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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - August 12, 1923, Albuquerque, New Mexico Augait 12, 1b21 Albuquerque morning journal int Sevan the Packard new a a is eight Quot is Here a distributor Bailer Lino arranged to i Titbit he i in in tin lobby of the knt fratt Teran hotel from Mol no i tit la Tut stay night front 9 n Iii to fat i. So i Fahrr Arr Aga Mont Thrif Iliff Attal a a a a a of fight or provided in i it a Hod lamp. On is ii a sign re for Ord i a i y try driving. The gee emf rung throw a Basum of Light Low enough not to in a a si#rf1 in la Aye of approach King Mot a mib hut in enough til and v i no for Hornell in my. Ing in the Rountry. The third Range throw a Ric Shaft of Ign to k the he he a making Poa Aible his up Eli on the Darker night in Case of rite Amity. Many re or it i a have h i i lilt into the ear a at a rid re but Ispir it Trig bumper. A an f v a in Hie a permanent a Ria of the ear. At brith front a of mar Tho Frame a been but to include be integral Jorita of it fixture to it Arry bumper. Til warning a1 hitch a of i i a atomised Jair of Thoet a The of g Aviti h s a controlled fir the foot Brake rho wit h Hoins Enci Natii in a. Water proof recept on Tho transmission i. A wire Are carried in conduit. The instrument Board is a the usual equipment with the addition of a Sanga Whie give an accurate indication of the Giaglia to i he Fluke la time. Pm it a oar has been Given a junking color scheme. Till body to titling a t t tsp body moulding a Blank a a a in dust proof g by at of Gad Vermillion and Black writer part Are Black in Ackard Blue and Black a a bet us in the an closed car with Rad striping intr for fitting and up Lolita ring Ara in keeping with the character of the car. The f. Pc pita a Ltd tour or will a for 11,150, runabout i a Fira Paa hangar Atman it old fire pane n Are Aeda to a Mon. Cine. It 700 j four Para anger Coy in it is five a Para anger Coupe j t. Van a att Tiger 1 Ltd r5 gear i�?�.750 a in Pang to a Dan it of a d the seven pm a re get a Dan i to in Ina it a a. A a Etc Pic engr Model Ara on Cha. A n a a a i it i Neh re Heel Baar the of her Ara on a 138-Inch w Heel haae. The i to if i wheel a basal alone p.,i e1 for 13.13 Quot and the 142int ii wheel taut Chi la a lot for i Iso. A hat Price Are f. O. B. Hat re it. Snit a this a a odor Ful Packard Auto Noblia will i on exhibition it till lobby of the new Rancier m Hofer from monday until tuesday night hours 0 a in. To 8 In. The new Pic head pm vent c f in i. H he a h a i preceded by pro Hubly prior ape ablation than Llad a been by any event in to in r Tho Al Tomah a in Jim try in it a a a meat atm Abt eight with four ii in i v when Brake Etui w. The Aoi Athing a new in aaa of control. I it Lnda off a Jal a noun in of the plod in too of the a ill Ogle Light is nil t \ a it h a i la can re Pietar lid. A been Vij Hunti mad by the Tacker i motor oar from p comp by and at a number of at rat e in poll Tahr Olla to it he x a i hit constr it. The Tat i Heckard Tiow i if he i Bain k a own to the Public. Tro Greatti Dur Tsoi i already i Well under Way Power if the fit i an it us i t twi lol a a new Type. Ingli i lie la if Imp la y Well under Woi p Warp i a r at Tho factory. I All Aitch it Toi Pirn Public teats of hear were j h a Ever. Ivie de ? i strut by in group of an t or it put a Tomola mag Tine and tora Ai a is. J to r a a a to Moti a Engineer and All porn-1 vibration Cen Jad of a thorough know ledge of i Pac use we Mary kind of motor car made in j f America. St s to j. Edward i hipper of the i a a a Ltd a p Roble n Ria Juha i Frog a it. And i r d to Hilt a re a to ran ton of motor taking motor. Our or t a a at f ii w ii i the car w a run. Prith it w a ii it Over Road vary try from hic to net i Chaft in is huh to the beat it d at Epact from two throws at each to seventy mile. An hour or More so decree Angleta of mat y k i inc Ltd be a Ike it tar. Racially a duration mopping. I a the car mine of which Ems Dalme in a n let i to Maibie of performance were de a had get =-.cry i e a i. Hjelt a be 1. I o a an indication of it a the simplicity of the a new Brake i he old there la the fact to they Hurt for Squire Alt Fiir wheel 27 Efferent part to e in while most rear wheel Brake has it we 4� different parts. W i bang pressure la applied to i i a cd a All four w he i by depressing ast j i arc Ordinary foot pedal and an equal in that i v r give a uniform j a a of i it in a l i i n e to to Heel it i j a a a a Obi t. Be Imp Omphie to mop with to a of in i any ter to a Fig. Or to Cacao i. A e to j in ii a a t k 3 y qui it a up i Ltd thought flies lion of Brake co matter what tha a in such m i condition of the pavement g studied i Bank on the front the egg Are a that 11 me so instil led that w to a a new Typ Al a Quot i i a o a e in knuckle put there i to i end interference with the fearing f it n which j gear. Tem have shown it i wild a Elsrith. A a it t that by in a Utie a it lip dad a we the 1924 Indian motorcycles Are Here they arc in Ndoc and cannot in excelled any a Lii re Iii the world for set i ii ii ability aim in of. Sea Bil i in Simonson s Danielson 307 South second one of the reason Why the Good Maxwell continues to sweep Forward into Public favor at an unprecedented rate is because thou Sands of men and women who selected it As a remarkable example of value report it to he the most economical car to maintain they have Ever know Wood motor company 212214 North fourth Street phone so Tho Good Maxwell r pm int tin try la la in cd w a c a by i mile making a 1 j a Whan on per a Aie aught a Wiy. All Brake Ara mooned in drama id Ara pro a my i it g the to to i from dirt a l a 4r at All t get in in time an emerge a v p Wka a to c on the wheel alone. A 1 a a r she it a , of c he to new i a through he Unrau by a j a Tro g Frame and the four porn up Anion of the any a. The lower Plant itself a dec lured to in unusual in it.-, . A ted on fib Niin a i the of p at a it or no my per i d Greatt express of about tha t a is a the e who party Mhor Art re aum mad up intone wit h the j item a i k a won it earful flow of e t jut to end f r a. W if ii tit n in pm mum t s Rind of o Max. I. Of co ii be i i la of w atle Iiran is Abaft uld to perfect t Ica i s Jit Nai 1 Ai the or pm editor Arar i thing of it i amazed they mid. At tha a mph the Field a City of t he four a he i Brake j place j which they d a Ca ared Hie in w a a f a than half the number of different i per i mid f Paris of the r.,r vent Nna i re a i the i e a wheel Brake Quot with e tech Brake t it w Mot and Thia motor a an d of tamp j to ton a a Driver Doe not have to i a Pend any time wondering t h to a t he a w. I us i a d. A r d Thi of a in do fico mar Odilion i in the nod a completed a wheel capable of doing or it la it big i my of the limited Or want of the Lux Urlo Isey a of the car brought mov comment typical of a h o i a of i a. I \. J Gei of mgt Quot r i a to to Amil even a gig in a a could <1? pc Tho Rar 14 i hour a Day without being of after a rid Model of the bin i�?��?�gl.? were inspected at the factory on inc return from the drive. Air. Chipper gummed up i Impre Selon of the car with the remark a tie in it word in motor oar a an cup Rexton that waen Dorset by ail the Ltd Hira. Afat i e if c or i Der Iii line motor used in Cha new car. To said to be am b that it com j j h f Ltd Quot in a a f found prey in nil i i Chi perfectly do Khz i and Manutai mad Xix Cylinder n line and 12 Cylinder i in a Type motor. Peickii re Engineer in effect have rut one four cd Limiter motor in two i and put a half on one end of anther four Cylinder motor amt a he Ether in if on the Oiler end. This permitted a new design of Erin us nil Ai n us i firing o it. J which a resulted in tha perfect i balancing i get the reciprocating j Force. Wiping out vibration said i a in i a., t. I Lino general line the new car b i a i d j111x Jill and 143-Inch a diesel base Long Ltd a the it w h id a Standard equipment on a. Modal Aarav to Giva a Low racy Jappa Aranca which those who have keen Tho car declare adds greatly in it brr it a nearly three years of study work by Engineer went into the making of the single eight mid Alvan Macau Ley president of the i Packard company discussing the a rim Par with Tho group of eng nears who put tile motor through it paces a the remarkable per if or a Nee of the single six and the a Quot a f run Quot up a he i the Public aused in Short it after Nebi a us it out to attempt a car which. I could be m improvement Over the Quot us fix a the task was presented to col. I to a Mem. E pies id. It. R i Meering of the Packard. To Formi Laid n comp Rehi ssi e pro Quot Mit of research building and in i or than i led j first i laying out of idea i of if j c h 11 o or f n r % u c j j i c a i f a c do i f the Best that a Mer 1 a i i in pc had to. Of 1 a a Mot it it a. It and. Third the. J j i k a a i i a a r \ j a i. 1 a 1� Quot out la is 1 m Ai it a i 1. Al. I i if i or a mph deity was t it be one of the j Evn otes of Tho new car. Our Entimo Ling to v Ion h ii j cars to. Allta Ere i or of d the 8, a. K. Horsepower is i4 with actual Block eloping morn the to a a a wer. Huhn can in i by a feed Cooling is in r1 git to r a eke re a to i Erin tuna tic control. Win to Abo a provided for the i in unusually Large. I fan it used. The i a cd f 4 fun alter. J a i been built into the Intuit Man. I Iford it the motor i aluminium Piston Art used. They of so designed that Extension Doest not appreciably affect the a it in in i a e the a a Toft which is fitted sex j Lovely to the bore of the by i Nidai Ich j Alimon Atung i at or. Ship when Hie in motor is cold my an in so Iii i feature of the. A is ii nil t he is a v of s5atf5 tiffs u pm. N Nagji i i the tire Aith the Wiwi and thicker tread no mystery about this there a no mystery about the two of three thousand extra mile you Are from your Gate super tread ire. They have a wider and thicker rubber tread More rubber to Wear More rubber to soak up the Road shocks and keep the bumps away from the inside fabric or cords naturally they Are giving you More Miles. The closed car you buy now you la use next Winter any owner who has Felt Winters winds Whis fling through the ill fitting door and Flimsy panels of a makeshift clawed car knows there is no substitute for Quality. The 1924 Model Studebaker Light six Sedan you buy now will not Only serve you admirably this summer and next Winter but will endure for years. It is sturdily built for Long hard service to ride comfortably to look Well and to operate at a moderate expense. And when you Are ready to Trade it in on a new car the depreciation will be reasonable. Studebaker used car values Are High because of Studebaker a inherent Merit. And there is always a Market for used stud Bakers. The substantial hard Wood and steel body with its Broad windows and four wide doors its Rich mohair velvet Plush upholstery and Many refinements is a Model of Studebaker craftsmanship. Construction of the Chassis is an achievement in the use of precision method in Larga scale manufacture. Proof of this lies in the machining of All surfaces of the crankshaft and connecting rods to which is largely due its virtual Freedom from vibration. This is an exclusive Studebaker practice on cars at this Price. The Mooth running Light six motor has made friends everywhere for its durability Power and flexibility just As it has for its Economy and reliability. The Light six Sedan is Low priced because it is built Complete by Studebaker in Large volume but there Isnit a cheap thing about it it is above Par in every particular. Studebaker a reputation for producing High class transportation for 11 years is Worth considering when you buy a car. Of a wide opening door eight Day Elora. Qu1i-action cowl Vea Tittor. Attire tips coach umps heart. velvet Plush upholstery. Olar Jar oaf visor and Windshield. Leaner. Dome Light. Thief proof transmission lock. 1924 models and prices of. O. B. Fac tory Light six 5-p is iut if. A. 40 h. P. Special six j pass., / it w 8 Soh. P. Bio six . 126�?T Vav p60 h. P. T. Urine $ 9>s a a Mhz i at r we for u is. I. 1125 coup $ pass 1915 Sedan. 3050 Younng. I 75tv roadster <3 pee 1 ____9 5 Coupe rend. 2 i i uis Sedan. Imo speedster 5 pats .155 Coupe in Pas _________2550 Sedan. .2750 2�rmi to meat tour convenient a in a c Tasei do Ali Dlf to a. Vav i j a us Studebaker and we sell pm Boatright rubber company 401 West Copper ave. Phone 237-j. Lester Cooper amp company phone 918-w dim Usu la is 215 North fourth St. This is ejected fur one re a in another. Studebaker Rijk a a year

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