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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - February 4, 1926, Albuquerque, New Mexico I. Padre four Albuquerque morning journal february 4, 19 Albuquerque morning journal an Independent Ewsii Aper a published by Joi Unal Rural Isrin. Company ton household Haven to read a Book since in be been in con my How things have changed Gross ten years. favorite authors my constituents my favorite specimens of literature their letters my favorite Magazine is the congressional record my favorite newspaper writers local Cor t. M others maintained that they had Little in the washing h. In. Pickrell. Q. Landis Wilson office. Telephone. Editor advertising manager .310 West cold Avenue time for literature because they had to 66-345 read works on finance and agriculture and other specialized topics which present a ent tired so second class matter at the Post office fussing problems to the Law makers. Of Albou Erule. N. M., and entry in Santa be n., ar., pending under act of Congress of March it. I st9. Nev cd t a Leloss Tong sullen do l Ead occasionally or have read enough in the past to have formed preferences. They run to subscription rates for Albuquerque one month by zanier. Soc pm Ory and biography choosing for re f.l7f� i Ashtion children a books or Western and one year .ii17.00 venture tales. They done to like Shaw sin Claid Lewis Mencken or Kipling but they do like Dickens and Shakespeare and a lot of other Standard authors. So now one More questionnaire has the associated press is exclusively entitled to 1 the use for re publication of All news credited to solved another mole of less vital problem member audit Bureau of circulation member of tue associated press it or not otherwise credited in this paper and Niso and proved congressmen to be pretty much the local news published herein. 4. 1926 new Highway West the state Highway Engineer has promised to make a preliminary Survey on a proposed Highway directly West from Albuquerque to Laguna a distance of to Miles. Such a route would save More than to Miles of the distance to Gallup. The like their constituents in Reading tastes that is different ones like different sorts of books. Most books and most authors have their respective readers and admirers in Congreve As Well As outside. Anyhow this seems to indicate that congressmen people and that a a cheering thought. Heroism at Sla stories of heroism at sea never fail to arrest attention and arouse the emotions present route through Isleta los Lunas not Only f those who have Ive l through and Rio puerto is about 75 Miles. I he the thrilling experiences of a storm in mid Good roads Committer of the chamber Ocean but also of the Host of others of Commerce has investigated the pro living Inland. I lie Bare facts of a Rescue posed Highway and appeared before the it Erve to stimulate the imagination and stir 1 ,. .1 the deep emotions of bravery and chivalry. State Highway commission to urge the pie the code a of the a is in its,.u an ,.mo_ posed route in preference to expending tonal Appeal to All of Many a finest any More Federal Aid Money on the pre qualities. Sent route. The commission was not in be names of it attain to Corge feted ,. Inland the Crew of the president Roosevelt dined to View the proposal Ruth favor f he s,.lt in a a it Hull. A ppm a Cru. But or. French the Engineer promised ten indelibly into the stirring epics of Tho to make a preliminary Survey. Sea. At the sacrifice of two members of this request of the Albuquerque body their own Crew and after battling four opens anew the question of a route for s Quot the a storm Lossell sea. They rescued a Highway to Gallup. Loa Lunas recently he a a a a Kentish freighter Antinow. ,. Equally heroic and Seaman like were vigorously opposed a Zutoft Winch would Captain Wurf and the Crew of the North keep the Road on the West Side of the Riv German Lloyd line Steamer who stood by or and save about g Miles. This new pro another British freighter the Lar Stan and postal is for a route that will save More succeeded Iii rescuing six of its Crew before than 40 Miles and would appear to be the disabled vessel went Down in the dark r a in was on a a months ago that by Clark Kinnaird Lucky beggar re there is an Oriental Story of two men one was a if who every night dreamt lie was a beggar the other was a ii Gar who every night dreamt be was a Prince and lived 4 Palace. Did not the beggar have the Hest of it ? imagination oftentimes is More enjoyable than reality.? when we read Good books we May not Only if we v it be Kings and live in palaces Lait. Better still we May to port ourselves wherever we like and Vidt the Beautiful pm. Of the Earth without fatigue inconvenience or expense. Books endow tis with a whole enchanted kingdom thoughts. The person who reads Good books does to feel the need friends for there none better than Book. And among living companions inexorable death car off tile Dost and brightest while in books on the Contr time kills the bad and elevates the Good. A books to Mankind what memory is to the Audi a ital a John Lubbock observes. They contain the history of our race the discoveries have made the accumulated knowledge and experience of a they picture for us the marvels and beauties of mat help us in our difficulties Comfort us in sorrow and suffering change hours of ennui into moments of Delight store our minds it till ideas and make us think and lift us out of and above ourselves. A give says Fletcher leave to enjoy myself. That place that does contain my books the Best companions is to me a glorious court where hourly i Converse Leith the old sages and philosophers Dud sometimes for variety i Confer 11 till Kings Aud emperors Aud High their Conn. Calling their victories of unjustly got into a strict account and in my fancy deface their ill placed statues. Can i then part with such constant pleasures to embrace i augment a he p a if Al v to increase in knowledge. Rile Benny a note Rook Ivy Lee pane y i h m t i a z a my Worth of careful consideration. The the president Harding chamber of Commerce committee which president Roosevelt it Aster ship of the wed the Crew of of its colonel 111 \ ukes received a $1,500 Roy schools $2, Taos Highway commission has dec county school Hoard $22,000. J Tho loud from Capulin to i f Lux commissioner j. I Moines Union county a state a evens report d that delinquent a Way Walhout Affrie Illta to sign tax Nolle dons Over the state to i Money for ,t4 improvement tailed approximately Fsoo. on Ever. The new state Road to feb. 1. P it i w l. T j Road to or m i it fanta be fe-1. 3.�?the state ha3 investigated the matter seems to to convinced that the Short Cut Road is the thing. The amount of mileage saved strengthens their argument. They claim the 33-mile cutoff could be paved at less oust than it would take to Complete the 70 some Odd Miles on tin old Highway where More than .$200,000 has already been expended. Their argument for the Shorter route appears to lie sound. Albuquerque would have Good commercial reasons for getting this Shorter Road to the Western part of the state. It would Complete an East and West Road through the county jul t As we have a paved Road North and South through the county. The Highway through los Lunas would remain a primary Highway South. Bernalillo county is Able to co operate with the state and Federal government in building this Road West. It is about tin last link of any possible Federal Aid Highway in the county. It is to be hoped that the state Highway commission will give the question thorough consideration in Advance of any action toward calling for bids <01 the proposed Sandia cutoff. We Hope to see the the italian ship Florian. Two such rescues in one season is Small accomplishment for the american Marine and gives the people of Tho i United states legitimate cause for satisfaction and Pride in their seamen. A 1 1r i a c a met vol which Las been made a nut a a Quot 1 i a a tie j a a St pc Cane in Tho world. A be. It Al Bubuci \ ump i i Murli i i 111 pie id Long wind Dinami to took 3 i a i. I Jav Quot Ami or Rel it us untied them to in in in. Xxx la. A it a off Loci to t Ike t Plum but us reeding in i Lindy it t tie e Annua fee tui w hot face i looked it Lei my it a a Chi mutant get e ant told it to s Hoot. That to 1 air la Over when it comes to the announced Inch i can a la wan and 1 hate r in e depended attorney inures nitty j y i in flatter i cod sad a Eif bul tic it it a. I \ i v a i i Riff Ai i a a a a t i i is. A it a tie 1 a a a h f r i i Lahd making j j sch abnormal of i Ces she Sod. The lets have ii look a look at themmen i i i is Bister to Laddie set let. I ave a to i i git it i a a i 4 4. T sir hop re is Nof t a s to tap up per. Lulu i i i ii ii to t j a a t to. Tut glad Dis St. 4 it of i f o a. At the True i Nick j Tir i in Hue Vav la in my i a m i hip Campaign for getting in Long due revenues progressing comptroller invites investigation be i commissioned a Bomel in the National aligned us division Sigil f the 15th division . It. I. Riles. Re entry resigned Admi Vincent j. Jaeger hell again Alm Santa be. A lot of at Tho like i it whole the be sin t Borough v la St conclusion arrived at. Bowing to movie stars a a Man cons Man Drums in la o an or i Ami ii general Fred i. Wil to made just Ige adv Ier t e h a captains con ills it. Grin s Aplin Santa j a id a command r of Headquarters de Tach h cavalry vice a. Signed Aud san Kous Fogt Emorn Lsalone cup a it Ign Al to Coni nmn s t lie to my a detachment. Vice tinn resigned. A i i to f it. Xiv a Poe la Totev it Captain and ass Tai Supply officer signed i Lith a Summers. So first Lieut Eua Orro fit of View of w. E Swarc a l e la Hill f t 1. C. Milburn est an a k l second Lieut in int of be e i. Jackson a it mov Antonio barn Oast i i to i 1 us ii i id i to Gifu Iii a lag 11111j i ? j11� of by i i it engineers View c Barb s Al a ii la Al r i in. Lieut. I Wen a Wood promoted to fist la 11 a a Ley roes. Santa be. Co m in is first has a. C. Wat Nance Boa Day to in in directed i us office up ii ment comptroller in suite fling Nestor of the of verbs Gaus 18 Pouk in g s. To it i tax i feel like a fighting cock now but honestly i done to know where id be today if it Hadnot been f or Karnak a says Denver Man. What to d on of Thev Udit Vav it buy Quot yes air Send pm to in want to know about Karnak its tile Medicine that rid to of four years suffering from stomach troubles a my kidney disorders and built me up 18 pounds in such Short time Quot declares John Padilla of 1417 10th it. Denver. Quot i Tell you the pains up through my shoulder and across my kidneys and the Small of my Back were just terrible. And As sure us i ate .1 by thing it turned so sour in my stomach it Felt like a red hot Mil Ami i suffered from kit it. By to ii is Ness. Headaches constipation and dizzy spells until i did to know do. Why i was jul Quot 1. A ii a and it Skrabl Tho tin that i often Felt ilk time wan is a. Honestly i know where i would have Bee it Lay of it Hadnot been for a Quot you ii by. I t a a 11 very body i kids Medicine. Why i simple the Goi d it did me to my f tip. I eat Hearty at every Row to cd Between meals too i Don t have an ache of pm my body. Yes sir. Karnak it right for Ever thing Ciao i of f of Ned i jul feel ii fighting Cork All the time. 5 a but be r of t1. S i Cine has done me Karnak a sold in album a sex bibely by Highland pit v cd i a a and i re 1 Way i m i us in icy. 1123 i Edith so and the a arado by Acy end in the leading or in every . Build the Best for less la nu1 rights rank i. An the of the is the i Thiu when Winter comes Odds and ends at a sax ipg Appun i Navo her her who a who in thu it Aith like Shipp in hic my e ii i i his Var. I i xxv l ii Jiin it t Hie Foley Honey and tar Foh coughs a Dolds Cut this out it is vx0htm Money in w can Rudolph v any i. When it id in i to r in the Cia j not have which Cai Albuquerque an. Will filch eave Der that tile True r tails to take Amer now of course its it youngster to follow a rough peasant or could an that Man v in Lam Man or the if Fin Iran aim i women to forsake it Tep on each Ethel we hesitate to a Little wonder Lible Public Public More dignified Romance i e a imply. R i in i l Sivc Ater he a % in i st2 night an a icy in joined or an of a Brt tilt Adri 2ss� it Mal i a mid add to a Hiti Iilo to a Corozo i <1 of. a Aho a Siple Siu Ratic Matisi. Last cathartic t a to Tanana. Theta a from up Tappi Ani people. Truth. Sold e to role i. Us. And i a a a Roi run ii a of of o la better than whiskey for colds and co Gap do. Koc Oku John ii a y at w planter i avenues than those daring kidnaps an Lien Lone a Gill if hint what my Ronai in co a to i v ii a in t de by of the drug Trad drink at on Tun lib a two in nut cold your Money in k it to i or. Gutho Ritat Al it if you cannot fed the r the laboratories tym Tonu of your cold Ato keep their stars before tile limelight. Congressional readers a hot ire when i to ii inquiring p recently w in enc Ieav f Alabama i Lien he to read. Ame a a v \ h the. Plaint Tau congressmen 1 a a Islat read ban t approved and Moat Enhua Ltd a apically endorsed by the highest limit in Hort Lea and Prce of sliced to that Opi a ten Tuitea a Quick and Iff Eetla a whisky. Rock and Tje or any other cold and cough ram j id v i hey i i e Ever tred All la red stores supplied with lie wonderful a mfr so All Roo have to do is to step into the Perm to drug Cre. Hand the clerk if a do r fur a Bot be of 4 a renal and Tell my to serve Yeti iwo teaspoonful. With your a a Chin your hand. To us to. A tall for minutes t Reding a a a v dream wit Nln done to a a invite you a the time i for is i Exie to Iva loins safest t lest to my Der of the hot wife and Chil i i by far the votive be Castle Miniri agree x h in a i wrought Iron lamps Junior $5.75 Bridge $1.50. An attractive style la in p with wrought Iron base and Parchment Shade. W specials discontinue certain ill cd off them out at Barg i i it los have deck Les As a re we list a few of these rare glassware i in water seu.,. .fl. to. ,211 Ca ii. La rat h Ca Thimi cac ii. A ii null co each v v Ito to Sot a. ,45 to ii. ,?5 each set each. To each. ,<10 each. To pm b cite of hat Ici Star furniture company inc. 113-115 West Gold tue Best for ii a it l e s s

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