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Albuquerque Journal Newspaper Archives Sep 21 1957, Page 2

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Albuquerque Journal (Newspaper) - September 21, 1957, Albuquerque, New Mexico In september 21, 1957 journal Index annexation la zoning change. To commission classified 18 comics crossword Puzzle Dails record editorials financial Louel a Parsons obituaries Oil and a our slant patterns sports. 15-16 weather table 7 woman s world 8 6 25 la 4 17 6 8 gasoline Price dips to 20.9, then climbs a proposed annexation and Industrial zoning of a Large tract of land in the Vicinity of nm-422, Sundt s Industrial area will be on the planning commission. The land is located Between Edith and Buena Vista be. South of the girl. Welfare Home. The application was approved once by the planning commission. The City commis Sion deferred action however. Because a Small a Island Quot of land fronting Edith blvd. Was not included in the annexation petition. The a Island a is under separate ownership. The commission directed that regular gasoline sold for the application be advertised 20.9 cents for a time at one for annexation of the entire major Brand station Friday area. The new petition is filed while gasoline prices Contin in the names of Albuquerque used to drop in the City. Gravel products and under most majors threw on the Wood Testman co., Over 51 brakes at 25.9 cents for regu per cent ownership Quot of the Lar but individual stations area. Were skirmishing at lower my zoning is sought for the prices. Property nearest Edith. While the Campbell Mobile Sta m-2 is asked for the remainder Tion 734 san Mateo be. Cut its the application is also on the regular to 20 9 cents in a Bat City commission Agenda tues the with Ray s Conoho station Day night across the Street the Conoho other items to be considered station got Down to 22.9 cents by the planning commission before swinging up to 25.9 monday include cents. A request by Dan Maloney Price raised later and Otto s. Jones for a change the 20.9 Price at Campbell s from re to r-2 for property resident sewer District chosen to reign j0 commission at ban Juan ran an ordinance establishing the City a second sewer assess club organized at Farmington journal special Farmington j. Hobart King Haakon of Norway die continued from a my on journal special latent District will be consid Aztec wind a Blasson ered the commission game 16-\ ear old Resi tuesdayni8bt Dent was chosen 4-h Rodeo e. O. Betis director of pub a a. Cd. lie works said work in the Dis Queen at the san Juan county co5. Abou $1400## two women Hurt in fall from car two women were injured when they fell from a moving automobile East of Albuquerque Friday night but both were reported in satisfactory condition. Injured were mrs. Peggy Sterling City tex., Hicks Farmington realtor was after a state visit t0 Norway named president of the sanity Britain it Queen Elizabeth Juan knife Ana Fork club it Haakon slipped and fell on his the organizational dinner bathroom floor and broke a meeting held in the country thigh Bone a Burul club officers Are r. W. After that the formerly Spry fair Here Friday. will reign it. Selye first vice president. Ener Fretic Monarch did not Rose. 28. Or the fair Alme with at a he a a a Era no i Glenn Gish second vie. Presi in Publ and her Mother. Mrs. E. P. Kin tendons Jean Triplett of la it ar0 a Dent. And Cecil Black Secre a a danish Prce birth Shaw. Also of Sterling City. Plata and Karen Blansett of throughout the City he it Aid . Haakon won the love of nor Deputy sheriff Bill Treharn Aztec. Most lines Are need ded before first meeting will be oct. 3wegiang during his Long reign reported that apparently mrs. All three will ride in the paving can be done or Are be in Apache school. Robert a while crowned Heads toppled Rose fell from the car first fair Parade at Farmington at installed at the request of Maver it Rochester Y., world Ujj Over Europe. And the Mother then fell As . H Uxa Olor Ann Hil Cinco Ana vat i engaged to King King Faisal of Iraq plans to marry 16-year-old Princess Fazilet above according to an an 10 . This morning. Property owners he added. Miss Triplett it won a Sec i the cloy will Send written end Honor in being named the notices to property owners to n., a. U Vav. All around cowgirl at the 4-h,be assessed As it does with Nouni ement made by the Junior Rodeo Friday districts. Such notices Roval Palace in Baghdad. The Allaround Cowboy was Ken Are required by Law an who traces her Guffey of Bloomfield.1 11 a a it Firat do ctn t Only Quot of lineage to Egypt and the ottoman pm Reserve Champion calf. Traveler and business analyst will talk on a Little wars revolts tensions in the recent. Part preen and near fun Quot Jagt Queen Elizabeth a visit in tried to save the younger wo-1955 was a highlight of a Man Celebration Hamshaw husband of one of 4 a men a for Haakon which Bogan on the injured stopped the car Tare Quot i the a uhor h sign cant Date in and then returned to Albu of the newsletter a thin to june 1 a 518 he nicked in the his he. Que que after he picked up the fifty years earlier on june 7, two women. A physicians and Quot he thrones Quot of i tit Tott tin to Ittis the was a member ofte Kmeth up it of Norway surgeons ambulance Iran 1 owners complained however can be members or the Haakons then mince Ferrod the injured to Bataan that the first they were aware and Fork club and so far _ watch and watch for. Both husbands and wives Pire Aud the 22-year-old another resident King met two years ago. A Dewey Smouse was the owner Palace source said the wed Ding probably will not take place for a year because of her age. This picture was taken at a bosporus Villa near Istanbul. A a in v 44 0a in Jive v i v o Vav i v f i a of the Tower construction Wasi there Are 75 couples who have a when Thev saw it being in joined. Black said. The Mem ruler. Of Denmark As their Hospital of the grand Champion fat Lamb stalled and time for protests be Rah in is closed after 150 Al no 7 1940�?T in uie he ote i favor of a cons tuu a couple join. Thee who would the darkest hour of i. I be. He voted Laver c a and the Reserve Champion had already passed Lamb. Troy Triplett showed the a. Crand calf City manager seek of the winning Booth at the x j a #. I o attend conference Houseboy admits at the fair was set up by the farm Egton Extension club with the j theme of a living in a Chang los Angeles a police like to join May Contact Black boarded a British Cruiser at monarchy but an Over at the chamber of Commerce. Romsoe to flee to England whelming major to. A from hitlers nazi invasion Carl assumed the norwegian orces a Royal name of Haakon on his a a on june 7 five years later Coronation and his infant son he made a triumphant return Alexander a renamed Olar Al of aboard a British Cruiser another ancient norwegian name. Porf of the International i i 1211111 i cd 111 lived alone. Six feet three inches tall erne of the International City ulv i i in Vii i i 111 the King had heed a one in. K skater and managers Assn. In washing Olios mater Ana was won by the Center Point ton d c 0cl 20.24i is t0 u. S. Judge Carl a. . Palace 0verko of Skler like most of has subjects social neighbors Extension Quot a club. I Mission tuesday night. In a a bib his i. On Bis in addition to the Parade to in a letter to the commis 18 months in prison Friday for or on the tend ski Pumpins events. Sex postmaster Engel to attend the Confer a soil to Dell request for City for authorization manager Edmund went to the Aztec South Side la Yll go a truss Axtens on sub managers Assn. In washing Lon u. L., Uci. 2u-24. Is to de u. A. Judge Van a a. Naini t a the death of considered by the City com sentenced former Cuchillo Post Aln st�?~1a iqo8 even in later years he went Mission tuesday night. Master Wilson c. Biemer to has but in subzero weather to at Vav or Iivo 11 ii if. Akuin Auu Luik in wic yen a lie uni All a it Sci me Wei Puma Oclon it ended late Friday afternoon Between fourth and fifth on Aid Friday night tha House Ian the fair will be highlighted Sion Orin f. Nolting exec misappropriation of funds not estate a on owned 01av�?T married of Cess mar Jewell Campbell owner of the the North Side of san Lorenzo boy some Hartford 37, has twirling contest at i director of the association withstanding the fact that Bier f0&Quot,tha of Sweden. Wajn 1929. a tettion. Said he basted hint. Admitted he strangled former or ulv How Quot taut 5 said among the topic to Benet i the father of five Chil in a fight died .j�54 a of Are a ree Price to 23.9 after Selling Abou. A request by Joe l. Valdez. E Mitchell i a Western dance tonight discussed at the meeting Are Dren. Is bar oars hut n a g grandchildren Norway s heir 5000 Gallons. _ for a change from c-1 to c-2 fress r a a thin being held at my Quot recent trends and problems the 39-year-old defendant for Haakon by the people presumptive Prince Harald a i was Selling at Cost Quot he or property on the West Side. T 4 a a _ r a a a on the Bloomfield in municipal finance person had pleaded guilty to convert Norway in 194<. Born in 1937, Princess said. 0j Gan Pedro be Between detective it. Herman Zan it Quot Ftp Snoor Nek and planning Nistra ing $588 in postal receipts to was Norn Matig. 3, who was born in 1930 and mar. Simsay air own tive leadership improving re. His own use Between july 19, 1872, the second of eight child la Der said that Hartford told him Highway ried a commoner in 1953 and Ren of King Frederick \ Iii Princess Astrid. Born in 1932. And Queen Louise of Denmark. Prices got As Low As la cents for regular at one major gasoline station in that War which erupted in 1939. Present War a tame j. A Hedges owner of the Hedges Oil co., who took part in the War. Said the present on Dallas be Between Bell and Zuni. Confidential libel Case jury still pondering have seen her he never aspired to become Aker areas of cities trends in the clients family responsibilities King choosing instead the sea every Hartford was Here Are the winners at the a Liy manager profession or Hatch however said he could As a career. At 14, he entered quoted by police As saying. The 4-h Junior Rodeo Friday of animation and planning for give a no probation for a crime the danish Navy As a Cadet Houseboy has been in custody Lemoon Urban renewal the City s part of this training to become a naval of since monday Booke d on sus senior steer Riding agesl4 in Industrial Pinion of murder. Through 20 a Kenneth Guffey a Hollywood ins a jury a i done to know Why i did it of Bloomfield Robert thur stoc k offer delayed Ink # u i deliberations in the criminal has alway been Nice to Ston of Aztec Charles Winter. New York a a Jefferson Truat and Confidence placed in hts favorite Andrewa had War is tame compared to that libel of con Iderial mag me a police said he told them a this is a very serious officer. Lense a asserted the judge. All his life he remained True a you Biemer abused the to his first love the sea. And one. Hartard tha investigator Thurston of Aztec wchart�f50,000 additional com the in Adf a a a but Ney Ryiz a who my a danish Prince he said the War a Eon in Sicht said. Related that the acres of Bloomfield Linn Mon share to stockholders in criminal Actton the penalties Foj h j d fined mainly to his station Moi a verdict in ctr in. T0ok offence at a a a compliment into committed by the Man react Ana Naai Junior calf roping Lake Sulphur co. Has decided Yut by the Miral s uniform. Tom postpone a proposed offer unfortunate continued married Cousin the 1700 Block of Central West late in the Day the six men Blansett of Aztec. More seriously on his family than on his Cousin Princess Maud of England at Buckingham pal View of recent reductions and a major station across the and six women jurors came in leaving the Quot apartment _ girls. Barrei Rac Sulphur prices. Street. And asked Superior judge her. A Triplet of a Hatch described 18 months Ace Over of Quot the lowest i could go was Ben v. Walker for clarification p0�?oce a and. Blansett of Aztec and Claude Tom Thurston and Linn Blan amp the sentence it for Bier sections of his Mother. 12.9 cents he recalled �?o\11 on several Points. Court at Sald be raid. Harris of . Sett of Aztec. Whose family now reside years later when nor taches took this to indicate that the n5k and. Cooked her until senior calf roping Robert reining contest Kent Guf a. Way dissolved its Union with up and ought tanks of gasoline to the jury was not close to a ver one Iez a Lar Quot a am Quot a pop a a Thurston. Dwayne Lri Piet tot Fey it Bloom Neid. J \ 4. Dec reported. He dragged her to and Kenneth Guffey. Lett Claudine Harris a a Cross the Street her dressing room and wrapped timing steer i dint Fages 9 Thurston. Kenneth the j Brors took the Case in her dressing room and wrapped Junior steer Riding Ages 9 Thurston Kenneth be a a Der deliberation tuesday after the Belt Fri a her drink through 14 John Clark Cen three leg race Robert listening to some 600.000 words own around her Detec ter Point. Richard Guffey and Thurston. Kenneth Guffey and the majors ganged Brough the they tried to rive of town. Helped by Friend Quot but my friends saw what of testimony and arguments they a Ere doing and came touring the six a. Eek . My station a Hedges con t 7 trued. Quot when i was really Hopes iof lumber Busy id wave the cars to the Dru station across the Street. Thev settlement Bright fell Imp in his arms. Police , Dwayne Triplett of Fey of Bloomfield. Jean his Sweden the norwegians of Post last May 23 following an Fred him their throne. The investigation by postal inspect Ben Prince Carl aware of anti Royal sentiment among some norwegians insisted the worship with us Central methodist Church 1600 lost Copper i Block we of the University a two sunday school sessions 915, 10 10 o w. . A two morning services 9 15, 10 30 . A evening service 7 30 . A 6 of p in. Youth group ministers Rev. Robert f. Naylor Rev. Fulton Moore Rev. Gene Heel Tyve said he told them to Thurston. Charles Winter i an a null dec Impje of the in people first vote for a Mon Hartford told officers that he boys barrel race a Robert Sac race a Tom Thurston. Occurs when th0 m0qn in More Archt in a plebiscite. With Carl then went to his apartment Thurston Linn Blansett and Ray Clements of Aztec and did it than usual it be some candidate for King and later that night played Dwayne Triplett. Mike Harlin of Aztec. Poker with some friends. Junior ribbon roping con cow Pony race Linn Blan officers credited lie Detector test Richard Guffey and Bill sett. Jean Triplett and Rich Quot i was determined to continue the fight even if i had to go without socks which i did Hedges said. Were losing about six cents on prospects remained Bright tests in breaking the Case each gallon. I was buying mine or Are ear a settlement of a at Artesia for to cents a Gal Mhz Jon new Mexico Timber co h. H. Atkins Federal mediator said Friday night following an Allday conference with negotiators. A however some minor differ i believed in Channg the ence classification and profit with the Summers other matters and that set off the War Hedges said. Atkins said negotiations be pries at other major at on tween the Union and Duke City in town were about 16 and 18 lumber and transit , Hedges recalled. Distributors for Magnolia. Phillips. Mangum of Bloomfield and Ard Guffey other matters remain worked out. He said. To be fact Reg cos. Will resume in Sinclair his office at to . Today. Conoho. Assembly of god revival Tabernacle spiritual i Friendly pastors Rev. Amp mrs. W. F. Watkins located just off 4300 4th St. New at 402 san Clemente new phone 4-1349 or 4-5016 holy ghost Parish Ord annual i annual today amp tomorrow a 4 pm toll prizes a refreshments a games children s rides a fun for All pm or. Michelson noted hebrew Hrth Tiiu a Minuter of i Cost to Oast hebrew Chhuttan hour j just returned from Ursel Speaks sunday 3 churches a 3 times 11 00 . Albuquerque friends Church 341 Dallas . A Judaism and christianity i 3 00 . First Church of the Nas acne Corner Spruce and Lead . I a the tension in the Middle East in the ought of prophecy 7 30 . Faith Tabernacle Church Lead and Oak. . A from the synagogue to the Cross tune in a gym. Dial Sio. Minday 8 45 . It. Calvary Spanish Baptist Church t Iglesia Bautista Del Mont colvario1 919 seventh St. Ond Barrios re. So sunday school classes in English Ond Spanish a 10 00 am sunday school and morning Sermon a 2 30 pm los Lentes Mission i Valencia county a 7 15 pm Baptist training Union and evening Sermon a 7 15 pm wednesday prayer meeting Ond Sermon Faith gospel project a Pray or worship at Iglesia Bautista Del Monte Calvario Rev. Elias Atencio b and Humble riday followed Texaco and Chevron distributors in giving discounts to stations so the could lower prices to customers. New reductions were posted Friday by several Independent companies. Shamrock stations Cut prices to 24 9 regular and 27 9 Ethyl. Horn Oil stations posted 25.9 and 28.9. Hedges prices ranged from 23.9 at one North fourth station to 24.9 for two stations outside the City limits to 25 9 at 4300 Central East to 27.9 at three stations on Central West. Bay Petroleum a 13 stations posted 25.9. A number of stations were Belling regular gasoline in the 23 and 24-cent bracket. Bell Texaco at 6001 fourth Kwh sold regular for 24 9. Williams Gas and grocery hoi Coal be posted 23.9 and 27.9 for Conoho. Emil s Conoho at 7101 Central East posted prices of 23.9 regular and 29.9 for Premium. First Baptist Church Central at Broadway . We. D. Wyatt pastor two morning worship services each sunday 8 15 and 11 00 9 30 . Sunday school 6 15 . Training Union 7 30 . Evening worship service Good music a warm Welcome. A Church where you feel at Home. Plenty of free parking space. Nursery open for All services. Member Central Baptist association. 4th amp Copper dial 7-143 i shop Friday and monday nights till 9 . A Combine your purchases a buy on fed Way s 6-Montlp contract plan a no carrying charge if paid within 90 Days. Men s topcoats 39.95 All Wool tweeds shetlands and fleeces in a full selection of sizes and colors a regulars and Longs. 10% Down holds your coat till oct. 15th. Man s clothing�?1st floor special Purchase 3 piece suits a coat a 2 pants 69.50 value flannel Slacks 19.95-22.50 values 12.99 famous Brand in All Wool worsted flannel and gabardine. Assorted colors. Sizes 28 to 40. Gabardine Blouse jacket 099 55.00 100% Wool suits with two pairs of Matching pants in tan Grey Blue charcoal and Brown. Regulars and Longs sizes 35-46. Man s clothing�?1st floor i 1.98 value a Rayon and Nylon blend that is water repellent non oily stain resistant and permanently wrinkle resistant. In Light. Blue tan dark Quot Brown charcoal Grey and Navy. 36-44. Monks sportswear 1st floor Amk. Boxer Short Reg. 1.50 a. 2 or 2.50 men s 65% Dacron 35% Cotton in solid colors Blue tan Gray and mint. Flannel shirt Large selection of Cotton flannel and washable Cottons in checks plaids and patterns. Sizes so a. Monks furnishings�?1st floor dress shirt 3.99 2 or 7.50 genuine Pima Broadcloth extra Long wearing full Cut. Choice of regular or wide Collar styles. Size 14-17. Monks furnishings�?1 St floor a

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