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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - February 6, 1926, Albuquerque, New Mexico Few lexicons leading newspaper Albuquerque morning journal Rhy fifth yeah la. Iwo in. No. 87, Albuquerque new Mexico saturday february 6, 1926. New mexic6,a leading advertising medium Brice Uve cents hold up to Senate demands evidence held by Trade Board fill b0c1fs of officers Sli stenographer 4 modern vends t us. In foot s Nail r Ishway station near Peoria ill., to get equipment to break open cars we trucks waiting to carry away swag til Way Crew refuses to five details but says if hat robbers worked on preconceived plan be Ria la. Feb. 5 it a a band of Twenty robbers by Friday sacked a Small to ii Railroad office near in seizing equipment Lich they later used to hold and Rob a Rock Island tight train from which by took about $10,000 it rth of alcohol. Jutting the air Hose on the 70-1 freight train the robbers held Crew prisoners while their i. A it i Rte i to in i in i f a Lei hoi by in trucks. It a it in a a a i tile a orning i n leery a no if v a 111�?� i a til train of merchandise. Two of a cars were broken open and contents consisting of More j 6t r Gallons of High Grade to a a a i a a a 1 i g t he train w As held lip for int and ten minutes hut no hers of the Crew would give detailed statement of w hat a j i cd id \ Ltd Oil t it or six trucks were us d. Move to get for Justice department information on aluminium company hitherto refused Washington feb. 5 it by evidence furnished by the Alum a inure company of America and withheld from Tho department of Justice by the Federal Trade com a Mission Mas called for today by the Senate. Demand was made in n Resolution which was adopted with Little d scission and without a record vote. The measure was presented by chairman Cummins of the judiciary committee by direction of that body. When Tho evidence is obtained it will be made available to the Justice department for whatever it May be Worth in the investigation now being made by that Agency to determine whether the aluminium company in which Secretary Melion is a stockholder has violated Federal court decrees. Adoption of this Resolution will not serve to halt senators who Are j ii slating that the Senate through the judiciary committee conduct its own inquiry into the charge of the Federal Trade commission that the aluminium company hts violated Tho court decree. St Granite City Illinois Constable and assistant with bullets through Heads buried j near Moonshine Plant Santa be Bono St above pub several financial houses offer 10812 of Issue is 5�?Ts Beau s company in licit of tax returns is urged draws proceedings in Senate debate Santa be Felt. 5�?bosworth i. A \ 4,1 a 1 1. A a. I a of tax returns to Public i Byron o. Bea Livas Given the Cottas urged lit the Aen nto. Tract to prepare the proceeding a members of both parties Friday i but a the trunk sewer and sewage iwo tax reduction Bill was sub j disposal Plant Bond Issue to i d o a a a re hour aged Gotham woman burned by son Dies police search Denver for assailants of women slugged thursday one victim seriously Hurt Edwardsville. 111., feb. A apr relieved to have been brutally slain by Moonshiner in a liquor raid the bodies of Constable Omar docket 28, and John Balke 21, his assistant were found Friday buried in a grave on a farm three Miles East of Granite City. They Hail been missing a week. Doth men had been shot and Slockett a Skull was crushed. Their bodies had been buried together in a grave four feet deep about i in. 0 Yards from an abandoned farm Bouse in which Vav is found a huge whisky distillery and 50,000 gallon if Mash each body l Ore the Marks of one Bullet wound in Tim head. The farm House it windows chattered by bullets gave evidence of a terrific Battle Between lie two officers and their assailants. Thoro were indications of dozens of shots having been fired. I ii Lent \ by Iii by i know min Denver colo., Fob. 5 spa police Friday night were on tic qui Vive in the Capitol Hiu i. I Deuce District where three women were slugged thursday night by negro and Whit assailants. Otto of tic victims of the at Tami i it or the d in decision Nan Smoot of the finn lit p. Inch ire of the 1 announced he would Febo. It stole jewelry Ieca use employers refused to pay him Hub Titei i at the com Trig i it y Clec in a critic. A1 condition a. Ton by the i y in Uncil. The 1 lured mkt i believed to company gets .3 7 of i per cent. Administer cd by a negro tile c Rouneil j to make a nether v victim of to the Issue 1 8�?Ts. Believer in it c an get slugger Vav is mrs. N s. Better than Par for t a i car who was truck Down a anted h ids of As big Lull s i 08 1-2 the Tobii .1 woman was were off red by other Bond Bouses i of a Whit Quot assailant a Lio bidding the As for the pro urn pm Ion to coed in it tin re on a it it flashed Iii Ion him. Would n prices u Lake them 5 in said to i a e the the Binh Yvonn i in by Rai ii est for municipal by mils i n new a 1111 i la i i ebbed by my Xii in via is i Kinta i i a \ an \ feb. R Manuel rth i a old Orp ban. In h cd with stealing v a Why from Nieves of. I Nin Ramos. I b n Al i. stole t be i Las a i. A yen with t la Quot men i not Bim for ii i or. He t who arrest cd him. I Ollie from Mexico bins an a hid grand me i a res be tiler in washed left Inland when they j he stole a pair my three ladies the in. The boy i a a Ald he w As three mexican officers shot pro charged companions executed at Vera Cruz de la Huerta alleged ringleader that h to a Dorado Vera for get employ a fun. Jose i opt in to Cne wagers offered on Lenglen Suzonne i Kin executed at Jalapa potion with the Dis alleged no been engineers Milo Tex. I. It will by i hts inv Al ii. \ i Ion t licit d i weather i no a it i i. I Dor i it Ltd n i or Noons i rip Rhi \ is. I l l i it Senate refuses to put Strine Settle int up to president Copeland Democrat new York author of the measure says hell keep up the Battle party lines melt As votes Are counted inn s report Faits to show treasurer of democratic committee gives total receipts $16,885.17 with $688 still owing statewide election Gode is voiced by . P. Leaders seven republicans and nine democrats support proposal Kendrick Renews demand for action hav my Miler c porno paid tin so Reward Thoro were and fur 400 three states voice opposition to Colorado River projects As outlined insw1nc-j0hns0n Bill a Rizo vat to Wyoming ant represent that water 0\ ii t a a ind Rev wit cd i it t ,1 twi tilt 1 la Quot i of no cd All Hayden Bill Cpd Utah against the Congress int raised r As to stir jurisdiction by Liers w As id Rod Enre rear Csonka Yin d to at i i the it demo t it a Pic mis. Would id a a j pita i in tired wan 1111 Era tic her Horn. Of Quot Dalex i e i. T tie i a j Allan Quot Vav la s i Bonds Yoyo St nod to i is in their lid take Al Dri i i. Y y s is in or in y Bablu la i 4>> gov Wuh a tin Talison too la to the id that o w till Lvi lop or w ill i Jon of i Washington. Fob. Apr by an overwhelming f c majority the Senate refused j Quot Friday to consider a proposal that president Coolidge be requested to Call in the miners and operators in an Effort to end the Anthracite Coal suspension. This action was the first taken j i by Congress in the Coal controversy j land was forced by senator Cope land. Democrat new y Ork one of those Foremost in assailing the presidents non intervention policy. Senator Copeland served notice that be would seek action Dally j a to save shivering seven republicans and Tho one farm labor senator joined with 0 democrats in supporting Tho Copeland motion while nine democrats i and 38 republicans voted against it. Eater lit the Day when debate was renewed for a few minutes i senator Harris Democrat Georgia requested that be he recorded As i voting in the affirmative instead of in the negative explaining that 1 be had voted under a my Kappra Hension. The Roll Call follows for consideration of the Resolution a republicans Brookhart i Couzens Frazier Howell Follette Norris and nye�?-7. Democrats please Broussard Bruce Caraway Copeland. Dill Edwards. Ferris George Ali flin Kendrick Mckellar Mayfield. Overman Sheppard Smith Trammell Tyson Walsh and wheeler�?-20, Farmer labor Hill Pat end�?1. Total 2 8. Against consideration a republicans Hingham Hora ii. Lin tier Cameron capper Cummins Dale Deacon Edge Ertist Fernald fess Elliott Goff. Gooding Hale humid Jones of Washington Keyes Mckinley. Metcalf Moses. Norbeck Eddie Pepper in Hypps Pine Reed of Pennsylvania Robinson of Indiana Hackett Short Ridge h in not than fled Wadsworth Warren Watson Yyi Eller Williams and Yvo Lillav 3, democrats run Tenn Fletcher Harris King ran Edgil Robinson of Arkansas Simmons. By Mph Canon Anil Hans Oiin j. Total 4 8, renewing discussion of the subject late in the Day senator Kendrick Democrat Wyoming dad hanta de. N. M., Fob. 8.�?a. E. Zinns report As treasurer of Tho democratic state Central com Mitten which was filed in the county clerks office at Tucumcari to Tine available for publication Here today. It Falls to show any Money received from George Davisson president of the Hoffman contracting co., w to a Short time ago filed a deposition saying he had Given ,00o to the Campaign expenses of. A. T. Kennett and u. S. Senator Sam g. Bratton. It fails to show any Money received from Carl c. Magee or his newspaper. During the 1924 Campaign Bis paper carried a front Page Box solicit contributions to elect the democratic ticket and assuring con a Butora that Tho Money would be turned Over to the treasurer of the state committee. Do to oct. J Imore than $300 had been collected according to the paper How i much was collected after that is not known Here. gives Tho total receipts As $16,,17 and disbursements As $ i ii,852.�?~j i to lists $688 unpaid j report Bills More than wiping out the balance. Disbursements include Igi Eod t the do Vargas hotel for rooms and meals for de Swope Tho state chairman Zion and other party officers $288.37 to Magee of which Hoo in for expenses on to trip and Tho rest a expense on Magee Tho biggest contributors were Jan , $2,50 National committee $2,500 j. W. 11 an Nett $2,500. Conference in Santa be said to have brought Forth objections to provisions want assistance for illiterate bal Loters personal registration also condemned As is omission of Circle from the top of ballot interested in anti dry talk Empringham episcopal minister opposed to volstead Law called to capital he makes known Santa Vuk feb. 5�?with All but two present Republican senators went into caucus Friday night at a. In Kenehan a office on the proposed election measure. Senators Holt and Espinosa were the Only members absent. Aft. R Tho i d been la see by for Over two hours or. In mid in was tinged for a state meat a to the conclusions reached. To said a it a been determined by Tbs senator to make a report directly to governor la an Nett. We will give nothing to to e press until this in his or. Renehan would not stat whether the trend of Tho discussion had Hee t or unravel Able to the Rode Moro the i too party leaders from Over the snit a Dis used til measure St a conference at the county court House listing practically sit afternoon a dozen making speeches. While Republican state chairman Williams raid a i had no statement to give out following Tho confab some opposition was understood to have been voiced directed chiefly at the failure of Tho Law to provide what is regarded us adequate assistance for lint l it Quot inters omission of ibo Circle from Hie ballot and per a 11 a i legit i i to Quot a Wii leh it a been lunged will it t the Republican ticket Many votes. Sheriff and Deputy answer $5,000 suit of local physician of Lacy of society pal Elm Friday i to had Yuyu Ink feb. 5 of James Empringham a Tho sheriff Felipe Zamora and Deputy Bailiff Rish to filed on answer Friday to Tho $5,000 dam Sei re age suit Tho a inn ii Temperance of the protestant Fetsco i he went to Ramhi Tigon a Ivin behind report that been called Thole in con january woman Given equal share in income of self and husband pair hold up delivery Poy empty pockets err dlr Ibio cd for action a a Senate adorned to b de Iii reducing tin whose income year than it was bins Aud i Eti to i ii in of Iii into 11 Ting a morn taxes exceed in ret Merlin Edth e the <1 up it w o .a1 of a Gate lid i. That Hie Tho o $1,500 a a Ling the of the feet Licet into with his shit Quot Merit that the society had reversed its views on prohibition Rev. Vav. In. Charlton of Astoria a Lii be was a director of the Ety Ile declared that or Pic Long Liurni a statement did not represent Tho views of the majority of Tho members und that a it was a hoi k to me and a perfect outrage Quot Bishop William t. Manning id today that his Munday Sermon would to on Tho sub be t of prohibition prompted by Tho controversy. By Quot it i to them in to b or. E. G. Rice flt it Roll. A a on cd a Lea t Rice. Tile answer denies nil til Quot material no a t if in n i ii Quot end ask for los dismissal. In the complaint filed by or. I Quot Quot it Vav Quot ii Quot a that his Quot to was Arr Ltd ii till Quot it cause on it Quot la Quot i a i a i it i d in til soda j county j to a a it ii hours and pm denied permission to inform per a i or fib i ii of ins arrest and to procure i it till. Dir >111 Iii i Kin Yee i n i Mil s y i in i i Rini i Al. Service prizes c Sid incr John Rodgers i Captain Fried. Who filled assignments in emergencies rewarded alleged son of Abe Hummell will contest his will Ammi a lha in Hilling to nil alter Ito int rum do lid or against mint in eel. It a it tit disc to by Tiitson. Hie in pc to e i pm i lid Tiew a a in. V he for inc re the i id Fob. Din cts Quot out Salon the hid valve ii Hon eau d. Iii portly for defied ii to i insider eminent form of i and the id a hoi Wing in president expresses approval of Congress Washington in. 5 of a con n i Rue in for a kind word i i a a i it ii Quot i l id v on Iii heels of the publication of la real i i . I a a Noih it u i and re i to Tut Ives Vav Era 11ii. F it . I min it i Olio in b id ii of in Polit i ii reasons it was announced that Tho exp a i it i is Phi Quot Dover the Prog a 1 i Quot ii i Ade in i Mutton Ulm ii i to t demo i St i n Wells re publican deserve credit for speeding action on the tax Hill and Hie world court proposal. Iii he a Asci i Najt i it b Mir i a it at it business men fear bankruptcy. Strike is ruining Trade a h t lie Hen that h let. Id d h hey any Iii ill e Felt. First i Fahid it �1 f. Burbank claims he can heal sick by laying on hands City to re to tile. Men Host Mantle today at Iii i clix it 5 up the Lei i n will be t jul huge to he american granting of la old Accord office a and t Roosevelt from Hie dts i Anthine. In huh la. 4>j�?\ ,lll0 Jerk of the a Friday $3,800. I Are bending an the first the $20,-ue com i i a ral i i i. min n runner plans tour from coast to coast machine gun squad to guard negro at trial for assault it a. A a we on i my it. 5 the it. Madden rom an Al ii in Burbank said be had Den Istia ted i Power to heal i co or three Hundred Ca i Day in Washington / lot k ted the Federal to turn Over Evl i and Iless d of the t ill i t would almost la stand his the Power is Urai a bul a and hear in to not allow tit brought to me i in i or Hin Quot our hair be t super id All ii Mil Iii i i id by no i eee i it. Or i i a i jew i of Oana. It i will a Ion d to be i be Tot i or i in Hill. I m6�, Donee f a chatted by the aluminium Little compar y of America. Repro sri native Musil m of i la i n of grip stricken with an attack of5 a the Striate declined to vote on held senator Copeland Coa Resolution. If the he Ria i e and House committee w till worked matters simultaneously on air Craft hum nigh i f unions for t i de con id it a of the Tux b to were a i pounced

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