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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - February 4, 1926, Albuquerque, New Mexico February 4, 1926 Albuquerque morning journal belief in Jinkes is gaining a fast foothold in Albuquerque. And Little wonder the greater share of parties celebrations and festivities Are having their dates switched about so rapidly and in such ruthless fashion that it would seem the work of brownies who each night Hie themselves up to the Mountain tops to kick up their heels and laugh with glee at the disturbances they have raised with the social Calendar. Now its the flu which is raising havoc. Several Bridge clubs have informed this column they would not meet this week because of the illness of several members. And now As a last Straw the Little fairy play a Hansel and Gretel a to have been Given at the High school auditorium Friday night has been postponed for a second time. Originally the play was to have been Given a week ago. Then Little Miriam Nolting who plays the part of Hansel took sick. The next Day Little Mary Caroline a Whitmer who was to have been punchinello left with her Mother mrs. T. E. Whitmer for Europe. That meant rehearsing the Little understudied in the other parts. And now the understudied Are sick the Little play. Which in being. Given by the Pupil of or. Elsa Hofmann White s school of pm a up m. J Mcgunness. Teller. Sr., rustic Art will now be Given Fri Labelle and i Helen Blackman Day february 19. Mrs. White or i Hose to Piny at mrs. Cooks hopeful that the flu will he on re party the Eller apartments Are treat by that time and that there mme. I. F. Mccanna. Wallace will need be no further postpone Hesselden James Foley Owen ments. Marron Clai k Duffy Frank Kutni this column Hopes so too. Of Berlin Catherine Mccue and rot then there assuredly must he by Ank Dunlap. Tome evil spirit aboard and this youngest great grandmother says today s girls like yesterday s a family affair by Jank Phelps author of a successful failures a a the Road to a Quot a smothering Angel a her Ivy a Tolj Post the Home Tea Toom is established chapter xxxix. Quot what will people think a Bessie exclaimed when her Mother told her plans. Her Mother in Law had a real difference of opinion mrs. Clark almost insisted upon Linen for the tables but Marlon held out for paper. She argued that the laundry of Tho Linen would be a big item Quot what Niff would Cut into their profits More what different o does it make than they could just stand. And what they think Quot Marion return finally she Hod her Way. Cd. Quot anyone whose opinion is it was nil hard work dreadfully Speaks of radio to its subjects Home made but ends coughs in a hurry a family Supply of weak me Teine. Easily asa4e�4 if you have a severe cough or nil at cold accompanied with Moronaga Throat tickle hoarseness or difficult breathing or of your child Wake in during the night with croup gum i want Quick help try Thea reliable Qiu column will head any troop of Cavaliers who will go in search of it. Entertains for Hoese guest mrs. A. M. Tuttle of Forrester Avenue entertained for her House guest mrs. J. Of. Groves of Den or. At a three table brides party wednesday afternoon. Valentina motifs were used throughout the decorations. The Flowers Wero red and White carnations and the and refreshments were in Matching Valentine colors. Among her other guests were missionary society meeting the regular monthly meeting of the missionary society of the Broadway Christian Church will in held in the Church auditorium thursday at 2 30 of clock. An interesting and instructive program has he n arranged under mrs. U. I. Hayes Leader for Tho afternoon. Members and friends of the society have Boon invited to attend the meeting. Mme. W. F. Murphy h. T. Buck a a a .7 Quot. Ley k. Vogt John Blaine Belt. A. Later Van o. Sleson Rob 1 s a a pm Mhz. Hosking pm i stains n in mrs. E. L. Hocking of North fifth Street entertained the Mem a Tes painting ooh. Orts of Holbrook Ariz a e. A Imlay and miss lilith Ansley the lust two of St. Louis to. Tho misses Katherine and Betty Vogt assisted mrs. Tuttle in Nerving. Leaves for 4 Al form a miss Dorothy Brandenber the Imperial laundry office sunday morning on the Calili limited for los Angeles to 1 of left a min visit Hor Kotlier. Mrs a Jan on who has Bren Aper Ding the w Intel in los ant a a stand Atli a Southern California or. Or in ivs i n it meeting monitors of St. Johns Guild mat at the Bon e of mrs. Joseph a Cit a to Reid l �n2 West Tijeras Iveno wednesday afternoon for their first business meeting since the installation of the new officer. In tour Hoeth West or. And mrs. Loma i it Tijeras Alene w land it week for Quot or of the Southwest a Clon. Port lid nth Gulf ill in i Miti i i or is. Maki n a i Bree parties w t e Benefit of the j f id Chain part Goon. Tiny will i a Grove miss a Iii Alva to j. Co. ? guests at i t in t a held a it it i Avenue will Knight j. I the j f. A Quot wok i a or. I. Alb Losi Pon him l it Lor sorority announcement was made wednesday 11 Tat the Benefit Bridge if the by Bete bbl alumnae Awotwa Don to have been held saturday tins t Een postponed until the Twenty h. The sorority will hold it j it fit the Home of mrs. I1 by. Toy North second Street a planned. I h. Id la v la a. Min id by f xxx will Ari r of tar Ca i Ca j go arc Here mis. \ Aue to j. Ii or i Fin i a into t and or. I a Tut v it i a to t a Fri a Days they Ai Ping at the bran i sea n hotel. Party i. X ill in la ii iterated i in a Chain at in a Irujo a for in Chi a ago. Mrs a no v i be in n kit Hood Fri and of i. I a1 a it Nirei Bill to Jil i i i la i ski s in Nix Xii Ibi its i ave Ivy i new to ice bar w it Rota i lift a flu born sol itly club it r deft its Suciu ing to a a inlay a a veins and i t had growing children need and like Good things to eat. Good cake is healthful nutritious and easily digested. And cake leavened with or. Price s phosphate baking powder is Good cake a Light feathery delicious a just the Way Good cake should be. La prices contains no alums tastes no Hitler taste in the food a we prices phosphate baking powder girls of today Are no worse than those of yesterday says mrs. Rose Forrest Ruston ore., who claims to be worlds youngest great grandmother. She is 43. She is shown with a great grandchild. M is. Forrest Bride at 18, was a grandmother at 28. Worth anything will think More of us for doing what we can to live decently and honestly 1 then Marlon told them All about her talk with their grandmother that they too must help All they could without interfering with their studies. Quot does father know a Blanche asked. Not yet we Shan t Tell him until we have to. He is not Well hard work. They Felt they must hurry to worked Early and late. I Hen too Lena needed a Good Deal of attention and one of the family was always near him. A nicely painted sign informed who Ever passed by that the Quot Home Tea room was open for business it had meant strenuous work but when All was ready they looked around the attractive rooms with Pride sure that to far enough to Tell him anything that they had been successful in up her membership some time a go because of other affairs was reinstated to membership. The new members Are mrs. Irene Severna the misses Ellen Severna Chambelain Frances Voyght and mrs. A. I. Birding. Mrs John a Wilson newly elected president of the club presided at Hie meeting and mrs. S. Ii. Miller had charge of Tho Musicale which followed the business session. Among those on the program were men. Harry we on it a. Gardner a. A. Whit s. Ii. Miller and miss Louise Nichols. Movie Folk set e sew and so 4 la it mrs. A. La. Heflin 121? East Central Avenue entertained the members of the sew and so Cit in wednesday afternoon. Have i i is i Hom Michigan or. And mrs. J. W. Thorn West not and mrs \ bet i they we weeks. Drift in Gale on Pacific in windjammer vessel that Breaks away from tug later rescued might worry him and he would lie sure to worry for fear we could t Marlon said nothing concerning her own Lear that Lem would object. She told them mid for Tho first time that the doctor had said it would be Long a year or two perhaps before Lem could walk again. The child a Ren were shocked scarcely Able to i believe it yet w Hen they understood they Rose to the occasion with promises to do All they could to help. Quot i knew you would feel that Way when you understood a Marion said. And while Tho children helped their Mother arrange their room so that Lem could be moved in at once she answered a heir questions explaining in detail what they were going to do. Quot suppose no one comes a Bessie queried in an awed voice. Quot we will have to be patient mrs. Clark replied. At first they prepared very Little ahead. But on even the brat Day several people dropped in some just to look others to order. Their Kitchen was Well stocked with material a a a much Faith did mrs. Clark have in their idea she had bought at wholesale houses thus effecting a big saving. Quot what do you suppose Lem will say when he knows a Marion asked his Mother. Quot Don t worry about that Marion. What Enn he say thera Are six of us. And we must they had their discouraging Days Rainy Days when scarcely any came in. Hut a soon a they London feb. 3 own Irving Berlin s next song hit should have a chorus refrain Quot please say we Home made cough remedy. Any drug Are supremely Happy a for that Supply you with 2% ounce a a a a a a Safru amp Iwasz a Bride Are Able to say when lated sugar syrup. Or you can us they arrived Here for their Honey clarified molasses Honey or Coni Moon. Syrup. Instead of sugar syrup of we. The. , sentiment it g the Berlin ballads of the last year taste Good. And in spite of its Low or so this thought runs through Cost it can be depended upon to in everything the world s most talked w of Nowls Wytia tilt i flip Prann i of can Felt a thin Titi co hold of a i a. French cough in a Way that Means business. British and american reporters it loosens and raises the phlegm who flocked to meet them at stops Throat tickle and soothes aum Cherbourg and Southampton. Even it1� Vtha irritated membranes Blat the big a i a a. A a line the Throat and bronchial tubes j 5. Y by. H a with a Uch promptness ease and of guarded their rooms in a London Dainty that it is really astonishing. 1023 York Avenue have or c a. Thorne of water. A their hoist guests. Re ii a in for about three mibs Presti la i n i i by aim i m a i m Brest la. Who is leaving saturday for California where to will make her Futuik nor guest at by or and was Bip arty g a h a Keno mrs. C. 1,08 Angeles feb. 3 Upit most of the members of the film company aboard the ancient windjammer Indiana while she wallowed tug less in rough seas off wan Pedro for several hours tuesday night said they were Quot not in but just to resting today. Lilt party comprised about 25 in of ing picture people and included Joseph l. Schildkraut leading Man Joseph l. Ilenna to Berry director Douglas Dawson. A by int director numerous actors rid several camera men. There i Quot Why not make sumo of your could they started their school nut fudge Mother a Eustace ask luncheons and from the first these a t a awful expensive in the were Well patronized. Parents mores and int half As Good As acre Only too glad to have their i of make. Rom Brady gave me children have a hot luncheon and some the other Day he paid was Good food and cheap. Only two the re Wuh 0n0�?� for Quot a 1&Quot&Quot o a up Reed not to Quot he Stoma. Butter and a Glass of milk. The i a of ? Quot a rth a a my Jar a soup Cost Little but was Good and i my dear Marion replied. Quot you nourishing. Marion floured the is Quot that will Nieth no .cr-1 re n0uh Wise to so before the children had finished they could to Quot Atso Quot Twa Quot. Und were planning As though the Cam. In hotel caught the up lilt of the Berl Tny Mackay Romance. For the Bret few Days he was Besel ged by callers of All kinds reporters song writers theatrical agents and movie men but whenever proposals were made about interviewing the tuneful Irving and by Bride the Gold heralded dignitary was Aura it would be Quot him Posable. We neind1 Quot ii can assure you. Sir a he always ended Quot that they re supremely a spy a a i a special and highly a Centra ted compound of genuine Norway Pine extract and la probably the Best known Means of overcoming severe coughs Throat and it sat colds. There Are Many worthless taut tons of this mixture. To avoid disappointment ask for a Diu ounces of pin axe with full directions and Oak accept anything else. Guarantee give absolute satisfaction or Money in we a Mem the Pines co had London to first Banj lets band composed of society leaders has made their appearance. The Leader Iet Ady Church ton whose husband was formerly an aide de ramp to the Viceroy of India other members being her daughter. Joan Yarde Miiller Tady Diana King and i Ady Clifton. A a a a a a the hangul Etrata have original tablets the substitute for Calomel costumes for their appearance at. Or. Edwards a practising Phy-1 for 17 years a enemy discover tablets while treating patients fat Iti ii and f Quick m of lome cup i get or. Edwards Olive Tau that is the Joyful cry of Bubp since or. Edwards produced Otto private Home and Public Forn Ianco in Ald of Charity. Par tha Banju Lele a combination of Htu Alf a a in to a. Chronic constipation and torpid Lim or. Edwards Olive tablets do Hydada old Uma Oro Hii of ssh Quot or Oliv. . Do Hith. A. Contain Ca Lorf. But Ballat Nodoka , a. Quot vew table laxative tary of state for India started out no Ermine lathe a keynote cd la a dlr lit. The b. ,,. Litu. 55ssorsd m5 but he did not get very far. A lets. They cause the bowels and Lim to Quot and thur Vel on it a an addres act normally. They never Force umm us to Erato the graduating lass of a com to unnatural action. Mercial College. Quot i thought i of you have a Quot dark Brown Mouth a Brail. X am to Xii do 912 North Hoven a w r a no wot non aboard. Att a xxv. Dec Duy a Venin a Fol bum h a f us but out to to w i in the g Nus refi t a wet a Dine i Ong a hot of the old Vav or a a re it d. The pc masted is Hoon Clarence i to i a its at his a to were Btu to to said. Pcs is a n i min s. X. My Der. M. A a to a first we knew of any troll a. I a link it a. Cash. Re mrs. Blk Board the ing which had Bosie rat r. Miss Mary Kelly of Tow a to us to the seen and which los Angoe via wars x Ai Iti Ijo or. Cichlid a ii it and others had a rid j of i to i Vand it Valde. Koh a Over to j c a the purpose of i she recalled what mrs Clark had i said Quot get Thorn everything was removed from Tho living and dining rooms. Mug to tee painted Tho floors Marion the chairs and tables with the. Cheapest paint they could buy and they were to live made Dainty Chintz curtains for you la find Quick sure and in hip suits from one or Levo of or. Edwwn def Olive tablets at bedtime. New venture were a game instead i gradually the rom. Iof a serious Bua Iveea project. But Quot Home to a Coom m a of a worm rth a shorthand re bad breath�?0 Dull tired feeling Mil minion mid nothing to curb them Loua Rolls and canc v a i pour than not the no a a in the headache a torpid liver constipation sue a i Ana mat i Ltd no As worked mar heaved Viz t Zvy a a the Hooks declared that it v a was a wonder _ _ be Long before they could to rho is he Quot never anyone thousands take them every night Imi pay the initial expense. But Lem a. I to keep right. Try them Ive Aud Juc a. Fretting wondering when Hiji Dev lop a h sly wan. Soam could ret in u est Quot in a there was a rude Awakening no a Quot Quot a a out How i holy Rrt my a Quot Tell him now Mart a t a i c01ldn t read them myself. To doors und windows. They brought 1 Mother said Quot this worry about who thn<1 came to i \ a Quot a inns Iii Iii lox n or a i a Tow la or. Return a i Inger ice . Eth i 11� it or of in trl an Wati have ? i East in by ii is. An. Of daughter Louis. Re a. M is if St bit Ltd ii a i taking pictures was when or. Heru Teaberry megaphone to Rue to Tell Captain Fly of the Indiana to it Cut Loose that the tug was sinking i forms Berry the tug had put cd Elt it hard that Aho was uncut King her scams and the water was Rush ing in. I relayed the message to Cap Tain Ely but 1� declined to Cut i Quot e. Later the Hue was Cut. We managed to put up enough sail to beep off chore while to rues. Cereal in Light that we Scro Iii the meantime the in Way to baft Bedro Quot scribed How a second i to Tho Schooner and g Lier in but the Iii Fly. Bito Ai night a i tug. The Pilot succeeded Bing her a line and a Quot to her into Harbor. Ror Quot a ur1 tag soft paper napkins. Tor ti., rift time Marl and , know. La. Wont. A sudden by mint a Kimiji was kid wit la d i i res. G was on Burton d j evening frocks must Glimmer is style edict Heaters today j mini hint Lluc Nofu to apples with top milk and bus a waffles Borup a Usa go Toast Coffee i a Helicon t Ream Quot of Tori a to Houp crackers muffins by wed apricots or prunes Bra nut cookies dinner pork tenderloins Mui mashed potato Fried Cherry pudding with Tea or Coffee milk by Acy turnips i a time a resting a sual Inov Day oui Aud evil in a no Emu i i Oater nude Lyle picture at this a How of Cit a co. A five big it v born it in d Friend in Quot by i a ii e he i. A Albe till Ira i Hod Lethe liter a with in Quot a it Quot int Walters h and that. And he r pals ii a group of i Gene and in i the Al for the eur tingly i will. Mad i i y Tod we Peanut drops butter it r Blitter half cup , t flour two Teape Der one fourth to fourth cup milk a hopped peanuts and lie Blady in Vaughn on juice. Cd Ugar and Well i dry inured lits i jute. Add Lull i 4 Ibi s a six Tablespoons substitute one no eggs one cup ions Beking pow a spoon Salt one one cup finely Eiith Teaspoon butter a it Idi a eaten Reg sift do to first mix a. Peanuts r a or Inge la ice for b Iby Orange juice is now a regular portion of the diet of a Hie because modern science h i shown that the juice of the Orang i a Well balanced and exceedingly healthful meal w tile ii the tiny stomach has no difficulty in handling. In set the Orange contains nearly All of the food elements necessary for in a ii ii and strength in Amra or leis degree particularly the Mineral salts and the highly Quot a try elements known As vitamins. The f Linge Hee Tbs Vita nun it huh is effective against tickets. The radio has brought the British Public closer to the Royal family. For the first time in his. Tory a lady in wilting to Queen Mary has appeared before the microphone and been heard by millions of listeners. The speaker was indy Bertha Adelna. An Active Charity worker who issued an Appeal in behalf of to Home for gentlewoman the King the Prince of Wales and the Duke of York have been Broad a cd from time to Lime hut Queen Mary a voice has never yet been heard on the radio. Doth the King and Queen Are radio enthusiasts Anil have their town wireless sets at Buckingham i Palace and their it indies in the country. A Bing i i the Tup. Cocoa cooked in the double Boller will not Boll r irid May be kept hot a Long con Titis in of the i c Quot Hod spoon it ten pc ii ing a do a d Pete it a it la and lip of Teet poem finely Ike in a Giese break no pm Der file t a Hilt till tads e a foals of a and 1� cooked for a will have a More digest of re Only a Lehman denies any changes planned in miss Gertrude i Turki Rill. ?0 veers old. Is challenging the pedestrian record of Edward Payson Weston the Veteran american i Walker. The recently completed a walking tour of i4� Miles through it land and England. Bad weather has Che keel miss Rickard s tour. But she will resume it next Spring when she sold her country Home in 19?3, a he took up walking to amuse herself. Me Rickards always lunched Fin cheese and Bise us while or her tour and had her other Meala in Luna. She a s she never sex Perlene a the alighted Lonu Nutce and always knitted or embroidered while Abe waa a eating by the rond Heb at lunch time. Cullom Talcum Isth Ideal powder it purity smoothness and Fen. Glance combined with Antl Astoli and prophylactic properties which help to overcome discernible doors make a or essential toilet i squish. It to Tut scat tog us Totis flt i Fried to it it Cal the i Lica crw 11� Quot Tho Art i t a Neil b hich a Hooter is the. Big i. Git ure of in la ten to a rid i a Ruedy t s a it. F a anti the sail a cd us i fully in t my it a b pct Little get brow in r Ai d Cis of k univ Ater. Into log to but to King w h Santa be officials Man charged with i i of , i assault with gun a Quot iriv , mum in Case in aet i wednesday mining if a charge of assault with a Ort tha by personnel it had that Hupci hut Marc pit d p i Lien j Iran ii. Over tar w or Budd i were contemplated deadly weapon he a been filed Grande do vision in the against Felipe Santillanes by Man of of Bela in Uel Aragon both of Cuba. Felipe been r urn or Al recently wag found in Tho company of the . I b a West of wife of Eduvjen Alagon on Tho mans a superintendent of the night of january 30, it is asserted trends division wee to be Aragon s father with officers want of Rry i to Pueblo to succeed Aragon s House. It is alleged to ii a spotted that of pm picked up a gun and handled it in a threat a i Man arrived Here in his net until it was taken Anay from r an inspection trip him. Hoe. With him in Estella Aragon his filed a suit it i it it Kants Hgt for divorce charging that her Hub emr West and m band did not treat Ber right Aid chief Engineer with requests that a he have custody Chi t Amarillo. Lone of the three children Tice a to retire be hoi a a Happy wife it the Boot remedy in the family mod in in Chest. Quarti is a i tvs refute imitation to Huist Lufi i Heater cd us take the original package Home Safe milk food for Infante convalescent toe ated nursing and expectant mothers children Etc my Tofu d i the appears a a child then last today to ditch Carer t Ting up of a Well balanced delicious easily assimilated food drink that nourishes and up builds. Use when tired or hungry or at meals or hot a Jim retiring. Endorsed by physicians for Over 40 Yean. Prepared at Home in a minute by briskly stirring or beating the powder in a Little hut or cold water then add water or milk. And Happy is the wife who has to do her family washing for she rarely has to visit the Medicine c h e St. No More Drudgery no More headaches and backaches. Instead plenty of time and spirit to enjoy life make it More pleasant to a for her children h e r husband her friends. Telephone today and have us explain our various services. A moderate v priced and All made to please you Excelsior the soft water laundry phone 177 a _ Sadi

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