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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - August 19, 1923, Albuquerque, New Mexico Ai . Morning journal a August 19. 192. Albuquerque morning journal an a Kwiater a rat it a in a i by Jot Fin at. company jd8lfh Tat ski offic. It of to be Tiff we fluid a to red #7 fnttri4 m weottd1 pm matter a to Quot its. M. Quot i a 2� it Quot a h i i Nim. A a a a Art a comb a Quot a h 1t i i a # prove that practice without theory is no re a in. Academic education comr Hack into Tho Currier in no longer dry end unproductive hut hand in hand with practice in a newer and better partnership. Clothes Are the same Way and House furnishings. And politics. Be Evert. Thing else. Human nature cannot be measured with logical Footsie so unless the foot Rulea themselves show a ten demo to veer off according to Einstein returning upward curve. In the in Crimea rates Obi Mouth by earner or Man. Three More has a a a. Sim nth a a a a. Ope tear. If ,11 a a a Juby the Way adv Khz i isrmknt8. The .1 our i re err the right to Jack Johnson has staged a comeback. He has been arrested. Reject a. Dhow report Milt a that thew any sunk a inf it air 0 Rte Quot Quot in Quot in Fri a a lion a Turro of pro. In a sub amp Jwj ass As a h v Mem Hub of tub a soc a i at by by Raj it by i or tue Tver a entitled to Tri to7, or Firpo and is said to he con or. Dempsey has been offered $509,000 u or aet a Banshee credited in la paper to local Are a i h #4 sideling. Set at. La. New Mexico has for some Mouths Pat. Been surf edited with talk about the a a Nerda. Ansi Itanen i ii for in awakened Public can Kielce Phra a been liners to murdered con1.dering what 0 a # of Cannibal eat their enemies in the theory that by so doing they gain their . Why in it that they Wouida t rather have Goat meat to a Detroit Man dreamed he w As fal ing Iho mho do not pause to think there is anti he was. He was picked up a a n this anneal much food for thought boardroom window with a a Vraina l. A m this appeals Muci u it huf it nor work that Way when a Man total of the private dreams he has found a Wallet full of what is the int after All. The sum conscience sooner or later the a dear pen bills.11 Kat a to this talk about an pie will Loam that All this talk i11.a i. To a cloak a a awaken re Public conscience is under which the private conscience hides frenzied science jest foe fund to Majc Togami Hoh a to Quot vat. Toward ail. A people whose interests Are in literature language religion business or the Orts Are Apt to think of science As Dull lacking in imagination. One such person recently j picked up a copy of science and divan lion from a Magazine stand turning to it As a woman moves to the Piar Quot exerting the change to rest his mind. In hum bunt it having <.<�?�0 night. Peeling me a pm met a4l,�?zlv# pm atm it was As wild a r Otas he had exc Hrmel he a a a Fly but -h.r. Seen. It Wasny to exactly nightmarish be re a the oth a. Out in the Shadow Mew infinitely Caille it a so cheerful but it gave him Var thing lock had in Germany i n Bat i the feeling of living in Soma other world. Tomorrow Pill and i oct Opi a the by hah Lien. Fit it i no it is i spun hrs Burr i but Ines of h Flins a at icky world id unit of the other Ltd is advanced fraction ref tilt f it min. Hulk fat Aalto re of la North Wco a in Railroad a hut to plan just he 113.71. Far let urns n dropping two be in to Sud no them i Pacific v i n on Rae flt. Hew a. Nostril at a net rain of in e Point and we of la other hit Aya Taiti nightly trading in foreign t a Oil i i a it i fat it it ilk. Run it no Ltd it r ass f la x a. I a Partheni of a w s woo to it hang a demand Marling Eony .1,1 Grout i Bein snot -11-1 Franth Frau a Tina to 1-2 rent net and dropped 2 rants but the Ether rut my h e e e d in y reel la r e Hana a in the a it fed i Roe in a in. Inc a refs t Al pall and or Tel. I to Woolen i i x i upper. A a Atchison a .,.�?��?��?� a of in Taeo Melva pal Famor it it to a Bethlehem steel. California Petroleum it Nedlan far Fin Ltd a rentral leather Ltd handler motor. I it heaape#1 a is of Chicago Mil a a Rhine Copper. Colorado t to a a troll. Rom prod Tietig crib com steel in a retie s Ca pad. A Moue pie eee to Oak. General motor. Great Northern Ned. Great Northern of. C to. Ine Trahon Poppet. Kennert copter. My court Pacific pad. Monte be Power. Vow York rent rat. J Northern Pecl fio. Pacific pit. Pan american Petroleum a a Pennar Lenole. I Bav rotund hated Ron a. Reeding. I rep Thor Iron a steel.,.i Sinclair it i a refining. Southern Par Fin i Ern Tarwa v. A i Stude Helier . A it no com Punk i tn1on i Rifle. Rated state to Tuhtar a it n i ted of a men steel. I Utah t Opper. Me Redit i r produce Chi la Anana try no it Ork a Olton re Quot be s Harthur a Norrien i Chance or k. Atta j 4 for irregular. Great a i j i is 11 is is franc Den a 2 j. Italy a he re 4 2t�. a hire. 4 4 a % t t my ittle or is. Benny tote Book. People those germane. An attempt to make Clear the fun in the front an 1 now in the Ruhr. Theory by giving a Man a potion like Alices sending him out into interstellar i Ghat soon he with William Randolph Hee ret in i cel Fronle ranch. I Hall write me in Idyl space growing All the time until Saturn whet Doe a m a pm a Man want w he. A a _ a. A a a am weft Lut i had not thought prs Hap it sentence sermons How must a a tour Man feel who receive a pittance by a Charity Hall. Must he not think these hypo crites indulge in luxuries and they do it from love to me. The Meriest selfishness often parades in la Quot garb of Schmid Immanuel evangelical lutheran Church. Looked like a bouncing Ball was one enter a Nch i a Render unto Coe a i Iii it Athy i Mik i ran into the Boulle corporation again Tod a. A Vay out in the hot of the Greet Mojave it it where you can to even buy a a new York american. Ign Standard. Arini it out there where traveler on the old i sew the a Hook me j traits join net Huy their a i i. 4 k a Taining article. A picture of a composite Quot House big enough for Uncle same a whole family with the Leviathan a child toy and the biggest whale a minnow in a wading Pool next engaged his attention he did no to like the idea of using the entire the tentacle of to octopus Redwood Forest As a bit of shrubbery under the parlor window hut he was amazed and instructed thereby. There were Grote queries of vegetation on the Moon. There was an electric Duel of h it h Eny a a fal a v id Tula v a r a a or run out of Power How different 1 William a top of r bile does t buy by thirteen newspaper and half # dozen Magazine lie will run out of Power. And Arith All of the you Llcy Corpos Allen swatter work in full bleat he Baa never Benn Able to make the Rook what Bev did to him when lie in i it la i blam Grade. The. Combatants connected with we Volt age wires and the one who could up. The other off the insulated platform onto the Earth to be electrocuted would win. Then he came to problems such As he had been glad to Bury with school Days Beaver i be been rather laying off the British inc Lloyd Georg had the Boe to dinner i la have to tween it Tail a bit Coon or Mill will he ask log int of n v liver out of of Der. But i Garft the Canadian Graek or two Over he raw pulp Ropo to. Dinner to make Bill and a,11 it la Temh More than a dinner there Are it seems people who a a id f mgr the Way Canada but our stuff t of the i. In hot and Page go oort or cant swim Okho mite be Able 1 Aow in it he dont a w a he did at Fer to boxing Blatch took pm a 8imkn be h.-, k Yard Leat m Between ame Alexander a sum Crow with Lew Davies Boins Gin Vee. Artic being the be Boxer hut Sam making the wet face so the result a re a it o a cd g to o and a to hit. Among Tho present catching and Yelling a Benny Pott. S d Hunt. I Rof sgt Hoo ter. And Skinny Martin pug v so Renny Potter Black and Wile of Tardo ony know on we re in Haff. . Bein hath and Ltd run under the re to bed As a on ft51 he Herr it. Pome i Quot Skinny Martin thaw on a hot Day of i it a minion Doil rth Fer to thin i would it Well i into a bathing in a and the 2nd would be wet. Science and invent on Farr Crosa a invented a new Wax to the trim Christian every secular vocation must by looked upon is an Opportunity to prot sent the gospel of Good will to congregational Church. A Weber first As we have a human nature which cannot be Eon tent without the companion hip of our fellow. So ult have a spiritual nature which cannot lip satisfied without communion with 0. Higbee Central Avenue methodist Church. N Quot Iti 1 of a wanted agent. % up 4g fun f tim Quot a a Mil. Mil 14hrrt v tto and of a in profit a r in Ftp a. V. R a Grain it lib he Quot Hui re of read pay a did a Etna re r n. A .�?�4 a tet Demata d m Oft cell i Greer a f t re Wernell a pc it a Tkv Umi i to Val pm in a do a her i a a Obj. Of both Erm Ion i of care whether an Aqueduct built to carry mail it i iring the War water Only can or cannot carry loaded ships if necessary and Why. The Reader had always refused to bother much with his car. A let the Gar the world s worst 1uft Kin. Ambition Kitty a pretty Eom a Ailt a he Wawi Quot to re room for an argument the re he in i mini neat and trim and obeyed fashion a whim first site reigned Ace do it was his motto. But when he he bobbed then a Henna a her hair age of u n <13 pm no pram Over quart a a Ream Ciu looking a baby to sleep and red in at a he Annie time being to set in a to King Rhar of d put our fun the Nils of the bassinets and Ruh the out find bark while Jonii Are reeding a Thani time with both hand Sam has t tried in Patten St yet and genre by Ehk to the regular Way Wen he Beers his Mother com no. Came to a Page of Plain motor bins to a ick a engr it Ting Earth beneath the feet. Felt As a seasick passenger once More get Calmi haughty Mien of a Cinema Queen at the town a very Best Anda Fountain. But Kitty ambition Lay Runth a would i a quit a Mountain with the r attic laughter i Calm. Haughty my a of Cinema Queen. It the town a a la i i it loud i in j 4 hurry of it Brist 103 Forrester Avenue j cession j Rdv a. i study. J beginning a 11 of a. M.�?bervie#, including j German Langu communion. 1 a ? a s it a. people s Mot the a meeting. Ini held every i Central menu methodist 4 Buri ii x. Higbee pastor9 to a. school i 11 00 a. In a worship Sermon Aubert a path of Pear 3 top in. A Junior league miss retell by of a ident t 0� porn. A senior of Worth t learn. Mise Hazel free. Pree a Dent. A Oft p. M. A worship Sermon subject Quot the great salvation the congregation of the Broad inter red a h v. A Rvl a in the will be held on d Gundaya of than and a re i res language will big it in 4� a. In. cad a it St to est b a teak it i id i the i it Preebe Truin c Hunch la the a. Loop a. Pastor 4s a in sunday achoo 0o a in. A Sermon by Epworth Rev c h Willam on a pastor first Church. Memphis Tenn. 7 so p. In serve i in Union tilth it Christian Endeavor so Ray. Topic Quot How to get life a Leader. M ivs Edna Lipper ii or intr ton la pastor of 0 of the largest Church of the with i family a has 1 2 How and 1 re the of 1 f Well a met xxx fax in Abl fat a 1 ewer a 1 a a dipper Hon a 3ifi11 remit a to we it or december and May n september bearish a n t fur her promoted it it Neath for threshing i d by of Vav fur from the Mart he Felt Hwa meant for am its a queer world and not the leapt of a Lorient 8t. St wanted to cum it Piri Tueipi. A Well the entertaining thing in it Are the a. J a a a of. Id. # at i i nir6 it no Picu id in j a a Quot a a a Zines on subjects one knows nothing Hohal a Meam v a that Kitty had go a swelled for a mental vacation we recommend 0na Day Cam a Slicker a Swart City Guy music to the financiers the Beautiful Home i a kit. He or by a or e. A. A a he. By. To stay Here eat he. I Mere Folly you and country life periodicals to the wild a Law us the very first train to our Bright hoi of a Hristian eur a Wilt worship a Walt re lab his vacation at this Church in the evening. Scientist science to the literati and out Lywood. My Friend Charlie a. Win say it in i Scie Nelsis vie nut Vul lit ? books at your Rax in Hong charms. Door life magazines to the women m to j pm Lancg a i use playing cards or knitting Needles instead of their brains. The turning tendency Loris us phantasmagoria will fad Anay Back to their farms. A a Dueer a Lall Palusa i ii certainty make you a mar. For i want to say Kitty p a really a pity that you be he a. Where you Are. There is rather a worrying tendency nowadays there goes that word again ground so spoke saying Quot realty now. Fred your idea of a joke i in rather had Taal you must really make hate and Tell the Young lady the text a lawyer who is Al of an tenth is tic Chicken fancier spend Mueh Money coddling blooded Lien that Are usually too h s a Ria to work. Aava 1 prix Story in judge. On year he had several to a if i 9 r a fitted id the hts to not of Lavers it liter fit n or after Dion ing a returned empty handed to a i search for egts. A had about Given up hop to on the morning of i birthday a. Was delightfully surprised to f a d four Beautiful Pearly Etc in rising pin nest. A quickly gathered them a i inning just How triumphant in he would show them in sceptical w of. Not in i reached the door of the to i and to Yodel a Orlum not i be pen cited greetings Quot birthday g dec ing from the Obi in. Broadway Chr Lauan let or it ii Willard a. Guy Paa or # 4. S school it of a. R a St a. Lermon Tope the flew Arf of a in Quot 7 Oft p. In a Endeavor ring. S co Al nor k w or p St t he rent Ai a Gnu meth it list Clit re i pm Spring. I or to methodist i pm Scop i Chireh of e Mcguire pastor. 4y s m sunday school. J i Oft a. Rns rce with or j Mon Quot keeping Faith with j 7ftft pm Epworth a his i vice he St. John a Cathedral episcopal 3 a Oft a Rny morning Pra it a no service Are Bein he month aside from the it o clo it k service Dean Allen is spec Ltd Home from Hie european visit August 2. And Alt service will be resumed the first sunday of a tember. Nitrai West Export Trade up in Domestic Ltd also As an higher prices. Provisions were with hog values losing pm r 1 wheat 8pl a1 it or 1 May it �?Tort1. Kept 7ft&Quot-e, May. Oats kept a 1hs my 11 e. I a Rdv kept1 i ibo ept a Quot i Tedy Hun v a re rep Tik i gli4h Cli in turn Fiffi 0 in.? up. I Vinc f kit a. Of w a f0f in. Elf it la i4 a by to f. K 0 in of j Ivy a i 0\i 11 to m t 9 a v 51 Ortii Fri to f car to it f t info who a. 7. Hin in i fit w Warr a 1 bt., per no of a t v of an a a a a or a Al ppr to of h he n 4 Iii til a h the i n in b y his in or a tiv la i m of k e then Etc real lady with Amoul Dreng glance and listened a while was ready to Yod a of this budding Romance till finally out of the Bael aah ssi of j it 1 a. A a a 11 maw Vout a a. ,. 1 i _ v Oft p. M a evening Are View working Arr Myftiu Quot the markets Kan a Cit Kansas pity. Aug in no 2 Herd Ftp of $1 it 11 it a i Fly rom no i who. Sjo 7 veil of. <7ts5e or xxx. S 2 it ?3 no. 2 urn Market unchanged. By Tbs aft or. Financial livestock a Paul lutheran Church Arthur by. Knud a. Pastor it 47. #. sudsy school a Foft a. . The a tor a returned from i vacation to View with alarm Little movements of i of that hunk for of time you were packing your group of human minds. How Many traveler trunk my Der Ash proceeded a this really exceeded i usual line. Times in the last month have you read Tho j it a it a a. A sad phrase a if this tendency continue such and such dire conclusions will come to pass a the Silver lining to the modern Tenlen. Is generally known nth a wandering jew. A whet if woes lust so far and then i of new Mexico is is mat. G j Kim there any works of authorities on this a a our b a. B. C., Seattle. Wash i he to to Bra stops tending in that direction. There has been a tendency for example on the part of Young women to keep inf a a \ t on working outside the Home after mar i with audience Wath speaker temp and kept interrupting by the North Carolina Boll by Vii at last a hired an expel fighter to 1<arp order. That bight he a trusted the Content of Home life with the squalor of drunkenness. A what i it tee want when we return Home from our Dally toil a a fucked. A what do we want to Burden to Gladd a our no smile to our face and to top on to our no Little i known Ata the ast and i j 1, , of a or effect and a they were a Busy tribe of lad and Las-1 to eth Vole of the to went shout building Village and then fill it w. In or gov Verv a Ikird at and w j1 Fondue the service Hoth Era be Lect sir a Wor to it it a Rcd Pondant 11 a a Tell me in meth g about the a a ruin Are they Accel lie to the rail a end even a. Quot the most morning Freetown morn in theme i t re. In Junior end Rohror Christian idea or eoe1ts will meet at the Church Topi Quot in Quot to cd on to life Quot 7 i pm a Wor help the Peter will get til in on the fare of Christ a mall Street total Stock sates ?.ft4.ftft or a Twenty Industrial Ai eroded 07 32 net anon High l. A 1 or re 1 oar a a St Railroad averaged to gain .42. High 1023, 0�?~> Kwh �?o6.7 8. It 66 a lil Cago chime aug is 1 �?T5 depart ment of agriculture hog be juts e. Too m irk of a a a aet and Eloic kind scarce Stead to weak mixed and packing a grades steady to Good Ami choler i 1� a a \ it us is. 3ft w k 6 i bulk dear Nils 23ft 1 switchers. 17. It it ? i keeper of Alt this happened a Long on working Ria go. Tile Peim to arc sure that pretty soon there will be no More children. But that tendency a already shown sign of turning. And As it is not really a pendulum coming right straight Back a1-1 Noppe. Or a dug out by Root Quot a treats it. _ it . On. My them full of and time a go and worn people think the and a put into tim Village to prevent the Wall falling Down win the boy wet out Hunting you might Send for Quot the Aztec utne and who ruined pro on that a a tiny. Beer a out a k Xci with two men Are killed in d. Amp r. G. W. Wreck i Ira to congregational Church Georg a Weber pastor a. school. #. M. Worship. Sermon h in Quot Sharif a 7 Foft p. lift Deavor a vie. Ways on the same plane hut a sort of spiral coming Back always a Little higher up what happens is that the Busine girl puts her business sense on the problem of Home and babies and her babies Are better brought up a a Rule than a those of them quoth Quot or Vor 1 l0l c 1 Ali a a jul to. Home keeping 1 rom without. Asili. In i Quot it col in nil a. A of to win a us Pueblo colom a presumably today s Sesi thought Ane. La. Two tramp were kid Early t i morn s when i it ver and r o grand Western freight Ami Jet Cava there Are tendencies in modern cd in Steps Victor. A a Ltd re a a let of it i a to Tjon xxx hich if continued. Might i and Berry results. But after the tendency to manual training has gone far enough to i follows so it train it in a it Bright a a i in Anat son from tit Goepel it i la it tribute of Sydney Smith. Ivr a Lei Iii<1 at tex Creek. Lour freight Cai Slid int the Aikan a River at first it a not b tex Dony Ort had i it ii hut i by. Tiff it Iii wreck a Crew had worked to Short time the of the two men were discovered buried in Thiv . The Haft but yet hot in Reyo \ to from Tho tit Bra. Mirs Ltd height Board of Trad building Corr try Fornell and knit Central no Nii Vesper Aero Ltd will a it held. A Binning it 7 0ft p in. The follow. My program Iii Bern arranged a just for today John Lowland mis Fay i a w talk. Quot re Roll -1&Quot of Harding col. D. K. R. Seller. Vrr Nozette Quot doing Good by the Rev. In w. Vinier. New Yolk aug. I Ward movement in Stock lined further headway 1 to today to Ltd a Tot a ii fifth a lift of rising Pele Speculator for the Advance encountered Little reset pc a1 though there w a profit Tak c in some of the Lead Ink induct Ria i b Fth or trader hut tile offering it Well a Orbea. Bullish sentiment want in ted by the opt Mitaiie ton of the weekly mercantile review and the Hulk 4 it j t n h a a top is r a a to 32-Pound bulk pack i ing sows $ it r.6ft a tim a ted the up by to e my n i prices >.�?oft8 4 it medium 7, tight. S 7.3ft n 6ft Light i to s r. packing sow Ai $6,27. N 6.7 3 packing of ftft7? 6.27 killing pig. I son. Stid receipt . Cared with week no reef of value to Ell above 11 i Lings a Hove til m a 11 a fat so Stock ice to i i Oft a for Sale 7h?j i Quot 413 a i it no i t f e k it x ,1 i Dirah higher a Guilry Tori note. In a 1 4 -5 a ,1 Loffi id i soft Quot ass got Rob Arn if to Whit of East it ret. Re de i -1 of of to an by o Igma opera a a a f a tor and the miners representative 3 n a on of it resume their Delobe Gilt xxx a it s tid Favot King condition a Atlantis City next monday strength and activity it others around of end top n a a t Best it raiding i m and cutt i a a to it i higher Hull and around steady desirable and feeders 27. Higher if in id w in i a Hunt to Quot in. La 1 i rat her 11 is hitch via by Quot in mantel l Oon. Luuy can it Hurch Carl scam id. L Astor it .30 a. In. Sunday Imol. Ft30 a in Sci x in in id a Man language. To aft a tis. So i it m "8 in English in Sung. Of Cut Leo v tvs ii calve. Min a Quot a 11 Nek Arol feeder. Yjih. Slier p receipt 2.00ft. I Quot a t he suggested professional to unit a i follow reef steers Horn the mock closing in a point1 hutches rows Ami higher at i 22 1�. American a an. Also closed at a net Gam of pm it of innately two Point while i a Lilied Sixte steel a pit bed vip i i % a and Studebaker improved Frac a Market t motor Issue we in c ,.�?�.< Trong demand upon publication of Mound 4.000 the Semi annual earning report a Quot a a kit a showing that be income in the first Xix Mouths of in year totalled $2,072 531. Or More than the Iota pro rim Forth full year i go. Let and i ft22 a it me of v adv a need t to $1 1 i 1 t it of t it re or. I Hoar of is it Reant. Plan tit sep # to ill Yon a pasturing ? it Atli. Quot his �>7��?� >11#�?� w ii Ira Ria q top for rent office Roew doubles fat i to Quot s i i a la j feeding lambs and to $ i Hight rag <1 a pro higher 11 3 00 8 13.7 i 2 a 13 Tiff . Korber in Putren i Iff a a room i fit Era lev steady Western lambs s14.00 medium Sii lift. For week direct bub Rem fax. Est Ern run. 10 a j _ to yarn pared with Feriv j vet it. A uglier Cults. Becco i Ai pm Memnon a Vav it i Ling 7 o j Quot a Cait. Stockers Roc to Ion rent a Western Lamb i dlr pm $ i v att a nut Ive-,1 chamber Phene 4 bulk top. I Tup $ a. Ii of bul is i to a Alft. It or p left a Kiuei i. I Mutt Aid a

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