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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - April 22, 1906, Albuquerque, New Mexico In Many. April 29, t0�. Heir presumptive died in 1897. And sex janitor succeeded to estates Iii Ireland a big London mansion and 16,000 wires with a country House in Sussex. The new Earl has been very in seeking to improve his Sussex estate having drawn up eight different schemes Lim now lawyers who hold purse strings refuse to Advance any further capital. There is no direct heir to earldom sex fireman and his wife boing childless. The Earl s brother heir presumptive is a prosperous col on St in Natal also childless and does not interest himself in Early a affairs. Tho second heir is their Uncle Arthur Perceval who is 75 years old and following him a relative quot somewhere in wilds of so that earldom of get not seems rely to have further Vicissitudes. Lord and lady t Curzon have practically decided upon a Beautiful country seat close to Oxford. The place is known As bidding ton Hall and is within walking distance or tile University town to which lord Curson is so warmly attached. At Oxford Laird cur son. Not with mantling his Brilliant rarer there of emf Fapio of Humont we not quot in Raly popular Man but or int tank or Tuu mull among a Small and rather exclusive Circle he was quot intellectual among undergraduates of his year he was always known As a Superior person quot a name which has stuck to him Ever since. Lady Curson is reported to in like her husband. In much better health. As a novel kind of amusement and expected through Redding of Princess Patricia. The adventurous career Filar it Lump Alt Roitt London. April 21.-�? report of Mother Royal marriage Between Princess Patricia of Connaught and to town Prince of Portugal soon to i e announced is credited in society. Last year it was an open secret that Croton Prince was smitten with charms of Princess Patricia. Loth tire about same age. The Prince is Nineteen and Prince is month or two younger he takes i War on free seed Folly is go Qwinn Pieh Strong disposition to away la i do How it has grown from a tiny Acorn to a sturdy Grah morning journal Bureau. 1229 Pennsylvania ave., j. W. Washington it. A. April 20. The agricultural appropriation Bili was to have come up for consideration in House of representatives this week but committee on appropriations asked chairman of committee on agriculture which pie pares agricultural Bill to give Way Public funds. Useless because seeds distributed arc neither new nor useful in Way of educating agriculturalists. Hut All efforts to. It out free seed clause of Biti have been abortive until present time. This year however under leadership of messes. Wadsworth and picks of new York committee decided to leave free seed clause lout of Iii 11, and Asti will lie reported to House tit it one item i of about 9300,000 is eliminated it it of course there will be a vigorous attempt to put it a. K when Hill comes up tor consideration but there is a growing sentiment throughout country in favor of committee s action. Thousands of letters have been received by members of House during inst few weeks commending . Action of Committer in striking out free seed clause of Bill. These letters ate evidently spontaneous and they demonstrate that people of country generally even recipients of quot Bounty quot of government Are not attracted by. The receipt of Fly. Cents Worth of vegetable seeds. Whenever a measure of Public importance is before emigres for consideration. Interested parties find no difficulty in securing countless sign i titres from people Espe tally in country districts for or against Meas-1 ure. But letter received from persons opposed to free do Strimbu lion of seeds Are nut of this class they come from individuals and arc evidently spontaneous. One of these was received by chairman Wadsworth from one of most prominent Farmers in his District and it reads As younger. Alter ins Mother and is As popular Ai 19 an by were wont to indulge in his father. Queen a me i in of Hurt u 11 a a oboes of which origin goes a in never forgets she was bom in halt k into dim old Ages. But pie Ami an Alliance Between her i n a now nut except in a few Remote parts. From Oxfordshire rustic professors of ancient dance were brought to London to instruct Esperance Iris club. Which is in a manufacturing part of London. Tho girls took new amusement with wholehearted enthusiasm of their Cia. They proved Apt pupils in Graceful Steps and intricate figures of old dance. A or want of a better place lessons were Given on tagged roof of club. To scraping of a rustic fiddler London girls foot it merrily while one of their number dressed As bubble1 a Ruurik k�?o8 he with her successful performances have been Given by girls it Queens Moi and a daughter of Royal House i in Glam would meet with not Only her approval hut of Powers of Bolti England and Portugal. The fact that King Edward is Iii mourning for his father in Law of i Fords him a timely Aud convenient sex i us for not. Attending wedding of King Alphonso of Spain Arn Brin it ens Kila. This excuse he has adopted and ibis thus saved himself from criticism or comment by various religious sects of United King. Dom. Had he gone Church of i England Folk whose spiritual head he j is. And non conformists who Dele quot Home would have been grievous in offended und on other hand. Bad not his mourning period Inte veiled and King not attended he would have Hurt of millions of his Subj Homan Catholic. Hut As matter stands he offends no one by not attending. The mourning will also prevent both King and Queen from attending olympic games at Athens Al Bong to ii is extremely Likely that their Royal a a. By will be anchored off about time tilt games take place. The history of old world town of Warwick which is so closely interwoven w till that of England itself is to form subject of a great Pak us Al which will unfold itself before eyes of thousands of spectators in july next. Ancient Warwick Castle will form a tining background for living plot urea of Bistort events a huge Aren being formed on Lawn that slopes Down to rivet Avon. In outs i of that a ppm tit i Sci Rte x. Park. A author of. Rom indic j 4kiuai, King Wmk program consequence Hie Farmers of cout try will not know definitely for several Days just what it is proposed to do for their advancement. The agricultural appropriation Bill carries this year a total appropriation of a iou seven millions of dollars in round figures. The first Money appropriated by Congress was provided in a Hill which a it Hor ted commissioner of patents to quot expend one thousand dollars in pure base and distribution of quot rare and valuable seeds and in publication of agricultural that was seventy five years ago. The department of agriculture was. Treated in 1862 As a Bureau of Interior department. The head of i Bureau was designated As commissioner of at b ult i e and later during Cleveland s first administration position was raised to dignity of a Cabinet office. Through nil years since Norman Coleman of Missouri was first appointed to hold portfolio of Agri ult hrs amount of Money provided Fin Purchase and distribution of rare and a Ina lib seeds quot has grown until last Vear a third of a is ii or it. A a to quot quot quot n of million Dollar w i made available tot a Mif y cannot enjoy it Fri purpose. But in All those years Rel ii ire Iii tii v v �7l from a he principal use to which . Money \ 1 hrs Owaside bust has been put has been Purchase of i a ires when you enter your Home just As Many cheap seed As could in run. A quot us a Ltd from those j secured for Money at r climatic pains Ahu by applying of a he Secretary of agriculture in Chamberlain s Fain Halm. One a poll. Weed of using this fund Iii quot Pur cation will give you Relief and us Eon Chwasz Aud distribution of rare and turned use for a Short time will bring valuable Secretary has in. About a permanent cure. For Sale by latently considered his duty perform druggists. Ii when he bought As Niani seeds of commonest varieties As he a a a a 111 11 sit m one i ill i ii Yum in n susceptibilities la under tile direction of or Cecil eels who Are Harp. Who is an expert on Folk lore Hind ancient music. I ten a i Kin makes life miserable a Happy Home is Moat valuable pos Eslon that is within reach of make your property return to Asp for now and avoid complication after tin assessment roil Are made tip. But a few Days remain in whirl to make return. A2l� id irs. U pm Jiroud Edth Sherborn pageant in Dorset last year is various a Enes of w by ii there will be eleven. First will tie seen or limb chief it u Tai us with bus warriors opponent tin Arnold hosts of Caesar. Tile legend or slaying of Dun cow a a Huy Warwick will also be enacted property i Low being u fearsome beast breathing lire and mashing Elt Trie Eye. Fifty member of Warwickshire Hunt digitised As Xiv Century Binghi will Gallop into Arena in scene entitled quot King maker quot me principal figure of which is Iii Earl of Warwick Sii named from pow or or wielded in putting Mon in in a a ii throne. Queen Al lax he til will also App a in Lier stage a ouch will depart by water in her state Barge with egg t pairs of rowers. A Idle Climax will be All Nix Emily of Iii Hie Bistort at Chara Lei a tableau representing til Kotlier town of Warwickshire surrounded by foul a Cen Mads after her in United /.talcs, Canada and Australia Tbs cast of spectacle contains names of ill sorts Ami conditions of Warth Shire people from Hie wealthy amateurs to labourers Ami a i Van s whole Tow to is greatly a lied Over preparations and. Lodging from thousands of seats that or already booked great show should be a Success. Inquiries it oms not Only from English people Bill als. From foreigners especially \ Merit ins. There Are Mut ining one at a rub ton in Trent brewery and other tit a Malmesbury brewery Twat great a to of in Eer. The first was brewed i i a years ago by King Edward when a a a visited Laird Burton s brewery. A let will be tapped when Little Prince Edward. The oldest son of Prince of Wales comes of age. The second was brewed by i of Suffolk Nee Ladler Ami will i lapped fat sch in of her 11 on Ami heir Viscount Andover w in is a very healthy infant with a pro quot Loller nose quot Ladler f unify have Load baby with Val ii i Ole presents. When i Beer is tipped it will be round m cording to land Burton that a will a Strong enough even for a coming of a purty. A \ peer who a been a Sailor a fireman Anil a janitor and who Lias an american w if is at Law with hosted of his estate As fir hum a lenient of ills land in Mussel. The trustees of inc Kino it estate want i withhold further advances to a til fur his improvement schemes until they get authority from a ourt it chancery. I Lilia he us ceded to his title in a a j7 Hie i cent furl of Kino it had a roving Carrel. Ile w to Horn Iii be Calami Tiffy years ago and ran a Way As a boy. For Many Yeara lie ailed before Mast finding time quot bile ashore in . United states to wed a Southern girl miss huge Howell. Daughter of Warwick Howell of Louth Carolina Helling i. K of sea Augustus Arthur Perceval us he then was use to Englund and As Many exit Aura do became a London fireman. I ii a a Luau Oti Iii vivid Brigid was appointed janitor or Hall keeper Al Chelsea town Hall. It is remembered dial Perce rat had an effective method of Clearing flail when political meetings became Rowdy he turned Lim How on them. A legacy of 140.0 10 deprived chel sea of a worthy and efficient Public men ant. The Money was soon spent to lavish hospitality Aud in a commercial undertaking that failed. I in seventh fail of egmont to whom Perceval was first Cousin Ami ois St in if in Casino Sunder poll Admi a a of strength in hiring Ami difficult irk kaon living i in met also our t Imi in Orch irs sic musicians All free at Lim c it is no. I fwd Mii Unn a North to Iii to Street. Gel for Money. It is True that some valuable wed have been secured. Sugar lice to from Germany. Kaffir com from Africa and Alfalfa from various pails of Orient have been introduced into agricultural regions of i country. Hut Hie bulk of Money tins Bien expended in Purchase of Lite commonest varieties of Garden seed such a Cucumber lettuce turnips onions tomatoes Ami by Garden vegetable without Ani. Whatever to funnel a or t. Agricultural set i in co. Some years ago president Cleveland returned agricultural appropriation Bill to House without ins approval he Ause he disapproved of think he had better go out of seed distributing business am use Money it Cost in som other Way. I Hope your honorable body by refiling to Niaki an appropriation will do away with mixer Ible practice of giving away at Public expense. Be assured that you will have Hearty approval of All sensible tills is Only a Sample hundreds of similar epistles have been receive t by member from a Erv Section of country arum they come by every mail. And so Fay of it in in Learned at this time not a single protest a been received. The majority of . Committee on agriculture be. Re a of agriculture. The chief of Bureau if Plant Industry and president himself of. Poses continuance of ibis wasteful and use yes ext Ein Altur e of Public Money next week it will be known j whether House a i stand by committee in agriculture or not. On ii desert in a trance. Peter Wilson who has been a resident of Needles for past two years or More want to Yoni rigger fir a of last week looking i r work. He found employment with California hold fir Copper of mint i unloading a Carload of machinery which that company i placing upon its properties h a worked tues la and at an Early hour wednesday morning at be from tent w Here Howa file Ping walk 1 out into darkness and bef.,re he i could be restrained had fled Over th., Hill anti out of sight search was instituted for him. But he was not found until saturday and brought to be. A lies during tim tie was gone in a toes not remember w Are he went hut when round he had a lev gtd himself of til shoes and Gre Ater portion of i by clothing. Us feat were it upon Rock Over which he had travelled and were filled with Actu spines h i convalescing at i sent amt can Gli no explanation for i action or Lap of Eye. J Spring every Man wants a new Spring suit and whether or not be agrees to it in Public every Man will acknowledge to himself that it is just As important for him to have a new hat. Hawes Derby $3.00 Dunlap $5.00 latest Straw hats just received. The swell tailors of new York Are making up for their Trade this season More Blue Serge than Ever before. Exclusive distributors of Washington clothes it Rotor it Foj Zamd $4 of Short Don Kcf hats Artter Tony a Short m. Mandell shut a Ltd i h i urn s Tat it jag t f a Stirr Tarot your friends Back East might deride to nettle along of they knew More about your neighbourhood. Senti in a it of their name and addresses. We will mail to them our descriptive Hind literature. Why not work together in this matter. It Only coat you a postal card. Address general colonisation agent a. R. A s. F. By railway Exchange. Chicago Upu ought to know you can now Litt Unk run a bout driving i wagons and top Bulies of guaranteed gun in Sui i sign to our climate and Liat u care my Seiling them at special Low prices of j a 45.00�?50.00�?55.00�?�0 of Combine please with health and get Otic of our fire vehicles. Fat a \ y i my mob j. Korber amp co. Oner Hor strata pm Bow. new Muk pill8.1 or a. Ca get to rat in to Ste huh Marl to Iau. No. Or. A., a a a umm my ii t a do tax i Ara a Ken fib up Chi i pm if f of Fla gift i ilk a Vinh Firtl it tit Miotto molest co. Apr. Ummi is. A trial is w to a. Hudson Watt taper Ana i j a a Lac it it j a first Clas work guaranteed a a Pei. Reasonable a length Kiu pm ivs we have Jud received n shipment of much sought a Hutton length kid Lovea. Bbl k and White demand i so great this Quality can Lam but a Short time. So we and. Vine ail Early be finn. In a economist Albuquerque a brightest and busiest store Daylight store we make All mixes and kind of cloth Hutton to order at very Razonable i ices and in manner. See our window display tif while hosiery most Complete line of Cotton i Dele and silk while Howlet a Vei Brough to new melt i 1% a admirable gathering of charming Spring hats these Are appropriate for every Ltd a. What a wealth of Batty tit mowers omit rib but a i and few then heavy Spring Selling Iii priced hats and Gentl Cipy lots requirements have served a a remarkable to a our do in Iier a in efforts to Excel All previous our present displays. X u ii Fig 11 vill immediately appreciate thai such a collection of new never been in album no a e our window in. of White Good fur confirmation and commencement exercises also a Pew Lite of Bolero made of new eyelet embroidery venom and luny Iti a last is

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