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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - August 14, 1923, Albuquerque, New Mexico Albuquerque morning journal with my Cleveland loses the opener to Philadelphia fourteen to three but wins second eight to six Philadelphia. Ant is and 41 a>44 a double healer Witk n today riffing the i to a Lorr toeing the opener 14 to 3, the Tieton a a the the out of four on a aerie speaker to la second gum hit Homer Aith to on base. Do Quot my i Faerie from the mount loth fourth inning in Iii opening Gam the o but Iti pounded o alanine Birt la the rat f to inning. No of 1h Eland a. A if x a. R National league Nett Fht Ama new Torfe pm i in nigh inn nil Char a go. Brooklyn . Lout tthfc4d#tgfc p in Al. V. american league Natl Ith 4 1 All a. F pet a a teak f i # a 0 la 1 4 . Leu. T f a nit. I will .0 a .46ft a i am m. I # a am Iti a a Pabila Dauphil Boe tan 4 i442 a ,. Klik Ai .4�?T a who of Thi v pow vhf cd Iphi i Quot 4 i -1 i n re 44 s fit a of p i to bad Doltl la. I Hitaf a i. I Aat i g i Iaia. I no bet pfc Mac Quot of g of 1j la of wildcats los Weinert takes to Coos score count of 1�?~&Quot is six to four is crashed again i body win i i m p4d to to Tut int la hut the youth Atun Chi Hor the fluid of an a to Ort and dim i Opp Bent to i Ovett Avoine took i room n that Otid round on i in hot i when Harow. in Appart that i strength had Bern sapped by the Ary mow that sent his a j Down and the ref to the w that Folio a was Only a finishing East Roma Avenue furnishes Circle drive for a twists of any Motorist making Oil of Ftp Tutti conf a no to Tho i Iii vell Eity of a a Moth tic no. North to la la a no a. West on Ili a Noma to a hat reel and int a Outh to Kaat Central the amp n orm paving to Prat Tichy completed from the count in Clat i. T a a a f addition to link cast dr�#�1 Bellman and Matteucci in Luis Annot Firpo of South Rill a a a a a a a. A Gage in a Mound Dud. America knocks out new a a a Ltd Wark Boxer in Quick Lime Danny intr. The Jeu Fiat i he Tiloff baht weight of Han i a gloom impurities to i on of i i n oily. If a a a speaker. Of Primm. Of Pow a i ?phf4�a, la i ski la i Rhos. In a a a a Miry a a a a a 0�?~t. Cook troll i. A i of Leaf. P a j of by p a a a a rom i a 2 # 3 ii a a 0 i 1 4 full 0 a a 1 3 n a 9 in of took la rond $ Rio h by hitting i in Eton third in the a hater i Horn run. Inning of the Maul Mol my with Mott i on Ivy thu a Roll ugh a i if 1 i u hot 1 Quot no rank rally a r Chia a 91# up j we 022 909 991- ,. A a Patter a Maek a nip re Haik us chary of Bael. Berend Tam i tit ago a to a Oodeery beaten by Pitts Oreh ?. In final Gam of from which the former emerges victorious the cub tanned a wild a a a y Rete iday. In i they a f Ihu i a ism. lug of the Lith. The i tit i Iti Fly a Dir a 4 to i. A Tatj in in fourth thy Nunt he in the to tit Long a Noigh to m the tuft j Cut Corr and loth Gritu j Hgt ii i a a error in Fielding til a Hall i hut a i in i Hue Tau a the thit d gut hit the i Mif a til i Wildcat. I Lim aft had thl is i i pitching gum in through Phila Dellsia in pm in flip w if fit h d p a in than round Pratt a fun Why air tin cult lev land in la opinion of writer Hart wan five to Nettlie than la a tin re in. I Mer nuff Reg from in rut overt left eve in de to ii Irvi cirs the fir round unum Fin Tom we a Pirk. Hir of to lmfpo9 Nom with a to n on 11� and Tho he uth Effie to la i Tany cmdr Hon a Thoy fell into rope. I ii to a i i in a a i i is i in tig to the he do and i lilt i a to a to id my i. A ii Emie Privin from a ii., i. In Eph Onia Orlum. Ii intr wet will of the Boulevard Type with a w path Eft off. Ii ring in the Center. Horn which wind Hon i Thiouf i. A. Foothill fan Ift Tarn an cd Wpm my a a Honnett la will imm Ltd by in m up ?.� Leigh land g Thair ii no during i 4�t i Antral i lot lip by the heart into the Quot that i what cau9 that of int ppe to nce that mud lowness Pimp. A acne tre i i i Bittie i p total .22 9 11 i an. K. Ii of. A f cow a of to to few Ltd 2 Tish. A a i to. La a a Aliner of a Rich. Of a. Cheer. Cd ,.� Perkin Heimsch a. 3 i a 1 2 2 2 14 2 2 4 2 1 i i 2 Hooper of a Mont ii , cutting to fihe to. La a a pcs of. R he. Of a a me Tift n. A Giraham. E in retie total Meadows does not allow a hit until the seventh in i rung pirates win by score of five to two i Harpf Tyty. Alf i Idle pet ill few enc i i tis going str Fig in ii i i nti1 of. Keg oui a 14 Alan to to Bim with on on bar Manrell la k. U a Dent 21� a a a a att Aal sgt a a Batty re d hat i maw and hmm i. My a a Aro a. I had to Bftts of. By a. The to oat in of Rice. Of. Duel to judge la. Huff 2b a Klapac i a Tohn in p4 a Litner Quot Wei a. A i h v 3 i i Tot a is 1 14 2 i. Bip cd for Brower in ninth j Marberry p �?�jlistj1?, Atta sat a # urge re Ude Chi 351 o 1 4�?i a i Tot. Him mryt two hour Fer batted f Vin Hai nor mister of. On by if tiny. Ltd mom cd Seteo. Stolen by Elt i a in Halo. Cher a Angton. Ware on Bill a off Ove Eskio. I. Jimmary Hattie. 4 t. 2 a by Coeel Kle. I Venth inning an in the third and let am i Rick p. H. E 2 a la 2 j Ehn a n irs eighth aaa la As a a of Toto too Etc a z ,. Hob run Fihelly. Ratley of. .,4 struck out stolen Mao Mott la. Don me pm tour a i -5 so Tut. Ii a Sheet of 1� Jibae on a rat to 11 a Tho in anti cum trom the of a inn aug and thai bit today until j.,., yarn Day morning. A i Imi Ley bunted by in Len no in to Ltd Walling who ��?�"j1 4 cd Lim i Nib. Two walk a bed to. I Rory turned a a tin favor of the Lank. The 5 to ?. Brooklyn won the Brit two game Yee Verdar Vorke l a 11 a a a a a Bor re set 10 ill a to slab Tot i a a a a a . Name. 0a. R. . R. In to Tiniski. The by a a Cam out on in email end of acor in a ire a waiting Gam v h. I a re the Whiate Elani iwo a copier from a the Biti and Moll who followed a him tiled but aver Bra full a the Bat w in triple in double and of Golf out of Fly but. J j a score 925 us a a a in rate a 4�?lf a 4 i Bur la we left do Gen in Foo a the fir re in a Al Nert a Lone left i okie c Fate on and b bipod can a i to fear a Riper 0 to in e might an arum y right ted distal 1# the is tie Mer. I i let i of Pody without. time the path Itil Hal. Ned a when i bed a Piiru j round ended. h. Abound i we i pro ? a a a Quot k i Inhta be w ii an Winert my n Vlam Luj to the 1 a. Funded right to bids a were of of tabbed Battly. La Wittert Upp teed by the Bitt to jaw Firpo landed right they Firpo uppercut i w he i buggered Welp . By a i 1 no a Down for the count of nine i a a j rushed Welti Ort after be run drier i Tho Leond time Aud a ruled f tooted on la Law tending him. Wark Genva for the full count after minute and 4ft Aarond to of flab i to 111 spot b a h. <1 that imp0-. Alblee so mrs thing Ash no Cream in a Sage powder Ca # _ cover up Flea Titi the f found iou for Beautiful ctn simply is not there. I and no face treatment can k a i to you. Bat Mere be yrs red my in Audi ainu i of tells a a i u v a a in diet a m Mhz i no Pant run begins to Tow District Ann Kunttu ,.t. Cheek the complexion be i Comet Venns like and immaculately try . will do every time 6 s. S. Builds the cell you tired for a he Dutiful complexion. B n us no s. S. S. once. And give yourself what you have tora working for for yera a. A. A. In # m Ait a a drug a i two itty. Taw a go re i la my econom 1. Terms of court in the first judicial til up. Is in if Amto i. Feint a. I a Miff i i to form Etc so i sri judicial 1 of a Quot a m a Luneed today a i j urd Holloman \ i h .4ithe a. I id a will la called september 1f. The trial i in. Hot Weintr. Not i cd a annl h. La fart of a i. Up plem Hee to p october 4 a i a in a Fri her in i o ted to to j-1 about tend a j will f to Ca i i Fin in i �?�1 i Srihn Emin a is. S. A wyms beat Winf med left Taho Rah a n. a 4. R i Muey Ler. a 3 Carey of. .3 i 1 a a. A whips 3b. 4 1 7 Trappe 3b8 i 1 i a Banhart of. ,.4 n i i o a a j Maranv Lii. A. .2 i 3 4 a Grimm. La. A a �?�4 i 3 13 �?�1 i Chmidt. A. 3 1 2 % 1 a Meadow. Pm a a 0 0 a a 0 mum # 1 Teal ------3 a 22 14 a a Root Tiab. P if to a Al Heste i us a off have Zeikle. Loll a Leveret i icon a of 2. F Quot Helm n. Ita i. I. to Quot ill Quot a _. W a we i in x 1-1 thaute 9 in 4 2-1, to me Pitcher Royele Kie. Recon Gam Clere und a. N h. Of. A f. Of pm not of he taker of. Sewell a. Stephenson. 2 b 4tt7ke, 3bcrower la. Myatt. My Ward Morton p a total is i la 2. To 2 Btl Ltd tabla a. N. H. To. A. Of Nark o by la Reuy Johnson. 2. Hit a off Johmson. Pm of a Ain mar Harry non in i. L i Rrok Quot ii a a a la a i a a a a 3 a _. La pm feb re a Allty Mitte inside Golf by Horton maker of is Golf Cha in Pinna a Golf in acre Waful Tew her Quot ear a sch Lek i ran. Daon 3 b. Berg a French a. Smith p. Tiftz Atar p. A by. A a Tavier a a Bur a i i total a a. Is i. A i to i to a 9 e n 0 n n a u 1 a 1 a a a a a a 1 h univ Row do Tore Jordan and Burge Hen i cig. is of o i i j 0 i 0 a mag Kiewatt. Of Hallow a a. Hale. 3bhauser 1b. Miller of. Welch of. her. 2b a Perkins e. A Hurria Wolff. P. A Bruggy. A a a a a a a a a total a ii 22 a a a a Patty to for Ivelli in ninth. By inning of. A in a Eland Ift 80 Ftp Tny Philadelphia. A not too c4ft- summary two has Jamison f2. By runs Poftak by. Sewell. Double pl#5a�?jewett a Rte Phenan to Brewer in Well of step Benton to Brower. A on Ball a off Edward a 3, off Merton. I Harrie Wolff. 4. Struck out in Edward. 2 Morton 1 liar i Hit a off Edward. 9 in 7 j.3 Morton 2 in i 2-&Quot, barn. # in 3 22 Wolff. 2 in 2� 1-3. Toning Pitcher Edward. Long Pitcher Harrl. Lurer allowed hut on hit who i motive whim the Clar s h tuna i Ball for to and eve a run in the a Der w the next four Lanb g Pron got the de Molay you y h a fun h. A oui a a a a a Gratch a Dov Ibie. I la m. P. Tartu hit Cut of a a Mary Bim. Pm Vine sctt try a. The 1 i trip Quot a a ,dil0tn. Aim a a a the. A rutted for Mccarren in my. Of Baggot. Turrini a a batted for Berg in 8th. High w to lol Ger a batted for Smith in Silt. To my a of the us ?<torntj Tutor. Thu. Jow Quot a a a a flow a Tassi that a no fish Story its the Best cigarette i Ever car a John a ton Kou Mien. Baar pm a Oft a we. J Smith 3 Decatur 2. Struck out by Meadow a 3. Lofing pit Chai a Smith ii.,. Of a . E .7 8 1 i gut score Mary Sio too 0�?& a f de Moia .�00 0r� batteries Lucero Ana .�, Bullock and Harrington. The Halid Quot waft the a i -. Gam a Erduy a Hen they Dan a by i is Ai. He the had led tor three in nine. Bom a of Al a i pm tis vat i i a0 a non a a a f i Tanta hit almost Quot jul for the a Iii Noti and Iii to Ira. Jinnin. L9 Quot Chute my Burl on a in Lund. By to of la. Buth golfer he Ald und Ltd. A hogs hit three Angle Ami two that a certain degree of a a Pep Quot i j i "�?��?~"2 8 i4. Ibl out of five Bat fur a per required in the making a of Hie Al a Zim Avor cd Fruth feet percent p Vetrok Ani that he muh nut the i Batt trie. I Titi. E. Rte Luaao. 4-3 is a a to Inge on. 32 a aching inn. A a a i Quot a Wash my ton and Chicago divided a today the National w a ulna the opener i to 4, while no Pep into h a Aho to get the Good result that Fine golfer attain. Putting Quot rep int the smoke. However Ltd not mean that the club a jerked Hack us a Kly and then jerked Down Ai badly to Start the club away from the Ball with a left rom pushing move i Merit. To make the movement Oil a tirely mechanical us your left knew to push All you a weight Over to your right leg As Jour weigh Panhandle Pecos Valley league Morgan and my her. Sot Thern Skott Mion Mempel Atlanta of in Tel Rock Birmingham Nash Hie 2 Mobil 3 1 Al i i ii Ogan w Orica to we i i \ n4 i i in i fort Worth 7 Daila fan Antonio 3. Galveston i 1 oust a 7 Beaumont 6. Wichita fall 12 Shie Zaport. 5. Byr0 a i�b�?4 la bulldogs. 84�?- b v aerie re Hayes. Fraad n a up Reed Renfro. Is a Whf. Trauth and Trauth Skinner. Madding men a 3 i 8 a Amarillo Lubbock a Levi Roan Ell pct 2 14 .6 41 31 to. Ii a to i .463 16 25. 300 goes Over let the clo Muad travel along that g a a i a a. H a a rvs restaurant keeper the straight in extending Back from the Ball. that Point Yeti a rightly aet for the stroke and for the beginning of the a a Pep which ah1 Ald he put into the stroke. Tomorrow i will describe How to a quire the copyright John of Lille co Mary apprentices i in by tax s Bro was ,. Swastikas bulldogs giants Blue Goul is Fineo for not obeying health Rule cab to rut a a j Wildcat lf>13 South 1 i Igor 1 so ran buy a hair switch and a complexion but there is no away to fake and y in the Kitchen. New fall suits arriving daily a have pm View rih now the suit you Mill be hearing of everywhere in a month. The now models Are Here in All their glory. I he styles arc distinctive. The designers have done a wonderful Job and the clothes Are a durable As the modern Man cares for. Buying now you have the Pilot a of the season. $25-530-335 the time to buy clothes is in the Dull season and that happens to be now. The suits we have priced above will go up in Price with the formal opening of the fall season. They Are what you will buy later and they Are prices you will never be Able to equal again As Long As the a ent modes Are in style 7 8 ,�3& �?~�?T8 7 .461 Boj 2 to a 6 .6918 .&3 ,0 .00 Bill .,1ft 264 Ligum 16 i .141 a so .4 .490 4 13 Tbs Chat Aula in la a Colta a gtd Piggy Leas 1 acc Complete. To night a Gam is the Jat id boys league. _ i tank. Pirates red sax braves the Ursula Don salts Tell restaurant he end f rec. Cipan a Fine Quot lift which ? appended on pay intent of the i of Quot last night m Jhee c Art on charge of life to comply w the the health department a Aam tary Rule. Hen ,., agreed to serve Nitika in individual bottle in the future and to Supply a refrigerator larg enough m hold Xii the meats served her restaurant. Jose Luna a d . W. Wicken were fined Iii each for speeding Ai the morning session w. i and Solomon Soto a. In fined if j f,.r and a i. Ira Dan i was ene a o Pended fire of set violation of the traffic ordinance i Benito Chaves a cure Boc a a Quot i f h be Toledo riot Quot a cached no cd. N. A v re. ,.%u the boy notwithstanding your up Alan to a a bought Fie in a Chin from Tho contrary the Bat a to Mother Aoth. Re judge told j zoo is not called to. Baun -. A Ahr a tron i Quot i the. Phi a h. A a Qiu bought . 1 wish in Levoi i Tai to 6 Sioux City 2. In. Mph. 8 Dex Moines la. Oklahoma City 4 Denver 0. Only three games scheduled. A to re w Asim. K i Ati on Milwaukee 3 Kin 13 Minneapolis. 4 by. Paul a a 13 inning Lou tattle . C oium bringing up father. Copyright 1028, by the intent National Kravs Bervie i Giat red l a a1. Patent Tfficc. 000% left my 1 a . Nini to Roll Kab j i jut <20t Oul i for by hat a by a he to to a Ivodor Holo Alao of a i to let to buteo cxjulatr11, i have t2&\l-ua to Moi i vol a Hou j haunt met me i Liy i cot go my in in la v Nim pm 0 a vast Quot in Phi a a h my j o 1 \ 0 Iii a into of go tfx a so a vice. In. I a Craft always jays Len Pru f in

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