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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - February 3, 1924, Albuquerque, New Mexico New Mexico s leading newspaper Albuquerque morning journal i Nill \ -1 111 him i u we \ o la a \ it it i a. Albuquerque new Mexico sunday february 3, 1924. 26 Pac a Towaf in Thurk #e�,tto8 muck wok pm Wilson is clinging to life Rill declines to nil w dumb id sedate Teapot dome Oil what former Secretary of the Interior in a prepared statement challenges authority of committee to continue investigation says his responses might tend to incriminate him in court proceedings authorized by Congress Are repudiated at convention Lewis declares c the Teapot dome majority of membership berm is in constructive Progress through orderly procedure he says warns citizenship to recognize menace Washington feb. 2.�?albert b. I All declined Todne to testify further before the Senate Oil committee which seeks More Light ult the unpaid Loans aggregating $125,-000 mad to him by a l. Doherty and Harry of Sinclair n Hose <51 companies obtained leases of a a1 Oil reserves from him while he Ursa Secretary of the Interior. Haled to the Capitol Over the protests of his physicians and counsel. Or. Fall Iii a prepared statement challenged the authority of the committee to continue the investigation and refused to answer questions on the fur or ground that hts responses might tend to incriminate film in court proceeding authorized by Congress in the annulment Resolution. If a it Holt v toy the Corn or John Wharton and a Friend. T a with t i i nil Nam to steadily scale demands As e mini lated should receive Tim endorsement of All thoughtful citizens la Uler stricken sex president thua miking Gallant fight f 01 Mim endorses president tor nomination without binding party mrs. F. W. Parker vice chairman lbs Teapot Dom in prom in to a Ca i it 1924 few a Lone time to Coral. The att to. In Teal Are irs the Walsh want Nett t inquiry around Onao a red nth in was rinsed n to. O a that the original re my the amate provided Dornatt Ltd the holding of hearing Only until Char. The convening of thie Congers and i a the that Congreve. In adopting the j a Walsh Beao ution it i Tak not the i matter but of Tim land of a the a commit a and placed it in the Folio courts. J bed will to f k sch Thorn is to a it St in i Ltd War pm a and re pre a lowly in tile to the a Tinea a appear anon of not the Brftk-1 a been pictured he steadily without a a at id without the to of a his face was rather j ale ,4? i Tong Cor tax Sci a in a them a it re few sign of voting to cd it Tain a t set g rant of it r m Luther by by t lie ctr t. Nex t m Cit a of in the table from Day the com mitts til cot us or. Them his ub.11 to appear a gain next t to a Aday. Senate i should hop a Slat in i ref Usa to a toured to testify a that Tim.-, a Natora too id to annoy the Mistou of come in by we us to ready for dearly drawn. Unde a the i in. And cd the Quot r by tredent to could i a held in in i r Tho a the fart orbit led to til i Kasiana a a pres Dent of tiie sen a Wolik u i it i tor Rem a. It to a fitter t q i la # cd or a let i As to i j a a a n in distr let of it i Lum i v Ina a a to it i valid be a to lug a a to a r be to the Gratis i a fury tor the it action. I the for i indict intent a of cot. Vie ton. Or. Of i we it i by to pm Prato input in a a commo u jail Quot r not is Hose ii ii it India a . It b. St rot it d it. Rea it f in ti0 in iou i a Rrt tins marked Triumph o deaf Mort the influences of com nun let. John i. Lew is intern to tit Loti president of Tho United min worker it Ann i a declared it it a a Lay after adjournment of the miners biennial convention. To spoke of Tho convention work a a whole and of the repudiation for the second Tim a of Alexander la Awat deposed Kansas District president Quot the Complete rout of the Radical influence or. Lew i said a a demo titrate Iii the Over i majority Ltd the Uteri Beri hip of Tho United min work Era organization believe in con sir a the Progress through the lit forum it til a orderly couture will i ail again a the i oiled mine urn been mad the target to Gray is dwt of a pernicious Ophy. The mister mind in Alksni in Mer a have be # ring around the Indiana general claims surtax Glause convention has i in a Neeon Biel been ratified May be beaten a a without in any Wise be gift it or assuming to bin or Confra the action of the Republican state convention for till selection of delegates to the National convention the Republican stat Central com a Ute at of meeting in Santa be Friday night passed a Resolution endorsing administration of president Calvin Coolidge and commending is candidacy for the i a Oman Allan for the presidency m the consideration of the voters of the party in re Mexico. Following is Tim Resolution which Etta adopted substitute Psi endorsement of Tho committee member a individuals had Hee. Void Dost ii i a with Republican no Ltd Irnel committee of the stat of new Mexico do hereby heartily in Lorna Tim administration of pros Calvin a to ilk in addition steadily l0sin6 grip resigned to the inevitable former chief executive of the nation Waits bravely and patiently for the end declines to take nourishment struggle is a Marvel to his physicians id it Ashington full. 2 by the associated Presa a another Days Battle with death found former president Wilson still clinging tenaciously to life but steadily losing his grip. As each moment passed the grim destroyer moved a umnss01�?oafrica Ilott la Shearer the faint Quot Park of pfc snickered sad fluttered lug or. Coolidge the burning lower Atter every futile gust which blew to exp a a tiny Ruoh it. Resigned to the inevitable and quite ready or. Wilson waited patiently and bravely for the end. Inv to struggled through urn a Ady hour hat Wren la Midnight Ami Imlay Dawn tit hour when life my to mad a i it i i of i vent Ion nod the bid in their i ii l a for stampeding to if i. The following if in w Ahw or f d i Dunn. Basic Star Milfait of till in in p ii their ilk we disposal to can it #4v#d to lion of the now i it is re a Ai ii fax St i my a i a to pm j porn ii irs has t h i no philos of Rad in Hov its Cost in assent their Plana j convention on gathered her cough h of at and a there of 1� a ut-1 at the i Quot St their prot a Tho a a strop unit of a Mer i have failed again Lait it i # 4lip to to Cofini m h to ? or flu the Heel of Dis Serpent i a i. Mexican Senate takes a democratic leaders in Morable action after House Are confident they a attempt Compromise Between a can Muster enough votes Jority and minority blocs to upset schedule meal City i b 2 via 1j#redo, by the associated press a the general i tilt a state a mexican claims convention a ratified lath m sex Leat Senate yesterday after a com pro my Boti Jority and minority minority had refused to form a nut rum sen to m a a by a Ltd a the a a a a i a or or in t by permit the matter to t a hat. In to warily i Eon Iii lotto i Ertain brought to t1 Fitta i a. Us a Lions my mint j n rom tart the my were reduced i to reign j in turn mad it amending its it tabla to Tho re in n Elf bran Nib of Lnu a i the til w i to i i of v a \ in in a tip in int on Phi i end a i a other consigned Mexico co to the get 4 Quot a Tolly t. I Laws of Maxi j i mind the to i statement i h i also Aksu a ins Al a of i i Genwri l claims i nit raft ates and anything con fury c Ina Tuut to nor t a j u 2t it to agr i hut a it. And. Bearing in j nit c of this second i tean us vent Neil Washingtont Reto 2 Democrat in leaders in the hous confident they can Muster votes to ups to the surtax schedule carried in the Mel n Bill de dared today they Woald make no concessions on the to per it it min in tint they f Ivy r. It was indicated however that they might modify the nor Mal tax rate proposed la their substitute Lle Presentat in Cartier of Texas f inking Democrat on the commit i announced it it and waked fat a new set or Treasury estimates. They would Appl la a indic it s to i a arid a a a i Lily the proposed earned income j earn it i tout in sur taxes or i Tiev is a t pro ter a from a i n g Belknap in rebel leaders massing Porges at two paints in the it Usan pm Nee i of Industry arid will s sary a d a raptors of i in Coo the i he him re Poi of b a a a it a a lib out Hin intimation in Field. Then supports the i it if. A. From a Mer i i International Hue the recent mends Hon for an in Orang a a in the to exemption for both unmarried per sons Aid Heads of f i Mil Iez. A Treasury est it oat that the i a in a Phi to would Oiin n lot t re a suit it. The govern in Cist of t Quot to k tin too or us by As against $211, 000,000 under la Mellon by. Sell Ider stood to have influenced democrats to believe that a do the in la h o w i might i a Tot at. I be Don t i Chi t r Tat Quot a f St Ion but a n in Nee a in to allay j apprehension i Tuer i i gov my p Don us the 1 to a a it Ronal f int tin to his rots a arb a a mph la pure Audicio Iii West. And Cordoba in East. Expected soon to be the Heaters of fit Tinq had in n. In ii Citrin but i a it Khoii up a to ii Tat Cir inning fir poll in auf Nclean Ling of null went any Auspex after april i. Aline work us will attend j iferenc1 at be febrile i hopeful fruit i if Peac it in Sider to or i. G. 0. P. State Central committee in n. M. Has endorsed Coolidge Rood Faith Mexico will terms of pay pm of indemnities it on tuning the tit Desciar Atluri that the con Nylon Dors not Grant privileges of any sort t hims to to decided on tinder a convention will to passed no mixed Commissi on a t. Tosten by Tho president the s<.,>�nd b Dent and the hair Man toy to % fall ii g a it f a president it i Ai Cut a a u of orbit at 11 ii due. i a t or shift in the Normal rat advisable to Cut Dawn to what extent this nigh however was not Dine lose. Democrat a a a of Kint for Fidenco of the in that i majority of Thea not in up in Fay r of the so p r cent surtax maximum proposed toy or. Mellon Lay chiefly in the gust ounce men t of a present Tiv i rear of it Conein a rep Zolldan the that a Anima Frt Nib ii nil a Kin i j mexican in a who will she presidents o i Choice by it per ii it Cut is go i d other ii atone with tar he Centi rep lid it la third lib that n title Era tic a b cd it o show Dot it us a v Tarang late in a l it be the the eater of fierce fight a it min Eta tors no As Bath Enrique Estrada and j a a pact. ,1 Guadalupe 8 Scheg tin rebel n ill j Ere tary an fury leaders Aru massing their to there was forces at the Point. Tacks to cot the rebel defeat it Esperanza rho has be in Tho # ast to said to have disrupt St re in the res signal Inin re Cebac cd plans Jai i by Estrada to join generals m sgt As to con Aye att arum Sanchez men irate Ai of the made com i 11 til i it 111 --1 it a in is in to stat a to t it. In i a pub j Dor or Ireri v i Coo a i head crowd to Cie. Their Thiv m r. Gtd by sign her in Tan i a i at Sci . Them Iid to in Cazimir will meet wit ratification s f for for hearing c vensent. All a seated within com Mamlon a where except can to prove Grad will be Cut Mission i claims Prev ear fit i Radii a a modifies Diana to really intend crests of the president a cd that to is a Tri till won it nit a sub a n i n d f Mich pc Coin Multi flits do mtg in i weather a a c i Fin j a with top. J a pm my t # us. I i or no Quot a base i in b i Serif Ilia North o a a Xico Govorun Clit i a a Lei jul to a Tula a led i to c i lose National Aire Box a emr. Cot a raft tar ii and ult Ivi colons i a a said dec s n Art oppo a tis act m a in i he Hon cloth the form #1 Tbs award that Gold o to paid the Cut Reni Arn at amount rights i i or at 11 Iti May int.-, wit Al in it and a Able to. Cd i i West i it m a la i Vic us i cat i. Lib ii a f Moi it of Mac ii orca to b body of Man is found i with Throat Cut and i razor in his hand i right is d int affect old Cunnif it me if Bath Din a Reb,.sing p a i led to Mon a a Hen Nan-1 ii Nix months after Tho convention to fit. Me Ting later Aims v herein Quot to faints must he pre Ono v ear from the . Ii Oulu i a Ming. Except to to he to Rex a tenths la i o w d a a i. White til oblige >1 to hour a ii in d w it in three i f i j it r. A Etc a to. Fiery if of j 15 Tosi a i. Re it full re port a. W ii Lei aroused the he nil North a by. In i Rem a a. In a. Two stir air a in rat if Len on vent to n get Rifici May Onwu t of indent in if it a. I old tig a i q i Iii la it Khali govern agent Wither a re cd the larger to i?.�n trim property order a i restored to a Ahey t it it damages t it it rat if n of property in att de #1. The govern has die Ohio ice of Hucia a ii a he a Ages a Chi i ried it int it pert a right fit i the commis Loii to Lait r Trot to by gov in nerd f reel a ii Tea tips Ion Leader pre do 20 it Public or supp 11 i on surtax pointed out to i their h cd Alc. I Ham republicans however is or Sti j the Opit Doi that ii Coni i prompts on a Fig in below the a Melati maximum might i agreed in in to keep a 1 put Dicuns in Lino to inapt re Jefro by three years Reserve fixed banker sat $15,000 Era Case to come before grand jury in March to Ltd hire a fainted n Bilby As an executive he a a riven port Tiv Aud undeniable proof of the fact that he la committed solely and exclusively to aerie the heat intercut of the nation without any Effort at a voting any particular Cia or Cinense four common dulse Nahle we Admire above All i Maunena of character in a riving free a a per to i titter a a a in i Lin Tiest conviction in Quot a Ltd i a of Puhi in interest new agitating the Public mind he has demean rated Hist he i a Friend to the of the West and a at Beati the Werf err. Of All the pc it ply of the t listed hts a. The of Fuh i f the nation both foreign he i dome Atlear end in his hand. Us the National executive and we commend Ilia candidacy foe Tho Republican nomination for pre a Lent f the United mat at the conting election to the thoughtful Conatti ration Ltd a he Reub Tofau voter of till state i than t in any wit a hiring r a Sun Long to bind or the re Ion of the Republican hat convention to he called far the select Fen of delegates to the National convection it in a he Aeneas of tin committee that Abrin Coolidge should be nominated fur president by the re pub la in not tonal Miller 1� popular the mention of re Agar Miller of nos Well a chairman of j til he Tufe Centra committee to i Servo until of or the convention a next fall for the Nomin Euon of candidate for to United ntgt#4 Sens i tor congressman and the a Rte in i Etal office la believed by re publican Here and All Over the hts to of a have been a Wise move. Or Miller is tic and a go gtd organiser and la an enthusiastic will j Republican to will come hrs a the la week and after the convention of the new Mexico of it of grower association of w Hiah a is president will a lev de Bis entire Tim to the organisation of the re publican vault for he coming Campaign. If la understood that or. Miller will make Albuquerque til it depart Era air Phi lit i lit Ikon or. Frank Vav Barkaf of Bantu be was elected woman a Ira chair i Man of the commit Tel to it it a acc de i miss Anni Porte of Terrane a a linty who had resigned mrs. In Trety took the chair and presided at till closing a Sidon of the com Mitten in the absence of or Miller who was not . Bbl expect to v Vin St once the Ltd a Gani Sutlon of Republican women throughout the state. Mr., John Vav Wilson was named a member of the Bernalillo county Central committee to succeed or. W. La. Walton who has removed from the state. The Copp qty committee now is composed of so homers Frank a ii Abb i or Jesus j Tamer. Colonel ii. I or eco and mrs. J by w. Whon j following till meeting of the j committee Frank a. Hubbell of Bernalillo county the following Telegram to John to dams f chairman of the National Republican cd i t to i Cut lit in Mash j Langton in t a a a a Mexico Republican limit Tel at a meeting in february i a lord d i Orlidge a adm Latra a pc domed him for j to succeed i Low ebb a n hit physician they feared Bush i would flout out on the great tide before today s Daylight. Lightly but sleeping lightly by Athler a Tensity sad almost normally or. It thou weathered us Dong crop hour mid till Light of a new a Echt a Brunory Day streaming Iii through the windows Fhi lied a a tuber found the it rec Ken War provident kill i fighting. Vav Hen to awoke from a fitful slumber an attempt was made to have hint take some la by liquid . I he a lying Man w�v04 bus Lieal in n of it let approval an i Walt to pressed breathed no almost inaudible �?ono.0 likewise tie rejected an attempt in have him taken a few sign of water. Finally he indicate that to wanted an Cid negro servant to rearrange his Piwowa and Ltd be Casill about in his cd. Apparently Mots comfortable he indicated he wanted his w of. Wilson coming to the bedside took la sufferer hand in Here find held it i Al my until ii drifted Uff into another Anat to of sleep. A Evv Here s a in a a when or. W he i roused a Cain he thought of another Friend Aud breathed faintly a where a the Friend and physician nil i conducting the putt and Liming round of n Battle v. Us do Al which actually began before Woodrow vol Leone a la a a torn in a a. Vav hit House Wax end to til bedside. That seemed to satisfy the Foi Mer president and to lapsed Lulu quiet again. Apparently the Hick Man first thought fat a wakening a to #ut-1 of tit self that he had Pear hint the a Lily three Persona whose pre a no he want to feel in by last my in a Nta. Except for the broken fast Pas. Int figure on the bed the room hardly looked ilk a chamber of death. Cheerful Chin to draped the word jews which took to the a a uth toward the Potomac and an indigo Ridge of Virginia Hlll where he used a i play. In the Nail Are of family pictures that it of the first mrs. Wilson one of them in he photograph of his grand children took Down upon him. In a Comer stand a dealt a personal one devoted wholly to personal affairs upon it person a a a a a a Law of i ii ?.i in iou Mill a or Emu i r Vii san m imn Zitkiv % inc Vii Bud a Van twin Goon 1>1�. A by the pm a la a Drew a change a in Furm it a in Resh Cin Wilson Luid 1x10 amino to eel at t a ther Wert some sign of 4 wittily in id the Wilson ii mss soul of the room per Ltd % lonely Ilar Keithl listing again a been lighted up. # Asp the Washington feb. 3 by the a a a i Hie led a rest it mid a a alight former a real Dent w la a son condition Hail it Xian no it it Htenos of to nth real Elmange. 4 lie Lions a dark exp a Quot Eilif for a faint Light in tile a Nick room. # a a a 4 a a a a a a a a a help prosecute Oie land cases Al paper and books Are arranged with the orderly precision which marked i nature. Every thing he just a to loft it last when or Grayson ordered Bim to bed someone Vin try on watch soon end try a always on watch in the sick chamber. Either mrs Wilson or or. Grayson was there. Two White capped Notay a Tho same who attended Tho former Pic absent during the critical Day of i nine lit the White House moved noiselessly about with Tho professional ult of efficiency pet forming their Mitzi a ration. Downstairs a few. Lose relatives waited and went about with con-1, Cable j pc raft t to to in subdued tone. Tel Alani and letter poured in by Tim to in fired Aud were limed and us knowl edged by Volunteer Wereta re from among Tho family or to lend. Calling cards by Tho Dot Cna Many bearing Nam of National note were silently left it the door in person by those who left their automobile at the Bottom of the Hill and walked up to pay what they sorrowfully knew a a. La Al Mark of respect. Non but or. Cirey Aon anti or. Vav i limn had the Freedom of Tho sick room other Rob Quot is cd Ilia family tip toed Thoro occasionally. Bernard m. Baruch sir. Wilson Friend and conf it lint of All those who were associated with him during the Day of the War Aud Tho fight Over Tho peace treaty could have been admitted to or. Wilson s chamber had he wished hut lie preferred to remember the former president a he bad lust seen hint. Instead a remained Down stairs doing what he could to lighten the work of the others preferring not to tax in Tho slightest the fast waning strength of the sick Man upstairs hag of Golf micks none of Hie few within could took about the House of death without being reminded of porno cherish memory of the Man who was pausing so quietly and yet so steadily. There was the bag of Golf Sticks standing in the Corner of the Hall it a rested _ _. There sin co or. Wilson moved in. Former senator from Ohio were the Bukshin crowd. I la a oh.�u-m4 fed with volumes which followed is selected by pies death in to Washington from Pelno Coolid Cje in place of a tubal,tt8ter�� a the Bond fed a a rho j ventral co Santa be president ton and Nora Natlo w. Gregory t h if a ii to it Ricilly f to d 1 fair j Sam a ins m or. A Ephrai gon til Dia eely. I Points a Vii it Sari in pass a mrs were or ? it a tor Cuttin their Obj Cut while to Zed off the d id a / Tho Reb we and j fill r ii \ int if it i a is. A a k b. A # to ova r w. F a it Jbf int to f v to to by. I f f s Ana r a a r in her Tot to to it it p. R a a. V a to ii t o 4 t o a tiny that 4� go a , ii r s i ear old Hus tits Bard # Abed Kos a Bur a Den. By other co a Iota i la to. T la i to a Good Tim. R the Pur ii Eti 3 o i re tuft a of a a from f Bridga nigh. A ssh mailed tast a fitted his it a pin return a a ii it b r a r c \ Ere Hoap Toter or. Cols Over of Tirui Quot o to n pm u i i Hilt con vie ted at u i i Friday for Tho Mia api a re Atiz i of school Boll in Catron county a sentenced by judge no i to j of b a i ii in three nor i it re than Fem v pm in the stat it. If. Irs # is Jih St motion for % to w trial waa a Raul d by til players writers to be barred from Amateur net games fall r i g is a i in mad i a Teiry a Mae rat or Hor of a a proper a a a adopted at the the j conference a a Best a claim arising from of lit n tata a urn tilted the Ogni tinn of Aeter u or irs. St ii i our in auf of Tho Maxi in Auraria Arr to Quot i to h la Lea co. Is without funds to pay claims i f it la b i i t i a i atm. I a still a 3 i pal ring i or. Jara the a and la i tex i. Ring i v is actively a Toj 3 is in. A autor Obilas l ave i Eksund hotel and i b we Huft v pm Huon Sarita be feb i a a petition in voluntary bankruptcy his been filed in the Federal court by the ligation com. A county Arter of it Cli p. I and Cie sir or 11 been rushed from Mexico City with t Pany of i i aver it a Union county. No Tho object of transporting the j liabilities of $3s5,u00. Ait in by i troops a round the Gap in the rail voluntary bankruptcy petition ha.1- a a Way and it la expected that a in Arn i m a filed train u. F Sun Jung of j of in defects Alvarado a t it n it j Ltd la Hup. An Toffic a of t / do a a j a a a Quot ii to. Hub i fun y c or St a t a. J to to. Ufos. U i it Hoti fund a a. A re a the i a it i is a. And Vario a a her Ciai nut. Count y Quot re l. M. Blackman to advise i state comptroller p h. Carter. The to Tonty had its funds in the first a so a i bark of Covington and the surety companies have not a t re in the coun closed 11va both gift net of Magda i Oit Cucuth a v Gmo i Nutku tune held jowl Jig til a i j a id Ltd it a in v a. I a. I was Post Utida Cristof brought i jury whet fixed Mattoi tiled a Urf it ii toy f a it it ppm a i his Bondad Nicholas Andl i thai City Itotia Aiko to i s a Toni also Bank a fed me or of the Itea Erv a a Largo the Bank Ile ederal a hang Ion v. The the a a it Liilo in Boris Fob 2.�?the United Lawn Tenuis a oct it Lon at t a n a s matting today it clod y an vol to i Gar Tennis players writers Inal Igitol for Amateur Competition att january i j9fl, Tho formal or j Tole which gave Tho executive commit too of the v. 8, i j. T. A. Pow a interpret Tho Amateur Rule a barn a play a writ a to was 47,198 if principals warn students parents Fly tip t it before t i it me Matte will Federal at a biota r a Warden dismissed Little Rock Ark feb 1 Arkansas Penitentiary rom re tonight announced the Warden la Imp Martin who kidnapped a oath a drip by tier coh Laud Alif. Fab 2,�?th# principals of six High school in Oakland today sent out a joint letter to the parents if All High school students warning them again it a Joy rides the perversion on i of modern dancing the illegality i of of smoking by minor and danger a of an oversupply of pending Mon a on itys Aid asking them to impose he atle Pant event Ane a Tho third 1-ig, As or wll Hori humorously referred to ii which a us d to help himself about i Nee paralysis mad his left eld helpless. In the family dining room it his place at that by stood the empty chair on which he uhf d to steady himself a bile to murmur Grace before sitting Down to meals oven in other Days when to was so in that his Soho a Hardy audible. In Ilia bed chamber lose beside him on a Little tabla Lay a Well worn a Bible from which to never failed to read a path Iiga be ire gel tag to bed. Each nig Iii i Nee to began this last Baith with death Woodrow Wilson probably has said Pray ars a ii always did although no human ear heard him. As or. Wilson grew weaker Ami weaker the weakness apparently was of the flesh and not of Tbs spirit for even a he n he found himself unable to articulate them were signals of recognition in his Oyes for those he wanted to see. Given no opiate a or Oro h i or. Wilson Given indication of a thought about Public men or affairs. Never at any j time has he Given evidence of any pain he has been Given no opiates land while he has been Given Stim plants no heroic measures such i As applications of oxygen have a been resorted to. To although the Bank was c la. September. Lack in an says i a owned confined in the to est dress on the girls at ail Trinty of Fie i a d other hot do g death House at the Penis Ary j .1 i Tom j lie letter a approved my or a i cd y urn i of Tho j Home to drive the. Prison a Fror. By j red m. Hunter City Eup Crit lip prison in his Stolot Mobile. I a Cuoni Dent Coolidge As the democratic member of Iii # up tinsel to prosecute the cd land lease cases. Ile will take the place for which former attorney general Gregory was select. A. O a Doi be Boston feb. 2.�?the Boston americans announced today Tho release of Fvank Job Doul to the Salt i Ake City Chih of the Pacific coast league. Of Doul Al a left handed Pitcher

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