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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - April 3, 1906, Albuquerque, New Mexico That wih . April 3. In oath Albuquerque morning Lourn a Pace three. To u work engineers have practically completed Survey. Company will get to Durango Coal Fields soon is announced that As soon As Tho Snow units in Tho mountains sufi i Nutly to admit of no n and materials being transported Over Hills and mulches work will be resumed upon the Colorado Ltd Arizona Railroad the connecting link Between the Southern Aud to Nion Pacific branches of the Harriman system which is 111 meet and Foi in a Union Pueblo. the time when heavy snows compelled a cessation of work surveying parties were Ait work both to the Southwest and the Northeast of Durango. While South of Farmington the actual work of construction was under Way. The engineers on the Southern end of the Colorado amp Arizona have in tactical completed their work and there remains Little to do excepting to set tin Grade stakes for a Short instance near Durango. is Tho intention of the management of the Road to hasten construction Between the main line of the Southern Par i tic and the Coal Fields lying Between Durango and Farmington in order that til fund May he Avail. Tide for use along the main Lino a speedily As possible and in tin meantime the engineering corps will push the work of finding a Good pathway across the Hills to the Eastern outlet of the Road. The engineers a satisfied that hut Little difficulty will be experienced in finding a Ca Sib rout which will let them flown tin thins Region Southwest of Pueblo Ami they Are of the opinion that no great problems of railway construction will a encountered the grades timing As easy could possibly be expected when is remembered that the Continental Divide must be surmounted. Then is every reason to expect that both time that the rails of the Colorado the Arizona Home or Ping Over the Foothills Ami Plains of southwestern Pueblo county. Colorado an in connection with the Kansas Pacific Branch of the Colon a Iii. Ither through the construction of the put ill a Arkansas Valley Road or Els a of an entirely separate line will have been provided and that the Coal from tile or Fields which has up to the present in ii practically untouched will begin rolling toward the great Plains Region of to Tern Colorado and a u in Kansas ass will in Itig a a Itne lit ii a being Laid on the new a i i cd of the Louis hot kit mount tilt a a til a Iowa . Of puny Chis ii dolls Des mollies. To next Jhc laxative of known Quality there Are two clash of remedies Tho of of known tonality and which Are permanently beneficial Iii effect acting gently in Harmony with nature when nature needs assistance and another clans composed of preparation of unknown Uncertain anti inferior character acting temporarily but injuriously As a result of forcing the natural functions unnecessarily. One of the most exceptional of the remedies of known Quality and excellence is the Ever pleasant syrup of figs manufactured by the California Fig syrup co which represents the Active principles of plants known to aet most beneficially in a pleasant syrup in which the wholesome californian Bine figs Are a get i to contribute their Rich yet delicate fruity flavor. is the remedy of All remedies to sweeten anti refresh and cleanse the system gently and naturally Ain to assist one in overcoming constipation and the Many ills resulting therefrom. Its Active principles and Quality Are known to physicians generally and the remedy has therefore met with their approval As Well As with the favor of Many millions of Well informed i tor so tis who know of their own personal knowledge and from actual Exi hence that is a most excellent laxative remedy. We do not claim that will cure All manner of ills but recommend for what if really represents a laxative remedy of known Quality and excellence containing nothing of an objectionable or injurious character. There Are two classes of purchasers those who Are informed As to the Quality of what they Bay Aud the reasons for the excellence of articles of exceptional Merit and who do not Lack courage to go elsewhere when a dealer offers an imitation of any Well known article but. Unfortunately there Are some people who do let know Aud who allow themselves to be imposed upon. They cannot exp Greet its beneficial effects if they do not get the genuine remedy. To the credit of Tho druggists of the United states in said that nearly All of them value their reputation for professional integrity and the Good will of their customers too highly to offer imitations of the genuine syrup of figs manufacture by the California Fig syrup co., and in order to buy the genuine article Aud to get its beneficial efforts one has Only to note when purchasing the full name of the company California Fig syrup can plainly printed on the from of every package. Price Otic. Tier bottle. One site Only. Easter livery Man ilk to in attic Well on plaster sunday. Liver Bod Al Mai in Loim on lh., Zarilli. Now i a splendid time to Elk to the new Spring snit top oat. And i Manx Oiler dres aee&.,Ris. T ome Here for your outfitting sir and on Kiester Salida you slim let mgt ked upon a a Well pressed Man. Hie Washington a the a quot a that made Anil our i la Benin Lier conies from the hop of la most noted makers you Nill a fall i find our prion very reasonable. I Here always something new Lier that so a Duffen quot a something to Hurp Rtse Ami please you. A Washington l fashioned apparel ail the Washington co. New Wmk c>0� o ii j so he to $4 of but darn Kcf hat a Tel than Short m. Mandell Fine clothing or furnishings Albuquerque Manhattan shut Wilson skirts Jarr i Rhian Rara a a Hin an Hamu mat Ion. And i s be untold mortification to Ion egg �?�1 further wish to state that i have not nor Irav i Ever. Hail any Home trouble love affair or difficulties of any kind that would Caun Ane i to leave my Home and undergo the hardship ii i a nil ii which i have jut i during the last week. I i never had any intention of hav of now Wjt to re Ash permit i to out no my ii g people xxx Horn i in in hit v to Tai my typewritten m Ltd a full of desist taxes. Hut in Iii lie Back on the Pap while Reading thu i led 111 mis thi let month a a Triplet d. The a 1v1 a pan of the. To and is a i Ami i Moville. Xxiii a be the re tie is Tau i a 11 i tit o xxx 11 a oat Fields of to preparing to do be Busine thirty . I Auris. Main Bel line shall Endeavor to and a dearly kind to ii Ria. Hock in Large i of i x l Ulii i. A i in True Dot the wits i re i in r Ai to log and xxx ofter Xxiii in built Point along the Road. Is next avg tii Simrils Tibig a i in m Alt Alley xxii a i i quot Lilied Southern Iti a a Hurt took charge of the sunday and . R a us Ham xxi in a Ting a Relief . Xxx Ltd is. T Rhode str Millen i in the to Stilton of the coup Many year half s worked Southern a die i Ini in Aud for e if orc a hied pm lift remit report of by i Hax Eolia Ini through my own com la tot Cap a in i s a similar self us saturday that a Orrett h no to i myself an Pat a the a Aidif Ferling Fri a some k0d mental liberation Xxiii. H i do not under so stud my who a i Pius i shall to. X be Rte Nee Iii i he Fulfur a she began Reading the. To paragraph if her in in Xxiii to xxx. Flora not flashed a e the two her Eye were several limes statement tears by s eyes an i was apparent that she Milt Oil her feelings by no amal Effort. When the girl had finally i the room mrs. Limn declared tilt the Fain xxx to i in a i Nix Stag. Fur her the. Spiry told Aret of attack amt robbery nor xxx did thy so k any fun hat ,.t my from tin Pollee whether Mihi to Xxiii of taken to quot Indiana poll or i n y w Here he for him xxx nut Slat i by or. By nut last night. Liquor la 1 i Riltia r Leeward. Iii View a Fth rep a statement of Assisi nit i or nit pattern y i in to in Nim is la Junta Colorado inn the of a i Rand to drinking flub xxi supposed to lie res possible for the assault upon Hie daughter pm xxx to. I ii pre ii id of Iii ail liquor dealers association Yea ten Lay Jimmu a a statement of ring a re xxx a re of Lino for the Anent and livid Ion of any person guilty of h assault quot if in is xxx in the most r with the liquor by filed die instant however \ ague of meted with that ii died that he connect Dor to have r suggestion person con Nilli i i o Xii la i i in of wat r tax is Din i pm hit Ltd Flat of unsigned i. To xxx first Ami fifth Ltd i quot nth. Ml. Sippi i i in Pany 2 i 7 a 5.hi a x no. Oar in payment plan pm my a a. N i min within your a in i. Max xxi not Tell x i a i tut i a a of in of i Kin ii Iii in the squat. Music i rial r men and women r i a nth 4 to Rii aim Fin of til Mio a a in rur Tmara of in Cue a a a a. Xf"1 in Sola try or Skull r Ami no in a Fofi a i. Are a a i a pm f., a i of r a Iii. I to til i Xxiii m a in your friends Back East might decide to nettle along the of the y knew More about your neighbourhood. S. My us n list of their name and add a. We will mail to them our descriptive land literature. By not work together in thin matter. Only cont you a postal card. Addr.-. General colonization agent a. R. 8. F. or. Hallway Exchange Chicago you ought to know that you can now to him. Run a bout driving wagons and top but Gugies of guaranteed grades suited to our climate and i hat xxx cure now idling Al i i i the in Cial Box pc of a x no�?�?�?soil on Combine plea a a xxii ii health and i Otic of our Fin vehicles. Ibl Ai j. Korber amp co. Ruer firer Street Aid Copper Avemaoe. Nln Mexico c. A. Hudson a taper Ana Jap a Lac a a i i. Sold 111 Albuquerque by til i Tiell oni minor. Work Eurnhi Niebli ii nok i h Siri i be be a eve get a ate a a Ltd a h a he Par a a a xxx Lahill Hting Isom phial. ii nit hath plans the new Sompit ii to by built by Southern a. In Lordsburg. Til Ai the i id ii i plans ado ted by pm any for emergent hospitals a India Oriel have been built a i or mull and Indio California. Spar i Nix dad Hose Burg. Or got budding Xxiii to one Story built xxx quot quot a Iii flit j in lies. Tix in him bes outside measurement pts miss Brandt says she is victim of tile to. By i Sou is xxii i to tin Iii i. A lie sip a miss Nina in a nit xxx is in u Oft a i in Vegs ill a stat xxi i result of Fieri drugged amt in ties in i is ii upon her Arris i or of Louis has utterly in Audi ted her statement to ii r father be vegas and now a site a not drugged or rid the i ii ill hut the so made the statement xxii ii Nom i morality Anba la need. is Heil pc i she in trying to hid so met Bing aril to i second statement is not credited the whop Aff fir .mg sir outed in More mystery than Ever. The i. Louis Globe i till ii s Ixia the Preem a of her in Osiier mrs John i or Imp. Attorney Don hummels Lute Uso Jolt of and Frank Dirge of Chia s staff and to. Next spa per porters miss Mina Virginia Strandt who disappeared so ii Testai i Das i Mue a morning after i i to the m i you i i -1 i Olu Trust ump \ Hanking no a list night out tie foil.,Wing statement her hmmis2n Westminster place i Xxiii tit stale voluntarily for pubic Adon where my friends n quaint an a. Kiel thus who i Lave and die reports Dii ugh the papal May see that since i have gained Lottee to Aeneas by i Lex e till report that i gave to Tux a her and w Bleb w a published to fifty pie Gitig Hann of no xxx i till i Iii tar to i tic e wanted kinds regu sont kinds hp., i to in Xai ii for sum the economist a Albuquerque s brightest and busiest store a i Iii dwt Iii r Ltd Rev d la my Lal pour new Spring styles arc better than Ever before. Yes that s the better better values better floods better service better business a a a a a a or a a in. That a what we Are striving for All the time that a what makes us grow so fan act spin to quot dus umm r Caston he larges and Best selected of suits in Silks cloths. To to a a of lightweight fabrics and Wash suits in new and original designs will pay you to drop i hat s what makes More people come to our store. a 1 a. I sur new Spring models arc different irom anything we have previously shown and arc far Superior to the usual suits shown. We have prepared for lightweight fabric -w-.-, a. In and Sec the new ideas. will please us to show you the new things. A a a a silk suits i i window Dislow tic in a tritus in a dirt lug Trinu i Iff a in the flew p Intel shades quot ii rug., Rameda Alit Blue Grey. Navy be in . Odfie with length Sleever i a g i i 17.511 and and by Ickie in Eton jul he. Rally pro join. Iii 11 quot ii 1�?~auaina -1111 Iii Ken Ami i.1. Value $si.�0 the i silk specials ii i Nir of my unit x to oxen % our i xxii Iii a quot mall Lri a so pics of Trig a Otin fasting of pm Ria to xxx Ike taffeta Ami fancy aut Erika. In every w nth i Shade for a i Only Waigli. Drum a to thirty mints . An in optional bargain 1 a quot 11. X 111 a Jap quot ilk a our entire of old i h ii k Al up milks w Ort to regu-1 a Ute Yard in a my 1 nge of quot i Ai g. Sam Iii j a x ii i fit. Crepe be Tutu Lur entire mock in coloured crepe de in Bene placed in smart creations in the new hats stun. Ain i 1 a 1 j on get is a Chi fitted elfin taffeta lined elaborate Ami outlined with braid my out the Fiat Collar veal of tic in , hat 1 lev a trimming % Steeve circular que his 1 Hilt 2 a Iii h skirt Sale continued hah 1 1 did 1 d Norm ii Jarl of mom \ quot in m i--1 quot Kum quot quot i Oiom quot Iii k taffeta Gpe la i la . Lye. A a Ltd i us Lite Ilia k taffeta 75 Pir i x Ani. Plack taffeta Ripe la a j7-in. Fat 1 a amt finished Fink taffeta 99 plaited skirt trimmed with a pili&k1 off Era Lalk in. Fast great wa. bargains $1 2 s. . Is 7 7 1% a. Tat tor $1.00 he \ or Leteff i in All wont fitted Girdle giving tim in Ria la i a Fine Quality Chiff Panama hath in the lie West pastel All Ade old Rose resell a All a Blue Grey. Hire Navy id a variety tilt Heck. Dye Iii a. K Fml i x 51,75 Quality. I suiting Section mid i a k ii a plaid if new dug fashion i ire to showing xxx Mille Serge quot Nils mini skirts. Xxx m pin i Jug but Sorige a 1 Ltd Ami j in Uny Jack hulls Hull sleeves flaring quot rid pleated of Kirl trimmed Atli heavy silk braid and la. In the new a sign a ill Plain fashioned of a. Is. In Mil favored colors in is Are he in Brilliant Gray mulling hold fit is favor for the coming collected att i lint in All the arrest embroideries. Embroidered Robes and embroidered shirt a fists patterns the season of White goods and Wash goods for my lady a summer gown Fri a a a to to log Torii. Nov ski ref of White merge Whie a n a my. White i Lii Aii some Plain flaring the Fain y pleated. Fit est i wat i Goa to. In pupils As Vav Haly Large a is weight Ami we a. Mint., my i Ca i k Hull lug a Whit or Grid hairline checks uni trip to. Very fashions for a Prog suit is my a 1.01 i Xuy 1 a Hale of data goods of i i made up Ltd Shadow he k mohair Plain Seii Innis Over Pia in xxx a Plain color i hand by Itas my Grey mite tut regular values of the go in is Tath Pard. Mph Sal Pilo for Liis xxx a r j a. A tax r Tutu Gutieri a embroidery Edge in by an tie or i in a i a a r knit let i embroidered lowest h an i ult Imi a a Kuhr i i 1. I i. Mull Flate and to print to to -,.%4ii Jav to in. A Jjo. Kenbro dered flout in a in 75 to 5j sat the 5s 11 in m in 4d i b in re a id red on lion la a in cd for this week i . Xxx 11ins from 18-in, ii to i .0 be hat xxx have eve look them Over. Shown. The next cheer m Ash a a Oris in Nett gym Cut colors lax k and xxx hh1 Low to be in so i i a Lor a by Navy a a i a Gru y Lavender w Fig u red Collenn in All a Dors a or i do a Price. Per x re me milk i gut. I 1 Calid is in Fine i an i Dot s. I b a Lier >111 i i . ii ii h w Iii a ill in. Sutta his in lint his Iii ill denial quot 1 for this Sehi or y i a a i Lee per Yard sri. I k persians ail xxi in. A very . Dre friers i to Ste i will a Haistings in to to Gad fan so id medium wig los Price p 7.v win in embroidered i Tat French Linen n xxx nit grounds with a per x Ira 3v. Arit n. In right Blue tan b Fri a j x re Silky fabric with embroil Pai Terus in neat d is and Figur. per Yard

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