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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - August 22, 1923, Albuquerque, New Mexico Is Albuquerque morning journal auf Takt 22, >2t Albuquerque morning journal an in i i m i a Nib Spash Puhi shed a a . U a hot Likely that miners Arr naturally More unsocial or unreasonable than any other claps citizens. They Are what their work makes them hard toil underground with the tend racy to Early exhaustion and serious Cli my narc Cit to nor fat use and the continual risk sudden i twi void a i dreadful form is not conducive Ca Ana St to and special breadth View tolerance _ a a a a thought and speech or s Quot Light touch Quot Naroth Lytton the peril death too. M pending undo act constr Mac re it. Nie than the Reju Irementa life its a a i . Has its rights which must by consider at Acauan rates cd in any adjustment working con ii c Gnu month to Carttar or mail. Is at hons and r age Scales and in Public Juda re Mot a men the men Thom Civ 2 Mont a. A a i a. by the Way waiting for the signal. Bell Joskem i Ai ski Toca. I a t Hap a. I Zajk flux cant i i a co atm j ii a us i a a Dak uti e m . Tbs Jour a r Casarta tit Rishi to reject and a it Rig Mailer thai Lam a deem it proper. Cana for Wocial me to my a arde Al thank rat an Automo Ilist Naneen Elution Anele and cafe amp re a cd i sect in a. A a i a Whing up a locomotive a i hot to hr.-, no. By la will to Rha get d for at and Rtia a flit a. To for inc. We face Destriam being sued for running Over a or Quot my Fri it or the Jas mfr a. The away ted pre a exclusively milled to a mum for in Loftt Leat Ion All no credited to Thea a they Are Buffi a or Art a. Ere. a a Quot a Quot ,. I a local be published herein. I War and sense pestering the president 1 1 it is betraying no governmental Secrce i to Sta r that the big majority Federal i employee did t need any urging from the new president to stick to their jobs. Quot what i cannot understand a said a a a a Voulff person the other Day. A is by Peu having turned her treaties into scrap ii t. My a easier paper perhaps it was natural or Hor pm. Go to Quot or .1 i. It much Ca Sot thy,am0 her Hank Nolc. And pleasanter and Mon profitable just # # # to live along without War. There does no to wonder the craze for Long distance seem to be any sense to it. Swimming contests Hab it n stirred up by out the Mouth babes comes Quot is the Pul motor Industry. Dom there never was any sense in War. I a a a thy my difficulty i to Conine m to England Fay. That thy French have no in the Ruhr and the Breeh Ess people Fiat Glia it a a can to very Well hcs a admitting that the it find it bad business to be there. A # when everybody is Rich enough to live men who attain the presidency Are on the income from tax exempt Bond usually men unusual vigor or they who la pay the taxes would Neer reach that height in a world a a. A. Competition. As a Rule they could probable take care the duties their office without undue Strain it Wen not for two unnecessary burdens. Otto i Ltd Effiee my ekers and the other is isling. Tourists. The latter Burden a hardly received the attention it deserves. T Ain or thumb i red a widely i the president is regarded a the chief a a a it we a a a main. In ? a Vuu to to. F la v Arr who let. It stick in Fly a a Point interest in Vav Ash ton. V Lait Dot Jed he or Mould by n4.hnrd up ors cannot be blamed for wanting to see a Virv nor Nurs a Moum him and shake his hand. And a hindi a a Normal first citizen Natura by Nikee Toor i a i to be to # in a indulge that passion when he can. It in or. M to a be it. I in a to t. Kita ver human and very american thing to or Frau a by a a to. And it Iuit a do. But the practice has been carried to it hat mum an extreme that is tolerated in no other a # Ron try and should no longer be debated a a i / u in this. Obi i fib the Are a d lose up v a i b de it to i v. A $1.9# s to i Quot i % get n and v 2 w i a i i % Aro lanced a it a t i de h eater. Voerg 7 a \ r a Inge Trade a wheat a ii Ghi and til Forb e cloning a Ftp a b Best the Dav at the out a i n a a a Hilt by Zowi Isidoe Grout cab new scatter House b ? served i acc i or a i it and i id eased off. Wit Ai Marki. Soil 5l0 v Lilli Jhin urns ii governors every state have anti a Etlo seek Lite Mother who made v a great St sacrifice Rich mines no to Mac it lands por exploitation by for�f6n top i Tal a hu6p tits i a wry to 0l0n Rajz Felsl 5 i. 1 it h a a a a a a a in we j. C a a in that Etc re an re it t tin 5 a it i j. Tit. It i Plum lib Lii it Ink livestock Lik Ngn Rel bog oot it Koot y la a bsh a. Ii i or i Mero Iii url a a a a. In it As tint the presidency has its rights and ooh it Mil Gallons beyond the Conception it Tho vis Parn. Fat ult i i it non who so lightly trip into the White a a a House and line up to shake hands with i hitting n. It ,. A amp t a greatness. It is not too much to say that Zenau , by to Pandino %. Sex cry handshake takes out a Busy i morning we May do dirt cum hard i pressed executive a Little to Energy he needs for his big task and every minute so spent however graciously to May disguise that fart. Is a minute he needs for work or recreation. All the people who have Boon saying lately thai the presidents Job should lightened would Stop pestering him and taking i time. The most necessary part the Reform would be accomplished. I. May by a rain i in t ii Ihm to ins camping t it t a by this in it tis with i a Fri i i i it a. By the Day a a is it -1, t Ier i top he la Al Chi j ii i let is r a 111 in it Home Kina w would have Delight fully Pfel Stork tin i inca Ion Hartford. Kan to pm Quot Quot Frank Myers is v my in the lumber Yard while or. Stork i Awa a wonderful world i a worn an in Atlantic i a Telephone rate i the announce ki6 or water. ment in the Chicago new -. We rubbed new hem a few years a our eyes twice and read it again. It or p it a Quot seems to be True. A gasoline going Down is a headline in papers in a score states. Incredible but a fact. Mary Miles Minter i it Only 21. She loved or. Taylor All innocently and sweetly and far too romantically for any season but late summer just before the Nim fans crowd in from Hills and beaches to the movies. There s going to be More Coal this win tor. Even with an Anthracite strike there s going to be More because Boro v a a cad is More and maybe some tin Uto a a pay engr to Etc i Quot it and warmth inherent in the stuff tan night returning from a in me Tup Ltd it rippling rhymes i i., Wall Milton j i �m3f i Nua tix re a a set Vehe a t five eaten i to a i s i la a a #1 i v Quot by it. Suo be Bea in and lift a it 7ik n kit z have 1 fared. Th0 a Niom m a int-4 a in i inh in a til Irwi or ioc�lci4 no i tit i a i # ii i my in Rndt to tim will fire s i ii h i t o to i # Iii the no ii to w us Smid i fall the v4c# i i ri41 Tiff i mph ii ref ii 11d i t to i a a it i Jmc n ton g bras i or Endeavor and my a in Mig it my Antu i As a -1,e it Iii d Havi spoken Iju Lee t1 Illy i j Quot by Tif in to to Iii i Gilt #14-1 we ofic Tiia la Toh to 1 Morrow fun give dish up a meal a meal i hat a a to a1 Vav to a a i hand out a is and Mutiny out. And i a in a 5 a Little a. Laughter i j newspaper reflects business standing the Community no i in c re a ii it me de higher Joti it i i leh spends Large sum for postal charges with 52 nations affiliated. Is undoubtedly one biggest mailers in the world to Ltd Opi it in n tit. R. To a i off v ii Villi drinking m uni ii Ltd it e it in a real it had in explained a Napp let. I Loh at to Lantier Cli a a Wilbur reent a cd wooer. A a a Wilbur a a re a1 weft Ger when b a a girl he d and Iii in i until a Baw the to Ely loin then he flew right in and Woner vol. R is con Art Felt him he. The a t a i my. In. In i it a it it a. 0 a mph la. What it Surpe be St that represent in Quot thru Why that represents the Pas it he israelite through the i #<1 s i Quot Reg Pardon but where is the a Quot it a been driven Back air and where a the israelite Quot he a they hav e 11oss�i Over a to Quot a a Quot will a Here it neatly that la port painting i like simpler it rid in pref Nous a v -i.mi. Rate be Advertis it rom in a d a Oft Newa a he place where v a a live Honey Spert in to w -1 i be i. A Opp a Phi cd i. 11 Oft. Lie v a. the markets they handle May percolate into the minds j a a a Ini rvs i am Flint 4 i Vav cd a a a ii. Al no to i. in Feld a Rotky re it and hearts the warring Bodle getting t Cut tit v w a a ,.f h. Nuthem together As friends to plan then. ,1tv< la it. Kunof Friend work before the glowing grate in peace a a a and Friendship. Stranger things have s it. H o barium Orth territorial pen ten a Nti ened and the Dav miracles is not put Oft Mer Oviet. To work upon the w s. In. Houi Road now Beltie con int it ted la Molseed yet past pm tit and e v bad in v and displayed More. Nan us Ual Tierce in the Sermon. A which the or Ain eve 1>a< i a ii dwelt on at some length re a it tit by i a ,. I .,.i i i turn fro soviet Rifle a i i a less i petrol ted Coil by la Aiea Riard pro a. Financial a i a i ill or Al sin in a i i v on he had also fit a in a Rood Deal r it to in the especially Tapi j and on Ward Beirs found sitting quiet r with i hand pro Vav Al Root a total a a or ii Sar Quot. ,2bb share Twenty n dust a is or is 92 18 re a i i Hirisi. A a it. Low. , a los comp i a ii Par Fie a i it it so i i Ste i. A v fir. Bulk it i a j. A fit i Ltd nod t in he i 5 9 to 739 t Quot it 7 to to i v 99 pack. Rte v fed in cts or i Quot higher on b a. K sn.23 <1 i gift ?. Vav. I t p y 7 re it Sis 13 to i h s her i a 5 2 a i it a a Quot a a i Quot la. A free Elpet ? aah a to 42 15 29c higher n Whipp to to bulk Quot a $ 7. T a 49s Goodie i Choice a a Rio a 9 i or i $ s 4 5 ii s gift a. Air d i i o a 9 h Jato a # Toa a Pii a in a i 23 u i fog i i my 1 Brent. Road now timing construed it sex my Wei a it Klow. A a Naaf n i try a 11 a is Quot 1 act a. I. T a in a per to that Begreen put an to feet Roadway a i. It rib and an est steel i s on an eight hour bima for in s. Web Lri i during the a a a. Two we a Aud a nor awful and . My a a #,�?T.,jt\ Quot i c \ i i Rutm in v 4s f1 up 5 Quot a �4 a Tanco while a has the 1 Argo Force 42 convicts at worn Ert # a Eurt a d Assi net which however in the Otho a w a kit Quot a a it it Quot i a. A a Tel a a a it Nan Al that de Valera is in jail Anil. A. in i v on Ltd by via k in e n i it a s or a r a la it r go t it t it e. A a in a Bergdoll in t. A the so reef ear Eboodt Ictor j Secretary and or Conner treasurer the print Cinal Chang was running Ell Ort. A a i. wet til her habr in i he Ltd i h ii s flu id a a ill l cd 11 v Iii i us i inc Cit nun a a Dom a Bot Der i it president i i. W i i Ooi i reparation hate Sii it 1 a i it Rita tand or Conner treasure til Prin Quot to a it Down $500,000 in american currency or Lap tis rn1 a him half Dalh a cd i k to a use v. No Mioma Quot is Ai a Tell Ltd Iii Tuii tui i p mostly yellow backs Good As the Gold in the. Rufi a a duties. I a Quot i that the Man to the cellars the u. I. Treasury. A a Jet it a queer world and a wonderful the we cup crop bulletin shows that it in Gen yom Mother a who. To o world with Iota Marvelou things go Quot Quot Quot a ing on in it. Ami on the whole h look like a comfortable Winter. There is even bilt a h write the a he i improving in pm lift word cheer for Mother the children the r a Wood hot Spring who had measles and Scarlet fever at a a a 4 a w. People in tile territory a # Laking mat int a year Armit going to have them again this to it ave chm ,. Year. A Vic in a tini in new my a a. A a a a. A a a mrs b. I Fidd in let Hild. After a summer . Lion in California returned to the pity yesterday newspaper at Santa Rosa changes hands Twenty rain Road in in 7 9 11 net in. .2 High 123. 90 fix Low 7idt 4, new v a k v pc 2 the it Ward movement a Quot. A hunted in a Ltd a is a r a i pm la in Eimi t # i i i 4 Arth nil aha re Aud t it Tiu 1 us 0il a tack a a Gay Oil part r the list. Pool operatic tim were1 a re it in evidence. App Ltd tily a to i hop at Ira cd i by r n outlier i i i i Crest Wii he a not r pen a i a pm i Ensio in recent t Idu tto a. I having a i a effect 0 i n j a he id pendent to o Elf it rid 4 Niri j i i a i a a Ltd ii St n m which i is rat to r closely i to who push i a i tip four Points t fuel to a a a t rep lib to i Quot a d he to in i v me an Cap rang re from n a Chr Quot. At p % f o v in n # Arni n i 2 bipod a paid win St ii Deb r # n 4 t new 4 Ork Mon v new York aug. I la Money 1 a Ltd a High in. It Rilling rat. Cd ins bid i offered a a All i 5 4 a 1 # p a a to # a ate t Ai. A firm Rov do v 4 film in it Tibet Cia paper 2 to a a. K pig is to Tai t a to . Sheep her p rang Jamb off a i in r it o ii Noh. 113.09 i % \ a a -1 % mph ii fill Vic higher by 4 Aoa tin d oat in in g. I in her am ewes up to an Vur. Miners rights s�?T1 a heavy in r i r v # d a Belliti or in Ful n Vav my 1 Point t b e a it n Tod ats Kest t101bg1t the smothering to death nearly too Coal miners in Wyoming coming in tin midst the Anthracite Coal dispute now interesting the country Hun helped a Little to keep Tho Public perspective straight As regards Coal miners and miners in general. A i they May seem at times More in this world a a a it a1 Friend a a rough anti inconsiderate than some other types workmen More insistent j must secret thoughts who partake our Joy and a on their rights More fiercely determined a comforts in in our affliction Auld to this. That. Is Avn i it Piini Ipa to hold their own against capital and. us it any j it a. A n Unpi a mud a Quot j to t in h new against the Public it is not i -"u-.u. a a spell Al i. I a journal Santa Rosa x. It a aug. 21 the Public it a an English y m Jwsi-mpf41 published for Mas sold i a and Propri or., _ _. 1 a i t. Ai a anon Penny a rep a Bierhardt to i rank la who Saf a la d �?z1 ,,.vso,is v been a Printer in i vhf or. Gerherdt employ. Che con a a not mad known. I re Public voice Plant a Reily arcu applied with a 18,009 Linotype and in her equipment it had previously been the Organ the democratic party and it la As lined it will continue at such. Leo Del a a Tater week inn w ii l h were Rev dealing All Felt Rona gain a i share was a a rued report the cart \ Intieri l i Cin i no Ltd Ynio a a. K 21 for in r i no. It cd i Ca a by lain Llna i d 11.54 a 4 5 Fin Chiv Bills on Bank 34.52 fro tie demand rabies 3-91. Half demand. I i Quot Ca by a 4 ti1. Bel Trio it demand 4.1 x fables 1.49.1 a be Runny demand inn Volt. By. Mio to i to Holland demand a. A by a 35. Norway demand. 39. Sweden demand �?~j6.53, Denmark demand. Dm�7, Awitar card demand "7. Beam do a Mand. I 3 31 a 70 Poland demand .0004 it demand 2.9 a a1 it a demand oui i a a. Ruma ii a demand .40 t. Argentine it a Mal it 22 it. Brazil do mat to in 12. Mont est i 5 a a j u go slav a demand. .0108, Driller Denver. Aug. 21 11&Quot. F Den t Brut agriculture hog Quot or a Eipl. 3.<mift i tical la try to 2 5c higher a. In top a. A 3 Ria d i r i \ i it i x i ill i get spi \ i it new York aug 21,�?in# ii i lit r do Iago lights a Gilt w it i ii. Ii i i Telny by Tho new Vii stat athletic comm Ion for Iii i i n Ipp in for a to i o my 1 Gnu i test w till Benny vulgar at the w 3 irk velodrome night. Pounds r sales. To u s 7f� ,0 in Fiji Lusher Hon eat men esteem and value nothing so much Jav in the Spanish language Boh a one is As it Vas also included in be Deal and were another self to whom we con import our j it in understood Thot it will be diet i Rig i to t $ to i i i. C o la 114 d i a r the Par or tier n a us each lest about m Points on the Day. A did and refiner. Inv a a other or this g. Eup were a fractional character. There were no new developments to affect the course r trading. Wall Street was in Quot Ujj interested however in the French reply to great Britain. Not which a delivered today j and probably will be made p a Tomor Row the first la Lull Railroad mini Poi i m three loads around some held higher 18.23# to bulk i 2<59 Pound a Packer sow steady Stock pigs Strong Best Sti. 2& fat Stock Ai on i 3ll cattle receipts 1.290 calve 10 few dry fed year less Strong to 23c higher Best $10,30 others. 9.89 gras she Stock Dull. 1 1 p mat. I Ady to Tower with demand for Plain to medium Grad me ears $ i t t>0 other a steady canners. 12.90ai fairly Good veal $7.80 Ola in to fairly Good Stock ors Aud feeder. 0 7.00, sheep receipts. 8,000 Arl it ales i to Strong to 23c h Gher Hulk 197 Pound $7 or fairly Good 92 i in i in i kind si75 we lot pm lambs ground steady a i la Citret offerings unsold Carl. Eggs a Foch Aivge 911. Is i. Inn Del jul eel pts he cars a no ii -. 459 Kam marked i Ash cobol $ 2.25n -. 4 d i it ii receipt. 13, weaker Leal d. S. So up and i i ice a a in. It o. 1 it d and poorly iriv it ii ii ii no Ranee i Southern r k pm Ort v Boud new York. Wig la Liberty bored i irises 8%, 11 a Ltd a Ond i $98.19. Fit i i a i 2 i in $98.18 third 11 do 2 fourth a.l5. I. S cd Ern Merit 4 199�?� 29. Grad Quot i i to n 2�t cwt. No lit is it or it a Obj Lerz. No. I $2. I a 2.50 a a a be Bra aka sacked a Irlvy Ilion $2.99 cwt. Minno Aota a a Tel. Early it Hilot p ill in g. Idea $ i 28 a i.13 cwt. Half is t Ity Kansas 1 try a or. 2.�?butter a a Iii Quot hanged. I to a one Cert higher fast 25c selected 32.-. N 3 Ort. It ton v. W for in. Aug. I Quot Delton up qui middling 2 5.75. I a Olton it tires c do 5 Ort Abr i h a. De. Ember 24.5 tags a it a i Quot i. Mart. A 21.02 3. 2 1.0 9, Grain i him go Chi ago aug. \ i it lag Hir for produce new York Metal new York. Aug 21.�? Copper a t be it Sec roly my pot arid fun Pool to a Tut a 14c,. Win bo.i.1 Trad Quot , r to. A it 1 my a a i a hw., Chicago aug 2d�?wheat Fin broiler. Do Spring. 9�. Roost. Ai v i my ii fan Shiv unchanged. A do re t s. Ger. Ovid. Cunt cry a led by., in a a 1,., the or., Lim. La a a Ndu re. I -. A a j so or Quot i. i ii by first ii Quot de. First. 39 a i hid Quot a a a men Hilt v let Chiel a it mull. Us in. Ii so. ,> i a i .

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