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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - August 25, 1923, Albuquerque, New Mexico August 25, 192h Albuquerque morning journal Page of a Ai a of Etc it St heart and Home problems hymn. Eliza Wmk tri0mr50n s a a society a interest for the week a been entered in the a urge and elaborately planned Bridge luncheon of saturday at which mrs Dudley Snyder and or. Walton Snyder Are entertaining in Courtesy to mrs. Dudley Snyder daughter or i it. Carpenter of Dallas. Texas. The morning to game of auction Bridge will be followed by a daintily appointed luncheon. La inauguration of Rich autumn decoration Promise to Ach a Gay c harm to the affair. The porches Whit ii will serve As the setting for a number of table will be decorated Only in Golden Rod and Golden glow. In the living room where Many of the guests will play Gladiolas. Dahlias and Golden glow will carry out the Motif of red and yellow. Score will be kept Oil tallies which repeat the autumn colors i he guest list inc hides mine. C Carpenter Roscoe bungs l Orn Wilkerson m. C. Mechem j. A Tutz i. Ii. Carn Jerra Haggard e. A Vaughey Harry Gwinnup hair. Strong Luther Coppock Nancy be Wick l. C. Mer her. A. Schumaker John Robinson a if Wood i. P. Anal old laude Spitzmesser Homer Spitzmesser Sidney Weil Carl my Iky Eva Hyre c. E. Oden f. D. Shuff Charger Nye Martin a. A Otero j. R. Guild prank Vellacott m. R. Buchanan. F. M. Lyon Tom Talle. L. B. . Tom Benton Frank St Ort a Lyman a. Porter Martha Sarah Bair. George Craig c. Of. Connor. W j. Eaton j. M. Doolittle a. In Wilde a l. Trimble Earl Porterfield d. E. Barton Harry Benjamin. Miss a. Strong. Miss Ruth Tompkins and miss Elizabeth Kerr of City the guest of or. And mrs. C. A. Schumaker. Arr bet s is tsp to its m Irv til i in m a. To i i i i Cut it ii or my v i i trill Art w to Hue hem Uruo Atni a cd Vini tilt tilth her tit tight a. I. Al-1 Leo r Fem a a of 314 North Lith a treat Phi re to leave hat it it Lay i for it it t in min Quot Viri he fora re turning to he i Home in Oxford i Diaab Wippl. Is Georgia to a i. Ran in remaining for a longer i Slali at the Home of her Dieter. Xii i la my i ii it slim i \ a Quot a is so ii Hll i till nil i Margaret Schumaker so Keith to e t it expect to her guest saturday. Miel Beth c in be. Of met kale c forma. Mica Chanco who la soul to Patio texan for a \ will ape id it Fen a Here a i Schumaker is a a Simi r a Sra Duatt of the i nit or it v a a Horn to w Here Foj be of the Phi my saturday of in log or i s and my mar i Ltd so hum Aker will entertain with a a i Osier party Pax my a t. A. Tiled g a m a i. M Kerr an i it h Kerr of Aliso or. And or the i to i a r i \ i he a it a ii ii i is in \ a Mill Tho meeting of the past Lull of the Eastern Sta waft a Heddle of for Munda Homo of my Geo t i n to Fonod. Whf ii 11 . In mits it ? i no i. It of Isis nos i i is me Bora of these a it re entertained at to meet log Friday i fit in Homo of is. Cil hut c Columbia a v o u. The c v a re or. In 01 Cha my in. Dudley Hardy. M a amazed in Nerving i club or a y e to r to at the unit 314 him till Vogue Hor pleats is off Boltl in the style which hat i that err Phalli height and a licit will nuke you appear slender. The pattern a 1817 can be had is sires Sci. 3s, 40. 42, 44 and 46 inches Bird measure. The 36-Inch tire re quires 2h Yards of 40-Inch Materia with is Varoj 76-Inch Ron Fraiter and h Yard of 72-Inch lace for a Collar. Price 13c, or Coin preferred. Of dry pattern by num hoi son ill order iliac it to i Nastoi in. To it or null Tut birr Juo a Bunita. Ass Wells Quot of Rcd. It Imago. Iii. I o r or t Hon poor t i in of j Oung married w onion i went a four i Ymara old and i have in if by Sowa months old. Korotun a o i think Tov j life would to parfait if it w err not j for h drag re Ahi i torn in Law. F by is thirty five pm a old and be think she it Bun a avar thing in the j Worpul mho in alway telling my what to do and How to the ii. Is a pm Dally in of Gat d to the baby. I Foo ii Hen to advise contrary to the do tor orders show pact s to to do what Ehy Ara and pot win i he s. I try to a poll of and j think her for her and b e. But t a log i pita and think Best i anally the very fact that a a told ins j How to do something make Moi want to take another Way to it. The worst of it i that when i do no do what toy it in Ian. I says so go to my bos a my a to i i Tell him awful thing about me j i know he loan me. Hut it Tho a Arn Tun i t an Ere his infill i treed by her because he reprove i me afterwards. I Ani so unhappy at tim that i feel Uke going bom to my parents until my husband will Moi fir enough away so that. I wont Oyer j have to see my Pietar to Law a ii t. W hat would Jou advise in to Dot just a wife i if is not perfection my dear and you a indeed Lucky that i nothing More a a a Iliou than the interference of a in Law darvon your horizon. There is Only on thing for on to do and that to to stay where Nuar arid get along with your sister in Law a Tacti Lity a possible. I our idea of silent i a i Good one. When re Eon Tail you i Lour i or it in Law a suggest Ion la Gong follow her and la e a cheerfully a possible. W Hen you feel t she i wrong do rot Laput her but do a j no consider right in Jour talk with Jour husband refrain i hts sister will mahi w if it you could off Slater i n i in liar of of your last o re i i Yin a t ii a it argument Quot us us when >011 do Frei from the for and she com Betti to about you i Jou try to be let a re edit finl i us the Intel of Wilt vital question for an accused prohibition officers claim they have a Crew of Mash As evidence defense says it is paste Miguel to t 7. A a bit Only a Gre fat Good Ltd Thia. Lie a looking i come from a re Organ i at Ion of tto a if r of to paper i Jat at a out lation and in a aft dry b. End defies Reudy i n tend nil a a j a. To Uroil oth twi. Jig it oper tie. Pts did not eur Ute. The rams came b commit Mioner Buji f i noon Oft a a Ltd a by by fit to tripes hoi five i p. Who a of for of it by defended in idea. No a toe kill an it Inota w la husband i �1 inf. Hat thu a ? .1 a it. Tri but do Bye is old and a gone or. Ami boy friends. They a a a flied to like me and two or of the fun have even said they in. Tho other Day i met a a men who seemed to like me the fit i. Of took me to in a Tut dance nod has come to a every possible Chance since y birthday which Tat three to. He gent me roses. This is the first time that any Young Man has gent Rue Flower i Haxe alway said Iha i know that if any one dbl Uch in tiring i would love him devotedly until the end of my life. The funny thing to that my feeling la come ii and i feel that it would break my heart to log the la Young Man How i make him love me a him do you thing All a not of s. The Rose on your birthday Arni All of the other attention won 1.1 indicate that the Young Man in deeply interested in Yon. Whether or not his interest is deep enough to be railed love i cannot say. Fry to to satisfied with he nut i no course it vent and do not Rush matters. Time and tim Only will Rev it Al your Lute just i. A ourself and forget about love a far a possible. Iffy the much he lox i if i scent working out if la w Snyder Bra solution of Hie in tier affect the Liberty of Miguel old who live in the Vicinity of eaten where i him a raided an thursday. There were two officer no the raid. The Ortega place in in a lit. Tie Village called i Trujillo cult i Belen. The officer Felt Urr of their evidence the it a Etui a running there. They gained admittance a h a heir authority a prohibition of Fie Thev allele that when Thev entered a til a running full Blas or the at eve. Receptacle Mich tub. Col and everything. To had net alerted Dell Erieg the Good through the Coil however. On of the officer left the room to h for How or. The room a full of Tough look or Hombre and the remaining off a had a a on to Eue Peck them of Zoettle Knofl Hie body and person. He left file room for a moment a of ret St mad Wmk Hie Comrade. The till a still a Here. Hut the Coll Bud vanished there remained the evidence of the Large Metal receptacle which they so ate contained Mach the i an advocate. Lie oat in a a rot a defense but the com m Las i Oner j elated that w Hile the re might lie i no Avld nce to convict la latitude gov a to Aua Pictro under the pro. J Hihi Tipp in mad ii i duty to i of the Ca a for trial met yes ii f a the Bond at t it de the prohibition of Fie a a Tate i Quot hat when they missed the coif i i hey pm dieted Quick a Reh Judd going Pitt Ai de saw a member i of the priv putting a Hor Aero i the Lump for the Middle Letam i i a hey sir a connection Betws a the i Howe end the roil. Bus Here a Relief for neuritis up a Sal Ever i a Quot i. Of the Boe snoek i to a u it is hut Lima is ii a taken a i la tilt Bab list Laton Boe Weff. Of m. Aug. Ii a Atter Janeya for Boswell and other a Altita in the Peen Valley Are solidly he. _ Hind so plan formulated in Bantu i be Aud Albuquerque to the j to he thee Ift Etc a a bars of lation Back to ult i a re Rem a the of have county bar association he wad has been real live fit leading drug been a re Al he e organisation for Allf of Many year and local attorneys be. A it. If a. Imti firm la Itter it. P jazz Berry Green Apple and Raisin pies 20c assorted cakes whole wheat bread rational bakery company 103 West Central household hints by Iorg Mont Ftp be l 1 to Agnes la i or. Mies they. Is. By make Tho i 1 my. We mph. Lilt in 1,1 we id tim i arid or. W daughter i a pan \6 ret Boma avens off a it Fri Domingo indians to hold Parley today to. La i tick re the a hence i a lighter. I Kau is t of. A it cute Rte i to ing j House Uitti. I and lie it Osu ii t in a in of a Iii i rid Iii Mil i \ it ii i i i. i is i Ich tax m i i it pro i. Ket or Lino Parrel of i40ji mph r n Bah i i is in i rib xxx of the re nth few x1 a boil a a Cen cot t Nim ted much to the pleasure of # number of lit. Friend whom sue in. T tamed Friday afternoon it am Tion Bridge at or Home an a 11 a to v e a Limo of rpm Green blended Artisti it the decoration of the i Eidetic. Hue t lilies a Cor. Be t is it men to. The a Ard tables need the efter Poon a i die player to a it used i Martha Valliant mines a a. Alien ii. B. Betting a it. French Alev Nanty Berwick turn Wilkerson. Shall. . I Uthit Coppock s l x ant to to xxi to a. J of p Milne . Bred Box Stamm in George k. Angle. It. Let air no by Beth bad Ford Lawrence Lackey m i. Fox alien Bruce Mai v 1/e Duncan. Tom Talle butt. Cyier it xxx. Kutei ii xxx. I it h my miss x or i Kiei h and i Georgia Duncan of Mje. M in it Soi i la Jhb ill la uns Mill ill mrs h a hut inn i Haie turned to her Home in Clarkedale ariton.#, Arter \ i i t w11 la m re lid Baa. A a weal Ai., i a Utt it Avenue. Aire. Southard a be a entertained during her visit Here with a number of malt lung Partite he d i Miha by. I i or a a i to i i re a. K k s. To Domlin a i n Vita to in of Al the in be Haiti to Lex pit he. It in meeting will on called by time ago in i Parley or i Bill. La i n or Vic Here of of i the meeting. Matter per rement of the in for Settle to i by with re ii re -1 _ la Mil xvii i re bomb , a n i i i in i bom in i i in fifty killed. Twice As Many injured in wreck near Warsaw t. As at the Alvar Loxi in ii Bijj in Mon xxx i him no i Hoh a it Ivo. For font Tab xxx reduced a afternoon i at her Home hum a a me. An attn res i luncheon supple Frame. I do a i i Mil a a i is i f Escull t xxx prig a la re a. That n to m i to. I. Elia. Frau it of k Ini i Ai j. f the iof i. I i id a k. 1 Laving la i i n id a 01 1 i Tuhtar. J a j f a hit Alto. An i the a to Ewi ii Tele than 111 y my approx Hen a train to it i xxx a saw t so Olid i Dot be tee. It. A d in. Sit re help i with Pas 1a Itow i a Erica the lug to late Ling under in first in id a is to lha flood from is top and put a t be t i. Bear Quot esd Multi la its boil i or. And or t turned to their Home Tes. After a vied with Schumaker of so till i i i i xxx a. A i i i min Hale fell Bari it. M. Or it ii it Reet. I x in i s x 11 it 111 1.1x1 ii a. Salt Nam Vijh xxx mrs xxx. Ii. Wel Ier will be ii charge of a Howe looking a aaa to be Given Ham re v at per it and Atole the affair i Beni Kiven by the guile a Aid of the j rsm tartan Church. My xxii Mhz. Bol i la xxx i la a a i x nor. Hid my Henry b. Boeder i a i ? xxx est Gold Avenue left Fri i Day for Evora i week in the a cast. They w ill visit re Datiles in i i ago Itig from a hic Ngo to i Buffalo Niagara Fali. Canella i end new York from Xci York j they plan to x Lait Washington Aud Baltimore taking a boat trip to a new Orleans where 11 Ley w Iii or. And mph by a a j a till a Quot i Bel a re let urn j Tolex i Ipi u i us to and mall u by of we-1 Gran to Avenue a Coo Mien re mph. I i. Iii is toss i a i�?T., i f a a i a a mils. Hum k in to i a Hidei mrs. Walter Block of Urata. N xi., will be the honoured Gusst at am auction Bridge party of even table saturday afternoon at which mrs. I. of go i weal Marble Avenue will be the Hotea. Or. A eel has chosen yellow and xxx hit for her decoration. A three course luncheon will follow the game the will be mines. Block j. If i Retif Belle tie Rny. Hid xxx Seilier. It. Marcus. I a Tani Drey-1 Roume of fu#.-, ,1. X 11-Arri. Bert a Dunsbach i dip on a a a furl Mulky ii. I Blit a r. Bourne Ahi f i in a a a , b. In Copp Fra ilk Blinn a l,Lv-111gstriii, Abner Kane i Nakitin m. Mudge f Iii Dlab in. A. Here f a s 11untftkcr, by orb iia leu. In Weller. S. Lew Iii on a Tori a Mort Gottlieb Al mini in Mark ii of cd ire go. Miss Yrisarri nit in Kali Beth Kerr of Kansa City mid min roue a Kitin of Chicago. Dan calf j. La. I , 1121, in t a rearm morning. I 84 and Dot j at smart Little hat of Prax taffeta for College Wear ill m mini Brea Ufa a Melon Bryld Ham Fried potato i Toast coff is neb co it Macaroni and a he fruit salad whole wheal bred and hittite i cookie Mill Dimier chill con a Aine rolled potato sliced tomatoes with m i Yon no. Grape pie ,4 add xxx by i Ipi n Marrotti and chevre a Cook Macaroni or Spaghetti in Bowling sited water until done. Drain my March in cold water. Make Amice of one Tablespoon butter i Meudt one i a Blea Poon flour. One pin milk one half Teaspoon Salt it to Prim to it taste xxx Hen boiling put a my cupful cheese rut find or grated and look until cheese is melted pour Over Macaroni stir unti v Ell Tus a Sprinkle Cracker or bread to hot Oan j brow fruit his lad fur foundation grape be de a. All Are Nice for on what you Hale on fruit May by Cut in and combis d with nut u no Tri a dressing with whipped be used. Apple and it Law. Yemc Sci led by to a a Waldorf salad or Como nod with fruits or vegetable. Chili con Ca me one pout cd of round #te.ik. One Quarter Pound Quot in one dried chill Pepper Chili powder Alt to ta1 the. One cupful kidney Bein Cooke done s Billon to table Pouf to flour a Mart of water. Cut Sud in a piece and toss on a hot to Nan until softened add onion in thin Slier Btu Cook t04�?~ until Muon in Light Brown. No the round Steak Cut in Small in. But not hopped and sear on no a Side add water anti simmer Ever a slow fire until meat in tender. Re Pepper pod Iouin be put in with the water and removed heft j the other Lungi Diente Are Adlet. Blackberry pudding take on egg. One Teaspoon of butter one Tablespoon of Mizgur. One cup milk. Two Teaspoon baking powder a lied. Lip lettuce i pen a hand. I Salt t-�?��?�1 meat it or Bod Cream in. Do. All Oil Nail Cut i ii a add recognition of Mexico May come late next month flt. Xxx la i in 01,1 x of i ski 11 a pm i 111 ii or. Ami minx in Coley of Moil Gin it xxx x u Are is Ped d a ooh Fin a list with mr.-. Coley brother. Xor. And or. por Ler of we t tic t As of Tver a be. Miami or. Coley have Washington aug 24.�?it Wade Elal cd at the xxx bite House today t a t t in i it a re at is got trim ii t would cot a. Prepared to anally the resumption of Ratum with Mexico j until the latter part of september certain exchanges vet to be i made Between the mexican and j xxx Kovcin Lieut a i raid it not be concluded to permit Jan actual resumption of relation for several weeks a it least. In Rome Quarter Tho belief prevailed a oat Cie a voicing. A referred to i Quot the xxx hit House spokesman w Ere connected with the claim conventions agreed to be tween the representatives of the to. Government during the recent conference in a Cit u. S. And England meet in doubles la kit tie it p a in put any Columbia Graf Nola in your Home. The offer i for in Short Timo Only. New in Odel u just arrived Maisels music anti jewelry store in Lione hat i i s Llic i the Dri Tieh ii states Vun 1 a a h la Tho fun i round of a i iou Ai doubles to Iurna a i Ai i to i Quot Ika d Brickel it us Tow a Aud will meet tomorrow rot lie championship in Tho upper half Sumi final Ratcli miss hath Idun Mckane. British women s hut Pion and John b. Haw k. F of Tho australian Dave Cut Heaters today j a a in i Heater repeating for the la time today Llorin a Wop Quot it it a starring in the Quot prodigal daughter great Par amount picture also repeating Ilia International news Quot i tor a. Big Lent theater lug program arranged Lur the log tent theater patrons this evening. Go curly amt get Good eat. Tho seem an player Are gaining in popularity every Day. I v he i Heater a the in Ca Rev e production. Quot might v i a a i Roach with Apall Star cast is bring rep Toul today for the last Lime Al in repeating the t Waler i comedy a Quot Felix got it i my i Heater i. K l Ford and his company of stars a to have been at lha past or for several Davs marring in Quot liar Ripon s finish Quot will leave aft a the lust How tonight also i heating for Iii inst tune laity be Moil a the Star in Quot the gown Kate Douglas Wiggin Dies in England was american novelist taffeta hat Are always popular r a to cause of their Ade a it Tibi Lily to Many needs. In dark color they ated vibrant Richard and arc Ideal fur gave Ling and in the Manor go of new i 1 a m 1 ii i Iii.-, a t Filien ii Imu Al brighter it de they serve a i Quot i 1 Al ii Nui Unai mixed Hai Ming afternoon Chapeau. Thia a by Quot a. Cd i you it lose fitting Model is made of the Quot a l a match wit popular desert Gray taffeta trim �?T1 a Oil i m Rny Miv nil g hand of taffeta and a 11 a it o ribbon ornament of de try Irr a a hid p a her us the t a is Harrow. Kus f 11 \ the Quot 4 j i. M it i l to a i in a in Slat xxx cd it in f a Iii 1 n i n .1 Iii hoi Al cd lit ii i lit xxx 1 irs Iii w a # a ii i a 0 11 i e Vlad to f Illy Pecox a Fnu a tue a tracts of an opera in wide la ult Deniet shot tiv if r .1 Arr but la a a husband c leu i s e a. , i in do 1 stood to he on the Way Here from the unit a r hat. The Novella a taken ii of her nov inc to fed and last j him snit wart to a n u h j Rik Hon a ill i i it i Protil for ii Chi t Ine it. In com. It the however in t i>"4 a Heil a critical Ami in a few cd i worn Cam f no the ii tithe 1 it i it 2 i h a a a a to tim out of log cud Muir re a it f Hor i Iii a Khz ii i it ill cult s All a 1 Ber. Adv Cuti Cura heals scaly eczema on brother face and hands itched and burned a my brother a bothered with eczema ail his life. It broke out in # dry scaly form on i face. Later it spread to by hands it itched and burned causing him to scratch the atle.,led Pant and the scratching caused eruptions. I hand pained when he put them in water. Quot he Bryan using Cuvi Cura soap and ointment and alter a ing three cakes of Cuti Cura soap and two boxes of Cuti Cura ointment he a completely signed miss bred Lyons Thurman Iowa. Cuti Cura soap daily with Cuti Cura ointment occasionally prevents pimples or other eruptions. They Are pleasing to use As is also Cuti Cuba Talcum for per fuming the skin. A Cost a gtd a it of a a tis we i \ i i. A ishm in a h a a a11 i Mokuro ply without my a or to Tbs inn. Stern foil five Joule. Haul o for same t Tny t up Igar and int half Cut butt r Carn re when re a to Amy ii w ii one quart Cruner i bet Bui int a Ifan instead of by tog Quot to Para of Ham to Broll Quot and Quot cooked for lunch and picnic nupp.r#. Tho homemakers will find it much by tee Are Nomy to buy a whole lift in ave it if the f trolly is Small. Fur the Largo family be in t a i waive or thl ratan Pound Ham for the liar f Ami ties thera Aru sight and ten Pound Ham. The ii a tin May then by out a follow a the knuckle for soup the it cond but for baking two i Ltd a for broiling and Hie nub fur Bowling nor docs tile meat All hat to be cooked i f Otto time. Xxx map j a it a Luna to tip t in two thick ii its of heavy paraffin t Aper then Roll in the loth covering which u Nai by surround the Ham when pie chased of put in Cool nine the him will be p fur Nevei ii w k i. 11 the id of broiling in toe usual Maimer for a Al Mug the two Cantar Alice May be Cut in one thick Section and this baked in Nill. Thought Back would break nothing helped until she began taking Lydia e. Pinkham a v vegetable compound Quot when my baby was born Quot says mrs. Foal tinny i to High Street Bay City. Michigan Quot i got up too soon. It rogue me so sick that i was tired of living and the weakness run me Down something awful. I could not get up out of bed mornings on account of my Back i thought it would break in two. And if i started to do any work i would have to lie Down. I do not belief e that any woman Ever suffered worse than i did. I spent lots of Money but nothing helped me until i began to take Lydia e. Fink Ham a vegetable compound. I Felt a whole lot better after the first bottle and i Arn still taking it for i am sure it is what has put me on my of you Are suffering from a displacement irregularities backache nervousness Side a Che or any other form of female weakness you should write to the Lydia e. Link Ham Medicine co Lynn mass. For Lydia e. Pinkham a in private text Book upon a a ailments Peculiar to women. It will be sent you free upon request. Thia Book contains valuable information. Today is your last Opportunity to take advantage of these specials fruits Panama Apricot no. 2 j can22c Panama pears no. Can 29c Del Monte peaches no. 21 a can Melba halves. 30c Libby a raspberries no. 2 can31c Libby s Black cherries no. 2 a cans 42c Del Monte Black cherries no. 2 a cans. .&Quot.42c Silver bar Black cherries Standard no. 21 2 can29c Libby a Royal Ann cherries 26c Libby a yellow cling peaches no. 2\t cans 30c Libby a yellow cling peaches no. 1 tall cans inc de Monte apricots no. 2i/2 cans.31c Del Monte apricots no. I cans19c Silver bar Muscat grapes no. 2u cans "22c Nile Brand Standard peaches no. 2 cans .19c vegetables old reliable tomatoes no. I cans 8c Yolo Brand peas no. 2 cans so Clarion Corn Standard High Quality no. 2 cans.10c Silver bar tomatoes no. 2 cans. Ile soaps and cleansers life buoy tar soap. 7c Peets washing machine soap. .31c sea foam naphtha washing powder. Small packages 3 for10c sea foam naphtha powder Large packages. 24c Sunbright Cleanser 4 cans for. .25c Jersey Cream butter 44c a Pound Blue Label it bile sauce Argo size 40c Pink Salmon Flat cans. 9c California Home Tomato Ketchup a a of Large size 21c Arona noodles and Spaghetti Etc. Durkee a salad dressing Large size.59c package. 5. Wolffs Premium High Patent hard wheat Flohr 6s 12� 27c 50c 24s 48s .87c. $1.65 dunhams shredded Coconut Hershey a Sweet milk chocolate 10c packages Reeds butter scotch patties. Angelus White marshmallows. I Pound. 1 1 a Pound i t Pound 44c 23c 12r. 7c 9c 9c super specials for today Only Crystal bite laundry soap 24 bars. Frisco 6-Pound cans. Libby a baby milk per can. Armours Maple flakes a. A. Sui rider no. I Tai cans. Sliced pineapple. Silver bar grated pineapple no. 2 tall cans Calumet baking powder i ounce cans. National rolled Oats Small size package. Arbuckle Coffee. Nemo toilet paper 7 Rolls for. Sweet mixed pickles. $1.00 $1.20 so lie. .21c. .19c. 25c. 10c .25c. 25c. .29c meat specials for today it bite Young dressed hens. .25c shoulder of veal roast. 15c sugar cured skinned Ham half Short ribs of beef Loc or whole. 25t pork loin roast. 25c round Steak. 20c whole pork shoulders ____15c lot roast. 121 a prime rib roast rolled. 25c pure pork sausage .20c standing rib roast 20c Rosu Holft Groce Tott help Youtt Tif to save

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