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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - February 4, 1926, Albuquerque, New Mexico Exico s Quot fading newspaper Ittel inn i i ii \ \ \ \ Iii not . 35. Albuquerque morning journal new Mexico leading advertising medium Albuquerque new Mexico thursday february 4, 1926. Prick five cents me killed 111 i Man arrested 4s insurance fraud author i is die in dirges decorations await heroic Yankee ship Captain a join Bany Miami Fla said to have robbed grave substituting body in c sleet $100,000 see eos hid i amt. Fu., Fob. 3 up a con i fluent that Tiey have the real scene Crews expect to Gro Wiek g u. A want. A now storm continues to sweep brine out alive men who v pc r a / c l i Atlantic and Pacific with hid not die As result of us i 1.0.1.v in an an in or fury unprecedented in first blast Many years arks from machine v c Cay German Craft hastens ignite a Gas pocket a. To passenger ship linkers were fish line fire Lym in f.1 Manchester producer of the when detonation occur Quot u Tuy i fullness lines reported in led cause for which is i i i ,. I i j distress Santa Monica got Learned �,.crn ,ho.,�?T?,y is damaged found in Dor locales car Lanti _ a Pittari Quot rfl11 Fob not �?�1ar is p j u i la Cpl Kun la. Who Hal 1 h on i Ulua in a be me a v1 apr three miners were triv ii Antocki n. Y. Reb led and 22 others were the Anor v rum we nov were reported lost and three Asbury Park. X. J., \ apr eight lives Ltd a . Get a 4 a a . A s. To a.-."2 Quot j pred As the result of an a \ i i of to i a he War barges were known to have Losion in the Pittsburgh Kin 1 a foundered on the North Jer i West from Clit to be surveyed to join league gets Deb seat state Engineer promises to give estimate on Cost of Road direct to Laguna cutting off 44 Miles foreign relations commit i tee of Reich Stag Over 1a socialist disapproval recommends action state Engineer French promised to make a preliminary Survey on a proposed Highway Vest from Albuquerque to i . A Clr re Civ Tii Short of about 33 ii lie in rom will by r 11 i i a a of a i h prison wit mibs a a the p. Nation to affiliate Cut Highway South through Isleta a y �?o2no conditions imposed of committee of Tho h. In our of com i Cecils of organization in Meres which appeared before the state Highway commission its meet ins on tuesday. Or. French promised the committee he would make the preliminary Survey once and Tho Albuquerque committee Hopes to secure.,i i Quot on tile com of the pro j old of Tho i Oil tag Switzerland express great satisfaction Burlin feb. R apr i he foreign relations com p1.ruminal Coal corporation a be number four. Rescue Crews comprising about a men from Tho local station of United states Bureau of ies under chief District inspect in j. Barker and helmet the Mansfield and Gallatin is of the Pittsburgh Coal com i. A ,. a in 1 a a 11 w i v a i i Ltd Yon Winit i thought tin miners will to come v fire Start <1 in tile Mille wed. 1,1 i Pany said when Sparks front \ jutting machine arc believed to j e ignited a Pas pocket. The n in tile mine were fighting the i aes when the explosion of i a red. Just what corned the i in u l i. n. I lie bus mime is John Barry. Revolution in Portugal put Down quickly hero medals a i lug proposed for Cap to tried of u. S liner Roosevelt who in matted a to Hway in Advance of any log slay approved Germany s thrilling Rescue of the Crew of crippled him bsh Frei a to a amino after the Roosevelt had been inf lotion by the state commission to entry into the league of Ila Sov coast xxx e i nest i a night feted for three Days in crushing Way tip. Ai ii til freighter and sacrificed two of its Crew Amini building a Concrete Highway _ us and i la us cleared who rom tie end of tile Isleta paving a a ,. Ill a show storm and to mile in Rescue attempts. The Captain and his ship a Aho wit. Mrs. Fried was photographed while j from tie end of die Isleta p Northeast Gale that overtook i proudly waiting in new York for la r husband to e inc Home and Tell the Story. George v. Of England Dong the West Side of the River to a multitude of a Quot a a a. A Quot i. Ii. Ofa in a in a a to .1.1 Thanna Ltd a the Prcz to Emu. Men. A i 1/ i ii in the Furd up unti to of \ i i if Vii no o n w Adsul f flex i Filiti Al Fin f in a i ii i in in my bound for new York. Tin to explosion surface Rescue Wor Cia is to Pirn inc was not he mine Isas hardly Felt on ton As raid and this a is and company i h Tho opinion that badly wrecked. Out Alfh Suu Thwe Mally i in roof i about 15 i the Isburgh and or a Cen too and Lisbon i s shelled but in Esu n dec zionists give up fight when expected sit pro is i a King ibb in Portugal i is. Of v in Volt not not v move Vincnt which in a Law n tues a was up a used xxx ont Day a the Volun y surrender of do revolution they apis Clat 1 when they my the i a lied. Support i. A nil them in the i meantime ii my Ever ii was s helped App. In Nutly with in Tell damage Heil done. Aud i but Wera is Obj cited to a its fire from the gun of tin .,1 tool us. Thorn Low Merit in sea to first officer Robert Miller third officer Thomas Sloan fourth officer Frank. Upton and j a local committee found that filth Oast guard District the Crews of the Rescue boats including urn xxx Quot a ii n and Ernest Beltman who perished in the Gallant uhf commission expel ted to go reported that a number of attempt. Honors to be conferred on Captain cried will take another form slime the conditions under j1 head with the plans for Tho High lit Lier to legs and barges were which the medal is awarded confine to those undergoing actual personal danger in the saving of ufos. J unaccounted for in the storm. Ciaffi f Kcf in d cfl9c to Fin la a 1,1 fax x s i i. 2 he a>hi11m anole i to tin fast growing list of ads that have fallen \ to Filiti to the storm la Jolt Atlantic in \ Dun liner in Heater in rot Lucr w needing assist North Logitu German steam trying to her a City Bond Issue for $925,000 nov Puick Dij ii proposed to commissioners Ryl Lill ill committee for civic societies j bm0 is pc fortnight the Furness asic carries $100,000 for Pat is a a vol a Day in distress and $400,000 Foi sails Tel y a a he a Nee in latitude 46.5s 3 x. 15 Xiv est. Hanover ii a Nee. The Hur sewers $250,000 to water extensions u nearly a Mill said the and that is too the suggestion of i Emmish loner ii and into Yor Way to Faridian cutting out the prudent High try through 1as null had planned to advertise for Hills on Tho same this Spring. Short in Tho Albuquerque committee be 1 doves that Tho Short Cut Road i i meekly West from to i Linguini i to be preferred and will , Iii is \ i i nov uti this route in preference expending any More Money on or on Hie now Side of the liver the last internal political obstacle to the goal set by Chancellor Luther and foreign minister Stresemann Iii the Locarno deliberations. All the parties except the fax Misti Tho German nationalist and the communist. Joined in approving the Cabinet a foreign political Coin o and voted Down Tho opposition s boisterous attempt to delay application. Xixi Moll of i to Xci Sibu s sum oni i is s xxx 1� i rom i in is x re for Oday let be killed by Hurricane in Florida town in i urn Vernial Novas. By Idem Machado in i is boil visiting Section but he renin la and i in mod i up ration effective Down the revolt Peri Liers of tues title with the Ruvo x i Hoei Fie to o shod to ii of to Iii 11, g a mgt Miens if the City no Proval and the meeting adj Mirn xxx Edn enday night heard the report a a i subject to the Call of the City of a special citizens committee manager _ favouring a Bond Issue of $925,000 the City manager a authorized san Francisco. Feb. 3 put a for Albuquerque but after a Lively us a Taro he provisional order that a held the a Dos Yuhsiou postponed action until Engineer and City manager i detailed report stretch of the the comm Emily vast area the Bond Issi xxx i and Quot 1 a j unleash More rank. Made up fore is broken up. J a a a i is coast in its grip for the past ? of y. Might have time to Prapai Days was still Riding rough Over a vat Laud arid anti la distr Pat. Ach i la that All eff vessel Tain a f. I. Schooner Tow Aid Hail w items of i the North a pied and ,1 12 and the of for paving Marque the Railroad tracks Street. The commie the meeting a in which approved Bir for a i Ingley met the ch.,mba a e a week ago and Ware resell to Ive of the Ltd organizations. The presented to Tim commission by or. A Eprui Din president of the chamber of i us thicken Tierce. was the first time that ii. A the exult figures in the proposed r Bond Issue were made Public uttered the civic commute approve bearing be Bond i sue of $925,Pou after Geneva feb. 3 a a a the Quick decision of the Reich Stag a foreign relations committee approving _ the Highway commission took i a rms nyx a a a trance into the by i tui to Naiia a Ain a ,. I of nations without condition i .., ted arrest of Rinaldi cuts off la in Yimou Quot to caused the greatest satisfaction in by liquor source i Cia Quot Ai.,.i Oon a Germany a applies new by big recently constructed ton for Aero a the to Guerco a Cost a a cited that sir Erie drum _ a a to , Tyr mond the Secretary general will j s. I Ai a to a would to hard to convoke no extraordinary session Hie in be i., Salle Tam ii or on in o the Federal do non. Of the Council to meet next week. To that i a pedal Assembly May be summon <1 to extend an invitation i to Germany. This Assembly will committee j to held probably Early in March. Owe vet pointed out that the 44-Jso As to permit Germany to Taka Iii Cut off Road could to con 1 a seat As h permanent member in Stearns believes Albuquerque men suspected a Avenue from to commercial doers present re Rossma. \ la iou report w. A i Revea and disclose or i a j old convince Tho Federal Aid departed 4u acres near Bernalillo will be i Mout that this piece of Road should confiscated a the result of Tho j be abandoned a veil in the face of raid conducted them late tue Doy i much a Lio Ter route. By Federal prohibition agents if in by Albuquerqu Effort of prohibition director 1 Rcharles la. Stearns prove sue a a Ceas Fud. Or. Stearns said xxx is i under Tanh a a wit will with in the Hiles to i. Clip few of aboard. 11.11u ii Umi i i is 11 is. I x i i Torney general stuck in the Snow Eddy stuffs buys California packing corporation total assets of new concern arc $250,000,000 in met Ang i us xxx Fob 3 a a tile four master Alice Boh. Lay lure today Atter a i of ii our Battle with Tim Pacific on in in. For file by arid nig its he a a a s w a i a w the out Watt i mid for four wit Liotti Unity Engineer Frank Kimball in City manager la. Ii. Calkins Ai such he con la that til. Al c nit would in i i la to i in out Cli v 111. 1,1. A i. I Ile in Iii is�.,. A ,>ii.cai Wooldall for s i Imi Ihm ii pail.-, Park improvement and Pla group ii Fin opening to. X Loo Mai for Simitar air. for Dioroi Ewe i Al.o, foe water main nod Extension City Engineer Kimball Noum my thai f 185, of to. To i amount was est Meed woul be ii rial i find embed permanent member la a Burlet in co than would be regular March session of to a that j required to comp ted the present league Council. Tin a per mile i Ute. In ii though a Luigo Germany will become the fifth a operating a i Bwy a ugh As Mimun bae been expended on . A la Ali member of the league ii be Tho prop Highway would the Hist permanent member of i is but shorten in Distant a to Gallup 1 Council mimed since the league 1 his i go conf i bout 4 1 my whet Ca die pro founded the other permanent i a a a a my i cutoff we Moo i Nobel s. To Britain. Franc. La in by Gem go i jilt to have ids property conf or jul to a Bootlegger on the Highway would i liable to have his automobile conf ated of in wet led a Andia cutoff would a Nix or sex in illicit i Italy and Japan having held their x not her argument advanced to a Hioe from till beginning. Light transporting liquor. Itin the Highway la had ice died Tho ranch he told Tho Road commission la that. Road Wist from Albuquerque or. De Raslin declares Toa a ,.t w k-v., tji a i&Quot"1in. Loin. Won i in ism pro has no place Iii Small f a a. I i vill. Ion of or. Stearns the director Kute. Whelen Valencia county. Might not. Bernalillo county Baal of women voters of Quot a. No .o�?z�?z,Iet,.d Pru. Cities addresses league hmm a that i squad has a in formed that so Tai prominent Busine in to of Albuquerque and pact on off a of Ullern Alullo have Len on Friendly relations with Rinaldi in the conducting of Busine. Tin 150 gallon a till and liquor Hatch a seized was but episcopalians come out for wines and Beer in up if the xxxix Mem \ dam i xxx la imn is i . Ii Santa Man a calif., feb. 3 a a Bitt ring High tide Al noon which threatened to topple the a ii Romball room. On of the i hug dunce Pavilion on the oat. To the surf i ceded Ved a i nesd., with the rippled pier Mill. B. J a i up a r oui incl for sewer and Wale the War mothers j. I under in prot sent amount would be in us total do but Asne lied i qty Mattoi Nev Wisori was asked to make no politic mixed up in i a. J j i in i a a slim a of he i league of women the Frau is an wed urging or j. U. Zimmer a of the Polit Lea i science of the University. D that of Bat the of to in ital i list i Job no Cly which supported amendment wants volstead Law amended Gram with a paved Road North. end Emit. Ami this Road West ii Rich Temperance social a bout the Only other Pok Michie on on which to secure Federal assistance would make unit ust ,.m. ,. Us in eat Road through the Rotin Ati Pidy which was a Ezerl Wall us a a a Tama Hirn Iov i Cun addition to the present North Lithe he Iff of. In a a a a new Vork. Fob. 3 up the Tounta. The agent of Fhy a which visited us a Bra a a Ipri Ingham. A in luring outfit wat in Highway commission wire in a a a return of the Church a Quot i do lh., i i Ami Kenneth Bur no 1 a a a of Pinioli or officers Romb i. Copal Church a Uil a Vedner Day that Van in consultation rum county our actor i Veyo Una her inem Flyr of the lne by a a Quot unable to be i Ca-1 Bing to the i Moll la j i ill i. X i i in Santa be will w a i Xii a Ltd Hidu Joie Ray joins professionals needs the Coin John to be stopped Roswell Man held to grand jury on assault charge Rudy has same City Council takes Steps to idea As Pola on make capital Model for marriage Rumor rest of state proposes a curfew la go i i s lit v i mid imm is la i the no defy which worked for tits Par of die eighteenth amendment now will work for modification of the x Olstead aet to permit Sale of Light Wiiiam Ami Beer. I or. , who a one time superintendent of till anti b Loon Dengue of new York i i a nation a i to Survey of prohibition enforcement Bud convinced Bim that Tho Voi Atud act a a had undone the tem pet Anco societies Tiffy v Are of educational work against tin us of alcohol. By i King a meeting of the episcopal clergy of new York he ass,.,ted that prohibition had in Vlf 1 drinking among Young re a do discouraged the con ump lion of win and Beer and in a red the demand for a milled Liq Iii a which today air mostly to had brought about Dis Asp a ii i toi h in i Gllnn Tenn. A die Rizii Laiing j8 favor of the j to n to tonal dec Retar a Ald lie i and undo a report of Iii findings to. Thebiay of Tho episcopal i h of saw Vail Over the proof xxx Ayne in xxx heeler general anus of to anti a.,Loon league a a i us. Him by Telephone Quot by rape and on ii to with old Quot a Ming that would show that prohibition had failed. Weather a i in Iii charge for i the diner s Church i a Hgt its limit Al by Girth Benefit in i by i a Ltd i la dry agents step in Heights arrest four charge Possession conference on River development in March x i xxx bid do i by Ila isl mini ill of tile int in stated Dyke. A Day in Washington i a Iii Bena to a pint another Day a Bater Wheeler renewed Bis -.� on Famer attorney general Dover w Elk Iliad in the beast i hours fur government inter to in in the nit Bra cite situation. L unlit Ion of the Federal Tariff ii Iii Ion a is by the Mil Board of farm Bureau. I xxi Sill abbr mid Anta fun Bob. 3-�?in the suit the Federal a rid Hank of. I i. Kan against j. Sylt or and wife Al including Moriarty National farm loan a elation the court has a. V de a ale reported by special Ster of 330 acres of land 1�c a lip. I to the i Gid a up

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