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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - April 16, 1906, Albuquerque, New Mexico Moodily april in. Imp. The Ai tuquer3ue morning journal. Tells wonders of guff dwellings of Southwest Able lecture by professor Hewett in Denver. Studies in new Mexico have made him an authority that in to interesting arum fascinating phase of anthropology Tho Myall f thus invt a links of Colorado a Teona Achi new it Alco was discussed and a i or rather Tho limit.? of our know Alf of them pointed oui to Edgar i. Hewett of Tho Amor train archaeological association in in Iii Fudi it Ltd talk riven it the East i ten to r Ali kit school la t evening ays the Fie Over mows to Many of or Hewett audit it ? the utmost Complete Lack of definite knowledge of who chit dwellers Waie. Why they lived As they did. And Hon i ii v disappeared so completely that no Trade of their descent ants can he found proved to in the most fascinating part of history. Although undoubtedly the greatest authority on the strange people who one time inhabited Colorado or Hewett was absolutely unable to explain where they came from Ile could but conjecture that they Cut Gratis d from the East of the South adapted their Mode of la tug of Peculiar traits of temperament and of geological features and then for some unknown reason left then i titles and their Homes to he rom completely obliterated. They were necessarily a sedentary to said or Hewett a because of the geographical and geological conditions which they it find w Hen i \ came to Southw est. That i a country dry and arid. For the most part Cro a by River with narrow strips of Fertile a a ii a Iii agricultural rather than a Hunting race. They settled alone e narrow strips that they were a defence ratio t Ihan an offensive top a i Bown by be in # Ity my Village that Leti Iain to u the or Walla were built to keep away invaders not to attack nth a they Ca led Little for e inquest. Ail they desired in let Aloin Ami Flint too in a land win a first Law in to Battle with one brother from youth till old age they built their Homes in the pots most favourably adapted to defense ii secluded canyons and on High mesas. Many ledge of Boydstone # Xii of Over the canyons in Mesa Verdi country forming admirable Protection from ahoy the re wait Lilly hut in Means of eve Aud that Iii to i. Difficult and intr i ate in to Nahle quot none would in r Rune cd from a hobe i mine have beet in a it. Of quot ame kind brother which a Thane Iii a a i iring Ptak into the t Ole r ado Cliffs and Anyon it would ii intr to imagine St Lingo dwelling a handful of no ii i him have guard <1 the approach to them against a Host of invader. In mid de Hod rifts of building in in adapted item Gay to a Tine their wait Wert of the a tent. A St pus ii strength the round t a or form of Archil Velure has never hot a ii i a of posit of a the Serpent the Hunt and their Dot prayer ii Al ii re hate form of the a Init the inuit Plum o betide god in Char of the he a a Bolh v d to ale Tya a nov it flown in a Cit Cie around the head # f a Spring my when ii abandoned it the Spring would dry up. Smut a i i repins a Talon rep a it re the it k irl Seel Liati in Nape the Butterfly Symbol with it wines and to ten quot i Moth quot Eom Noti re nigh Beautiful the Ign symbols of the i i \ Ltd win Moll generally Geometric in shape than those of the Southern people quot we do not know what be earn of these race continued or Hewitt a the Skeleton remains show that their physical characteristic were not aim liar to any now possessed by the indians of that country their Heads were narrow and Long. The present i Pueblo indians Are Broad headed. Ii j is conjectured that after abandoning their Homes they were scattered in All direction some to the Pacific coaids maybe and others South into i Alco. I anatomically tile nearest approach t a them is a race of Indian in old Meg Leo that is also to a certain extent i Cliff dwellers. They Are often narrow i headed and Are like the Cliff dwellers j diminutive in to mention of the National Park project for the Mesa verde was mad by or Hewett last night ii a sent Here to report on the plan to turn Colorado s treasures in Cliff dwelling i lies into a National Rosery or 1 Hewett did make an Appeal however. I for assistance in the general wok of saving and restoring ill of the decaying ruins of America. In Aid to unless Active Steps were taken inn lately Many of the Anent specimens of Cliff dwelling architecture. Weakened by the work of vandals would Ilii lost to students and to those interested in anthropological research. Easter series in the churches musical programs were enjoyed. Afternoon was unfortunate for easter millinery Seldom of Ever morning Ai Rolce churches Tien Mot press a i Hati wit la in e i 1st 1 in at but lentil a Beautiful. Incl in those of \ is Terra we have ,11 St lilt div Khz Tho a aus Cik Wmk it huh Kiev he Iii 1ce1vkd in i in i Ell i a the ii West pods till highest Quality. Nicest Phi is University men toi Issue fir year books the ilk to a to Dentt of n l Vav i Vii la lie Al of Fin times Mil it Lenity pass to so a i a a Kab and to Kelt i the anti class r a credit to a throughout the than Evi have deft i in i to the fir -1 Anoil no now in issued abort in Merit week to to milk Vav ill ohs a a age and wit the matter which usually volume hut r a to i informal and a bout a i will i prof it i be Don i he to form a i ii a lid soot in i ire it cred to album Simi it Dot a a Merit i the pin i in t / i Niv of tight abreast Ting in of parti they Tri wed a in inst 11 utter la ill to r in tint lining in a Klov i a i quot r Vav i h to Titer outline St it i Ell is. E or to bring out Book. The vol a ration a i will in morning. Parti Cuvir a Given in All churches to the music Ami the results in All Case Vive re pleasing in extreme. Tin unt Laie in ail churches was also Large re being few vacant seats in any of the churches while most of them were crowded to doors i d attempt to give any detailed Limp of music in the Era i Shii Repp. W Ould i Imp quot rid for it ii i it a Tyl get quot it Bril l to do Justice m to the careful preparation which a Givin to Hie i ast r is rid ii is a out aging however to note 11��?� quot a t. Successful As it is. Tor to Ott i tiie in the churches of Albuquerque not Only on the Kaber morning a but for months past there has been a Leady and constant improvement to the Calm of music offered in the a hurtle Here an improvement which Points to better things in the very near future. Had Hay for Milliner. While the Church. Were crowded with the Baster morning worshippers. The display of easter millinery Ami easter gown was not i porn Pic the and a Labort As it usually is the Moi iring was not promising for a display of Fern i utile la Aery and As it turned out the Day was about the wot Day Foi display of tunning in Turner. The wind in gun its Hsi stun a Mon after i o clock and the several j Hundred people who had planned a a Rev s for the afternoon were rely disappointed. In or Nyca. A in dolt red nut hut the fore Many Man us a sorrowful pric 0. Strong a sons furniture crockery rugs. Tic. Corner second Street Copper Avenue Albut venue foundry and machine works it i isaid. La a it pro or w in f the month. 1 of pome to tilled to i nil in in e Rise year a Hundred univ with lib St it St i bits i to in a up such a with matter of Gen Ihnut the University try pie the Iii nth illustrated. It quot ill a five paper. In thax la quot if in be highly it i vol id than in the lift <1 w. Nine of my \ erd. I to i a this round Tow. R architect to. I ii most i Sharaet lie Viatori a it to it it i i verde c Unerv Etta Ltd int a i a Liny on an f Oil Tahi in to i a a Ting Ami Magnet Al int of the. I i verde dwellings the top is Adav ii Broad overhanging by Ami on Thuu it re Tell 1 a a Walla reach from floor it to i t a mar a i int roil did. Lim Trofi or for defied six put hmm the tire net 11�?� we i i is Bien greatly intuited by land it in not is in suger Pieta ii St auction. It is to. In it i take Mea sure j to in Dias in a i its Rye it Ami Alshet Ltd input d by it hoi Ila try int lined toi Iti to the Wall it to wit of tone Iii quot i on the old a t with mom diets All built of ii us and Tom Ami fasten d together with Strong Centi it strength Nett with Gyp us in Umi i a is. The Council i Hamb i m a a a Himor n Dis interesting they wet larg amt by. Ii ii a a a a if of All a reman i \ Ling fist a t a Tun in a a a a Titer and invited Altin was a Hob i Cai i Down into the Anyon below sym tithing the Iff a Poi or plat a f r a it Iii underworld. A nit of Vii i to Alt la. Poop inn it ii one of the eat Iii i i m a Hon my Tbs Tho Ilot it Elk of no it a Vico it ii till Zuni reservation mgt rth it t of Sui t be tilt r from of Al a x tai1 Outing to i Hewitt in that la in merely a and sex vat loin How v combing lava t let k t 11 a t i gig to there an a i a but a Wall in f be of wit the caverns Hay be to dug the to a a aves utilized sir t. Until amt it to on stir total on a a re excavated. A mile that 11 wet i a porch1 a ii in Iii front of t n s. Cd my a a ii. Quot a a 11v i11r rooms Iii mini nor White the sub Terra a suites in the a were used for St quot a ii rpm the porches were wet and ii in disappeared a a a in one Cliff hot hah. A eth re Tat dwellings l Ite Rock was Oft a a a to w quot i k but the Nia Sidnry we his i us a try inferno that in the a vote Elthon to it a dwell i in the ii a Vail a of a a on. Were inf Horn builder the Folio ado r a a the y # i Heil in i Cut i i i a. I 1. ,. To d t is i Vav i i a a i thou and quot i Here of kind i vied arid who ii the aim ii b irrigating in Tern a in tkv desert an Lelm get ate Steih out Ena is j it soils net it Snail ii. In a a of re t bowing t hat Al no t Tinniey did in Tel ti.,. To. N is ii i Ieth turn the i must Iii or Lei. Pc. A j its 11 Lins and Iii i 11 f be it. Fhi Liua foul Pueblos the a b my he in the open Many Start to. Dwelling bidding Tho building i is to ii i l Lieut Frau mean. ,�i4 of then a the Nisi in l Symbol u Dweller ate fund every r t of the id cd in re a Sud drawn lit hey Here. Carval times no meaning c the Pottry again symbols ate off Iii be found myth the Sun Symbol a Regnant with a a Ireina eve with the rain Symbol a Plum i prevalent ii in Lieut. Holm Iov re Oil Earp it. Iii Ivi been found. Istarki if pm Clef Fig ii i it App Rose ii to sumpture a tilth be to Cpin of the fam it us it ii Jim my the Al to Dan i i tar of tot Bact i pest the Boulder have i Iii Cut a me when resent two mounted item was to to surround by a Stone sin i h1 St in anti sine approaching a Kadi. With the Zuni Indian. Still cont the Fetonti. It i vie to of t in lug hid w ill i bound the Hook atm la Iii t i a a rom Kiel the in i be i Heartiest in court in i Etc rpt. Or spirits i regretted it passed it which wound its was lit Mesa soon aft r a of we. Storm broke the wind tor the to a sit re of by to no and the Little sterner we i Mingli to put Niv i Oyster est of commission. So to sin Iii a Gray Albuquerque however got Small part to the. Easter dorm the River a heavy Hull to. Tag the Alt i noon w Hilt amt Hail War aired from Points both no Rob Ami South. T 1.1 i x xxx it to a ill Iron am it ass a a a. Stings Ltd i Zug Nib r a a Pun Bara Dubbin Matal. A and Iron fronts of tugs. It palls a Millen machinery in East old firm hts Hall mad i a u Melin Deakin what leh Al. Liquor i Cigar dealers exc Kusiv agent for Tell Aud o. E. C. . I i a Ismea White a is bom not . St i suite a la. F. Lolic Liui a lid a it. Solidi Hou ii Al or Ami i Sud i thu ter of in Alv sowd dub a Vlf Teky a. Writs for our illustrated Caia Tegu and urn e it Atik Homiuk 1 to. Kali Brt Kiib Iii Hihi the i of fat Alhi of la tut i new Merkx. Fir foal v. I snit a Durn us Bull mining in 1 v or up Dairy but do communication made easy Biletn con son tilts Ert unit Kansas quot try. I. I souls. I Lillif Ditt All a la Joe nor ii and East by the i or a i11-1i Bink Bis Aln i Lull a a to a in soothe Inu la ii. I in or t i All thai to rough a Nutig Thev a hrs thy of int j health a ter is ii on m i to in Chr it a hot Aggi a k it i so i a re i i tue Kihm a s i Ems Callig xxx Ort a is or his and la Ullin Bino i in in quot in i i la Klim a no a v. To the Tho kidneys filter the blood i. By i Iii Iii i a they remove about Fate me matter i Niv whet loin Pirt of this impure Al in till blood to s a i a and head i h Rheum a to xxx Hep Grain i un-1 mat bring it Matoin pain birr void in c new by killing hair f int Mii in Ivy Al Pat so <8t southwestern system Rock Island system a shortest. Quickest therefore hic Hest the Only Way with two through trains dully. Urr Vlug Standard and tourist sleds is. Of hitting fan. I hair to ars and Cantel foe any trip any Nill or any time i Ike the Koi 11x1 Hulk Len. T a Ira a hip of filler of the Lin if , ii Ziegul it Lviv a pm Baa. In re i i i-4llf Jet. It la if Farl Yaw Wilt a n Kiili a Santau Rte la it a a 1 quot a i i artilly h a. In. Be lit i ii Iri keep la i a Arnubi Xii n. M a it ii Orrill quot i for it Watt i it i ii i i a i Imi a i i i i x More in full particulars see any agent air add Garnett King v. A. Stiles Chiuthi urn. My it Toj a Gen. Paw. Agent Al if to i the la pm ugh i a Al i Kat Tea i w a any. Xxx Lien an a i a in re o bed the a Truli turn impelled to Stop w of till the it ism a a a i nit ring from an item k kidney pills the r be fitted in in every w i every no porn int. I Birtty Man in bin Pill plenty More proof ilk i.,i, die in Al i i. A Ltd or i i Al by a of Ioanu a i a Alt i Hovi a j quot to pm i i a Niedl atm id Imp h ii xxx i la xxii \ t la xxx i x la id i n i xxx ing i it a ii it i i -sa>1.1 it xxx i pc 11 11 v 4, Mil i i in quot i Xix of h i i ill i ii x it let it vix ill u Jis it Ixl six. Item till r ii piano hoi Ihl last u lip Tom a i hat i of n itis i la i ii i investigate mid Eva Mem oui Lairg and v urby a As Rit Miil of to pm Plum xxx i re a Minav to Al p in u it yen of Phi or not to Only Solo Ohio Rex 1 Inai i. D. &r.g. System Aula or hrs in to i until he Illier to ims a in it t a Trio any f i a re Whit the ii by All Deal r r Milburn agent for i the Hun in it Hutu pharma v no report por Rol Mem a. A i n y., mole state. Remember the Toke no other. Be Llo Nih Lii docs Foi in Thor in la Ever feared compel Hor w to did nut advert of to. Who liver i Hgt a int reel Eft in Civ re Iii your of who in dust your Lei Omni. Isnit thl term 4 i i x Imus 4 i i n units in not Imp your Ciler term until men the homing joint i # i on Gnu Nam i loan i or Ort told urn a Airt a i in trim Iii ii i ii i la iria a Tiona a l a of Hhd fits a i Wilt Moi. No mistake to falling no i Ami i. It my Oil. Ii a North hard sired Oili it Naluai Iii a Iii order to i Ait Xiii it Xxiii i i Al 1111 in xxii i it i an ills i Xii i Mil i it Iii >1 s i it lit i Sik hoi to Blob in j Al 2 11 a of 4 02 is fit # 8 20 3 of 4 amp 30 ,.,. Go. Kit no. 8. I la be. Westbound ,. So p. In Lri a. Jambu the. La. 12 a p. In. La. Lur a. La. La 34 p. It i v. Re Tileta. La. To ii to. M i j p. In .,.lr,.Antonito. La. i. In la. Asamoa. La. ,.440 a. In la. Pueblo. i p. N. La. Colorado Springa a la. In p. In. . In p. In my a from Muslin gowns x Geitt i Larga in for 5k cents four style it in eve i a it t it that tre in to that Musili is i Ami r Tannin go a. To employed i him 75- but a Rad will interest by Winn Libers for thaa he i a in. Areg in Hent every a in a la Cly trim in wit h la a c or Emrold and they Ara in Ole of Good my vim via Clitter that. Notkina in you Wain i a quot Small a nuptial or tecl. Den Ilie eve Hung Man Way. Ii r Bottine is i Achi s. It it if a of lie i or card part a wednesday ii ii a a i. Til. On n i 4 114 it a s at.Antonito for Sik Roll Ami intermediate pol. Al Alamosa for i to v a a r. Pueblo and Inte raied the in Iula Standard gauge one via Taveta a or a he narrow g luge it the entire trip in Ami Peg through the i Arnott Loyal Gorget Raslaw for Ull Pointe on re de it re re h. Train top at Embudo for dinner s. K. Illel a it. I. I. A. I Denver 4 of re go to i Aapala Are a. I Uslin skirts Luten mtg value to . I it my k i Imi x i Immi Lim for in i lie Al in skim x aim lug Ikirt Shim i min. I Lei Ermis i Palm t Ohi in a All Oiler. Hum Range lion to gift. B. Ilfeld Salco Spring quot a j everything is sparkling with the freshness of Spring in the up to Date clothing House of Albuquerque. Full tire for attire Stein Tymoch Cov. Dressy mixtures in suits a atty russian and Sailor Blouse suits a for boy j. Aaa to Are our Nett uric of men s suits at Fly. God �20. £22.50. £25 and �27 Mach. C Gay it r a. Quot we a a Cai tags 119 West Gold ave. I but w 122 so. Second St. Washburn co

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