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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - April 15, 1906, Albuquerque, New MexicoI*age four. FAMOUS FRENCH NAMES NOW BORNE BY TRADESMEN (fly P nil VtlH»rs. J Paris, Vprii 14 M <>ii' tful Ptiin-iln-. lh** it**Mf Kretlch minister    cf fln iiu * i- i minister with idea?. \v h i. iii ittttk th* ..rno*? itf foul! thai th** ti**w 2 r*-.Milt im* piece    ( . < oiitR) nickel iijii was an unpopular »f» lo bp ,i drug in she < urreftry ttmr-ket, and In iedify (hi- >*; ii, of thing Jim Ii ..ill Utuisii.i I > I 1st . lls,- lit Ult must bo itPii i th** st*;!t ,* of a rumor thai ped along tho boulevards to tin cited that * main coins Ut th** obnoxious I SXU* "fr* moi sh thousand- of tiintheir fat a v ilur, It la aaid that fly** of th** i circulation iv**! >- nu ,,n-pi. marked    Kothsehild:'" ami that lh, pWiiiiiiH ivh*» took tti**so tt> til** famous hanking lo ii • ii on 1*1 bo (i.tid fir *100 for tin* first, $2,000 fin th, »„,uni|, ll Otto on. h (,>> lh, thil l an,I fourth. and Hon for th,* fifth. Humor obi,- I STORY OF A GERMAN BRIDE WHO GAVE HUSBAND THE SLIP (IU Mn Ii-olm {'link**.) Berlin. April I I —Th* Kaiser ha jju t ha j* i >i I ar sol yod .moth, i Mor<*oeyt not af* til cult* oms in u»n»aly t ha I Moths,UU,Is of frrp Ion, i v ii th**ir largo -to, k Tills story , nick**) to ,» lr, rn* IIMrlty; i v < i v ho * bang,* in 2f*.i tin in, »* itiinbitei Hut no ”K»,th-**vpi found, for tin* r*» wort* in Fn* ti ch people, I nix** their in, kl i-mg ,,n th** lo- I.v •i* ti,ms to I id it of j, flit in th* , obi- question, which though fret tho peace of Bump sidersbic important-, to Wlioii (Ii,* Kaiser visited Tangier Iasi year. It, vm in the str«#|s of that oily, a young giant (tamed MoJinmm,*! Bon Assai, .,nd being like his groat ai i-psior Frederick William I, lo* itniiiP* dlately thought that the Moroccan vt on iii lo* a spielidid ornament for In* footguaids in the capacity of drum* major. ll* did not hesitate tong, lint itrmie- dlxteh matit* arrangement? to have him sh i inn ti to I',its, v, her** Jo enlisted iii the Imperial luuischohi troops, During the first «oynm**r th, fuolve of th** sunny south wa* the tmppteru man on earth, heltig Imnn't -civ r,»ml et hi a go i gt»,»u -■ ii 11 i f,»! I o, bul vv lien wiuit r t am,* and with that the urn snowstorm tile drum major began to gJit anti heal tit, and sum, time New V»*.ii    tie applied t,, th, lid- pp em lesion to return to HS* country on sick leave. Iv liker, vv In, sa vv thtit the man oily suffering gave him lh-ion. I,ut not until he It id made Tim oath on til,. Would ret urn to duty at Ii. and that hi* "ho|dd means of existence I w is attached tit the open iii,- door only to find the room em pi; . revery nook and comer of the house was sour, heil hut no trace of th* bride could it** found it w,is noticed that a voting fellow, Milan (J tvasky. and his lirother had disappeared from the ball room. These- had kidnapped th* lirjde and hall ileil tow ani the Servian frontier Immet!iatcly all tile party set out In pursuit-, hut it was four days before tto-v discovered (Jit hilling place of lh, fugitives, a small cottage near the boundary.    . When Pere Knlugyersky and his friends surrounded the house they were met with a shower of hulled, • i d a regular battle begun in which Ka va sky was mortally wounded, while th* bride who had followed him willing!, succeeded In milking her e«eii\„» across the border into Servia. and no tram of her has been found sine,-. LIGHT ON IN WITH IE SEC mrTAflY <tv -Uinici m m: and fit* assistants Hr ill rn: ut,ad TO SEE IT sill T OI E, __JUIJ^A^BUQUBRQUE    MORNING    JOURNAK. NEWS OF THE WEEK FROM WILSON IS WEARY OF THE.FRI Ii 1 THE CAPITALS OF EUROPE1 SEEI) msTRIBlT10N encumbrance FRAMCE lim HHS GERMANS NOW HAVE A MINISTER WITH TO PAY A TAA ON IDEAS OF HIS OWN THE FOAMING STEIN — — How NI. Poincare Popularized Sure Way to Make (tie a Despised Coin. Government Unpopular. Su ndity, \|*ril CY I won. t ai. I.) design t befur* ivai-o nativ, Th* . w ,|S I i perm! ! him take a aul run, that he tv the end of Man Hot Im- Without while aw six. he III, Alt un tuts italian fro tie**. "* hav aion of mo with their ck is a f>*gh * ,-iitly mad in Inilf an ■ingle dav NI iii mu- M tthMite M ii h* moil* singing tene her vv h • ii the voices of nnis* of flit* go Im who hav* win o|,er; Jim-, Juki ret**l,r nail h**r birthday. Mdim- Mir, loin private life the Biron* s* de C introit,*. * i **111 11 k ibt> and file moat a. Ut* observer give Iou I ll iv live, si her appt- n an, > lier ■applen>**>4. The i , I,* hag |iui»lieh*’d several th-*m In trig a book ,>f * * • M. Faguet of the I <4 •midvmg director! oi i U|,al lone ire fi.ivv f effi of t Jo* mort n a Flench In-mo v lh libb* ii line of Bote ap pea refill him >>f lie -Karine whom lo* dis, I ler. Al Earl* there it Here    «Iv•**    named m tint named Hugo. At I.von- Jo* lighted who is a bookhmdi-i a butcher. ,i I Mig ii, vv a Mural who In a drat lieu vv ho I- a new Nancy an Allthorn** k kery The sa ll lie Ut c ne of Moral t. Iii- Ii- -ui v i I lie rn ugh la IV* f i to I v Kit beer ii Mi- rn A og*bii> a f,», amid 111! legation i the tine how •• v*-r, lea*! lik I ii * In I h a* (Telly f ill tile n despite*, ■cr whi to hat long I,,** the I, find a man of Iii * other day h* wag caput"#,i •rn I><mrd a Herman ateamfi or Htirn bu rf The captain id met VV ae mud* r, *>|,,.o-|b), lei delivery in that city. when >rn missioned olTie of ills regiment <1 luke him tiaek • Potsdam. at Tangier. approached Mohammed did md 'aking up hie mill-fin away north, mo un Tangler and hid native eajdtal, Pe*. I atlee W ag reported to i instructed fount Tnt* , hilt, arm*md. it did gallon delve* i umi-u .I ir md two receive he Itll*. < niulimetl I'rom Cage : whether because of sniist, J i tun mere pUttie-headedne**. lh* m-*n vvjio preach diet ruction without proposing a nj substitute for who! they intend deMtr-oy, or vv ho |<r»»-, pii-ic a -ill,-dilute w ho Ii would lie fir (WI.IM, than HX Ult In g evils ult these non are iii** titbit dangerous oppan-en tx of reform. If they get tJielr way they will lead the people Into a ileep-.**! pit than any into which they could ! loll under Hie present system. lf they fall to get their way they will still do Incalculable harm tty provoking the kind of react tori. which In Its revolt against th# sonnelee* evil of their teaching, would enthrone more securely than ever the very evil* which their misguided followers h>*-liove they ar,* attacking. .More import nit than aught else is In development of the broadest (sympathy of man for man. The wet-f.jri of the wag,* worker, the welfare j of lo* idler of (tie soli. upon these de-j j*«*nd tin* welfare of tin* entice country their good Is not to he sought in pulling others down; hut their good must he the prim** ofejet-t of ail our , statesmanship. M «teri»lly we must strive to secure a broader economic opportunity for ‘all men. Mo that each shall have a tatter thump tq show the stuff id which he is made. Spiritually ami ethically we must st rlv, to bring about < lean living and right thinking, \\ • ippretiuf th* tilings of th** body are Important, but we .appre* ,at<* also ilia! the thing- of Hic* gaul are im-measur.i til) mort* ini|ittrtunt. Tile foundation st,,n» of national lift* ami ever mu-t be, the high Individual character of the average citizen. p The fctofnfng Journal Bureau, I 122U I'Miitjpv Ivanla Ave,. N. VV. J* Wnahffiffrtifi, l>, C„ Hull ll. I As tile impression prevail-' in some quarters that Secretary or Agriculture Wilson ami tip official? of Iii? department favor n emitImfunce of Un- rnn-gr* sslnnnl fret* distribution of com* mon garden -eels, aft Ihqtilry was ml* dressed to in it T Galloway. chief t»f the Bureau of Blam Industry, ic which Dr. Cia noway replied “Tilt* view? of thi? department, with reference to the distribution of miscellaneous Vegetable intl (lower seeds have been quite ai eg tty set forth front time to tittie in our various reports The aliunde of tip deportment was very clearly slate,I by (he secretary In his report for lion an extract front which I semi endowed " Til** extract ref* rn*,) fn says With regard ti, tile securing and distributing of misc,-I in neons garden and dowel semis, the fact remains tim* till* work do, ? not accomplish the ends for which til** lav was originally framed. There are collected, put up anti ,1 Islet btl t et I now on r.tngrefcsionu I orders, nearly forty million packet- *>f miscellaneous vegetable ami flower seeds '■ach year. They** seeds Ore the best 'hut ,*an Ive ole aine*! In tile market, .1,ut from tile fit, t Dint large number-'of packets arc wanted, the seed nh-i.lint ii can bt of t in,lard sorts univ, such as are to be found everywhere for -ale in Bp. open market. As there i Is lit, pm rf leal object to lie gillied III distributing Hit* kind of seed, it seems Very desirable tliat annie change he mad** To this end, It Would seem Wise to limit our work entirely to the airing and distributing of seed-. plants, etc af new and rat*' sort? This is *i lift*, of work that would remit! Iii \,*ry much nihfP vain* to individual district* throughout th,- country than the distribution of a large quantity of common varlet!. ' of garden se,‘da witch have no particular tm iii- so far , newness or promise ar- eoncerned " Th*.-,* in, tnt,*-still hanging on defending th, Ii that tile “farnn position appr * fact Ute > la d annual col * ll gon, v igore j seed i ppropri it prang, - of I Him ,*r slates, X J Bach, ! Hampshire, rn. tining*,, write fa v or of felon Ii elimination of t Bon by the gov t iii? nm emeui National <jra, * The )• cisium* ;tionnI Orange wilt meet in Wakhln*-ton and will ald In sustaining the report of th,- committee if In any way pOKsllile.'' The report alluded to Is the report or the committee on agricultor* eliminating the appropriation for free common seeds, This authoritative announcement of the head of the National Drongo should relieve any timid • ongressman from the Idea that the farmers want the seeds, The aneurin tv of the content leu that the farmers I want the seeds’" Is disproven by their 1 value, The seed for (he forty million packets cost $?»ft,(it)0, so that Iliff seed in each packet costs two and a quarter mills, the package of five packets aggregating in value one and i quarter cents Parmer votes come cheap at this price of a cent ami a quarter each. and it is not strange they resent the imputation Pauglit Cold While Hunting a Burglar. Mr. William Thomas I-anorgan, j,ro-vlnrlnl constable at Chaplet!u. Ontario. says:    "I    .    Aught    a    fU*Vt*re ru|t| while hunting a burglar iii the forest Kiv imp last fall. Kerning of Chamber. Iain's Cough Remedy, I tried It, and after using two small bottles, I wa? completely cured.’" This remedy i* Intended especially for coughs and olds. It will loosen and relieve a sev- re cold hi less time than bv any oilier treatment and is a favorite I wherever Its superior excellence has become known. For sale bv fill thuggish?. Tile very best . .iii mutton at I,..., North Thin! sin-ct. v - J of Kama* City nref anil mutton ut Emil KtelnworTa. HS i s of congr, • to '"Free position bv rs want iii*' tinter*a hi** Ca Bona I Bra , volition at > condone* ion us have rn who are tis" are a - -Orting This from the IRC ut it* Portia hd. ,i the free the stale KIIEHMM ti KOI.MTS I OUldtt I lur,I Bi** one man In this town who wants that saddle or drlv-* IILLrHlS °f TC*urs as surety and as un lek,v xs a For Sale ad can do; and Shorlofk «    would    bo    larirf*r. .^^X*IW1RNTKK!V IHM’k BREHON IMtAfeT IO Molt HOW. TO IMI! El (I EN DK IND |»%. TIM INS; "It i>B ll; K< i\\ WE Pities-ENT OI It BOCK BEEH. THI \ DI! AIT. New Vor k and fit Ii* ley. of Con* or,). New tor of Un* National ' Replying r *i your It? itv regard to Ile 1** free seed illsirlblt-rntnent, will my thai is th, support of the commit IIN of tip- Na- FRESH CIT l l,owl;Its. IVES THE ElAHtlST. CA LEN ll felts! V. ALEN I) feRS! buy yo g- c l’,em! tr? until you have seen the Morning Joarnii's lim \ salesman ill bi on you In a few days. Consumption! WEATHER I OH EC ast. Ii? Ca one. Prt v coinpreJieoeixa tile results of v* the lat, St In Vt sit M Washing! Partly cl • nill port I* A Hxona— omlu y N, M< th, ■ n. April 11 undy Munday n. Manila}' fair. Partly cloudy Munday iiii- most fat B ,i4s it ud cn,*h emli.xssy, * to Hee What lowed by be ll lie names in found the terne borne by a Hake m, Th** ,.*r* d is a fur- Br* ,1 for new objects Of lax * Bon. th,* "ovarnment could pr-diably hay. found no ie Ber way to make Itself un-|e i jai hi i with the people than by pre-(•••sing a 'ax on tin* Cornein national beverage, beer. Tiler* is every prospect, however, that the bill win become tit ye ami with that prospect In view Un* brew-**rs hav<* ail* ady mud,* MrrMiigemeni- fefe (I feT ll fefe l", YO! HEEN RAYING • I4M4 si WIK I! fe Ll-MILE?,. fell IIH IMH NO TIII I IM si fefe ORK IOU kit*, 4 IYY MB IE MOHL, ?|h s. si t ON ll HT. cured, mid th,'*i ad by its tau Ta,ago sold ) T e nt- for ii t»rlce I? *2.1 cei now Ii, lay i ‘titian an i Cure.” \ rClitia*. cttmprl lug •ars of exjieriance ami gallons mid treatment s. Hundreds as, s prevent-Ifth KdBhiii, Kulm* price, me, Mitt. th** ; ‘ut* sent pr* be f.itgi paid. md Hyaenic Remedy Co., P O. HON UTX. HI I.FONTAINE, OHIO. NOTICE ! IN SOME fefe fefe fe REPORT IS GOING feltoi NO orit CITY Til fe l \\ I IMI NOT IHI IIM.|| «, | a (Ss |.fe| \. DRV fefe4KIK. OI ll PLANT Is I p lo OMI. fefe |; fenE EOI IPPEO l4> 1*0 I l l III It Im »%|$ STO OIC IIH.II 4.loss I fe| MUB fefe (HIK. fefe I! NICI. Bl BE TO I'l l:fest o| ii PATRONS I ll I. IBI OHI fe I lls o|- TIII; RIO fefe fef.ONS OII El fefe I:    fefe I IR o VI IM It OI I ll I fe\|» fefe I; WI 14. SEI lllfel YOC GITT THE FINISH fem fefe \N r.    • I NI Pl lei fel, LAI NDHY CO. till I,\lit;Est INO HEST EOI IP- Pl O I,XI MIIIX PLANT IN I III sot Til WEST. It fei K OI posToiTK E. REO fefe fefefeooNs. THERE are people readme oui For Bent column today who would mukrt desirable ten nits for that vacant Jioim,* *>f your?, There will !>♦* tomorrow too aud there I? time enough for you !<i get your ad In that column tomorrow. it should have been in toduv. *,, plot, ct th* mech,, ‘ figured out that the tax ! a Inuit ten million mark j tin* br* vv.*rs propo-c to land raise the price m I tile ti. x It lute been will bring in a year. amt form a trust Ila I Bm but fall Mn ii n me I M c and a dei! vv h« I a IC i IM b *r til den ■ UUU',K. Another sign that t;* furor* ara beginning t, (age ,,f American Im ov cr I h * oh! fa shining There is the dllTb'tlit the eyiisumers, aho hi, not ii as their brethren iii th, t'n11 may not sui,mil to the increase op* rati**n has been til**,! -m , * iii not t , piaoaa th Get many have already heard x**,ne talk rreat , -.opera live brew et v 0*1 ■ •rrnaii mnnuf ic. » MC,- th, udVUti- sin*- ss    method* I Kerman > , how iv, i. thai patient Slates i-.    ,    *o- ssfully and I RE-VOL VED' TU AT FINE FEATHERS QO MAKE FJt4E BiRDJ". AND FINE FEATHERS Do MAKE FINE MEN AND ~ VOMEN LOOK FINE. WHO DOCS NT WANT To LOOK !?>AnNE?WE ALL DO! HI ll lei,burg ha rebuke to udeitl-* alf • It f, I d* in.ik si or ii, ti Ft Maut d Ki t dre lid <g w ith her rn.Btl .af honor ii, is. nile met it grouj, of sin ■ iking nrm-ln-mm and m<»-g tile sidewalk Instead of way for the ladies, the stu-toilette,! them to walk in the This i .iddp,Ii behavior the ported to ber husband. Sn* k,<n »•! * f..i I),, tile corps" to a hh h ti tonged De bi d him »oin . w)jere there w ere ms rid kepi him wailing an horn t, iii- majesty came and ad Bn* students' bulter In Oles, “I >-.<iiu<»! >*xp«,*t that my wif, lo every student, but p -ic, It the C 'Railroad At/# r33i Third St- TIMELY OFFERINGS IN... o o FOR TH/S WERK BALCER that Will appeal lo every Woman will im round here in profusion. I vet v garment offered we guarantee to lie th, best possible value for the price asked. Commencing Monday, A I* it ll. the lf,TK - this sate ahi bo for one week only. Corset Covers ........... • '    -    ."?■    Ii- Bl ■■"2.L.    1 .lX3g'!Uil! Special at 25c    * Fifty dozen of Women's Corset Covers; made of good muslin, cut full and ample, lace trimmed, with two rows of insertion down the front; worth 40 cents* SPECIAL good bargains at 35c, 50c* 75c and up to $2.50* Women's Drawers lim Hest fe alii** in Ute Cit J HT offer for 23c Mad* of good muslin, extra wide and tell K> vv, J. with hemstitched arni tucked ruffle? they are the heal obtainable for tiio j,rice. worth 40c. Lace Trimmed Brawer-. at ................ 23c «»f good rmi-din and trimmed with mn-t hine tor, lion la,,*. the kind that w,ais they're worth id cents. IN I sf AL fe" fel.l IN AT from SIK' to JM.3U ti |*uir # Children's Draw er Special A I hi in Iv worth 23.. on -ale al |.V . jiuir -Mad,* of good h* ivy mu-* III*, neatly tm ki d. full k1Z...1 a„a w,.|| sewed we have ail sixcM from i year to I yearn, regular value SC cen ta a pair.    * Muslin Gowns A Genuine Bu run I ll fur fig ,s*nis— In four styles, gown? that ur<* made i igiit In cv cry detail, the muslin is good ami tin. tnmmlng employ**! is food; a Ta-,,-ut gown 'Hie 73-rent Graik* will interest rnan> woruen. as they are excellent numbers for th,* price, Every one Is til* cly trimmed wall lac*.* or ,-mhioid* •iv and they are mad,* of good muslin iii several styles. Ail sixes. Interesting value? from ll (NI to lU.IHI cacti- M uslin Skirts A Good *»ne for kl,- \ Skirt full sized mad * of good muslin and trimmed with either lac* or embroidery, with good wide flu up,# and dust ruffle, a mire w tuner. Tile ti IM skirt- show (.nod fe aluc-(.i\log All ai, made of »x el lent muslin and nicely trimmed in aeyoxal clever ways with cintnoldeiy and la, •* all ar. cut full ami wile. Ju-l like Ko* better grades. 4.,mnI Generous lichi, lion- on all 4Miter- (lint range from ti lo til). B. It f eld TSI Co J J *rp lh uteri I dirt s Hue Vt, «y to ladle .hall in the >r h ed Or. meat and d* ?ishe I Is * • lit nut toprovide H v i Uh t ll e nee,-si ar y et , rt andit perish,** lf the taw « *1 »li g,-0 I a manIn uuiipnrl his Uh gillie. itsrr-primethere waul* I lie few we bm ■t ii I j iiBdrenIn Franc* ami m<> ft tilt!•ne s W*>lli,|live ”A report rea. I h* •for,* t it meet-Ing iif the Ac*, leal de de M ■ ■die •inc haseta riled th* S J,I Bdl* * by.-a i ing Un*prevalenceCU USU III Iat a mu ngmen and w > * nm ■n # ‘fig *ge dlaundrywork it i ated t hatstrunghealthy glr I VV iice rim Ii (uben ii*losHI at th** end I Af lifted I y, >.ar « whileThe Prussia < dip a !)*,!> doc prais* or pttni d»i«e|>baeli Her husband being -lei >1»* t*„»k ll U|,on herself bis Ida aa. I 'th,- * orig regal Inn had urtti-ualiy I arg*    numb* a 11'a I iii ,htilidoy but no pr • d learning thai he I suddenly III, the people wa dispel-a . When tile pun * dreaded In the full v* slid * chur, ii, entered from tin J,al, hut determined inojjn pi* Hhe rondkrWd lh,* serfi* did style throughout, and . men of (he congregation they had nefet heard a n Abol/T or THU st Mii>«ia| dfieiut, in of g, i hare! b» <niu>T tic lier appeal id been take-* were uh,Att to i;,>tor’s *v if,, is af the »str> ti i cl J th* pule Ihe average eighteen to t The Acid* lo lier ct ■nos an atfii. shy id1 ai?king '-ulosis rd for aerily years mid i lls vol the de, i ig ltd! V 11! »-d la Ct n ii ut sn* bugs voted the neees-• 1 tr.ttmu of taint! forcing pe'-fluie their wash. will. h would be is not Ilk, J by th. id it is eye I ny open *he mien l> Unit lh* miittntei thowgbf way to th. ce in sjilenv lr vt iv Un ,v ti-agreed that tier sermon * wi|i b*- renal education. Kin! her act mint-trv for The following romantic story cornea from Buda pest lo the village of Bu* Ivanhoe, in the district of Kr«uce,-.Mao, reny, a young neasat*t, peru Kal-ugy* rskv, wa? , el, hiuBng his im*,-iri«ge with the beauBfut duugbtm of rA Napoleonic dinner Ic to be a fea- Hufroi, liyeskovics it was already lure of the Book,a v exhibition w hi, b ; neei midi iglu aud the brid, slipped Witt lie opened here next week, Th? |*bay L*> bet rhamtn-i to put on Hie dinner w ill be an exact reproduction poxturne or rn’ IggfrtlMI vynrnah. pf UMI dinner served Up a Jyumfrcd J After haring ftulMd patiently for ^ears ago d vy fur day. lo th, Em per- '*«*»*»»- time, lh,* xrooqi we,,!    t., b„. or ffapoleon I., bv the cook r ir.unc jChumU-r aud ka>»ug< d at -lh** dear. 4t Aha was emidoy»«| by Prim, Tuilv 'was locked, but no am-wei came fron finl.    I wffhIM TttoefibkHi)    fie    bure! Ing iii dlsifirscted before Hts wash was t tk< n nut to nude* go the regal. ,ll«*n process of laundryitig MAV WE TELL YOU A TEW FACTi CLOTHED? VE HAVE MADE A .STl/DY CLOTHING BU^INLGi -SEARCHING THE MARKET J for. what would give mo-st jatij- r ACT ION To OUR CUSTOMER.*. VE LONG JINCE b?.^^NED GIVING ^OOP VALUED BUILT BU^I- X1?0 NoT C^R!: To 1)0 A get-rich- quick CLOTHING BUDINE J J, VE ARE HERE I? JIM.™ JAME PIECE OF CLOTH MAY be made up poorly or made up well. in EITHER CAJE IT WILL LOOK THE JAME BEFORE YOU "PUT IT ON" BUT THE FIT AND NON-RIPPING QUALITIES WON'T BE IN THE JUIT. THEJE ARE TWO THINGJ WE LOOK OUT FOR YoV, FII AND WEAR. YOU MAY KNOW £Ef nA,£rIT rROM UJ THAT IT VILL TIT AND HOLD IT.5 jh APE. WE HAVE CLOTHE J e £ Cl MEt>IUM' AND rAT PEOPLE AND TO FIT JLIM. MEDIUM AND TAT PURJEJ. o £?»    GUITJARE    HART. JCHAFr ?    MARx    MAPE    To    JELL    FROM $15“ tIf    uJhvJ-H^VE oTHER*s- "HE BEJT FOR the money, too, jelling from $jo $22.50. REJPECTFULLY, JIMoN jtern the railroad avenue CLOTHIER Aff lr IT TO TO or T- To OK, To felH-feT IM* im THINK 411 IT Two Cents :ife»4 4M»K I ItlO.fefe I fe EMNGM Cooked With Gas « fe N feol RE VI IT ll ITH ( 41 fel. " 'IENI nm I KIK fefe fel TI ll NIM IN. fepltll. 11 feT 2 .IU ^ MEN I*. V#al (*ull* st, Gun* ii Kiyie Urn wit Tama t,* Mam *• Mashed Potatm*-    Raked    Apples    with    Alumni * "he**    ("re    tut    Cusp Kl VOLX JOIN I s The AlbiiquerqneCas, Electric Light and Power Company im* ■THE WORLD IS FULL OF ODD AND CURIOUS nit ..fTa?-’ i# UTm ,may •t,M b# (Hots who hays not used the Morning Journal classified ad coluniua. A

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