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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - August 24, 1923, Albuquerque, New Mexico Ref is Duke City will be terminus of 1ii011 Rood shortcut Highway tapping Lincoln Highway at Omaha who end Here costs City but s666 Pilot has Faith in frail looking glider Ipp to get behind health work under Way on grounds chosen for Community carnival i if no. A the i i a for a Stii a j by. Us i bile Bodle a of a la Querqui. to ii a # id Rig Bend t i i is i v ii i n a Der How Ltd i ii fit my St tip i Pic a of a i a a. It t i t Hgt a Ops Ruemont if an and i f ton that h a if nil it Tny a for j in 1 i orphans a a or bid to 1 of a to them tipi from t if to gift %8 i a tit do a t ? of be kit of e t four a r it net i ufos Mitt to Al attempt w la be made to secure it for Albuquerque governor Hinkle is guest Lewis gives talk Legal notice it no i til j in i ii m a i in a i Iti ii \ inn i Kcal i or mirth a Ftp a a no main inter do no. The frill Tok off glider Drew Tell t in in4 iffy Fotti to a i i it to ability a i Hoa a i sort h c Erie stealer in hit glider it \ a Mill. Full of. I of ctr Quot jul no in or Rny a a or Viii. Near Catir Borg. Trine. The meet Pio Ducco Many neck i or it f tip i veg if to i i p. L l j. A g in Chav of Vnti t re j of Dolors id. In i to cd end Biti a to ii Lam d. J who if ii by living s re if to be a Arr. If to b no lbs i1 i div a ii dig to his i i r iffy a. If in f Bobo a ration f a i v a 1\ i link no a a lie mss 8. R i get irs if he \ if he i the in 1 Lump .1# ild by c a v i 9 a to is of 4, n he Sis. Jaffa. Nut inf i read the announcement of californian Famou hotel health Beach and Mountain resort and solve a that Outing literature and full information by writing direct or at free information Bureau at office of Thi paper. If a if i u Avie Ahi to it ton f it f usow act 3 clue Johnson d h to a a if a a hear of n i High. Id let a or w a iut rat la v in St me till of the it Riding qualities of the Dodge cars of the City. Since owl a a Esther str Ruhl. U conditions make one mat the i to to to it Mort feasible at on time. Sell it j it ii sex Dent from the in alternate. will it the a for of buyer and pro pm a i a but net Fra Ihl at another Tine j buyers that a deeded a the High a a out a i plated4 Betta or the tiding Gaul pow will it nine through Tyktin. Hods Brothers meter sponge. Fas veg and mania it its co one who. Ill a the to. A delegation of i. A v, to inspect la Rte Unel Taurines men attended the to f re i an Opportunity to sit in thai lag fest night to place before help an Ltd Roomy sent and cont-1 High a representative the and i ment on their exceptional Comfort i vantages of routing the Are a hotly we consider through Tucumcari Bania i Iota it it in lower Hon before. Not Only yrs a Nelv j Rig grf to in tilth am Ion f the Tarn Mth am Alyth to fight r to a hip it the in it a two t Heggi in live # in it by it Biggin Houri # the. Of the a tug d # a i # i rim entail y a if is my i Filar Tyty filth a. A he ii if hot d h i. King Edward hotel f fifth near main a i a a aug. Or rate -$1.50 to $3.00 hotel Washington Virtu a at limits a i re Tkel of Ste la he i inf he Rel of a Ore it a Amend a to til Mil the it life Abe i i had Ber the other r is a j them. Begin to think i album. Ii 11.00 and Estancia Ami then into Albuquerque. The Highway party will return to Salina Kansan a net the lout propound by o. Adding to Riding ease but affording much More leg room in , the sear shift lever Jiha Bren moved Forward diving j Jhustan. A men and will consider fun unusual amount of room the. The feasibility of routing the Road i Latt raiment hard been group d that Way. An Sutra Elve panel and the lever Walina Lidstr Irro ides lag of the clutch pedal h a Bee the idea of the Short Cut High alter d in such a Way that the Way was conceived by a few Hue-1 slight let pressure of the flt my mess men of Salina. A rvs. Who i answers the purpose i i bit visualised the value to their City i improvement i a of a is Oishi Highway through to to Quot Salina tapping the Oln High Quot a at a mafia. Accordingly a Traff they interested Tbs Salina Cham a or of Commerce in the project j with the Jesuit that in organization a formed to promote the i and it has been routed for practically its entire length.1 colonel d. A b. Seller was i appointed to a prose t Albu ours que at the Eon vent Ion of the Highway which will pro in Bly a j held Sono time in april. The j location of the convention he i a a not been decided yet bit Salina will prob Eidy make a Strong bid tor it. >1. L. Fox. Ieon Ager of j 1 he chamber of Commerce in it it d the Highway officer present at the meeting to hold tin j men mention Iii Albuquerque Mal 57 to is when the vested states Hood roads association and the Bankhead Highway will hold their conventions Here. A determined Effort will he in Ade to secure the Chort Cut it one Nylon for Albuquerque. In confide at son of making Al Jhu in Cirque the Southern terminus. Boys from Oklahoma booked for carrying concealed weapons j. R v. ,. Aile. Sit to rotational j of the nil Typo i i a i o a Goa he ius print # a gym to a speech Home hotels of refinement Darby Cecil 1 is i i to in in lads each it ged 15. A cot a i it in own reckoning were p by policeman at 39 in to night under simple Lotta Ems Tare the policeman a on them in an Alley near a Ond Street and Tejera ave no. A were d ,.��r.j roughly but at in would not he anything he a i irs a not a 11 Olar tan ism her of the Al a Ole a it and wms heartily y with Tho work Quot of i Sani Guillont. Ile Gay Hie minstrel show re 4 by the 8,.nt life withal City and which n Here August 31. Ii uht he would a econ Albuquerque harder i How to ated his i it Btl a hit d h deaths and funerals my scrip a control her wage5. Well to .1 ii Sod ted y up by to did i eds Joys present id i unknown heir and Fritz Laimit a in lunacy of Ninon i a axe if in in and his Awee for in tru to i he i let dead i Iii r Arase wife of 11 polite la us if he a living anti her unknown heirs if he it Drad frit Lurn Mitch of living and his unknown heir of he be dead Henry to i a Ber. If he he living and i Unkn ots to Heil if he to deed i Fannie Taber wife of it in y cd. I a Ber. Of she be living Anil Hor j unknown heir of she he dead j f f Fink a company of company have an existences either a a corporation or a co j i of Horah in of pot the unknown i Etc for Enfa Ives and tick it for of said company i rank flank if he he living and i unknown heir if Haive dead m. A. Flour-1 by. Trustee if he a living and a a Creasor in Trust if or he dead Francisco Frank if a b living and in unknown heirs of he he dead i i cells la. Run i Frid. A ail Rinir Gratrix of the rotate of fran it o Fra in or i ceased Harbert Henri Frank of it a be living and his Unknow u Holt # of he he dead Al a re Iafrat a of aha be its no Tny a her unknown heirs of she he dead. Siegfried Grunsfeld of he by living and i unknown hair if he or dead Harbert Frank known i Herbert it. Urn feed of lie by Vins and Hie unknown heirs of or he dead Marcella la runs Feld. Of so be living and her unknown heirs if else he de a and 545 Post strut san Francisco 234 wont Adams Street los Angeles convenient location comfortable service cuisine unexcelled Morris prop. Hobart t. Aiu mr1, o. I mar. Journal want ads bring results. The kiddies love it w i a word of Comfort or him Given a to understand i by. I plot nil lev ii it timid a inc Ngali arc tin i Ioctl tar a Loving will for ii i we a Ork not ail unwilling two when we prey that All that i Wei a a Anil lie a j to a one dear on gone. A Titt a a that which the rather yearn t by. I of. A i a Crick the b Mil wig a and six work her. A King a a cording to of d la a of it o in 11 id. ? f. In ii it i Btl Post of i by it h of flu a and de will Happy War Oji t ii w a get Nile to i Aff Ort i him. Hagerman Man ships 2 car loads of h0�is ape Tai in in Jeu in i tar Crim in. V Ai. A is 13 of i Tot Ary Chi in Tho Low attendee new Volk it try Vieh he said was j a a id Par cent of so Al % s i that i to Tempe cd to he alb a Way poc Ihie to i health Demon and to the estate Das. Herein and defendant to the a ice of our bread Creamery butter or a Nice i my Titi do in covered with a remie Mil real a k treat to any child. Our a i in one Ewi plaint hired is wholesome for the Chil pc to til plaintiffs a,.�?them plenty of it. It is Light and pore end has Uch is tasty flavor. The �?��?�give-Ma-Soma-more1 kind. Try a loaf today. I a defendant f the Osh specifically named in the titi1r,.nv- no i a , bakery ideally Natad if aug of Danta As specifics Soori t bids Are asked for repairing Post office dead. And t is of inters f the Highway the City will be i asked to take a of the matter j a of routing eastbound traffic Over a the Highway. This the die cots s f the i Natl by of Commerce i j Ledger Albuquerque to d Johnston or. Phoebe Johnston. To ear old. I d pick it ii yesterday at the a Nia her daughter. Mis. I. A. Park �33 South Edith Street shot from Hooper neb., to visit i be daughter about three arte ago. I Quot a s mrs. Parkins a i air nine other children Ltd. Johnston. Junction pity. It a i mrs. U s. Cook Milford Nhuc or. E f. Steven. Hooper. Nel thiring a Iotia of t a rest than lob. The. More when Bart Check. Mary give and they quarrel a j in loses most of ii t .1 Quot Little hire Down it f i it Niv i. Quot Vav by do a she give 13 f Looney you a i Indian .1 of such in cd state it of outrage fab a v i k 11 v if. Here tin i leu a d it t cd a i to tile i to mid Are Severn Hagerman Vildins. Of will j. M. Johnston san in ego Calpe mind Burgain or j. V. Lew in Hardin Mont Sint ail town on the he ghz j i Raj Vickers Temple. Okla. W Ith a Popup anon of Over 3.399 i a a Strugor Ana Corte i Are it quix dlr us scrip it of Toygh. J. H Johns tort Topeka i is use the High vat j a c Iii is p. 4u d m l in a Bren j meet very readily that Albu-1 Ayer. Iowa. P St a to Jeru mad a goes Imp gain. Range merits will be announced Al Nee there i in adv tag a r by the French mortuary. Levine from being designated i the tar punks of the rout far j Ragan funeral service for greater than that of in i v by he Imis Mary Hagan will be held ing Ort Tho route. Frodo the immaculate Conception j another shortcut Highway is Church at i of clock the morning a practically assured to a Luquer a a Rev. \. M. Mandalari. Stately Queen preaches states Hope of turn ing arid lands into farms Atter a j tins a Tiki inn it or a it Lin Tisik i be r nit pin in tiffs notice ring of off e Dom a. Arm to a a g of a be w Maple i named a v. Iii i rot in. The j. A i Cpd by boat inapt i i a of act cd ii a Quot ish 1 3 at 3 Quot of a he j the natio o in a War t Cetin de to i intend at in a fori july. A. I a lid Ca. To d the i in. A it cation titled dial plaintiff Tho j Uteri or Rived to of the amp few j in baldish and is Tat dec i fica ily he mad i unknown claim eat Aud ail unknown a a claim interest or in in and to the lot. Tate Ami premise de he complaint filed in and Iii this notice Here ribbed Adverse to the i hereby Given to v e ill of you. The herein >1 add used defendants. In Outh Lim Street. I v. European plan a Ltd Ltd let t .$2.00 inc a $,1.09 .$2 so $.1.09. T nil 409 rooms hath i a a "0 $3 i d. $3.00 $7.00 Jef not Corner suites single to 9.�o Dot a us so. It to ios of. I Al i at to 111 Quot i s >1 Lei my trains Cyma a coating the f la wig will act As i pall hearers Thomas Groves j Kart spitter hat old Johnson and. Faug. Interment will be in Calvary cemetery que in Fox is one tapping the Bank Iead Atid be highways a where they converge at Memphis end leading in almost a direct line from that Onset Gen it # i Albuquerque passing through Iii lev . Thi Liiste Fox Ray #. Is the natural direct line rom or hot a o in try Quot tile Cool Mountain of new Mexico and Colorado and furthermore will be a id All year rout. The taken to Garcia and ii taken up and Tiu i Sefe nuo Trujillo. Pop i f or. And mrs Juan a. Truy to. Died la a night at i reside e at Ltd old Albutt Perque after a a Ort Lllan 1 the Quot body was a Mort Paris Carters i no Metal can touch you i every year More men come to i men who have i worn them constantly endorse / x hem for t heir service and com a a fort and Good dealers sex cry a. Here recommend them. L a woo hour else it Comfort Quot a Stein amp com Phi a to weep before official and Citi Leas of the state and nation at All times the Columbia Basin irrigation project is. Elizabeth Thorn soft daughter of the mayor of Lewiston. Iowa appears frequently at Coneen i Lions and other Public gatherings in the West As Quot Princess columbia.1 their i ligation project Long talked of is designed to draw Waters by canals and Tun j neb from Rivers i and lakes of j three states in to an arid Section in Central part of Washington it a ate. One j get to no corns in the simplest Vay to end a Corn is Blik Jav. Stops the pain a stantly. Then the Corn loosens and comes on made in Clear liquid and in thin plasters. The action is the same. At your druggist bluejay constipation tablets or Relief it Rev Milf it a in that the above name i led on the third d a of it., a suit against you f you in the above # to put to in which said in Anil Pray for thut of their right title against any and nil ad-ler�4 claims of the a of a Nidai is. Ter Day that j tither specifically named or Inis Anil Cee eluded in Ami affected by ibis we contracts. Hon id that be required to it Forth heir rape. A Ltd claims to the Enid lands Era i estate and pc Milf a crib cd in i the comp lain t in this action and herein described Aud that ail and j v or be claims of the defendants or j i any of them a determined by tin i judgment Arni decree of said above a entitled District court Aid that by i i us decree that it be determined Ami decreed that the plaintiffs Arf the owners in Fen Simole absolute of said to. Linda real estate and premises hereinafter described and hat defendant Ami each of them i a barred Ami forever stopped from having or claiming any right i or title to Tho Sud lots lands real estate Ami premises and that the right title and interest of tin j plaintiffs thereto be for Var quieted my aet at rest Ami notice is Here j by Given that unless you enter or i Caus to be entered y our respective j appearances in this action on or j j before the fifteenth Day of september a. I. 1923, the plaintiffs above t named will apply to Iii Quot ult for the Relief demanded Iii the complaint and a Oft default in this it i clip 11 will to taken Aud judgment a entered against Jou because of your sold default that the lots j hands in ii rotate and premise heretofore referred to and describe i of in til complaint in tins action and affected thereby Are described dots turn be i a lighted 15nineteen ill and Twenty 20in min Fth Reziah Thomson aft a Caus of Many 111#. Harm As follows to a it fill to elderly people. Alway re Lief in Northern addition to the City of a a a a a a a a a. Alburtie rom new Calexico As tim to i so. Near How n and a sign ted on a Eye please anti effective a Only a a a Niu of a said addition fib d in the office of the probate clerk Aud sex Offlio recorder of Bernalillo county. New Mexico on the gift Cen tit Day of May. A. La 3 5x3-8lid Lolic and Leal estate being situate in the City of Albuquerque j county of Bernalillo new Mexico j the names of the ulal stiffs St Smiley in this action ate. George j s Kloch and m. J. Menu Lynneer whose office and Post office and i is rooms 8 and 9. Stern i building Albuquerque. New Mexico witness my hand Ami peal Ann j the Eal of san court of this thirtieth Day of july. A in 1928, Genii Lucy a Harris 1 clerk. Josh a Khy f. Ill Deputy. Monuments memorials of the better kind. A we pay the freight g. E. 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