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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - April 23, 1906, Albuquerque, New Mexico Page iwo. Tir a opium per que morn inc journal. A a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a Mem i. A i Elthira Semi annual be persuaded a a latest utterance brings $ Forward new issues. A a a maps out tremendous j program of legislation morning Bureau i i 229 Penns i a Iii i a a 1 Washington in april 2< in quot Mon speeches like thai arid ii Nill in us Ltd i fish continue Hie to Iii Ipchiu that the to it resident is not Loh a Factor Iii tile 1908 race a said a politician this morning. He was talk till to a group of House numb. A s a lion that quot no. K Rake quot speech on hat. In Lay Tho speech whose expected a lot Lonny attack in yellow writ a in who eclipsed in sensationalism by Hie aerie of proposal that the president made in the direction of a legislative prof Ani for tile Futua Iliad that speech carefully quot turned the member a and you will Litty that it meps a program Effort big enough i., k Oun administration bus a presidential term. Tackled thin a Minim then is More business a ill la dispatched. With income Tux or inherit an Etal licensing of torpor tiler regulation of jut there in no none Lawu a i plan to make Benefit concert a great Success Large attendance already assured. Santa be express cars packed with Relief material monday. I poll it. I woo. Classified advertisements it All i assist i n Ai it Vuk Tisi mints payable in Advance Eon Salic. Fok Salk a Tine of Nulf of to acred Miles from town. With 8 Mil h tows poultry and everything Complete Good paying property death in family reason for Selling apply la. F. A morning journal. Foil Salk in Onyx Saddle arid Bri dle also second hand buggy. W. Ii. Mcmullion. Real estate broker i i i . Hold Avenue. Fok Hale a t a Baiga in. My res Idem e property w it ii or w without furniture. And two adjoining cottages. Al Jhson Al Imp Jim erty us no. Money to loan on furniture. Pianos. Organs. a Vagoun and other chattel also on salaries and warehouse receipts is Low As j 10.00 Ani a Burh As Imo. Of a a a a. A quot Dis Are of Ickov mad Ami strictly located on four lots. Corner third i1 ,. Time one month to one Street and Flaa Eldino Avenue with ,1 /.5o0 a in remain in your Tine Trees. Lawn. Stable Etc Pplk pm no in to pm so re reasonable. \ borrowing but Tai a tax Allons Globe store president s a by the my hellcat presidential in A i i did nothing reserved Ham bet w i to be it Isfort a my that pie in a i till hug i n about d the i eau it is a a a a to every Church in Albuquerque >,>1 1 a j ref it epee Wax made to it it d i a i ter in Hun i ran cd co. In several of Hie churches direct appeals were made to the Ald of the sufferers and announcement was made of the Benefit concert to be Given in elks a tear Tonio irow flight the funds to be thus secured to be sent to san fran Al rein t commute a addition to the. Program Given Munday morning several additional features have been add a d. All of them Strong ones and to concert is bound to be a big Sucre a crowded House is assured tint it i tile desire of ii men who have arranged ii that every seat in the in Aire be sold several times Over so that the rum from this City May be a Large Oil. I rain Row led with Relief material. Freij train through Albuquerque to the West yesterday was crowded Cornel North with Relief material from All parts of Fot one week the Middle West three solid a pres cars went through from St. Louis while some four Hundred cases of egg formed part a it the Load of the express Carson night. Part of the eggs were donated Iii Hutchinson Kansas while the rest came from tins a 11ion army rein i farm in Amity a Dorado the trains also carried considerable government stores Coli Siston chiefly of blankets consigned to Gen a Tai Funston. It s. Fecund Street. Mrs. A m my. Clel Laii. A a Fok Sale buggy and harness cheap 20s cd. Broadway. Foil half furniture 421 South third Street. A Ujj Foh half three Good native horses broken to Saddle and harness. Inquire of Colorado Telephone no _ if n it to of Fin of cols to tend a a n in is or world the hours hold loan co. I Loo ins 3 end 4 or of bldg. Pm 11 vat f off i ceh. B l in it Fri pcs. So. Cd ital mad at i Iii. Fogt it half at a bargain a Fine constructed tent and furniture. Morse Bantu be anti High to. A2< a a a i it a it i 11, f i Mui Salm loll lop Ami hat to m a my v it Ltd night i it n Ulm a desks. Hook Case letter press choir j Kell at it.,a 1subs. And office table loom. First no ii hmm Huppin a to. 1 up Moui t i Ola t Bank building to Fin. A in ago i. W a n to . I it i it .e�nv<,f0,�r� to quot oth i ills Toiv san Francisco in., a i. Euyl tax eruptions my Uii. Fai the quake. Fifty per be. A in no to Mon. Lake orders now. Jle Fei Emril d National Hank. Send i 10 but in. Hook Ann Filiti Sale three three room one Tulve room. Ope six room Ami one four room House \ fun trill. I 1 Coal. Of Fok Haff thoroughbred Whit Wyandotte cockerel Young apply 4 Jak Levy a Currier fifth and new Vork ave. Of for he of furniture of kinds Abt Fourth Street. Frill Hale four Choice lot Antim l o buy a be on a quot s a a id hand Pool table. Did Ess a. Vav h., care of journal �2� Ante a girl for general it t hisew01 k. La a Edith i. Of w uni fit position by experienced Stenograph. Good it tor in address he this off ii e. A j a have to in. Thai Aho control of the in x Hen a a a Iii i i Anh. A 1.1�i \ a i a 01 Bieri a Ahrita i a i la ii i ufos s. A it it v i a i rate Al Anniv or Aio Fred Starr accused of embezzlement in Louisiana Aliu. Aba Phi p Aring for wan i fit \ Good second hand to Pew it 1 in mire room left Armijo on i building from to 12 Forenoon a l i s 1 re t ii 1 1 11 g 1111. I a i it 1. A n peal ii a r e a i. P Mons with Hoard for we f Gorl .iv.line. M2 1 no july. Private family pro erred 1 itt quot 7 a a give particulars and Erin in Anabel for Halk. Plan., in first Cia address p. Of Box in it i., condition very Mil. U. A. Apply it new Mexico 1 a Golden huh dry j a. A House of a a. Wen Mil. Ii f Reg to loan Money on in l. To per pm my j Miller ii i a a rent Halk Square pm to ear upper a. Pets and sum. Furniture of. 1 few Days a Ivri-tt-7---- Only is vv1 Stiver Ivenus quot Vii of reliant for room i Illch House be Blo. K from depot $12 pet fur self two a Rex with Good i a e1- Tith Amo. A Ivy room Frame ii is barn anti pout a anti pc m i la Ign itry Houret an Ideal plat for Chi Ken for Plain conking and general Homo f Stich. Ltd he platted into City lid work. My thaw \ Jan a of plume red isl a clips of Jat i i in Merit Trot 1 he Rlee that to lion papers Ai w n a re., 1 it a in a fug i he v t o la in of urination and the to shei it at la would get nut req ulna Send for Starr he. Sled but obtained his a of h i bean 1 in Pun pc warrant a morn is again arrested Ani hrs will leave with la. Lff of advantage. Good Orchard. Call to it Milt a a i m i a Laih i"1 a a a quot n f v a h St fur half Fine Saddle Pony a years old. I mimic 322 Seventh is. Full Sale i Pright piano in Good condition 401 x. Sixth St. If to. For Haff Bungalow seven w.,1 rooms modern Bath two lots Trees second annual latent proud to a ii a sic . Newport la a county will Hind a fat1 i his tall and the Prospect Are goo far an excellent time of sport Iii ilk p in elks 0 . I when by 1 bought Pic i my. Tile then i masked it replied he agreed cd i a r a id quot if in Dent the. It the �?�1 Ith Tion 0 i to. Memo it of Cut re leg cd. Needs att or. 1 \ \ Arn of conv men. I Benim a rat in if to pointed a a i i it is e Mig up lose t i her 0 Ali eur. Co aerion us it Rita Cist of Hie is invest Ion is thin ii is Good us the a in Otisie tax. Biti so fit or i i cd or 1 a when Hor plan in you warn to it it in to into Small capital a it join d. See Alc Hpaul Den. The of Vulic Nguc Man s. Lima nay. Of or von need a cart Smiter to Lep Honc Ile id la. Auto i Luuie ,ih6. For front in an Nior Coin treat men Ami to Verta. Get of meat you will Ltd take by calling <111 Al. To won. Lid North Hind Street or i e Lei ii ii nil be your or in i. Al i Miah m i i alts Hon t buy y air eafe Indar until you have it ii she morning journal line. A a a ii Small v ,11 a ii on you in a few Las sight seeing of last year with to omit Only nine to a nth old with b comp i Alively few people in the Vuley and with strut Iii funds to win with. The first Amit at fair was w St be in every Way j and the. Be Cut committee Ould pay till Bills it com Forth with clean record in much it it a a t and More Flim i tilt i Fitl Cill 1 with More , Quai fait be Mote fund. E n i it a Start bet let and More hours Aud it Atli and tile Outlook tor in a new soul Garden and i second Mutual tort firm crops to a mice county f., should by fat e. Lips e the first and will. Torrent it oui i do things try halves. Ify toph do ii a meeting was hid Uria it i night at which the matter �., die cussed and planned. At a inc s my to next tut so to it glib at pro by they get repaid it East diction in do others hut by Iii aggregate far heard Hie p Ahi. To Curry his be i it ti., my thing by w in if d i opt in a rally ii by d 1 Iii f expire the Ilia ii forge min to my r. J. W do i m t you quot M. La w to la j that lass of Reform la sum that a Trump. A ts.u, i to. But precipitated by the of Hepburn Tail. Irs i agreed with tile great i i h n ii of regulation 1 the Hepburn into Only u St what . No i. Ini Lin it i. Will. Is Federal. Or a Ora 1 ii. A ii i ii Lite fib hoi 1 More insist Tith in. Ten a. Ted thai pubic a 1 11 a tits that a <1. Fit d up up i at p i Tai to a Al a Nouth to full it Rob the ii to claim to being the 01 it Intel est of a heal t. This is the aspect 1 Mot a a Thor Appeal. Re pub can Congo a Man who Hitt to Tiibi 4 at Ham. Huel one of Hoxer quot now if the House Wilt order the Vays and Means committee a during r retool Aud take Widen. The Tariff question. With a to up Orting w he their i i Sathm is no cos sat it and Wasj it i. Ii democrats Wilt have been robbed of Ait the advantage with who h they have App edit Lar been armed. It a loot a bad for re pub ans up to this tune. I think half the Bouse Republican have been exp Ting the House to be democratic but give ii Bunfry Ltd a Uriu hat we a Tariff mind. And that some More to kit it Ciez arc just in a item1 dont get cold Teet a re solved v that quot in the Sprinc the i Young Man ? fancy lightly turn5 to thoughts of love quot Bur me cart Vin a Cirl if he vear.? bum shoes. Besides he should ear. Nice shoes out of respect for his feet Buster a it of in in t. M in n Vuk can Rio now out Vouk Ankley up but i Vith you. You cannot by. /nil-5j you have a Root v Kry thinks \ v a i us be 1 on it really do e0- look Ino pair of or a d on 0hoe0 por a f foundation to our appear Anci. Be Carr y Douglas shoes on Vic be Seldom have a complaint. When do the manufacturer St Ando Biti them not Only must a shoe look be but it must Vear Well. I not Tello have i noted our shoes. The / not on make the Teet look but give v Kar and Comfort. Leather to High by i be can give you a Sood pair of Douglas of of 0 tor . A Nice pair of Patent Leath Ero top found Aye be have them for $3 to to $6,00 the Oxford day0 Aret Here be have Nice Hooe too and everything men and bots v ear. Respectfully Simon Stern. The Railroad Avenue Clothier h a e null v e by Harg Hank w in it it i i ted. Leu. Tex Vii 2- no uni C. I of leu. Who cd with we King it i Hank of Abu it. ,. Esterday and a a timed a Iii the Penitentiary. Lust Ota Iii. R for gov nor of r grate Burn. 818 n. Twelfth St if Filiti Kalk of Richan go a for City or ranch i run try a new furnish a Rooming Hon. He tjo Ilion in a us a a i a it a a a p. J. Thim office if of a it Kalks Small drug store quot mall Tow n. T. L. Mc8p.idd#n, Joo s i Roadway. Of Fok Kalks Hee Mcky hidden the fax to at i before you buy anything. Ii i Tver 11,911,040 mirth of Horn x. I id. Mar Bandi a a. It 10 Saie. Soo South Broadway. Of Fok kalkrn.,i Rte. I of Mer a ii it nil to at i bargain. T. I. My t sic Den. R.00 k lit Tad w a v. Ftp a Kalk new ret Leeond hand i Liu it t�?T., Fok Salb ill i tax in Coronado place. V l. Ilc Snaddon. 300 South Woad wag. Wit Kalk Huy a Home or easy a y men have two snips. T. L. I in add n. Soo k. Broadway. Of Fok Sai i. Olt Tea of. Kanehe from i no j., Apig. T. U m spa Den. Soo 8. Broadway. If hoi Sall it h to Job two Rooming Hon. T. I. M. Is Olden. 300 k. Or u id a. Fok s m it fir do i you a erected in to Stie. I Hay. One i to in snort ie., a i Aik a. I la in. T i. M a a i. I jell foil Kalk of it an lit numb i no Borders a your fixed. ,.-. Every one Altos Iii let number pay you a profit you pan always keep the number right by using our want rot limn. A xtf11 building a Uit Bio to \ a a he ted Auriti Jet pro. It near tre a o Tine hired Stilt lid Wollt Llull to lift ii with vacant land of. A Bure to. Der k pearls Tilic. A Ltd it i a it v. M 1.1. A pit cities. A will Austin b. Oilman a a it to ii ii 11 for Lei r. A no wit or. I Ming. And null a a 1 n it \ Bauge for of. Till Foo i a quot quot me in i us. Sp.-, i i a mid fut in a in mix i food for Hor any Kin i to ii to or Grain W. I �2� k Avreet v it Iii i s. Of. I., lit Xvi j be cos j a wan -a1day. Item Erie mr., Is. A u to do to end a it in quot i ii lie i Ell lost la i. T. M Lam Kin Bent Urdino. Ill bid maker a mired. Apply Santa it in a to Wanatko in loan Money to it 11 a to mud i<.rr<>�r juju. Blown. I in la. First National i., i it n Iii log want in. Tell it. I a pc sue kill quot. I. Cajon ital u n i Kis if you sri it to buy a. La or a \ h wittge1 v t ii i to if talk w 111, I m in id i i 300 South Broadway. Of quot w r i. To hewing by sex per ten Alai l a maker. La a North Walter. Of i 1 a a us it it to j a Havo gome Good Val w a it k fax a to Exchange to goo i a la by Rpuldn i a a i. ,. In to i int la a few evenings a Roswell be mayor i w to Kart and a. A n Boon the Republican Leader were Tak l As a a Al i t inner new four Taii a. Lien or a min ii a that judg Bateman w i Daboling farther Hack it the on. Pot i ban Oil to Kard shoulder Sud raid a Tjit i it a to idea of com a rom in i my Ltd by coming in Here slide out. O von i be mined of you Are seen drink ins with it it i feat re that Judy maternal in. Re. Ardth Rei Taik pro pension a i. I n in \ a la. Btl Yan v or i a it la w if Ile in fun National Hank buildup v tante. Of. V Yaj Al i % Sifis tilt. It. I. Hist Boom t. X x. T. Anllo bin b. Lied with la itch in. A n i it Iii Audret Mirn trivet from k a. In. To cd nurse in attend fun gift my it85 for hot Tsok v i pit for ref in i 1 00m House to i cd wifi a id u a on a i i no. Of a me n s. I k. K la. For by int i mini hoist it . Vlf. Staiker. 211 . Of a Mclint i a big m three of Torii a in by residence property. He met Bisin a for City property f a j a a a a a a a a a a a a a a Mai huh Wani to by by a is every where to ill Tribuzi a to a dipl f of weekly it no x m nag t quot i Los it 111 ago. I. Jim quot v it a labourers ii Tive ant a 1,11ami All rude mip piled w of ii ill Holt lint let Aio it olm to it us val.�?T Abraham employ in it of. Of. I. S. First is. Aulo Matle j Doi j e v of \ a als h to l l ii ii w de Bim k Lutt m i of i i t i ii ii ii it ii it ii it it Iff Kittil. Hub a a a a t nop i Tell v Al Oil ii its a a kit Only it quot a on Sii Frau Loco t a in it of ii Iii quot min. Tut. Book Ai i Bible Bouvy. It i a Al if it ii To Iii i v up Modula Tith Fhi he of uni i is w Ltd i t a ride. To i it. I both to nil y to Iti we tut Jaa it and surgeon a i Lunet Hie n it by. J. K. Bitt not n a Notimo Pauliie i High a i la Aud surgeon room i. A listing Blo. K by. W. J Khz a lilt Al.a id a i ice limited a i car a a Throat a a a to 11 Ai nil Ani i for kit a be roast hip m to. A i 1 Tai Road he. I b. 3 a in i 3u to P m Bibb i a Viii j ssi a Colo item Cefi in. To 12. 7 a. A t for by us i 11 b. Al or big Vizard a a i no ii i m k. W Haick x m it i Lek love my by High a a i. Us t tint pm Rnka la to t it it m c of 1. Int pm 1 v at addres 111 u in p it my if i 4 i it paid. It. It Kin in i jobs Bidi a a of it i by n r ii Board Shell for Nek a poll pm de. Thin ids i iwo n i i is. A 1 a i she to r id it it get Pill aet. Tut.,m�,-. In of a it it liw u t a it Oro it Shine to Jolt la cd 11 a Gold Ino. A a a aj1 k Fil l. It in fab. Bibs Ano cakes of a n Hhd ii Ift of the rile wed a up i in Ait i to1 n it to Ling Pioneer k1 �?�1 quot i out ii fit Al it eel a in it a v it w to it i will. Fist i it it to i weep a idyll i Bool Ami Fin a return to us a my. A Ppd Tilo to k dec i Elf Bra k. Wit of. Watt tout to i i in lotto a to in ii of our a t bldg by and die. Tour us i or in i a i a ale 11, v i Fiji irony la to i s foul i inti h in Igi. J. F Kraft i it Idyl Durga Otto Boon in and by giant Blo k. Over to Loi t to Rule dry Good comp and. A Bloomie 2,2 Colorado. I fat a la. J a Ian ill b. B. fines Aimi in cock. On Orila oaf a ii by. I iffy hour k a a in. To a to i 20 to f p. A Auto in t Dep nor 4s3. A it it to. A Dino Itta made by i a. Furn Lahado see a i m int fut ret i a it a i or . A fut�.11, of a a in a age who modern it Hovenier Mem Bill ii till on. Room a u1j i a Kic Fri four room tor Tiou. Be Ping two room a a it n Seoi,d St Fly it i 7 to an adj. It by i i the d. Re la-1 a r it i i i in i 11 i it a v i it uni notice to. I Arn. I t util a Lin 11,. A i ii i. Iii,.a flip still la i. A. Ami to ail whom in Maic In Nodi i that vol eld t to i a 11. Of i x i. I.,t of the a sub of bet i Tetri Lory of we at Al -. I a a product j and read. T of the Collet of territory it \ Ltd la Xii o tut lied Reg to a it i in Titer. Lood diet of aloud in on a i., pro it of said a i will Audie lament i Judy. Of maid tour thai rot monday he 7th Day of a a thrill of rout t a k it. Ii flit. Hoop of Ald Dill new Grant oops studio of a _ ,.rl. No i had mud by. Lic. By Vin Heelond m i ten hat Auto t Hope us mount 2ft and 22 whiling Block Over t a a a Ai n to l lid . U of in in i a a old noting -.,u rough out to Ilia audit statements , 1,111 1 a a quot i it Grant Block 1.1.1 Tov a a. I .-u.ti. Twenty quot quot quot quot a mat a expert Fife Kati faction guaranteed George n Brown i by South second St Ai Billy pm i in n m of Iii i it i i ii ii. A Ltd Ltd the d a to d. A m i klic. It data f i blk for it knt. R modern convmb.z a quot a a a a. ,.iv-Utiud, Buie Dolfl apply m in i by it furn a i. T4 if Mmith Dav 1 t j but tila hed room by car i. L 7.iss Ora re mite la a a a to quot to what a it of the Nap. R do you Koi mint ,. Dpi to in i he most infer silo to the View to i apartment in Park person who is eager looking for a quot a a a a Fig i room earn Moi famished room or boarding Utah net it to. A it throughout if. H. Til is your and in that uart of la Slauer Lull i Alim fits. J. It. Fake full m Engineer i ii Iii n to Amill by u Ling Aiu limit Vik W. Kpan Cert a o. Wallin gig run Arch tier it. n i Nich i i i i clix Boll f by your i Inaam until Yogt have ecu in morn Uig journal # Fin. A in Bania ii will a Iii on you in r fee Day. A Mikki Hills a. By it Iii in i a. City i role Rukor. Mer i or i bit. Hearse. 15 of com i to d l a Auto Telephone in Modem mild my new View to j us Albuquerque j of la of Malaya , aug quot quot devices i pm at a Majde # a orate Lim Lull Lyole ii la is in am Olina i tor baud m in flictioi., i. I no Busina men Ever feared a a quot a a 1 a a that the add a a i. A oui a to tor who did not it Vertise jts a a of by to of bookkeeping a he one who h.ou. a a W Boom 46 and 4 Uresti building 0 a Lune both phone. Vul i in woo m use your Ina Mittu in t the la True?1 Tio a out aver Tate Ira quot a 1 quot quot or Are Ping or Ornano , 1 River Tiara a utile More re a it. By at at is a i than sgt ii Lithgow a re in Mil Ndeki. Jou 1 Imi or ii-1 in

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