAI J M. N. Monk. of Kant Iron avenue. Is In the city Jail tm awalt a In vrii g this morning on a charge of a - ‘Ult with a deadly weapon, pr* f* reed by al least two ultbten® of th* Hitihl ends Hut for the* timely arrival **t Po lh * -man Kennedy, th*- chars* 1 di*-t Hank might Ii© much more wrlous, for from th*- accounts of his \\..tP given th* polk'**, th* man wa gore of th* r* -dd* i kln*l I not k< t any gr« at quantity < to be due Iii large measure aim, and the agility ><t his \ i* Urns ta dodging. ll was shortly aft* r VU \ est* relay after noon v h* n M companion, whose tut in* h:i I. iii im d, wand* r* *1 Into tho Oratory, of which Charles propel, tor Monk imm.dla to berat*- ll HiiUtird. wh** st**r* ami who i urn ..f th tors According to .Mr IU indulged in J* long and arte finish* *1 profanity ami th* ti the grocer with a knife, a1 u hi* *i It** iir* I orbing I-* ti , Ut Ins th roil He .11*1 not su telephoned I in* ant im* M I* ft th* slur* STATEHOOD 15 DEFEATED .lit had ii* -I Im Til© joint st t• Ii I I es t *i*' Unit* *( St rte© gen. Mr til*. « ' N* ill, ti • i nm Washington, I * t>* • n wnil x 11-/ na Ming til*- measure. her* It* that * hong im. ft s to d*-Moniker ll gives if voting \t i * »*• from h t .V* the ti th** ii Wit-hi Mr O’’ im At Hi •t and Ir on Ii of Pat Monk I aunt* pas in th* fit iii Ult The held ft. ' ll I* K* * ti*** afore :i Monk kin. off I* . I th* watch taken ©her* ii hearing rind I! •ny of th*- p i! ti*- - * om . 11 * *t ti ttrriinuil ©*•■* '•mn 11 I im* M J Ut* HIW*n, an* '• *1    ■ photographer ® Po * * ft m * nronrletnr of I*n Led* Th* W o ie tv. ii I th** *i* For Hic Week Ending, Saturday, February 17tli, The Globe Store Places on sale a splendid line of Toilet Soaps; soaps that are made by one of the best factories in the country—pure soap and ol the highest grade. In addition to soap we offer a nice assortment of perfumes, cold creams, and otlnr toilet preparations which are standard in quality and formula. These articles are in constant demand and use in every family and this week we offer an opportunity for every one to lay in a large supply, as no restrictions will be placed on the quantity sold to purchasers. The following prices v ill convince: R».:»-a* Toilet S*»aji, two varieties*. nicely per fumet!, anti desirable f**r the IT ne a toilet service; delicate anti pore; tlye regular pi reoil tilt -e u*•**t> sv 3 rakes fur 35 ■ its., (,ui price for l ie week........•**’ ut at one tim* ■Ileans pledget lib] Ic; bdl) I d he tri.u* \..u '•ut*** I ‘*rg* r ll;*' I * It O wn MHH® w gut* « Im * I* t**wn and wh* it'* t * sum <*f ant'.lint I* iii.' < *mr cd till him r< Or I SAYS SHEEPMEN SHOULO GET VERY RICH THIS YEAH rn* Od* ti** * It ii libel) ten I iv In th** i whet* t f V t Fr I want Th in Mew Mens* **, -ii,. . lice IL Th*-*** ti la t*«‘ a©,* amt from th.- -i i hln-t pm©«>. and utile--pcrn, .if a v.-rv *-n I c in I ng •©•©on will A* perou® »© Haw eve, mount iin i ..ii• 111 o our thin » fill her. night In the hill*! ll*, he© of (BOH un A next day it w•• got *> nj* light tile he® d* ar# rn fin# coniiltUnt K* w Mi xi< o. Tit* gtlrN ©Old wcith t, • r# mu< ii - ie ad* t I uh* e pin. n W ill fur . uh! w t alii st Mc|| K., % Anti J 11. aril ta ti It* ■ ft' rn \X the sa i it p ll * ii st lh The nhe •liil irit mn of a cor Md it uh) ,i    A I IS VIX lhM»K « OY I IS. t    of I -c    end*    •    , |!*    his* What von IM.    I Mr. I    Ul 1    f    .    1u. lur. to protect your    train hi report#*! a*. I y| ,q,. ,,f (m, t leather. II    alt prepared j with    * loth, v< tv dut .hi*-    It it* ,    **    *.    *»i.#,    vun have im* lea how pi* M nun-* ai an. jf ^    h,(V|.    H    ,    ift    k    !h    |,    (J4    ,|)(( 111 I i wort -he . la, \i lf I UM nerd a tar neuter, l©P'|)la*«©    ||    s    I    I    Hit.OM A Cli,, *    VI    itll    Ou.    Journal. • I <*i*r pme I*>r I aiib.ttil'n (ill i tke- ; litis is d'ten' the si ilat*. tr;tr.N|>at»tit glycerine n..:i|>. J e.hli. nothing la tier f*the -kin, , n.M s’ r io cent- the cake; r the • ■     Zu% s; ounre Kip that rein* »ves grease, .kin anil dirts cutaneous *r»^ lite genuine Mexican \in*.lo, a • i* sit j<) i cuts the cake, .    ar •r a iratilee no e I* * ! lf bing infants »t NI © tilt IHC dlhl I».th\ ' .alii.IU- than lo cent-tiring the at1 or ie ret* ti lr ur nrice I hittemitli i' s ap sa .or Id fur t plus this -.rap in tin* price I' -O cents \\ et k . . af' ii: the manufacturers Vliite kiap; delicate1 y |K*rfmne<l; an t*-*|iiisite t -lid article, usually sold fur „*o cents the cake; our price tor the week  ......  ...M arnut ion Toilet Soap; this is another delicate toilet preparation that u usually s »1<I at a hip a price, hut i**r tins week we will make the price of  .....  • i;.< ta lv**Nt* Si ap; it is not necessary to sa\ anvilling aly rut iIun soap; the cpi ti it \ iv 11 m i w ell ku >\\ ut* nee*I any intr*win*.* lion: the tldicale *slor ami hue quality the s..ap ret Mttinetiu- it t<*tise m**st exact-inc ta-ie; » ar pine hr the week, J>er .if* our l>er c *><* in Perfume-*, l*.*u«U*rs. ( kl ( rt.inis nu I , tiler T.»ikt Pi q drat ii un em- are prepar<.t to care for tin wants of all. no matt* : wit it ti c t».pinmwMitN m iv l*e. We wiot \"- imprcNS up»n the iiihkI of every »>ne re quintic anvthiiij' in thi" line that the jl*.we offer are of the Ik-M quality ami are st rn*lard iii every partidtl tr. I 'u* pi !* i‘n Ik re pm »le<! are jp** -I for t x wee. onlv : a ft et the nil* lit of lehr ital 17 v will n(.J1 n*»tl*,in^ tor U" than the re pi! it price. BROTHERHOOD GLOVES 'I hi i i> s. 'ii ic 1111 ii e; n *t casus isv secure the 1 cluso «* ^hinman" - I u; »u uia<!** * * I J.ivcn are made from the 1 *kiii • -id .liable, t mt - I e ;•« * ia! s iIian tirm, ami every pair is {guaranteed Hive -sit I*-fact ..I y wear or the purchase dies will lie r«*fuu*le I. We do not claim ii clio i|HT pl* won are not nia.le, hut we , say that quality for quality the lira* Shijdiian j*love in lite in *-t ecom.mic 1 I ms th,- th a im? may lie a little more, it the wearing qualities and tit more an * *ff -et any c’ tea jut price that urns bt* fens I bs «a lier de Met -.    \ few <lescrip dis ami prices may pr**ve mu-resting: i‘s Mule Skin, tire pr«*« I ss cd, reililMtc. (I 111 EHI ll * •t, a s did, ll* .nest |©1* thread jjamit SI 25 n Ketti*l« et', v- ri-*t leiijftli, set s’ nojI ai iulikp wax thread s<*wed, reii»f«»rc< (tmh seaniN, tire [Woof tan, pate faste si 2.1 .1    tau!.!* the same MeiVs horselv ic, gauntlet, fire pf Iii en thread eued, reinfot Ni* uhs, lh** d.'ti i 1 ip kaid ; ah el*.se in wrist length, all size-. per pair...................91 5© Menh reindeer, fire pro*»f t »nne«l, rein for* a*«i ilniiiih seams, s. .ft ami pliable, in Iwrtli gauntlet ami wrist length; something that is lMsitvely the 1h*ni, jg-r pi!...,.    • •    ..... 9 I * * * et!' germ im* bu* I. kin, wriNt length, ivory tavenerIn* IVV ; •* I*.. double sesse«l; one OI the last gloves * d) th*' III ti I et, jier jxiir.......   92    M en*N canvass pk.s**', heavy material, made i.» tit ms size*! hand and to sp\e if pl!) e 3 p ha 2«*f’ 1 pricing our st*x'k **f tn*!itlemt*u s (ii* yes **ui\ a fes*. ihuhUms base l-**ii given; we carry all grades iii dres, ami w«»rk gloves, aud can lit ans -n/ed hand in either light < *r lieav vueight, aud our prices are right every time, as an examination * if our stov k will iM-cive. iVIEN’S HOSIERY iii lenticular we lf , ai * t * 11 \\ iii L^T V r ii re cl a> li> > ii all and fin. us at the p ()n«> Ii til • I to ) 1 *p| * iierfect ti "crired cotton, 50v CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS o» AI*!. CT. A ss I Firm Aliv’Finisr.Ml.NTS I'XYAtll-r tX_Al>VANCB_ Money to Loan It is hardly necessary to add that we carry a complete line oi Ladies* and Gentlemen s Furnishings Dry Goods, Notions and Shoes for Everybody The Big Globe Sign on West Railroad Avenue will guide you to the store of reliability and correct styles. WA NT LD.____ ss k NT Km Kxi>pri*'iu < <1 si»ani arew Uosir. N s.wing; \v«nk ink* u horn*- of will sew i;. fiimlllr®. AAldft'ss Mr®. Ifitnma Uli'veu-*, ho J K. _ liallrciad O'. W AN’A" I    I*    c 'Min !»»**    * ut lull. for tin-** making,    also    apprentice    girls. ,113 1-2 I ta 1 i ti'.t .I .'I\"HU*‘. tioom :*. WAN Tim ‘ill! for light hon®*©; vVAiirk, 215 N. Walter,    _    _ ft* \\ a ,\    T Ii    O \    ©    ti for iv* i- I    .'n Fkiriiltlire, piano*' Oreana.    Hor#©*. I " I    . a    I    *1 *’*k;    (i.iokl wag*    VVac.tim    iud other Ct ttels;    nls*i on I    <* P. *x \*>.    !!*K, City.    ' A    aa la 1 it s arui    • arehou*- recelirUt, us W \ N I I U » Private hoarders In    llr -1    I"" ,l! • 10.00    anil as    Uifli ti® J200.00. I •    ..    h*i    ;    lim© ii.mi“•    122    I.*> *t s tire quickly in Ie atul strictly \ Mb    Plum*-    No. ti3s. ii    private.    Tim*-; one month    to one .    , v ... ...    .    ,„ir , ...    u.,„ ti\*»n. (rood® I** -main in your r?r.:    1    '"-irr    fftT'.r^sr***; vs WTI !> t k    It ;;tr»    South    Tin: llOPSKIlOT.n JOAN CO.. Th ul * *'t*    lf    i Hooarn    3 a1    4,    flrAht    Bldg. w w i i.n All kin.i    of detective    PUIv.yrK <)FPiq.;s. w i t *. I haduv. i J J it. A * I * IJ 'N'* lh tx 121    O    PKN 1-1 NKX IN18. Wry.    m2    aha    W*-si    I    ti*    I    Ii*    hi*    I    feline. WAN TED— Few fir* t*y experienced    14.000 TU LOAN «»n    gooaTeSf esiate, drmmukt-r, IOO North Walter.    Old    ■'!* ? J‘°r <•* °    15"x )    )* i    tr    hah l iti i s 111 i I: A l h PI HS A N I f "(ok KS iMn livered to tiriT oart of the J tv, wed* lim© cakes a Si-eeia It v . «t tsf.-n tloii en ' i * r i I. S. N. Halllnji Pi»ine* r W \N run lf you want to buy. ®<-ll ar exchange anything, t ilk with F. I* |dcH|»a*ld#r», SOO So itll ltromlw tv. tf W'ANTKD—A ''piper* can have no I Hnkery. 20? ftouth First sir better fit ads than those to whom Pf* want ad < alumna h tv*- h *en of real Bervie©.    ThiN    im tier    svanta your fH©nilahIn on that baap. WA NT I .ti- To ex* hunge a good f1,8eo    for    *    itj    property, F. f,. Mi’-^t olden. 300 South Itrondw ay, want!.!) Lorjp? bran intl oat sa* Ka for    rash    or In    *    x< hang*' f*» stock or poultry f* cd.    Poth phones, K. VV. Fe©. BIP-*;20 South Second Bt.lf n\ Ploneci I.K'T WO OOI XI, I.* IST An ill brown nm white i no I dosr. Heturn lo M. and ‘©(-elve reward.    tf i • ISI mail brown po*Tetb**ok. ..itll im dei ihie IH*i!i**V ill t'la. Lih- i I I-, vs : I at Journal office! tf IJ IHT Pl k i*-ny brand dT. NL hit bin I < i ii ti t. f. Return o 12 { No h Willer.    fit I t I UL S VI.I*.F« III SALK Se** McSpadi h*n, the. . (i , ! im* Mat 1. before you I ms any-lug. Ile ho OV'*r X I .MIMI.IOMI \V< I ! ll Ihon se®, ! t ml. in* n-fiundli A#, Ute.,1 ' .1 * *, rat a Hi nit Ii It road vt ay, lfFull SALK Two l«*ts ort North Ire* t. ill i h>* Not t hern . I. , .M O'l! • ll A M \cr, 123 South Third 1 rF* * 11 SA LI: Three flr*t el ** fi Hies I* ii r ladle® ut i- llip in* ll.I I ; a I ll®, NL arado St ti,Pm. ft II’* 111 SALK . Sill Is is ll®***1 i YI O J* R«d i t ll1 liargain. # I ! f 15Fi * I: : XLF. t 'Hi 'n* of .• I*** I; .0lo 1 lr 1 tide Woolen Mi!!® Co., forr, o ti. OM. Al ddre®.* X I /*, Mnrnlo.*.iii no fitF* HIModern hit nu. dim; git®I • , Metric I I ii lit®; hum: ti roe® nod I intuit * * c. A. VV11 clit. Alvaradoar. • 1 room.ifFt ill I SALI ; Aciuxti* one; to their wictrl* Ie® ii re to the ©ye.of • 'nkinth'ijr irf* n, < II I I *1 uh Puli' ling. .VI: pp IbrP k*. lfFU! I SALI I Small it... k of mer-STH \3 LII OH s TOI.I IN. STRA I ll* OH STOLEN *01 hay h'*rM*‘. IT. hind® hl«h, 3 year* old, hit h*d to Hc’ht hiicry 125 rVard I"." r**t ii in t*> AI hem Dairy, (lit Al-11 loupe r*pie.    lf PROFESSIONAL L. M F* Iii L. M* Si vin© h 1 * I * 11 n. II A Pi tt**n ail 3 * :r ii t h 1 ,K 1.. S’ VLK. Hut . I hive \ I KHIM VS. It W. l». IIRYAN - Attorney it Lax/. Orth1* in First National hank buller SI byp to rn a*-, N .YI. PHY xii i \Ss, I Ut. It. I- HUST— lh- -1 *:    .    NL T. A rim I lo 111*1©. T il..'.    <    treated with High Pre- i* *• • I. • Pe ii Current and Her mild**. Ti ire- ut rn*.-ii Immii x a. in. lo t e. *0, Ti die I oui '.- in attendance. Hoi Ii ‘ i .Ii on en. DL. J. M SS LMT ft Hit vat * oui and Surgeon. A biniu"iou#. N. M. I * P. J. L. It I to NSI IN -I I'Oin-oi.athlc. Ph '•    *    ti od Surgeon, Room I? Whiting Mio* k. DL. w, a SH YUH ACH Pr o tie© Limited IP.*‘ 1 ii X(>-**', Throat. -i Im Santa Le ©oast »>• ti. 313 1 •. SC. HnilrotnLnv. I IX**b 1    * ti* t 2 i. in.. 1.3*( to u p. rn, III \ I Isi s. K It A FT— Dental Surgeon. I IG < L int PlOf k. over ll    I    *1 \ I Linds « ion na nv. P mo' 2 7 2 Colorado. 154. 5 KH. IX IX S.— ‘ 1 mil * hi - k o?*no«Ite (lot-**'!; ** Hoi 11®, x I# a, m. to a I    to    ti ii. in. Auto ta. A--i»*oiitm**ntii Ut. J. I . I Al. I lf ft* e® *n 11oh* T. I* 1 * * i, oif Ie I. Mi .1; ult Ti . T. I. YI T. I. DK ' So add SALL I In if* I .I* id ho SSM ALK **r I* MU TH Al*, hies, I baV* ii®. Talk w ..HO S. Hi on ; hi'** smm .od v * me b T. I, YI* Si iii* * * It Tit YDE A O' a I* Hi! Iii). • S. Hroadw • V. It good T. I. S I . I lilt III NT. INT—Five roo IHI. L. IX llKV'IN I >. fit t«t. Att!" Phiio - 511. L    •    I    22.    \\    ti    Hue    t»|o<    k.    over I, in,aid md Lipli*niann, —, .ia..1 jar "I <i\n 1 vc.1 si HHK. I; J It. I ALW I LL <'iv H Engineer, L '    \    T A1 mi im building. SIU III I IU I'N. • I W SPENCER -"* V. <i. VY SLLLX* S FCHltY— * I    A ri    hit* * t*. Ii    P    *    *<    t    n.*tt    .tullding. tf  _ P.i*t|l    ’PhiHieB. MI sn XL. .MUS i* it YI ILLS v*e ai (imiruction. Vol* *■ P-llld 1 It a So*** 1 illy. ■    * I ' S.iiith Fifth ntreet. D't’opjllL-T. jcnhony TIL I Mli.HT.%14L.RW._ A. UUUDEUS City Un 1- rtmker. I? ii k or . I-* hear •    |    ,    OO.    Com- a * r* I »!    CI ill*    ll o I    Id 1 ok Auto telephone, I    O'    d    I    I Ila. AI l>U(|U*    I que, New Mexico. Mr®. YI ft' lo- I died IDU I * lit I * * It lek I K< * I; F* I Ii F* *1! LIX J NS It KST T 41 ;> t ii- tr Fifth IIF Ul: INT -1 ll ENT ! LNT Lo >24 > I MI r to t I (old* - ii Huh* IJ x n>■ rn*on brl- k I u 11*1 iv a! 2'*. i.l . Liosol. lf 'Ii-' I I.HIIU ll SS Filii! .. room n*oiI«*i o tit la Bt, I tutu lr*-fl I **d riMoit; « v< I v rn*, "t    !f till for light Second et, 12 x do-I room® iiv oh a1 a ta•> 1 to® I SS 1:1 .NT rn., ouiid I., ad fun 314 Im Full HUNT- Ap tiiin* nti* In Lark View Terre., *• clit room# each, n»o I-< rn equlpinent throughout. H. II. Til* too room lf* i lr int Work.    lf air RENCH Ft*All PULS- A •*#*»    ’*.    *    R»m«#    M    s.    r^ »*»tig'i aru l!*l UNK »••*< ta IAH. ■*’ Tm U 1    eg    A    *    Ixoefce    I H f , |i * el l«.    «    I I twi 4    ®'U    ■    c«    • bg if f ut 4" 'us 4 jam ' xii VhllffU MfUl! AL C-O , IO- ?♦    Kl J. E. BELL l ivery, Feed and Sale .STABLES.. Ibm riling ll**©*©* n siM®-laltr. S.utlll,' llol'CM. Ill VV Miter \*<nii«*. Altnmin-ruu©. A. FLEISCHER ^eal Estate and Loans# Fire Insurance. Surety Bonds. 2SS* solidi S4>,*o,iii Strut Aulu mat lr- ‘Lh* IIH* 32k. I * ill SAI lf,too ’•!"■ ti bn* k cottage, bath, <    ti    tr    ham corn* r l    l, 5ft* 14 2; SI, S* cond Bt I ©ct. 11 ira ii 10 r n* cottgge, N Isl , ii ;,i*\ 11 ■ lr* I-*, «nd«Ui!k; I imi cash, balance on time. 12    *    It    2 **tui v, flame    <1 Bell- . . r> . I Ii. ti em linill, S. Lith .ti* * I, $1 Pit 4 • «fii frame, n* w, ban, uh id© tree*, city water, high lor». Hon. 12    1 on f> mie cottage. b*th . I*’.; H Amo treel, IL Mo 4-room ft un** rottage. bath, ©luctrte Huh'®. 1 low In. (I-. MO    I    i    iii :*- liou*.». clo®*-    In, In- omc*    1-0    1 i*r    month, a good    tnt©*!- m a ii>f t«h, baiajice on time al k per < **ilt, i hu#iur®B prop* rd©# for till ill \ i i.oqio rqili Ii) till* J, ll t cl: oil j I 'tim lien I :coirs Santil-Pepsin Capsules II,*.    Si w f. room    fram© ©ullage, well built, near ahopu; ©any payment®, f3    1    ti r< rn, ? ©tory brick, aulta- bl© f<*r rooming ur boarding hon** on I (lr bland® ( *    * s' * I* .iii frame    bath, ©Ie* trlu lo ll! lr* * ®, tdirubbery, lot 15x142, I t li.rt.i .n .o. 1 - rt‘#i»rrt.*4 ,    ,    , Um ii.?. ■ •.»..) i«»• -I ImJ ,    *: hr. I WI *    ..    , smw, jam I . RO* Hi BIIB* ® I    frail!*    Cot    tag*    cl* gal-f d©.    I    c-    ii a I ll. •* > a1' ill# r< «*•!. IO • SS * -I TiJ* ra® IM*• uirei,    I    *'    5-r*w»in flam*, near ahopi -ItIPl r i i. -i.l if    »    • bi lately ll ">    4 ■> • <*ni liame ©r.ttage; new; »w B' *• I ***■*    -    ©Mf*    .    -    ,    11h I , oi h ea u b rum ft* .it." - 7 - room, two-Mtury, modern bilk mvi ding; bath, ga a; electric Ugli ta; barn. ti "ft ti 1 - *m brick collag* ; modem w*• *i built Dry* c* liar; g**od barn; ti «    <i;*l lawn, floe lot itl«»n. Weal T- i> rat road. I S.?****    ti-room frame dwelling with Hit*.11 rn convenient ©a, well built H. A mo ®L I ani    ti 1 un frame cottage; mod. em r    nv« oIbuci® ti. *® and ■hrub* bere,    « na.* r 1**1, 50x141. Mo**,    t rn*on frame 1 odage; tree© and ©br•!<be y: n* ar bIh*|»b. VI. .im t to I imi on 4,«mm! lit al Lad alf •I lim Hall © of I iii crc*#. A POSITIVE CURE IF \    flu 1    i, I    ,    f    44    J,    ai    . V    I    ©!»■ > |i * . ii I    ai, e A* -    J    I • t <* IU ». I *v“V ..ACW UWA-ttnil ca *    .    U«lU!    .nt«iiM OM* ll. Ill PPL, %g* ut for \lbu1411ernu© Toti & Gradi HAV. D* *Ieee in t.LI if I ll 11 • PIM *X 1-luNS, t.H AIV VSI* I I I I. I ne- I in* oi Limon* d SS ne ' l.iquorw . . aillt t I" ii I'l.ici' V**or ( ii lier* J <*r I In- I lite VV uh I JHHKUfJi? Null I Ii I HILD si HI IT

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