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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - April 25, 1906, Albuquerque, New Mexico ALBUQUERQUE MORNING JOURNAL .fly C a trior, floe* a Month* ddi/'it c atiitc fly Mail, $5.00 rn Year* * nlut D ut MI lo Starving Dogs Hunt Out UN EXAMPLE AndDevour the Dead in Still Smouldering Ruins Horrible ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 25, 1906.LUI    OF    SAN FRANCISCO DEAD STILL LIE UNBURIED IN SMOKING RUINS Sight Greets Survivors on Telegraph Hill. - HUNGRY ANIMALS FINI) BODIES WHERE FII MAN SEARCHERS FAIL of net tin* vv Ii I lf IL,jf. he .«.«j.l Mui, th The' ,,M' *    '    Burely    nj    fatIiVi    - oui,! WI-ll to feel    ,    proud.*    < •    I \,lnt>    of I, boy s    twilit v    lot    IhilD ‘    i>»    old <,    im ti,. • - dore showed Re po.--    ,|    when Ii thus Apiikt'. arui »« naval off I* **r Idui.i I hope I*, win a Mnei apiin ph We    Im i <    met to,],,    ■    ,    ,,    ,,, f, Ute mighty dead ftarmmb.i that oui words of adniirntlon me Inn sound* in* itraw and tinkling • \ in ha la ir ■ lo not h> -I. ini, prei.,ii, „ ., ,,,t t lit** culth.itInn ut non    ,    | ,1,1 a a),^t body fit on,H, lye- *o that ii, time cl need We shall lie pre, ired to cmula* their deed- I,, t eve    miri'-hlpm,    , who pa-** s through th Institution ie-memhei a- lo looks Up I th, I,mb of John Paul Junes, that iv IRR......our cur n President Pays Tribute lo Spirit of John Paul Jones. BRILLIANT SPLCTACLE AT THE ANNAPOLIS ACADEMY • skillfull HAX Kl I AXL'ISI ’«». A KUI I, .'4 MNK OF TMK MOST OKPKMOMB s« i:m:s that mas follower tiik kirk was tha i- vv itnkssko ON TELEGRAPH ANO Hl’HHlAN 11 ILLS ANI* \ LONO TI* E K VTI It F .NORTH HK A < 'H FRONT OF TMK CITY Tills Mm* NIN*; VV MKN scum., OF 11A LF-ST A UN Kl» In MIS VV KUK F(»VXD I' 'TINK MIMAX Ii* MIK*. Tin: VMM VI,.- VV KUK I HHC* »VLKFI> GNAWING \ NL* TI*: A kina; VT THE AN MIM I ’U« ITRI I »KI». THE I *mi ; «IF ’I'M K ll* 'MV M IIN VV ll VV KUK OKU TING FOR THE It KST A nil.,poll-. Md April 24    Th***, atids of people gathered Rain to up. new. the unusual , ,went,.nj w hi, u took plat,- I,, the memorial room of Bait. «T0ft hall at the naval academy, when Mn*    hod v or    A drill!    (I John paul Jon, *- CORPSE* HAUF Kl’RI ED    IN TMK    RUINS    WHERE    m\|,V \ I, KG    OU    !, 7    777    '» Du* nation* hobo, in ?«:    m'la, V.*'i ?,i'    ' ui,h    -,; ,t, , .    hnal letting pi.i | re-i. HAO ME KN SENT INTO TIII'. RUINS OF FrJm h    Jl,SN*‘'ianil    t:* HOH KH TO I.m«»K KOU WHAT UTTKE PROPERTY THAT MIGUT HAV K fr **** '^ 7,77777 , ,,77' 7 ,,,l ,7 F.SOAUKD TMK FUA MEH. (’AMK UPON TMK SUK ENIX* I CONDITION 7 T'* 'a,'*ri«u to homo th«*7i'i J. AXD IMMEDIATELY REPORTED IT Tm THE NAVAL OFFICERS LL’ »«t'**«*c-^r"moSS** "'V> CONTROL MF TMK WATER FRONT    MILITARY DISTRICT    The exe,    h, - look place ,, the    At In response    lo tlu-lr appeal    that    ann,rib lug he dom    . bhu-J.u k-ts aer.    delivered*by*    Preehh iTt Roo-. 777 ** ** d'Mii'd in I hose    vninlt * -    All    morning ride    repoit- , mild hi beard on    tip*    7^.'    Horace    former intha'-' hill-1,1, md along the b* ach a- the dog* wert* killed. Men w, r. pressed War'd.-id 77\^4. 7*77,7 ‘‘a ‘ *‘r,mr ' into - Mi* ell Im » I# burs the bollies in Mu ow them into tip bay. hi , few lh' *V',\v Bon*, pa rte 'lid oHi* *7 *''* lines smouldering lire* Were found mid tliei* ll wa* I--......... ti..    .......I -  ......— in*    nu id '•""naD.    " "in* not believed (bat tiler, wen it .niv »b id In th.*    behalf    of the American peep),- I VI* 11,1.1    Of    Telegraph s Kip* .ll bill-    Main*dogs Were    bland    Hi«r. d,MU C    ',Nh *''    thank    our    ancient    alii    ' th lot    lh.-    bodies    lino, .    ,hMt    bi-ml *n valiant nation, to whoee help wa*    *, When the dogs have    ..ll    been    run down and slain, .    fui Him sear. Ii w 111    V"”1 " 'h *'    •’"Im Paul Jones wa*'ahi! *■    mu,!..    ob,.In ll,.-    .ma    bury    .hon ... »„„„ a.    ,.lr,    Wc’r? .'ha.'ha.^1",r':V;'7, OKI \Itl> IHI RI, Is no KIM DENK    <1    to    uh7    \ ..........  •«    *«    "«*       O'    ran,bn,I    11,.-    rat.a    'it? CF,'1';: .-'at,- aud «»i the world tuat tiler, i- no epidenia in San Francisco .ii i no !° c,» mine rn .ira ta ti,, i.ooptbu of th* . Of our. Til. sanitation of Rn ‘ tty is under . Misidorai'Ob. I wish to i’1*1'''H‘MIV1'ad ' '“•Hadron of Frnn, , '*" "•*« -I- tis-  ..... SbH    Sr.....-.......        „,r    ,    Th?'iar.,3,*i!JS.;S'rvy ar. bale iif.nm.uiou that b-id* on to belie,* th..* alarming report*, emanating '7’ ‘1 v'l,h    -    "f    brave    .iud mm, certain sour.** San Francis.,, may result in an - mburgn bern* j d^aVTVTmhSL't heiT*,. I lh    h«    flM*    ut •••k*’! and    a mon J.    W    VV a rd. • ha,, man    of 11 e lo aith , on,. , iJT^    I'^p^r*    ZZ    Z OUI m ll 11* <■ ! b ! - UHM ll I Mg,    w u H lr. .-ll ( J age can atom* for th.1 lleiencv w hie), come-careful pi epa ration through «*areful train and careful tining o,j of war. yet that i*i*n» < an avail unit in th* I- the Ii* ar' 11lev* The nav > w hose , apl;! I* inb-r al e sure III t w hip th*- moi ii Ii oat -Un • idler apl* ss the I *>r force Is piodlgiottt which never .ielde e tda**** of th*' possess!. •I weapons k 111 f. 111 \ to us*- these ll ea pons; hut ll- pl* atone for many ..Hie and lf with ll an cot inilituri <|Uanib - I he bi eoRtts IllerI' \ Im a tly I ii a.lvanci of the men th* engtii ■ tiles* thine neat of oris I » Rh iii. f* erl-i-iii!* Will , lot -IIIHie tong filii I* captain i - niln*'* nudity of kb* The , ail md Im ourag i k *• Hi**i »f it..... .I -Iii*,and th* -tiins an abidi1 ri the;will oft* < to. .rn I IU me nth MEI BAULE FATAL EIGHT BETWEEN INDIANS AND COWBOYS NEAR ADAMS Fend I. I has reach. I I I tied. owli rn down . V J., W hlr •i* gl a ba 11 > It! V< re kl 'fug. K* •»* strut . es In J* •I upon th*' movement* of This statement, made by I nip ie.- at the meeting of th villi apple nae. I Ile Hill lid Dl-I IMM .Vt m Yol k Apl I l l Vie* |h es -dent .‘all in of (he Poutlp*! ti Pacltb loda* de hued 111# boundaiies of ti. burned dot rh t of Sun Ft iii. - >» in Mi*' following dlspm h re. elve.l ti lh* < .lll|*au> a IO- ..I of Ii- *• Til* bul ii* d •bstrn i is insult* the fallowing llm-Itw liegijilting at th* front of Hie Kell’ building add running -iii1 ii in*! numb • Ile .lock- to th. co. net ol Btanuoit L’l intl Filet Hireetn, west on lira I, non . St coiitl, south to Tow intent!, west t-t *ri io*i of Eighth and INi i-i.n mirth *    < on DI ii Mi* n to ll. ri-oii -*ui it i Twentieth, west to Church north ti Market,    east lo    n*.    iii    p Jackson,    .ast lo Van X*—    north    I ba J , east along -bole d* -ti ole I do. k to Sanaoiiie. th* ai• along l.asi site. to point of lr. git,nit g *m mil tern I’a.iiic I- iou-    (| * *«.b*n Api li 24 V Ii vt.. . |. I b* i tit! *1 pa see t get ag* iii of ti,. Ham- <M,! man lines at this point estimate* th-K lh. iii.(MMI to J ,V OMO    S.4 ii {•’ t * | )kt    ii    }«!    .-    Mil* "III IHI **« th I Oimh    t* I the r-nd of the exotlus A *|m-i al due bl ut noon has Jib to Im* fed hi the ie- tho lief l ommltt. e and otl'. i train- front ■I ...Isl ll-    . > or I I w 11 JI    ■(.II people.    The South* )• I'm    to    pet IM.s-dige, Iruf(U ba* been di    n -    . 11.I Pet wood iMnHkl end Ogden bv the ( « tatli mid a geiierosi11 ii i ,t rr i n>g 11 f ii gees ft < * I in on. -pi .    .    i ti*    !,i' lel.lal the! • was <1 a 11-    I.    I tai I at    ' the conductor. -id) Win re    lo    m**iiiI It* In I    , Sat* Fro rn is,    o    April 't \    I    ofl.    *    a*' of im in f and cont, bullous **i <.,% ,,,, con tort* should be iddres-ed    t*>    Jain*-* I*    I*-*' Fltelan • ii:* I'tii-iU III).in •    •    .‘lilt,ill it    etui I im* and FIHuiore street*- ii aud fr-rn. th* rn na I OI* the Tm,dill ! ll eru cow bol i I- reported th th ret Indians **d that so,rn* . 111lei stock Upon a remote va tbo«. The Indian protested, but we, troop* art said t did **f the Indians a, _ . _ _ suited. At Ada nm t muted 1 to the seem*, the nill hon**.- iud v I » J * it:,rn b dill hi e.t .* I ll.|na k >• in Ch*' th'ce and will have to Ip* sire rod* and timbers, Im foil w.nk of rrmoi.ii can I** new tower w ill be of re! > w I the Bud. ■ fleet adit UMI I’ of *1 I* igiheite.t by < in* a, ilia I done. 'I ii* dor. * d . nu * I belli, Clam- Working " f' FiMncis ,,    \|,t    ii • 4 u it Ii j t. I a en ti -foy hum * l»ronabl> font .-ti* i i <ai line- will i>»- ii, operation and tin* st recta of two extensive dis-will t»e lighted by .de, t t i* it> . < ( Hit IN I It I*. IIM Mist || VI IMI DI %ll WH I. Iii M ll I.u.iu dan Francisco, (Jal., April 24 —The Coroner’* ofTU*.* will be reorgani/.* .1 at one. I |i p. th. present, bodies have been buried bi the -ddi* rs and mn ii militia w lu re found F«*i lh.- . ,.- * it i* feared lh** exact number of dey I nm *•» mil Ie know Coroner Wel- i like Tourvllte. (tuques ll de Muff rem won renown uiirals Inf. riot to non.' of th**1 r *la i fit mar!I , I prow ess In addition to welcoming th*- dipt. I mafic and official , • pi *-entii(ive* hr ......»* •" Pre-ent. !.*t ne    .    * Pi *-- mi heartiest acknow ledgiM-nl lo our former aiu*>.i-sa*lot to I*a i Gam ! *1 Hora* *• port, t n, whose /.. al • •ti- *'• lotion w * * pu et leu lari > ow, , that the bod) *.r John Paul Jones ha IMM ii brought (<» ny j* nhuri m When the ii* n I j wa., !}ui„ brough aver (be > em .    *».t,*i ll. - of main db rent U t * ( I.--  ......I*    ,    each    ask big that It should find its last r place In hts cit> Hut I feel that th I' "* "f (II "iller- in w I,nil th* i ne rn or* of the dead hero will most sur*-: •' 1' ng force Is her. Iii iliiiiauolf 1290,000,001) E ng number bin quag* *f a P deputies in, iken from I does ) I,,! he police ai HVPf, I iv* ear.-*, ,h(, u !h* rVln,M* the ca include ,h|M , *•» bv ,h- jec. f. UH ,.L I.mate* that Ho .... «D UWJ4 I rn* si ii ii I • i than otic l *»f JI lh> I IIN K I i | pi in tIT THI Pl IH >1 IMI I <r ( - f : ii. ii : I . * ie ti* In* rn atle basis, *1 |l| i|»** || |y | j cHitiiiiuiM 1,1 phily ie* uattutb rh* g * *•, t ' 'I Job follow mg hoi -, tire Ins The*ffof ti* (#f I h* •• author* hist*,, >g (iirtn'ttHl I o the oi. '*v* r awb*‘I*- J* ar bv i*.,,    , inldwhlpuieu w I,*. .,t. future the navy. .mini era lh** dead man -ta* future na\ n t It esc wa of "I*- IU., cl* hiI* (’out mi* red tod.: 11 - dmi»..ti houbl k tun off!* w hoi * ii* » ..rn, i.ff art nit th* in th* foal) i More I ll .Iou F vt,1mlumen -liooi ai I'oli.c, Man Kl am is* it Api«l ^4 i'hb I « I'ofi.c lim.iii i.unoyneed 'in* mon lug that the reports of clash* - b< • W • el, pol,. . and the Natioln.i Cilia,,! men Were areally eg »gg**i .ted. Th ofticeO of iii* Jc i la I (III* Ut if* I ak I I liie r regiil ir dei tile from tie < jptaii ut their re»pe.*tlv** > outP-to*t*S and ar doing patrul dud iii * oiim*. lion un iii* regal*is. aint it is ie ii i. I lief*,. Hie close of umtther day et* ii lo lilt i ,* mail will Im* withdrawn from dote the I il> streets Tiler.* hove lie**u bUiliber of dlsagtceabie iitiie t !. ,d< ti ■ ml on aaveial w *- *>!.** midi .atli. hate tired on poll* ** f*»r di.-*»be> ii some order ls-ue.i »• % tin- gllirdstlie For this i .'.ISHII it i- desirabl*' tliat lh militia br v\ ! bd man (I|M*ll«‘.i % aul! Too -.MIM Sin Ft an- is* o, Apii * -Til** poi vault of the Fireman’* Insuiau, • out pa ny was opened yesl* rda> ,*ftei pooh. tty tho IU.rush of air a bls/ a i ted un J ail records a nd paper Here burned No fu*th*i vault- w be opened Col two is« ■ k*. % New IhillNiUHll Read. eau Frail, Vpiil .‘4 .ii (’ii I e »e to Hie tit «*;e b**i g gal:    i * - * I .•no planed i,ea, Fort Ma    v < t'liiuatown will be |** .ted .1 HU I. Point on the oogttle! rt aitremiiv Ho* county un th*- bay shore It > ami el ai mites from lh*- od I’iuuaiov I lentil I oo-ul V|i»-iog ' <n Flan. I**- o, V I* > ii .I    ll ,*•    *» no Ira. i of . 'nu,it In* La Re *    I f I en. ll    .maul, It is I*' ll * d lie bi,** lit* in me hie. I Cl I J liliitlllllg I OIIM'- ll**.I ll **•»(* El u* is. -• V, nl j |    Th*    « domgpd Fari s i Hiding w    n. nm-ad s'wi I ' bu.I miiic-d'licit I ,,* towel aaa prim I pa 11) damaged by Hit -Imul.l f. the .ag. \ the pr limbic , aul Jour our natl od of a . •rr> ami Mat ti d I (ewes Th HAN In iv VI . until:* iii- iii.II I 111 - V N I \ I I k* lo Re.|uir< I*.'oat territorial k.ulilo, *u —« --«*. I , a - ira b -‘gut ‘Iud" I ii VI limy. DI ( I VHI - I VKI ll./I VKI -||. >( Hi DOW N Ult 11 Ma I .IV I Ii Pl I 11— Mas I, ,ii VV • do* alai Morning I a-I *ai*l to Hut* Weak.,ic,I -linen,* ding I rthquak ch w it*. VI. XI Trump* t •ridg* on h** I* is on W ed ’ i i tnor <»f fat -on*!, 'HD- Witil Fraud • ut >-trum hop %.n< < ITI, Mi bal (bis pm ii in i e « ga I I*Mal lo III) i.ik. him to: nu d ll 'GI I III RN I- Vt || I. VI VI DI ll Ii 111 VII l( •( ll J 41 \ I (‘IIM, VI I MCI va.- I* ‘rtij‘11 I- I min aud iii i rn b i.riam I -auk tic, Aaa flyh (It tile de. IX (ie.( on-nleraiion* aw aah, W lllien sun iijnoKC*! In acI aK. I’» *1* of tile Hog fOlIob IIIUU ut .* • ll I render. .VI.r. plied Net.** J 1 T iidiig legion of Ne w .VI* Kl* *, UMM wink al dug side? aud ii tad* Ii)** wu, lls ll flu * ii i Sui,da t *• t > i oui* it. St w good. Inn un dial [civ <.fb >•> the < ’n mbs I SO! ii ti -I M i -J Hie . as, lo lot' III o il im ii land wsun k lh, I 'n Mg ic*,- aga .log* lo pul I lh hiaduvi Is ll, I ackcd a ll d her linier, tactile ii- the UU»* Ina i I id -ays Hie RI ! Pus*. Her, Hd. ani J... * Snic- kilt cd vfi* *- rig! ll he I II* is going in , nits. lit a 11 Ii S. JU 111- lug Ult Hi i do ii as b el ii Jcsa and heil d 14- I 4ll Pa Pi head oflh I al*- iii an « fr*. 1 uiiabl* lo bring tiff go Its lo b* al ti ti* fa Voindue e Hie »abroad lo Hu ILI [PUU I | Whip I aas our* emit-* i i i loll ll ll t£ MV IF! In lh* Vlbgdion .lls- ■ Smith’* i fa the,', , "id (‘.I >111111* ale I c I ne ' ig.t : dis! I eed. prod ut Ion. Mo, VA a*Ii,ii from F* lad hoist en Seventh Day Sine' Earthquake. PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT'S COURSE MEETS CRITICISM Nan I ran.'I-* .*. . ;,| \pril  This nu- Hic s', cut Ii daj -in**- Hi* ca rill-quake jail..I Hic cliv -si M .crclt mid 'tarted fin** Hull laid it im ruin- and a- it it Ii Iii* pc*, * .Ii iii* dill-—I ii* Mi.ii t.Mik un ll,.* accumulait «| iu,|M*tii» . , Vin,ul,,s and added »„. I, volume r»l lone ..I ii- non ilia, Wed,,*-dot will (In WU on a -dilution Him u a iou- oat low ani- III** normal '-in ll marl- ol trail, aa rciuai*i anhnriM-d tier* «*|>* (»-»"« bu Ha (iMii-aclion- oi ordinary Jmi-iii.*—. lcm|M*ra, t -liiicini* - wet*** • > I Mg i un up lur Hi* a* * * amu* slut to • ol oi Ii**, i lea ring or (la* .bio-tuicl ana <*| ii- ruin- wa- w.'lt under wa , th* lnqolri into Ho* condition oi Hi* flank vaults wa- «*.»m|*lctcd. Hi* <*rga m/alioii aud pn pa rat mu for -cit ic of Ha- -Ir.-ci railways wa- -o lur adiam cd Hull Hic . ami | HI MV evpre—c»| ii-readin* -- to r*-lime lui-iuc— a- mmki a- lh.- maior would |s rmd, lh.* Hale, oiui|iiiii, almonm<e.I ii..* compl«‘iion *t -im Ii r* pair- its ciialdc.l it to -appl, a total oi in* i,c million gallons dailv: rn fact, iller* wa- ail Hic evidence t»* (Hit at rem ii**w ami forexer Itu* lenr-oi 11 him* who i in*di.*t«*.l 11 ii. ( —an I ran* .•IMO would n* ter riM> again » III I ll I**! PRI -IMI VI - \i H(» The eitiaen.- of Kill VV ,(U-W,. I, « I Splendid Plan Approved For Building of Most Beautiful City on Earth Millions Ready lor Conslruclion of the New San francisco. WHILE THE DEAD ARE BEING Bl HIED THE KESL RKECTIOX BEGINS build) VV . •'Ilepa ar th Phil I ntltmin. > th. *>r Ap ii 24 Steps ai* being takfa t«■ organise for Ho* r . of An hitn t Daniel Bdrnliam. lie* t, btl**, with relief work, mani t:ifioi* and w ihin Hie t ,.xl few day* niik ng a its ligaments for buddie-I l»e pet fei led. i Hu- lute*! movement. si>« all n.'* i 'in*    g.i    wo    k    nil    I,*    forlhcomiag just »    soon as th** ady to begin its work.   ........ '*    '    '    * ******t•' explaining    Hie plaus *»f 1    1    n"    *’f '"I') e IIH*- exprewaed thtkr Wilting ne-* •» k ■    *1 ad, i i *,\ funds th »t 're needed. "nm*    • I-Uh;    .*:    the    Water front. This    rtimrict a lii ,!    ■ well    as    p; tyr. -qui lilies.    it ,« **    lli    ■ ie    r* Will    , ci-t t.    ,,419,404. New wharves and ' tlrely diffei* tit lines and new depots will '    !    »    imp;    wed exactly ,fter Mr. Purr- *‘N    11    *****    If    Ibe    Pan I'rjDilico brews for > *■) :    Twin    Pe.,ks, ami tm *e cons*I u, *,.,!    -8    he    it    if KH R    I HOI SINH NI |    N IO t    I I    \|( DI IDRIS.    V ’    '    "'n** r.    lef    to th* of Ac tala and    cIU« ooked upon file rulu* of the , ny and ' and « cl p ,n tiiai w*'te ure a ”    •    noon' th.*' tin- South* rn ' '* earing , lay tIt** deb;,s. '    1    i a* k th .‘Ugh the heart of Hi* ‘    '    ’    1l‘”    h '    1    n‘l    l*» rn their fiai ca. s «U ai I IHI U Ut I I VI p(»|; \ K> ||«, v| I - | . »|; ( OR i v I ll. ll - V N ll Dr I . loo* -* («ci I an In atim iii ( i ) it* in i ha i tit Si- *h ii N I VV VII Aim |W,\ VI VV VI VK I Ii VMV VISH I Kl VV •veil. I WILL BE HI VV V Ii V VI VI.I IM IN I I HIK ll ..ll - VN VI V I I    . .ll I I COMM! RCIAL BUSINESS SOON TO BL RLSUMEI) Viol, I I oil Id. lluM"cr I ic HI .*4 tiut iie( Aleeid bu sib*it. u R Ii fogetter, pa1 i i 1 ta r< * V e*mr *4 KipHmm ai the *• pf *as p.* >-1 blre ac In 'd adied I 4la>*tev a iii rof th* plawork* * i a*•••••••••••aa**## • VIK I lox VMI V ll VI I    a •    VI. Mil I . HI t HIM (I a •    V    4    Fieri-    • oil •Mi *.*,„ # i in a

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