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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - August 15, 1923, Albuquerque, New Mexico Albuquerque morning journal a of Piet 11, i $2$ Albuquerque morning journal Asho Normal business relations with her neighbor it takes these Moil pm nations a surprisingly Long time to learn that Industrial and rum Mercial nation a Rich not by Kitling each others business but by sup Matt in Eric for Elf minting each others production and trading with each other i or Richer the it it a and it i Teota the More Genii you can sell him a la a a _ a a Nyrl a. R the Yon t a a St it if the new president does t come oot Flat footed for your pet Hobby immediately. Don t impatient there Are others Market i melt Nard tourer to a a a Europe i i i of ? a Tom it a i tote v h Tauc amp a. In eco in do n t it r Arap i i a Tribu had rpt Tux a to in ant pentane a i Motif at Var it of ainu a Quot k m., Atta Jet err it i Undine under aet of con gee of March or nil. �?�vmcift1 on hates one Mouth by a a met or Wah Rerp a Ummi a. A. F t m nit. I emf a him. By the Way of the British dairymen in. Ilell Arr about the it will jump in with fill o a t1 hat they the a big. Advertising Campaign to follow file try a a Hilt. There nothing in the new Law to Iii Fettu Reee Evee to t Gilt in refer Ani prevent the Kipper from sipping a or Lite advertising matter that a of a of milk while Mother gossip Over her sat of a Quot Quot ?-stxs.i bather twi Hay Nrrma. I a win by Char Tot at for air and r a. 0 you but it a tragedy to him. A mu8kr or the As Sci ated a the a mod ted pre to Itomi Ajr Jujj Ritj to a foreign shipping yes it. America the. A thumps pm Quot a Atou has Bern dried and found v acting. Homs of you Iotamo on tvmyywm6 a Mick yes ormer a i i a Ili by oud Lane in the i of it in in a a Ltd a i of i t a $ in i f Iii i5hr to ims 1&. To % of in 11 of ult by. I i a a in ref of ter the r �-4 of f it c00li0gf. Hafics lib info Purley i fibs f la Sipi asset v a. Vij a a a a. V., r of\j2wv-d or v a 4 m or a i 7 a 4 in self or tint otherwise credited the tos it it urn or in a a a a a a a l1�> at. go / it an in a a Quot / a it v2�?Tv. a . \. Rvark Quot risk it in stn0>m� a it of of irs in tilt Ahi i a Arf say it a Tat awol tim i h imm to Sci s Kameg it Hui tue americans new president takes opposite end of Biri Council Tab to his accustomed place it i to of it a a aft is. Int Europe a theater of War comes close to putting on a Contin iou performance. A a a a Pittsburgh Man wants a divorce because his wife has been neglecting him if there is any is Ante a Man it is to have dinner ready Quot and nobody there to eat it. A a a in the language of the Kitchen at Thi time of year. Europe wont jell. Tramp i nerf for a few Dav a United mind. A having multiplied Mark until thy Are gained. R a. -rif.,Eek. Worthies. Germany might adopt Henry hearts were turned in in s r Fords idea of issuing currency against her ing to the vision of what it Nign Mea Waterpower and other natural resources for Man to give his life for his Friend. A a few moments of reverent quiet spent Why does no to some enterprising Automa a few morn i Yorr Nunn 11 insurance concern Start insuring both nation last Friday afternoon All coi virion mind Haart and soul concentrate on the great mystery of the passing were in themselves a purification. Concentration to car diff Fop Golf. Furthermore if there is the ration it has been Aid it thing since equal suffrage that it and Wilson and Coolidge and Many other a a thoughtful Peop o. Ppd a it. Iou Awakening a new grip on the Pitt in the death of redder to Harding they Fyk. At it s ris7re?t Al raw a it to pc Huv. T Saip liesg5 a to <70 about the Pat to Arr in act Tay it tem Mish off of 5 till it to of. \ or it k it \ la "0?%% a i 1 mob farm pessimism estimates dog oot it Koot a Man in a i a or St up ref Der. R a Ltd a n y a of a gun m i mr>v<1 the the enl of r. Ato prob Bly la bring Forth in i org on ass tor Many no Driver a to fill up a it my of thir ghz to nov. Ass a Printer on a or As a mph a r ?4# the ath net. A it it i let us this Quot the ><1 for in Guy a a a did interested economist a it. The toa1 value of american farm a Urs or. A a mov a from in int i or thit year will 60 per cent a mow Opont on a Fem Nam or Ana a tar higher than the average value before the a a it War. also finds that the Farmer a sex elves have gone up less than Fin per cent. Tho Farmer May a Little worse off than other clashes but evidently not enough to justify All the pessimism prevailing among the farming population and voiced in recept month by i i it Vic in it th9 of Ithai Topio # of Haw a and a Chil perhaps the Farmers real grievance i a a a not that is worse off than was a or ago prof or in compiling a it fore the War. But that is not so much dictionary of a language tha h a in Dot i for better off As other classes of producers. A a tote. A it hound uus to Road and Prak ult h it has been shown recently that Industrial a in Guam and Babi Tau to a d Reading coworkers Are getting twice As much pay a hearing Joksan about r n and prohibition. They got before the , while to i a Tomasito acid Anor the i a Guy it of a pay Only 53 per cent More for living sex us a pense.?. A a a the typical Farmer is both a Workman i and two it i Uniak and a business Man. It is Uncertain just jut aft or. Bryan had a so that Underwood How the average business Man Bas fared it a than Smith the prohibition off Barbut his income probably gives him a Little turd two is of when Fly Bein a a-1 to town in a less margin of profit than the wage nag a. Under Ood # earner compared with his pre War in i Frinc bowl is or. In to bad so or m the King Rome and a Little More than the Farmer. I gi1l9l the first thing hound a it i to la b no m a v \ a j wok t n r r a id Thi r to i or 1 a h t a of Ltd a by <1 in t a p i up it ittle a Benny s Mote Book by a a a ape i to Rollo a aptly i act a a a i aril it Hap in a n to # Nhav a a Little laughter j mind 1 which the Rand. H.? if v. In Chi put to and found 11> i lip St a to in jiving from St tan log. A a info the Nam and nil a bar Horn a flt a Dulf n or it via sch Ira it Tift Ltd Felt a or k i gov a some no to a a of toted it v a t a Fly to Filiti a n f the favourable. A a pit rep i cent rat West r it get i it it. Hood is upping d Beld Oats. Provision r a it in Nasa of h a a a Uei a losing prices 4 to heat a of i la us % May j i i i 4 Irno rcpt.7 6 in May. Ii . I a a. A a or of. 5,i a i s 4 a j i a sept it i of p. it $47.�?T. inn a 4rit 1 ifs a fit a a i 1 i Ltd a 2 hard 9 s a it it 1 to t i All Iff a it i i s.1 by s in a 8 i it 2 mild v it a Mark it Tine a Livest ilk flan i f"1 1 a us 14 ii a i men of of 1,-ult Reta Cpl 1 a. Deil 1. I inns a v i 5 c higher 1 it it i"4 Patky distend brie a bulk n of a a a it a a i it 1 45 Tup to Abl 2 a a to. 5 2 5 pot i $7 Joh 8 11, i soft 6 f it f 1 i Wop of a Aroon i Vav Abt bog$7.3. Of 4 it ��0 $ i 1 i cd at est ugly 1. It it la ii my i a a tiv i i/1.i.c a a us to of har it. D i f i i la i id j in c it a i 11 Din in it in 1 # ii in Bra of. Ltd int i Lardent Pim a Dent Coo Are for jul i 11 u i Liu i it put leu apr ? r r i no Mon and i a i. Hattid Bank air it Lim it a Hir to Gila of two to Titre a pts la v n4 Ann. No Tony ? and by ? imitate f tax i Quot do f j n r y a a not r mid it get by a a it or t Bai ,. The or h1 in a Navong you c can giant you h 1it a m Tat Salt fit t. Id bought i High a was a or to fit Colv a How p a a wet Fiti n the a r a off h 4 it j,.,. Having up 1 in hts not a aet to a sn-i�.,. N mad Good Reooy-1 i. Paul and Southern la a i Heth had a a Tahr a Nom i -. To l Acord for la year of i and nil respectively v r Ltd at net g tin of Apia by a Point each. It i f n h a Coolidge reported to by completely in approval will preliminary budget submitted to him of int an had Nard Pip i to Tel i i one step enough a to War clvi1l<j pants and up h a try to to in Hgt it. Thing by id a Nuj Alepha to a a if tha gov mint it Tarante tha farm a a proc for wheat May no not Alto vat it to guar it a i bum writer a a Ady inc. Rny it r. But to atm. Gov to aaa Urane that nobody Ayu it a is of car a Tion a a a hav been watching tha Polios court for a that seems to the catch in All the Las a a t1 Quot Ute 1r ser of table rapping a a Phenomena stuff. Grant of apr a Ding Quot to was going my than is Man that these things happen Why assume hour. And connection with the souls of the Deli Dent of i and a recent prize offered for any one who can prove communication with the dead suggests the same old questions. Once upon a time radio music would have been considered supernatural. Now it is recognized As Only too earthy. Fin or Ai nor la Pant i it ,1, a it quoth i Gat kinked a 1 says the Buffalo tit so Ltd Al Witk shr a i Fig rate a Yoe i nearly ran Over those Tao i a sing proc a .<1 Tbs f Elal. A til kt5i #4> pc to sugar . Nit or you a a Vee a in a car. Pan. If g to the car. And a a i i Arr i 0 of j of it h Iti a 111 i i i a amp a my at a your broke Ora it n guitar a a. Poll trip Tai of. I an can Tel. Tel a Eib 11 it to la the to half of f i aft Quot 1 a 1. A i 4 r n up i parted when the magician at the children a party eat the half Dollar and then takes it out of his shoe everybody laughs and is mystified but nobody thinks the trick cite to the ghostly presence of the late aunt Jane. Moreover it seems reasonable to sup a Quot-55\tztznzw tour t pump of ii a a War a a k 1 rip. Let n a i a of Quot to Himor in do a Hiu err 1 to it a it h pro a hrs a i a Pla cps a it his in mar wha Vou do Sruv no a there a it a in it Volam your the run. Tee t h Quot aha to in ? diet a a hah i a a a to Ipi r 4 a pc a it 4 it in a and in it up4 or r i i 11 a or Tnp carvings 11 it it bulk Ca ii t �4 s Sod a Loti torn 3 27 bulk bes Volt Halfor to 40 a 4 or. Few tip t is in 4 1 rom 1 25c 1 a Toto i or to ct4# $ 8 in i $41 i tors in one of it �?�4 12 to rib pm 11 0h c pm Ftp tit. Fat Etui i to Al to p i n sting to j i to i i in n a to penalty Tot to it it i a lev i a cd a i inquired i or a it amp Isi a i it a f 4 a i j Triumph an i any pert it do. I Fin air it it j a a a of b i it Ppd i Kin is cd trip egg n Dan it i third a Ltd a a Phi int i i in her it a no a. C v on com r r a it a v 11 nit j.4 i 1 1 m a Kin of t a i i 1,0 la a p in Orion 1 Opp r. I act a a in la. Pacific. A Iii it it c is of St a 11 i in go. Mil it ii into a upper. To. Is 14?, 1?. ,. a Faut pad i in i in a dip the it 1 James j. Joffri won from Jim Chi Belt to a bout for the Chaty it of la nor d it Jeff knocked Corbett mow in the tenth round rippling rhymes Fly Walt Mason n in v k. J something would a it fax tonally sent which would tend to Benefit Mankind. But while people who Are working steadily on this plane at poems or inventions wherewith they Hope to help their Fellowmen Are often conscious of a sort of inspiration which forward.? their work the definite messages of mediums never seem to of any importance. Studying these Phenomena As natural forces might Lead somewhere. Doing the Days work would seem to i Baldridge Lee Scotts Harrr Butner i pol and Tho useful thing. It is far More Apt to mgt a Catherine Field. Lead to happiness and vision of the Dis a a a. A. A a or r. F can returned 1# the Cit >#�0 Dot at or an a tend a v sit on thru rom if the a a a b0�?T "st2�?T a Irh or maid prot my. Elop a Slocum f aught a Quot to d vac dry and Fok Quot Home a the Antic. i a Cong ices prod to Tow Lovely How and Corbett Accord motioned to ref a in to top the fight. A a a the officers who a vah a cd at Iava pm in launch the wet kids on it municipal or a a s a Parade and d tire to to Nar Margarito ,. To a a three cheer for g mayor Bonimano Ca Ateilano marshal Florentino a cd had a f j m on toy a clerk Juan a Secund no Romero. I. \ a Lade quoth cd a h. Ala tar and or. B. M thu Llagas a a a among the Albuquerqu Young pop it who Mill attend Stanford University the year Mif i in the markets by the Amelim rr.#, financial Tant scene than attempt to Force visions in undue time or under undue circumstance. Marks and francs a a a h. A Porter a wealthy Stockman Reading in Denver and who i interned in vial min in the Rel torah Paad through the City yesterday on his Way from Magdalena to i Home. A a a the Albuquerque Brown a went yesterday to Al lid , where they will meet Thel in no team n n a it its of to o Samer the players a Mcdonald Ai a1 a Quot Laden and fun Alt thin a forsaken to Quot cd a Democrat who i is his dec and Bacon and _ a a More. Than amid in Clad som riot of plaudits and a. 4m in a Bitt no sad Quot a 4ju1ea d forget Dir i Frau him sitting grim and sober. In Mvi a a through my Beard a Tho seventh or eng in Harca bad Al on 1 october la this a or ii a it option of the gasoline i car it-1 que ered. For on who. Basked a joint War to fifteen Middle a Fri Riche thro Srb All by Dav i atreus players Lasky my or. Fir Cut Northern pad. I. A. I a a a a 1 a Ai Bon i vip Quot a r int. Mer Marine pfd., Keno Ott a. A Missouri Pacific pad. Nevada a Opper. Now to k it Antral a a a a North in Pac Fie. Pacific Oil. To Sii Vrr Crison Petroleum Penn vhf a n is. Tiny Coppet . Republic i rot4 f intr or a refitting. Southern Pacific. J sri it Boro railway. I Studebaker a or Porat on i Texas c pm pan i Nion Pacific. United Fratea rubber. Isi a i 1 a n Iii s a Al i run it ii a ii a 3 i Kon 43 to t4 a a 4 4 i a ii r a d Vebi ii i 1 a Avail Street total a of a sales. F>4 Ftp shares. To in to a a Stralis averaged 33,19 net Cam. .15, High 19"3 j 105 a a. A 91, i a <�.1 a Tail t Wen ti4 railroads ave or a 3 \ h Copper. Net Clin Quot i. Nigh 1323. 0.33 Low to is. I vow York loner new tor aug new York aug 14, d a steady. High ruling rate Hatt to 4 it i tit City aug 14 j oar it of Gric i 4 21.000 Ltd better Grad beef ate Al Ling steady other fed Western grasses Stead or. Top weighty a r a i it is t 1 u to the aft Bull and calves i steady most Bologna bulk $3. It fin4 practical to a i get Vii 19 do fess to sit per i 1 i hogs receipt 11,Ona, m i it in to 25c higher hipper Packer Tot i of bul. Left a a Pound average t to. Khz j arable lid to 250-Pound a Era a i $<i 7.05 packing sons mostly 15.75fl k.2s piles steady to Strong a Hulk 3 of Quot # k 4 i she a receipt 5, to. i it co Rig to i a to 14 in too it i id #. La 7 Quot it 11 Odd by Rich Ca natives i s of $12.od better grades u 1 in til r.a<1 i 1 5d Hep r to she i higher Colorado ewes ii a a a feud my 11 my 112 2 aug. 14. A prelim in a for then it up prov a i by pm to pro i�4 total of for a v mar c arive Mer t ,.<?�?��?� in Rte Ner Tepen As 1 a a died und ruin. And prove on Etta in inf of the a ported to by my a fetal to approx i car old t4 wan sri my by is f i int it i a Al to in unit during the4 Juja is and to j it a com plot n Ltd a in Sny i a it rive budget Bur conference with the Day that the Aeger in o payment a a lid by advised of the nor a the r44 4�atn a Phish a the r final a that basis Curry county will protest move to raise assessments it Rio n 14 Cnair cd it f a pm Filiti 102 4 4 b x 12 st1a a it o s t Sam Denver den4 it in ? dec i in ant of v i i it ult net. Hoe a a its average around 28? i higher or 5�?�"� higher than yester Days Tow time top 18.75 for one i s Toad 210-Pound Butcher better j a i Grade too to 240-Pound averages t 14 a11 Monck in $ a it o. Plainer kind a Quot it it and 45 bulk of salts. Is Oost 8,50 \ A a of it try today Adon sting a Cain s?.>� e i in Conin Quot is Ion a a a i a a a 4 to Standard o i 0 22 similar Hottott s a stated to ilk adopted by the Cui to count n Bureau and tit tax Pajet a a of r t Monroe in protest against a raiding of hts is based on pro at in a a in i Liveston i by past to Quot o veal a tex i Ain f a Ami i sen on a do Lecatis ?. Of rpre#entat1v j th4 a ors rations la a a r hearing before the 5-Tat# to of for formal presenta Fern Ost and sub this to tag Lone a was nid Tod 1 it. Hen she i a a Ting liver in j View Low i Aab Gek. The s used to j a i Are la gnaw male. nor. Rtt Letb. Hilweg. I. A Naush pc rho a i Stead of Ca a Iii. In r to men t a d it it noon yesterday governor of appointed hta wifi u a her Tov in a id a Piv Fenry entombed but so �?Tn�#4 misfit matches arc nearly always doomed a a a # miss ass la Len Ert Alicd a no mtg or of a Bias Gorman Mark near Tho vanishing Point in value French francs and English Points fall too. They do not sink so much but they sink in sympathy enough to drive Home the lesson to everyone Wuy font Merritt. Quler and Cosgrove whose mint is not shut to economic truth. A # a the influence i Felt More by French finance because it is More closely linked Joa pm a. Cardington to i per n it ii German business. A a a it it in Quot 4 a Quot a u 11 nr>4 it is another indication of the fact so often lost sight of by Germany a enemies since the War. That they cannot profit by in with it the bom it Mise j Wiig to a Germany a ruin. French Prosperity obvious enough to almost anybody bul French statesmen depends very largely on German Prosperity. Only by the restoration of German Industry and the establishment of German Money on a sound Bari a an the French people Hope to get from j and gave it for i opinion that whoever their enemy what is due them by Way of a could make iwo ears of it to or two Blades of grass War reparation. And even if that debt j to grow Apon a spot of ground where Only one grew were paid it would doubtless continue bebop would deserve better of in an Klod. And do True that the economic destruction of More essential service to his country than the whole Germany would infinitely it of Quot a Tosa Tumi Amirr. France than the restoration of Herman. Will seen Dot Over bitches in Ebin a a. Frugal was. The Stern bord Leggit g fitter angry in h4 # 1 it. And so is hell never both a in help or with by Roll. A she picked the Village drayman a says. With palls a Well. Let her Man make sri cd and pm Arbilla a Lier haughty heart ill i of the in mph qui or Rind grief her for will j were on Tho \ offered n i up a rent b a Clos-1 Good Packer sow in Ostly a a Ltd r bbl Norri a a it Loar 4 a per cent. F,.w. A. A kind. Go drag $7.t&Quot, milk Call Loans a first acceptance. $�,00 Stag. $5.50 Stock up and a it Thorn Stales. tilt t print. Regt a. old few fat pigs 85c Early part of today a Stock Market a Jinn firm Max a col a at. $k.50 feral to and of a r. per in four and i month sup a a opt. Rec of hut a brisk covery ret in i oars Rue the close with net a tit Excel ditto do losses in the final quoi Tione. a of so o i in v 4 Arnm pained by reports of another in mind it it it in prod cont tent crude pro cd and rumours that so toe refining a no a Nieset of bankruptcy. Part reign Schange a attly a receipts add Cal a Quot too. 5>t�r a it i carting Ead it to 25c higher dry fed kind showed Advance. Two Toad fed mixed vearling. 11 0.30 n 10.50 Hettum mrs Ann ii Kra or. Load general co Mel to 1 a _ York Bull Dir Sod and Trade compensation urn ice r Mireau. No become Legal adviser to some too workers. N. A ,t4k. Aul. 14. A i o reign sex Grade aha it Roll to High t01mts Best Tiou git Rattlesnake ten feet Long killed k Lim r Don. Mast tit to a j4?11�vnak�. One of t1 a i. I Ever found in Section a killed by m la in Intel last a a to b i rut North of the in v or a inf no a Snake Ine Jaared a a feet an1 Trad were establish i la if conin1 it t and j preferred i Billups pro Ticora and heft Liera. Marland Mobile states. I Maracaibo t an Continental in a Vincile. Ski ill and White Eagle. A lip tim ranging front on to til a a Pointe. Substantial recovery front the Low prices of the Day was made in meet cases however before the close. Wall St a a apparently i per Rdv cd by recent development in Europe. The reaction of the foreign Exchange a which arc generally regard a a a Good car Ltd mtg try of the rend of Busine. My pol it i Al thought abroad a a slight in Dent a rid Sterling held i so ride around la abut Tench Irreg its. Great Britain and $ Ltd Khz cables 1 a franc demand. 8.5r Cable. To Itaev demand 4.28 Cable. 4,2 Belg Iuni demand. 4, Abies i h. Use Runny demand. .00004 cab a .000042. Holland demand so 27 cables 39.30. Norway demand , Sweden demand 7 2. Denmark demand $ is.55, Evv Itherland demand 18.00. Spain demand is.58 Greece Den Thi 1,80, Poland demand 0004 u 4 a Chosso Akia Dan Mill 2.93, j ,.e, 4- la i demand Vul i a a of .00 ll1, dint a Den and argentin demand in. Brasil demand 10.00, Montreal it in 1 ii Joti 2 ii a a a a a mostly let Ltd Coj 4 03 cwt poorly graded 4 nod in 7 5 i 45 cwt Karns Quot picked Earl Quot p rally graded Xiv i it ii i k5 4 Quot m a r p picked 1111 mums. A Melv fab a so a 1 e4 a. A a a a cwt or other kind Steed Wyoming try is cow. Or to few grass Roe -4 of of Tiik other. $1 int it 5 "0 other killer Cia a steady few canner. Quot ft0 Odd fat bulls $5.00 desirable realer mostly around $x,0 St it Eia and feed steady to 25c higher Wyoming 17 receipts 1,400. No . B n or 1 cent High. Cent expected arrivals unloaded beat Light lambs nominally mint Able at $11,154? i of Choice Ewe Fqy 4.21 Kansas tit Karma City. Aug. I -creamer1 4 5 c. Eggs Sod poultry unchain a. 0107 la u produce opt 2 4.4 Quot i 2 i one half inches and had francs broke to 5 4 v Ben another one an. 13 rattle and a Button. my a a ured i 1-2 inches Amiul the body and his Fang were i 1-2 inches Long and resembled eagles claws. Tho reptile was a oiled a ready to sprit g at or. Finley dog when discovered but or. It of Quick Vav or. With h a 1 to i the dog new Low Fop to time id belgian Franca registered a nominal loss. Both made partial recovery later while Herman Mark actually showed a net gain of thirteen Points a in the Day. Brine quoted at 40 cent a million the Quick Cove pm in today s Market sailed in Mao Quarter for Quot us id Booty Bond sex a Quot i. Ane. 1 1 Bond closed. Berend 4. Arc d 4 11 p. $9 �?�.7 third to. A t. Fourth n01, $ 9 2 s. T the i v i la Chicago Ket higher stand try. It. F a�?�6 h 1 Bien a it aug. Butter id in. Fir maty extra i a. To Quot a extra firsts Jota j 1$ a 39c seconds. 5kb 1 i t it new York it Olton new York. A in. 14. A Quot a ton spot steady. Middling. 25.65. Cotton futures closed firm i 38 to �?�1 42 i fee. 2 4 9 i a in 1 to 24 18 March 1 a my t ii in Quot i i to n Evv York Metal York. Or 1 i i i cd <10 to 14 to i i 4 a Opp pot and fit Grain i lil Ragn Board of i Rad Chicago big. 1 1 t or the fit tune m near a week the a in at egg Market unchanged celts 13,368 cases. Poultry alive Hll Hor. Fowl i 6 to 23�?T-sc broilers 2te Springs. 28v9c roosters l in. Rotator a slightly weaker. Receipts Ici car total p. S. Shipment 483 cars. Up it and i soul sacked Inch bidders i. It i to i up. Iron-1 in d Zin i u in. Spot and future i Cady prices unchanged steady spot $6,60# 6. Steady East by. I mils to h i nearby Deli i cd. A _25. Antimony a spot $7.8 1, bar Silver 83 do m ii til do i in i a

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