Albuquerque Morning Journal Newspaper Archives Apr 28 1906, Page 6

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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - April 28, 1906, Albuquerque, New MexicoMOE WX. Cfefllbuqucrqiie rftontlnglottrnal Published by th* ,, a. *acpheSS?<?AJ PUBLISHING COMPANY A. MArP„E»so.v, Presidpiir    w.    s.    nunKE.    Editor. H. B. HENTNG. city Editor. -HL1'- 'A I-ii TO tn? ROUF. MOKNlN’d JOURNAL. MENKX) is AMORY. l*«VAt|.g» \ 11 ii'lit,'I i in til Siiiioi'H IVrslM Iii Ki-kiug Their IJ\cm. Travelers who have returned from Mexico recently (live reported a feel* In# of extreme Irritation anion# the •vlexi, ;a us over th.. recklessness of K—           T    ,    -_-    Americans    in    Sonora,    where    the    ta. Entered    m.ttrr    at    th,.    ,.„sloBlCe al Alhugurrqu. N M m"m    "*,’"nK ,h‘ eh S INTO —    *    'I'*-! tone* malai under act of congress of March 3. is in OF ne!    sVppoimNr THI VuYmVim‘r-,M Ul U AN    h    **<*»*«* LIPAN PARTI AI,I, Ti,,•    .1^    Tl!,i    Ri:i*nt.    »    rith    s    «r sai!.Vi ,    ,    *1    many    "turdOI# Of th? li e Ul< 0,h*‘r» in Sonora bv ♦he Indiana. Whit th.- Mexican aa, incensed about, accord- DUNBAR’S I COLUMN I REAL estate MOVIcv,,?£TKLf:,’m>NK 493 I W°ggy.&lftAN,OW.»^gK_EM,| Saiiirila.i, \pri| 28, IIM)#, I -IC AN PA RIT ll tii Til lh TI MI ■’ \ v 11 t I ii ’ In 'n'! i i °* TIIE *<« *‘1 «L » nu, * tl, tncenped a boti t <.nj!    ^E8    'VAhtfMg" I N AN PARTY MHI \ rnpi t,,I    i    *»™«<>DS OF TUE REPIH* ‘o no Of th. se traveler* |« the    POK RENT. “■TUh ' XM    r.__J    fjct    that aa a result of th*** murder! j    h''^    "Uh    bath,    electr: Si    *—*» P1~    5-"r':    m'HUrii'.' ’corner *2Co^ -    r>   Jr**r:    .    II icovernment w as blame for not , ;u,d U"1' "tree! ..........|2«.0 •The Morning Jon mn I has a higher clr*,, I,, Ham    ........ .    .    .    in    i    'RJ    \‘\r‘s    ,"1    t!    »'-lira in the    h'!u"    *    *«Mh Walter <t..$16 <» in mv11™!,""SS?, ■JT'tTh11 *    ■        ,    h.    r;    fot    i»    ">• American    r IHr,,"!,""'1'”'    In-    *"•    V    -ay.    th iiiV'wo0':' t itll i AT LOW RAI EM OF INTEREST. I OK RENT. lectrlc SH .ai Oat »    ,    • *,w'    »*.***»* CTV * . <9 A *1.00 ....... house, with bath, Arm. Btreet 3-room huns, v, (.'romWell ava'. IS.CO I'l llMSOI SI ItM HIH ioX. luny, by mall, one year In advance............ Dally, by carrier, one month.......... Daily, by rn nil, one month..... ALBUQUERQUE ....... SVU UDA* MORNING, APRIL 2«. IMM. • * Aa a matter .murder* have been ,h|* to I he reek-ic    —.....»    an-.    * .essness of the tm..der* th. ans. ive.* 6*«nom brick house, mo,lorn, ul im? ,r-t|s’ Howling alone. This    ----- * ..........'***    &    bus    bn as'tniwte* t a " * o f I"' In S me dane, ,    I    arni    UoVteVlO VvenuV. ............*°    !    H ii Ki*a Vt who has jus! t I..    POK .SALE. NUW MEXICO ’in V' M ,7 "    ho,    1acre* of land In the city limits. aa- ,I i mf    ° :V; ls f*tol,l,in# at th,    .    '“'I L h©ust* anti .stable,    fruit ‘ r    • luthorlty for the si r -    viJ'L. 1 Pi** ln a hrio location. !>»«,.,rr.?,r.!‘e'T'"« : «»s.«y.oS«?n coaiui ,     *    UU ll , III t ,1 J I al ate, lar#e lot, with stable, ebb kelt house an.| Brna!I Kir,3 blocks Hum .street ears Cor. Fourteenth About Printing the JVetv* i>mx" 1    ‘'‘Sill h!;.iS?i Corner Vnu! n d'Edlm SI**- rmo U]1 .ana inor,' minin*    ....    hmis,.•      ,    .    i!    i    v    a-too.ti ''5    !    .    mining    propel a 1,lf1e Kunsa* en, Star Mi mu.    !hi,t    the    oral,. he understood,    had    been    mod' PT IS the business or the editor to select the ncv form. arrangement and quantity as he think hi. rude™, nu- th,      ......  M    nM ta| f-u,'|','-*8 tit.- lints to mat Iii, .twit W. WH OI It. H.-rve Home ’    newspaper    that gives its re ,tiers do«'s not conflict with the Interest newspaper that misrepresents th« parson.a I spites or enmities of its cenumt Tidtrn,l,ut ‘ ^ H * fV,<‘ t:'fin 23?    °n    ™«« Mr Har|r;ivp a» omn nir i v,v I «r* 1 *i/1 ViV*1    on    a    corner »nd «o publish it in su h mining engine*! and rn-, Ame:    „    IR;    in    Im luon” dHoo f,<’X House and tot on THE STORY OF Two Houses I Uh ll V nil ll- for -ale hj lim owner, .Mrs. Margaret I ta bb. SPRING SPECIALS on ilu- I Sib of \pril. HMH). Saalal hi in .Mist two days Inter, OII Ilia 2oiIi cr April. I O PROPER’! > OWN I lls—lf Ii you have prt>|M‘rt\ to sell, bailli ! 'on lieder -am us'/ rn PPC»slM Cl IVE DI J ERSIX© Miila'al ilia- buyer a»f tho «* is ,* a', lls :> -lira- tiling    XM. e;ni olm se you. PORTERFIELD CO HO WEST GOLD • Cl V:":," 1,, ,”,l:Iy ,i,hcthink w,» »*** most Vaiual»l* to S,,1 ?r, " ,s n««ply rive'’weokWravading    ami    lot    on    South    i*i    find M be 1 ....... wail        .tow..    ;2'a;r\.     1    -1""    ■    »' In'..*.*' Th. new-- , -a •      ^    a    v«    .erne elfish mj’!" 'J1' 1 ’    ’•    t'hiin'!*•• I • ’ *'r'n*«'•' bl.iek* from post- 1    '    gives    raider    only    man    Ii    of    Ut# news a- i,' „ f, ,' '!!    ' "ijdu< t of the Mcv- «ffb-* «jth two lots. House wadi V,;: ?hfl; ;* xiVlV*    SJ!'1* rr1***,s ln . .    .    ,ns    b    ad    ia'CSbmesoi    or    i'pst    locations    In    this    city Hammocks, 83c up Ice Cream Freezers AII Sizes and Prices Lawn Swing Chairs Baldwin Dry Air Refrigerators Tents and Blankets Porch Chairs and Settees PKK 'Es \s I sl y|, .111*1 I' Little Lower than Id-a-uhere. [Of or VtTdhd > Into Phone I* I „ J. D. EMMONS rte Coat Avenue Furniture Man. ______  Hell    Pin    alia'    Red    177 IShe "Blue Front >f "tile public Utility Its of th a1 alay in »rs t>r managers. aarporatlon. or the rd* ■ t a serve th-' only -lived from ‘gilt, ^HtAted with the Amct.«I1». ST*   — ^ ^ •-«^ Tlm r,.r.'B,titiK. which we clip from our I-a. Verm neighbor WX. M tkht It cohCuml, th. or* i it with the n,-w.p:„.,.r. A w,p.,m, trly as the truth can be learned, without regard whilt til., organ unrn- th- (ruth whan it d-aest; t ft lends, but beyond that point it is wholly ynre-facts or suppress them, as may best serve the ivory man who b's ‘"HI 'I! a,lit «! OJI* if *    *'    Uh    a.-    ,i    fat,ij for ! ha- ! idle bt in v the truth all th. time, as i to persons, parties tar pint a reflect upon its party or it r it will color th I bibb w la x; th. purpose of those ever had any com moral right or w newspaper mistake. It Muniet anti the paper that practice* a gtt"»'ii bay tree, but “truth which makes it a rule to tell a-nemies or white wash ami confident • .af lh.. by the truth when it wa meaning to Include *u> h respectable newspaper, b the acts of public official* it '■muted. Kl vs that u.sidt ippresslng t O be pronto an,! is for r ile at J", roo e' I I0^m.h.OUSP' N rth fourth street. with 3 lets 75 *142 feet, near in. ort without t . t .Vf "os* > flee, JJ.fiOO. VO’’ ,v;'7 I1"'1 fn' “    '    I    '*    Hr’k .h.',Us,‘ an‘l l"t on West Cost an,! mnrna k.. *    ° rovin# Americans    6    up-tn>da*e;    $2,«oo ."ahi vc"" 'ZZ""    1    :H    JL\iour-    7        *|u>    « been t.nib„,h...| .he    S?    -?»*»»«    «,'««.    ap-to-ditr 1 ave h, j,,.,;,,;.;    1 :■ • ■siv •' > .    12    <so. ..... th.t ii,, .    S-room bricK house, ne.viy new mod- 1^In".n?'li,hl*chB,2cZi«on,K!l,,„;,l. ^'«b ehXT,m*- W ^ A. E. WALKER FIRE INSURANCE Secretary Mutual llulldlng AswHlatlou 217 WEST RAILROAD AVENUE.   Automatic Photic 721. I ok PROMPT SERVICE, COrRTKODS I KIA I MIA' I' AXD t ARE HI, DISPENSING (.'I TO rill-: IU SY I.IT TI.IC drug storic AT 117 U KST RAILROAD AX I:YUI;. THE WILLIAMS DRUG COMPANY Blue I rouL 117 Wctil Railroad Avenue. Roth Phone* Rankin & Co. FIKE INSURANCE HEAL ESTATE LOANS Automatic Ph an* 451 ROOM IO. N. T. ARMIJO HI ILDIM, AV he ii party reache.i Sonora h a p might; truth y n lid THE * c is. ai fire ta lie it her KETTER let the fit not have to iveair itself Farmington, Up moi" hustling for Bettie getting Ut. m, too. or ftlentl *», will in theapl#—eve n tho:*. peopltold. a* f lours e, w ** fhuppriiit) Igs as shotihiI all ters of a puttiihonid bandh d with.mprov*'*! the o|< nrtunitdistingue ihed fa alure.‘ •agon * ai tup at I hat phrunning hat k i Ital forac flourish, t 'tiiporarliy. iii,,, iii prevail, and that paper time, without any -vitriol for end command the re*ped • VV ill. cc -re most of!<■ nd" J houhl not I..* understood ■, •• not tw* brought on? in anc ie ch iraetrr. and ffe ■r or lait; ain. ■red the San Fr. ii Outhit n tat h< >r n* tut h. Ah loin 'n I asked General T-.rr. <* and Gov* i "I* r 1    V* ,    f ,r    *fl    ©*'ort.    W* air limn    Iii!"    i"'"'"    >(    t,U‘    f* ' ll"- u h A inert, ans be. aas. *»f what "a< happening. I hey were ex 'tingly ,»,ximis th *r ?a'rv CV h*v“ r‘" ‘he escort nee**, j «r.    \\.. were to t.ari from a t la* .* ' lav e h n ‘ °,on,d®* We nam,»d the ll} cc hen vee would bt there and r. JZ    K,l<    .,h“r'    w*    had    h ea-tere.l at the hotel cc ba n .1 * (on. of 'h*- Mexican trniv si I »•* ' ire! .tm! informed us that h- «t our disiM>*.«| and cc.,* hN m a l tf • ell!y-fivt mot,.ab f rn They hail I,cen rn (her. to ' big ‘/.Time1; Th, V,r"' •*1! K“°<» I I na* reiiovca,. I'Xt tdb nt h-n trnied .clth th.- most mod Now. although they kit 0 have    an t »    ort    icc.»    \ m. bound for the    min. «    refused » (o (.’ii cc alb us .1 ii .J st art et| ti f" : ,r“ vc- did.    Thee cc. j. in be th* Ira ilia ma ami afn*. „f killed    met    his    body    being ,<ti I mil halt Ic th" road tried Iron WOOTTON & MYER Dealers in Real Estale 123 South Third Street iii cc a.-a OIH- •ma- n W CV' rn! k The Hex or A mer I The Voice of the Motion • • ERE 'I. I , V Iou- I.Illg 'I,,.    ,r    J, I V "eied from t)totta*nd* In the book and orn* r ut tin* . .»u . voile hr ae aking from the nation'* hear! tty virtu., of its own Im!.,inuit,able into adicity, forgetting the . itasiroidi. upon a funai of courage that tut duast. Many of th*- original Am* rieai* -et From Un- sec tion <>f the United St ate* men have to the Un iii.- lo the Ear W«'(.    11 * r 1 .• th" ties b. twe.-n mu. h closer than the ag.- p.*isun Th- p.-opl- of s 1 ii I sympathy of ail a nu-a city,- Baltimore Sun. • • • • th* la in lo j.r. .f ah, a lit ailing off murd> t •th* Fr fe • vt It! 'a In ch rom*'ti I a In- It Sj« ri tv ut re preteenchi ii ira ll m tinit* i»f y « xhaunt. c tiro nil - I ’ti! lad*of Califori Ila Wentthou*tnj • of activin t.NtTblJ* ailing th*'forma amt th* .astul t <1 Ih it Vest or i* lh* y h I-a lam itv h hlch hasa hi. ll Up lr a i. Ill" U'f I a and dphau Out of from th pre*! th* th* iif* »pe 'Ida San Francisco must > all Amerb ,t ecu} im a on •hall assuredly rise- 0] auf in > a kind no stmila Man Fa im i~.J j„t a,, a triumph of man ova Na *T\\ ITI.STA M :W iSdv iimitSta. «v y#ar vc iii throw that more building- put un ter. And tin 1. is roo for hou- is great, a 1 W’E IAK >K for ar th* aountry next fall. p« I solas to Stop ha •  ---- But ti d the It 1 (I ti ll B ’ll" x trd an ani rdui taw if Kl 'pa Isl. imagin e. *• th - h«a*{> ba i allen th ir Its people vc iii a th* people of to I...<ic Im yond "erful. ll. lo their •1 t»' forg »tten I * rtfo: af Tun «. fie 1 oast woul I do was in (ic “And Tm ga Ho I",I 8t Lord know* „h • t in*l'»tk. t.ait th# M< \ 1 * aiprevail upon til fort. rn t<"White we wa r, tVaapjt country. be "ti a a:«. > it* ii, OI Im l murdered. u. ahad situ t".| out i at a i"Th# Indians tv inro a data<1* p**k* <i * To i .a rrt age .iii, ii. 11 -hothem. If t he> a ll V I ha viA Ii of the nun mitt. d ft '-rn a tnt for Ui.- soldier - n and behind th" d*' a -il-b traveld< ploy #ith<*r soldiers wa. ah the country and u.l. o x • a.•bg people I . v. r na. t.At Ii «»,( It,. , paisan ar t around oat r « anta. t that th* Va* ui- f.never atta. k at Un*# for anyone nigh To t ranight beaus# of VV* In* "bd this "•'a Itbn* k irut fifty mil es onda"ri- f. I til* sums . IIM hit «.f tow aa of him 5-rn"m house, Coal venue. |2 7*0 m?L,,rllik hOU*‘ 71>,r,>- 'venue; ma alem. fine lo, r.; J.J .JOO • -room hon40 furni h , d Hon, 11 150.00. SI*^MIon.f,!i!f,n,n f* *' «*• b..* i iiioriM f>n BronlwHT at a !*»- en In. rn...Tern up-lo date •-room h,>u-«e, ur-to-dare. South Edith street; fine location ti SOC. 7-room house on N r h second street WE HAVE FOR SALE in good repair; li.f.r.o "BS b'iVrTiV1 an1 *7*nty Sere r*neh % ,    - rood bulfJmir*. reb ,ru,t    .    Mno run< ,H S’ 'Biffing from Seven-reo_m frame, thre-* lots N Third VT.' *° ,rn r'-'    nil under st . I.., no.    ilit.-li    mill under high stat*' of eultl- WftftA1 ,,r' u hr"l*ft- «• Third *t '"th*.    - *3.000: rotemi>*» ., term*    .    rr Itl'siNt -- , 1, XNCKft    *•    d*    -irabl.. Int- In the diffcrnil n*l- m '..and rut ii-e ne it th* a Itv for *sl«> dltlon* to Hie city.    ■ St ro'.eor .hie lari' es    it .    • I'he Insurance.    fo. R "' hit vc -a ca nil -mull a-nttagie. Mill # ic* ut- 1 * >1 la**'I i'll. Ta ce* Balli Mini for sui© on reasonable term*. • rutin, el tar ir«* tak. „ ,.f i,r..i"rtr fa»V    4 E/ft IwWbar'® CO- --IO- Ph°n,>' B,aok 144 ♦ IW.m. <a..u rn    V    * ■ +K-l-!*i+M+i + ■'Md-VvB-f-Bd-B J * N. Peach ^ Co. I j ' BUL ESTATE 11 Dealers PO!’ SII E I fan. .cr" ranch n • a r Kennedy. N* M ."lob. house 4Dt1«, rn, k e. liar. ye I ba rn, young fruit ta. . a, ti ,1 ill t« I. II, "d ; pf), gNUU.IMt. $«.M» hue - I ni.-e Jot on 111 - ti st read, ' <* at Kalif ,ini avenue*. buy. t ll V"1 nu IMI street, nt'a: ('opp. r $«."»« buys I Ut,, bat oil V) liter stied, mar Legal avenue, gK.Vt buy- tee . lots .rn High at re* hear Lead avenue. SIHo buy- gaiod t tan I: >t menu' near Higii .street, Nie* a."-itll'til r lots In Htghlands or lane lands    e#<    h (Mn t((| m Nothing dove n. balance on tim. LOR BIM. 3-room Huts, li t tm 5 room modern house, clos* in. 5-room frame. Hic location, shad" Ire.*, 123.OO. w. P. METCALF Votary Bu bl ie, Insurance, lloiuln, Money to I^tan. #21 (•* »ld A venae Baldridge’s is the Place j Come in < k 1 tilt) md fi a rriit wait It vt. ling in !»■ aid to hav * ambush*" t: i*-n(l: along iii ’> sa re Ut.- O' so I. * a ii t St IMI • a.! or I'd hi' I n I did a rd •Hid I toe doubt * It ha. k <f th* IV ai. I* led in pr«*p *1 * XI. rhaps extern Ilia ll When it ar. I I , im J y th .t lUtlory "a took ‘ The bi!.! 1*1 got < k ifth#* irit* •n#l rn*- the* motley/’ \\ anteal—\u | inluiuak* Out **f ll. miltu . mi, I I,ria.1.1 And let us show you the most convenient, economical and complete outfit you ever saw for fulminating ar d purifying a room. Maybe you think your house doesn’t need fumigating, but its better to take no chances when it is so inexpensive. The Alvarado Pharmacy B. H. BRIGG ti CO . Prep. F*| ti .-iiI a f and Gul l Avenue IIM I it CHOM - t 4* ? S' s    1    !:' 1 ' ’ z 4 Ct Hic rn: 212 VV. Gold Avenu* ii B. RUPPE THE FRESCRIF I ION DRUGGIST 203 West RailronJ Ave. I OK ELM RER, SHINGLES, AND LATH. A LARGE •tock df Windows, Doors, Paints, Oils, Rm.dies ement, Building Paper, etc., always un hand. J. (2. BALDRIDGE dOSMil MI 'iitsrsTRrFT.    ALIU    QI    RISQUE,    NI    U    MESIC    XI 4 ♦ 4 ♦ Albuquerque Planing Mill All kind- of tai MI vc i,j I a iprci^li. Tin' ri^ fat place for good c^«lr^ al luwptrk© A. J. LOVE. Prop. Antu pi,un. |0.i |o : s Kirvt St. A SAFE DEPOSIT BOX "  .....  *»    '"""I    ca.-    tau.    Hmm.    IIM    \,ti.,mil lunk a1 ll I a,’n Uiat h h**r ii rig ton rout. -rf i b«* of >W til of Aibuaiuvrqt]" tim*: thnt th** progr*** «.f th** Not only will thrrr be aiger and more v Ii, 4bb- . he fart thut th* ai awn ti *r ag •ut ununui i. Th# if I omen d o mn Dpi of health sen] t " Xpei i.-iii >* In f.'Dllfi *ing on to th# < oast. t hi.4 GermanyV Z)r/Vi A BHI ng i bs if i *ho<*k iir there ai utpres* ■ut i I he you ng nit’ n into a re* Mf,;ma nytin*!nuextra ft I * quai tty of young ! n * II who w< laid tx willing to ti, * maud j so rn*- tm Per hap- an for ad lively .a. I do th* work. and pea hap* ft** has • callo* I their att* ut ionI matter in thi* direct maline :bumurn I h<in th at a prop'.-a ftmany young^t r wiii be ac*** I,ted SillI Hr nu iwill not he Hut if i ie re ar e not a nu nit #r-11 j dlngK it I the a ar fait air. rig(in i^’ii tpg a brad cia*.' • 1 will br or dei a d Ho get I MIKn-ivi I ae afra id—they wo n'tj lh mi ng Ii* .Mil gilt. I For Kidnty and Bladder Troublst El'MKV * Hours All IRINARYj SAN TAE CAPSULES Mi dx CANVAS OXFORDS • • CUE    German p« -pie have    th#    opufnion    of    doing thoroughly    *very!har.g th**y undertak* to    do    E,i„t    »h,u    .    ..    ,    .    .    margining •Mat    ?    1    M’t#f|gtlt    i*    "*pt» idly notices bb* ju*t now in th# way tbf*g    1    ^    . .    ar' #rtil to be indulging their propensity for *o t»* th tug to drink.- In * regent affinal report our rom. ut-I g#n#t ai at Frankfort sac - th# aver a*.- emmet* temm-m I, <    ,    1 Jrjriy VO MOU RI {att (HS of •pirlttlOUS b#V- eragea in    <»#rin.*ny during    the    taut    fie.    vc    ,™    c    „    , nv*    ,n*    ba*    been •.700,000,000 quart*. t I. I ac** Ma*-online. "Women.” sh*- prot#*t#d, ' a* mul l) thinking a* men.” True,” he repin ,J, ‘ bu they sp the effe< t by diltiflng their tbatugl With word*, —f’hi*-ago News. Ju nd «»li,    Helpful. .    .    *    ------ •    •*«-*-TI rn, f VV.'JMV, VVI fill Ii I-    "    a! fl'-f x nu don i    MU Lnougii    to    auppiy wnh on** of iii*-    Hn.OOO.OOO li b ibitnnta.    B*for#    again you try, chiidr«n—w'ith 0 quart* of wine Hit o.nrtM , ,    wom*11 *,,d    ' °ur    app*-.aa* from far 1.3 -j quirt* of iller, and *, «u,u.    near Ta*( “ "•“rlr * pl"‘ •a’1*" Or I..   H„.l ..ll aver, 4sr ,n lh, rn lr I A,H| *rm *“a    >-0"    »*>*■ r.c.„, .-un. Th- Harman amp,™    ....... ........ “    ,    -ThihO.l,,.,,,. ans ...o, and aaarly ,pub ,.hu,|t    ^ combined tost lens than half of th" l«7 < ,«* loan .....    ’    f wish you would * * use me —th-     ‘    z.......... ..... ■ hlr.1., a. mu.I, a, ,h- a,   II.M..W    J    « "• ieaat CO jaer aent of the liquor e..nsnm» i *. .* a    '    t    , , K -*«o.r. awl- at i-aat ...    w    .ta.    t*. ^17^1 ^’1 "* ',    , **    *-•        «-S.r.ii»lr    tort*    '    '    “    I !«• .Mha^^.ifri Mi.'i”'- »- Houaton Post. th matter,' queued he. ’ii J aV I i I :ei* (•MKN AM* a ’ii IL VUE WELL xfAl*. Ii LA STH, I.* a* ab ITT Tu IU IBI' !:<’ * U lt MI’kit 'I A LL Y r’LEANER IT in If* THEM NEAT N *    1    ‘' * amil- I Ivfot'il- XI ut Moan. ii. Vt lilt' * un wa- I U|,„,p ....... .    MI    ,it Moi.HU- IMM U I>vford-.................... K2-*H» Maili* it’* M lain s. u 1-lan.l ti*. KWh  ............ 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Lv.... 7:00    p.    m Anton I ta. for Durango Silverton and imermedtat* pgteti ■' ,'u*‘bl 1 S,"J interim dim# jig*1.1** xi;* either th.* standard “It*** **!trrow ffau«' hn** vl » Mfilida, making ii > • liq passing tiirougii the fainoti- Royal 4a<»rge, ta o f,, K rVh.IM R I1    1U'    ‘    »*•-••#*- I «.*. ie ii- . J Mil 1 11, I,. I I lh-titer.    } S HARM V. Agent, s«u,4( , v %|

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