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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - August 30, 1923, Albuquerque, New Mexico Flaunt 30, i$23 ill How Reidt poo election Fin Anaf Titita mirth a mat a Anni lift hit inf Mufti not ii if i tim Well Farovid my i City commissioners pass statutory ordinances last night Large volume of business also a id Lull Tiiu 11 y i t Hilf of a a nerd. V w of a it Board of regents cuts expenses at Las vegas Normal its Otil t lift of til mini i a int a it a is with a in Iii Lulf i Al Lff we a from 5,2wi i Moo nil if air Nim a a try or for flu j in a k or let ird i t Utu of in i a i in Shin i v Roll of i Iii n f Tirtlot fir Piffl ill Kcf it i i Yeh i of tit re i i 70 of vhf wih him in a riling in it Al Orf i or traitor or s Chron i in i omit n til re. i ii Iii., put Roll in non a Dinzil. Fir or part from she is a 7mi i Offir it Al of re wort Flint inn i my t-�11 flit a frat a re a my n tm-1 Iii Al tent int a a a r and or i gym Ilyf it a or a in if Ion us t it Lor. I a from ,020 i a. Non r Fot a a if it a a Tel fit. T Ion. I int i Hind in trim dirt a we la run r. Nikont in keeper. A ant Terr a Lathat of the Popli Quot Trainr Natl the Lyrl who i mint the Fork it a Dutant Ltd in re us err it tit out ref Tot in tent fulfil Milo front in Simo tin of tar Roll int a Vrh minor a Ltd Dott it. N Long rut Miti St Jesso itt �7,150 i or Fiat Roll Nat Tif front ski in in 1.5jo Fin lunar Ian alar brins pm Hyrtl Ami Ninnin r of a fan t lulus wino ii from four itt . A a a a a. Albuquerque morning journal St. In nigh Pat the rep l for cult is Complete registration will begin Fri play morning building has been enlarged and improved this summer Nebraska minister defends the boys and girls of today Fine peaches grown Here by j. T. Younga of or of a Iii m Lam i in ted la i r a n of Mon i of the r a # r in a h stun air i by a i of air it for Hiah ill i m i i a til i re Wilt by git Fri Day moulin., f a i a n has it Hita a u t a i h a i thu a a i a in s Fogt it ii i ulna tila h in s i a t h on Al the v i 1 or cur it Clat i who a a i i re. Torr \ heavy Rains in Datil Forest improve Range a bar it in or Fain in Ihram Tai a shia Iii twin r than 11 Btl jeer in the la it Stanley v. Wilson. In a i a of the Ila til for fit a a Quot Trdin a. In Bot tar than a Ray and the or 1 it in a of on Litho a Rai vat a air it of a it a in Fork i a i i. Outing Maili Hodr or pm ran m r and Matt a in i relay St us a Ntim Farr of Bitis of a i i1. It ii am or flue i re or inn in Lime a Orr of pm i la hah tar it i emus fro Lune Man of tin in Marl in in in diam. A of and grrr Groutt in or a Ming in in ii at Ham Hodr let a at y frn11 Ling Man win a Ioor front in at tor j a Ienn t. Riot lot Rig tim non by nil a or Ai a lord Trier. Orth Rod a Hohl Ipri in Ilia in attn or auf had str tor Oil a tit thing like Thorn it the autor or i on tig Nill Market my n Thi Roar. Or and. Ami i hating froth a Tel i ing of Iho fruit nil of if tiring tor ally if Otaling or you my f a a a Stark a Ord it Hiriart stir a Rytman. St Imma Lur or a rattly thl hat Tell Lotif doubt Quot now Matirn Torii old twi ome on of Chr Grant oaf fms 2run lug a Tao in for Union Quot defending his right hitch his horse costs Man his life had a it of seven men arrested in connection with a i in Hood of tio flogging in Texas Allig a dial lit bin a or try a. O i a a. L a Ray Thorn a Man dry ii trips a i in i a fir of. It Rii ii it Hill Trio Baa or for Thi pro a half Tho town 111&Quot a took Tif a i a a for try a Al a hoi in a r from sail ilk the it l a Outh of by nil sixteen Man were on of for Farr fran Nib Erk a coat about Ito fix i off xxx i fit % i m r w Hon my. T w High la two Sud in h. I ilk a t and an. O�?T9iid f k i Volt flirt a of Rrt. A a x a a a Dirret lit by a a malt v a or Ion of Thi. And we i in Pach he Ifni . Aah a p 4grd for pm it Isth a �1 it a i a an a flirt in i % Yuetlon a aaa cd i a it Tiow it a n la of of n off n f 4 la qty xxx mid 4 add p in a i ii for Arrah will a Pond Quot Quot i in lire or or fir Tam on thl us a a or a Rood w High a Al it his b. At in Illy . A n a a an Mil at retch near the Fauna Bridge a a born t Epa ired and Iii Nide a been pot in Good a Midi a i tit Road from Springer Mir it serve will be t on Plard a a re. Re a Al Atli a tic red. I Ina h a f 8hf t ii hit h h p i a or i or i of of it thar Jikit Gahr d d a of us n t town ref a Apt or j of Fin bin a Horn a a Taw d f t a i is i Yawn old Hia Tiff. H tort a a Aho t a d i i n a he Fri v i Man at is t a Tiva. I h ii Ink into j \ % of from or a i it in n Frt find Rod that i i a r % and j of a of d t a Blit a a who on v info i a Rohll f a Psi red May l it not a obit Der t h a <tf1r d j a or fax .1 it hot we Irda n a tid and a x a i i re f it hut Anna Hor i and a turn a f a a Poi i Xii mat a i or it Luln a a Tun a Irful fir i and tan fall Frt a wit. A Tai us talk but i till Ahkii. I of. Hut t xxi a aah t of mar a a Juat a if aim la draw of or Plant Industry Man visits Forest of Southwest District night parking u King fart it ii will Irav country Thi Tot a in k Poi Lour will my jut air. A a i be i a 1 Sil it condition of James Kirkwood improved mrs. Henry Burger tells How Cuti Cura healed sister w a a ii he or ii it i a i hat i i n in i g id of i. Or for i rom Dit pie i t of i r i m Angeles aug 29 the on ii of tames Kirkwood motion or Ait or . R k till v a Ned tan us in when or fro Fri a Bor. A Impi or a Iii in h Ioni Abt of tire or mph v ill by Ahi til Kov it i by a i in from Thrupp tit we Leo a cording a b , brain Permalia. By. Rpt for abort period. Kirkwood a Conee Iotis throughout tin Day or Griffith Ald. D la minis Ordo in i y ii Iai i la a i. Iii in d in a 11 or t a liter la Lan int Sells German Marks at neat margin on Street in new York musical selections will be Given at teachers Mueting a icon Mound x. I aug 23. A la la a employs at that be Railroad Coal Chut w m a by n falling air out noon by bruising i body anti in i i b ick attending phys i reported Hope broken Mia he want in Iii Ltd in Jilly los ordered int on i it Nulo or the Santa who j i at la Junta Cote for treat a a i. I a a when my Sitter was Only a few Days old eczema broke out att Over her head and body. The skin was very red with j Maria Quot White topped pint. J pc which grew larger. V a ,eornji1g sore it a yup ions until she was v a completely covered. She was very fretful and Cross and we had keep Cotton around her is the eruptions were sore that she could hardly stand be touched. A a neighbor suggested that a try Cuti Cura soap and ointment we purchased some and in one month she was completely signed mrs. Henry Burget Glasgow Mont. Cuti Cura soap ointment and Talcum Are All you need for every Day toilet and Nursery purposes. A a a a a Mil cd Urvi Tater. At a. A a a a a a ii my Sam Story Vigi Sisr dicta Iii 1% v . <1 out if m f Bill lid a i v in 11u i Oil i d by or am and or Ana m i Ngram of you w ill i n w i i a tiv h n i. \ Oft my in w i by be our til this x a n ii la. Ii g. I of Mfd from j a of r thut of would not wish Jeff tis the present Bond Saue of Cloud the present i a it t but thought that the people might x in u pit in-1 Itelo declare for against Tho idea in the discus on ,t. Tingly fated he Mal id x Iii in Milt j Iii nyint till xxv y Ork tug 29 Bernard i Fox f socialist Organ in Milan has place a mortgage on Plant x. Aug Fth Ltd inn it a a Alia a w station of m get a Den tora f. Quot per a a t a Heen in Iona Ami h e a a int 1 2,20ft, at in re Ila til uder i. Ill xxx us individual in in 3 or the physically run Down re puff Doon of Opportunity flings a Xxiii i portals Only Tho Man who is up and doing who is cited with Pep and tub red blood tingling through his reins. Mountain is obstacles dwindle in ant Hills and ambitions he la pc a ., .cc.mpllnhn.nn, of. A lev ? Mayer shop spa gain in i by nit s i it a new its tilt i of imitation Power was quoted i Orney and figurer million Fie xxx thou chamber a mint a a i of. A ,. I lid that the resell All u of w 1 i �?��?�list4 xxx about nut m .o,4x term i held in order thai the Public might thoroughly Emder Suomi la mutter would kid this Issue. Or Well seconded a minion made by the mayor that Tho Bond a a a Eue x on the basis of he if it engine it a i x Poi y Nice Lomi a i it .ut w a it Ini j in a onside the procedure by followed in the forthcoming election inert Ore data Nice on tile Board for two coiniiis3iumi a it a cite of a. I a c t r Lei is. Mete a also n a. In. V m id a. S hued Lei in Oval Lei n Gnad with Texo or the s the Point at Lull j in funnel m1 i r in mrs a. .1 w ii r a p St Milt Aff i cd. It 1-Lendi lick l in n t a Jerk t i of i fourth j Mig ens. J of 1 i a it w us p. A a nine. 2. I Ste pm. La candid. Tort of Mon. A a a a a a w Here is the employer who seeks 1 f a a in .,7,�?~�?~ la Man who is physically run la Short term. I a v up num town. Re Man without stain Ixia fax a or a a thousand Dollar get withstand Tho Knolt Kyi and Gaff a arc Quot a a a comme Oner Ting sex f the hurrying scurrying world of 1 a t. Loud and in. Up inca longed Hugh Gic Teu h. 8. H s. Is tha Long established j1, la Quot and Tinio honoured creator of red referred a a of Quot a a Yurt a Striet John Wolff eat Cia in t Erks a Lloyd purges or ii. Hanson 11 it i 8 a in a in. Roto. Butts w. La. Burke 4 . John True minist m la a i c Mvi i i i a e is Lead a firs second and thud Rue and the r adm in it i in a it Todne e in further kiss Iris ass Well a the adjourned matter of the riven i it Street car fare. Mood Mills y of cannot expo t get very far up the ladder unless 11 or equipped with a body that Strong and vigorous 8. S. A Quot Iii Start you on Jour Way. Don t allow Tho a a door of Opportunity Loho closed you because von a Ltd be not the stamina withstand he Gaff because your nerve Power a clicking build up your system b 8 8. Made of it carefully select a i and scientifically prepared and portion of herbs and harks ukes you fit it Back that old one punch when Opportunity some length. I lit i Iii Tiou i get till a in n t in comm a ainu pm or i Deal a j i ii the Quot or 11 n a i it for a n let ton in j he x of Al. Bun lord a for till i Lur poro of x i b Mitt in i the in a ii tie d \ pro i Loilit ii1 is a 11 Iii i r by an ii i Bon tis t Tho an i i 11 for a ii of ii la ii i j la s j urdu Nee sgt a Tho Bonus a i i i How i it i lord in the City Engi 01 r e re port. I a Long not i i a i sip a i i a. A returned i v Levit he City Der t n if Vinju Hie f Ity n Ary who n i veil a a oui the pub Ihu Milliou of the by la in Xvi la rom la s f is Sou Al All lending stores it Jug More economical buy a Large size Dottle. Fukes you fed it a Jiji he p. Of polling and Reg Bra Hon Etc the officials if la election Are a follows i it w Ard judges a r sul a Moi Aga i -. A Malone. T Ier a a. Montoya mrs i Fredericks. A 1. End xxi. R n j it a a in a Lulb Nill 3 in 5 Quot i or. V a electric stoves $6.50 t Burner 0-Kay electric stove. Guaran teed in every was. Special i $6.50 i m j i. Being thicker the famous Goodyear All weather t read carries you farther than other treads. And it carries you in greater safety too. The big Tough Sharp edged blocks Cut deep and grip tight on any surf Are the Best tire insurance against skidding you can buy. A cd my Var Stretti station or Alt a. Anc str Tom. In in j i he Nair i Arditi r card a la Ihm him land Alt i Ai e r mad and bark u t he mar with Standar d Servita Yule hcs n Grag -19 North fourth i i brim son West Central it Cope i Tutor t. 511-213 North fourth Gigli Laurl tire Ami rubber Mork-1-3 South Broadway a i Korber a a. 516 North of cond Simonson a Daniel in a the South second \ induct garage Soo South second school dresses and clothing for girls girl dresses Sites 6 toll made of Tho Beld it Quality Gingham from 98c up girls sport hats latent new York st1 is .$1.98 and $2.48 girls hosiery Fine and heavy ribbed the be.1 of Quality in All a pair girls k. Z. Union suit.--, All sizes. Each 98c All of our departments Are brim full of new merchandise and tor the next few Days special attention is Given children a wearable. not Overlook attending our remnant Sale remember \ our Dollar has greater purchasing Power at fill . In. J. Iff 00�djtbar i phone 352-353. Opposite y. M. C. A. Xxx Clem Maur or w Estir i tinier Quot la Carrizozo Man gets 15 years in prison a a a a a or than it Ammi a. A it a i hit Barker a tout. Man from i Fritoso was i in baht w Lincoln county Tiff Quot Xiv by tried judged win we hem Ltd 1 in a a a tory charge. He i id Lily and a Een fenced 15 arg in the pan i Fen or Barbar a married Man and it is alleged that this amt hit fir often. I e til returned in it f i j-1 <7,10 i ii of Deputy lid Harrl of Farr or. And will Hamu Hant it in a few Dave. But any hoi urn by Chi of Anoia in Horn. Tina ofter a for a abort Tima Only. New models Juat or Maisels music and jewelry Stere Rhone Sai 111 in i Xvi Bolden Caille 5vor< _al6 Jhc amp que. Mima Hablo Tom Atwith a new my tit today last Day of $5.00 imported Gingham frocks $1.79 imported French Gingham dresses splendid styles Anil Good color combinations trim Nied with organdy Swiss and fancy braids sizes 38 46. Silk dresses half Price tailored sport and afternoon styles materials of Canton fru fru Georgette taffeta Etc. $3.50 persian top silk Hose $1.69 All silk persian tops shades of Black Grey Siker beige african Etc. 60c children s a Komfort suits 39c made of Fine Cross bar Dimity sizes 2 13. 59c Pink Batiste bloomers 49c ruffled cuffs elastic at knee and Waist band fancy stitching. 39c ribbed vests 23c elastic rib v necks tape tops All sizes. 59c Union suits 39c right and lace knee built up and bodice tops. Women s $3.95 Latinette gowns $2.89 flesh color Only neatly trimmed with fancy stitching shoulder straps with Picot edges. $2.50 leather bags 98c her bags and vanity boxes in Black and colors. 59c hair Bow ribbons 35c All new patterns persian and plaid designs Beautiful color combinations. $2.25 sunshades 98c Lavender Blue White Green Etc., fancy flowered Borders. $1.00 boxes or. Scholls 3 necessities 79c i or turd feet a foot powder foot soap and foot Balm. Come out Selvas tonight Oto any other night for that matter if you would enjoy the finest Chicken a inner you Ever tasted and dancing the Musk of new Mexico a Best orchestra. If you can come for both the dinner and the dancing come for either one. You la enjoy the service and atmosphere of Selva s Nuite As much As the dinner and the orchestra. Rhc re is a reason for the fact that Albuquerque s Best people some Schram for relaxation and recreation. One visit Quot ill make it at once apparent the new Selvay in Tijeras Canyon

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