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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - February 1, 1926, Albuquerque, New Mexico W Xico saying a paper i t in in Viva it iwo in. No. Fi2. Albuquerque morning journal Albuquerque new Mexico monday february i 1926. New mexico9 leading advertising medium 1�?Tiiice i Ive cents dutch Stermer hey fired St five die from Gas fumes in Belmont mass. A r court opponents prepare to carry fight to voters elections in 32 states ii Faw Row Belmont mass., Jan. Siop a five persons were found dead of Gas poisoning in the living Roo of their Home in the w Verley District Here late sunday. The police believed that they were overcome by fumes from a Leaky Gas log. Two children wore taken to the f 20 is in peril inc Barreras is brought Cambridge Hospital overcome but liner Westphalia goes to to Hospital Here with be Al assistance of tile Alsaid ious revolver Bullet a a a a. Ious a a. Other vessels wireless wound Holland brother William amt1 they Are in distress a a i s , and i s. Daniel Holland n and Placido father George Dwelley. Relatives fishing tug drifts Jaramillo jailed who called for a sunday afternoon in Lake Michigan a visit found them sprawled about oars Are told that thorns who tit Crew of three not believed to be in great danger a sister Craft goes through ice to give Aid Dan treats by Mountainaire Var. Against relatives hoi land were found unconscious precipitated trouble Quot ctr. He is ins Slid their condition oth Juan and Placido ,., Krue. J j i 11 of Brothers claim that a v shot Delfino Barreras i in brother in Law wire brought to Albuquerque a Day afternoon fro in Unta Nair according to a Ort from Deputy sheriff i d l. Buruss of Estancia. In shooting in cured about s irk sunday morning but was known until two hours later. A pros condition was said to but i serious by the attending Simian. The Bullet hit Hie left breaking it and lodged near against the Backbone. Or is at Russia should j i Joseph s Hospital. I per saturday afternoon Barat went to Juan ?5 Home and told n s wife that to was going to Juan lie also threatened Hie f Jim n is . If this \ i i t president Wilson a former adviser is opposed to u. S. Recognition. Asked by Trotzky new v us Jan. Cello recently r a influence ii government i a la in turned to it the Kus As Cha it new York Jan. Jump a another passenger boat baited in mid Atlantic sunday night to Aid a stricken freighter the latest victim of the North Atlantic a week Long storm. Captain Gralfs of the Hamburg i american liner Westphalia,1 wire Essed that he was standing by the dutch steam or Alkaidin answer to a re just for help. Tho report that the Westphalia had Hove to come shortly after j liens of the arrival of the Brest a Dent Roosevelt in Plymouth with Twenty five member of the Crew j of tile British freighter Anthine rescued from the foundering vessel seeded up by Printer device associated press will bring dispatches to journal and Herald at rate of 60 words a minute fight to reach week. Forecast will be opposed too discontinuance of Public Ity of returns promises to deny he. Jan. 31 own with re n i a i the opening of the wires sunday who Pitt go ill l a tile night Tho associated press will Senate debate inaugurate a new High Speed Printer or int for Tho mov. Merit Inhar Stampp pc detail of news from Kansas City to the my Imus a total Pacific const which is expected to More than double the Pace of _ t news movement. Tho m w Cir party lines not sex ducted til cult to 111 serve directly Denver prow ail in Chu i Salt a i k o City and san fran i i cd cd 11 1,1 Lite Elf Issue g j j Cisco and ill restly territory Sll loot expects action by North and South of these relay Sotil Rov mtr lit i Points. The new circuit was is vol Llaudy in let Penally constructed it it a Tho As ii \ Vij ii i in it soda ted press by the Western 1 it j an. 31 Union Telegraph company. The1 a i lie Tux reduction Printer circuit win move sixty or right in the Senate entering More words a minute double the on proposed repeal of the ill. Amount moved on past Morse Telegraph mires. Her stance tax and the Dis it Tho same time it was an continuance of the publicity noun. T i Tim creation of a new of income tax payments will news division to to known is reach a showdown this the Rocky Mountain news Givi week i Aion comprising tile states of ,,i.,. Us now >1. L.,l confident Sun Wyoming and Montana which arc to it Tho Quot Nat would no prove the separated from Tho Western Dlvl-1 on it Promise Between Republican i Aion formerly composed of All and democratic regulars Asem a Atasca West of Tho a Stern Colo bodied in the finance committee ado line. Tho new division will lie loaded by a nows editor Tho accompanying tin n w a i s informed. Linda i i or fling Juan of i mount Lins to get woo i. It r on t lie Way Iii his Sis sell. A found id a to Centre col sitting on a h Tern Long tiled i i Quot is j. Get up find made a i if to kit it ii revolver a a col or port told the Iff i d St i for re Don m Ion commit is i Media i by the in a in Hio be tumult 11 isto for Ivar mini put in i i it Russia is i mat i Dusti after storm. A Light with tile other Lead in in every it a of con ii in Vork iring by tile do the world court fight in t Over. William i torah a states Entrance into the court Are preparing to make it in i voted for it is up for re election and Hope in the next Setko 11 Mentis which will make the United states virtually an inactive me in Bel the line states the Palace at the Hague Holland where the world it ourt hits. D u r icon Nee member. Mer Alsaid am _ in tin s it a n fling i in. I Rositi in lat it Ude e 47.<�1 5 Tuth Longitude 4 .31 West la t1 in Alk a id hound from Kotter Clam to i la Lii Adelphi a. Is believed c to i a Carri dug a or in of about u t Vav a i by no n i ii w i Phall i Vas on its wily to n Vav Voi k from Dan i Burg. Bar 1.030 troops Wiel protect f Quot report on the Bill and including he or Lea Quot Watkins w to Bas been of to hmm two 1,r0vlfl,0n&Quot in the Bervie of Tho Atolia to d c1�?Talrman a toot of til committee press nearly sixteen years the predicted a final vote would a inst eight of which lie served Iii reached by saturday night. The now Vork office of Hie Organ tills is several Days earlier than it against in til ted Ballon. Lie will succeed t. February to deadline set by i every state Iii which a senator who Walker who for nearly ten years the chairman for passage of the Bill is. To fore through Amend has i in correspondent in charge a and of action is not obtained by f tile tribunal. Photo shows of the Denver territory. Or. Saturday night senator Smoot said Iii r i in i,.i&Quot it Moore american Walker is transferred to Kansas he would press next week to Speed 1 11 v As news editor of a new up tin work. I under this program division hint is created of states leaders expert to is sure final enact far or nya Iii tip to a a a a Mith of to t City which now is Merit of the Bill by March 15, when incl Hul i in in Alk Nau i ill in ill tilt Ruy Point Between him income tax instalments Ais the East and the West. Due. A a non Contr Overslaw items have hip in we i q of qty disposed of in tile three Days by Guggenheim $2,5011,000 Trust Peggy Saunders. But a i Quot a loses in be provided in Western schools e doubles a Baken up now to Sill h Ntim i Ai it of Alo years at i1 c t before these Grad for St adv of aircraft Quot Del have a found themselves Cannes la Nice. Jan. 31 do ii Lulu a oaf to e t o the Kentucky National guard called on to Sec that a be Uro confessed Slayer of three gets fair trial a i Del ,1 Tod it a the i b a pre gement tules to concerned d 4> it. I lit 11 i s a b Wmk la i ii i u Wmk t off i ing Nib violence Iii of Ell Harris iou Flayer Ltd three and w bite woman met i plans to pro during the to Ial Here i he tuesday. To oops of the Kent i a1 gum a said to nun have been ordered lot Milch Hie City and maintain wed log the trial. The ties till i event in my til to Nila. Confessed a Attal order. Tiles include the new surtax rut. Proposed repeal of thillier untie Aud publicity provisions it of i my our Market a in a a it it i it i lied to e i mils of and proposed reductions in the Mig of it til Gallia Tennis tournament Hun Ceilan ohs levies. I a i a a Day by 1 fending Peggy a under. To git ton in provisions party floes Nee not a a i the finals tomorrow. Iii the finals of the mixed and other Republican of the i doubles miss wills suffered her Nance committee As Well aaa in. First defeat on Tim Riviera courts. of the democratic member. Miss in hell of England Ami favor both propositions win pen aug Star Mccormick of Chicago i Ator Norris Republican. Nebraska Nam Teal engineers seven veal d Lunation j tora lion include Eric oui in the most serious contests now am British player 6-0. 6-<h Tolje in pro acct those involving repeal Aiolfi an it Horn Pion win meet a of to Tihe Rimu amt publicity. J mile. Contos non of franc a a a Quot re f can enl aviation Loc # pert cd to prevail chairman Smoot my i the in v hic ii i Gin in inst to Tion in tie j inns of aircraft in i h igbo port Tuer for Kos telis southerners arout a arms of in it Mexico to Pat Rolider Gui Alwill la re tomorrow from the to Satorv St Frankfort Flora in civil no me mint Cal engineering at in Loui nov Ersilie donation of special Piip tent for aeronautical Ziluca Vii and research the creation of i Defeated the California gild in a is leading the fight against repeal Jack huh and. Of England 1-6. Of the publicity pro Taion and Hen-f-4, to. J Ator Coziens Republican Macht a 1 gun for retention of the present t t to f to right in m s Iii i Misi mis my Cit Anc rat. A. A but Quot a Vee a pm i in Tan. 31 do j o Bill will a sidetracked for of Vais for ii Dona it Lea i a it prof let Mil football game two hours monday to permit the ii of is Ibi shed aeronaut her hat Rudy witnessed by Comite to transact some of the about i Booth Chi ago it irs de routine business which pole a up a j in i g tin Iivo Louvent feat Ltd a Tho Northwest Allf Tir a it i during its Long debate on the world 1 a to i Sivin 11 a i fro t him ,0 a of Mango pin v cd with court but chairman moot plans a fend mapped out to the it a i a and George Wilson with to Call it up later in the Day and Quot i a it Quot ii i i a for 11 slurs lit eng i fit t half of keep it Coli inn try before the Senate a s or designs of importance game Only j thereafter in Tony Tai air Craft such As _ Russia will sell Crown jewels ii on i nor in a t Ullin Mil v r a i re. Ii n i Del a i h to t t n of a ii mov j l til show increase income Levy grows s6,-211.625 i 1925 in country As whole new Mexico Falls Oft $222,043 be off a i rugs it r of depart n the Frank a is by lug though it that Tbs p Otis and Tho be a conditions improved Lins and auxiliary Cuip ii 11 a n port. Tither in i id i a i i a 11 less of a in 1 \ Aine also would i this program like involve Tho promotion s and Poi to. Worth More than debt to u. S. To buy implements for her Farmers terns Are valued at $26-1 000.000 in ii i at Back to lays of Peter Tho great Tat fit i i s s if i if y 0 it 1 to i a a g i Tif l re stands by court beings Brt Bard bae appointee for Federal judge abandoned Pennsylvania to cow. Fan. 21 d5 soviet is re a uly to turn Ber Crown i a is Tio american Trio tora anti in hindi it negotiations Are in Progri it a for the Sale of the num i Olla of gems to american and other or Ign jeweler but it la i by i hut private buyers can i take Only a negligible portion Ltd begun a of their la Mill in hum is i i Iii la i i i a ii in i \ ship declares Roosevelt in advocating recall was in american mine is operated by strikers who a Propri j j ate abandoned property Nom is \ Lue j he go a is prep rom to Lii a a Fie it i a in by i to nod to to or p a two a i to i is of due i it for ast 1 runts Vea t her it i Mil isl our Denver people injured when autos collide on Highway Gallup pipe line to be Laid on top of ground report i i d u to h Quot of it Oali a be a r t to d. In id is id a a p a. A a to ski 14 English noblewoman likes United states Tho of not a my i la t Biti \ i a a a a i i. V i ii 31 a it it port Quiny resources that Kuna of and some of i might Ltd a a a a into others include ruining and Oil con i Iii t a Back to toe Cessions and museum treasures in orig them several Hundred Puiri tongs by such master is flu i in Rembrandt Van Dyke and Raphael valued at 1 1,000,000.quo. The mov let officials a deter mined however not to part wit h the museum treasures. I Viert a Nicholas the associated in Ress sunday a Mitaine the first Romp Letu and or rate description of the regal Emblem from official sources. The jewels Date from Peter Tbs great to Nicholas la they com prise 400 separate piece of jewelry the total weight of Tbs Dis Pond Aiono is 25,300 carats pearls 6,301 Sapphire 4,300 emeralds 1,200 in a Ruble 1,300 in also a great variety of Placella Neoimi stones. No other historical collection of Gem whether Royal or private according to kit asian officials approaches the Crown jewels either in vain or historical interest. The a re Cut collection does not repro a a a a fit a Tho russian Crown jewel. Only to a a covering the last 200 year. The jewel worn by russian potentates reverting to the a Teeth Century ars still in i Kremlin at Moscow or the Hermitage gallery at Leningrad. Idle jewels offered for Sale a appraised by russian French Sud mid of pm slovak item expert variously but the average of their est inuit s is 1264,060,060, or about i ,oho greater than Russia a i t to the United state. Of the 40g items in the collections. 20 per. Cut were supplied by Peter the ii eat 40 per cent by , Ca therm the great and Baul 2f tier cent by Alexander i and Nicholas Jjo Jer cent by Alexander of and Alexander id and five per cent by Nicholas i Lai i a Al contrary to Genera belief u Quot Bis Ltd in and czarina were Rel Ftfe by moderate in their expend i ii s for Crown jewels Purfry e want to turn the glitter of 5,Doo <1 la mood int the tit of Amerman at a a a 11 on official to the correspondent 10 associated brews sunday. Magnificent Jen a is were it by Russia s former to with the sweat toll and trial our pea int wed it sire now to them Back to lha Pusant in form a Ltd implements with 11 to till the ground or maid y for industries. We love adv turned in ii Hor 4 of military Loho it cd t. Dpt from Grain tees a Sun of it ate on Pic a ii i peasant i a d orders and to i c at till our 4 m a Tutu de a in sgt 1�� l it

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