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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - August 6, 1923, Albuquerque, New Mexico Pm is Albuquerque morning journal augur a 1523 Albuquerque morning journal an in def Vlk it no. Psf Ater a published Jot in Al prpt4mtnio coax not Frt the by s3, it Feour thy a none knew him but to love him none loved him opened her vide and let her Rok. The Church did not get the Money end . Bee like pm id no Tine. But to Praise Joesph Kaubek in gun i dec net be. Taler h�1� >19 a in a 96 line Alhau Enqu. N. M. Of March crime inc. Iat Anear Art a i Contr boil filet n. It cup Pipit Torr rates month by Carrier in thro my nth. # to. a. Adv by i sem Ente me Here obviously a crab that should encourage the automobile Driver Quot to knows his car. It is Good to see a Driver victorious when he admits the Short comings his machine so frankly. No the dispatches did not carry the make the car. By the Way j speaking Dollar wheat somehow isms other you Don hear Many the it in Mere kicking about the misfortune. Cheaper flour. Re a a # a to Octh r to a a course those German Sailer did no to advertising Matt a to Inch a a a a a a. It a f the a v a v1 no a a it a a. A a a Jas not do a to the tic Call for �2 nsacr2%c add a in 2 Esse a to 5j-s�.,,. A we wrecking anything. Mem heh the �m�3 to heard German the a if new Ait a a a n4 the Loc i new published herein. A int Texas has a gasoline War and the Price 11 cents a gallon. So far. Prices up this Way have in no Way violated their neutrality. Mond at. A rust a. Isis each Day out in South Dakota a Man attempted to kill a neighbor the crowing whose rooster annoyed him. This had Long been a Happy expected. A a. When a nation has something up t plays an import an p. Be car nowadays ifs usually arms. A a that h a lexicographer says the average Edu he it sure is not it it death to theme. But in life. Today 8,800 Arr Ca rated person uses 8.0<>0 words. A boy in the average number. Abr 0vf u9m that Many to say goodbye. The billions who have passed into eternity. This rear nearly , american the american College girl whom an. Educator describes As the Salt the Earth met death at the same time would doubtless prefer to be the Pepper. By Earth a. Tho eats if they All and in the same Community quake Battle for instance Troph would Khork the world and be talked about for co tune. But they slip Quot a a a a Fradua in. One n a it. On there. So there i. No Fomera ext foment about their departure. Of the 5.800 who die today n a murdered and 41 commit suicide. A gruesome record for each 24 hour. The dug out it too when you Bur nothing 1 to think about you might put your brain to a Mer task by trying to Figur out where the for try got Ila Nam. A a a a Chicago scientist induced a hungry Man to Swallow a toy balloon and thro mad him Al by 8rurp. A had a Square meal by inflating ii. Than in rest Are plucked from the tree Ufa Gay made he qually Start Long discovery that the wan disease a old age and accidents. No mat hunger returned when the balloon a. Emptied. Ter what the manner their departure the last thought most them 1 a life journey is ended. I wonder whence i came and whither i go. A wast organization is humanity -8,-,poo dying and 4r.poo. brine born each year. One who can grasp these figures is not Apt to become conceited about his individual importance. 8�ra�tta#a a Hon Yeti till an a from to i an Auto trip. Swails at inner tub pump it a re cry finish your trip in Eon a it. Up. But tip pr@�ni�i5ill is god has stricken the hand from Tho Tiller the nouns it Ith it Warren Ltd Harding the president the United states lies dead in the City san Francisco. Not now the time to a a How this shuttering blow git fall upon the anxious fevered hectic nations la rope which looked almost piteously to preset Lent Harding to keep the peace the world. Not now the time to ask the Quot effect upon our nation a the Captain Falls. No one can doubt that the death president Harding will have a dangerous and far reaching eff 11 upon a restless and uneasy world. Hut that is for the flays to comm today we mourn. Be mourn and the whole world parsing a gentle kindly soul men Are great As they Are kind. Was both kind and great he will go Down into the history the greatest the presidents. It estimate the debt that the world owes to came to the White House at a time Lav bleeding in the ashes ifs agony. Went out to the world Calin and steady Brave and reassuring. In under Bis sane Cool practical guidance men look up heir work again and the world went in a before. One the miracles thai god hath relight is that some great Man a1 was a a Arpen to meet every crisis in the history this nation. Warren g. Harding was elected midst a crisis and the Rule did there was something Lincoln ing and he stepped into this this nation As one it i impossible to a is his memory when the world and hip voice in Hie president not fail. Iii president hard fevered dangerous emergency us Lincoln would Avo done j tint us a Lincoln he was a Plain simple hearted gentleman from a country town in the Middle 1 he was in Atland patient and Assn in ing. Warren a. Harding Laid no claim to brilliancy. Was More than Brilliant he was great. Ile looked beyond the shallow scintillation and flashy tricks the dangerous d pm if a us armed diplomats by the simple expedient honest and kind and Good Faith. He met wily trickery with Hoss Lim in Lim gentle look out for punctures sons sri Murinjr stood will n the safety Ion. Passing Ort brought no car. He know if Eon ran b m Ltd we they d reimburse Iii he is. Of a a business in government an alleged Bootlegger we arrested saturday to Era driving approx rattly a Staatd air car. A a a Man recently a a am i a f Quot in it a a. Treat a naut tim. The rum carry ii g boa1 v a c ittle Bernays note Book Bryce ape a a i par1 tor i it i til w t to i he p w11 a amp f fit i it fit #1 v i in Ltd re my mid int to no to cent to i Book review h i la Brad it Ifica boy Liny 4 Cau re a boy. Hat la Stanley Baldwin prime minister England has a Way speaking his thoughts which appeals to it m much in. Lima # audience. The other Day in Honton at Alj in the dec it it a Hotem that cannot win a dinner Given by the lord mayor tee Ano nmn a and a boy a a who idea governor the rank England the. Flt Al k Yov rom it a is a rum runner too. Of a no a t into a Cit a tre Surv and a. A aaa in a a Fla is Fop hew i v a Belt v i he i inv rating Annj hit the hone rotary the United states Treasury and gets the Money and thoth Ltd docs Or. Baldwin were All guests. In Tho a a a prime ministers speech he said Henry Ford a no business arrangement could Havi no. Is. Lamai motor . Of. T�1r no ii Oil Boom been n self Tarter. I wed. At c put a in a flu Aion Aal to been carried out More fairly More Hon orally and More pleasantly in its. I Etal than the settlement our debt to America which was negotiated in Washington last january. A i believe that a great Deal credit if credit there was for the rapidity vim which that great question was solved arose from the fact that neither the governor the Bank England nor i not . Mellon had Ever at any stage our lives been members the Legal profession and that we wore All three us individually and collectively far More j business men even than we were politics j ans statesmen. A i have often Felt that had it been pos j Ible to leave the settlement Europe in the hands business men we might have i arrived at some settlement Long before this . Baldwin did not mean this As an indictment the ability honesty lawyers politicians statesmen. It simply pointed out what he believed to be a fact that business Nrman approaching such problems with Little Awe for red tape tradition fixed diplomatic pro . Con bldg i f r a according to a it Hunt but Cut rally Ary a in tha n Abt a brought to the Hou com by Haling it Hoo made to match her gowns. A Liht Dulou it my a that 11 Bootlegger old around in High Power a motor car but per orally a is a do in t by it tha Thor that Many High to world motor cars. Pc. T. Davit in Lettl Bock oar a. Camara today tilt in the front Alapa Homo with it pop 2 it a k if g a a being the first Mibeck to a ii Thi wonderful camera. W a Arr Yow a a ins to Taka up sire i bed. How did your a e a ,t., is you arc. On the there. Tin camera was in be pm in by and the i a is we the so Dollar it. An it Tike a wonderful lecture now look pit it me let a i wich i started to a i it it. Any to Quot a a the worst per in i could to okra a at. On account him Loo ing so Skottem i started to a Ftp Cost Vins the tion4 that this la ate it that. Tea. Air i a i my a a in e Agen and looked hip in Tho air to i would Cut Haft a pop. End pop . A Quot a it it in look at me. I Dunt aunt St Pickur Lour adat a Pili. Now took dire. Fly at Rue. He a a i. Wich i col. And a Quot i inst Adient Agen i Glo born More. Pop gods Wen i wind Lores i la go i taken a a tory i i Jung a the y i lying aircraft veal , j a j 3, issued by the Bonaut Al t Hamber Coin. J j i America. New torn ii la fifth it Quot at interesting a Ries. It is lntro4ucd a a the most compre Hense and a it Hor Hati a publication yet issued concern to aeronautics the vol uni deals in i up. I Tine i that Appo Iua to the Lay a no. I handles the Subjoc aviation in St popular at in in bile present an impressive collection i f facts in a manner that make Good rending is Well As commanding for the volume a pc Man it place in the referent in fearful Ami trrrii>1 strength that i doctrines Jesus it Brist. Plain people. In bewildered by i he dazzle prot Pagal Ista and intrigues recognized in Watren Harding a Plain honest genuine Square dealing simple spoken Man like themselves they knew his words and they knew him and they believed in him a few Public men Hae been believed before. In Harding the Plain virtue common sense Rose to positive Genius. He had a level Ane judgment that Wail pillar strength not Only to our own nation hat to lha world.,he will go Down in our history one the martyred in aident in gave his life to the cause International peace As surely As Lincoln gave his for the Freedom men the immediate eau a his Dea h was apoplexy but death came in reality because his system was too weakened to resist the ravage 1 the i Case weakened by the utter exhaustion delivering speeches in the furtherance world peace weakened because Bis kindle heart could not a no to Cager audiences and the Brill too. Crowds who gathered about his train. If the hearts the nation ache today they is with Pride. Our tear Are proud tears. A Knight without fear and without reproach has sheathed i sword. Ami he was ours. He a Tho it Yoke America. His kindly Virtues and his honest i Ane level judgment a the heritage that came to him and through him to us a11�?from the splendid old Backwoods ame rican kick. K ii a1 from los Angeles times. A riot a it to a a 11 via in aviation a for Ryan Are i Nglam Eri tig i n Grei Quot nay a it 4 a the Paramount opinion. A the no Gigl. J Vav now j it t it tim to . Or if. Of ii it her Ark a we p. Xii i t Vav i . Bate at an Early hour Yea Terray morning a raging fire broke out in the barn in the re the real i Dene j. A me Tiad East Howardl a my. And Hor wan burned to Dath m n look and to toc saying be Muncy Pickle the Roo now tie you Kotnk to try to Yek a a a hum in la Ean not Well to. Lop. How can i Wen i look at you i a it. By dont you pretend you Vot it Little Bent Pope a and it a m it a to go in the House my inv never Elk in to our Pickur with Neon. Wich t d Dent feral place. Baptists Home j nein site ebb air it last i hips a if j i i the la camera b k h i in to farm 160 acres Southwest Portales has nth i been purchased buildings will be made modern the tuberculous in course const Rue by . Hugh e. Smith thro a at the City la looming up rapidly. Over 20 room nolo died. The doctor Ray that at the rippling rhymes by Walt Mason he Pur j reduce might bring to Bear them More a a a Tav it h. To he. Fifty rooms occupied Wuh patient within prompt and efficient understanding. Is a Point View that stimulates thought. Better lambs a few i in Montha. A a a Mux Ehrlich and family will leave the for a vacation in the Terne mountains. A a a met Rill Al t so rho has been the guest . I a Nard for Weeke. Lei night for her Home. M re last if. Passing it pars the year teemed Long a Hen i we Young impatient for that Gor venue Day when i would win w a a in Tongue a Fame a hat never i could decay. I he future a Lovely land n which i to roam afar and it hights aum Rolt stand and hitch my Wagon to a Star. I had no Paat i looked ahead to shining deed in total spheres Tho Days dragged with Aullen tread up Lei to the journal fort tie it i. Auf Baptist Church people hav Chat a cd e new rite which Cate Thor permanent Baptist Phanu Home a farm 199 acre in till work red a cd to an to. The will strike a responded in the patriotism Ca Tho country which led a into the air when the t Bro hers mad the f ii rat j Fui flight in Isom. Is Ign Frant that the trend jilt aviation i toeing directed Quot St twelve pages the Large a to devoted to lighter thin aft. With a succession rapes it Oun acted with that a inspired by Zeppelin a i it appears to become More and nor a Ideal tim the big Gas nag is a i cd phase air Taviga Ion. When flight lieutenant Ivarn Eford dropped a 19-Pound Tomb a Zeppelin Over it Lent in j he Early phases the War the first the vast fish my machine. I is cart to if it loom by one Man in a fast Birtle sea tor. There Fol i. Add a hat a liar Cut in hats. By Day and nigh which battered the idea that a Zeppe n was a vary deadly Type aircraft. The Wori show that inc new Navy rigid Airship Alt Tun a Der construction will require j a i i a too Ruble fee Ron inf lain Mahie helium a to fill the bal to one Tea a a cos in cents a foot an ail plane costing Joss than half he Cost the inflating Gas. And manned by one flier a would he t the att 1 i�?T1 in a a a no a matter seconds. There Are half a Hundred full Page ill to coition and sixty to v enter contest Silver City May vote proposal to buy water Plant in the. Jim d ii revival Pony express from St. Joseph mo., to san Francisco is scheduled for sept. To aug. In t he near f slut a a to vote ii a unto i pal it r w it a sir a in i in ate capital la i in cared by a i position Suhm to ted to Tho town Council Fey a Tel Murray president the Sil. R v alb y it Aier to works. The problem sufficient water for r t Ltd has real Cut it a eel to for Synie year and during a. Or Ali l d rout ii Hie Rater a up pm if rides the hit in th1&Quot is see inc Southwest Portal it a j Canty pm Ltd a an Craft and a agin mile out in the Al a Highway fed ten tim appendix includes a longing to . Newman hut for thorough tabulation the ii know n Tho Joseph Jans stat lot Laws Etc Homestead. Hon St Joseph my a Ament Roufs relay Tationa for the Pony sex pre marked by a it Tow a it and Cit a our River an. The i sex peeled within Pathfi cling rom t started from fan i a Joseph Rome a a a to f Ich Here Early Iii til this committee re knows the exact my will take in the Rev a he s once a get w n it cow boy the winning give a it ill it g team the first j Irie it Joseph Lhing August is trusted to their fee in r the h i the St t All cup Wei Orts. This weeks w Ere Vebarr. W a. Months the Timbs were to. Haynes has resumed i petition a Hook now that \ no old and Gray. And y to the Tho country Art going in for better Stock. They find it pays and Are signing agreements to use pure bred sires exclusively under the a better sires better Stock plan the. 3department agriculture. Keeper in the citizen office and a been succeeded a a a to dreamt it math in coir. The children a Bureau the depart by 3. A. Cion in. Ment labor is Tho Job too. Curious j a a a rum How much easier it seems to eel a Farmer Emmet Laird is Back in the to an., i 1 re h0v> my n a 1 1 3 a i old position in Rost s hardware store since leaving Here he has been a rough rider in Cuba and team boated the to we i. # a a the a l. Bell company which will do a a a Era i heating very few automobile Drivers arc ready borate by j to accept without protest and fewer still j without mental reservation the record rtt tii. It Hoof a lately in re i a combed burned fire longer a motorcycle policeman s speedometer. I r three Days shoot with rifles for >1,000 a de is from by halt and turn but usually whether they will not the ror r a a court is satisfied the correctness to take better care his Stock than it is to get better care taken children. 1 the year go spin pin t�?~hr-1r Way ,11 behold their Trail Amble a i hav a no it two now not it splendid Hope enthral my and j i Ait at evening Wuh my cow and j to i v Ava a i w a it b behind Ever Thor grow the year Devi area the season whirl been chosen. A Deal a recently Pere where by new Quot a became Hie owner i the Pic sent orphans which to acres land. J j i ate Goodfe Gnu building already Tho Jantel but permanent buildings Wuu a a a erected by the Baptist people and the Home will i to much larger than the present j Home and will a a it it be modern in j every respect i he Pew sit a p. U h wore desirable from every j Point than the Ltd one a i is not Only Public goad but the children in c imn and from j i school will not have to Cross Tho Ike 1 nil Road in it h coing and coming i from s Hool a is the Case a pre f Embt acing not Only american affairs but those pertaining to other nations i pref cited in developing the air. I be i1 Ivy information. All which completely indexed was compiled with the assistance a he United states War Navy Post office and Commerce official end diplomatic representative foreign governments accredited 1 Washington to nobody e rider Lei in Lei Lee a Mir to re $ Odyl Wilt at it from lock the Mer fill the mail in i e should be do slivered at san Francisco september 10. There will be 30 Soldier end the same number cow y ride with 20 t horses for the Iso each team 1 Striluk a a Slung tim rom with tim stations Appl a 11. Italy to apart. The first tin Ceric Pond expire a Pele cops course a ii lie in by. Joseph from where the Pony expire a rid started in 1s it l the getaway the riders a Soldier a rid a cow but car be the signal for the opening Quot Al Joseph a loquat it vol the a municipal to would St Iveth problem h As the City con <1 raise i it be sufficient fun la h to develop an adequate uppity. J Urru prop Ion is the Lim present Pater work to to. A to for Imos. I include xxx Jet is known a n j an Home Miles North nowhere Liere is an a veer a Spring with an estimated r i Imu Gallons w a i re i i the h pump timing i feb this Spring would the installation a Larff lug Plant and Pip line it Nee. Try to bring it be was a to Divide where it would j. The a its in 1 i tip it cps Ion a mule comes to Rescue / ,. Of Grant county boy a ? attacked by Coyotl kind mans Emlion. And Arri ii at f in la at Uncle. If believed proposition looked ires an expert following which will be taken to appraise the water works system v let in View putting the to tim voters for a final it a f Mirrha the Vav a eve Tom and its enlargement oui Al memes Riarte a Bond is i e. S up a n s mating >200,000 to $2e0,000, it ii sieved. A up he knew his car in stir Amer comes and <1. Appeal Blatta begin to Diri. Of i cot time inter tim that the exit take place. The tear. 19 4, matrons xviii also a Oma time to mrs Rish to remain that capacity. That a device and the Fine is collected. Under the circumstances it is therefore i More than ordinarily Gratifying to learn5 tile Cay Max Boehlke East Cleve a land o., who Mas accused driving 88 Miles an hour. Or. Boehlke insisted that his car could not possibly attain that need and offered to pay to his Church the sum $500 if anyone could get that out the machine. It and Gate receipt Omaha. The Cost test to be pulled off car the glad new Var. And turning have no time to spare j a. Mainheim the Boa ton a Ltd hirer Here f a Little laughter j Toujas Kest ii Lliott Fame is the crowns Gold scentless Sunflower with Gaudy Tike an n gel married oho year Quot you ram id no an Arrit i Birling von Are always harping something Aud never seem to anything w the judge accepted the proposal and j but Friendship i the breathing a i a a 1 he every a i. Rose with at9ta sent Lite motorcycle policeman end another out to Wake the trial they could i Oliver a pm ill Holmes. Naughty Nuu Glitz a coup by Man life fut to blew York came oui to r i cd i Dent Raj station i the fusion i f fort Amohd. If Yim Ibisi tops this is inc year it arc 1 no i it in Al a fur both f it Ute Rhury i orb. Re f it c an i record fug i a j a it i it hops arc c once in f j Quot to Jot thut Thorn Down in Brief ii i Jum 10"0 jeans since Wulf Helm be earn the 21st Vrh by Imp Canterbury and Soo sine Willis in de Corbeil ii succeeded to the tame h us office. , archbishop York d a by 900 yearn a in find exactly years a go Canterbury w Superior to the b. Ort hem that while the archbishop he j is now for till to i no i i pc he lop a a i Teri us n j i in it ail . To s made see to if York and tim Stiver tit. N a ugh it e tracked by a mad Coyote and severely bitten in tim leg and hand Henry Huey a Sla car old , Ltd a Robert Llin a a Grant county ranch Man is in a local Hospital under observation for tin to Able development Rah in. Idle remarkable thing anon Tho attack i that Tho child Lite undoubtedly was saved by a mule. Tin Little fellow sought to fight off lha mail Coyote which a rapidly getting Tho isl Tho boy tin mule amet it till Rescue and viciously attacked Tho mad animal pawing la with limn Lect and Fili ally driving it away. Rho child screams no Toni to d other children swimming Iii a Lank nearby Arni they carried tin injured child to his Home anti theil lie was brought Here for Moil Lea i treatment. I lie Coy it e taped. Co v no be coincide Tai with the opel us the Cele. Brat Ion California s Admi Ion to the Union late. Except in Kan a. And Nebr la it is expected tim route the original rider will a strictly adhered to. Tim original rider made straight West from St. Joseph to h i Point beyond Maryalu Kani then bore North we Al into no Braska traversing for a copa Idera a blk it stance the Platte Valley. No Helm Tern i Ansa and All be arc to be eliminated in tin j re it vat. A pro Ejof hint. Several a a i tim larger Central in thu May to touched it i that Denver Colo Mac be a station n. Aching lev no m to tim rider Are to follow the eld route which ended at Sacra von to and to extend it to san Francisco. An air plane i to Start from St a mph for san Francisco Neon sly with the ponies. Fish Industry Columbia valued Ati Nineteen millions Vancouver i Ltd Brif a Xii Columbia tiled 1,290900 Nett at to 13. Aug a Almon pack by cases a 192&Quot 09/2?. This a Al f ,�?T 203 canes Over j to i and a gain in value <1 a Ming to a rear the provincial depart increase 1921 out j 170,91 compiled by Merit mine and Fisher the total value the output by Temh Columbia fisheye durin the year including fresh canner other i a prepared to >19,872.s3 cured report shows was this a an Loreasa Over the p a n >4.919.lf. A by Sims i cent. \ n port at iou a Happy land is in Cei body is so Ioor that tan Anvy an Bodi. I i Ere in feature the ii h the fact that w Haling cd which Vivero asap ended i i i e s j Vei it re lined in 1 922 re prod nerd an output valued Toi a j in pit a i invested in Lim in Industry Brit h olumpia. To report Abo we. Was >19,951,071. I this $0.785,>27 represent vestae nets traps piers and wharves in till is i,744 represented Money i vested in Canning and curing a St p no t the i umber pet so 0 g a g i a Foj a Hiir Ope Pri in a m Canning and in luring Eita he jul i 13, till to to a ii Vav ill a Mulla whet to Bod

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