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Albuquerque Morning Journal Newspaper Archives Feb 10 1924, Page 5

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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - February 10, 1924, Albuquerque, New Mexico February to. 1924 Albuquerque morning journal engines make age listen world in Rrth Ang by be Fob non Good time Foo e it a ii to it it nag Irrl d ii it a we pc m rain Ltd it. A it at Tyjai her ii is a Sti his . Ati., the vol. Me it Anta be successful in units 300 or More Good record Albuquerque la Junta a by to a a ii. to that j it i or a a monthly n pm in from . To a r Foj a a a so i a r or a to g i Al Tim inc a a Ert Milt lira Al let to i or cent the a j or nays to ate i won tooth and \ lot a i i Junta a or nil be made by j to a Emit amp it the Santa to Stater a it la flit it in Pany. That in i la by 14 # Csc Oil mond to Mort i off a Elf Isryl in in the aft Momi the Elt Mal bin and the or wit re will to on to Stegli Fry to the mom Tain a a the City a ii toe will up a he Fra need it hotel at 1 10 Ami a a Thror 8 p. In in or in. In a fit 8 a Alae a radio Demon for Tolan a it he Siren by a . Ledee the i to Al Elie Trio pro Gram convention a. To to he ill Here includes social Ai events for delegates and a a a 4j to i la Par a a 4 a n Ifft Sun h wives tuesday Eft the rial new ii. By it 10 a i tit met a re i i a i so toe inc a cd and in the entail min til1 in i a rides >4�?o Tim inv it Mien Tractive that every electric Ivin in Tim sch the West Wilt after and bring his w with icon. The convention i Feloni i a pc will not be alighted Gnu the Man social eve to limit v. A d from a it Mio nifty at the a a Fitt the sir Tith a frag la tag Obj Aud Are. I. A he Tacaca a Ivr Toek i tin Ever log the annual Banquo sch will in informal i i be a the Ranei can followed a a Clit the ii. H. Firm tilt Temh try manager for the Mountain 1 a a a a Telephone and Telegraph a in Pany Denver Rill feed a ape Etti bin in c t i nil tied so Gin to a Church Bell a tved itt a do afternoon an auf a a a do w it he Sien Tho Tare tinder the auspice the Amber Connie acc. That program and entertain men. Mimitte in Compo d car in r i a it i. A Bra or or it a Southwest. C. Cornell. Ii it Quot i prs taken u Ems by put it a. La i icurn1im by Ltd line Grade conditions one thro Lugli to l n averaging n Rara handled ii in or Caci i Recti by in olt Bur log a. ? pc locomotive attic lion Claes formerly thee trains Chang d i a Moth Ltd it a Ana Lap r out i Iva hit to a Dlin Toi a id Loris a the res con inti ii. I ban go Ai the Poi it h till lie longer i line. In average numbly mileage pm locomotive i the Marcus show coming to Crystal monday. February 18 International a St auction comp it pm bar la no Mia in it ii i i i Isi i a la Hup v my a a. She the Home dub a present it Ith a charter is Ltd a Martin a inner a a ii. F the i Imp. I tora id. Dist. A a a a i t a s pc in or. At a meeting a i fat Navajo Iii a to night to Entov in Bota Ria a Rind i hot i wives and Awethe Nita were pre i ant and Beard an address on the Brindle notary by or. Min j Fin. In the afternoon or mirth delivered a talk to High it h a n the life to it the late la Eshton d it. La i la la me Dir and t. Has la pm id it. By Bot commit. In Mutton i let j Hwan. R a Mac Many. Tain t Nichte a j inform inuit i a or the i la by Riff Al i a it Burr. In be to a it d the a i by la it creased Fig d mile i Ai i num j it a a so , int witty Doii Gitte pot a a Uit a song Ca i Chi int Tolg and Bius ? Annat. A a j it it stunning Tom no i Moi Pii go in i ii to a from use real stage to i Luis at Ben la \ in i he. A jul cease full Mali. I a a a the Burler lining t my nor the i a fit plan or. In n in jail i a 1 Phi. Ii oui i a enjoyed in St Rve to i in or it u a a a it a pm ? it i / id Ami a ruin y Stroni he a Cal . Tier Cert in to h it i Baring to past few j curs a in. R. Train ire handled Jhu ,.f to big i heat re Al Quot Al 1 xxx eat in a a a a 1 a Pecaric a ,. Mure it to. Or. I Mil m .iu4, run a m 29 Miles pm a j re r i proud Dimi a w in Bai in to p. Or is. K i Ager Bonito on Puhi i i into deliver Hoe Cal persons up int. I Dent i Trinidad electric to a be per i hip la ail a j and Chi comp la. M Mort. Vice i at limn it i. V i i a a a in on i v i Lilly in formation Trover a represent j a pc i vat on Klee it it i. To _ i la my Amnion Jit . H a Burtons practical and up to run 24 seed Book Dee a to Chiueh Power by a Quot ruin i. Ion. General us pm a i cd Iliad and elect tic ugly i it a. Goddard a or. Sol a re i engineering stat a ural Coll g Rohiy Quot Date encyclopedia on seeds l la. Vaile Nim roil i a and successful farming is i waiting for you. A. J write today for a free copy. Burton seed company 1526 Market St. Denver Colo. Look underneath too in Kwh plead my May lie it the appear Arm your pm hem careful yen Are to keep it washed and polished rent they that a beamy in Only Erin Kaif into Early Spring specially after you Hart travelled through Stormy weather or Over Muddy roads look Andor to /. V attention to Cha ass parts a Springs Spring Shack ies Brake rods and in Tnp. Steering arms the und Emide get unit wp�"11 to the Road a will add much to a a i Nui Iii Sroor ear. Ice and fro Reti mud. Partic tarty should be promptly removed. Lubrication umber Al Tranni ishm and def Pemita should be checked in and properly attended to even More a Hen than in Slimmer the Wear on these parts is perhaps greater in Winter than a it me the Yemru for grease acts sluggish guard against trouble by using a fighter Grade. The Only worthwhile teat gasoline is one that Wil def Matefy indicate its Range volatility the pro he enter rare Date a Quot a boiling Point fractions. The method it employed in such a test and on the results Are based the u. S. Government specifications for gasoline. A some that meets these specifications is properly termed a Mitt gasoline the most efficient economical fuel for the Modem motor. Year in and year out Winter and summer col Foco measures up rigidly to these standards. In every sense the word Conoho is a toted gasoline delivering full Power at lowest coat per mile. The Continental Oil company 4 to. Chi Wal. Quot a a a a a a a i Quot Wio y Wpm Arnm Marl Wafik a line big Gerb Petroleum Peart a to in Colorado. Whom Ling new Mexico Utah Idaho and Montana a Taigoro a Aquai Anoka. They Are move emf and Aav in time and a to Ernman Ehnar. Oort at All cont Neistal sender Staten and Aee Essert by dealer Gene Ray unit h Ward it hath u a a id d a i i m Iii v i a a a. Instil a Nix ari., to in. A mall a Englin to i to i univ or to i when i whispered to it a a Whit Giitl you it in Yak i hew 111 Milr in foal by in Cas i exp a Ira Ion a i Ith t it to us Birney becomes clerk at franciscan Lloyd employed by Savoy in -.1 la it Gill i tis . A i a. I a on Birn i a tit clerk at the May Paet the re j i Poilu i r with the a i in Cost dyad nervous ted rework and any had Pui Yed him oat. # but blood was Pale. Thin Aud watery. His fare looked Liard and lined i tic shoulders a Ped by i footsteps dragged. Then a to please Ilia i tile girl a try Gnu a thu a i Hun a Alruh contains Ira like Tea a millinery i i spinach ten tile and apples and , the Irun to your blood. Today a a i Strong vigorous and Well ill look years younger to i11�?ii be til i a the i rho Iii i a a r. By. Ii gift. F i Mai i ii to Law it in i y Carl Yobbo whats the Leady and Kern or Active work i or play a in fact a like a new daddy ? a Mai it a in 1 a lha thought i woo d marry Yon when i no rated Iron is a powerful in wow us a we a 8t_ped_nd i body bunder. It helps Vav i Lloyd a Elm Wora out All the titties. Yon never want j make Rich. Red blood a Trad Ieth. Hotel <1 c a i ii tin no play with me any More. I Beard Mamma Tell auntie that you would on it take Tome that Ikon that helped her a Mach it would soon make you Strong sad Well again. Wont you Pima take nut Atud Iron daddy to you Lii a i reports rupture. Between Wilhelm Ano want to play with us i to you ated to wife Are groundless nerves end gives added Rea Isaaca Agal ast disease. Try taking no rated Iron for two weeks sad note the a raising henge to veer general hit a Fifer aaa a a a Ray. Tea the eld be attorn hot to at the re ult a even a few Dart time. Stecew Nara Steed Etc easy Raf noded. At All d off hts. Army Pasadena a and hupa s., v i or bound i to Hiland. A it -. Rupture h per i Ai e 941 t i brie no Wal or. Mum n re fit spoil your child s hair by washing it he Sharp five sea a for a lot in Lologo in Ai i j Brince o fou a Lefurn a ptts As Ping Iii to Lur this territory daily. Are hauled a by Oil our Ain to be Locona 3 a a a. Law the a cd ran average run nit g 4 nil Lea per hour East the trains on time the i Bra rah1 it pm r trip 11 in in. A pig Over this to w s i nil i by foul differ i i?r1 to i a extending the in it is a it suited in an incr Are t i r or at in average Mon i i a per locomotive til into a ult Hie it w St. Mary stakes two a a 1b.fled or Hir from Cerrillos in 1 sm.? or Indian women a thick gloss basketball meet Raven Black hair. They wonder that Gray hair i known to the aged duly. I in led it a it vhf Call Cit Tan b d o v Eno destroys to and mice 4 Dous flt Iron Law famed positive Molt Bot n by e Lois in Atli i i., t i l Piet Der. A i or Rake by Woodworth s pharmacy to so aw4 g in Basil 111 Titi a or in a intern Loti n my Hoot s . To a it to a a a on a a it a a tie tory was to the i 7, the it nmn br0wnat0ne Roy hat. I Field a i t i Field to roil up tints Gray bar any Shade combining the secret the alters with Modem science an eminent hair specialist has evolved a modern hair tint that instantly colors Gray faded or bleached hair to any Shade cd blonde Brown or even Indian Black. Brownstone will not rub off or Wash out Quot Quot permanent color. Easily applied and quaran it i i a to. Teed Barmie to hair skin. I a All dealt 50c and $1 St Ive 10c for trial Boe. Indicating color emf. Kikto Pha Macal co. M a i1 Lead ii c Sci Peppis by. Can Attoa a. I a Field a Naif i i �?~ha-1 office supplies and furniture i Iii re Tiv Basin it Only in the Ama Hep be office Fern attire. Desks safes filing cabinets chairs typewriter stands an.4 a la charac Pri a to Ity Vayis willing to Aru a n. Store and i we by Strong a Book store a your Money Back you want it a i i rags wanted a Hue be at least to Furbee Sera Elt wet Waul Good clean Cotton rag Good Aue no Small pieces. Bring them to the tomorrow a great Sale More than 200 new hats All m the newest modes All in the finest fabrics inc values Are extraordinary $3.95 and up Drew hat. Tailored hat sport hat i hats for misses i hats for matrons i Milan straws bimbos Tagal braids Many silk Straw combinations All richly trimmed with Flowers with the new parisian bows with plumage with Clever embroideries. Many Neu s hades Narci aus Hong Kong Blue Empire Cosmos Pink purple Black and White Pearl you Chi Green Mexico Sand a Roll a . F. I Fie Chi Quot a i i in i Kohl Villi i com Kumhi . i fre. Fir. ,. A,.-, i r Valentines in to $1 at Matson a journal office my i i 1 i v i a \ i rub journal want ads bring Quick sure results

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