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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - February 10, 1924, Albuquerque, New Mexico New Mexico a leading newspaper minty mum i in. Fill Tia \ ., Albuquerque morning journal Albuquerque new Mexico sunday february 1924. Restriction of 20 Pau him today in iwo Hikcs lox new Mexico leading advertising medium Luce five cents denials that Simm purchased silence of movement on foot make Wilson a Birthplace shrine country s Neer plans Call for House consideration of Johnson Bill Ejon Fiu charges that his enemies inspired the questions action on Denby resignation Resolution is expected monday rumours of impending Cabinet changes Are revived but they Are without any verifications Arlington Fob 0, cwt but Orts of chairman Lenroot fore front Frederick cd unfit publisher of the Denver Post an admission that Larry i Sinclair had purchased Tho silence of i new ape in connection with tin Teapot dome lease a in Lade today another dramatic session of the Senate Oil urn Mitt Ltd or. Motif ii was emphatic in i denials charged a is nemic in i honer had inspired the question and Ecla Refl that the contract which Sinclair entered into till tin publisher and Leo stack a Denver Oil Man hereby he was pay them $1,000,000 was in nettle in of a lab Iitto under contract which stack had with Landard ii min diaries whose claims in Teapot dome Stclair previously had purchased for $1,000,000. I a a a a. Ltd a Ltd a Ltd. I if off try in the As soon As tax measure is disposed of Washington ? 9present plans rail for the is Cor plur a the John on in in Rutten Hill is soon As . Dip is of leg elation. Chairman in Sun a the immigration comm Lites toys flied a report a Tith e measure. i i y fourth a committee Menbere. Dissenting x Prev a i in three a a b w a will be her mini Bere pointing out that Llu present the a cent 111 via i in the Foo census expires a be or a tin. I a in a i a h a a ire so next i if of i a i he mediate and urgent n a d fat Ren Tri a or by fill a go tied i i Ehy the i. D f a \ depth a r Ell s Landard Oil cd a i y or i received ,06�,Soo in ill in Sinclair >mp.ary, v h Over the Teapot i a leu. Ii fir hit Ink i line tort car if the4 a int i i v fat barred the a if th�11 rep r 1 1 a is put r 4tied Vii a a nil if n other i Hiti n is a ii. The la Over Lent i fun a mrs or of the in cd est Ilgra la not f i a pie n in history f the world spa ted tit a Vin july ?. I 124, in a a. Luxom launch the act or a i of . »f., will be pc >4 la i Situ War or 4? or Auld not Erin n i ii a trend the i 4�?~ lit la . He i of unt by i Tiit ration. Til \ blk a Man 1 is nov Fogt a Reserl on by for More la old and in or the ret ration be flow Complete senator Bursum asked militia takes Over police Powers in Herrin following disturbances Between wets and Drys i of a i the ii remove from his reclamation Bill provision for water Survey ? re a store of the Middle Rio a Ard association a tardy of a in a a chamber of Commerce amhara i i but my Secretary of the martial he is says caucuses proclaimed in i and primaries Illinois City Mure important a than elections a i saner of Dallas pleads for men of education and character take interest in politics lifter taking cd Jairm a n a Var til Root a f a \ i fist Ion tided Everts in w by a Tytek a 1 Coati b re on f Imp i his in the of try pin be. I p til ii i a a revived. To enforce ins no tract and what do. The x Riel Benti in Xiv a Zuppa cd Al suah a Itne a died the i had i or ten by has known by in a in .1- that i e vae Advance in Una f or la Nee c Timi d ? in Nix by Ftp eth n sea Aud ? ii g the la a. J ,. R a bout Tiju a the tvs a ., of a a Jno i i a a 0 in wit in i a body of Squaw found 5 Miles North Gallup a Mimi in the Dot a in a n m. A a a. T a a Tau i arty the of a i or Attal r the pro do a mid. Der a be id rid 1 1 Luth tart huh find Orrl ionic i # i a tit based in Faa inn i i re Ike till ird la Paul Ginther prominent a mind Man Otel paso and Chihuahua. Kidnapped by Villa and Chao of Rev if i a re Arias i % i grows \ i. of a liar f or. Bon fits Iii a a a 80 in a of i a k a i i prison rub r the a \ Ilia a Man la h eld for r word rec a iced from a hint i m r. Glaner of Ai a Erica be the \ Ilia Cha two a re. J. �?�,.j. Of trim i Rint a nil int i n i Jilin a Lorn i ,.for n a pectin. Ooh a a r been or. I a i in Iii a recur i a a a in. In of his ire i a Quot i i Jimim r. W 11 ii or a Fox Xiv her or. M my in ippolit i and is he Uso Toda ret be Kidnap 1 i in i. The path let a Maomi eerie tax Bill will be taken up in rout i Ammon Hoil i n being u1 Isi paso i in is i a i father its fir of raped several Days ago and not for from Dolors where a Bels c. A tar d a prix a Ngor or one a ago after forcing Tho Kin re i rend a. Or. Olathe Xiv if re Nilca in la so hut i is a v. Lid he i Quot Buair. cit., by recently rent i Thi a i la older Libua Hua a a in Hor husband i. I of. Ipen i of Stater of mrs. Up tier a a9, a a resides j11 i Pron Nebue 1.1 been advised Jna i i no.i� my. Tin Nej from Cah Fornata i Wen Rad d attempt w Day. G i. Fri i Salt a Iii tin i today. To Beal troop y rat he sky Mountain if Glens Comdr a Abl Witt i Istone Enovs pent alternations in ferrite a a let Rains or Snow Aal temperature West of w cathar.,a l inning rr"�?T1 a Quot a 1 by a i in i Dit g men i \ ult. I a an in la Vul 41 fro his r in i. is not believed that the a bet la the int a in a id Mal snows of fide or Kiel a stand against Tho federals inasmuch As the Obregon armies have been reinforce by sat yaqui indians within the lust a a k. I Peru i a m in i k a 01 ii la h b $10,000 stake will be contested for new Cranwood track tided 6 p in. Est re amp \. the unite myi a a. Fob p a a Siti in per attire a ��0 take the richest the hts i if half in Tif tracks in America. 3$i win be contested for the new. »51 Quot ran Wood track Here the week of feat a a. In.,74 i july 7, a is Learned today with . C p. I 2� i tilt announcement f the program 0 for Tisz two weeks harness House la racing a signed Tut a manage i w end i v the Hio pi. ii circuit. The Mel wort Impi Tai be u per a i h d his the for the y. F $ Russ los ibid a declare cd a cutly f a tag tid two Ion i of local and h a by Tii Best Pebble rat for or , rth More than is per of durably a a ass Turin 4 i of posed by she democrats. Th1 leaders plan c. Take tile Tux bin Al Derrick ten Rolv Irtha euros consider the Iii apply Billa the tax debate be pro Arr a Yern in 4 the n r of p in association notify Fer for inf late sum of new Mexico that. A Large part of the investigation balled for in Bis ufos run de reclamation bul a been covered by the in or. To Gat a of Homer of still a no lne r of the . A reclamation a Ltd a a made i invest i for till Blo appointed by a w is mar Hie report Bas reclamation submitted he nolo by the rho reclamation a a a time duplication of Lief Fin ill feb. A thy the also elated Presa restricted martial a preen Ila in this City tonight a Laving proclaimed by colonel Alban Jtj Bartson in a Barse of Radical doctrines Milit Man sent Here after Dzui Bancea last night Bein Cen a a wet Ard a Cdr. Elements a . A. Ltd the Murna a taken Over the Laws already enacted in polio Power of the City and aw-1 some states threaten becoming a menace unusual View of he Birthplace of nod Row Wilson Staunton a. T win be fought i a Hiti w Sieh of i a fit d r Purdue of a \ Lew of Vii Sci in fur codons r f he the into a mull <1 Bra <1 Poi pro Ridant. N. M. C. Hopes 3 Abe arrested extend line in Atlanta on e Neill r. Field says rail mrs. Asa g. Candler w. J. Roads plans Are build Stoddard and g. W. Not Only Gallina but Farmington 15. T him ant i re a 4 Bonds he Nev. J Atli Trust i of a Quot in c c Ca n Tiller. A re Ami 1 Quot a. . A Ling id in ate in 5 a a a a went i Iburg an the p in a v hic Here but Juzint try nay Kepi i taken Tuth i id a Tho of axed Corpora Lff ii fete 1 he min rho a i Keeling released on for appearance be Rio Tain ii a i Ward lated ated so a stood i i a they n a pol Llad of $ j or re for Imp Hilling la a Mille 1�?Tiirtj Atta mum email id a Riel ire. Or inuit in g tons Lait year a i Rry cd m. R. Mech in who a or i f Nevi men too. To Cen a i by evict and Bas by i a a a a pm or Jam a i act Alioti Felt or Buffi Wold in not . My Akkad or. La mum alter i Bill a Sci re Iii . \ a pro a w in Uxer cd fur bin atop ii no a interest in the reclamation project far the Middle Valle and his Psi in general Quot Ai c my a the Bill or no do Stop Art appropriation of far the investigation of tile flow its the Rio i Ira tide River from Rena in . To the elephant Butte nth a View determining whether More w Ater in in no of be supplied the Klep a tit Butte project and the same urn leave an immense surplus which can utilized of or Irrl Gatin in the upper and Middle Purl the Valley in new Mexico. also provided for construction of dams for flood Contr i Sod irrigation according the general outlines of the Middle Blo in ramble project Tao hew hired re Tisz resignation Des us tto Mer Aud Vav . Thaxton is Mem i hers of in Board of director for the association from Bernalillo county were accept cd end h. Mcclughan and Edmund , both of a a of Picq so were elected in their 1 id Iton arc nod Thaxton stated they we c toe tour a with be Mannl Buri Nee affairs serve. Jai in i ii be n.& k of Albuquerque a elected a vice president of the Assoria tin i was decide i increase the a efforts that orc being made create sentiment in favor of the re Cia i Mutton project among the property owners affected in Bernalillo Kan pox a1, v als Weill end Socorro our a i a Asp Accra w Iii be sent out for that purpose i but reported that several property a Para who had sighed a protest again the or i a Hon of n reclamation District in i Der a he provisions of the Fato a i Cona Olvaney Law ho1 a pro pc i a desire have their signatures re a move a and placed on a petition in firs have been instr i i re-1 train from entering the City Over i Munday and monday the courts i w ill be permitted function w Ith i civil authorities in a Barge. Colonel Culbertson said he added thai full n Al jaw would of be pro 1 a tainted in file county. Decision apply restricted mar bal if we i reached tonight after a Gnu Culbertson bad barn in turnip ideation xviii adjutant Hen a Wii Ilia Springfield who of Iier Dlhy dispatch Flo additional i oomph i Ca of National Hoard big county. Colonel n i Bort son said that the situation was not As satisfactory desired. Mavin Mia Ahi. a i in i my >111.11 Herrin Iii Jan. 9 thy Tho Aas late prose a eleven men in eluding mayor k Andreon and Moth a nit. Official of the Blat miners a and one of the Dis of 1 ants in the i in Iniez Mas undermine our govern mini lawyers warned Niche ari., feb. J a the pc i a a1 need of today is for min c f education arid character w xviii attend elections Caus Tsee and conventions is citizens and simply i a politicians b. K. L. Diner of i alias i Cess pm evident fit the american bar association told members of the Arisona by nth Bac association in an address Hoe Noglik on a the lawyer and the a the caucuses and primaries a of More import an be than the elections a or. Loaner raid a and the conferences than the eau us is speaking now of Law Era a a in a More or less engrossed till duties of their profession cannot be expected of course thai they have time follow they can least do something pm re Wmk placed under military of the w a fiut duties. And the main Point is that what aver Yod do do Angularly and keep the pressure on. A the lawyer cite zen who follows Thi practice will presently find himself a fore Blat the politicians reckon with. He will be consulted and his opinion will have weight. F de Buh is not concerned with spasmodic citizenship activities. To is not disturbed by a Reform movement or n new years resold Bon. Llu has his attorney on permanent retainers and keeps his lobbyist alway on the air. Baner warned Hie fellow member of Bio bar that Tho growth of a Radical doctrines alls w in some states threaten undermine the government As established by the Constitution a we is lawyers and a vat supporters of the a on tub a should by on our guard and Whatu the people of threatened dangers a be raid. Arrest Here today in connection Vith the death of canola Btu Caesar Vagit who a Bot bist night during the disturbance growing out of Tbs liquor raid lit Wlliamson county. The arrests were made in War rants sworn on information i furnished by s cd Young Quot dry worker Aud one of the leading i do urea in the recent dry raids in the county. Toting said All the men a acre in the party w Hen i Cagle xxx As killed. Those tits la r arrest in addition 1 mayor Anderson Orol Willis i Are Jim Pax in John Murray i w. I Brown Alvin Thomas up ext i ,. Bryn a. M rout a a by or cled a a tilth James Johnson and urn i i Mima s. Sheriff George Halijean in has been Ria a a a i under arrest in connection with Cagle a or Atli. To uni f f of i Harris is appointed manage senators Lodr a i i h me of Peri a Tab a xxx fax. T cd cd a District wig do i. Led pus the Orth a for the area Ion of the Rel talc on the us fut a. A Elif Ioil before Tho d Fri court. Secretary pit xxx ins tracked f o coiled purr ant dec a from nit my a in of i Tho la is Clu a i a Fifo thut Lex work abet d b in p Piti nerd. If. In. No Lins on of the e ii i ted Stab h la Din n rices oui ice re port a i hat n in 4 a Ltd be-1. No a Ujj Tun a ted by the a Crevice a islet x up a i a y i Milf lung and mexican revolt chieftain is in Tabasco state Federal court Start Here soon Many liquor cases a special term of Federal court for the now Matt cd District will begin in Albuquerque february 75 and continue until till docket which numbers 41 Case in cleared. Civ is canes Arn aet for february Sisr nod 27 trial of criminal visiting All states controlled by his forces unify movement re i is or or Tim m Jug a Large piece of Tern that id been water logged. Aid ibis itch is located on altho exist line that had by in mated for by ii a ditch by or i in i Valley wide rec Lam plan. Or. Trobl nog invited hers i f big association and All ize mud b m i of who Are interested in taxi a xxx hat i in r Star 1 tan.-. All four of the count a represented . T. Brown Corm president of the Jsu a a pies de <1. A visit doing were of Patton Iris be measure will be held before that body until disposed of. Republican leaders Tell Coolidge Aii vex ii socialists Maxe Issue or Flag incident will Endeavor ascertain who is responsible for Telegram sent ambassador Wiedfeldt Brownsville Adolfo do i re vol lottery Tern. Tabasco Texas. Fab ?.�? Huerta me Xiiao Leader in from where ii will re state of Sinaloa is entirely tranquil governor is Loyal a Ara. Fob. I find Fin. F that stat h the govt Rufic 9, Binal run a aug re Mairul if of i a Mal ii until sunday after which of wit visit the Etal pm a Chiapa. lax a Clit i a Errora act a Trdina i v . Chaps res Ggant Ere. T he h us a a of the rebellion i Quot a Aid he visiting All state controlled by his fur Quot unify the movement. Or. Cha Paga e out the following radio Gram which be said he received from Cly a a Haros i front Era under data of Reb-1 run re 8 a i Ani Ines Ructin a nit military and civil but Hort a dependent on my command that Alf Tele Lams for this government Eho lid be Addry a a cd thin Peri until february in a afterwards places i v la advise from time time As i Ain i Jung All Effi i liquor cases predominate in the docket Jio Tabia among which i tits care of the state is. To Xula bar Tot of fall up charged with Selling intoxicating liquor Bartot a convicted on a liquor violation charge Homo months ago. An injunction Van in a us Reata Unitas him from operating a soft drink stand and later modified permit him sell soft drinks Only. He Hue Minco been arrested on a second charge of culling liquor. Among the civil cases Are by against the no Grasa food company of by ton. A. B. Williams of a pull and John Francis of ton nil of whom Are charged with bringing food into the state with misleading labels they will in project ted under the pure food Aud drugs act. Case of Man charged with embezzlement Given the jury i Mori Bott controlled a p Jet Cly Duff a will Itu Oaxaca Ami there oth the purpose Verlor an a the rep his ooh our army Cir two. In . the Southeast i Chiapa. And for Ipi a Ith a biting in part of a bites a in Errero Icet pm f a1�� North a11 a a is Bra gon according a Mea c Ivy i y the mexican roil re tonight from Flave of Bay Sonora denying null g the intern Ileal Ary the Mara i Flores bad ii d the Rob Ilion. The or a age which was from g n i a and Quavc a n i i Rohll i of foil o w s i a state of Hin Boa of entire nyquil. Governor Angel Flop Rem. T in tug Loyal Tho govern Washington is cd. To Adolfo Dei i a ports spread by Reb i Huerta after the evacuation of o the effect that Halwo of a re Crux a lifted a Nom Ber of in rebellion a Points on the Gulf coast consult i with bin Loc a i i adore Al r sex of Exicen Odets i Joaquin till his Agut her announce d j today upon the a Vita Rte i cd advice. Prex Busly had no in. -1 fled r e n r use ii ii 11 Vee we i near. g n a joined the i go College students Are indicted on charge of murder i f f a f nuanced that a a Iel Grani was received from govern or l Lores when a Itu i in r report v. A current san a ton . Tiv a nod the govern branded As a a ii a the report that he had Jupp omd the rebel Glove Phoenix ariz., fab. 9.�?-thd Iii of David f. Jolin son forme state treasurer charged with pm Bezzi meet of state funds during lits Rte of office tonight Vuu Given the jury arguments were concluded fat the afternoon and president Ludo Darnell of Luceon read his instructions the jury immediately Atte xxx a re. Motion for a directed verdict of acquittal made by counsel for the defense after the state rested us this morning was overrule. By Trio court the defense rested its ease without the presentation of a xxx Ness. County attorney ouija Ingham announced shut Tho or too its a its Ca so shortly before noun after Vav. I Liviu Gubur former president of the Farmer and merchants Bonk of nil Ari had declined testify a against tits defendant when was culled As a witness for Tho ,. I prot Elt a Tiou. Or. Kingsbury who of a would be Frontera feb-av8., tor ought from lha nato prison take the witness Eland raid that not testify on the ground that might incriminated. I v \ i \ i la in til a \ i l v Iii h Svon in mfg proceed i the Adit and Fie a ii ire r d h i fila i Anderson resigns As superintendent anti Saloon league May suspend work on Tut ankh amends Tomb end of this month or.,,. . J thy a sated press a there is talk of i he along this seasons work on Tut-1 Atikah Annai a Tomb the end of when would my gunboat a i i a i Quot i a Hung of Jupe thence y Ca two a in Huerta was a serve a i i d a acquaint ii in lha Sou then Etc in states for purposes of lie revolutionary move Tut and he reiterated that a evacuation of Vera crag was net in the i ast rendered necessary by military compulsion but a vol ursary i order liberate for Active service in the Field the several thousand troops defending the railway approaching the port victim of amnesia slowly recovering ability remember i i and Fra tar i k i Tot of the first pres Church of movers Ville. Should i need. Salt h s v Feffer Feick comes Houri Par fell Sone of the Neces Sites of life. After dint of hard a digging by the statist Lions his n found co a i i in i ill n can a wins Bibby Mem the i i 1514. Pepper is the Odd Belfast by . Q.�?. England von b , tfx Price a us is the info National Rugby a retch Here a tip leu Bug i York o ii Tot thru president so lit a if of City last Enne was i i urn of the i this or nth according report i a , in p a. Re big Here from i Nestoria Clr Kyj Itz f1�?T l a Mea in by. Howard Carter re i Bat Quot of 0i>t re duo Spanish War vets Hurt. Al the r lid of i Mal a Luv a today bringing Sill or for rain ii a the the phages and Alie in-1 on of this tackle was have a if i Evi i in. 11 la ii Koa i a. Ilia afternoon the or Der was cd intern minded the last so Iris however and the Tomb re Tansin a closed. If the Cairo reports of work this month ire Correct the unwrapping of Tut ankh amen n Mummy probably will deferred until lf25 when May be undertaken by the key Petiau authorities san do go .Alif i cd. 9. A Rob eau Tuitt Morrison a victim of amnesia slowly Fig recovering his ability remember incidents of his past life wag stated today the Hospital. He i was found on the Doorstep of a Lodge in Pine Valley january and until today his mind in 4 i a a i Fly a a a a of m9 m been co in pm. Be Lank As Hie will meet sept. 7-10 form life. Morrison is a prominent Young lawyer of Prescott aria., and is a son of judge be e. Morrison a former United states attorney. Although a Ray examination of the Young Many a head have been made there is still no evidence of what caused the lapse in memory. The sheriff is working f on the theory that Morrison met �?�?.u by a 9mi\ Cincinnati. Fab p�?~spanish War veterans officials Bere Day announced that the 1524 convention will be held Michigan City in september 7 . Ari invitation has been received from president Baya hold the meeting in Ila Vana Cuba but was deemed inadvisable make any change

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