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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - February 5, 1926, Albuquerque, New Mexico By it in Ary 5, 1020albuquerque morning journal Page three v life insurance Man talks to rotarians at thursday meet committee of 5 Imber of Commerce pre Lares to create a business like plan to gain support for work of 1926 in Tho chamber of coma or a she a Clori. E was Elt Over to a commie a of five to larger committee appointed Day at a meets by in id thurs night. Frank shuffle Burger elected chairman. A Lier committee was to enable creation of a business like and Kable plan of priced ire. The of it hand. In by the Lack of a membership Palgon in 1025, and facing a Lions year in 192g, will Call Albuquerque for its flan support upon the completion he preliminary Steps in a Ibe ship Campaign. Is Tim consensus o opinion by the majority of business n Albuquerque that the Iber of cd i Tome a e p. Vital fulfilled its part in 1 025, and the program already differ 1 026, it has proven the Salty for the existence of a g Central organization to care of civic Aff irs. Cd plans As the Small r com e will make thursday night Day. It a r a a a a this Mil be a a a to ii. In id Lay night it the chamber unnerve at t of clock. Twenty agents of the new York life insurance company from various towns of new Mexico were guests of the Albuquerque rotary club at its thursday luncheon. The life insurance men Are attend-1 ing a state convention Here. Richard Oliver of St. Fouls supervisor of the southwestern agencies of the company talked to the dub on insurance analysing a policy and demonstrating How the Money paid for it is divided tic said that his company is divided into several departments each department a miniature insurance company in itself. Wherever , the company invests its funds in the department front which they Are. Derived. Ile quoted figures showing that the amount spent by la la company in 1124 for new Mexico investments disability and death payments equalled the company s income from this territory for that period. W. C. Lawrence. New York life agent at Roswell and a member of the Roswell rotary club made a Brief to k. Ufi Power ii debating teams to meet Arizona u. S. C. Chosen at varsity e noted writers will visit in Santa be Santa be. Feb. 4.�?eugene Manlove Rhodes author of a a mood men and True a a a Stepsons of Light Quot and. Many other stories with i new Mexico locale Best known us a contributor to the saturday likening Post will spend the summer Here his old Friend Jack Thorpe of this Cliv s lid thursday. George in Tatullo another Well known writer of Western stories did saturday evening Post contributor will also arrive shortly to make an extended visit. Sinclair lewis., author of Quot main has left for California hut will return later to make a second visit Here in route East by Auto. Four Mirror reflects 5imples, blotches eruptions 1 my piss i Cloudcroft gets eight Inch Snow another cd of inches of Snow fell Here monday and Farmers and stockmen Are jubilant Over the pro Pelt to for Hie coming season. Although Snow b is been melting Hie past week on tile cold Side of the canyons there is still Over 35 inches of Snow piled up with but Little Drifting. This not Only insures Early crops and pastures hut also replenishes the streams and which have been so Low Lee skating. Lug have been e for several g up frequent Al i n so no Alamogordo. Southwestern Public service company perfecting network of service in Pecos Valley country Ros we lr., n. My a fell 4.�?the i southwestern Public service company owners of electric Gas water and ice plants in Amarillo a Roswell arteria and Carlsbad have announced Here the Purchase of Tim ice and electric plants formerly owned and operated by hush arson at Carlsbad. This company previously purchased the water and electric plants at Carlsbad which belonged to the City. The company now contemplates i an immediate Extension of their a transmission lines from Artesia to Carlsbad connecting the territory j Between Artesia and Carlsbad. The company recently completed a a High tension transmission line i from this City to Carlsbad which line now serves the towns of i Dexter Hagerman Lake Arthur j Greenfield and a number of Rural districts. I a line running South from Carlsbad to Loving Screes a number of towns under the Garish d project these brins la Huerta Otis Loving and Malaga. With tile completion of the link Between Artesia and Carlsbad tile entire Section Between this City and Loving w ill be served with electricity. Lee Royer chief operating head of the southwestern Public service company and Paul c. Dodge one of the principal stockholders recently made an inspection tour of he company s properties in the Pecos Valley Ami were so impressed with conditions As they found Thorn Here that they determined to add to their holdings in this Section of the state. Debating teams to meet the University of Southern California and the University of Arizona in the annual three cornered meet were chosen at a preliminary debate in Rodey Hall thursday afternoon. Irvin Grose and Albert Dennis with Jack Watson As alternate form the Southern California team. Richard a Lodge and Harney Burns with Jack i i Mil a alternate make up the Arizona team. All of those men with the exception of Burns and Lamb Are freshmen. Both of them Are sophomores. The California debate will be held Here this year the Arizona debate at Tucson. The subject is Quot resolved that War except in Case of invasion or internal rebellion should be declared by a vote of the judges of the debate were professor George St. Clair professor Walter Roloff and Dean l. B. Mitchell. Postpone liquor cases because of. Illness of Burg need two More fire Stati. Chief declares that Albuquerque needs two More fire stations and 50 additional fire alarm boxes in ordet to give the City adequate fire Protection is the belief of fire chief Fred Russell. Or. Russell has made written recommendation to City manager b. La. Calk ins and the City commission to 1 this effect. Chief Russell s recommendation is that a new station be located in the Northwestern part of the City and another in University Heights. It does not specify any definite location nor does it give the approximate Cost of the stations. The City already Lins one extra fire truck so it is believed that Only one additional truck would have to he purchased if two More stations Are built. Several members of the City commission it is said. Believe the Cost of two More stations would he too much for the City to pay just now. It is pointed out that at least ten extra men would he needed to Man two extra stations. Seymour Lewinson finds business of country is growing Seymour Lewinson Junior member of Tho economist dry goods Tore returned from Tho East on Tho limited thursday morning. While in Tho East where he went to visit mrs. Lewinson and other n latin s at Atlantic City n. J., he put in some extra hours in purchasing Hie latest millinery and other creations for his store. He also took treatment for an aggravated attack of rheumatism which bothered him considerably Here several months before his departure. To returned much improved. Or. Lewinson said that business in the East has reached Normal conditions and from those with whom he conversed he believes that 1920 will be a Good one in All kinds of trades. Phi Inga Vav h i the i i past tvs to Aula parti my is a warning to improve your blood. Or. Pierces Uden medical discovery prison i t a a a t it every Man i i i on the blood. I in or and Kin. Reass the apatite stimulates d i cd ii i l a Pound tue s court i House in Sidney Pitt fled Sui mule c. Pitt thursday Nee on the ground of for Daniel santan i. I cedes n Tho i filed Menaul Pant their a fur urst la it a Liers have Lay night Ashington tis Horn it Herau i on a til player hit St. Mary in railed Oili it lit in Tiv in quaint Anil Orth. Mini it a i a i r imported English Broadcloth shirts so shirt portray the latest Iii Novelty plaids in $2.69 something new in ties \ a. Is amp haberdashers is that satisfy % a i i i i Niimi \ v i \ i i two liquor cases act for hear ing before United states commis sooner John Baron Burg thursday i were postponed because of or. Hurgus illness. One Case was against Telesfor Armijo charged j with Sale the other against Domingo Santiago los Manuel Avenue whose place prohibition agents raided wednesday night and claimed they found 22 pints of whisky. The Armijo Rase is the one which resulted in Armijos bringing a it Barge of assault with intent to kill against patrolman George Franklin who shot Armijo through the shoulder. Armijo refused to Stop when commanded to do so. Franklin said. Report activities of phoney dry agents 4 la s Iii i i m. Pc Garcia was arrested by police thursday afternoon upon a complaint filed by Albert la. Johnson charging theft. Johnson alleges that Garcia stole one pair of silk sox one handkerchief a Gold pin with a total value of $5. Garcia will appear before police judge George Roddy Friday morning. Fire prevention men of Santa be end two Day conference Here the lire prevention committee of the Santa to Railroad ended its conference thursday afternoon after a two Day session Here. About 2u delegates attended. The feature of thursday s con a was the exhibition of firefighting with Eon mite cd lid . A Pool of water was covered with cud Oil and Kero St no and lighted. Getting n Good Start the fire was then put out in 57 somonds. Experiments were. Continued on Timber shavings and Carbide Gas fires. Chief Fred Russell and men of the Santa pc shops witnessed the experiments. Cimicud these two pm boy scouts a Knof America reports that phoney probition j agents Are t Al lying on a Ca Iii a pain of their own in aiding new Mexico s fight for aridity for their own profit will be investigated. C. In Stearns mated thursday night. According to these reports which have the appearance of authenticity pseudo agents Are working in and around Albuquerque j near Santa be hot Springs and at Hatch. V troop la. Tilt p 3 t a t o a Iller i i ii eight games were played and Short Drill held. P re. May gave a few saxophone a a ins it v. I planned to have a Bike soon. Or. Thereon and be or two comm sooner will visit troop to at the next meeting. I in is May scribe. Panthers Call off Washington contest of troop n. Troop v b is him Clr .1 a very1 Good Rooming year Roj a Gist ering i v Quot i its. Its during the past year 1 t boy Quot Iva. Good at i ast one Auk in Outing. Seven have he t ome Star St outs with a total of 60, Merit Bodges. At various Jam Bott and i i it s to. A 8 won a i roup Looker patrol Flag second place Iii signalling and two first Aid kits. The to. Of a marked a drive for my i n pm if. A. Thole will be a a feed for those Bey on thursday evening at election of new off i v. Ii in Beld. La act Lee on Kinta for anniversary week has started Inin it air in and Ronald it in Are re registering As Assi taut scout ions of Hie troop Harold Goff. Scribe ii i Quot i him i n i i la is \ i la Santa be feb. 4�?the Acme development co. Incorporated in Delaware an Oil company has fib d a foreign corporations statement with the utile corporation co. 11 i intending to do Busine i in new Mexico. Laurence i. Lee Albuquerque is statutory agent. The authorised capital Stock la $2 50,000 and the amount actually it did $151,s75. Flu victims increase thursday total 117 flu victims increased Over 60 Pep cent thursday according to or. A Scott Public health officer. A total of 7 5 i is were re ported wednesday and 117 thursday. Or. Scott says that Only one Leatis Bas resulted front the pres Cut epidemic. To your daily dozen o duotone two a i h rec four a a livery rhythmic movement semis the mood coursing and awakens the glow of life Iii Songli out your in i v. Add shred a v i e1 heat to your diet j j and have a highly digest Ihie perfectly balanced mod that helps those body building exercises to keep you lit As a fiddle. A \ j i Vav xxi Post of l it 17 the town of Ninci ice to Miles from Gallup in Mckinley county. Lins picked to i in. A Post office established there according to Jan. L. Cooper postal inspector. Or. Ltd Ooper will leave in a few Days to look into til matter and determine if tile a a by shunt of an office there will be justified shredded wheat Cal full meal in two biscuits Lapors a Stop harolds Lapors reach a cold directly because they Are breathed right into the Lur postage arum i jugs. It it for this reason that a Kava to Fob brags such Quick k Relief. When Rubic it i Over Throat and Chest at bedtime a it is vaporized by the body heat and inhaled while you sleep right to the of Forte j parts loosening the phlegm and easing the difficult breathing. At the same time it acts through the skin like a poultice or plaster Quot drawing out the pain arid sore Ness. M St colds yield by morning to this double action of Vicks Vicks a vah rub Oil 2 million jars unto yearly do you know that trying to get Rich Quick insures ones dying the poor House. A savings account with us will keep you out of poor House. $10 saved with us each month for 82 months will pay $1,000.00. Other amounts in the same ratio. Security safety and 6% interest assets nearly half million dollars new Mexico loan amp mortgage company 514 West Central Avenue i i i i Iii Iii i til go few ii a a is i unit in i Kim i la Imp i Al Xci Poutu j int Mart buy direct from owners 1-acre Ako s acre tracts Columbia Heights addition there is nothing More desirable on the real estate Market today. Located in a Section where valuations Are mounting skyward in leaps and Bounds. These one and five acre tracts Are priced for a Quick Sale and can be purchased with a Small payment Down. Never before has a better Opportunity been afforded the Small investor. The growth of Albuquerque bids fair to exceed the imagination of the Mort enthusiastic. Fortunes will be made Here in real estate. Do not wait until the Peak is reached. Opportunity awaits you now. R. T. Bangs phone 986 or Call at room no. 5, Giomi building. Over the Golden Rule. Deal direct with owners Golden Rule store the Best place to shop after All Friday february fifth Shantung Pongee $1.95 value 53 in he wide in diadem it purple Turquoise White Grey and red. Limit four j a re to a customer $1.00 natural Pongee twelve Momma Pongee 33 inches wide free from $1.00 linings Engette i. A ilk and Mambrette cloth in nil the desirable $1.00 two Vari suiting regular k 1.00 Quality Black Check on grounds of Tan. Blue Rind Tangerine. 36 inches wide $1.00 silk Hose n fiver mint and of lit r Good of life Clit Iii to blot Ansi Ort truant of Rhor a spline ult Art $1.00 Cha Moisette gloves Reg liar la Quality a i it of of Chini Leette fit a vex tvs children a gloves in Yaere a warm knit gloves for children assorted colors not nil sizes. 2 pair.,., $1.00 boys sox boys who Wear Long pants must have sox in has Des of Cordovan Aud Brig four pair. $1.00 ladies handkerchiefs clips Iii White and v. Id of colors Sqq and color combinations four flt Well made still is f in Blue Tau Aud us boys shirts by at six to twelve $1.00 rubber aprons is of bloomers in shades of Orchid. Trimmed pair. Beautiful lace cloth Blo. Pink peach and White i $1.00 frocks for youngsters $1.00 s a month of Good mat. Try trimmed each eight play suits $1.00 crash towering $1.00 Oil cloth in while net f $1.00 Cotton bats $1.00 Nom it b sea Isla ii unbleached Muslin $1.00 Percale patterns Light and dark $1.00 Collar and cuff sets. $1.00 ask for s. Amp h. Stamps

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