Albuquerque Morning Journal Newspaper Archives Feb 4 1926, Page 15

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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - February 4, 1926, Albuquerque, New Mexico Rage eight Albuquerque morning journal february i 1026 j 2 ivc int vat nerve it f a ii a nov t a b to Nal 0 i a i he at foe 001 vet f i cd 1� r .1 o dec 11 a or f t Oil new a d be a or t a now just for a change How about succotash made from new York grown Green Corn and dry Lima Beans at 27c or new York grown Green Lima Beans at 35c or Middle West Lima Beans packed from dry Lima Beans at 20c? canned Pearl Hominy is a kind you should get Ai quainter with. It is not a Lye Hominy. It is a red solid in the can. Just slice and Fry. No. 2 can. 20c. Canned spinach. Well after you have tried Monarch Brand you will know what a difference there can be in spinach. Large can 30c. Wards store r>i5 m Muir i a North min i met Lei i a ski my Thom 172. 173. 171 ,679,000 to pastime state in Vear a a z Ideal Reuben Perry tells kiwanis that Redman of Southwest is useful resident says education helps theater today Only last Day today i ii of in i i t Ltd a i his a Hill tin err air to c i a i Oil i Trace of lilt it ii i ii a a it thai Quot. 1 i of ii sweep Psi Carl it Emmet the Dent ii n a it or a local items a report 74 cases of flu increase of 9 7 i wed orpheus or. Circuit Eugene Emmett amp co. A family revue Daniels and Walters mine. Marie and pals or memes a a i ids we is Mem i Xiv. Ii. Mhz in i Iii ii an ii Mhz j. Hoot. last time today loll 7 it Phi \ i it is incr a d to no Day a total of re than on Tho previous Dur it ported. Tile it m. A Blanchard of Amarillo Texas Hief Engineer for the Santa be Mill lad s Western lines is having plans drawn Fra heating Plant for the gently erect j tank fit v re t i Quot 11 d. Ii a i i Ishop Here. J though a or ii or. I t do state land commissioner lad 1 a i a d As r i a a 1 1 jail a pm Demic in 19 i 8. The health department Ana a a Ive no need wednesday that 60 re i a a a a Quot a Ren of Atrisco had been vie limited against diphtheria. La fits and that Ini Swope who was in Albuquerque tuesday Ani ameed that he was leaving for Washington i. C., in the inter of 230 sections of state Coal land which s now in controversy. Ile will urge leg isl Iti ii in Congress favourable to new Mexico s general runts. A defective Chimney aus it i extra i to ii the Houe at 3 i West Horn air Henry air. A r d Lett deaths and funerals Moore and shy in a study of contrasts the pacemakers Alberta Vaughn and George of Harar and in monday were nut to become Flud with smoke at Hei l Wear a g it 1 to 30 o clock wednesday morning. Mil. To to. A a a a a it a m fireman were called Tat reported a a. The few a it g t a i no damage. Bes r i y i in a Boyd Len Chara i the l e a Ina the name of w. M. Sheridan to a m a i a Van limb Hodge podge in some sense Anc nonsense a group of four footed friends Gene and Mary eno3 in strength and Beauty Felix the cat going fishing matinee at 2 30 adults 35c children 15c i qom True jew i it Lim ii la m it Moon Sim thu i no Vul Aiho i Iii Rhees met Huun of i it i i a i i i Iii s to is Torii s radio Supply co. 107 xxx Chi Rill n 6 14 8 in u p of b of ii curl h 8 cd d tips 71 to a is r o c e a ii by c e v r it k 9 la it a i a to i n a 130 to. It. It Bant ii de to 60 rues a a a a Days in the c unto jail wednesday so s it a morning by police judge it Seiner a toddy. Hunter was charged with making an attempt to the to 1 Check at Kubnik Brothers a a torn. Edn Alay i. I his arrest by patrolman Lier fro it r a a 11 of t my followed. Mrs James w. Form Cut w As re i to it Uria Ingvol tuesday afternoon from m. Joseph s Hospital to her Home. So is recuperating from an operation. That Hugh a. T fill Sec Post of the american legion will hold its dinner at the y. M a. Tuesday night instead of monday it 6 30 o clock. The b he it a forme in and for held the v j h for i t Vav. Held Bacay Kune a1 so mrs. In Elf i Baca a wednesday morning at a o lock from the family residence. I a Lucero in Aldo Garcia Rafael m i thic?., Ambrocio Sandoval. V Star , Abel Lim i Wen pall bearers. Interment in ban Ignacio cemetery. Cedi t or mrs. A p. Addison who has Rea a Irv dry it gently Coni plated a course in train a Trig As a dietician at Michael re be 1 p. It x a s m i i i. Hospital in Chicago is Here for a nt.0,j 2s a it in xxx dry in visit with her parents or. And evening at her a part a is a it a it mrs s. A. Bright. J soy Hiti i to m i Henry Caldwell was granted a came Here from in a l ii divorce from Aurelia m. Caldwell n. A few Daw ago f r is Dill is survived by w 11 la unwed and the my All fir t sex nine performance second evening performance 7 30 9 20 doors open at 6 30 Reserve scats for the 7 30 pictures at 7 00 performance Only. Special admission 50c 8 siiri n i in Jill \ i ii a b i ii. Ill in into in Jilin till or a a. I 1111.1\ it Hill Quot Iii i la Irlar \. A a rile tit. I n i i ii nil i Vav i n i k mum to to. A rat n am Monr i99_ y \ Iam b. A 111 nth to of a in. Ii a car co Shih i d from the truths of a world _ of men a girl suddenly meets tis problems face to face. You la suffer and rejoice with Lier you ii he touched a never before by her struggle to redeem herself through a great love. The world hails it As one of the realest film dramas with the same stars and director who made Quot he h to Ieti for i or sir Era try a it it a a Christie John in from the a tvs Quot the pm fiery or of f by St-1 at % i a .1 h i Ltd directed by Victor Seastrom Lom Chaney in a Victor Seastr Drogue to Iota. % world War Veteran is Given military funeral services la b i Jill of ii full ii. Lai in Lon i fail wll in to i my m in i la ii ii Xiii n two Al n i i xxx rut a i. A International news pictures a framed a comedy regular prices wednesday. Rat treatment. Thomas k. D. Madden receive a it or e or of the state Trust and savings Tho he by v s 1 Hank fill a suit in District court mortuary p nil wednesday morning against j. A rang it mint Kelcher t r $952.10, All be l to be a due on a note. 6 Quot s j. Nave of the Manzano Forest a 1 a a v a Quot offs v. Is confined to his Home with a slight illness wednesday. New mexicans Register d at local hotels include t. I. Quebedeaux. Vee Romero Joss to. Lovato. Bauta be j. S. Invert Roswell Al k. Clark Miter City mrs Tuth c. Miller i a Cru is c. A. Ament Deming j. K. Whitmore Tucumcari j. D. Brown clot is of. W. Austin Melrose John a Nichols i ,. Shiprock r. Al c. Miller it Jolt As no Soutua tract Attr Arney t Magdalena Coopers for the past mis. Sarah a nor to Emu Iii w a. Big dance tonight Sunshine Hall t a 4 m no Ltd i Tun on a Iii i i Iii a Ira i j Day. Will be noon a a 2 o i residence to Church. Int i Jose cemetery director. Chavez i Juaquin Chati Day will he open. Is chg proprietor of auditorium scores Victory when court sustains motion to City s answer i j l in in pm to be. D i la j Bittner House rooms ski Scull i Iii i idiom l.>2-\\ Coal i ii i Lac a s 11 a if11, it onishi oat Ion no Ala 3, i Binal my to. -1.75 callup i j 11. P10.00 callup la. Lead ave. Coal Yard i Triller Imatomi of Hagan i ill i a a Supply it i. I in or 12 to i Oil Iila Gas e red Nicholas Vith headquarter has Hen in the few la and Al a v x visiting h a parents i held j. A Nicholas of a St of cd. Announcements meet t a. M membership and finance Board meets tonight in it ill i 1 in Fri. No ii hard a ii. A v ill off ill be in 1 1114 Throe prominent methodist clergymen to address two meetings at Lead Avenue Church thursday re Tacar it xxx fica i u no and a fax i Call clifford�?Ts�?196 Rio Grande Nursery Trees shrubs roses from pts to Quot on re Eon a careful i ii. Ii it. I prop i ii i i a a Iii 7 i i r Quot. Quot Quot Quot Quot in Ali a Coal phone 4 xxx line sen Driver in xxx. Central 2 it a r i o. L hone of a must Seil 1922 Durant touring Star Lair condition. Sec Kern Al met to sky a guru ire. Trees and shrubs i to Iii Plant Annii it our i it Illy had Man huh. Ami fruit tree on our i Ial guarantee plan. T oui out Ami , a or Gelee lion of hath to while Yon haae to it in t from. Youngs Albuquerque nurseries i lion 7v4 i ital g i Cee xxx Earry a it Al of or Rij state Furnace Anil to eating Plant of it i not is i n getting proper ii at pin l Ion i t us talk Oxer Jour problem with Jou. Coal Supply and lumber co. I tide rile la ii Hen i err a a six shooters Quot on everybody s hip Pioneer s cure Tor Rune wave re or in is. Nesi alb 1 i chamber of a flans will Proha member hip dry a i a i in 12 t f. Is it or f pm Blini at the a aiding e f r a ii drives num. I in it or chair thar pro a. In i a i la. Bal Ai t. J. Malry a a of k a p i it jul ii i Frank i Jar Row a. L. I artilly alb n k. By Neft. It a Inna j. T. Acton Roy Campbell xxx alter c. Rag a tide Bort Lvi a it Mcc Dor by l la a sign i i Milan. I re id in t irs i or \ a jul str i Ira. Xxx w Iii if or Biff of to pet to t leu is fcb is a vein Bara la 11 get it a w ii a last i 0 tit to bed h ii a j a it a Day part Plarr in died sat it a at the 0 w a de to an had Bap the i Ord i f in a w to c Laos any. Iva judge As outside the Mort the body will lie in he funeral Friday a in awaiting their turn est a Block in length a cd xxx int and bring ii Ujj Nom a ii.,? i a it acl no i nil a no in a hut i the. Souchu darn Tai Poi,.no Iii Tutu ii r i.5 pc a a it it lii4i� t ref. I nil Lull a a a a j i i a s r i. Must i mfr it n i is j a Hou. . T in a done to miss the big danc h tonight old town society Hall Morgan and Iii belial i or in Ira Ltd i 7 no i it Ltd Xii n Iglus or sail or Kitade j j or lid in Anderman and Balcomb it Alcuin Jow i Rai Sal i i Kink bldg. Phone i Yon dry slab Wood i it in Sion l length size a a 11 in k Load. Ideal t ii fill n in Ami tile Pitter. I All with Wagon a so do George e. Breece lumber company Ilmic ibid xxx Aztec nut Coal s8.50 per ton suitable for Hange Furnace Arcola and Heater of i Xii 251 Aztec i co 11n7 x Nill i to i Street Quot a a n Evv Vii Vii la 111101 11 a a i Iii of j was ii Wren a Ltd ii in que Ani Amin i Al Iii i i Ike i n i ukr n i Ion Viama in. N. 1 i i. A re i Leal Sli Irr i Alkin a uru Hinr of j urn ii la it link i Ali ii i Liuni of a a Niri Ota Fimie in in i Gallup nut 2600 pounds 1000 pounds $9.25 175 Volt h a in i phone 4 Coal Supply amp lumber co. John Sti cot after All you will like the old reliable Gallup Coal for Range and Heater Lump egg and nut sizes Hahn Coal company pin a i Al Lup coals Lamb Coal i k&vi1l. I an i hkaci11 Coal Cerrillos Coal fireplace logs split Wood kindling factory Wood Coke Lyme i fell ver j xxx Here desired Coal Wood i v Iii Ivo agents fit la i. I in j 7. 11< in Leal in so i a. So 77 i input ,. .$7.7 sex is i in \ i Liny Lump. Us 7&Quot�?��?z�, a nut. So at i am Fig x it by i. Xiii 11 y i. U in j Ain 7.1 Ruo. Arm i i Merf i ump i leg. Nut. ,11.25 Wood Bindi im., i ski i m i incur i Quot ii Al is the our pro a the oui it our Bervie it. E teen at. New state Coal co. Phone 35

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