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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - February 5, 1926, Albuquerque, New Mexico Page four Albuquerque morning journal february 5, 1926 Albuquerque morning journal an i nue pen Ulvi newspaper a published by journal publishing company attributed to this decidedly galloping major a should do five to ten minutes daily exercise with its Mother or and for those elder athletes who have reached nobody can accuse this years Congress of not earning its Money Ages of anything Between 18 months and -1 five years there is major Neumann Neu t. M. Pepper a re Isher ponies new gymnasium with a miniature h. P. Pickrell. Editor a a. V. Q. Landis Wilson advertising manage san lugs Ladd is and Hus in in hit la a office.310 West Gold Avenue course of a regular graduated exercises telephone6g--345 will ensure harmonious development Cor rect posture and firm shades of the prison House will begin to entered As second class matter at the Post office of Albuquerque I and entry in Santa be n.,. a a i. I m., pending under act of Congress of March la 1878. Veloso about 11 a a child almost As soon As it opens its eyes. Instead of being allowed i is i p to on rates for All us i esque ,0 do jeep breathing by Means of deep and 1 instinctive howls and to ensure supple and harmonious muscular development by an one month by Carrier. 66c three Mouths .11.3 0 six months member audit in Reau of circulation member of the associated press one year of Earnest and unprompted Endeavor to Chew its own toes the tender infant will be taught a reeling and writhing by numbers and on the word of command strengthen thwisvcia., a a is via Mim to in those abominable and other Muscles i be use for re publication of All news credited to of which so huh i us 1 to do no Fife 11 Ohi it or not otherwise credited in this paper and Alto Drill instructors by set rules rather than by the local news published herein. Playful inclination. If they Are not san february f., 1926 Dows by the time they Are tackling their first declension it will not be the majors Friday dictators fault. Within this decade Germany was a militaristic monarchy ruled Over by a Kaiser Fluvial european Rivers have left their Beds and with All the Power of a dictator in spite of arc devastating great areas of country Side the existence of a parliament peculiarly and causing havoc in Many villages and German in its character. Even up to the France. England Germany Italy. Belgium and Holland Are having or re Karat a abdication the great majority of has a Adi,.,Strous never German citizens were not Only Content with within recorded time has the water been so their established form of government but High in the latter two countries. Whole re believed it to be the Best government yet Gions Are inundated resulting in Ines Tim evolved by Man. During the same period damage. Italy under a constitutional monarchy a proc a Ai tie with our hereditary of enjoying virtual self government. The years since the armistice have just below the sea level much reversed the situation As regards these two protected from the Waters european Powers. Germany has Given a tired one a the Bat lying Holland is v Dykes and sea Walls. The history of the country has herself a representative government while fihe la the italians have submitted to despotic rub by the dictator Mussolini. A current cartoon in a German newspaper picturing Mussolini crowned and Robed As Caesar and drawn Iii a roman Chariot by his underneath the legend a Only when All a in Back. But the sea has been Friend As Well As foe to Holland. Tho flooded i am Region stopped the German hordes in 191 i. And it is not improbable that Germany honoured the country a neutrality Only because of in by Clark Kinnaird it in i in i re every Oye Mest look egr la Affine to one Man the world i it Barren Dull and superficial another Rich interesting and full of happiness is a thing to be Practised like the violin Ai like tile violin difficult to master completely. There Are Many whose very birth is a St it once of a labor for life. But that does not apply to the poor Only. The Rich no work quite As hard or even harder. I Here Are Many whose very Money Mak it s them miser f Hie a in whose life there is no rest no Calm n it peace. I Here is a Story about a persian King who being out spirits consulted his astr lovers Aud was told that Lappine could be found by wearing the shirt of a perfectly Happy Mas i he court anti All the prosperous classes in the Wor were searched in vain. No such Man could he discovers at last a labourer coining from his work in the Fields w found to fulfil the condition he was absolutely Happy. But the remedy for tile King s melancholy was As Quot far As Ever. The Happy Man owned no shirt. Happiness cannot be bought with riches neither can it grasped by Power. We Are told a Anthony nought for happiness in lev Brutus in glory Caesar in Dominion the first found Dis Grai the second Dugum. The Lam. Ingratitude and Cadi destruction we do not need to i n do outside of ourselves for i Spring of happiness. If a Man has not got the elements of happiness in him be not All the Beauty the pleasures and interests of the Woi can give it to him. It is our own fault if we do not enjoy life., ,.the fear that the dutch might a Loose the Black shirts and bearing f 00 j upon an invading army. Other times in the history of this water ittle Benny s note Book Hall we have hound state has i been saved by its Waters is strangely Ironi he s tile invasion and the future May my opponents Are in prison an Italy that is really free reminiscent of Tho War time comment by Cal pm a again Tor similar Protection. I t 4 i i i a compelled to prepare for them Holland the italian press on Kaiser Rule in Derain suffers less i rom High Waters than do those Nian a countries whose Only flood menace is from today the germans can not understand swollen streams. How the italians can tolerate conditions a by Lee the t i the which ten years ago were acceptable to the germans and intolerable to the italians. This is not a Case of a the pot calling the Kettle Black a but an instance of two nations exercising their prerogative to change their politics. Spend your Days just killing time and time will kill you. Without representation aft trill Buntch of f holding a i a in a ayin v a Ltd by ? up ii7 b Oll Lep Xvi time to a ran ser prize her. J our life he t at i i went Cornin out a i if a it a Givin her it Mew Anima a i instil to 36 years old. Y Lingua to. R it to any Fusi Pakala and nhe ll.inly�, or great it is. Is that there Ney for the Libra a i a i tilt schools so has written used by rum Tan first president of Montezuma College at Las vegas resigns in son a in ii j. Mgt k in f th1 or til p a of the the or 1-in Kansas word lir a been received brie of the acc nor of Thor nit no Hon of or. J Cook for my the Peai for v of to est in t die. At Las vegas was accepted Mon i in. To had to n lured it several weeks Airn but had been request i by Tho Board or trustees t reconsider i. Cd w. Stumph of Albuquerque Secretary of the Baptist stat con Venti Uii is acting is temporary president. Or Rook intends to Blitz in Amarillo Tex. In b a i a it a. I of was first i Resi Dent of the College being appointed in j ill and doing a lain amount of Field work prepare tory to the it it a i in in Tho fall of 1322., for a. Time he was a member of the faculty of the Normal i never to at Las vegas then returned to Montezuma re head of Tho Dot i ailment of education and Al nit year and a half ago he sin coded to the presidency on the i n of i it a m Idov who had Ben president since 1922. North pole area a May be populated declares Amundsen inc Eles Fob. 4 of Captain Roald Amundsen arca Al menting today ii Cpl i or. Children est Ipi danger children escape the clan a rout complications f r o in a cab cited or. Cooks resignation coughs and colds by using Foley s Honey and tar a the Ort. T. They Uke the pure Honey and win Boom Pine tar Given by nature of r their Reb Free from opiates Foley Honey and tar compound i a wonderful remedy for children but it is just As effective for id to it s. Jct a bottle today Ami have ii Handy for any emergency. Remember -1-isfaction guaranteed. Bold cd it . Ii i proposed dirigible flight the North in of pm it Spring s that the Reg to surrounding to pole Nily be inhabited by Hun Bina it All d pends in whether lax i t a at Reg a i a h t la Ltd e by no i w a a in but is it e til till a i i the cd min try a c a a 1 a to i d aside from the to w ii of the Pule by g inhabit the explorer de lined to Specula a a in a out for facts Quot he sit i Quot the primary put to. C of Tho j a edition is not to reach the now a. T a a a ? by Kim Bilge and such knowledge valueless if based on Mere them in j urn la Terald want ads is lits. By Mussolini comes out still More clearly. And defiantly with his ideas of government in an interview printed in Paris saying a Parlia mentalism such As we know it today that is representative government is done. It is suffering from gangrene it is dying from a sort of Brights disease. A at the beginning parliamentarian a i some excuse for existing when England was a country of 15, Jou Hoo inhabitants and when among tin in at families several Hundred men could represent a people without great needs and \ i the out great economic or politics i aet i it v. A but if i tried to was willing to submit to parliament All my projects i would have to make it sit every Day for Twenty four hours a Day ally a Long. The chief of government with the responsibilities he hears ought to have absolute Power and to i ans we r Only to the ask the English people whether the system of representative government they invented is a a done the re. A k americans whose first principle of government is that government without representation i big a Wen i. I t and i and i i it in Quill t bad to a a to Iii Ali capped. T to i it t i in1 to i we a v i h 4 v a am Ltd i All i on it i Vav. I . Iii Mill Vav i a a Arion had every advantage fond i p if it could give her t b at la a yet she was a it in unhappy. A feverish Deture toe in the commonplace routine of Home possessed her i it he longed to spread her untried wings and Fly away. She dreamed t a Lite of new strange Plens ures of rom run adventure of an existence crowded with excitement and thrills. An i the dream came True a but it also brought a bitter Awakening. In Hewer intoxicated by her Beauty be had never questioned who or a hat she been before he met her. But when suspicion entered a Rea l what happened. A should a woman Tell her husband everything Quot a the evil doer Quot a in every City and Village Are highly re peered men who have opportunities to c it evil the it. It exerted would mean the eternal ruin of sentimental Quot we Ivea and innocent daughters everywhere. This tragic Story will give you something to think about. \ in till la. But w ors Tom. Ii t Vrain Italy Horn at it net Ber seem so mini is to that it it a a done Here. F a the preut in Italy. Introducing a gangrene it Arlin Mentar is a. Chance took Hor to Paris where with out Cine Rince knowing nothing of the w Hildat i its countless Pitfalls and temptations a she Sun most he grimly d Denly end herself an a1 Ess pro of forces a ruined to brine in a a i v Vad 1 Hen for ii la hip and Tsi jul Iii jail a ii a a i Iii t i t in a n who a who n Iii lilt la what Marion w c n r rough in the Gay French or a1 is a powerful heart a n n drama�?a1 the Ore v wincing because 11 by he Mai u i. A rib picking victims Young. U i lure ing talk ing the Nian i it used the h lying Ileal ii \ bin incl by Cui Felt As ii. Last in pm Ilia who belies e a cing cheated of a ires a who Long it Mance and ill read Here cannot help hic a t at i i a Eracha a int it of Vinti a ii it r gym t ass \ Durance risk. $ its Bali j i its v. It St Cair with major it or Iii that o regime let me in Dructor i not Alin put in e r i Al at i tied appears Story Al a it Rbing. That tru Hie nod a Many Narra a Pear m this s most your Story May win a big prize in True Story a $50,000.00 contest m i Fuji Ike re of Tine pint of hoi to a a i so of a list min and if. In of. A no a in a to in to g ii Iii i co to six in f i a Ngy f True Motif. U i 1 Sot of. I to i no a tit j lint a new omit we Arr i g proft. Cal v.n-,� Bie Tuchton oppor Tunita to turn a Seif lit to Nitin it into in i a on. Lutri it i. Nth. Be arty a Var Yon hat ii. T i to on powerful sermons in True Story form just Ai the Minuter Eek to guide i people into the Way of righteous living and happiness Story my game through its True Lilc chronicles sen. Out its message of Hope inspiration and encouragement to the Mil i tons of readers who make up its vast audience. By revealing the mistakes follies and tragedies of others a As Well As the glad triumphs of right Over wrong True Story serves As guide counsellor and inspiration to hundreds a f thousands. Of you Are unacquainted with this pre at publication Start with the March issues today. ii 11 that he a of t ii. Vie Artun re fiver a air toi a a to maintain True t it i n a if int High piste but i i tiler i gone the int ii it cat in in. Ltd helpful int if a Neosho tabla a Titi. I Nam a Rie life taper in or la to Apt 4i, for t a a of name the c t i Hue stun n Illona i rho. A fire in i age ii mat a read also in this remarkable Issue a wives at auction a beware of tilt stranger a the unwanted woman Quot a Are All men a her great adventure Quot a this misjudged wife Quot and 7 other stories or other gripping stories in the March t Quot dark a illustrate i by late to nut h her inn a Quot hat a Mike Aid i Iii ret i every girl so tin a seer. T Rue r tory Are i a the pm a i f evil is vividly this pitiful Story of a or compelled Nee and o . E Ernul Man a Story three other intensely interesting magazines in Story read a dream wot a Quot True i up Crick f us contains the one kit i of Tsvi True life narratives yet distinctive in Appeal. Ii you enjoy True Ste True romances Quot and the titles on the right a a ill go e you an i Lea f Rig tie contents of the . Three other True Story h publications you should read contents of March issues dream world blame of youth i a Der the desert Moon moments of enc dream Eland her cop of bitterness i lie i Tan n of love i he i bite i lame of love a souls i tragedy and 5 Diker stories i rut Slot if suet i hulling with i it vet Tyrl Loo l fill Ort Sale Tho Isi it Lvery month. True romances when Romanc e came the Power of love whispering tongues Wrev he guilty reek let a wild Irish heart Bur e l in the 11 Art she a a As an i Nigma i Prience the i Acher a fight f r naive and 5 other stories True experiences a r p. Ii a Kimii t her past no c Ouin Hir married her happiest Niau watch for tonci Story on the uyt let by the 15th,True l on ti.1 2 3rd and to Ufeu it Znaj on the i t ii Cavil Morith. I was Only human a prot tin cd her wonderful ail venture impulsive marriage Hie son la i earn j die blindness of love i it any reputations . And to run v cd a i ii in your Elf the girl who pretended and a by i Sio tvs ii Nury i. Get tile Myna Sittni i a or who Binok it \ Eves Ltd Tho Fin Tho Job be by six lie be Iii Ark. March i i us f \ our s it i it at ii pm i Iai in n pm ulu Al of in i by my Ion a i he Frei Cust Menti stand Sale in the Woi u pen the fooled h v imitations a Mac a ii ii in True Tor y i Agatine hate in. Ai in ulu on the d l

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