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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - February 7, 1906, Albuquerque, New MexicoWrdnradajr, February 7. moo. SANTA FE TO PM OUT MILLION A TKF. A I. TS V OUFRQi; R MORNING IO U R N A C. YEAR IN TOPEKA FAMILY —  ....."    '    yj    IX    ^    J'    Va SUPPOSED OEAD MAN cohouctob tells thrilling railroad time table --------------- STORY of BIG WRECK    —“ OR SOUTHWESTERN Will Employ Five Thousand Shopmen. ANNUAL PRODUCT WILL BE WORTH OVER TEN MILLIONS PEREA SAYS HE DIDN'T SEE ANY ROBBERS IN MOUNTAINS Kl Paso on th** Colden .stat** limited >'■ N’lday afternoon, from iii*' (•"ini' 1    > ll' spital    at Alaniagni.I..    lit    In* _____    Jni    i* hi ar*    of    a serious nature    and    he "IU I" eon ti egg! to his ro>>m, 4l*ij Tpx-!-    Bere 1,    tho \    univ    rn    in    who    last    a<    slr»‘et,    for    some time, saj*    the    K ratyr .lay    was    rep    u ;. !    to    have    bee phttRhterrd by horso thieves In th Multi* pf th I" *tmth ;/ h !    h' "Ky    1 have b. . n in rev, atom railroad n '•    • AI tiara, of Albuquerque, creeks,” lie said, “hut that of JC ti. 30 it turned to the city yesterday without a m rai. h upon him, end blandly in-UR'1! hl« "if**. alit! tin* officers th (In effect November j 2. HOS I Shist hound. 2" Atlantic Exprt    arrives 7:67» a. rn., departs ft:3<>    m. The A tell Ison, Topeka & Santa F< Hallway campo ny ie planning t<>r extensive Additions    It, Its big    shop. ai    I,, ha I not    only    mo h,.#n -    Lh" a To,,,.Ka. All    the    lot umottv t    f.eiuhl    tut th -    he    ll..    nu hoi ■ cars and car    uh. el* used on    the Hun-    th; \. * od    no t,    . , „f tii    hor- t ta I',- system m< to lo manufactured ( blimps which he went out to bu it. \vw„„ *»— “'•'•***---•    -»-•--    Deputy    Sheriff    Montoya    is still in th the m«aintains hunting for tire dead I o I) of Der en. i’erea was sent out I a at week by Mr. Aliter* and the * he riff’s of Pee lo hunt for the stolen rig. Saturday a land have been purchased for tin ie w niaii in with a story to th,* cf- .....*—»••    .-...I-    f«, f th It IN et    hoi been    set upon by bt rse thloves. The tale was magnified until the hunter wa1 reported shot to .th ami left dead In the trull, \ deputy eh. riff was sent out to Investigate although th,* sheriff** oft car had llf t i< faith In his story. Mr, Albers la rtllt hunting for ilia there. When these additional shop are built tht tompan) will em pita .'. oho mon. pay nut more th ,11 ti million dollars annually and turn out products valued at from I* ooh,(oat t > I ie,OOO,DOO a y. ar Twenty tore IP tov s While, a conductor f t1 tin Kl Do so iV Mouth Western, Who wa injured In Ilu> wrec k of th* Rock Island passenger train No. 3n ut Duran, N.    _ _    _    .    _______„    »,ww VI Saturday morning, was brought to v.L^,    ''    m* Kl I* 1    •    on the stat pi, a Sol 4"    H*? ' 1    <"'6*11:58 p. in., departs 12:«j* a, ne No. s , Chicago ,v K meas City Express. arrives 6:16 in., departs • t.. p. rn. A0-    Faat    Mall,    arrives 6:60 a. rn., departs 7 ,!(. rn, Dc o Tim,-    ..    iVcstbeuiid Whit,., wk., t, a v„t.n.„ Cull rot  ..' *'i,?1 "*'£?£ S™'"'"™ 7:30 a, ti,..nm,,,,,,.. „i„i.    ’L',*' ,    'ii    i    ut    tin    Ko    J..    Cantoral.  ......... .. .....,       w.tek    >    < stSi day aft, moon.    ll lf a. rn.. depart*. ll 2ft, ”rr,'r,‘ No. f„ Mexico A- California repress, . .    „ arrives 10:4r» p. rn., departs ll ;,9 " 1 (be wane of all that I hay, e n * *“ Pa0t Wail- nrr '    11 3' p. m ' We Were going alone at fairU lh. tx vn 0    »»    **4iIIi»mmi.,,| •bo and had Joe go,, doe.,, a hill    p m M.xlco Express, de,-aru 12:15 ami were rounding a curve when tin Lo ,1 freight train, Na. *>9 „0.lth. bident occurred.    bound,    departs    m    5 a. TO. ami No I’.,—Unlit \ of I -tais.    E > nu rs. s, , o if,,    ,    v-    Arrives Inn,, South lily I felt I he • ar • ti, No. lo., Mexico Express, air,yes 6:60 car was whirling over. for shops aud arrangements made building In early apt Iou The engineering department of the Manta Fe has already prepared outline plans Of the proposed new sh* p . anti the officers of the company are now considering ami working out tho details Within sixtv days it will lo decided what appropriations for the work will be asked for In the annual budget for I rn pf ow men is on the system. Tin Manta   Otpifty during th* past few years ha- bee n unnbh to g. I all the new locomotives needed* as tin Daldwin Lttenim.iive works intl other companies have bein unable to k-•• p up w Uh their t,r th r - Mine.- the hat -'est of th, 1806 crop, the Manta F< company bas p. . n unabl, to move all tfn Doight promptly ti, ,! lots be, , offered fur shipmen on at e,,u t <*f , shortage of freight .ars. General Ma nag. , Hurley I, ll,-vc* ii, ,? w Ith the joldltional hops the » nm pa ny will be aide to handle promptly the great crops which ar, raised annually in Kansas, oklahoma ami tither ten I tory udjact ut    t » their hie * * * (•round I ml, r \\ ii, el* H{ Halon A Raton dis!,.,!, ii t.t tin I), ,,\, News says William Do,)) lib,- err Idoy. d    (t ,ht. santa I*.    hops,    no t    , horrlbh    death this aft. neon    Doon    - bo* and    HIK Companion.    Robert    Mira.    . b r. w, r- mid, r a , ar matting r, pail "hen th, train fro,,, nn Uf)known cause* commem cl moving down ti.,, grade Mf rn db *■ Imh it, saved bim* st ll by jumping and clearing the w heels, while Doorntmg was € .*,jsr i and his bo,tx    badly mangled    f , ‘ruck* passing , him In „h wa* alin* in fantail, ic . The d. . . Is w,l| knows in Ra(sn and a yourn* wife nu    no him    '    ‘ I 1 • N|» hi \|» |,\ |‘||a y| It I I ll NI , k fill OI s||o | , •' balita F« * I P ll I., in, I*. MV, r News says1 'Th* remain* of Ibm ac i urn,, a w,.,Uhv I n,on count, Mo, knmn who It „i left Tm un earl » horsebj,. y ( , ail ,|(i R< ( j(.t ^ condition tin night before wert I. . '! en the pilot of a 1{f„ k Islai,d freight engine rnI.    Hu ht,}s# w found wandering un the track and upon nest appt ara nee it se* m*d as if it,,, "leru batt been struck b> ii,, ir.tin ,1 kill, ,| \ clos* r examination showed gaping shotgun Wound in iris rn ck and th* coroner s jury return, d a ver- * of Warder b> „,i unknowi ut - ■ tam.    ^ Th. aiilh<»ritbs are m> stifi, ti , tin identity of the uxtdmin 'Ut MI IM.I s < IDI N Ion i,\ „    „    i A I N I \ ION \ \|||; 11    1    '    "t    -Iv,,. , r, - id, . » or th* chicago. ,to*k NllimJ i railway was al th* union depot ho • tight in iijs pH vale .ar u, this morning for Mi I*ouis Mr had come from Topeka, where 8aiUr day he announced that the i> ami termin ti i.n int,, Would he doubled s, 4*lt> Journal I know md bing iii Mp< ndtture of fin i mad* in Ka netts to pi that the roads cauld nu a tonnage of a cent a t that stole.** said Mr. Muds |«»t last night "We i .ubl profit by charging a flat rate of ii milt, but if all freight were lax* thai iate it would that art Wit h as lib s, bricks und cheap ar, of coal could not be moved beet lite freight late Rf OU bt soon eat lip profit. “ Ia,st year th** Hock Is and iii good business, and the tom,ag. , »g*at Just a little undt r a cent a I tulle Some roads th. Hants F* b one. did Ii little belter (hail it Ce! Ion a mile. The great guest tut >n (king rates pi seeking bt bt tai •w»lb partita, t.t tin shipper and to th railroads Tip bidi fj, igh must help i.. pa> th. expense .,f mu lug lh. low gf a*J. freight which wou it »l none if ,    it    u rat* u .    ,    h at a cent toll    s    ruth "It matters little to « shipper wh th* charges ire oil , carlo i i >•) >»i bi t OU -if th. I rt ,g (Ii 1.(1 a na!! p, |>f th cost to t- J*I CMS* Til. Itll I a ho is sending or v orth A J11ti >. >, tile smelter ta w illing I., p*y ii g M price ti, get it til, ,, It I* (h, rn V bo ha* low gloat, prod rn u who « a pot afford a tale of * rent a ton pub ** Mr Mudn stand that th, Roc k I fend had un.I,    r    co agrin ten    j    , k • i,    of ii,,- latest tffres and    ai- . •btl    ft t (gill car- There i - a    s<    .    . ut « ai- now, bm be hop, .- that iii fear Uh supply    will equal    th,    d maud. luicM'atlonal |*,.ultr» INmmJ i- «ur Mill. i ti to mat,. lour lo ii- |.«.    I    iv III    tits H^tt Seiiili s.a ,,|i | Mil MU IN I ms I,| sr? I rofruiuiui men. artisans char,lcs- \V? t iou p, UT*r, o'*I and I, ade brumal* * not throw tham away* this rn .ti, r of I, iv,t‘g US * i * ase tim vain abe I in th Dill ANIIX I VI DKODI.I in the gulch ‘When I cant# to there were uneon-•clou* men and women lying all around me, under and on top of th, scat-, As I raised up I bdt a ierrlbb pain In my head and my legs were  __crushed and bruised, but no bones testify to the Effb**cj „f the    wcr^'batteLng’"t The Hi.iciitlfh* DaiulrttfT Treatment. de ,« ami open window hob' of lh A K linier, Denver. s,ys; ”||, rp|. car and the work of taking the injur-1 bas nan. nij hair grew rnpidh. id out hegsn Ah A Ouerln. Falls, Mont .    AVhlle I was h, l,dng to lift a worn. I? I ,r    an excellent    an nut cf a window I suddenly felt a ii 1 T ,    .    Nh“r*’ 1‘Kln in my breast and beearn* ll f.reenland, Portland. Ore „«>•*:    wesk Afterwards the dm tor told in- stopped my that i and In an instant more the a. in. We wen* br a •N*n makes all local slaps east of trap from which the., was no (scape. Ai butine wu«, When    th, first jolt    came    I started    I    v    * -‘    1 ’•**’*'    'hfcet    to    Lo*    Angctes, ria.-, but wa- thrown back    bet we*,, th-    J'*    Ic    Vr,,,N‘0    , seats    There was    wild confusion    In    s,,n    Francisco.    '    '    Angeles and th, ear I remember (ira, the «• .. h Mi trains dallv c I (I i • I . nip!. , ! %    . * \ j ,    ............... ......... once. Then it turned half over again i'A>i ' ‘ K , KV,,JAI “All ROAD ai ! landed with . t rash on Its id aonf %,h *"    ‘ *04. southbound    Northbound _N« I    STATIONS    \o    J J too pm, Kv. Santa Fe,. Ari 4: to pm -«• pm ... Donsciai i ...    4:10    pm I 4. pm .. .Vega blanca... I 3 46 pm .Kennedy ...J 1:10pm 2:20 pm* 2 46 pm .. 3 30 pm ,, 4:06 pm1. . 4:30 pm . . . 6:45 pm... Clark Stanley Moriarty McIntosh Kstancl i 2:46 pm t: 66 pm 1:20 pm 12:45 pin -11 ?: 20 pm Sgecia^aleo^^Heavy Weijghtj5uits^sold_l^st year at $20.00 special Price.. $10 Arbon $150 and $4.00 A kiws Da*l. f Uni* Nrltlrton't Short M. MANDELL I'in* Clothing & Furnishings, Albuquerque Manhattan Skirts Hat I ti Iir I bon Shirts 7at!rr t 'mlrt wrur • :60 pm . ... Progrex • • in ^>,n »" * *    •^;,inr ‘ ... ara » IO pm ^ r.. T'trranee ..Lv 9 <0 am SS _'    ~    P    n« 10:45 am 10:25 sin ' N.-w br,dr Iferplcld, hair’s falling out ** J. I* Israel, Nor! Herpleid, has coml dandruff,” ('barb s Drown. pr« aid-nt First Na .bomi Hank. Vancouver, Wash , says ll, rpi. de I*.    ,|    for    k,    ,    mR    t|j Wash., says t* !y < ur* d mi Insist up "lier dru In,    km, im    ,1 p. g,..    s.,,;,    Wdncs- ■ b t I."is, cav t,r,lkM ,    <-)Mdti,|    napilred    sec    M, ' ,,a,|- i. a V, hat ,,.i i!    H‘    1    "‘bn- SOO s llri»M<l- “,f is 11 Ria CI el Ii,!,I Po OU,. uws    ’      ,f I .< d iltbough p a K ii,    r 111.    en-    (•'in; I Ho!.line ,    \    .    327.) gineer who was a passenger in the n    Notice for Ihiblication. car. was terribly hurt and may die    Jew LTV*    l!it’    r:*r    l*«ltcd ■ Th., .rain crew and the passenger*    ^    **'    *    M I rn mediately began the work of get- Nothe Is hereby given that the foi-ting the Injured passengers ..ut of the “    ‘ wreckage. Many were iiound under ti rn tiers and were he) pies*    Th.    In N. Peach ® Co. ■ 4 I REAL ESTATE 1 ® ?    Dealers ijj Off,cw: 208 t W. Gold Avenin J J    Auto.    Phone 235    Ai SfS( rn 1■ ♦ ■mtiisiifi a it. MI, lowing - nam,*.I elal rn an tlcc of his Int- ntloii pi" >f in Huppoi t ..f h sections ]« and 17 of ti Th n the genuine. Hold b st*. Fend Iftc. in stamp    _    $    m ( , 1,IhTm* ,|!'T,’i' hi“ r°” lh ' tUn:i- alm*' Who w*r+"’imV‘badly 3, Iv&l (2«    ti'ti Briggs    & Po., spc-    jut*    to be    of    assistance*    look a hand    by the    art of February    2* , -a inning    th. lr briah* rs out ..f    Stat-    , at and that    < Imin 1    1    (ii-*    i    i-    '    *,a    •'    ‘-    -    a    I    dr*.-    i    i    '    '•    !    '    K    >    rf |u..Mi*    Ihr    rn;..'* st* 1    *    .    *1 “!•    rn* we    still mule-    ^broute to    Hantft Rosa    Yam    . ,    ,    . f ,Vi    UI !«.nk« A'n.frT.l suTTur fri'hrhr ^    ^*«rge of « the S 1,'f NmT‘7^ !? u , v « ti. 11    11    •WU \iiur 1 Ti ftfht (linHiiDDtp k,    ^    .    .ll ’ *    *    im    ii ti me. imt Hue, **nvrv\ 11    *    r*    .narita    (    I    •    iii*!    2^    at!    It and money.    ue*    ener*v    »'***« and CaHsoso. Engineer Doran >* bn,I IT, T. lo N. I It,Mi* bio I i H<«4I\\ A PO.,    '    1    S.i ,,,j    ,, ( •    ,    |    H I *4 M 4 I ll lit It    Jf| Jill* I'll ID I'Dxsil,!    I Ness    Man.    Vt    .Im- Journal OftkS?    train    w,V'‘    I ‘I    "f    lhe wr^ed    v, r,    p,'„siMnMnll The Ladle* o7ihe Degree of Honor    «»«»»)ure.i    ^    ,    fv >f.    pi^edii, '• M ;    ....... '    ’7    ’n'    M    ‘V ,oaUi*    t,ii- * .IlI. cl lo, al - mu nill , ’    \    m Kl. ir.iio, | ,    \;hoMr    1 ",l1 x '' I “    —    Any    per ;    '    Ne    ii    |.;„f.    ..... VV.uVL'v* ......  -    !    \. 7 •|* »*    :k: .* ■ • ■•'**' VI"., CHI- rink.- a bln,!..,    or    .hVUToT    ■' .~rhix.,;t"r“'   * s.*  ....':ra -.r    "«*»*    «"•' .! .’.}■ ii. w iim(i,,xv A ro    ;    , VV itll ii,,. xi,oiling Journal filed • ke f Im tin "f M 4 » F. h F< it I It, c. 1 t( d. b II V, I I <»r tw, u rye v I., THOS. F. KELEHER Ism flier, Harness, gadtllcs, loin Robsw, Horse 11Iii 11L., ta, Etc. Paints, Oils and Vwnlsbas Dslinetto R,aif Ihiint lo-ts live Y<*ar> arni iui|» I ira Un. Dash Paid f(»r III,lew and IVR*. 40k VV HST RAILROAD AVKffTl YOUR HOUSE u Will look wall and feel well when you have one of our genuine 5-A" Horse Blankets on him. Low Prices Nor*. !*a *• New Stock. Carriages, Buggies and Saddles, and nu \ 1 \i • xi ’"/Vi'    i >1 4 ONII SIMI I I. *    1    s 4.Mild lo, .Si run. Hie lr,Ti,Hr",,!!:.,;';!;!-."''* f< -I poi at Itin,hi lb, I" ( .I.. make a (a r «or*|v d, I ilk ox 1 boil1 ,f I ter cont . jM n I I I III** S\\ A l«» Iv* sd* lauder* at I Im.* <louiui| on,,, WM. PARR! VV bol,-ale anil Retail (h aler Iii    • Frash and Salt Haals    : s VI -M.I \ SD! I I VI TY    I —_-    a 101: < inn VM» ihm.*. d.k.kdm •    , M VICKI I 1*1:1* I pvid    ♦•+Hi+a4*4+a+4+a4t4.*+a+* LIGHT AND HI*: A VY HARNISH J. KORBER & CO. C.»r»tr firer Street tad Copper A,ease    ALBUQUEIQUE    NEV    HEJIILO • ♦ aH-a4.a^#4.# + #+#4.a+t4#4.#.5.#^ C. A. HUDSON i Wall Vaper ana    ! Jap-a-Lac > >    ; I ira! L W ork (ii-traniced    • I’rci' Rca*onable    « • I I A NORTH SECOND ^ I R I I. I I #^a^a4.a+#^ava.:.a4#4.#.:.#4.«g V *-|M t i,ll VV OI ,I ll, I I,,,. I ‘.ii nms 1 • there Hill Im iii, restric-* *'i    *• to quantity you < ail buv (Mi yard *»r i cie. •* one mc |,*    ,,,    , dom u ,4t the „    j,ri THE ECONOMIST Albuquerque’s Brightest anil Busiest Store I III Ii VV I STORE V S|Mi-ht| Word to (lur I *., i colts During this aals *b.'n- will it** no r**stri,-Ibm t« to .{ii .ctsty you eau biri one J a rd or x ct* •<■«* .»ne annie or a doz* ii at th*- rile price. VVI-; HA VK’ BEHN MANY M* * VTI! Oar Annuut Mullin Sheet and "Bedding Sale Household. Linens ScQ, Pit EDA IHXO FDR THIS HAUS. WH ll WF MV BELOW f ’*»I *1 -I» NUT BK lh R U IIT TODA V AT VVI KL HA V Til Sheets and Vi I toto    J** ....Cases..1.    • DR HELE* TI* »\H *.\KY EIDAM THE it RHT MIKKS BILLH AT THIS DIU4*K WK DKT MI, TI! IIM F< tit > I, It V II!. Ai OI ’ * a TK I a JI Kl t K Is a ILEAL KAILUA! .\ 'I ii All. iILTIt'LEH MDM ION Kl ll Hi Md, Th for. 1 w nth* ah. ad. IWide Sbetting Bi a Ii • ••sit* UA > • • • V'. LACE AND Ii I -Ti Ml Y It»;-VV I LEK Ti *DAY Huck and Damask .... Tcbvcls.... Sale of Dcd Spreads ill VA' hit *1 »' 63xSO-ii if Ii I Af bcd •ingle bcd si 7*0, duefull bid Kit1 V.I .'*7*.extra xix,- ti* ti, n* i ii Va urn 1 UCinches u»,u ti ref* I va I* I UC A * .7*A,Mills Mo t., IOO ii oxen I fromJA < hoone, It I. finis *A ll. IUid I-In hem a t bott* .Alt. rn,, or ) \ X 2 •a ydiISO, ■in or *x2 A^ > dx.Ilkin., or 2 1 Idsfirin,* ur *» * 41 i V* id.7,5In., of 2 % %Z * a > d -Atm’n til#1 ;§« hf»4 «s| extn r y: ted AOdTABLE LIMENS 'hv the \}ard Kb ll ft Jo* . 35* Mf, It V I ll IN l\\ I I *1 'St 11 AMI • I AMA a ti, J Up Vil/okti Cases Is \ V DK I N s s|*| < I XI D 41 to I • 36 Ile value 121 ,!> a* I Cc value , 17m«, Iii' VHlli#. I Vi. I Se V * hi* , . aw Cas,-M and •ll• reductions sTlienee Cloth < I- ti*t Table Tops, End! earl Dig. Finished ii at • IT II for tbi D V I ! I I, N I \|t| I 4 l f U lls Hemstitched ... 1 1 „ , U K ii . ".in    *     —im 'n.......,...... Enfinh Long cloth    j Cra.i besrdlTotveting Bent M > rn:1    I**...    J    Cotton T- ^,-1.,. Hx27-t*i nm. a.., rk I • I Tied Table Damask Turkey F^ed and TO bite Cloths of the Best Quality • J NII %2 on f I. kl 7S s in • 1.541 • I I I N« ll 4 I I M lls -y h »*i j, is. f m it, rial f>*r underwear A' ’    *    1    a bb    -aI»    pi tee . .    • I    25 AM    »*J.    I bb    "lr,    pi ic* , . ||    51, r '    »l    EV *    "•*l*    *»' *«■•    Cg    IMA V1    *    Md;    ,    J , ^    I*    £5 *'    ‘his    v I    (<rir.    *2    50 f/amsook Specials   ..... ‘ '*    *' !    1    *    "1*    i    A    V    I    ai- 1 ’ »*h ‘V "Id- (MT X I IIM Imported liussiiii inrush* <* _ * '*    '    Hp*    P»-1" I I    I Terry Crash. Ift-in.. per yard 1% ut Ii I VI I SVM (MIHM |b| o|t 5    (IM; VH I k Mi ARI I.«.« • worth ti I cron yard*

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