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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - February 10, 1924, Albuquerque, New Mexico February in 1924 Albuquerque morning journal pm Sven interesting topic about the Jewett car placed before readers by company s pres. A for Al. It i trim m ii Wei i it i1 i re it motor t a a a a a non five new lines announced by the Ford motor company. Includes Coupe. Tudor and for Dor sedans Durant and Star car agent talks on foreign Trade amp Eli cd i i pct a pfc out i urn the of fax arc pre sue Der tap pm rut ire an a the tar or it pull com i Best Miu St rated by the attempts so fit Fri at no Lima Tinct the san of the Jewett hex Bav it abit to Supply every the lips ii sir >1 by the to it hive known period he i us two years whet company teas As fir a pics behind in deliver the Demon or Ca re will f in the pal St r d a new Torii prods Llie Tho reel f its in Industry. Ten. To this. Ope aha i n i is a wonderful women end Hants the world to know about her mrs. Dynes one of a family of 22 children to a unable to Send or w rite when so Walt a it. \ a to entered friends University Here. She is the oldest my Mon diligent student in the school. The for Dor Sedan s thac or to Adel doubled in 19 d la Quot 11 Linden is oui Tim it hit in amp smooth Peralto i Pally in Lei f smut four c lugs i foiled i Era lt24 w it a n a Kupp car body t of w Holch a two do ii the Tudor is it into appreciable or rho line a a it ii be ii i a id i re Edt now a duet to if Fivi idles the a Dor so uti c the. Ingle n is at pre Well Drar to the arming auf. A i in i Dalh lie past Yifei top Ord i nod a Cai Ortoll Al d tire 11 of a i the Impi dal War tax on automobile should be repealed. Says congressman Clancey min h better line the mowing demand for Encl. Particularly from non brought More attention of fit is Type with the a it the new Ford closed it improved style in Many skidding works hardship on tires during Winter tiny pm a Cit Quot Filiti i to rely i Etie latest Lan a 11 St met Ion. The tit Dor i Corning Typo acc mod it i. A in Eon a Pieta a e Type the sir right a of. And Oblong a Doto a closed Jows ppm Ranee or and to ally to id in Don and a a in Cipully a Una to us to her Rad which i it f Quot Hue All the us Seal opposite a larger out f the e ton a via t. A a in to the r ? in the to us it i a rec a be fend the cd the r Day Bull t. A toed a live line Ink i if hut h a it ins. A been rear a it or bringer a i Given arrangement a Onstatt and a e never. A Sod Carren i i i i. A i at the of the re re or in a it Bod in Quot i the Sam in or i a ult that i a that made i or Abow i i rat More foot respects occupants of through t he Ira a re in exterior Ford Elm a need to and a Tov a p p cd Civ a id. I vent i latin. D considerable publicity was re i Cen Fly Given to the eaten afire Cam i re fan fir e % port Trade in Antonio Wichita Kart. Ii irs punned by american Manti City look upon m facture. A a a f. A. Pitcher local Flisler in Durant and mar cars Quot Competition is the life of Trade or d in several foreign it Umrie. I where production Tariff and other j Handicap have kept Home but ii i products a High primers manuf no j tuners have been spurred to great or Effort to meet the Cost of ant a i Jean product. I Quot it i interesting to note Chat i automotive magazines in England a re France Point out that while title la imps at borne do not favor the s i erf High priced motor a hides foreign markets do and 1one of t the overs it maker Are planning i errs Iii i to energetically enter the Market j Cepl Tol it \ in this Side of the Atlantic. A the More the merrier is the response of american motor Manu a associate fact trere to the policy. Ninety organisation per cent of Tho automobiles in Tim j when be Boga j world a in my rican non. Which i Means that Ltd a Tho economical co t american car the balance of the world pros to s a practically in touche-1 Market. American maim i fact rare Are awake to thin of ii Ort unit. Quot a number it f american cars i were exhibited it Tho recent leu j Don audio show. The britishers Avo a preference for Home built produce and freely express it in print but to becoming Lese Reju starts education at fifty enters College now at sixty Quot Quot at the Paris show american balloon tires were shown great prominence a Given by of David Crockett. Whitaker when re a lure manufacturer to the i end Crockett went to Tow display of the new balloon Type i and became mixed up in the up f re to the eighteenth annual r lug end War with Mexico. Both French automobile show held in won Fame Whitaker although to Paris at the Drand palais. Der death sentence in Mexico City enc concern mounted three frosted the Border ofter the War j it hairs on a revolving turntable. With Mexico and purchased in Loo one seat was equipped with Iron a Ere ranch in n. Rth Eastern tem j tire another with the regular. A a., litre the Whitaker children were Cord Type and the third with the a. S if determined Lorn. Kong had the advantages i now balloon in sin As. Visitors thus overtook i r a n i mfg ref #4��atf<in, a a school were i receive i first hand experience it i i beam a. Unknown in that Section then. I the comparison in Comfort offered. I Emu. A Quot aft pm re mrs Byre of today married in i More than so different make i j v., / n a army officer and they rime to i of to rope n Rara were on display i Vav. To 1 a a. Where the y embraced the according to a Firestone tire rep Robert Whitaker Bor father. Quaker Faith. I to tentative and More interest la bust i a Pion in the Lotis ice i diced against american curs by i sheer Force of Merit demonstrated Arrn Are exception pen Forward or. In Driver seat ii Quot d. Sign. To l in in drip As wholesale w holes Lorn pc w states Mazag r Chevrolet retail manager St Blini assistant general at Detroit. Ile the Chevrolet july lits a a toll sales cd of i twelve f the Detroit orc Reno a Tea Michigan and r ii s manager do qualified for the heavy responsibility of i reefing the in x a r to a a second largest producer in the automobile Field. Trey Are Pip i. To buy american Chassis fitted with British Bodle my British accessories. Quot for i Ason the Durant and other prominent lines competing n i a the British Erk a to May to bad int Frude compactly England either with the Standard a permitting easy i american i a Dies or with British it a compartment types. I a the set Cleas of the Durant line a Fly and Rug in England Aud is other foreign i Tot Only aural a countries where it is represented i 1 lug a has been remarkable and a con-1 a i the portion of Sal a is nor i listed to Export radio sets and supplies a in i it capacity it the ii then Tho seat a been improved int parcel Abel a it a of the sea a Dan Bas enjoyed a Dawson Heads Chevrolet sales n the of Bur irs Dawson hts Aill she entered a subscription sold to have been manifested on school hut after n Short Limo one i the part of the Public than at any of her Brothers died and she was f previous exhibit of the kind in forced to give up schooling to take. France. Care of his five children the five. Children later attended friends another thing the world needs University ii More worship and buts warship. We have eight lines of popular replacement parts of which we carry a Complete Stock As follows bearings Springs tank Caps starter Cranks axles gear fan belts head gaskets in the nest eight i duet of the sunday Jour. Nal we will Dolerite Thole line in detail. _ c. Of a a Jinil a a a a ill a i it a is provided Colin Campbell formerly general the front seat Saim manager Chevrolet motor Ivel company who recently in signed Uronen or. Dawson was formerly As sudant general talks manager of the company having been Active d r Cash and terms tide order solicited Scheck Battery and radio station 403 West Copper. Phone 344 viaduct Auto Salvage co. Viaduct garage 500 South second pilose 243 the eyes of the world Are on re Ltd Ahi or. Clansey Quot admit a. A. To Oil i to o to a Are o if Btl unusual a mature �?� a on the Lould be killed a i1 in Beca us of possible. It i just a ques it starts within getting around to it and a a the fide it Mer it marked contrast Between Cord and balloon tires ii in eel is who i Quot on a re to the wheel Lri f Iff r ilk i to i i the a a a i d h tween to his Ridden la a or equipped to apr a Fis ure of a pulls almost it a Cord or Vav years and the which new Brin of in a i a Torr. Obi in Corn fort u Natla ally results it Alt of the manufacturer atm it got1 to at a re by. Chains Bel la one a ? it. Be be pre bidding j become j is a cd i a in a1 h a noon App id i by t of m i us Nash Tiaw that broken Spring replace it Nith a genuine perfection Spring made to the car manufacturer sown pc it Ifica urns an-1 sure to fit and give service. The right Spring the right Price for every car and Irue perfection Mcintosh Auto company 311-315 West Copper Are Quality i Moths cars utterly in bal it Ion or tile re built with flexible car tag principle Goa tire has it pays to pay a Little More 1-3 a by the birth of s True ballot n a 21 in. D to re cent however is Gay a noon Tho it a Type Cord tires without let us shove you before you decide Hoover motor co. 418 West Copper ramp Ion of the sex now heels i Alt Jet i i re a luxury that every i i to to afford j j d Bat too mrs adv let Low air pressure j i of Power and easy 11 i ugh roads. Thoth i in vibration ii n c Zulig id cd ill Sis Cui Oti a i in .1 a Gas mileage is High maintenance Cost Low. It is simply motoring perfection placed on four or my lha Economy a i Milana sade1 s comi Aht Nev. Mexico Packard owners never change cars it and now its our tire service i few months ago Vav a our eight hour Battery recharging service was attracting a Good Deal of attention among Albuquerque motorists. But now they take it for granted. Moat of them know that Here their batteries can be fully charged in eight hours. They appreciate the saving in time and rental charges. And now its our tire repair service that is attracting the attention. They find that we Render this service with the same promptness and thoroughness that brought our Battery department its Fame and generous patronage. Like our Battery service our tire service is rendered with a smile. We know that you re not glad too when you be a Flat tire so we get it off your mind As quickly As possible. Of course we Hope that your tires stay up but when one does go Flat just remember to Call 214 if you want our kind of service. We believe that if you try us once you la look to us for All future repair. This h belief is carried out in every Contact we make. Automotive service i station cd 122 North fourth phone 214 Jas economical tramp Artamas the remarkable Rise of Chevrolet proves that the Chevrolet motor company has correctly gauged the shift of Public sentiment towards the most economical unit of transportation which also meets modern requirements As to Quality. Call at our showrooms inspect the much talked of Superior models and see Why Chevrolet jumped from seventh to second place in sales. Learn How much daily Utility and year a round health and happiness you i obtain for a sum so Low that almost any american family my easily finance the Purchase. Pc i. O. B. Funt Michigan see Chevrolet cars at these dealers showrooms i c omm a motor cot Pau Amu i i Raqi i. Juv. I. Lid it son Gallup nime. Closs ii a i log mgt a Santa in x. If. Burn lib motor comp no i ast Das m . N. Old Trail Cerago Baton a me. Siegfried Bra Liam i. Ltd i n a n it of. I of. Miles Farmington a i i ii. Of it Iii met m it Vin Mil \ la by Brand Auto company Taos. N. It. A fora guru ire lord x. I pc. York Socorro n. A ser foe garage Clayton. N. M. Pendleton motor commo r Koy. \. M. Borneo bom of co toil vim i Mira of Novelty work Durango Colorado City garage Pagosa sly lungs. Colo. Tone motor company Trinidad Colorado goo. Vav. Alamosa Colorado go. By. S pries terse Job Monte Vista Colorado Oldham Yuto company t a i m a Colorado

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